Birthday Spankings

I put the last of the dirty dishes in the sink and allowed myself a semi-smirk as I turned around. “Well, I told you it wasn’t going to be much, but I halfway surprised myself how that turned out. Wasn’t this better than staying at home and watching Dancing with the Stars or going out with your vapid girl friends?”

She slowly drained the remnants of her second glass of wine. She then held the glass upright at eye level and stared at it intensely for a few seconds as if the answers to the universe were scrawled in it.

“Not really.” She glanced at me and, after a pause, smiled slightly and said, “Thanks for making dinner for me. It was nice. You know I’d like to stay, b–”

“No, no, don’t start apologizing. Your day starts early tomorrow, and I know you need to get some sleep. I just couldn’t let your birthday go by without doing something for you.”

I walked past her and out of the kitchen towards the front door. It took a lot of willpower not to mumble selfishly under my breath in passing. Always the friend. As long as I had known her, I was always the guy she wanted to hang out with and talk to but never the guy she wanted to…

Crap. My hand grasped the doorknob. Oh, hell, no. Not in my own apartment. I’ll be damned if I’m going to have that woman getting me down on myself. That. Drop-dead gorgeous. Sexy. Little belle. And I did like her as a friend. She was funny and smart and a smoking hot piece of…

Damn it. No way. I realized how tired I was of playing it safe. There was something on my mind, and I was going to figure out a way to say it.

Deep breath. My hand was still on the knob to the front door. I didn’t dare turn around until I got the courage to start saying my peace. “Look, I know your Saturday is supposed to be busy, but they CAN do without you, you know?”

I turned to her as I spoke, “Why not play hooky with me and–”

She pounced.

She pinned me against the door and kissed me with a passion that I had no idea she felt. Well, toward me anyway. Her hands held my head firmly, and she slipped her calf behind my ankle and slid it up my leg. My arms went around her back involuntarily. I got lost in the moment and enjoyed the wonderful sensations of our tongues dancing together.

WAIT. What the fuck?

I pushed her back quickly. “You’ve been drinking and haven’t gotten laid in 6 months. This isn’t about us, is it?”

Christ. Could I have been a bigger idiot? I had pushed her back so abruptly that she had stumbled back and ended up flat against the wall. She looked pissed. She must have unbuttoned her black suit jacket before she attacked me because there she was in front of me in black heels, black skirt, and an open jacket, so her black lace bra was quite visible against her light skin. Oh, my. The freckles. My breathing quickened at the sight before me.

I willed myself to focus on her face when all I wanted to do was watch her breasts heave as she tried to catch her breath. At that moment, I realized the look I was getting here wasn’t her pissed. It was her just plain horny.

“Shut up. It’s my birthday. I want my present.” She demanded looking at my crotch.

Sweet mother of mercy! I took a deep breath and willed myself to be calm. I was going to get control of this girl right now.

I pointed to my belt. “This?” I unbuckled it. “Is this what you want?”

She stared at what I was doing. Transfixed, she bit her lip and nodded. “Yes!” she hissed.

I smirked. I’ve got you now, girl, I thought. I pulled my belt off, doubled it over and snapped it hard. CRACK! “OK, if that’s what the birthday girl wants, that’s what she’s going to get.” I was grinning now.

She looked me in the eye. “Oh, no. You wouldn’t!”

I quickly bent down, wrapped my arm around her waist, put her over my shoulder, and picked her up in one quick motion. “I would!”

She started kicking and beating my back with her fists. “You’re a real bastard!” she growled.

I tossed the belt aside and dropped her on the couch. Before she could recover, I was sitting down and had pulled her across my lap facing the couch seat. “It wouldn’t be much of a birthday without the requisite number of birthday spankings, now would it?”

“I swear to God, you’d better not touch that tight, smoking hot ass, or I’ll–”

I brought my hand down hard. SMACK!

“Or you’ll what?” I brought my hand down on to ass quickly, but without the same force. THWAP! “Exactly?”

SMACK! Another hard one.


THWAP. Much lighter, and this time, lingering on her perfect ass through her skirt.

“Ooh, I’ll…”

POP. This one was just enough to make a sound, as I really just used it as an excuse to slide my hand under her skirt and knead her ass with clear intent.

“Oh, thank God.” she whispered breathlessly.

I REALLY have you now, doll! I was being gentler and significantly more sensual to that wondrously curvy behind, but I continued to pop her butt with my hand another half a dozen times. She wasn’t trying to escape any longer, if she ever truly was at all, and was now raising her ass to meet each blow and moaning.

“What was that you said?” Watching her ass move after each slap was really getting me worked up. I so wanted to bend her over and leave a big bite mark on her ass cheek for her to see in the mirror long after this session.

Instead, I just smacked her ass hard again. She cooed, and I could tell she was smiling. I was imagining how red her skin was going to be when I moved that skirt out of the way. When she spoke, her voice was raspy, “Waiting for you to make a move was going to be the death of me.” THWAP.

“I’m not making a move.” I slid my hand up her thigh and under her skirt. “This is a platonic birthday spanking.” I squeezed her ass hard. My thumb dipped between her thighs and brushed her entrance through the fabric of her panties.

That did it. She arched her back, pushed up on her arms, and looked me in the eye. “Your raging hard-on pressing against my stomach kind of gives you away, you know.” She kissed me deeper than before and then broke away only long enough to reposition herself, straddling me. I wasn’t going to get the full complement of birthday spankings in, obviously.

She started to pull her jacket off.

“NO!” I said abruptly. “Leave it on.”

I was surprised when she just giggled in my face, considering I had just barked at her. Obviously amused at a clothes fetish that had just announced itself, she whispered in my ear, “Know what I want for my birthday? I really, really want to suck your cock.” Pulling away slightly, she looked me right in the eye, deadly serious. She rocked back and forth teasingly on my cock. I was having a tough time concentrating with her grinding against me.

“Isn’t a blowjob what I’m supposed to want for my birthday?” I asked, and in a dumbfounded tone of voice that likely made me sound like the biggest dumbass on the planet at that very moment. For reference guys, if your girl whispers this in your ear, be sure to answer in your most compliant tone of voice, “Yes, miss.”

Lucky for me, she either didn’t notice or knew exactly what a drooling idiot she had just turned me into with that comment and chose to ignore it. “What can I say?” she shrugged. “I’m one of those girls that loves giving head.” And suddenly, she was kneeling on the floor in front of me unbuttoning my pants. What’s a guy supposed to do? I helped her pull off my pants, of course.

“Ooh, I figured you were a boxer briefs type of guy.” She nibbled at my dick through the fabric. So much for me being in control — THAT certainly didn’t last very long. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what she was doing to me. When I opened my eyes, she was watching my reactions intently as she teased me mercilessly. “Stop playing with me, you dirty girl,” I whispered.

She readily complied. Quickly pulling my boxers down, she gobbled down half my erection in a single bound. Slowly, she pulled her mouth off and released it from her warm, wet mouth. She then slid her tongue from the head down to the base and flicked her tongue lightly and quickly over every square inch of my balls while she jerked my cock with her hand. Then, back up the underside of cock and back into her mouth — even deeper than before. I reached down to caress her breasts through the lace bra as she continued to methodically work my erection with her mouth and hands–a slice of heaven.

It didn’t take much of this for me to decide she was an expert cocksucker. It was clear that she really enjoyed toying with me this way, and I so much wanted to give in to the sensations she was subjecting me to. My hand caressed her cheek as she bobbed up and down sensually. She stopped stroking my cock with her hands but kept sucking. Grabbing both my hands and placing them on either side of her head, she came up for air and said, “Show me what you like,” before sucking my cock back down.

I was extremely worked up at this point and could have easily fucked her face hard until her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out. I hesitated for a second, not wanting her to think (or realize, that is) that I was a complete asshole, but when she closed her eyes and moaned contentedly, I lost it and started pulling her head onto my cock. I controlled the rhythm and depth, and she took it like a pro. I was now in complete heaven. After a few minutes, I got very close, and she batted my hands away. “Oh, no, you don’t–”

I was way ahead of her anyway. I was already off the couch and leaning in to kiss her. I pushed her back on down onto the floor and laid next to her. My hand was already sliding up her thigh and pushing her skirt around her hips. I kissed her neck hungrily.

“I’m ready! Please don’t tease me — I’m ready to fuck! Now!” She croaked hoarsely.

“Ok, ok. Relax. It’s just me. Of course, I won’t tease you.” I pulled her panties aside and dipped two fingers insider her. Wetter than Niagara Falls. She moaned softly. Once my fingers were nice and moist, I pulled them from inside her and started to tease her clit, trapping it between my slippery fingers. I continued to kiss and nibble her neck, her clavicles, and behind her ears, and even as preoccupied as I was with this, I could still smell her scent. She wasn’t exaggerating. She was completely and 100% ready for my cock.

She writhed (closer to “thrashing about”) and moaned constantly; a thin sheen of sweat was coating her body now. She eyed me lustily and bit her lip. I entered her again with my fingers and started working her in a rhythm. She matched my rhythm with her hips and grabbed my hand to provide guidance on what she needed. After a minute of slowly quickening the pace, I curled my fingers upward until I found her g-spot.

“I was right the first time! You are a bast…ar…ar…”

She never finished the statement as her orgasm overtook her and her words became groans of pleasure. I continued to thrust my fingers inside her until her hips stopped bucking, and her orgasm subsided.

Recovering quickly, she pushed my hand away from her wetness, rolled me onto my back, laid down on top of me, and continued to kiss me hungrily. Her long tresses fell around both of our faces and shut out the rest of the world like a darkroom curtain.

I wasn’t yet willing to relinquish the control over her I had worked hard to achieve, so I started to roll on top of her. “Oh, no, you don’t!” she said as she checked the roll and tried to reverse the direction. As we kissed and molested each other with our hands, we rolled around on the floor, each refusing to relinquish control to the other.


We hit the coffee table with our bodies, knocking off a few books and a few ugly knick-knacks I had picked up at Pier 1 (or was it IKEA?) to make the apartment a little more “girl-friendly.” Now they were all over the floor, making the area we were rolling around in a lot less “fuck-friendly.”

Seeing me distracted by the localized destruction, she quickly rolled back on top, planted her knees firmly on either side of me, and sat up looking very smug with herself. She looked around at the mess and laughed (probably because of my crappy taste in decorating). I locked my hands behind her lower back and pulled myself up to her, kissing her the exposed part of breasts along my way up to her mouth. Before kissing me again, she whispered softly, “Now, are you ready for me to fuck the raging hard cock I’m sitting on, you crazy, sexy boy?”

“Nope.” I chose this moment to slip a hand under panties and press a finger firmly against her asshole. Her eyes went wide, and in that split second of surprise, I pulled my legs under me, put my arms around her, leaned forward, and put her right on her back — her flailing arms finding the end table.

CRASH! Annnnnd, there went the lamp.

I made a quick mental note to keep us away from the TV, or I’d go broke repairing the destruction being left in the wake of our initial liaison.

I laid on top of her, kissing my way from her neck to behind her ear. I roughly pulled her panties out of the way and then positioned my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. She had locked her feet behind my back and was doing everything in her power to pull me inside her. I was near the end of my rope resisting, but I thought I’d try one last thing before I gave in.

“I’m sensing that you want someth–”

FUUUUCK ME!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I reacted to raw lust in her voice without thinking. I grabbed her hips and pushed my entire length into her as forcefully as I could. I ground my body slowly into her clit for a few seconds and then pulled out of her completely. I pushed back inside her hard again and again and again, and she purred almost incoherently, “fuckmeogodyesfuckmefuckmefuckme!”

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt. CHRIST! What a fucking moron I was! I pulled out of her suddenly and looked around for my wallet — the closest condom in the apartment.

“Nononono! What are you–?” She saw me looking around and guessed what I was thinking. Quickly grabbing my cock and pulling it back inside her warmth, she laughed and said, “For once, the Boy Scout isn’t prepared! Well, I am prepared, so stop worrying and keep fucking!” I knew about the pill from enough candid conversations with her here and there, but I would have never taken it for granted without bringing up the issue. I was satisfied only because I knew she was telling the truth and not just lost in the moment. Which she totally was. Heh.

But if she was going to tease me for being a nice guy (or “responsible,” more accurately), then I was about to show her something to the contrary. I pulled her legs from around my back, moved her ankles to my shoulders, put my hands on the floor on either side of her waist…

…and started pounding the living daylights out of her.

“Oh…my…God…you…big…dicked….bastard…keep…knocking….the….bottom…out…of…my…tight…little…hole….” she managed to grunt out between thrusts.

OK, so I hadn’t expected that kind of reaction.

Here I was inside her as deeply as I could think to penetrate her and was fucking her as hard I could possibly manage, and she was soaking every sensation up like a sponge. She was a wanton slut. My wanton slut. And I was loving every second of it. At that point, I stopped worrying about hurting her and whether I needed to hold back my frustrations and just gave in to the sensations and the sights.

And what a sight she presented:

Her hair was splayed on the floor like a mane, framing her beautiful face and her angelic features ever so perfectly. Her eyes were closed and her brow furrowed from what I had hoped was an expression of intense and developing pleasure. Her bottom lip had all but disappeared as she was biting down on it and had been for some time now. She was still wearing her jacket, but it had slipped off her shoulders and was offering no cover for the rest of her lovely figure. Close to the same could be said of her bra. The straps, too, had fallen from her shoulders and I had been fucking her so hard that her breasts had freed themselves of the cups and were bouncing unimpeded by fabric in time with my every thrust. I so desperately wanted to take each of her dark, stiff, swollen nipples into my mouth in turn, but our present position wasn’t going to allow for it. Her skirt had gathered around her waist, and I could see her panties peeking out from underneath, still on, but certainly not how they were intended to be worn in polite company.

Seeing her fully clothed (not exactly) and taking my cock (almost exactly) was such a turn-on because I could imagine this happening anywhere. Her visiting my office — and then with on her back getting pounded on my desk. Me visiting her office — and then with me getting ridden in her adjustable chair. Us going out to dinner at a nice restaurant — and then with us doing it standing up against the wall in the ladies’ room. Us going to the movies — and then with her bent over the next row of seats and taken from behind.

Thinking about these possibilities had gotten me increasingly turned on, and I was taking it out on her. It worked before I realized it. She opened her eyes suddenly, inhaled sharply, screamed a primal, guttural sound, and her body shuddered and shook violently. I kept the same pace through her orgasm, expecting her to put a hand to my chest when she wanted me to slow down. She never did.

Instead, she came again.

This time, she didn’t make a sound. She just closed her eyes tightly, bit her bottom lip until it was white, and grunted and breathed hard until her whole complexion was reddened from the blood flow. We were both very sweaty by this time, and the general aroma was astounding: I could smell the fruit shampoo she used on her hair, the baby powder she used who knew where, her wonderful pussy, and the indefinable scent of our mingled sweat. As she came down from her high, I started to slow the pace to keep her from getting too sensitive from the pounding. Well, I was certainly getting sensitive to it, anyway. And tired. I needed a quick break before the home stretch.

She opened her eyes and smiled. I slowed down to a more sensual pace and started taking longer strokes inside her. I straightened up a little to take pressure off her ankles. She let them slide from my shoulders and rested her feet on the floor. Taking a few moments to catch my breath, I leaned down to kiss her. Her hands slid up my back and stopped when she reached my head. She grabbed hold with each hand and held a death grip on my hair as she kissed me almost violently. Or maybe it was me who kissed her violently in reaction to the hair pulling. Regardless of who started it, my slowing the pace clearly hadn’t dulled the hunger we both felt for the other.

I caressed her breast with a hand while we kissed. She found my bottom lip and bit it hard but still playfully. I pinched her nipple the same way. She gasped and let go of my lip.

She pushed me back and said, “I saw you watching me while you pounded the shit out of me, didn’t I?” She closed her eyes, started to run her hands sensually all over her body, and was quickly writhing in pleasure from the result. My balls tightened, and I quickened the pace at the sight. She giggled at my predictable reaction to the private show she was putting on for me. “Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

She was right. She was playing for keeps. I’ll admit that I had been holding back my orgasm up to this point by changing the pace or angle of penetration slightly. Part of this was to bring her off first, but a big part of it was simply because I so desperately wanted to take her from behind. Doggy style was always the ultimate goal in my mind when this started — the thought of her lovely, firm, and gloriously round ass peeking out from under that skirt every now and then while I held on to those curvy hips had been keeping me from flooding her insides with my seed.

I was not going to make it to that point. I was going to come just like this: her on her back with her legs spread wide, feet on the floor, and me over her with my forearms on either side of her waist, pinning her stationary.

She pushed her breasts together with the heels of her palms, winked slowly, and blew a kiss at me. Then she lowered her opened fingers to her nipples, pinched them, gasped, and playfully and so innocently cooed to no one in particular: “Oooooh!”

I took a step toward the cliff.

“What’s the matter, stud? Did you want to do that to my hard nipples yourself? Or is it this deep cleavage you wish you could bury your big boner in? Hmm?” I couldn’t manage a word. My body was doing the talking. A bead of sweat fell from my nose onto her soft but flat tummy. I started to shake arrhythmically. It was clear I was getting close, and her little show and candid language were the reasons.

Satisfied, she released her breasts, and they bounced in time to each thrust I made insider her. I breathed a sigh of relief internally and started to reign in control, but it wasn’t going to happen. Not wanting to give me time to regain any composure, she moved one arm across her body and placed it under her breasts. She then used the same hand to push those full and perky tits together and lifted them both up ever so slightly, so her nipples stared straight at me. They still bounced slightly in time. This I could have handled by itself. However, when she ran her other hand down to her pussy and started playing with her lips, her clit, my shaft, and my balls?

I took another step toward the cliff.

“Jesus Christ! Stop it!” I was almost there, and she knew it. “Any more and I’ll–”

“What? What will you do?” she purred sweetly. She was playing the innocent little schoolgirl in her demeanor, but it was in sharp contrast to her words, “Will you unload those balls deep inside my sweet, little pussy?”

Wait, what?

“Will you coat my insides with your jizz, your sperm, your cum? Why don’t you stop pretending that you don’t want to fill up my pussy and give in like you know you want to? Like you know you need to!”

This dirty talking from the prim and proper princess had me at the edge of the cliff. My toes were over the edge even.

She chose that moment to come up from behind and shove. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

She stared at me long enough to catch my eye. Her expression seemed to say, “Watch this, IF YOU DARE.” Keeping her gaze locked on me, she lowered her head to her body and raised a breast toward her slightly parted lips with both hands simultaneously. I knew what was about to happen, and I was already starting to come. She opened her mouth as her chin pushed against her breast.

And she took her nipple into her mouth and sucked it.

She stared right at me with her eyes narrowed slightly as if she was daring me: See if you can keep from coming now, Mr. I’m-Always-in-Control. I closed my eyes, threw my head back, and completely coated her insides with my come. I completely lost all rhythm and damn near fell over from the intensity as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through me.

I exhaled an angry groan with the last of my orgasm. I just held there for a few seconds and breathed deeply to relax and just enjoy the sensation of being insider her.

I slowly opened my eyes to look at her. She was breathing heavy, too, but her expression was now grave. I knew suddenly I had made a mistake, and the guilt started to settle in. I had taken liberties. I had been overly aggressive. I had even been borderline violent inside her. She must be thinking I’m a complete asshole!

I pulled out quickly and sat back against the couch still staring at her but unable to think of the right words to say. She pushed herself up on her arms and propped up against the end table we had bumped into earlier (several times, actually). She made no attempt at modesty. Her jacket was still open, her breasts were still exposed, and her legs still open.

“What happened? You OK?”

“Me? Well, yeah, but I… I was thinking that you… Wait, you’re not pissed?” As I spoke, her expression had softened significantly.

“Well, hell, yeah, I’m pissed!” Her expression darkened suddenly. Her brow furrowed. “I just found out my best friend made me wait 18 months for the best fuck of my life. The bastard. You bet your ASS I’m pissed!” Her expression lightened again.

And she smiled.

And so did I.

I glanced between her open legs and saw my cum start to leak out from inside her. Still smiling at me, her eyes narrowed, and she pursed her lips together. The sexy minx was up to something I could tell.

She put her hand between her legs and gathered up the cum seeping from her pussy. Then she brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean. My cock had started to go limp, but the sight of this and her throaty, “Mmmmmmm” reversed this trend. She noticed.

She leaned in and kissed me deeply; I quickly realized that she hadn’t swallowed. She smelled and tasted like a mixture of her fluids and mine, and it drove me completely crazy. My cock almost exploded it was so engorged with blood again already. Her aggressive attitude and intimate (so, so dirty) actions had flipped the switch inside me again, and I wanted her with every fiber of my being. This is how I enjoyed the physical intimacy — messy. And also how I liked the emotional intimacy — unimpeded by inhibitions about the mess.

I broke free of our passionate kiss just long enough to exhale a primal groan.

Now it was her turn to know SHE had complete control over ME. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me to the floor, and stood over me, her high heels on either side of my neck.

“You liked tasting us so much, and I’m going to give you some more. And you’re going to like it.” She slid her jacket off her shoulders and tossed it to the other side of the room.

The hell if I was going to just let her get away with acting like a saucy little cunt. I started to sit up. Not that I was trying to get out of going down on her. Of course I was going to go down on her — I wasn’t an idiot! I just didn’t want to do it completely on her terms.

However, I didn’t get 6 inches off the floor before she knelt down, put her pussy right on my mouth, and pinned my head to the floor. We had been friends too long. She knew I’d try to challenge her, and she had been ready for me. Her hands ran gently through my hair. My tongue smoothly slid in circles around her clit. I lightly traced my fingertips up the sides of her legs, all over her ass, and then back around to the front of her thighs.

I have no idea how long this lasted. She bucked and ground against me, and I nibbled, licked, kissed, and sucked every inch of her she gave to me and tickled, pinched, and probed with my fingers as much as I could. I relished the role of masturbatory object, and she used my mouth and my need to pleasure her to bring herself off. She shuddered and shook as she approached the cliff, her breasts jiggling slightly. Then it happened. She screamed my name loud enough for the whole building to hear, and her juices almost drowned me as I waited for her orgasm to subside.

She sat very still for a few seconds, exhaled slowly, opened her eyes, and smiled at me again. How I loved seeing that smile. I mean, usually I loved it. Right then, I was getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen. She raised up a few inches so I could breathe. I put my hands on her soft, round bottom and pushed her over my head so I could sit up. I had been fighting the urge to fuck her senseless again, but I wasn’t going fight it any longer.

I was ready to bury my dick inside her and fuck her until I split her in half. God, what was I thinking? She had me thinking crazy thoughts. I was becoming blind with lust for her, and it was turning me into an animal.

When I turned around to look at her, she was sitting on the floor lightly chewing on a fingernail, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“If you knew how hard I’m going to fuck you, you wouldn’t be smiling,” I said abruptly. Forcefully even.

“I’m smiling because of how good getting drilled in the ass is going to feel, you dipshit.”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

She threw her head back and laughed at my reaction. “You might not know what to say right now, but I pray to GOD you know what to do!”

She spat on her hand and rubbed it on her asshole. Was she teasing me? Did she realize that I wasn’t going to handle being teased? She continued to rub her hole and watch me for a reaction.


“Shhh. Just get me ready first and start slow.” She kissed me again and then laid back on the floor, looking me in the eye and smiling slightly.

I rubbed my fingertip in a circle around her tight asshole to get lubricated and then penetrated her slowly. By the time I got two knuckles deep in her, I could hear her whimper slightly.

“Let me get something to help,” I said. She just pointed to the floor beside the couch where her purse had fallen. I could reach it while still inside her. I gave the purse to her, and with a slight flourish, she produced a small bottle. I put a little of its slippery contents on her asshole, my finger, and my cock (which I suddenly realized might be wishful thinking with how she had reacted to just my finger).

The lube made all the difference, though. I knelt beside her and caressed her breast with one hand while I probed her ever-so-tight, little asshole with a finger from the other hand. I pulsed my finger back and forth ever so slightly and it took very little time for her to relax. She stroked my cock firmly and quickly. I wondered if she knew how she was affecting me — she was priming me to really work her ass hard.

I added a second finger inside her. Her free hand went between her legs, and I watched as she started to play with her clit. She moaned. She was really getting into this as I started to fuck her ass gently with my fingers.

“You’d better get in my ass before I come again,” she said breathlessly. She wasn’t kidding about being close.

I picked her up and bent her over the couch. Her skirt had fallen down over her ass. I pushed it up around her waist and put a finger insider her again. It slid in easily. Using it as a guide, I positioned my cockhead against her tight entrance and started push slowly. Once the tip had disappeared inside her, I slowly pulled my finger out. This was the critical point. Could she relax with my hard cock trying to bury itself deep inside her? I kept slight but firm pressure into her, but I wasn’t going any further inside her until she was ready.

“Just relax and push out,” I said.

That had the same effect as using a gallon of lubricant. Her ass relaxed so completely and suddenly that I slid halfway into her before I was able to slow down. I paused and rocked back and forth a few millimeters just to allow her to get used to the sensations. I needn’t have bothered. I thought I had heard her whimper again, but I realized that she was back to fingering her clit and she was moaning in pleasure.

“God, yes! I’m ready, stud!” She rocked back on to my cock and took my entire length inside her. ” Fuck my ass! Fuck me like I need to be fucked! Use my ass to bring off that big, hard cock!”

I had already started to fuck her hard and deep. I was almost pulling completely out with each stroke and then grinding my balls against her pussy after each thrust. I was loving seeing her ass ripple each time I pounded her. Her ass cheeks were still red from the birthday spanking I had given her earlier.

That’s when I figured this would be as good time as any to finish up the timeless birthday ritual that started this whole affair.


Her head jerked up and she turned to look at me. I glared at her daring her to say something. Biting her bottom lip, she continued to stare at me with mock hatred but didn’t say a word.


She moaned. SMACK. I caressed one of her full breasts. SMACK. I was really working her hard now and she was rocking back in time, meeting every thrust. SMACK. Her skin was covered in sweat and her hair was starting to stick to her face and back. SMACK. She shook her head to clear her hair out of her eyes and she continued to make eye contact with me over her shoulder. SMACK.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” I asked through clenched teeth. SMACK.

Her body started to shake. She wasn’t looking at me anymore. She was looking straight ahead and using both hands on her pussy now. I stopped trying to redden her ass.


“Me too,” I said.

I slid my hands up her hips and under the skirt until I could grasp her waist firmly. I pinned her against the couch so she couldn’t move and then increased the rhythm until I was pounding her ass so furiously, I couldn’t imagine anyone surviving the carnal onslaught.

“Come for me now!” she moaned, her voice muffled by the couch cushions I had her pushed up against.

I couldn’t stop myself. What I was seeing, hearing, feeling was simply too much physical pleasure coupled with an emotional bond I had been craving with this woman for as long as I had known her. She simply knew exactly what to say or do to keep me from retaining control of my body and I started to come inside her. It helped that every part of her seemed to be built for sex with me. I growled like a jungle cat.

Of course, she seemed to be in a similar predicament, too, because I felt her ass tighten around my cock, saw the tremors overtake her body, and heard her groan like an absolute bitch in heat.

I was coming too hard to be able to speak, but she was able to manage a rather simple, “Yeessssssssss!” during her climax. I made a mental note to try harder next time. A person should not have enough presence of mind during orgasm (if it’s a great one) to manage anything resembling intelligible speech.

I continued to pump my cock in and out of her ass and she continued to finger her clit and our orgasms seemed to last forever. As mine subsided, I slowed my thrusts and just rocked gently insider her. Her body went limp. I caressed her bottom gently, reveling in the moisture covering her skin. For a moment, the only sound that could be heard was raspy breathing of two completely spent individuals.

My cock was too soft to stay inside her and I pulled away from her just enough to leave her warmth. I leaned over her to spoon and put both my arms under her to hold her tight. Her body was completely relaxed. Though her hair was everywhere, and it mostly obscured her face, I could see enough to know she was smiling. My mouth was inches from her ear.

“Shower?” I whispered.

“Shower,” she said. A pause. “And a hot one.”

I didn’t move. Neither did she. I was too worn out to move. We just sat there for another full minute without saying anything to each other.



I stood up (rather shakily). She turned her body slightly on the couch and held her hand out for me. I helped her up and then wiped the hair out of her face. Her eyes were half lidded and her lips still held the ghost of a smile. This was a satiated girl.

We looked around the apartment to survey the damage left in our wake: the couch was covered in sweat stains; none of the furniture was in the same spot as an hour ago; the floor was littered with clothes and both broken and surprisingly intact housewares.

“Well, I say this for us,” I said softly (which was an indicator of the energy I had left in me). “At least we’re thorough. Not much is left to destroy.”

She laughed. “Come on, silly. That can save until tomorrow.” She held my hand and led the way to the bathroom. “I have been wanting to try that mega shower of yours forever.”

“Ah, so THAT’S why I got the girl.” I stopped, pulled her to me, and kissed her lips ever so gently.

“And who said you’ve got me at all?”

Giggling, she skipped out of my reach and quickly disappeared from view into the bathroom. A few seconds later, I heard the shower door open and the water start.

“Grab me a pair of chopsticks, will you?” she called out.

That comment felt completely random, so I quickly found a random reply: “If you found take out in the shower, that’s from weeks ago. You probably don’t want to eat that.”

I couldn’t hear if she had laughed being two rooms away from her and with the shower running, but I knew she had at least smiled at that.

“For my hair, you dork!” she responded.

I opened the correct kitchen drawer and retrieved two plastic ebony-colored chopsticks. I also grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator and a few bananas from the fruit bowl.

I entered the bathroom. Her clothes littered the floor. She was standing in front of the vanity wrapped in a towel and using the mirror in the effort of gathering her hair up. I was amused by her modesty considering what we had just put each other through. The tease of still not having seen her completely naked was not lost on me either.

Still standing behind her in the doorway, I handed her a chopstick over her shoulder. In a deft motion, she intertwined the chopstick into her hair, took the other from me the same way as the first, and repeated the same intertwining motion from a slightly different angle. Her hair was held in place behind her head magically by two straight sticks. I never could understand how that worked exactly and watching it happen didn’t help me figure out the trick either.

She turned her head back and forth to admire herself in the mirror from a few different angles until she was sure her hair would stay in place and out of the way. I smiled with amusement at the effort. She saw my reaction in the mirror and turned around to face me. I opened the water bottle and handed it to her.

“Thanks.” She took a drink, handed it back to me, and pointed to the bananas in my hand. “I’m almost afraid to ask.”

I finished a drink from the bottle and chuckled. “Don’t be. Nothing more sinister than a potassium-rich snack, I assure you. You want one?”

She smiled and nodded. I started peeling it and then handed it to her. She leaned her hip against the vanity and started to eat while I peeled and then started to eat mine. We sat there in silence just enjoying each other’s company like you would on a lazy, summer Sunday afternoon in the park against a tree…

…near a running shower whose water was set hot enough to completely steam up the air around that tree.

She finished her banana and handed me the peel. Gee, thanks! Turning on her heel, she opened the shower door, which by now had completely steamed up. I put the water and banana peels on the vanity, started to shed the last of my clothes, and stepped toward the door as well in anticipation of a way-to-hot shower.

“And WHERE do you think YOU’RE going?”

There was something in her voice — in the way she said it — that caught me completely off guard. Smiling a vampy smile, she continued:

“Do you think you deserve this? Now? With me? After the way you acted inside me? Hmm? No, I don’t think so. You aren’t allowed in MY shower. You can take your own if there’s any hot water left when I’m done.” She took a step into the shower, turned her head to smile at me over her shoulder, and started to open her towel. Oh, the little tease. Then, she stepped all the way in and tossed the towel on to my face as she closed the door. She did NOT just do that.

DAMN. She did.

So there I was — standing naked in the bathroom with her towel on my head and I still hadn’t seen her completely naked yet. And I didn’t even say a word to her. What an idiot I was.

So I decided to just sit on the floor and wait as I was told. I could hear her moving around and enjoying the 10 powerful jets of my super shower and imagined what it would be like to be in there with her. I imagined how heavenly it would be to kiss her lips, run handfuls of water down her back, wash her lovely body. My mind jumped back and forth among all types of mundane things involving her and me and all the normal things that two people crazy about each other did together on normal dates next to other normal people on THEIR normal dates. I was already thinking about whether or not I’d still be willing to take her sass 10 years from now and whether she’d still be able to put me in my place. And whether I’d still be stupid enough to sit on the floor like a chump afterwards.

I realized I had been daydreaming like this for a while and shook it off when I didn’t hear any movement from her for a bit. Then it hit me. There was something in her voice as she called me out before she got in the shower. She had tried to hide it, but she had been serious and not playful at all. I had just been too oblivious to figure it out. What I couldn’t tell was if she was mad or hurt or something else entirely.

She wasn’t moving. She wasn’t coming out. She had to be waiting for me to leave or speak.

I figured when all else is unknown, be direct. I decided to just jump to the core of what I had always worried about if we ever got to this point with each other….

“What happens tomorrow?”


I knew where I wanted to go with this. I knew where I wanted to go with HER. I had realized it long ago, but it had really started to become real as I started to space out and could see bits of a life together.

“What happens tomorrow. With us. You and me?” I paused for effect. I wanted her listening to this, even if it turned out to be a disaster. “Does this end? Is this just a night that we decide later didn’t happen?”

I was about to make another gamble that could easily destroy any hope of a relationship with this woman and the friendship we had had a few hours or so earlier. I knew that once the words were out there, there was no going back. She might forgive me if I fucked this up too badly, but she’d never forget. We’d never be able to recapture that perfect friendship we had before I opened my mouth.

When I started to think through this, the weight of what I was about to do started to set in. As hard as it had been to work up the courage earlier that had started us down the path to this moment, it was now multiplied by ten as I decided to bare my heart to a woman that I had had hurt or angered or both or more.

“You’re a fantastic lay, girl. There’s no doubt about that. But.” Another pause. “I need more than just that. I… I’m sorry for losing control with you earlier. That was stupid and selfish, and I can see how you might wonder if that’s all you mean to me. But… But I’m not a one night kind of guy. You KNOW me and you KNOW that’s not me. I would never allow myself to… I wouldn’t give in to my desires unless… Unless there was more to it than that. I only gave in to the moment…”

I searched for the right words.

“…I only gave in to that one moment because I wanted a lot more moments with you. And all I’ve been thinking about sitting here are of those moments. Those silly moments. And somber ones and…fun and sad and ecstatic and…sexual and every other kinds of moments there are between two people that are in….”

I trailed off with the sentence unfinished. It wasn’t graceful. The words had come in fits and starts. In rushes and lulls. Horace I wasn’t obviously, but that was about as good as I was going to get, with my stopping short of telling her I was in love with her. It was nothing if not raw and sincere, though.

What was she thinking?

“It’s…really…hard talking to a door, you know?”

After a short pause, the door opened slightly. A plume of steam escaped and billowed outwards and upwards. I hopped up, opened the door, and walked in.

All but the main shower head had been turned off, and she was sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest and her arms around her legs in a hug. I knelt down beside her and gazed into her eyes. She had been crying. Not a deep, sobbing cry, but enough to make my heart sink.

She smiled at me, and I realized it was going to be OK. Maybe not “happily ever after,” but certainly not the disaster I had been concerned about.

“You stopped at the best part, you know,” she said.

“Yeah, maybe.” She put a finger on my lips gently. She smiled. I understood. You don’t have to say it.

“I didn’t mean for you to think this was just a fuck to me. We’ve been such good friends for long enough; I guess I just took it for granted you knew me better than that.”

“I knew. But sometimes a girl just has to hear her man say it.”

She leaned forward and kissed me tenderly. I wiped her tears away.

Her man, she had said.

“Hey, how do I know you aren’t just saying all this because of my big dick?” I stated abruptly and feigned indignance, hoping to lighten the mood some.

Without batting an eye, she parried, “It’s really not that big of a dick.”

I threw my head back and laughed. My girl. And that’s when I became sure I was totally, completely, and madly in love with her.

“I saw that one coming, you know.” I stood up and helped her onto her feet. I tried not to stare, but she really had a perfect body.

“Shall I bathe you?” I asked. Please say, “Yes!” I was utterly spent, but the thought of exploring her with my hands was very appealing at the moment.

“Oh, no. I’ve had my hot shower, and now I’m ready for bed.” She leaned in and kissed my nose. “Clean up and come cuddle with me?”


She slapped my ass on the way out.

“Fuckin’ hoochie!” I called out as she closed the door.


“SHIT!” I howled as I fumbled to turn down the water. I heard her laughing outside the door. I’d get her back for that, and she knew it, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the moment. I heard her going potty and braced for another flush. This time, she warned me before flushing at least. I forgave her as being “playful” with the one flush, instead of “sadistic” which she would have become with two unannounced flushes.

I quickly showered, dried off, used the toilet, and turned off all the lights before heading to the bedroom. The closet light had been left on for me and I saw an empty hanger in the shirt section. Looking around the room, I found it being worn by the person I had hoped was my girlfriend. I put on a fresh pair of boxer briefs and then knelt beside my bed to check on her. She had pulled back the bedcovers on one side and was laying on the sheet curled up on her side facing away from me. She was fast asleep. Her long legs looked lovely in the pale glow. I traced my fingertips along one of them, starting at her ankle and stopping when I reached her butt. Not stopping there, I lifted her shirttail slightly, bent forward, and lightly kissed her very firm butt. She didn’t move a muscle. I smiled. I’d tell her about this tomorrow to see the reaction.

But for tonight, she had the right idea — it was time for bed. Past time, actually. I was a walking zombie. I covered her up, so she was as snug as a bug in a rug. After I turned out the closet light, I carefully made my way to the other side of the bed, got in, and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

“Did you just kiss my ass, you pervert?” she said softly. “You are so dead after I get some sleep.”

“Good night, princess.” Kiss.

I was asleep before I had bothered to pull the covers up completely.

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