Dad, Mom: Not my Friends!

Joe yawned lazily as he got up from bed. Looking outside the bedroom window, he turned back to his wife, Debbie, who was half-asleep, half-awake on bed fiddling with her phone, and said, “You know, we should go to our outskirt home this weekend. I am tired literally exhausted from working incessantly for the last 1 year.”

Emergency Callgirl

“Two years?” Sophie exclaimed. “And you kept it from me? We’ve been best friends for twenty years, ever since kindergarten. How could you not tell me?” “Look, it started when I took that trip to Australia to see my grandmother just before she died. I had exhausted my savings just getting down there. I had no money for the return […]

Alexis meets Jason

As the alarm clock rang from the nightstand I rolled myself over and reached for the phone, turning it to snooze. I laid there and began mentally planning my Monday. Unsuccessfully though because my thoughts quickly wandered to my carnal desires. Having always been a sexual person the past few months since the divorce had been filed left me constantly […]

People I Didn’t Sleep With

In many of my stories I try to guide younger folks by telling them about my life’s stupid mistakes. To be honest, I have made more than my share. I hope you can learn from them, and not make the same mistakes I did. I think I have made more mistakes as a person, than as a nudist. I have […]

Dinner Meeting

Fiona’s favorite restaurant is an intimate French place two doors down from my office. We courted there and after 20 years of marriage, we still tryst there. One night a few years ago she suggested that we meet for dinner after work. “Sure,” I answered from my office phone. “Where?” “Le Jardin,” Fiona answered, naming our favorite spot. “I’ll bring […]

Bound to Please

Behind closed eyes I see us in a secluded cottage on a frigid November night, under a canopy of meteors. We have fled there for a weekend alone. The place is remote, the night frosty. We have come here with plans to explore each other’s sexuality, to satisfy curiosity stoked by our lovemaking.

Just a Substitute

My girlfriend Megan thought so (rest in peace); her being a sweetheart of a soul wasn’t enough for God to spare her. But this isn’t about her. This is just about my job. That is what I tell myself.

A Week in the Sun

Each year, February to be exact, I would head south to one of the great migrations in America, the annual pilgrimage to Daytona Beach, Fla. The Daytona 500 is more than a race, more than a sporting event. It’s a gathering of like-minded souls, sure some are car enthusiasts, some of rednecks, some are people from snow-covered states longing for […]

Love by Appointment

Nicole marvelled that Ėtienne continued to go along with her plans that they met when it suited her and not when her ardent young lover could not stay away. The fact remained that he had become obsessed with her. He had been ever since their first time together. It followed Leo and Emma Archembeau’s swinger’s beach party, her close friends […]

A Threesome is Better than Golf

I had just finished a round of golf on a hot summer day and was looking forward to washing away all of the sweat and grime. Napoleon was known to love Josephine’s natural scent so much he would write her toward the end of a military campaign and ask her to refrain from bathing before he returned in a few […]

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