The First Touch

I inhaled the lovely crisp fall air. It was colder than usual for this time of year, and it definitely smelled like fall. This cold snap would certainly cause the leaves to begin changing. I began to walk across the campus having just left the bookstore after picking up a textbook that had arrived late after being on backorder. A third year university student, and I was thoroughly enjoying life. Single and taking full advantage. I admittedly let my hormones run wild and I admired the people I passed both male and female. It was what I liked, although no one knows. Not that I had really had the privilege of exploring the other desires in me. Having grown up in a very hetero-normative society, generally were I live we’re considered liberal in comparison to a lot of countries, but I live in one of the pockets of highly conservative people.

Heather – My gorgeous roommate with amazingly thick dark blonde hair and the perfect even skin tone, not so fair that she burned and not so dark that she (think Halsey skin and shape). Definitely the Heather you wish you could be (more stories to come with her later)

I walked to the parkade, my grandfather let me borrow his truck this week to get everything I needed to be organized for the year. I would be taking transit for the year the cost of parking at the university was crazy. It was great to have the truck for some needed big items. I was about the head to the house to pick up my roommates and we were going out to pick up a few things for the house. A fun trip to ikea, then the grocery store. As I drove home my thoughts strayed to a conversation I had with a friend when we were out for drinks the previous night.

He’s training to become a massage therapist. He had detailed the work he had left to complete his courses, including the hours of volunteer massage he was to complete. I of course enlisted to be a client of those volunteer hours. After several more drinks each and a few more hours of conversation our topics turned to the people around us. He described in detail how attractive he found one of the other men at the pub, he stopped himself part way through. He didn’t look at me immediately, but when he did I just smiled at him. I wanted him to know I was completely ok with him as he was. He looked at me finally, “Ok, I am just going to say it, I’m gay, I hope you’re ok with that.” He didn’t seem overly nervous, he seemed to expect me to be ok with it.

“Of course I am ok with that.”

He moved on in conversation pretty quickly. I knew this would come up again, but now was not the time. We had enjoyed the rest of our night drinking and chatting.

Today I wondered if he suspected my own sexuality? Maybe that is why he was comfortable with me.

I pulled into the parking space in front of the house and took my books inside.

Heather was wondering around in sweats and a thin t-shirt. God that woman was beautiful. “Are you wearing that to Ikea?”

She laughed, and walked to her room without answering me. Her boyfriend sat on the couch. He was going to come along to help with the furniture. Later he would regularly pay for groceries as he was over often enough. Camille my other roommate was no where to be found. I called out for her as I headed downstairs to drop my university things in my room. Lucky enough to have two beautiful female roommates, I was looking forward to this year, it felt like it would be a good one.

The next week I arrived at Langdon’s house for my massage. I was looking forward to it, but I was also a bit nervous. He lived alone in a small one story house. An old build from the 1940’s with a huge heavily treed yard. He answered the door in scrub pants and a tank, barefoot.

Langdon gave me a quick tour of his place and the spaces that stood out to me the most were the private back yard with a hot tub, and the large bathroom with an elaborate spa shower and bathtub. Despite the fact that Langdon was a tall man with a thick Scandinavian build there was definitely room to share. I suggested we do a few shots, one to celebrate the start of a new school year, a second to celebrate friends, and a third for the hell of it.

At last we arrived in the room where the massage would take place. The large window was open, it was a warm afternoon, as temperatures had returned to normal for the time of year. The leaved had indeed began to turn and could be heard rustling outside.

There was a dark mesh blind that allowed us to see out but from the outside no one could see in. It was facing the tree lined street.

I had never been massaged by a man before so I was nervous, would it be uncomfortable? Would he be uncomfortable with any bodily response to his touch I may have? I knew he was gay, but he did not know that I was attracted to him. Maybe he did, maybe he suspected. I felt like I would be betraying my very conservative and catholic upbringing if I felt any sort of arousal, although I part of me knew it would happen. He seemed a bit nervous too. Was he concerned I would freak out and make everything uncomfortable?

“Should I remove my shirt?” I asked

He also seemed nervous, but replied with “you should and can wear as much or as little as you are comfortable wearing.”

I laughed and told him to turn around as I began to undress. While I am normally comfortable undressing in front of men, I was not yet comfortable letting people in on my preference for mens thongs that I had recently started to wear when I could find them. I certainly wasn’t ready to be seen in the mesh boxer-briefs I wore today.

I stripped completely nude, as I was comfortable with that and I would be covered by a towel. Which turned out to be much smaller than anticipated.

I laid on my stomach on the table and attempted to cover my ass with the towel, Langdon turned down the lights in the room leaving a very soft glow from both the light and the windows. It wouldn’t really matter how small the towel was, the lights were low and Langdon was about to touch most of my body anyway.

The vodka we had several minutes earlier was now running through my veins and making my mind feel a bit more loose and relaxed. I was a bit lost in my own thoughts and did not pay attention to Langdon preparing for the massage. At first I barely feel his hands touch my back. As the massage became more in depth I came back to the moment and momentarily tensed a bit. He focused on the massage and under his ministrations I was soon very relaxed once again. He was good. I completely forgot about my worries.

My back, my glutes, my legs and back up again. He laughed at one point, I must have groaned as he massaged out the knots in my muscles.

My mind what very aware of how good it felt at this point. Not just the massage, but Langdon’s hands on my body. Langdon seemed to sense this as the massage began to feel like he was teasing something more. I barely noticed that the towel had been moved from my backside, my ass was fully exposed and he could probably see my cock and balls which I had positioned downward when I laid on the massage table. He began to work on my hips and glute muscles, my reaction to his touch felt odd to me, although I was willing to visually appreciate a good looking guy, I did consider myself straight. I let it be, I was certain I would react to anyone touching me that way. He took his time and lingered. I fell into a spall feeling his strong hands get closer to my lower cheeks and my upper thighs. I did nothing to stop him. It felt so good I did not want it to stop.

After a few minutes of this, he began to message my ass cheeks with intent. Spreading them and allowing the ample amount of oil to drip between them. Feeling the oil run against the sensitive skin had my nerves on fire, and my body tensed with arousal. He sensed it and gently stating that he could move on to my legs if I wanted him too. He had just pored a generous amount of warm oil onto the base of my spine, some of it ran down between my ass cheeks and the rest up my back. At this point I also noticed that I had spread my legs as wide as the table would allow me to do. His voice was calming and he waited for my answer.

“No, it’s ok, you can keep going.”

I turned my head in his direction and saw him smile. He let the oil run it’s course between my legs as he massaged the oil into my lower back. I relaxed my legs outwards and my glutes followed suit, I felt the oil run over my anus. In a perfect transition he left one hand on the small of my back and the other traced gentle between my cheeks, slowly moving back and forth getting deeper and deeper. It was when I felt the back of his hand slightly brush my scrotum that I realized how exposed I was. I also became keenly aware of how hard I was. I wondered if he could see, and just how much he could see. Despite my mental hesitation and uncertainty, I said nothing. He did not progress further, he continued to rub between my cheeks. I felt the sides of his hands press against my hole, any hesitation slowly disappeared and I began to enjoy his touch. I was very glad I had showered and shaved everything, it certainly helped me feel less self conscious. Gently rubbing my lower back, I felt his fingers move down and run a little loop around my anus and back up. He gently continued while massaging my cheeks apart between each little loop. He felt me relax again and while he did not penetrate or progress it beyond gentle massage and stimulation, I think he was aware this needed to progress slowly.

Langdon moved on to my thighs. Keenly aware of his hand and the oil on my skin, the room felt hot, I was definitely aroused whether my mind was willing to acknowledge it or not. That changed very quickly as he pressed his hands to the centre of the back of my thighs and his thumbs deeply wrapped around inner thigh grazing my shaft with each stroke. This action shifted my scrotum as he pressed against my skin up and down my thighs. I was now very aware of the missing towel, his touch and my own moans of pleasure. He felt my body change and asked if I was ok. I could feel the vodka begin to wear off, and with these new sensations running through my body, I could only respond with mumbles of assent. I was most certainly ok.

“Good I’m glad, I’ll keep going on your legs then..”

Decidedly less erotic, he moved down from my thighs to my calved and feet.

He then indicated that I should turn over. I was very self conscious at this point. Quite aware of how aroused I was, how hard I was and how very naked I was. In a moment I deliberately rolled onto my back with my eyes closed. Of course my cock popped up to full attention with him observing. I heard him take a deep breath, I opened my eyes and saw him staring at my erect penis. My body was on full display for him. The towel was now under my calf. It was the first time being exposed in such a way and it turned me on to no end. The mental sensations I was experiencing caused my cock to twitch in response. He caught me watching him and looked away quickly, reaching for the towel under my leg. I laughed softly, “you started it, and it’s not the first you’ve seen.”

He smiled. In an attempt at professionalism he draped the small towel over the tip of my cock, then laughed when he realized how little it now covered. He left it there and pretended it was nothing out of the ordinary. Sensing a renewal of nervous tension he started again with my shoulders and arms. Once again I relaxed under his skillful touch. Gently and slowly working down to the sides of my chest. He was leaning over me from the head of the table. His thumbs gently brushed my nipples, both at the same time. Electricity ran through me. This was entirely new, no one had ever touched my nipples before, neither had I. Inhaling sharply from the sensation he quickly pulled his hands away as if he had hurt me. “Sorry, that was unexpected, but definitely not bad.”

I saw him smile above me and his hands returned to my body. Massaging my chest and sides, grazing my nipples each time, the effect felt delicious.

After one particularly long stroke down my body, his hips touched my head. He moved around to the side of the table. Standing near my hips he poured oil on my opposite hip Massaging my hip as the excess oil dripped down the side of my body and down towards my pelvis, absorbing into the towel. He did this a number of times on both hips, being very deliberate to only massage deeply by my hip bones to the outside and slightly under my bum with each stroke of his hands. The towel was thin to begin with, but now soaked in oil is was nearly useless. Langdon told me he was going to remove the towel and I hummed my agreement. Pressing a hand on each hip, his thumbs traced the contour of my v-line as he slowly slid his whole hands downwards and inwards until his thumbs were at the base of my shaft and his hands pressed on my thighs. Repeating this movement slowly many more times, slightly deeper and with more pressure each time.

All a could focus on was my breath, and his breath. Both seemed more evident and I synched my breath with his.

He moved his hands further down my thighs, thumbs well towards my inner thighs brushing up against me each time. He then worked down to my knees and over my shins and calves. He moved to the foot of the table and focused on my feet briefly.

Then Langdon leaned far forward and placed his hands on my thighs and rolled them inwards, gently spreading my legs, working over my thigh again, he reached to the very top over my cock and to the base of it. With the pads of his palms resting on the head of my cock, he guided it down as he slid his thumbs around the sides, and continued all the way down my thighs.

“This is my favourite part, both giving and receiving when I practiced on my booty call”

I had completely forgotten that this was initially a massage practise and that I was being touched by another man. He paused all movement and rested his hands on my thighs, leaning over me he spoke softly “I can stop if you want me too, or I can keep going. I want to and I think you want me too.”

“How does this count towards your hours?”

Langdon laughed, “it doesn’t now, but I don’t mind. I don’t want to stop, unless you want me too”

“Please keep going. If I ask you to stop will you?”

“Immediately. I don’t want you to regret anything, I am sure your mind is a little torn right now.”

I knew that if he kept going I was going to explode. His words put me at ease. I smiled to let him know I was ready to continue. This massage turned erotic playdate was changing me. I felt more awake than I had ever felt before.

Langdon reached both his hands and wrapped his palms around the tip of my shaft, gently stroking down. Up and down.

After a few strokes like this I was more solid than I had been previously, he made it obvious to me that he enjoyed the sight and feel of the hard, uncircumcised cock in his hands. The way he held my shaft and gently but firmly slid my foreskin up and down over my oily cock head was so erotic and felt incredibly intense to me. He continued to touch me in this way. He was so firm, but gentle. His hands were truly skilled.

He slid one hand down and cupped my balls from beneath, holding my shaft in the other hand, foreskin rolled back with the head shining with pre-cum and purple. He poured oil on the tip and let it drip down, the droplets running down is a soft sensations all it’s own. I felt the droplets reach my balls and he began to stroke me tip to base and up again rubbing in the oil.

The pleasure is intense. I thrust my hips into his hands, unable to control my desire I gyrated under his touch. I am delirious with pleasure. He slows his strokes, focusing on the head and continues to work my foreskin up and down. The shine over my cock was not just oil, pre-cum was dripping down and mixing with the oil on his hands.

He slowed almost to a stop.

He stroked down firmly, exposing my head and gently wrapped his other hand around making a fist gently and rotating it. My eyes open in surprise.

He slowly moves his hands, but looks at me, “if I keep going, you are going to cum, I want to make sure that you are ready for that.

“If you are ready for that, call me and come back another day. Not for a massage but to explore new things”

He smiled at me. I returned the smile. He removed his hands from my body and let me calm down. I watched him as he wiped the oil off my body and I noticed the detail of the bulge in his pants and realized he was not wearing underwear under his thin scrubs.

In that moment I knew that I would be back, that it would not be a one sided massage. As I got dressed we talked about things that had nothing to do with what just a happened or would happen.

He walked with me to the front door, we shook hands and smiled. I left with pre-cum still leaking from my cock.

When I got home I stripped completely naked and intentionally looked up gay porn for the first time and stroked my cock long and hard for quite some time. After experiencing his hands, I indulged in the sensations of focusing on my unsheathed cock head, and really explored myself to a new degree. When I passed the point of no return, my orgasm was so intense it was almost painful. I’m sure I passed out immediately after, and woke up a few minutes later covered in my own cum, from my cock up to my chin, on my cheek and over my head.

I knew I’d be back to see him again really soon, and I started making plans…

To be continued…