The Privacy Flights

I’m new here, but I’ve already seen that some authors include notes at the beginning of their story to warn the readers that the descriptions of sexual acts are not as vivid as in many other stories on this site. That disclaimer seems like a good idea here too.

There is some sex described, but not orgiastic or covered in fluids. Other writers are better at throbbing and spraying, so I won’t waste your time with weaker attempts. More time is spent describing people who are hoping to have sex, or not, and people who have had sex and what they’re now going to do about it.

Thanks for your time. Feedback is welcomed.




For people who regularly flew from Copenhagen to Washington D.C., the flights were already famous, or perhaps one would say infamous.

The passengers were typically couples, but sometimes just a last-minute single who was unworried about what sort of person he might be very close to for ten hours. It’s the Scandinavian Airlines Privacy Flight, where the “After Business Class” can make a ten-hour overnight just fly by.

If you pay the money to fly this After Business Class up in the front cabin, you will find five rows with one pair of seats on each side of the center aisle. The seats are plenty wide, and have extended leg room and complete reclining, but the seat pairs are aligned quite closely together. With the central armrests up and out of the way, they can function roughly as a double bed. Their fitted flannel covers are changed after each flight. There are floor-to-ceiling curtains behind each pair of seats which can be pulled around and in front to afford complete privacy. The airline does not accept reservations for single seats in the After Business Class until 24 hours before take-off. This is more likely to be a man traveling alone who needs to get to Washington in a hurry, but there have been rumors that if there are still seats unsold on the day of the flight, the airline may offer a deeply discounted fare to a woman traveling alone.

After takeoff, a flight attendant will approach each pair of seats, offering food and drink, and showing how to make the seats recline fully for when or if each passenger wants to assume the pose for sleeping. After serving drinks and food and more drinks, she will offer to close the curtains if desired, and reassure the occupants that the curtains will not be re-opened by cabin staff unless requested by the occupants, or, with some warning, after the announcement that the plane must prepare for landing.


Kevin has been looking forward to Saturday night and lying next to Jessie on this long flight back to the U.S. Jessie is his wife of two years and, in his opinion, the best thing ever to happen to him.

The three weeks with Jessie in Eastern Europe have been special. The cities have been filled with history, the national parks have been filled with beautiful scenery, and the camps and hostels have been filled with interesting people, from youthful stalwart citizens, to second or even third-generation hippies, to memorable weirdos of all stripes. But there have been few opportunities for getting very close to Jessie in the night. So Jessie understands how Kevin is very much looking forward to this long flight home.

Their earlier flight from Prague to Copenhagen had been fine. Two hours in the late afternoon, and they enjoyed meeting Marta, a flight attendant who had spent some time in the western U.S. and enjoyed trading memories and observations. She and her crew would be also be continuing on and working the Privacy Flight to Washington DC.

But during their flight from Prague, Marta told them that for the Privacy Flight to Washington, all the remaining seats on the plane had been bought up by the United States Pentagon, to bring people back from Europe for some serious meetings on Monday. Now they were adding still more people, and they were pushing to take over the entire flight. They were putting pressure on the Danish Government, and the Danish Government was pressuring the airline to accommodate them. So the airline was busy bumping people off, and it was not pleasant.

As the plane prepared to land in Copenhagen, Marta told them that they were the last ones to keep their seats to Washington. She had managed to save them, but everyone else was being bumped to the next flight on Monday evening. Those people would be given large compensations, lodging, and meals, of course, but it was always hard to deliver all that bad news to all those passengers.

But then…. after they boarded the Privacy Flight plane to Washington, Marta came back again to Kevin and Jessie, now looking very upset. “I’m really sorry. I don’t know what to say. They’ve sent us one more Washington passenger we have to accommodate. It’s our government telling us this. We have no choice. We still have one more seat on the Monday night flight. But I’m afraid one of you will have to wait until that flight.”

“What?” Kevin said. “No. You can’t do that.”

“Yes. I’m really sorry. I know it’s very unusual, but… yes. We must.”

Jessie said, “Well maybe both of us should just get off and fly back on Monday.”

But Marta has still more bad news. “Well, unfortunately, we have only one seat still available for Monday. For two, one or both of you would have to wait until next Saturday for one of these flights. Or book another airline. But I’m told they’re all quite full, even into next week. That’s why they’re twisting our arm about this flight, and their meetings for next week.”

“But we can’t do that that,” Kevin said. “Our jobs… We can’t be away that long.”

“‘I’m really very sorry. I feel terrible, but it’s out of my hands.’


Plodding back up the jetway to the terminal gate, Kevin passes a guy in his late 20’s heading for the plane. He is tall and lanky, with an easy smile and what looks to be a military crewcut now growing out.

“Hey, man,” he says. “I’m sorry about this. Not my idea. I wouldn’t have done this to you. Orders from the Pentagon. I got no choice.”

“Right,” Kevin says.

“You traveling alone?” says his apparent replacement.

“No, I wasn’t… I mean… NO! I’M NOT!”

“Oh… well… I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah, right,” Kevin responds. “So stay that way!”


Kevin sits in an airport bar, unable to act, or even think. The airline is providing him food and lodging, along with coupons for several free flights in the future. He should go arrange the details for that. He should go demand cash, not just more flights. But he continues to sit in the bar. Finally, he tries calling Jessie.

When she picks up, his opening is cautious. “So how’s your flight so far? Interesting?”

Jessie’s response is also guarded. “Well… They’ve closed the doors, but we haven’t moved yet.”

“So how’s it going?”

“It’s okay. No surprises… Kevin, I’m really sorry. I feel terrible. I should have gotten off the plane with you. We could have both waited until next week and taken the privacy flight together.”

“Yeah. Thanks. But you know that wouldn’t have worked for our jobs. For either of us.”

“I just feel really bad. About you. But then you’ve always enjoyed cruising a town on your own. You can still have a good time in Copenhagen tonight. I’ll see you Tuesday morning, when you get in.”

Kevin snorts. “Yeah. Right. Not really up for hitting the town tonight. I was looking forward to lying down next to you.”

“I know that. And I wanted to be next to you. We’ll be lying together real soon. Tuesday night. The airline will be paying for a nice hotel and it will be a sweet reunion.”

“Right. Okay… So Jessie… I didn’t say anything before… but you surprised me when you came out of the ladies room in the airport wearing that big loose lumberjack shirt for our next flight. I mean… that’s not a normal look for you. So I had to wonder… were you still wearing a bra? I didn’t want to ask… in case you were like leaving it as a surprise for me. But were you?”

“Well, I remembered that a couple weeks ago, you were joking around about this ‘privacy flight’ we had booked, and you said maybe I should leave my bra off for the flight. Just to save time, you said. Not surprising that you were already thinking about the flight I guess, knowing you. And you obviously thought that would be fun, so I thought ‘What the hell…’ So no, I’m not wearing one. That’s why I put on the lumberjack shirt, so it wouldn’t be obvious before we got to our seats on the night flight.

“So what are you wearing under the lumberjack shirt?”

“Just my Twin Peaks T-shirt.”

This image is too vivid for Kevin to remain calm. “What!? That really tiny tight one?”

“Well I thought you’d like that. I thought that would be… well… fun for you.”

“Yeah, well, it would have been fun if I’d been there to enjoy it. I can tell you it’s not any fun just hearing about it. So can you just leave your lumberjack shirt on for the flight?”

“Well, with the plane just sitting on the runway, it’s gotten pretty hot in the cabin. And that would be a really hot and heavy shirt to be wearing for the whole flight.”

“Jessie, is that your way of saying that the lumberjack shirt is already off?”

Jessie hesitates, then says, “Well… yeah.”

“Shit! Really? So how did your seatmate respond to that? Did he make you uncomfortable? Maybe say something rude? I hope?”

“Danny? He just smiled at me. Maybe his eyebrows went up a little. Then he went back to his reading. That’s all.”

Kevin just stares into his drink a moment, then says, as if to himself, “So it’s fucking ‘Danny’ now, huh…Well, shit… This guy’s good.”


“I said you probably shouldn’t talk to him. Secret military mission or whatever. He probably has a lot of studying to do. Preparing for the high-priority meetings at the Pentagon.”

“Right now I think he’s just looking at the menu. Food and drinks.”

“And he can probably hear we’re talking about him. Right?”

“I don’t think so. Doesn’t seem like it.”

“Yeah, don’t believe that. I saw this guy on the jetway. I feel like I already know him. He’s hearing it all. And you’re right about what he’s thinking. He’s thinking about what might be on the menu for him on this flight. Don’t trust him. Just keep to yourself. Damn!”

“Kevin! Don’t be silly. But they’re saying we have to turn our phones off now. Have a good flight Monday. But I’ll talk to you before that. When I get in. Love you. But bye for now.”

Kevin doesn’t know what else he can say. Finally he simply says, “Yeah. Right. Bye,” but she has already disconnected.


Danny waits a respectful time after takeoff, then finally stops his scanning of the airline magazine and looks amiably over at Jessie.

“So I just read that the first two drinks are free in this ‘After Business’ class. I think that’s where we are isn’t it?”

“That’s where we are.”

“So I think I’ll have a bourbon. What are you having?”

“I’m okay. I think I’ll pass.”

“But you’ve already paid for it. I’ll admit that the government’s paying for mine, but you’ve probably worked for yours. You should take it.”

“Well, I might have had a red wine. But I wouldn’t want to splash it all over my white T-shirt.”

At this, Danny has to smile. “Yeah… your white T-shirt. It would be a pity for you to need help scrubbing a stain out of your T-shirt.” But he manages to restore a look of blank innocence to his face as he says, “So how about a Gin and Tonic? That won’t show when you splash it around.”

“That’s weird. I guess that would have been my second choice. Why did you suggest that?”

“You just looked like the G&T type. Dignified. Thoughtful. Good posture. But not afraid to go out and drink with us commoners.”

Now Jessie has to smile as she says, “You are so full of shit.” She looks out the window for a moment, considering, then says, “Okay, I’ll have a G&T.”

“So was that your traveling companion I passed on the way in? I’m really sorry about that. I wouldn’t have done it this way, but it’s really out of my hands.”

“That was my husband. And yeah, I understand this wasn’t your idea. But he was really looking forward to this flight home. We both were. So this really sucks. So to speak. We’ve been hearing about this ‘After Business Class’ for a while. I assume you’ve heard about it?”

“Well, maybe. I’m not sure… Is that the one where each pair of seats has curtains, and they turn out the cabin lights early…?”

“That’s the one. Sort of hard to picture, but Kevin was pretty eager to try it out. They sell it as a way to make a long plane flight seem shorter. And I guess the idea had grown on me too. So this is very disappointing.”

“Well, again, I’m really sorry. And I guess there’s really nothing I could do to make it up to you.”

Jessie looks at him sharply for a moment before saying, “No. There’s not.”

There follows a short silence, but then Danny starts again. “So how long have you two been married?”

“Almost three years. Together almost four years.”

“Sounds good. Where did you meet?”

“In grad school together. Neurochemistry.”

“Wow. But in a field that specialized… wasn’t it tough to both get jobs in the same town?”

“Yeah, but it’s a big field now, and still growing. So we managed it.”

Danny risks starting a more personal tack. “Grad school can be tough on couples. People are there to grow, and sometimes they grow in different directions. That wasn’t your experience though?”

“Well, you’re right about grad school. We saw that happen to some couples around us. But Kevin and I had each known a few other people before we got together. And we had already done some growing. So by then we were growing towards each other.”

“That’s sounds great. A pretty straight relationship?”

Jessie looks at him sharply again. “That’s kind of a strange question to ask me.”

“You’re right. That was kind of pushy. Sorry.”


There is a longer silence, but not really an uncomfortable one. Finally Danny turns to her to open a new and presumably more innocent line of inquiry. “Have you used one of those phones where you can call out during the flight using the plane’s communication system?”

“Really? They still have those things?”

“Well, not at the seats. The general system mostly got dismantled. But for my job, I’ve still got one that works that way. When I use it for personal stuff, I have to pay for it. It’s not cheap, but sometimes it’s worth it.”

“I tried it a couple of times years ago, but at those prices, it didn’t get to be a habit.”

“Understandable. Well, do you mind if I make a call?”

“No, that’s fine.”

Danny leaves the phone on speaker for Jessie to hear, and he is soon speaking to someone far away. “Hey, Ashley, have you got a minute? A couple minutes?”

After a pause, a surprised Ashley says, “Is this Danny? Danny Bankston? My goodness… What’s up with you? This is unexpected.”

“Well, yeah. I guess it would be. So how are things?”

Ashley’s tone is suddenly wary. “Things are fine. I’m fine. Roger is fine. The baby is fine. Why are you calling us?”

“Well, yeah.. It’s kind of silly I guess… I’m on a transatlantic flight… and I’m sitting next to a woman… and we got to talking about personal stuff… relationships and everything… and she’s pretty interesting… I’d like to know more about her… hear what she has to say. But she doesn’t quite trust me… and I can understand that. So I wanted to call someone who might tell her I could be trusted not to repeat anything. Ever. That’s all. I mean, it’s nice to hear your voice. Glad things are going good. Hello to Roger. You guys are great… So here’s the woman I’m talking to.”

After another pause, Ashley says, “Hello?”

Jessie has now been handed the phone. “Hi. This is really embarrassing. This call wasn’t my idea… I mean…”

“That’s okay. I understand, believe me. Danny’s going to do what he’s going to do, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So what can I tell you? It’s been several years, but I used to know Danny pretty well.”

“Well nothing really. I think I understand who this guy is. But I think I’ll take you off speaker, okay? Now… So I guess he wants you to tell me he’s trustworthy…”

Ashley’s reply to that question is unhesitating. “About repeating things he’s told in confidence? Yeah. He’s all that. That’s not the problem. Commitment to a promise is his thing. So he’s completely honest about that. You just can’t assume he’s committed to something unless he actually says it. Then he’s gold… but don’t assume. And I guess it works for him. A commitment made but very carefully stated. He still seems to get what he wants. Whenever. Whatever. But I shouldn’t make him sound so devious. He can be a sweetie. Just not someone to plan your life around… So is there anything else you want to know about him?”

“Um… well… What else should I be asking you?”

“Oh no. No, no. I may have already said a little more than he was expecting me to. If you’re not going to ask, it’s not for me to try to guess what you’ll need to know. I mean, I’m not really sure what you’ll be trying to decide, right? Maybe you aren’t sure yet either. Maybe just like he says, whether you can trust him with your secrets. Although that does seem like kind of low-level information for an air-to-ground phone call. But sure, I’ll say you can trust him with your secrets. And he can be fun. But be careful with your feelings. He can be hard to flush out of your system.”

“Okay, thanks. I think I know the guy you’re talking about. And it was easier talking to you than I expected. So thanks for that too.”

“Yeah. For me too. So good night… and good luck. Keep yourself protected.”

“Okay. Thanks. I will. I usually do.”

“Well, good. That’s good. So I guess we’re done. So good luck. Really. I mean it.”

Jessie hesitates, wondering if she should push for more information, like what’s the worst that can happen with ‘Danny’, but then decides that would be unfair to this Ashley who doesn’t even know her. She finally just says, “Yeah. Thanks Ashley. Goodnight.”

As Jessie sips her drink and thinks about Ashley’s words, Danny starts in again.

“So I guess I’m just a really nosy guy. Who really likes women. Likes talking to them. Finding out what they’re thinking. How they live their lives. What they really want. So after your chat with Ashley, do you think you can give me a little more leeway with my questions?”

“I believe that you won’t go blab my answers to anyone else. But what if I don’t care about other people knowing? Maybe I’m just not comfortable with you knowing. Knowing that much about me.”

“Um… well… good point. How about a trade? You ask me something personal first.”

“But I’m not as curious about you as you are about me.”

“No, really? I’m hurt.”

Jessie smiles and says, “I doubt that.”

Danny draws back dramatically. “So you don’t care about my life?”

Jessie nods. “Right.”

Danny can’t keep from laughing. “Wow! Just ‘Right’, she says? No hasty apologies? No ‘Oh, but of course I care…’ That’s really strong! I can see you’re not a woman to be messed with. Well how about if you ask me three personal questions… or four… so you can really pin me down? And then I can ask you one.”

Jessie rolls her eyes. “How about if you just ask your questions and we’ll see how it goes.”

“Well, okay. So I guess I’ll just return to the last one, where we stalled out before, and try it again. A pretty straight relationship?”

“But what does that mean? I mean, ‘Yes’. I’ll probably say ‘Yes’. But exactly what are you asking?”

“Well, I guess I was hoping to get an answer without having to ask the question.”

Jessie makes a small nod of understanding. “Right. That’s not going to happen.”

“Okay. Well… Are you… in the traditional sense… faithful to each other?”

Now Jessie laughs. “So you’re just going to wade right in, huh? Not even the pretense of learning more about me as a person? Just start hunting for vulnerabilities and opportunities. Well, okay… I would say yes. That’s our intention… our goal. We love each other, and want to spend our lives together, and we don’t want to go messing around and mess that up. But we both understand that strange things can sometimes happen, and one crazy event shouldn’t mean our love for each other would just evaporate… that suddenly we’re different people and we don’t want to be together. But the plan is that we are faithful.”

“Well that sounds great. That sounds strong… So have strange things happened?”

“What are you asking me?”

“Have either of you slept with someone else?”

“Yes. We have. We both have.”

“Alright. Clever. But as you know, I meant since you’ve been married.”

“Oh. Well. That… um… yes.”

“You’ve both had sex with other people? Since you got married?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Yes. I noticed that. You’re very cagey. Very carefully spoken. And you understand that you don’t have to answer any of these questions. They’re obviously none of my business. So don’t answer anything you don’t want to. But I’ll admit I’m having fun asking the questions.”

Jessie nods in agreement. “That is all true. None of your business. Don’t have to answer. You’re having fun.”

Danny briefly tries to decide if her summary is just a little too clear for comfort, and he should make a strategic retreat for now, but then plunges on regardless. “So… who of you has had outside sex since the ceremony?”

Jessie looks away, trying to decide if she’s being a fool to give this guy honest answers. That’s what she usually gives people, she thinks, and she’s not afraid of him. But Kevin was so adamant that he shouldn’t be trusted… Finally she says, “He has. Once. Early on. I haven’t. He’s not proud of it. I don’t think it will happen again anytime soon.”

“Okay. Well… that sounds pretty strong. Congratulations.”

Jessie nods. “Thank you. You’re right. We’re pretty strong.”


Kevin stares at his phone for a few moments puzzling over who might be calling him from that number, and whether just to let them leave a message. He really wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, but finally he pushes the talk button and is surprised to hear Jessie’s voice.

“Kevin… Hi… How’re you doing?”

“Jessie? Is this you? This is a strange phone number. I guess the way I’m going right now, I’ll just pick up for anyone who calls me.”

“It’s like from a plane-to-ground phone. It’s Danny’s phone. For his job. He said we would be out of range for that soon, so he thought I could just call you up and say hi.”

Kevin pulls the phone away from his face and stares at it before finally returning it to his ear. “Oh thanks so much. So ‘Danny’ suggested this? Am I on speaker? Yeah, of course. Hi Danny. Now take me off speaker… Am I off?”

“Wait… okay… now you’re off.”

“So Danny gave you his special phone so you could call me and have a little chat and tell me everything was going fine?”

“He just said we were getting out of range. He had talked to one of his old girlfriends. She’s married now, with a kid, but they’re still friends. So then he thought I might give you a call.”

“Right,” Kevin says suspiciously. “So why did he suddenly decide to call this old girlfriend? So she could say nice things about him?”

“Well… I guess he wanted her to tell me that he could be trusted. Trusted not to tell other people stuff that he was told in confidence.”

“What!? So who might be telling him things in confidence!? And what might she be telling him!? Have you been drinking!?”

“Well, yeah. I had a G&T. But we had just been talking about relationships. How they work.”

Kevin immediately knows what’s going on. “Like our relationship!? Just to take a random example? How our relationship has been working? Right!? Oh Jesus! This guy’s good. And there’s not a fucking thing I can do about it.”

“Kevin! What do you mean? There’s no reason for you to be upset. We’re just talking.”

“So I’m betting that he’s already gotten it out of you that I’ve slept with someone else, but you haven’t. Right!?”

“Well I… we were talking about relationships… what his last one was like… and how funny things can happen… but that the most important thing was honesty…”

“And then you told him that I had, but you hadn’t! Right!?”

“I guess I did. But so what?”

“So then he has you check his references, have his old girlfriend give you a thumbs up, and then he has you call me just to reassure yourself that whatever happens up there, it would still all be okay.”

“What!!? There was no talk of anything like that! I haven’t asked you anything like that!”

“You don’t have to. He and I both know what this call is about. Just call your husband and have a nice chat. Just to be sure he’s okay. And he knows that so far, you’re okay. And that there’ve been no changes in the rules. He knows he’s got no justification to say now the rules should be changed for you. Just because you’ll be unreachable for the next eight hours, lying next to another guy in your own private darkness with nothing much to do. So just let him know that everything’s going fine, and not to worry. And you’ll see him in a couple of days.”

“Kevin! What are you talking about? There’s nothing like that going on! I’m fine. It’s all fine.”

” Right. Sure. It’s all fine. Glad to hear it…”

Kevin looks at his phone again as his mind casts about, not knowing where to take this. Finally he says, “So Jessie… What can I say? All I can say is… Please don’t do something you’ll look back on and regret… because you feel it cheapened you. Don’t just let some jerk ‘take advantage’. You’re a special woman. Don’t let anyone… not appreciate that. So call me after your flight. When you’re ready. I’ll wait for your call. I have to hang up now and go get a drink. Or several drinks. Many drinks. I can’t stand this. Bye.”


Danny calls to Marta as she passes in the aisle, “Excuse me… Miss…? Marta, was it? Could we have our second drinks? Another bourbon and a gin and tonic?”

“Jessie, is one of those for you? Is that what you’d like?”

Jessie smiles, perhaps with some hint of resignation in her face. “Sure. Why not…”

“Certainly. If that’s what you want… I’ll get those for you.”

Marta returns with the drinks and says, “You seemed to be having an enjoyable conversation earlier and I didn’t want to intrude. We are required to go to each pair of seats on the flight and discuss closing the curtains. But you two are certainly wide awake, so I won’t bother you further.”

Danny responds smoothly, “Well, I don’t think either of us wants to be awake for the whole flight. At least I don’t. I was just thinking that after this drink I should tilt back my seat and try to get some sleep. But Jessie, what would you prefer? We can leave the curtains open if you want. I’ll be alright. Shall we just leave them open? Would you rather stay awake?”

“Um… no… that’s alright. I want to get some sleep too.”

Marta breaks in, “Jessie, really, you should do what you want to do here. Passengers boarding as singles are definitely not obligated…”

Jessie sighs. “No, really. That would be silly. Close the curtains. I’ll be fine.”

Marta pauses, trying to decide whether to say anything more to Jessie. Like asking her how her husband Kevin is doing. Finally she just says, “Well… Jessie… If you’re sure that’s what you want. But if you change your mind,” She glances pointedly at Danny, “just ring the bell and I’ll come adjust them however you like”.

She pulls the drapes around to encircle them completely.


After they finish their drinks, they agree that it’s time to try to get some sleep. They adjust their seat positions to flat and each extracts their light blanket from its plastic wrapper and spreads it out. After they turn out their seat lights, Jessie sheds her jeans under cover of the blanket and let’s them drop to the floor at her feet. Hearing this, Danny quietly sheds his jeans and does the same.

After a few moments of silence, Danny starts again. “So… Jessie… I’m very lucky to have been seated next to such an attractive and interesting woman. So what’s going to happen next in your life?”

“Why Danny, what a surprise! Here I thought we agreed that we would both try to get some sleep. But then after the curtains close, and the seats flatten down, and the lights go out, you immediately renew your personal probing. And throw in your standard dose of flattery for lubrication. So I guess you weren’t hoping just to go right to sleep after all. ”

“Oh… well… I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry if I…”

“Do you actually have a written recipe you follow in these situations, or do you just instinctively go with what’s worked for you before?”

“Well, I… I… Really, I…”

“Honesty is your thing right? So let’s hear some. You owe me some answers to personal questions, right? How about this one? Whenever you think you see a chance to screw a woman, do you always go for it? You just can’t help yourself? Or do you ever actually make a decision that says maybe this time it might not be the best thing to do?”

Danny’s eyes widen, and he gets up on one elbow. “Geez. You can just go right in for the kill. That’s impressive… and a little scary too.”

“Stop stalling and just answer the question. Directly and honestly. Surprise both of us.”

“Well, sure. You say ‘Whenever I see a chance…’ There are a lot of times I don’t….”

“Yeah, yeah. As I’m sure you know, I didn’t mean just any woman. Of course you reject most of us out of hand with hardly a thought. I meant a woman you find seriously sexually attractive.”

“Oh. Okay. Well… I guess that when I’m talking to an attractive and intelligent woman… and that’s what you are, in spades… no bullshit. That then I might say whatever I think will prolong the conversation. Try to keep the interaction going. See what else I can learn about her, about attractive women… what their lives are like… and then maybe see what else might happen, I guess. That’s not so terrible, is it?”

“That’s the answer to ‘how’, not to ‘whether’. So I guess your answer to my first question would be ‘No, I can’t help myself. If it looks good, I have to go for it.’ ”

‘Well… honestly… yeah. I guess I haven’t really thought about it that way, but… When I do think about it… I guess have to admit… that’s probably true.’

“As for your ‘how’.. ‘I just keep them talking, flatter them that the thing I really care about is their mind, and see how far that gets me.’ I guess that could be a charming and almost high-minded strategy — if it was coming from a 16-year old. Coming from you, the words have a more manipulative spin. But I can see it’s bound to be a productive approach. And I guess that’s about as much pseudo-sincere innocence as I could hope for from a guy like you, so I’ll give you a B-minus. I’m sure some women would want to give you an A-minus. But those are the women that provide all your naive meat, right?”

“No! Well… maybe…But a B-minus is still an okay grade. You didn’t flunk me. I should at least be able to continue with you into the next semester, right?”

Jessie smiles and reflects on this, then says, “Yeah, I suppose… So okay, you may continue. What’s your next move?”

“Oh c’mon Jessie. ‘My next move?’ Cut me a little slack here. I’m not being crass or rude. We’re just talking. For any guy being next to you like this, it would be… well… exciting. You’re an exciting woman. I mean… you’re smart… you’re thoughtful… you’re tough… you’re funny… and you laugh at my jokes… well, you chuckle at them some… And you’re really hot. I think that deep down, you don’t actually get that… you certainly don’t rely on it… but you are. Especially to any guy with a brain. Your husband is a lucky man.”

“Thank you. Yes, he’s a lucky man. And I’m a lucky woman. We are both lucky to have found each other.”

Danny pauses for a beat to acknowledge and appreciate Jessie’s summary of her marriage. But then he pushes onward. “So it’s interesting that even though you agree on the rules, on what might happen… well… he has and you haven’t.”

“So soon? You’re going to pull on that line so soon? I would have thought you would have let out some slack and let me run for a while, tire me out a little before going back to that one. But okay… So obviously, I can see why it would be ‘interesting’ to you, but it’s not surprising. Not that strange or significant. It’s all about unlikely events. For either of us. That means it’s just chance as to when and to whom they might occur.”

“I’m very happy with where we are. Sure, it’s good to know that I have the same freedom to screw up that he does. But I haven’t felt any need to invoke my rights. I’m just fine the way things are.”

Danny continues to test the waters. “But don’t you think you’re being kind of mean to him? Just leaving him out there in that position?”

Jessie stares at him. “You have got to be shitting me.”

“No, really. With him feeling guilty for the unequal demonstration of your love for each other?”

Jessie shakes her head as if stunned. “You’re telling me I should have sex with some other guy so my husband will feel better? Oh my God. That’s impressive. He kept warning me you were good. I should learn that he knows what he’s talking about.”

“What? Your husband was talking about me?”

“He just told me I shouldn’t trust you. And I can see he’s right. I think he must have recognized something about you on the jetway. Like himself at his most manipulative. I can remember watching him at parties before we got together. He was good too. He got what he wanted… but then he still tried to be careful about not hurting people. Do you ever worry about that?”

“How did this suddenly get to be about me? What did I do? We were just talking about the dynamics of relationships.”

“Right. Like my relationship with my husband, and how you’re suggesting it’s out of balance, and what might be done to fix that. So what have you got next?”

“Well I’m not suggesting you should right this imbalance with anyone in particular. Just that perhaps at some point down the road you should let your husband become a full partner in your relationship structure. Give him the chance to show that he understands that you’re a healthy young woman and what could happen to him might happen to you too.”

“Right. And that it’s cruel of me to continue to deny him that chance. What could I have been thinking? But you say that you’re not suggesting this should happen with anyone in particular, of course. It’s never crossed your mind that someone specific, say you, just for example, that you might have a role to play in this marriage-improvement project you’re proposing for me.”

“Well, certainly not, no. It hadn’t… but now that you point it out… I guess it is sort of convenient for you that… here we are…”

“Seriously? Now we’re worried about what would be convenient for me?”

“Well, yes. But of course, you should do what you think is right for the two of you.”

“This is incredible. I should have been writing this down.”

“If you’d like, I suppose we could try just a brief kiss and you can see how that goes for you.”

It was not difficult, with one quick movement, for Danny to get his mouth onto hers. She backs away slightly but his mouth pursues hers and re-establishes contact. And this time it sticks. Their lips work lightly together for a few moments. Then his mouth opens a little, and then hers does too. But suddenly she pulls back and looks him in the eye. She shakes her head, looks away, and says quietly, “God. What am I doing…?” After another pause she turns her face back to his and again looks into his eyes, trying to read if what she is doing might turn out more serious than she expects. But it had been kind of nice. Simple, not too threatening. She could still keep things under control. Finally she leans forward and restarts the kiss.


With the armrests folded back, the seats are designed to lie close together, so it’s easy for the occupants to move into an embrace. Hard to avoid, really. And after the kissing has transitioned from experiment to joint project, Danny’s upper hand moves to her T-shirt.

After some appreciative stroking and squeezing of the closest breast, he tries to slide his hand under the shirt, but the shirt is so tight that this is not easy. He tries to tug the shirt gently upwards from the waist but this too is difficult and disruptive.

The kissing stops. Jessie laughs. “It doesn’t seem like that step is going to work for you. Maybe you should just give it up.”

“But it’s so clear that your breasts are really wonderful. I want to see them.”

“You just want to ‘see them’? So I suppose if I just let you see them, then we’d be done with all that other breast stuff?”

“Well, no… You’re right to be skeptical. I want to see them and then probably touch them. Then maybe kiss them. Who knows, maybe even suck on them. There’s just no telling what might happen. But first I need to see them. I really want to see them.”

“Well I’m sorry, but it seems like with this particular T-shirt, that will be difficult for you to achieve. Although it’s already giving you a pretty clear picture of the way things are under there. How about being satisfied with just rubbing on them some through the shirt and kissing me. Like young teenagers. You can remember that. Sometimes that was all you could get. It was better than nothing, right?”

She resumes the kiss, his hand strokes her breast through the fabric, with some subtle pinching of the nipple. But then the hand slides down and starts again to work its way up inside the shirt, this time more slowly.

His attempt to stay under the radar with a careful creeping approach has the opposite effect on Jessie, making her constantly aware of his progress, inch by inch up her ribcage. When she pulls back to glare at him, he stops. When she pointedly looks down at the half of his fingers under her T-shirt, he retreats slightly. When she returns to the kiss, he returns to working his way slowly towards her right breast.

Finally she says “Oh for Christ’s sake…”, sits up, struggles briefly with that tiny tight T-shirt, then rips it up over her head and off.

Danny says “What a great idea!” and does the same with his T-shirt.

Jessie sinks back down on the seat.

Danny is all smiles, partly triumphant, but also sincerely grateful and admiring. “See I told you. I had to see them. It was obvious that they were kind of large, but I just knew they would be beautiful too. And interesting. See, how this areola is a little larger, but that one is darker and puffier. Are they always different like that?”

“Sometimes. But they can go back and forth.”

“See? I knew they’d be sweet. A wonderland of female breast. So would it be alright if I just touched the darker one a little with my finger tip? Like this?”


“So sometimes it’s the other one that’s harder and darker? Can you show me? Or can you make both of them hard and dark at the same time? How might we go about that? What should I do?”

Jessie laughs. “What should you do? Gee. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for coaching at this point before.”

So Danny’s speculations prove prophetic as he admires, then touches, then kisses briefly, then sucks earnestly.

But when his hand slides down to the top of Jessie’s panties and begins to slide under and in, she quickly grabs it and holds it motionless. She looks away from him and neither of them move while she forces herself to think about where she is and what she is doing. She certainly knows what she would have done before she got together with Kevin. But now…? She loves Kevin; she’s committed to him. But still… would this really be so bad…? For their long-term love…? And she has to admit… if something like this is ever going to happen… this does seem pretty convenient.

She looks back and again narrows her eyes, looking into his. He shifts up on his elbow and leans across to kiss her. Not an open-mouthed assault, but putting as much feeling as he can into just a few moments of lips on lips. Then he backs off and returns her direct gaze. She looks at him closely for another pause, then away, then finally raises her face to resume their kiss. And as she does so, her hand gives his hand just the slightest of pushes to continue its journey down between her thighs.

He slides again down that path, now into thick pubic hair. He moves gently down to brush across her outer labia, then to slide his fingers between them and gently work her smaller labia. But then, taken by another thought, he withdraws his hand. He reaches down to pull his penis out through his underwear’s crotch. He lets that flop on his leg and then reaches over to take Jessie’s hand, gently pulling it over and using it to give his penis a couple of light pats. Then he holds her hand resting there for just a moment as his penis stirs further to life. He then carefully guides her hand back and puts it down firmly where he had gotten it. He again slides his own hand under her panties and back into thick hair. He slides his middle two fingers into her, but she is now sufficiently lubricated that there is no resistance, physical or emotional.

She reaches her hand across to where his penis had been lying quietly, but she finds that it is no longer lying quietly. She strokes him lightly and he grows still larger.

He stirs her vagina gently. He continues with the kisses, occasional but still earnest, along with steady efforts to keep both nipples equally dark and hard. But now he has added the stirring. Her breaths come faster and faster.

But then he slows his hand and just squeezes a little. Her breathing slows. They are quiet. Then he begins to stir her again. Her breathing again comes faster. Her thigh muscles clench, she gasps a little, but then he slows and returns to gentle caresses. She lets out a long sigh. He begins to stir her again, more strongly, his fingers sliding deeper. She begins to stroke him more determinedly, surprised at how thick he has grown. Now her breathing comes faster again, the clenched thighs, some small involuntary pelvic thrusting, and now some whimpering. Her hand falls away from his penis as she is unable to think about anything except the physical tide rolling towards her. Then his fingers slow again to gentle caressing,

Jessie suddenly twists toward him. She whispers, “Christ! Are you trying to drive me crazy? I was so close. So close!”

Danny betrays a small smile, perhaps even a sheepish one. “Well, I want to make you happy, you know that. But I guess I was thinking that you might be even happier if you just came and sat down over here. We both might be happier.”

“What!? That’s what this is about? That’s been your real goal? And you’ve just been ‘manipulating’ me towards it? Well you’re damn good at it! You shit!”

“Okay. Okay. I’m sorry. Really. I won’t do it again. This time we’ll get you off.”

He again begins to stir gently. She resumes pulling gently on his penis. She shifts her hips toward him in apparent response, but now more self-conscious. And more conscious of what continues to swell in her hand. She again feels the tension building between her thighs, but then there is this other growing distraction, now starting to throb. Finally she again says, “Oh for Christ’s sake…” and pulls Danny’s hand up out of her. She pushes her panties down and kicks them off, rises up, throws one leg across him, and sinks down onto him. He is much thicker now, but she is ready, and she hits the ground running. In less than a minute her whimpers turn to quiet high-pitched cries, her whole body starts to spasm. Strangely, it starts in her hands, arms, shoulders, torso, and then her thighs, and finally her vagina, grasping and pulsing, and the quiet cries turn to guttural grunts as she claims Danny’s penis as her own. Finally she falls onto his chest exhausted. Her eyes close.

When she awakens a minute later, her eyes slowly widen. She is stunned as she realizes where she is and what she has just done. But then she is distracted by the further realization that there is still something large and stiff inside of her.

She lifts her face to look at Danny who is smiling back at her.

“I’m so sorry. I seem to have dozed off there for a moment. But now it’s feeling to me like you weren’t finished. I’ll get back on it. Back on the chain gang.”

“God! I hope that’s not the way you feel about it.”

“No, no. This has not been a punishment. That will come Tuesday, I guess. Actually, I must admit this has been most enjoyable. So I’ll get back to it.”

She begins to slide her hips slowly and then more earnestly. After some time she says, “Are you okay”?

“Yeah. I’m great. Aren’t you okay?”

“Well yes, I guess I am. I just wasn’t sure you were… that you were staying happy. You’ve kind of quieted down.”

“There’s no hurry. It’s a long flight. And then we’ll never see each other again. So I want to squeeze everything I can from this. We should both suck in all the sweetness we can, and we’ll always know we did the right thing.”

A cloud of uncertainty crosses Jessie’s face, but Danny gives her a sharp thrust and a small tweak of the nipple to get her attention back to where it had been. She jumps a little and gasps, but then smiles and says “Yeah, I guess…” She resumes sliding up and down on him, but now more deliberately, more slowly, while letting her breasts sway so that her nipples just graze against his chest.

But the slow deliberate pace has an unexpected effect on Jessie. She begins to lose track of her surroundings, as all her attention focuses inward. She can sense her body begin to respond again, but this time more deeply, more inevitably.

Her intensity increases. Not the speed, but the focus, the strength of her grip on Danny’s arms. And as she becomes less externally aware, he becomes more so, watching her progress. He can see her eyes losing focus, forgetting about him. His large hands are working their way along her body. Squeezing and pressing her breasts, then massaging her shoulders and neck as she leans forward over him, then her upper back, then the small of her back.

But she is only dimly aware of the progress of his hands, or of any part of him except for that one part she is again grinding down onto, pushing it into herself relentlessly. Now at last his hands reach her hips, and he uses his strength to slide her pelvis around and down even harder onto his thrusts, stirring her again, until finally her whole body shudders and she stifles her crying out as best she can, so as not to be heard even over the sound of jet engines.

As she again becomes aware of her surroundings, he is again grinning at her.

“That was beautiful. You were beautiful.”

“Oh… well… yeah. That was… incredible… and kind of scary. But are you alright? You still didn’t…? You were… You were just watching me? That’s embarrassing.”

“I was very happy to be where I was. I’d say I had the best seat on the plane. But you seemed to think that you were sitting in a good spot too.”

“Okay. Well… I guess I’m glad if you say you enjoyed it too. Why not? But what about you? We’ve got to take care of you now.”

“I’m not worried about that. You’re not going anywhere. Just stay seated. It sounds like there’s going to be more turbulence up ahead. You can just relax for a little bit, and then we’ll get back to work on me. And we’ll bring you along again too, if that works for you.”

Jessie shakes her head and looks faintly embarrassed. “I’d like to say that this time I’ll just remain calm and watch you, but the way this flight seems to be going for me, I’m not really sure that’s what will happen.”

Then as if scripted, the “fasten seat belt” sign comes on. A male voice says quietly into a microphone, “Buckle up please. It’s going to get a little bumpy.”

Danny pulls her down onto his chest and she shifts her legs down outside his legs, lying flat on him but still holding him inside her. He buckles his seat belt around her fanny, cinching her tightly down onto him.

Her impressive breasts are now splayed out fully, lying against the sides of his ribs. He begins to thrust gently and rhythmically into her, while sliding her steadily forward and back, just keeping all the genital communication lines open.

Then first with one hand, then the other, he takes turns sliding up to stroke her breasts, with some gentle twiddling and pulling on the nipples in rough time with the thrusts.

The air turbulence increases and the plane is being repeatedly bumped about, and they are constantly reminded of his penetration deep inside her. The plane drops into an extended air pocket, leaving them suddenly weightless, before abruptly lifting them up again. This pushes Danny sharply even deeper into Jessie, and she gives out a small cry. Some other similar cries can be heard from elsewhere in the cabin.

Danny is now breathing more heavily and thrusting harder, more quickly. The plane hits another air pocket, drops into an even longer free fall, and then bucks hard upward again. Jessie gasps, her eyes widen and then squeeze shut as she is tripped into her third orgasm. She buries her face in his neck, hoping to keep herself from being heard by the entire cabin. At this from Jessie, Danny finally falls into his long-delayed orgasm. His writhing and thrusting are prolonged and powerful, but the seat belt keeps Jessie’s orgasm engaged with his throughout.

The next four hours of the flight pass quickly for them, with some brief naps separating more episodes of enthusiastic sexual play. The final hour, however, is more subdued. As the plane is at last approaching the airport, Danny and Jessie have dressed, straightened up, made trips to the restroom, and they are sitting silently side by side, but no longer together the way they were.

After the plane lands and begins its long taxi to the gate, Danny breaks the silence between them.

“I’m sorry about that last thing… that I did. I’m worried that maybe it sort of ruined things for you. I really hope not. I hope it wasn’t that bad. I’d hoped you wouldn’t mind. But it was a mistake. Really. A mistake. I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah, well… Maybe you’re sorry, and maybe you’re not. There’s no way for me to know, because that’s what you’re going to say, isn’t it? Whatever you think will make things go slickest for you if you should ever happen to get another crack at me.”

“No, really… I feel bad…”

“That’s enough! That’s enough. Just don’t say any more about it, okay? You’re just smearing it around.”

“Oh. Um… yeah. Okay.”

There is another silence, but then Danny needs to say more. “Well, I really enjoyed… Talking to you was really… I’ll remember some of what you said as much as… the other stuff. Maybe even more. I guess… I guess talking to you was even more special than sex with you. That sounds crazy. Don’t take it wrong. Sex with you was wonderful. Really. Incredible. But I’ve known a lot of girls… women… and… well… I’ve never had one talk to me the way you did. And I know I never fooled you. I just made you laugh. That’s the only reason I got into you. I could make you laugh. That, and I think that sometimes when I touch a woman, she can feel how much I love touching her. How much I love to get her excited, and how excited that gets me. How special that always is. I think maybe that helps me… helps me get permission to… to get closer her. But there was no fooling you. You were still always a step ahead of me. You’re really smart. And funny too. And, like I said, you’re hot. Without really understanding it. You’re sort of unconsciously sexy. You’re a special woman.”

“‘Special’, hunh? Yeah, well… That’s what you’d say, isn’t it? But once a woman actually gets to know you, she realizes that she’ll never really know if she’s special to you. Because that’s what you’re going to tell her, whether it’s true or not.”

“But you really are. This really was. But… so… I guess now you’re thinking that’s probably just more of my BS. It’s what I’d say, right? So now, no matter what I say, it won’t mean anything to you. It will all just be more manipulation.”

“That’s the cage you’ve built for yourself.”

After a brief silence, Danny says, “So what am I supposed to do?”

“You could start by meeting some new woman that you really want to fuck, and only saying things to her that are absolutely true and fully revealed. And will still be true tomorrow morning, not just for tonight. Not just whatever you think is going to get you laid. And if ‘nothing but the whole truth’ isn’t enough to get you laid, then it’s just ‘Oh, well… Better luck next time’.”

“Well… I guess you’ve figured out that might be kind of different for me. But I hear you… I don’t know…. we’ll see. But I know this time really was special for me. Even if I can’t convince you of that. But at this point, does it even matter? If I’m the guy you think I am, would I even care whether you believe what I say, now that we’re done? About how I’m feeling about you? But yeah… I do. So does it even matter what you think of me? I don’t know… shit… But yeah… It does.”

They sit in silence. As the plane arrives at the gate, one can sense all the passengers leaning forward, waiting for the seatbelt sign to turn off.

Danny reaches over and squeezes Jessie’s hand hard, then releases it.

“Goodbye Jessie. Thank you. Thank you for everything. For… well… understanding me… too well… and then for your surprising friendship… in spite of understanding me… and then for letting me feel your incredible sexuality… that you can’t keep buried… even when you try…”

Danny now sits with his shoulders hunched forward, his elbows on his knees, looking down at the floor uncomfortably. Finally he says quietly, “I’ll never forget you.”

When the seatbelt sign finally goes off, he shows startling quickness in being first to the door. When it opens, he is gone.

Jessie just sits for a few moments before gathering up her possessions. She is one of the last to reach the door. Marta draws her aside for a quiet word.

“I’m so sorry. I’m feeling terrible about this. I should never have done that to you.”

“But you said you had no choice. The airline had no choice.”

“After I seated him I thought ‘Oh, dear… this could be trouble.’ I should have seated him somewhere else… moved another single next to you.”

“But… Marta… What do you mean? He… um… he was no problem… the flight was all fine…there’s nothing for you to feel bad about.”

Marta purses her lips and looks away, shaking her head, like she doesn’t want to hear it. At last she says:

“Jessie. You could be heard. More than once. But I should have realized how you might be feeling… with your husband snatched away from you… how it might be for you, suddenly alone on the famous Privacy Flight… and then I put a guy like that in the seat next to you. I should have known it the minute I saw him… I’m so sorry.”

Jessie takes Marta’s elbow and draws her farther off to the side, lowering her voice.

“Listen, Marta. Nothing that happened… if anything happened… none of that is your fault or your responsibility. I’m an adult woman. Yes, I’m young, and I guess I’m still learning, but I’m responsible for my own decisions. He was not irresistible. I was not helpless. So if I made any crazy decisions on this flight, I’ll take responsibility for them. I did what I did. And I’ll take the responsibility for telling Kevin. He will be completely informed about it, so you needn’t worry about keeping any secrets. Kevin and I love each other. And we will keep loving each other and we will get through this. We both understand that crazy things can happen. It will be sad for a while, but we are in it for the long term, and eventually we’ll be okay. So you should not feel bad about anything you did or didn’t do. You’ve been a good friend. If you’re still worried about it, come out to California and visit us. We’ll both be glad to see you. You’ll see. Well, maybe you should wait a few weeks and let some of this recede into the past for Kevin. Then it will be great to see you.”

Jessie squeezes Marta’s arm again and starts towards the door, but then pauses and turns back towards her. “Will you be working on Kevin’s flight Monday night?”

“Yes I expect we will. Those flights are a sort of a specialized niche my crew seems to have fallen into.”

“Well… I can’t believe I’m saying this… I don’t know if it would even be possible… But maybe it would be better for everyone if Kevin sat next to someone interesting too… I mean… That’s crazy of me to say… asking someone to fix up my husband. And I know that it wouldn’t fix up everything or make things even between us, but after what I’ve done, well… it might make the recovery period a little easier. For both of us.”

Marta smiles for the first time in the conversation. “Well, it’s an interesting idea. And actually, I think I know someone who might be able to help us. I’ll see what I can do.”


Sunday Evening:

Kevin has finally gotten the phone call from Jessie. He cannot pretend he is not angry. “So I said you could wait til you were ready before you called me, but I didn’t think it would take you all day. Have you guys been having a good time?”

“You guys? What does that mean?”

“Jessie, don’t give me that shit! I mean you and Danny Boy! Have you had a nice day together? Left time for a touching farewell? Maybe right in our own hotel room?”

“Kevin! Stop that! We said goodbye before we got off the plane. I haven’t seen him since.”

“So then what have you been doing all this time?”

“Making the airline fix our hotel reservations. And our flight to LA.”

“Well thanks for that. But that doesn’t seem like a very long day. I’ve been waiting a long time for your call. Just sitting around imagining the worst. As you can hear. It has not been fun.”

“I’m sorry. I just needed some time to think. By myself.”

“So just off by yourself thinking, huh? Thinking about what?”

“About us. About how much I love you. About how relieved I’ll be when we’re back together.”

“Oh, really? Nothing else you were daydreaming about? Just thinking about you and me, huh? About getting us back together. Okay then, so just how far apart have we gotten? Did someone come between us on the plane?”

“On the plane?”

“Jessie! Don’t bullshit me! I’m really not in the mood for that!”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. We’ll talk. We can talk about it when you get here.”

There is a silence while Kevin thinks about this. He is desperate to understand just how close Jessie got to her new seatmate, but he doesn’t want to push so hard that she just hangs up. Finally he simply says, “So I was right…”

There is another silence while Jessie considers how to respond. At last, she says, “Yeah, I guess you were right. ”

“Damn. Okay… damn. So just in general, how was your flight? Did you have an exciting time? Some special moments your mind just keeps returning to? Was is a mystical experience for you?”

“Kevin… Not over the phone. Please. When you get here. I know you’ll need to hear it all. But it wasn’t that bad. Really… I mean… Well, I mean it could have been worse… maybe… I guess… for you and me I mean… I don’t know what I mean. I know I still love you completely. I want to be with you. And be the best partner to you I can be.”

“Not that bad, huh? So it sounds like “not that bad” might describe how you’re feeling about me, now that Danny Boy is done with you. But it wouldn’t really describe what the two of you did on your “Privacy Flight”. Is that right? Or are you saying that your airborne sexual activity was “not that bad”? Is that what you’re claiming?”

“Um… no. I guess I shouldn’t say that. I don’t know what I meant.”

“Oh, Jesus… Jessie…. So what happened?”

“Please, not now. I can’t. I’m going to hang up now. We’ll talk when you get here. So get here soon and safe. Please. I can’t do this now. It will all be fine. You know I love you. Bye.”


For his Monday flight, the airline had again booked him in the After Business Class, but really, what was the point? Just give him back the money, and then some. When he boards the plane Monday evening, he realizes that it’s the same cabin crew that had to throw him off the flight on Saturday.

His seatmate in the last row of After Business Class is a slim young man in large black-rimmed glasses who never looks up from the technical manual clenched tightly in his hands. After all passengers are seated and they are preparing to close the cabin doors, Marta approaches Kevin’s seat. She smiles in quiet acknowledgment that they are already friends, but her words and tone are that of the professional flight attendant addressing a passenger.

“I’m sorry sir, but there’s been a mistake in your seat assignment. Your correct seat is up here. Please gather your things and follow me.”

Sidling up the aisle after Marta, he sees a large older man with white hair and suspenders apparently heading back to Kevin’s old seat. As he approaches Kevin, be grins. As they work past each other, he says:

“What are you, a buddy of the pilot? Or maybe you own the airline? Or maybe this was her idea. Time to sub in a younger athlete for the aging veteran. I thought I’d just lucked into an amazing seat in the fancy class, but I guess somebody thought better of it.”

Kevin is still puzzling over this when he reaches his new seat and sees that his new seatmate is a young woman. A stunning young woman. She has the legs, stature, and blonde hair of the Swedish stereotype, but the face is narrow and darker, the cheekbones high and prominent, framing large dark eyes. She is in a straight knee-length tweed skirt and a loose white blouse under a loose navy-blue vest. She is generally slim, but a closer look as she shifts in her seat makes one suspect that there is much more of her under that loose-fitting blouse than she wants to display to the public, at least while booked as a single on a Privacy Flight.

“I guess that was your ex-seatmate I just passed in the aisle. I couldn’t make sense of what he was saying to me, but now I can see what he was talking about.”

She says, “He seemed like a nice guy. And he seemed like he really liked women. And that I was… well… I don’t want to sound too full of myself… He said that after he saw who he’d been seated with, he was looking around for the hidden cameras. That the only way he would have gotten the seat next to me would be as a joke for a reality show or for some sociology experiment on foolish aging men.”

The woman’s expression looks conflicted, trying to decide whether to look apologetic for sounding so smug, or just to smile in gratitude for her scary beauty. “But he was nice. He didn’t make me uncomfortable. When Marta came to move him, he grumped about it to her, but I thought maybe he looked a little relieved that he wouldn’t have to worry about… well… I just thought he looked a little bit relieved. I thanked him for being so nice about sitting next to me… and then for being so nice about… not sitting next to me. But I guess Marta thought you might be a better seatmate for me.”

“Oh, really? So you know Marta?”

“Yeah, I’m a flight attendant too. We often work together, but I’m off duty now, just flying back to D.C. So Marta tells me that you’re Kevin. I’m Rebecca. My friends call me Becca. So how are things?”

Kevin sighs. “She asks me how are things. Yeah, well… Are you referring to anything in particular? I guess Marta has told you my name. Has she also told you something about my recent experiences?”

“She said that she had to bump you from the Saturday night flight. But not your wife.”

“Yeah? What else did she say?”

“Well… there was another man that the government wanted in Washington the next morning, and no one really had any choice. So he got your seat.”

“Yeah. He got my seat. Did she tell you what else he got?”

“Oh… I… well… no… not really… I mean… No. I don’t really know anything else about it. Personally.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know anything else about it ‘personally’ either, but after a brief phone conversation with my wife, it’s clear that there is a lot more to be learned. I guess it would be cruel to Marta to just demand she tell me what happened.”

“Oh… well… I think… Marta… She said she really couldn’t know anything else for sure about your wife’s flight.”

“Yeah, right. I’ll bet she knows a lot more than just ‘he got my seat’. And that she’s told you more than that too. But I guess you can both claim that the only people who know ‘for sure’ were behind the curtains. Shit… Jessie and I have always agreed that we’d tell each other if something were to happen… And we do. But now she wants to wait until I get there, and ‘we can talk then’. So she’s got some things she’s not looking forward to telling me. So, in answer to your first question… ‘How are you doing?’… I’m doing pretty shitty. I didn’t want that to be the first thing I said to you, but I think you already know more than I do about what my wife’s been up to.”

Becca seems uncertain about how to proceed from this point, but she tries her best. “Well, I don’t really… But I understand your… I don’t know what to say. It’s not for me to… well… Last night, when Marta was sure that you were going to be on this flight, she couldn’t stop fretting about it. About what she should do… But still, it really surprised me when she brought you up to sit with me. I mean, we’d joked about it some, but I didn’t think she’d really… Well… She had told me you were a good guy. So I guess she thought maybe… But only you and your wife can know what’s best for the two of you at this point. But still… so I… well… So I’ll just say that I’m here if you want to talk about it… or anything.”

At this point, Becca feels like she’s gone far enough in this direction. She shifts to, “And I think we’ve got some drinks coming.”

“Drinks. Yeah. I suppose my wife had some drinks. Alcohol… a long flight… tight quarters… nowhere else to go… That might help me understand some of this. But it’s not the kind of understanding that will help me deal with it. ‘But she was drunk! So she’s just going to do what she feels like doing!’ ‘Oh, well, that makes it all okay, doesn’t it?’ Picturing that, her just doing what she really wanted to do, I feel so much better.”

Becca says, “Well maybe you should have some alcohol too. I’m going to. It might help your mind relax a little.”

“You think so, huh?”

“We can both try to open our minds to new insights. What the right thing to do is. And after the food, when Marta comes around and asks if we want the curtains closed, I’m going to say ‘Sure’. Okay with you? Then we can talk more privately.”

Kevin has only been half-listening to Becca’s last comments and responds distractedly, “Oh… um… yeah… I guess… Sure.”


After drinks, and dinner, and more drinks, Kevin’s eyes begin to close. He realizes that for the last two nights he had gotten almost no sleep, unable to stop thinking about Jessie. About what she might have done, or what she might still do… or even what she might have been doing right at that moment. He puts his head back and falls into a restless sleep of half-awakenings and angry dreams.

Then Becca is squeezing his shoulder. He wakes to find that the curtain has been drawn around their seats.

“Kevin? Kevin? I’m flattening out my seat now to get some sleep. And you’d probably be more comfortable if you did too. And spread out your blanket so you don’t wake up cold.”

“Yeah. Both good ideas. Thanks.”

Becca had taken off her vest She turns off her seat light and lies down, leaning on one elbow and watching Kevin. He pulls out his blanket, flattens out his seat, and turns his light out too, although there is still plenty of cabin light coming in over the curtains for them to see whatever they might want to see.

“Would you mind if I take off my skirt and blouse? It’s a lot easier to sleep that way and the next day you don’t feel like you’ve slept in your clothes.”

At last Kevin actually hears something Becca is saying to him. “What!? Sure! I mean no! I mean… no, I wouldn’t mind… I mean yes, that would be okay.”

“You’d probably feel better if you took off your jeans and shirt too.”

“Yeah… probably another good idea…”

Becca takes off her skirt and then her blouse and folds them to lie on the floor under her feet. As she shifts her position, he sees that the bra and panties that remain are covering very little of her and are mostly sheer in any case. Kevin just smiles at her and shakes his head. His earlier suspicion about her breasts had proven true. There was a lot more there than she had been showing.

Kevin doesn’t want to keep staring at her, so he lies back and stares at the ceiling.

“So you’ve already heard stuff about me. Tell me your story. Do you have a husband somewhere who’s being unfaithful as we speak? Are we sharing this experience?”

“He’s no longer my husband and I no longer care, but I’d say… [Becca checks her watch], it’s about 50/50 that he’s screwing some woman about now or he will be soon. In both senses of the word. I think the only experience you and I are sharing is being here together. But I expect that might be an experience worth sharing.”

“Okay, well… I should keep asking about you so I don’t start talking about Jessie. And I should stop just asking for everyone’s infidelity stories. So what’s your long story?”

“I’ve been a stew for about three years. A Flight Attendant. I’ve mostly been working flights to the Far East, because I have some languages. I used to be a swimsuit model. Not for selling bathing suits to women. For selling magazines to men. But I got tired of dealing with all the crazy random power relationships. So I’m a Flight Attendant. There are power relationships here too, but they’re like more organized. More predictable.”

Kevin nods. “Yeah. Jessie talks about how that can be at her job. How being a really attractive woman can add a whole extra layer of frustrating complexity. For how your co-workers deal with you. She’d agree that sometimes it’s an advantage, but sometimes it’s not. Of course, I love the way she looks, but I try not to smother her with it at home.”

“You sound like you don’t want things to end for you and Jessie.”

“God, no! No. I don’t. And this shouldn’t end it for us. Unless she wants to see this guy again. Jesus… I hadn’t even thought about that. No, she wouldn’t. Would she? No… But still, it’s going to really hurt for a while. I can’t think about it. And I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“You obviously need some distraction.”

“Yeah, well.. I’m afraid that right now I’m pretty hard to distract.”

“Well, you are right about that. And I would sign a statement testifying to that for the court. And I think I should be considered an expert witness.”

“What? Why’s that? How so?”

“I have never had this happen to me before.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ve never taken off my clothes and laid down next to a guy and have him just stare at the ceiling. And I’m twenty-eight, so that’s like in, what, maybe twelve years? You’re the first. So in a situation like this, I don’t usually need to say anything. But this time I guess I do. So I will.”

Kevin is still not sure how far Becca is going with this. He just cocks his head and listens.

“I like you. I’m attracted to you. You’re in a very tough but temporary space. It’s going to be a long plane flight, and I’m going to be lying next to you here in the darkness. I want to have sex.”

Once again, Becca now has his full attention, but still his feelings are unchanged. “Oh, Becca… God… You know how attractive you are. And I’m really attracted to women. I really like them. But I can usually look away when I need to. Because I already have such a great woman. But how long can I look away from a woman like you? This is just more pain. One part of my brain has been screaming at the other parts ‘Are you guys crazy? Are you nuts? Wake up! This is a crisis! Wake up, you fools!’ But the way I’m feeling now, I think my tight guts and limp penis have outvoted that guy.”

Becca smiles at this image, but then continues, “Okay… well… think about this. I can’t be sure, of course, but I’ll bet that Jessie would be relieved to hear that we had hooked up too. Maybe things would be a little less sad around the house. She’ll still have plenty of guilt to work through, but her working conditions might be a little better.”

“It’s an interesting theory, but I really don’t think I can get my dick up to test it.”

“Okay. How about this? Let me just try one kiss and see how that goes for you. If that has no obvious effects, then we can just talk. Or sleep. Or whatever.”

She rolls towards him and up over him, pulling the soft weight of her breasts across his chest as she moves up towards his mouth. First just working with lips, but then her tongue begins to explore for openings. His mouth opens before he can think. Her tongue explores more deeply. His tongue does not avoid hers — he wants to be a gracious host– but he does not follow hers back into her mouth. Her hand slides down beneath his underwear to gently squeeze and pull on his penis.

She looks down towards her full hand and says, “Good morning?” She looks back up into Kevin’s face. “Is he going to wake up? I think I could wake him up.”

“I’m sure you could wake him up if you worked at it, but then I’m afraid that my anger and frustration would spill over into our sex. And the only thing I can think of worse than not having sex with you would be having very bad sex with you, that would leave both of us annoyed and frustrated and disappointed. You are very sweet, very perceptive, and incredibly beautiful. I will never forget lying here with you. Never. And although those memories will contain large portions of frustration, and disappointment, and probably some generalized anger, there may still be a little sweetness too. I would hate to have our memories lose even that small sweetness.”

She loosens her hand on his cock and looks up at him.

“Well… most guys wouldn’t even be able to talk straight at this point. But it sounds like you can actually think. So I should respect that. So I’ll let it go. I’ll let you go. I’ve even let go of your friend here. But after our experience together, I hope you understand…. You and I will be close friends. Even if we never see each other again… we’ll be close friends.”

But before Becca completely lets go of him, she smiles and glances downward again. “And I have to say that while I’m glad to be friends with you, your other friend seems very nice too. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see him when he was feeling more full of himself… But then you know, some men, in the morning… well… would you just let me see him again when you wake up? Before you go pee? Just so I can maybe get a rough idea of how things might have been…? Just between friends…”




Jessie has been waiting in the hotel lobby for Kevin to arrive in the airport limo. When she sees him, she crosses the lobby with a hesitant but hopeful smile.

“Hi,” she says.

“Yeah. Hi.”

“Our room is on the fourth floor. Let’s take your bag up. Then I thought we might just go for a walk.”

“Oh no. I’m not going near a hotel room with you until you tell me what’s happened. I haven’t had much sleep, but I can sleep later. We can sit in a back corner of the hotel bar and take as long as this takes.”

Jessie’s expression shifts from hopeful to resigned as they walk into the darkened bar. “Okay. I guess we have to do this. Is this corner dark enough? I think I’ll need a drink too. At this point, I may as well have another gin and tonic. But don’t let me try to keep pace with your drinking, or you’ll have a real mess on your hands. I’m not feeling very stable right now. So I know we have to talk about my flight… but how was your flight?”

“Huh? Why are we talking about my flight?”

“Marta felt pretty bad about what had happened to you. Having to kick you off the plane. And then I guess she suspected things might have gotten even worse for you after that.”

“Oh god. Could the whole plane hear you?”

Jessie just shakes her head, trying to push the conversation forward. “So I had the impression when I left the plane that Marta might try to make your flight more interesting too.”

“She tried. She got me a very impressive seatmate.”

“So was it a nice flight for you too?”

“Nothing happened. Well… I had a long intimate conversation with a very attractive woman after she’d taken pretty much all her clothes off and lay down next to me. For another six or seven hours. She mentioned several times that it would be a long flight. And that there were ways we could make the time go by faster. And that they would be fun for her, and it would make things not so bad for me. And some relief for Marta, and maybe even better for you. She thought it would make the whole world a better place. And maybe she would have been right, but I couldn’t get into it. I guess I wasn’t very public-spirited. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. About what you had done.”

“Well… I’m actually sorry to hear that. I guess I hoped your flight might provide some fun for you too. ”

“You think that would make up for what you’ve done? Don’t be dumb. You think I can just forget about you and the choices you’ve just made. That if I have sex with the next hot woman I see, then that will equal the experience you seem to have had, carried away to thirty thousand feet by a tall handsome stranger and letting yourself get repeatedly and romantically fucked. You think I can just flip a switch and duplicate your ‘mystical experience’, and then we’ll be even? Get serious. ”

“Yeah, okay, I understand. I wouldn’t pretend that it would even begin to make up for my…. I guess I’ve realized… that I may have really hurt you.”

“You’re figuring that out now? You’ve paused in your adventures to notice that? Well, how nice… And I see you’ve gone back to wearing a bra.”

“Kevin. Don’t do that. You know I always wear a bra now. That last thing was just for you. You know that.”

“Well it didn’t turn out that way, did it. It turned out to be for Danny Boy.”

“Well that wasn’t my fault! I couldn’t do anything about that. Suddenly there he was, where you were supposed to be.”

“Boy, you aren’t kidding about that.”

“I mean he was sitting where you were supposed to be sitting! But you’re not upset just because he saw me braless in a tight T-shirt. You say you need to talk about this, so let’s try to get said whatever needs to be said. You’ve said that trying to keep score doesn’t make any sense, and now I can see that too. I wouldn’t try to compare what you did two years ago to what I’ve just done. If we were keeping score, it would not be one to one. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“No. What I want to hear is how this could have happened, and what happened, and to deal with that, and try to move on. So what happened?”

“Well… it was a long flight… They pulled the curtains around the seats… and I had sex with Danny.”

“Yeah, thanks. I had already gleaned that much. So what happened? Am I going to have to do all of the work here? Okay… so just to get you started, were you on the top or the bottom?”

“Really? You want to know all that? Why? Why would that make you feel any better?”

“Maybe some guys would not want to know any more about it. Just shut it out of their minds and move on. I can’t do that. I can’t stop imagining what might have happened. I just need to know, and then deal with that. I can’t keep dealing with everything I can imagine.”

“Okay, well… You’re saying what you can’t do, so I’ll tell you what I can’t do. I can’t just make something up. I can’t invent a narrative that will help you feel better. And you know that wouldn’t be right for us anyway. So I’m not going to try to memorize a bunch of lies. If you’re going to make me talk about what really happened, all I can do is tell you what really happened. And hearing all that might not make you feel any better. It might make you feel worse. So maybe we should just move on.”

“No. If the real truth will make all this even harder, all the more reason I need to know it. Know who you are, and who we are.”

Both of them pause and let that sink in. Jessie looks stricken, maybe close to tears, but then finally straightens up and says, “Okay… so… so you want me to talk about it… okay. So it’s going to make you angry… and jealous… but I won’t be able to tell it all to an angry jealous husband I’ll never get through it if you go crazy when you hear it. Even though… well… I guess you have every right to. So if you really think you have to hear it, you’ve got to just sit and listen. Like you’re my best friend. I mean… you are my best friend… we both know that… but this is going to be different.”

“Okay. I hear you. And I’ve already said I have to hear it all. So I’ll try to just listen. I’ll try…”

“Okay… Okay… So… First, I don’t understand it myself. Since that flight, I’m just shaking my head. I can’t believe what I did. So how did it happen? I don’t know. He was funny. He was direct… in a roundabout way… I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘honest’, but he didn’t really try to disguise what he was hoping to accomplish. He just made me laugh about it.”

Jessie looks away, searching for the words… “Somehow, he just took me back to my life before I met you. When I could do whatever I wanted. Before my commitment to you. To us. For eight hours, I just went back in time. To the ‘me’ before ‘us’. So how did it happen? I don’t know…”

“And I’ll tell you another thing I don’t know… that keeps nagging at me… You’re going to want me to promise you now that something like this will never ever happen again. But since I don’t really understand how it happened this time, how can I promise that to you… to us… Could you make that promise to me, and bet our marriage on that promise? I don’t think you could. You wouldn’t want to take that chance either.”

Kevin says evenly, “I’d say that I’ve just demonstrated I can resist some pretty strong temptation.”

“Don’t you think some of that was because of the pain you were in. I mean it has shown me how much pain I put you in, and I feel terrible about that. But if that woman lay down next to you in the night six months from now, I don’t think you can be as sure about what you would do. But I didn’t think enough about how bad this would be for you. I think that if I had thought about that more clearly, I wouldn’t have done what I did. But that’s easy for me to say now. I guess we’ll never know.”

Jessie now looks Kevin in the eye. “Last week I would have told you that something like this could never happen. Never. And I would have believed it. So now what do I say? I don’t want it to ever happen again, because what we have is too special to lose. I won’t carelessly trash our lives and then hate myself forever. I won’t do that. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t! But all I can do now is whatever it takes to get back to ‘us’. Does any of that make sense to you? Help answer your question of ‘what happened”’?

“It doesn’t even start to answer ‘what happened’, but I guess it tells me something of how it happened. And your confusion about it. I can hear you’re probably telling it as best you can. And that’s a start. So now tell me what happened.”

“Well, it’s really hard to talk about. I guess I’m kind of… ashamed.”

“Okay! Good! That’s the most hopeful news I’ve heard since your plane took off. And I expect you should be ashamed. So start at the beginning. Clarify your shame for me. We can start again with ‘Were you on top, or did you decide to let him on top of you?'”

“The first time, I was on top.”

“The first time!? Oh. I see… sure…”

“Well, it was a long flight. You knew that was going to be a factor… The second time, he was on top.”

“Okay… Did you have an orgasm?”

“I did.”

“More than one?”


“How many?”

“Um… well…”


“Wait! I’m thinking…” Jessie looks away, trying to recreate her experiences in her mind, but shrinking from what she is finding there. Finally she says, “Um… seven, I guess.”

“SEVEN!? My god! What were you doing? There was like seven or eight hours available, right? You used your time well. Just how did you accomplish that? How did we get from ‘Oh Kevin, there’s nothing to worry about’ to seven orgasms? How many times did he screw you? Or you screw him?”

“Twice I guess. Or two sessions, anyway. Like I said. But the first one went on for a while. Well, they both did. But in the first one, I was sitting on him. He was taking his time. And he had already been working on me a long time before he finally got me up on top of him. So I guess I went off pretty quickly once I got up there. And then he was still taking his time, like I said. So I went off again. And then the plane ran into some rough air and we got the seat belt announcement. So he strapped me down on top of him, with him still inside me, and we were moving around like that a while.”

“Then the flight got pretty bumpy. And that was kind of weird. Like some giant unseen force banging us together. Banging him into me, again and again. So then we hit another air pocket, this time a really big one. So you’re floating for a few moments and then bang, you suddenly hit bottom and get bucked upwards. And when that hit, it really banged us together… and he finally went over… and when I realized he was going off, then I guess feeling that sent me off again. I mean… we were like… strapped together pretty tightly… so while we came… we were staying… fully connected. After that, the flight smoothed out. Then we fell asleep for a little while I guess.”

“Damn… So did you retreat to neutral corners? Or were you cuddled up against him? ”

“Um.. yeah. I guess we were cuddled up.”

“Shit… So then what?”

“Well we napped. Then we woke up.”

“What woke you up?”

“Well you know… When you cuddle like that… His hand is going to be cupping my breast. So I felt him squeezing her some earlier, but I managed to elbow him to stop and then get back to sleep. But when I woke up again later, he was playing with my nipple again. I guess that woke me up. Then he started fiddling around some more… I guess he was fiddling around all over me. Then he rolled up on top of me.”

“And you spread your thighs wide for him.”

“Kevin! Don’t do that! Don’t always try to make things sound as lurid as possible. Yeah, I spread my legs. You thought maybe this time I would have sex with my knees together? Shit. You wanted to hear it all.”

“Yeah, okay… okay. So… you were on your back for the second session?”

“Um… I didn’t sit on him again.”

“Okay… You didn’t sit on him again. So what aren’t you telling me?”

“I guess he got me up on my elbows and knees for some of it.”

“Yeah, of course…what was I thinking…? You had a full flight. I know you tried to warn me… So how many orgasms in Session II?”

“Um… just three… I think…”

“You think?”

“Well… the third one went on for a while… but I’d say it was all really just one orgasm.”

“You don’t know if it was one orgasm or more than one? I think that’s usually pretty clear to you. What was going on to cause this confusion?”

“Kevin, please… It isn’t that important. You don’t really want to hear all this…”

“Maybe I won’t like hearing it, but I need to hear it. And I haven’t been raging at you, have I? I’m just sitting here like the supportive and fascinated best friend you said I had to be, right? So spill it!”

“Oh Kevin… Oh, god…” Jessie shakes her head and looks away in what seems close to despair. “I’ve warned you that I can’t just make up a story for you… So it’s the truth or nothing.” Finally she says, “Okay. Okay.”

Jessie begins to narrate, still looking off into space. “We started off with me on my back, and he was enjoying that but not in any hurry, so after a while I had an orgasm. Then I guess I came once more when he was working me from behind. I’ve already said how he could take a long time to come. But the last time he’d come was when we had been strapped together, and that must have been a couple of hours… So now he had me back on my back. And after some messing around, like getting my ankles up by my ears, we went back to straight missionary, and he began to get more excited and started going harder and faster. It seemed like he was finally going to get off, and his excitement got me going again. So then I thought he was finally going to come, and I started to come again. But he didn’t come, he just kept going, harder and faster, harder and faster. And I just kept coming, my whole body in rhythmic contractions. I don’t remember ever just going on like that. It must have been like maybe a couple of minutes. Or more. But that sounds crazy. I don’t know. Just on and on. But finally, I began to fade. I mean it was still feeling really good. It was like… incredible. But my body just couldn’t keep going any longer. But then just as I was really starting to give it up, he went into an even higher gear. And then… he finally went off. He stopped going in and out, he just stayed all in and kept thrusting hard against me… and then it seemed like I could feel him spurting off inside me. Pretty seriously. So when I began to feel that, well… Pussy was off to the races again. I didn’t think she could possibly go any longer, but suddenly she was back into it, and it seemed like the spasms were even stronger. And he just kept pumping himself into me. And I just kept coming. It got scary. I don’t know what happened then. I must have passed out. When I woke up, he was asleep, still on top me. And still inside me.”

Jessie finally turns back to look Kevin in the eye. “So I guess that was just one long orgasm. But whether it was one, or two, or maybe more… it’s hard to think about really.”

There is a period of silence, and then Kevin says, “Yeah. You’re right. It is hard to think about… So after that… then what?”

“Well, I managed to wake him up enough to get him out of me and off me, but then he just fell asleep again, lying with his face on my chest.”

“Okay… okay. So… does that cover the general thrust of your airborne experience? Or do you have more surprises for me?”

“Well… We’re in new territory here. I’m not really sure what will surprise you.”

“Okay… well… that doesn’t sound good. I guess we’ll just have to see. But first… I have to ask… so how big was this guy?”

“Oh, God. That… He was about as long as you, I guess. Maybe a little longer, but not surprisingly long. He was kind of thick though. But he didn’t brag on his size. He joked that his tongue was as long as his penis.”


“Well… it wasn’t really. But it was pretty long.”

“So how long was his tongue?”

“Um… well… I’m not sure where you’d measure it from… if both our mouths are open…. But he could make me gag, if that gives you some idea…”

“Shit. Yeah. Okay. ”

“So after the second session, the one with him mostly on top, we napped again for a while. His face was on my breasts. But later when I woke up, I realized his face was sliding down my body, lower and lower. I didn’t stop him. I guess he wanted to show me what his tongue could do.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to come again… I mean… I’d already gone over six times! That was crazy for me. But I guess I thought it would be okay for him to root around down there a little. Just to see about this tongue he was bragging on.”

“So he got down there and licked and sniffed around a little while. Then he slid the tongue in and rolled it around some… Like I said, it was pretty long. Pretty big. And I must have been still pretty full of him already, but he didn’t seem to mind. I guess maybe he was used to that. So he was pretty good at what he was doing. And a penis can’t curl around at the tip… and tickle whatever that spot is.”

“But I’d figured that after a while he’d get bored and come back up. But after he’d been at it for a little while, he sorted of shifted his body around and down lower, like getting to a more comfortable position. Like he was just going to stay down there. And I began to realize that he was just going to keep doing that until he felt me orgasm. As long as it took. The tongue tickling and squirming and then sucking on my clit and then more tickling and squirming. And I felt kind of helpless. I lay back and stared at the ceiling, and felt it going on and on. Like there was nothing I could do. This was never going to end. It was just going to go on and on. And I think when I fully understood that, it was probably what sent me over the top. So I came again. That was my seventh. He said my contractions on his tongue were the strongest he’d ever felt. Do you believe that? I mean, he said a lot of things.”

Kevin just shook his head and looked away. After a moment, he said, “I’ve never thought it was very cool to compare one woman to another… to tell the woman I love what other women have been like… but no, that doesn’t surprise me. You’re very powerful… down there. Yeah, you’re the strongest I’ve felt. So that’s yet another experience I get to share with Danny Boy. That asshole.”

“Oh, God… Kevin… What am I doing? I’m sorry… You’re being so good, and suddenly I’m just unloading to you about it. Like I’m telling my secret news to… well… to my best friend. But I know this is awful. I was awful. But please keep being the way you’re being… Please don’t go crazy on me.”

“Just go on… just go on. What then?”

“Then I guess we just lay there a while… sort of absorbed it all, I guess…”

“So I guess every time he had an orgasm, you were able to join him. What a great team player. Right?”

“Well, um… pretty much, I guess… but… well.. not exactly…”

“I must have gotten confused. What am I missing? Another one of his?”

“Well… after he licked me to my seventh… there was still probably like two hours left in the flight…”

“Yeah… right. So…?’

“Well, he’d just been so nice to me…”

“NO! Really? You couldn’t just leave it at that? Leave

him at that? He’d already had a very rewarding flight. Far better than the prick deserved.”

“Well, he’d only had two… to my like seven. And he’d just been down on me. It just seemed like… it was kind of natural for me to… and by that time it was clear he’d be very appreciative… about that.”

“Incredible. Shit. Okay… And just how did you finish that up?”

“Well… he’d been taking so long before… I thought I’d have some time to get myself arranged… but this time he went pretty fast. Surprised me. He must have liked what I was doing. But then it happened so suddenly, I didn’t really get a chance to have him spray somewhere else. And then there was really no place to spit. So I just…”

“So in the end you just swallowed him all up?”

“Well, I thought that I had probably swallowed a little of it already. My mouth had gotten pretty full. So when he was finally done, my mouth was maybe even leaking a little, and I just thought ‘Oh, what the hell… Wouldn’t it be simpler if I just…’? So I managed to swallow the rest of it.”

“Oh, geez… So then you sucked him empty? Licked him clean?”

“God… Kevin… Don’t. Please don’t”

“Damn! I think I’m going to be sick…. So yeah, that surprises me. My wife going down on this guy she just met. And finishing him off! And swallowing him up! You shit! Yeah, you bet I’m surprised.”

“You’re right. It’s bad. It’s crazy. I can’t explain it. It just seemed like such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Never again could I be this wild and crazy, pretend that I was still just a kid. I guess I was just checking off all the boxes.”

“A once in a lifetime thing… Just checking off all the boxes, huh? Well he didn’t get into your butt, did he?”

Jessie looks away, unable to form her answer.


Jessie continues to stare blankly, as if she were to say nothing at all, then perhaps the question would just go away.


Jessie startles but is still unable to think of anything better to say, so she simply says, “Yeah, I guess he did. At the end.”

“You ‘guess’ he did!!? So that’s your best guess to explain why you felt something getting stuck up your ass!? You think it might have been his dick!?”

“Yeah. He did. He got into my butt. ”

“I can’t believe it. I’m in shock. How could you have agreed to all that? With this guy you just met … ”

“Well, I never actually agreed to that part. Or by the time I did, it was a done deal. I had been dozing… with my back to him… and he was sort of fumbling around, like he might try to get into beaver from the back again on his own? Without contacting me first? But then that stopped, and he withdrew for a while. It turned out he had some oil in his pack he was putting on himself. But I didn’t know what he’d been doing, and when he came back I still thought sort of dimly that he might try for the beaver again. But he lined up on my butt and just went right in. Well that woke me up for sure. I twisted my head and looked at him and said something like ‘You really don’t care, do you. You don’t care how it will feel in the morning, you don’t care what she’ll think of you when it’s all over. You’ve just got to go for all of it. Anything you think you can get, you’ve got to go for it.”

“He shuffled and ducked like you’d expect. ‘Was this the wrong thing? It didn’t seem like you’d mind…’ ”

“I said, ‘At this point do you even give a shit what I’d mind? Just finish up.'”

“So he did. It hurt some, but not too much. It was really just uncomfortable. And I’m sure that part of the discomfort was how I was feeling by then about the guy I had back there. I was really just lying there taking it, trying to understand how I had ever got myself in that position. I mean… in that situation. How had this happened to me? And would I ever be able to make this up to you?”

Kevin has been listening to this narrative almost numb. Now as Jessie is suddenly talking about the two of them again, his latent anger jumps to the front of his thoughts. “So while you were letting this guy fuck you up the butt, you were thinking about me. Well that’s very sweet.”

Jessie does not back down from his sarcasm. “If a woman is having sex with one guy, and by the end, all she can think about is how much she loves another guy, well, I think that might mean something. ”

“So did you come up with any insights? Those are tough questions. How do you make it right for the guy you’re thinking about while you’re fucking another guy? Sounds like a great question for an advice columnist.”

Jessie looks away. She too is groping for those answers. Finally she says, “All the answers depend on you. Whether you’ll forgive me. Whether you’ll let me show you how much I love you. Let me make it up to you. I’m ready to do anything I can to get you back to where we were. In our lives together, and in bed too. Next week, or next month… or tonight… Whenever you’re ready.”

Kevin snorts in annoyance. “So now you feel so guilty and compromised that you’ll let me do anything that might feel good for me, even though you’ll be hating it. That’s crap. I can’t work that way. You know that. You know I’ve always been excited as much for your pleasure as my own.”

Lewd Fiction - 2021