Pandora’s Box


(An Alternative Rendition)

By Aleq de Satyr

Part 1


Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod’s Works and Days. He reported that curiosity led her to open a container left in care of her husband, thus releasing physical and emotional curses upon mankind. Later depictions of the story have been varied, while some literary and artistic treatments have focused more on the contents than on Pandora herself…The container mentioned in the original account was actually a large storage jar, but the word was later mistranslated. In modern times an idiom has grown from the story meaning “Any source of great and unexpected troubles”, or alternatively “A present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse”. This story is about a modern Alternative Pandora who opened a jar only to unleash upon herself a curse that was most unwelcome to her, namely promiscuity and nymphomania.

The Consecration

My name is Marta Palos. I am 48 years old and a well-known widely published writer of Mysteries of the paranormal and macabre kind. I have a twenty-five-year-old daughter Elena who is a Jazz-ballet dancer. I am financially independent and own a very nice town house on the outskirts of town. I am of Greek ancestry, second generation. I consider myself a non-conformist and an explorer; passionately exploring my body and sexuality as part of nature, inspired and infused by the spirit of the Goddess and Mother Earth.

My intense curiosity led me into my first encounter with the underground, hardcore, radical-feminists thru Aneera Ionescu, the “High Priestess” of a group called “Earth’s Daughters”. She is of Romanian ancestry, a woman about my age…She wanted among other things, to reclaim thru her writings and performances, “whore and slut and nymphomania” into positive terms to describe “strong, sexual women”…She and her group are women who use sexual energy as a healing force in their lives. I was invited by Aneera to attend a “Rituals” by her group during which their adopted Goddess Medusa would be invoked, to become reincarnated in one of the celebrants. The portrait of Medusa as painted by these women is that of an ageless, fresh complexioned woman with soft luminous brown eyes, thick black hair knotted in tight long braids that look phallic (Snakes). She was a symbol of Kundalini energy, electric, explosive; sexually liberated and libidinal. Her strong, lovely face always in a frozen laughter. She was a highly sexualized being, indeed a nymphomaniac according to some accounts, with a seething languorous sensuality, and tantalizing seductive powers that are both amazing and intriguing…She was deeply imaginative in sex and made famous the phenomenon of the multiple female orgasm…

The “Rituals” of consecration were a complete blur since I was so high on pot and booze. But I do remember Aneera saying to me afterwards:

“You are now an avatar of Medusa”. Then came the Eucharist from her:

Oh Avatar of Medusa, satisfy your deep desires

Cleanse your mind of all convention, light the sexual fire

When the oblation is poured, you will be free of uncertainty

And you will have sex at any time of night or day”

“Oh cut out this bullshit Aneera”! I said laughing. But she ignored me and instead handed me a porcelain jar with Medusa’s head engraved on the lid. “Do not open this jar whatever you do, just place it on your mantelpiece” she advised.

Five days later I was seized by an overwhelming curiosity to open the jar, so I did and a soft hissing sound came out followed by a strong fragrance of myrrh; at the bottom a pool of semen. I replaced the lid immediately with some consternation…I woke up the next day with a very strong desire to fuck and fuck. Well, I had not been fucked in quite some time. My cunt dripped all over the house. I could not find my motorized dildo; maybe Elena took it with her on her trip. I wanted to scream; I wound up rubbing my cunt against the staircase wooden handrail to no avail. I called Aneera about my problem and she invited me to her house to find a solution…Aneera chanted as she led me to the back quarters of the house and into a bedchamber. There were two naked women and a tall very muscular black man, head shaved and wearing a red cape, who sat on a high chair.

“Undress her”! he commanded in a deep voice. I stood before the man naked. What the fuck is this all about I thought. The man rose from the chair and threw off the cape.” I am Tomaz Le Sotho the cheetah-wolf warrior and I am ready and eager to cure your affliction” he said. His ebony skin was smooth and oiled. My eyes were riveted on his enormous rigid cock. “Oh my God”, I thought shuddering; the man was hung like a stallion!! And he intends to fuck me. But I was fascinated at the same time. I’d never ever seen a cock this mighty. A warrior indeed!! He made me sit on the bed and stood before me. “Stroke it”! he said pointing to his enormous cock.

I grasped the cock with both hands. It was rock hard and very heavy, his balls big and heavy. My cunt began to quiver, my juices flowing freely. “Now suck it”! he ordered. I sucked until my jaws ached…Tomaz parted my legs wide and knelt between them, his huge cock throbbing and swaying side to side. I’ve always prided myself as a size-queen, thought I could take any cock, but I wondered if that monster cock would fit my cunt. Tomaz grabbed his cock and began rubbing the bulbous head slowly, deliberately up and down my juiced-up vulva, sending ecstatic shivers thru my spine.

Instinctively I reached out and grasped the huge phallus; O Goddess, it felt like granite! I fell back against the pillows trembling as the man pushed the cock head into my opening. My inner muscles began to quiver as he began to thrust into me, his large hands cupping my ass cheeks and lifting them off the bed. Slowly, inexorably, my elastic cunt, honey-thick with juice, expanded to accommodate him until he was all the way inside. I was filled to my tonsils! Or, so it felt. The women looked on beaming. Tomaz fucked me hard, rhythmically, with strong strokes and with infinite patience and masterful control. I started to come and come. The women hummed a haunting melody. I felt a flood of liquid beneath my ass. Was it blood, cunt juices? Was the whole episode a dream, a walking trance; was my mind playing tricks mixing fantasy and reality? I quickly stopped thinking as an intense, leviathan pleasure engulfed me and I plummeted into an abyss of enormous orgasm that wracked my body with sobs and whimpers.

The women began to caress my body; sucking my tits, licking my ears, sucking my tongue, kissing my belly my thighs, my underarms…Tomaz continued to fuck me and fuck me, his gaze fixed ahead. I whimpered and farted continuously. The pleasure began to build again, until another violent orgasm shook my entire body. I heard myself screaming with ecstasy as the orgasm went on and on until I lost consciousness.

When I came to, the women placed a pillow beneath my ass; my pussy still locked with Tomaz’s cock. The women left my side and began to massage his back chanting his praises, while he continued thrusting into my exhausted cunt. His thrusts became more and more powerful, taking my breath away. My heart started to pound harder. I saw colors and heard inchoate sounds. I was on a magic carpet ride indeed, it was sex magic. I’ve never ever had such an experience in my entire life, and I have fucked a lot! Tomaz continued to fuck me and fuck me; pounding into me relentlessly, expertly, deliciously for what seemed like ages. My cunt was blaze; I felt like being fucked by a god.

Then his chest began to heave, and with that he exploded, literally gallons of hot scalding, cum that flooded into me like a burst dam and overflowed onto the silk sheets, to form a large milky pool beneath my ass…

Tomaz left the room soon after. The women bathed me and rubbed soothing oils into my ravaged twat. Then they changed the bed sheets and lay down beside me. I was in a trance, speechless. They plied me with sweet soft kisses and warm feathery caresses that catapulted us into a lusty yet delicious Sapphic copulation thru the night… When I woke up in the morning they were gone. I checked on my clitoris, it was still in one piece. Those women had mouths like suction pumps. I went home fully satiated.

An Odyssey Ensues

Five days later I was again stricken with the urge to be fucked. I called Aneera and asked her to send Tomaz to me. I pleaded with her, I begged her. “It will cost you $2000 for two days” she said. “Ok, Ok, I’ll have the money, just send him”! I cried. The woman was unscrupulous; first she makes me an avatar, then charges me an arm and a leg so her stud lover can come over and fuck me, what a bummer I thought…Tomaz fucked me senseless for three glorious days after I agreed to pay an additional $1000. Three days later I was climbing the walls again. My cunt ached and dripped incessantly, my clitoris throbbed and throbbed. What on earth was wrong with me; since the rituals at Aneera’s I have not been the same. I have always been a strong woman, now I was losing my mind. I called my friend Lisa LeBeau, a psychoanalyst who is also well versed in parapsychology and the occult, for some answers and help.

She concluded that my condition is called “Psycho Sexualis Nymphomia” or PSN. Although rare, it can affect some normal women who have such phenomenal hormonal activity, and very high sexual- libidinal capacity. And that it would take three super studs three whole days to completely satisfy one such woman during that phase. “Well, apparently that sounds like what I’m afflicted with now” I said. “But is there a cure? I asked. Lisa was not sure if my affliction was a PSN, but it certainly sounded close. She thought that I was basically a closet nymphomaniac but that being an avatar of Medusa’s seemed to have put me into a new psychic dimension and most likely amplified my sexual desires a thousand fold. “That is a lot of bullshit. The rituals at Aneera’s was just that nothing really serious” I said. “Don’t be too sure of that” said Lisa.”

“Anyway, I know of a man in New Orleans who has a reputation for helping such women. He is a Vodun High Priest of the famous Loa Sect. His name is Juris de Vilmorin. I can arrange for him to see you” she added. “I take it you know this man Juris, rather intimately” I said with a snicker. “No comment” smiled Lisa. “Are you a nymphomaniac Lisa? I asked. “No comment” she smiled…I withdrew some money from the bank, got Elena to house sit for me and headed for New Orleans with very high hopes and an untamable cunt.

“Villa Nirvana” The country residence of Juris, was a private, secluded, isolated, area hidden behind palm and jacaranda trees, jasmine plants and tall grass. A handful of servants and novices were at hand. The interior d├ęcor was austere and Spartan, with occult paraphernalia hanging on walls. Sunlight beamed thru stained glass windows, giving the house a sacred atmosphere. The young lady, Impala, a very beautiful, slender Creole with long hair who picked me up at the airport, made me comfortable in the big living room. She served me wine and sweet meats. A cassette of soft, Afro-Cuban ritual drumming and flute music played in the background. A deep, rich erotic and spiritual cadence. My cunt began to quiver and drip, my thong was soaking wet. I got the feeling that I was about to embark on a tremendous sexual odyssey. A deep resonant voice said behind me as I looked at the modern artwork on the walls.

“Welcome to Villa Nirvana, Marta” I turned to gaze upon a most handsome chocolate brown man with dreadlocks. He was tall, over six feet and muscular with a broad chest. He was buck naked! His enormous gigantic cock, a whole lot bigger than Tomaz’s jutted out erect and throbbing. “Holy Poseidon, this must be the father of all cocks” I surmised. “I am Juris de Vilmorin the High Priest”, he said as he kissed me and swiftly undressed me. “We shall cast all your demons out in no time” he said with a distinct French accent. We talked about things I mostly forgot later, strangely enough. I found Juris to be covertly domineering. He talked about his experiences in parables and narratives that were magical…Like a siren, his song seduced me. I was radiant, I felt beautiful, I looked like a goddess, I was ready to be fucked, endlessly. He hung a magic charm around my neck, on it a symbol of the Earth Witch and he touched me in new ways that brought new meaning to old sensations and the fire burned in my cunt, my clitoris was hard and quivering. Juris led me to the bedchamber as my cunt juices ran down my inner thighs and laid me down on the wide bed. He sucked at my nipples; then at my clitoris, which was stiff, erect, proud. He lapped at the juices of my rank cunt, sipping me slowly…Tides of water and flame surged between my legs. I grabbed his hair and pressed his face deeper into the dusky petals of my vulva and cried out. The pulse in my cunt thudding against his tongue…

He licked my asshole and slipped his tongue in and rimmed me for a long time…It was delicious!! Juris finally reared up between my legs and pushed the giant cock all the way inside me. I was totally filled with it. He fucked me luxuriously, delighting in my supple feminine body, my full voracious cunt, honey thick with juice…We moved in rhythm with a force that drove me to unendurable heights; our spirits racing back and forth. The room echoed with the sounds of our fucking. We were both lost in pleasure, eternity seemed to pass before me. My body convulsed repeatedly in multiple orgasms, flowing constantly with fluids, wrenching my very life force from me each time. My cries of ecstasy echoed across the room and into the woods beyond. Juris fucked me and fucked me. I came again and again. My head was full of rippling birds; I began to howl my song of ecstasy, a song of the infinite that ascended to the heavens as I gushed juices onto the sheets like a burst dam…Juris, serene untamed, smiled radiantly as his dark body bounced up and down between my legs.

He fucked my very soul lavishly, with a compelling need. I was startled by his dedication to the heavy fucking. I opened myself wider and wider to his powerful thrusts, in a thorough possession of my very being. I offered him my asshole, redolent with its own scents for his total enjoyment and he fucked me there lavishly. I screamed and screamed in ecstasy, my whole body quaking, rocking, shaking powerfully as I wavered on the edge of consciousness and a deep bonding passed palpably around and thru us. “I’m yours now, Juris, yours forever” I whispered before passing out in a cataclysmic orgasm. By sundown I was totally exhausted. I fell into a deep sleep. I had been fucked for four hours!! And that was just the beginning of a five-day sex marathon that cemented an erotic bond between us. I became drained. My hands began to shake, knees weak. I felt like I’ve been fucked raw by five men and a horse. I kept dreaming of my daughter Elena back home. I tried to reach her by ESP to no avail. What was she doing I wondered, fucking that Cuban lover no doubt. Juris disappeared for two days, leaving me in the care of Impala, who turned out to be a very kind, lovable young woman and whom I developed a great affection for…

Late Sunday morning, freshly showered, Impala and I awaited the arrival of Osiris, another High Priest / Guru from the Sapura Tantric Sect, with two of his acolytes to perform Lotus worship with us. It was arranged for my benefit by Juris. Meanwhile we smoked hashish and imbibed dried, smoked meat, oysters (as aphrodisiacs) and wine. Osiris was Black, a Haitian, his acolytes were Creole and Cajun. Osiris caressed and kissed my vulva, lapping at my clitoris with his long tongue…Then he poured libations with water, wine and coconut milk from a vulva-shaped vessel, as a supreme expression of symbolic sacrifice…I was thus deified and ready for a prolonged coitus that can sometimes last for days I was told, and which will set in motion my liberation from PSN thru the Chakras. Around the magical stone altar of our celebration, on a thick rug covered with an orange-red damask cloth, the three men and I plunged into a memorable orgy of sex in an alpha state of total calm and concentration, aware only of the present…

Osiris and his acolytes were hung like stallions. Is there a special farm where they raise all these guys with such huge dicks, I wondered? Impala rubbed their cocks and my cunt with oil of Amaranth and fly-agaric, to enhance our sexual prowess…The room was full of sex sounds; hard gasps and grunts, shallow breaths, soft moans and whimpers; wet sounds of cunt juices being stirred with cocks, slap of sweaty bodies, intermittent chant of mantras…The men fucked me and fucked me, taking turns with me serially then all three at once. Magical sitar music washed over us, transforming us into another dimension, my fine ardor was undiminished as cocks moved in all of my hot orifices. My cunt, my asshole, my mouth was entered and fucked again and again; hours of ritualistic, magical, tantric fucking until I lost all consciousness.

I was still climbing the walls three days later. I needed to be fucked all over again. I was losing my mind; my cunt had taken over my body and my soul. I had become one super nymphomaniac. There was no one else in the villa, only me. Desperate, I wandered out naked, to the main road, looking for a man, any man to fuck. A woman motorist stopped and helped me back into the house. I broke down and cried and cried. After that I decided to write down my experiences, hoping it will take my mind off my cravings.


Lewd Fiction - 2021