Looking after My Neighbor’s House

My neighbor’s been away, and she’s asked me to look after her house for her. She’s been away for a week now, and is supposed be back next week. For some context, I’m in my early 50s, and keep myself in shape. She’s probably mid-30s and is always looking good. She has a nice and tidy place with a comfy looking bed.

Like I’ve already done a couple of times in the week, I go next door to her house to check on things. I open the door, and head in. Hey… is that the running water I hear? WTF, I hope the plumbing hasn’t gone. It is water. I run to the bathroom and **WHOA** she’s home. She’s just gotten back and is taking a shower.

We’re both shocked. Neither of us expected one another.

But, she’s currently hidden behind the shower curtain. I stammer out an apology, “Sorry, I thought you were away for a few more days… I was just checking on your place for you… I, I, Um, sorry…”

She laughs and thanks me for being so good at looking after her place. She says she had a great trip, but came home early.

I’m having a bit of an out-of-the-body-moment. I realize I’m still standing at her bathroom door, and she’s naked in the shower. I can see her partly through the edge of the shower curtain that isn’t quite pulled all the way. I catch a glance. Trying not too… but curiosity is getting the better of me.

She sees me looking. Then surprises both of us by pulling the curtain open more.

She is gorgeous. Slim. Nice boobs.

She pulls the curtain open more, and says to me that I should have a closer look… “Join me.”

I pause a minute, then peel off my clothes and step into the shower. The water is warm. I reach out and wrap my arm around her waist with one arm, and start to explore her body with my other hand. Her tits are now pressed against my chest, and we can both feel my cock growing hard between us. She giggles at that. Then she reaches down and tucks my cock between her legs so that it is now hard against her pussy.

She tells me that she’s very horny… and she starts to grind crotch-to-crotch.

I cup her tit and massage it. Soon, rolling her nipple in my fingers and pulling on it.

“Should we head to your bedroom?” I ask. We get out of the shower, and she hands me a towel. Actually, she jokingly hangs it on my cock. Again, she giggles as my hardon holds it up and throbs against it.

We towel off and she leads the way to her room. Her cute bum is so fun to follow.

She lays back in the bed and spreads her legs (pillow princess). I drop to my knees and start licking her clean pussy. She’s wet, but not from the shower. Slick. Slippery. Tasty.

While I suck on her clit, I slide a finger into her vagina. She is so wet… and tasty. I slide a second finger in, and now I’m giving her a firm fucking with my hand, while my lips are locked on her clit. Now she’s bucking her hips and fucking my hand and face. She’s moaning and her body starts to shake. Her thighs grip my head, and then she rolls to the side, giggling. Her body is quivering.

She smiles and tells me she is going to return the favor. She gets me to stand up beside the bed, and she sits on the edge of it. She grabs my cock and starts a gentle handjob. Stroking my cock with one hand and playing with my balls with her other. Then she leans forward and licks my head, tasting the precum that is starting to bubble up. Soon she is stroking and sucking me. Faster and harder.

I reach down and stroke her hair — partly to feel her, and partly to maintain some balance, because this is REALLY good.

After a few minutes she starts to sense I’m going to cum, and she pulls my cock out of her mouth, and strokes me hard and fast until I cum all over her tits.

She giggles and enjoys the warm sticky goo on her boobs. She rubs it into her nipples, and sucks it off her fingers.

We both lay down on her bed and catch our breath. WOW.

“Can I look after your place for you more often?” I ask.

She laughs and tells me to cum anytime.