There are places in this story that describe a younger girl growing up, but there is no relationship beyond platonic until she’s 18.


I followed the lady out of the restaurant waving the flyer she’d just posted on the bulletin board, reaching the pickup about the same time she was closing the door. She looked annoyed as she rolled the window down. I remember thinking, “who has a vehicle so old they have to roll down the window unless it’s a classic” and that old beater was no classic.

“What?” she blurted, then she saw the flyer in my hand. “Hey, I just put that up, what gives you the right to take it down? Dammit, now I’ll have to print another one.” Rolling up the window she muttered, “Nice going buddy.”

I knocked at the window, at that moment I suddenly knew what my mom meant when she said, “if looks could kill” about the lady at the grocery store years ago. She was spewing her venom as she lowered the window.

“WHAT in the hell is wrong with you mister? Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage?”

I held up a hand in a gesture to stop, saying softly, “please, I only want to ask one question.”

She turned the engine off, slammed it in gear, turned sideways and said, “You’ve got thirty seconds, make the most of it.”

“Thank you.”

She interjected, “You’re wasting my time, get to it.”

I stepped back, “Is the apartment still for rent?”

She scoffed, “Of course it’s still for rent, I just hung the darned flyer, that is until you tore it down.”

“Will you rent it to me? I’m a freshman at the university.”

She gave me the once over from head to toe, “You look a little old to be a freshman. You a late starter or something?”

I gazed beyond her at the young lady in the passenger seat who gave me a timid smile. I proceeded to address the driver.

“How about this. Let me follow you to see the apartment, if it’s as nice as the flyer I’d like to rent it immediately, if not I’ll bring the flyer back and hang it on the board. I’ll answer all your questions there.”

She gave me the evil eye again, “How do I know you aren’t some kind of serial killer or pervert?”

I’d had enough, “You know lady, if I wanted to kill you it would have happened already. As for a pervert, do I look and act like a pervert? Maybe you should have someone else rent the room.”

As I began walking back to the diner I heard the truck start and was then conscious of it being within a foot of my body as she stopped next to me.

“Maybe we got off to a bad start, my day has been crummy and when I saw you with the flyer I thought you tore it down. Why don’t you follow me and let’s see if we can salvage something of my less than cordial greeting?”

As I exited my truck at the house I took notice of the girl more than the lady. I’d watched the lady in the diner and parking lot, pretty face, slender, shapely, a typical thirty-something mom with a cute ponytail pulled through the back of her ball cap. The girl, who I assumed was her daughter looked much different, a pretty face is where the similarities ended. She was easily 40 to 50 pounds overweight, wearing a baggy non-descript shirt that did not hide the fact that she had very large breasts for a girl her age. Her shorts weren’t too short, but they were too tight and exposed more of her large chubby thighs than I’m sure she might have preferred.

Her demeanor was one of defeat, she clearly was not pleased with life or her appearance. Watching her walk behind her mother with her head hung I guessed her to be mid-teens, sixteen, maybe 17. Opening the door her mother turned and addressed her indirectly.

“There ya go sweetheart. Why don’t you start supper and I’ll be right there?”

The girl muttered quietly, “Okay mom” as she ambled away. In the entrance was a stairway that led to an upstairs apartment. I found it interesting, a doorway existed beyond those stairs which led into the main portion of the house. It was obvious that someone had given great thought to privacy when the upper section was turned into an apartment.

I was led to the second level and shown around. The apartment had a small kitchenette with a table and two chairs, a bedroom with a full-size bed, a dresser and attached bath. Across the hall was an extra room with a smaller walk-in closet and no furniture, I surmised it could be turned into whatever one desired. The living area had a couch, an easy chair and a stand for a flat screen TV. Considering I’d spent six years in a barracks while in the Marines and the last year living in a cabin off the grid in Alaska this place was a palace. I walked the rooms a second time while she stood in the doorway.

“I like it. How much is the rent?” I asked.

She frowned, “I don’t usually rent to college students because they spend all their money on beer and pot, then can’t pay the rent. You’re a little older though, are you sure you can pay?”

“Yes Ma’am. I have plenty of money to cover school and lodging. Because I’m

28 I don’t have to stay on campus my first year. So, back to the rent?”

“It’s $500 a month which includes one load of laundry a week, there’s a laundry chute in the hall, put what needs to be washed in there by Sunday night, clean laundry will be left in a basket at the bottom of the stairs. I supply two sets of bed linen, one’s expected to be in the laundry each week. You hafta buy your own bath towels, etc, and make the bed yourself. Breakfast and supper are available Monday through Friday as long as you eat when we do, if not, you’re on your own. Weekends you’re free to eat with us if you want to. There’s no extra charge as long as you’re willing to eat whatever we do, which at times isn’t much.”

Wow, I wasn’t expecting anything so elaborate and wanted to accept immediately. Another person might not see this arrangement as elaborate, but I sure did.

“I’ll take it Mrs????.”

“Oh, it’s June. I haven’t been a missus in years. My daughter’s name is Penny. Let me get the paperwork started, meet me in the den just inside the door on the right. Knock before you come in, it’s two months’ rent up front and a five-hundred-dollar deposit. Do you have a name?”

I think I startled her when I asked, “Yes, I do, it’s Lester, would you like cash or a check?”

She smiled, “I don’t see checks much anymore, cash will do, and thanks. Bring your bags upstairs and then come to the den. If you don’t have plans for supper we’re having grilled pork tenderloin with seasoned rice and apple pie for dessert. Are you a milk drinker?”

I nodded, “Mainly for meals. Supper sounds great, I’ll be right in.”

Ten minutes later I knocked on the door, opened it and announced myself. “In the den” she shouted.

Putting $1500 in her hand she slid a six-month lease form to me, I signed and gave it back. As I turned her daughter was standing in the doorway, I reached my hand to shake hers, she acted as though she wasn’t sure what to do. June’s gentle voice said, “It’s okay honey Les will be staying with us from now on.”

She didn’t smile, in fact her face was without expression. As my hand touched hers I smiled and said softly, “Hello Penny, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Are you a sophomore or junior?”

She blinked a few times before a partial smile appeared, “Junior.”

I excused myself, when I was a few feet from the doorway June yelled out, “Suppers at 5:30 sharp.”

I turned and walked back, “Why did you ask me earlier if I was a milk drinker?”

She smirked, “Because I’ll hafta remember to keep more on hand goofball.”

I found myself in a place I hadn’t been for years, a place that felt safe along with feeling welcome. I smiled to myself, she changed my name to Les and called me a goofball all in less than a span of ten minutes. Yup, I could get used to living here. Supper was delicious, June could cook, of that there was no question. What I didn’t know was that Penny was as involved with the meal as her mother had been. With the meal over I offered to help clean, June wouldn’t let me.

“We appreciate the offer, but this is Penny’s domain after the meals. It’s what she likes to do before she settles in for the evening, which is usually in her room.”

I followed June into a sitting area off the kitchen where we talked about mostly nothing until Penny came in, “Mom, I’m going to my room. Ok?”

With Penny no longer within earshot June turned to me, “Back to my question several hours ago at the diner. How is it you’re just entering college?”

I raised my eyebrows, “Got a beer? It’ll make things easier. What would you like, the long or short version?”

She grinned, “Beer’s in the fridge. How about something between long and short.”

After taking a long draw on the beer I sighed and began. “I spent six years in the Marines, I’m going to school on the GI bill. But I have enough saved without having to rely on the monthly stipend for a few years. I did two tours in Afghanistan, got out two years ago and here I am.”

She sat back with an uneasy look, “You got PTSD issues I need to know about? If you do, I’ll give your money back and you can spend the night before you leave in the morning.”

While in country I had seen more than a human should have to see and did have some issues, but I needed to convince this lady I was not batshit crazy.

“A year in the Alaska wilderness off the grid affords you an awful lot of time to weigh your life and get your shit in order. Oop, sorry June.”

She chuckled, “I’ve heard worse, as has Penny, just try not to cuss around her very much. How did you end up in Alaska for a year?”

“I was in Afghan with a guy from there, he told me to come see him when I got out, so I did. Ten days after I arrived, he went into Jail for nine months, he convinced me to stay at his place and keep it safe. There was a generator when I needed power, but no phone other than a sat phone in case of emergency. No TV, nothing but days and days of solitude. I went to town once a month for supplies, in the winter it was by snowmobile with a sled behind for fuel and the bigger items, when the snow melted I walked the three miles pulling one of those wagons with big wheels like you see at garden centers.”

She had a distant look in her eyes, she seemed to be looking through me. “I wish Matt would have done something like that, my late husband. He returned from Iraq goofier than a bedbug. We did the counseling and VA crap, all to no avail. The bastard blew his brains when Penny was five, she saw it all. I hated him for a long time after that.”

I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right, “Wait. You mean he killed himself in front of his little girl?”

She started to cry, “He was in the garage and didn’t know she was watching through a spilt in the entry door, it was about a quarter inch wide, wide enough for her little eye to see him clearly. That’s part of the reason she’s so withdrawn and overweight, food has become her comfort zone. I try to get her to eat healthier, and she usually does until the next crisis in life occurs, then it’s back to a bag of chips and who knows what else she can sneak behind my back.”

Holy crap, and I thought my life had been rough. I was an adult the first time I saw a life taken and struggled with it, I can’t imagine being five and watching my father take his own life. I felt helpless but needed to at least try to help this woman and her daughter.

“Do you think if I befriended her it might help? Maybe I could be like a big brother or something.”

She looked me over for several minutes before answering, “In a perfect world that might be okay, but we both know this isn’t a perfect world. She’s 17, she’ll end up falling in love with you, being a man you probably won’t say no. Later on when you eventually move on, I’ll be left with a heartbroken girl in greater crisis than she already is. Nice thought, but no thanks.”

I wanted to get in her face. She had no right to impugn my integrity, then again, she didn’t know me from Adam, and she had a daughter to protect.

“I appreciate your concern and commend you, but I wouldn’t take advantage of a young girl. I don’t need to go looking for tail, especially from one as young as Penny. I meant what I said … a friend …. nothing more. She can tag along if she wants, maybe we can go for pizza or do something other kids her age do. Maybe it’ll help break that barrier surrounding her heart.”

It was going on nine o’clock, she cocked her head to the side, “I need to get to bed, got church in the morning. You’re welcome to come along, we leave at 8:40. I need time to think about what you said Les. It’s a risk for me, I’ve been all she has for years, I’m not sure if she would be open to you being a part of us.”

Over the next week I settled into my new routine, finished getting my classes sorted out, and books purchased. Penny had already been in school a week when I rented so I got to see her every day when the bus dropped her off. The first few days I simply waved, the third day I waited at the stop. When she stepped off the bus she froze, looking at me intensely.

“Hi Penny, I thought I’d wait for you here today. I’m gonna go into town for a few groceries, would you like to come along?”

She stammered and then spoke, “I don’t think my mom will let me. But thanks anyway.”

I walked with her to the house, she went into the main portion and I went upstairs. I heard June arrive a half hour later and decided to wait until supper to talk with her. My only sister called to see how things were going and before I knew it Penny was calling up the stairs that supper was ready. Walking down the stairs it dawned on me that I had no idea what June did for a living. I’d find a way to weave it into our conversation over supper, and whether it would be alright if Penny went to the grocery store with me.

Most of the supper cross talk was about my studies, was I able to get all the books I needed, yadda, yadda, yadda. As we were finishing I asked.

“What is it you do for a living June?”

“I’m a counselor. I went back to school after watching what Matt went through. I work at the center over on Avon St.”

“Got another question for you if you don’t mind.”

She settled back, “Go for it.”

“I was waiting at the bus stop today when Penny got off and asked her if she’d like to go into town with me for some groceries. She told me she didn’t think you’d like that. So I’m asking in front of her, would it be okay if Penny went to the store with me?”

She bristled a little but did a good job of hiding it. “What’s wrong with the food here?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. I only wanted to contribute, if I’m going to eat with you, I feel like I should buy some of the groceries, I tend to eat a lot at times. Once my classes are settled, I’ll start my regular exercise and jogging schedules. So, can she accompany me to town?”

Though Penny was looking down at the table it was obvious she had been listening intently. June touched her hand.

“Honey, look up at me. Do you want to go to the store with Les? It would get you out of the house and I trust him.”

She stammered and then took a deep breath. “You won’t mind mom? I could help him pick out the regular items we always get.”

“No sweetheart I won’t mind. I think it’s a good idea.”

I offered to help with the dishes, from Penny I heard a very quiet voice say, “No, that’s what I do to earn my allowance.”

I was waiting at the bus stop when Penny got off the next afternoon, to my surprise she gave me a half smile. When I offered to carry her backpack she smiled but declined. I asked about school, she gave me short halting answers, it was apparent she wasn’t used to talking with anyone but her mom. As we reached the house she stopped before the porch steps.

“Can I change my clothes? I don’t to go to town in my school uniform.”

“Sure, I’ll wait by the truck.”

I hadn’t given thought to the fact she went to a parochial school where all the girls were required to dress the same. Each day she would leave in a crisp white blouse, a navy-blue skirt that couldn’t be above the knee and a light blue blazer with the school’s emblem on the left breast pocket. The girls were to wear white socks or flesh colored pantyhose, shoes were what was considered common sense. I wasn’t sure what the boy’s uniforms looked like and didn’t really care.

As the front door opened I saw an entirely different girl, jeans that fit but not too tight, a pink shirt and a black button sweater hanging open. She’d pulled her hair back and had it in a ponytail, that was about it. No makeup or jewelry of any sort, check that, she was wearing a pair of earrings with small hoops. She had always walked slowly and with little body movement, as she descended the steps I suddenly knew why. Her ample breasts would jiggle and bounce if she moved quickly, I only noticed it because she came down the steps in haste.

I thought, “Poor kid,” as I opened the door for her. She stood looking at me not understanding what to do. I motioned for her to get in, when she was seated I asked if she was in, she nodded and I closed the door. The ride to the store wasn’t more than fifteen minutes with stop lights and end of day traffic, she began to tell me a little more about her day. The classes she liked and didn’t like, how nice some teachers were and how mean others were, all typical teenage stuff that I remembered talking about.

As we roamed the aisles she would point out items her mother normally bought, we’d put them in the cart and go on. When I picked up a bag of pretzels she gave me a funny look.

“Mom doesn’t ever buy that stuff, she might be upset.”

I laughed, “Well mom isn’t buying these groceries, I am. So there.”

She stared at me blankly and nodded slightly. When I picked up a package of steaks she stopped in her tracks and stared at me like I’d just killed her puppy.

“Mom will be angry, she says we can’t afford things like that.”

I grinned, softly touched her hand, which she immediately withdrew, and said, “I’m buying. My treat and a thank you to you and your mother for letting me live upstairs.”

The ride home was quiet, to quiet. As we pulled into the driveway I noticed Junes car in the garage which seemed unusual since she normally didn’t get home until about five. Penny gasped, her body became rigid and tears began to form.

“Penny, what’s wrong? Why are you going to cry?”

Between sniffles she blurted, “Because mom will think I talked you into buying the chips and extra meat. She won’t believe it was me who wanted to get all the fruit. I don’t like it when mom is angry with me.”

As I opened my door I looked at her, “Don’t move, a gentleman always opens the door for a lady.”

With it open I extended a hand to help, she declined and was still sniffling, I did my best to put her at ease.

“Penny, your mom will not be upset, I’ll explain everything to her the moment we’re inside. Dry your tears while I take the first bags in, I’ll talk with your mom and that will give you time to relax, when you’re calm bring in a few more bags.”

She half smiled and nodded. Waiting for me in the entryway June had the inside door open, following me into the kitchen she asked where Penny was.

“She’s drying her eyes and getting bags, she thinks you’ll be upset with her.”

“But why? Why would I be upset with her.”

“Because I bought meat she didn’t think you would approve of and a bag of pretzels. She’s afraid you’ll think she coerced me into buying those things, she won’t tell you it was her who asked for the fruit. Be kind to her June, she so wants to please you.”

As I was exiting the front door Penny was coming up the steps with a gallon of milk in each hand, June opened the door and greeted her lovingly. When we had everything in the kitchen June told me to relax, she and Penny would put it away. When she pulled out the steaks and a nice size chuck roast she sighed heavy and looked at me.

“Thank you Les. I don’t make a lot of money at the center so items like this are usually a luxury. I’ll make you the best, most tender roast beef you’ve ever eaten. I love to cook, and so does Penny, we just don’t always have the right ingredients on hand, and then there’s the budget. The house is paid for, but between the utilities, Penny’s tuition and uniforms, things get tight at times. But we manage don’t we honey?” Penny nodded.

Over the following weeks I would meet penny at least three days a week at the bus stop, we would shop one of those days, it became something I looked forward to. Little by little she began to open up and talk about life from her perspective. She was a good kid that had gone through a traumatic experience at a very young age. June was happy to see Penny begin to open up, she remarked to me one evening when Penny was in her room that she hadn’t seen her as calm as she was in a very long time.

“You’re having a good effect on her Les, don’t go letting her fall in love with you and break her heart. I know people see her as a young woman, but she’s still my little girl.”

I shook my head adamantly, “Not gonna happen June. I want to be her friend and an adult voice other than her mothers, but nothing more. I’ll still be in school after she graduates, maybe she’ll let me help her choose a college. There are lots of loose girls on campus, I’m not going to take your babies virtue.”

June looked relieved and concerned at the same time, “Thank you. I know she looks up to you. Who knows what will happen after she’s 18, I’ll have to cross that bridge when the time comes I guess?”

“Something else June. As you know I do morning exercises, then on weekends I walk and jog. If I can get Penny to start doing little things with me on weekends to help her with weight loss and self-esteem, would you mind?”

June put her head back looking up at the ceiling, tilting her head down looking in my direction she spoke softly.

“That would be okay as long as it’s her idea, you don’t push her too hard, and if I ever suspect you of shaming her weight I’ll find a way to hurt you badly. She won’t exercise with me, maybe she will with you.”

Thus began our weekly walk on Saturday morning. I convinced her we’d go early when nobody else was in the park, the first Saturday she was out of breath and sitting on a bench in less than fifteen minutes. After a ten-minute rest we walked another fifteen minutes before taking another rest and then going home. Though she was losing inches visible weight loss seemed to evade her, however, in the three months we’d been walking together her stamina had increased dramatically. Our walks were now lasting an hour or more by the time we returned to the house.

There was another phenomenon happening that I was and wasn’t aware of. June and I found ourselves becoming closer and if we happened to be talking our conversations were becoming more intimate. Not sexually intimate, close and less guarded is a better way to put it. We talked about her late husband, how after his death she struggled to even put food on the table. It was the hardest for her to talk about when Penny began gaining weight and crawling into her self-induced prison of sorts. She asked about Afghan, I always gave her the short uncomplicated version whenever we talked about it.

We’d gotten through the holidays and were well on the way to spring. Things were comfortable enough that I would take them to the cinema once in a while, or I’d treat them to a meal out, we went bowling every third or fourth weekend, I even managed to get them on the roller rink a few times. Penny was a natural on skates, June and me, not so much, but it was time together, something we all needed. It was in March that life took another turn. Getting off the bus Penny tossed me her backpack, something she’d never done before. As we walked I enquired as to why she was so happy go lucky.

“I’m so excited Les. I’ve been invited to a slumber party at Alice Schultz, she’s bigger, like me. I’ve never been invited to anything. Do you think mom will let me go?”

“I don’t know why not. You’re only a few months away from 18, I think she trusts you enough to do that.”

She was bubbly by the time we reached the house, stopping in the entryway she looked at me with earnest, “Will you talk with mom for me Les? I’m afraid I won’t say it right and she’ll tell me no.”

I countered, “How about this, I’ll talk to her WITH you, but not FOR you. Deal?”

She nodded and scurried away. When we talked after supper something happened that surprised me, June motioned for me to sit next to her with Penny across from us in a chair. Our bodies weren’t touching or anything like that, it was more like what parents might do while talking to their teenage daughter.

June started, “Okay, you wanted to talk with me. What’s up?”

Penny looked at me and I nodded, “You probably won’t let me, but Les said I won’t know unless I ask.”

Before she could go on June interrupted, “If you know I’m going to say no then why ask. Let’s play a game or something.”

I could see defeat in Penny’s eyes. I did something I had never done before, as June was beginning to stand I took hold of her wrist and gently tugged her back into a sitting position. Not letting go I spoke.

“You need to let her ask June. She’ll legally be an adult in a few months, you’ve raised her well, let her ask.”

Penny had regained her composure and spoke, “Alice Schultz asked me to come to a slumber party at her house, she’s big like me so nobody will make fun. I’ve never been asked to anything before, can I go mom, please?”

I had a mental vision of the gears turning in June’s head. She had pulled her arm away from my grasp a minute before, but as her soft fingers touched and held my hand she let out a long sigh while looking at me. The expression on her face seemed to be asking, “is this alright, can I let my baby grow up?”

I nodded along with a gentle smile. With her hand still on mine she asked when it was.

“It’s in three weeks, her 18th birthday. Please mom, please.”

June looked at me, back at Penny, let go of my hand and stood, “Under one condition. I call Alice’s mother and make sure an adult will be there … and no boys. If it’s all kosher you can go, but Les or I will take and pick you up. Agreed?”

Penny crossed the four feet of space between us in a single leap into her mother’s arms. Thanking her again and again, with a kiss on her cheek she turned toward her bedroom full of excitement and glee. I was going to head upstairs, June was going into the kitchen when I heard her say.

“Wait there a minute, let me get a glass of water. You want anything?” I shook my head.

Pointing at the couch where we’d been she stated, “Sit, please.” She began. “Are you sure Penny going to a party is a good idea? What if something happens? I couldn’t live with myself.”

I pondered her questions and then gave my answer, “Is there anything we can truly be sure of other than death?” She smiled and whispered, “Taxes.”

I continued, “Well, yes, that to. How long are you planning to hold onto her before you let her face the real world? Neither you nor I can guarantee anything, but at some point you’ll have to set her free to make her way in the world. Call Alice’s mom, get the details, assure yourself she’ll be safe and then let her go. I think about the fact that when I was but a few years older than her I was in Afghanistan for the first time. Be thankful she doesn’t have to face that shit.”

Taking my hand she looked at me, “You’re a good man Les, I appreciate all you do. And thank you for being a friend to Penny, she’s lost some weight walking with you, your helping with groceries allows us to buy better quality food as well as a greater variety. She’s beginning to want healthier food, and I shouldn’t say anything, but her clothes have dropped almost two sizes. It’s good to have a man in this house again. Thank you.”

The moment was awkward, we both knew we wanted to do more than say thanks, but that’s as far as it went. I excused myself, by the time I was on the stairs I noticed she was turning lights off as she headed toward the bedroom across from Penny’s. June contacted Jennifer Schultz, there would be no men in the home whatsoever during the sleepover. Her husband and the boys would be away camping, absolutely no booze, it was going to be pizza, snacks, soft drinks, lots of laughter and chick flicks until they all crashed.

Following the talk the three of us had that night, along with the one on one between June and I, the household seemed to change almost overnight. Things were looser, there was more joking and laughter. I noticed June was friendlier, there was the occasional touch of the arm, or our bodies brushing together quickly even though there was plenty of space to not have touched. As the day for Penny’s overnighter approached I noticed June was more animated in how she behaved with me, there were soft looks, tender smiles, more touches when we were close.

I was no longer seeing her as the mother of a teen age daughter, she was beginning to look like a woman to be desired. I hadn’t been with a woman since I’d moved in and it wasn’t a problem, but the more I contemplated the thought of living in the same house as this desirous woman the more difficult it became. On Wednesday before the Friday night event I had a knock on my apartment door, opening it I was surprised to see June.

“Hi June, what’s up?”

“Since Penny will be gone Friday, why don’t we go out to a nice restaurant or something?”

“How about this.” I replied. “Why don’t I pick up a couple of nice steaks and I’ll do them on the grill just the way you like. We can have a salad with our steak and stay at home. Less expensive and as a bonus we can eat in our comfies instead of getting dressed up.”

She smiled, “I like that idea. Will you have time to get the steaks?” I nodded and she bid me goodnight.

I was going to take Penny on Friday, June thought it might be a better idea for her to go for two reasons, she could meet Mrs. Schultz and I could have supper nearly ready by the time she got back. Made sense to me. When she got back she was in a fluster and calm at the same time.

“Whoa, what happened?” I asked.

“I’m sure not whether to be shocked or elated. When we pulled up a lady was taking a girl to the car, when we got to the steps Mrs. Schultz asked Penny if she had any drugs or booze. When Penny told her no, she asked if I minded her looking in her overnight bag. I nodded. Apparently, she’d been checking every girl’s bag and found pot in the bag of the girl being sent home. I guess I should be elated that someone other than me has the balls to do something like that.”

She blushed and apologized. I held up my hand, “No worries, I’ve heard worse, even from pretty ladies like you.”

There it was, my first unabashed flirt, somehow it didn’t seem to bother her as she smiled at me. We went about our business, she was setting the table and making up the salads as I pulled the steaks off the grill. We were quiet throughout the meal, after cleaning the kitchen she asked if I’d like to stay for dessert, she had ice cream. That sounded good to me. Sitting on the couch she turned sideways.

“You never talk about Afghanistan. What was it like?”

“Nothing to talk about, one shitty day after the next. No more to say about it.”

She slumped back, “You sound like Matt. He wouldn’t talk about it either. He said the same thing you did, nothing to talk about.”

We were making small talk as we mentally circled each other, we both felt the connection and neither was willing to commit. She looked at me and said, “This is ridiculous. I hope I haven’t read this wrong.”

I raised my eyebrows, “Read what wrong?”


The distance between us disappeared quickly as her hand went behind my neck drawing my lips to hers. The kiss was soft and passionate, we pulled apart for a second, only to be embraced in a second more meaningful kiss, one in which we both participated. With her hand on my chest we broke the kiss, she sighed and spoke.

“We’ve both been wanting to do that for weeks, don’t deny it, you’ve wanted to kiss me as much as I wanted to kiss you. We’re grown adults, I’m lonely, you’re lonely, I want you and I hope you want me.” I nodded. “Then let’s do something about it, the house is ours for the next 18 hours, make love to me Les.”

I wasted no time fulfilling her desire. Pushing her back into the couch I reached for her breast, as my hand covered it she pushed against me, a small shiver going through her body. She wasn’t big like her daughter, but she was firm, they were what guys used to call high and tight. I manipulated both and then went to open the blouse. While I unbuttoned the top she was busy trying to open my belt. With the blouse open I tugged it from the waistband and slid it off her body. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy or even what one might call sexy, the bra was a simple cotton number with little flower designs throughout. She reached behind and unfastened it, then held the cups in place over her breasts.

“Les, we can’t let Penny know. She likes you, I think it would break her heart if she knew I was about to screw you stupid.”

She tugged the bra off and threw it over her head. I wasted no time caressing and playing with those beauties before I dipped and took a nipple into my mouth. June had her hand on my neck holding me to her breast, I had moved my hand to the flat of her tummy, when I did I heard her gasp. As I moved it toward the waistline she sucked in her tummy allowing my hand to slide inside her panties and into a soft silky tangle of curls. I cupped her tightly and slid a finger downward, her legs opened slightly before she pushed me back.

“Not here Les, I want you in my bed.”

When she stood she quickly shed the pants and panties leaving her completely naked. I loved looking at her, breasts standing firm, nipples pointed at me, a lovely brown bush that covered the mons and looked as though it ended just above her clit. She’d tried opening my belt earlier without succeeding, now she had it open and my pants unzipped in what seemed like record speed. Grabbing the waist of my jeans and underwear she pulled them to my ankles in one swift move. My cock was standing proud, hard and throbbing, moving side to side ever so slightly with each breath. Taking hold of the shaft she grinned.

“Mm, I’m gonna like this. I haven’t been in bed with a man since Matt died, I need you to make love to me tonight Les. Make me feel like a woman again. Step out of those pants, I’ll be on the bed waiting.”

I noticed her scooting forward on the mattress as I entered, her arms were outstretched inviting me into her lair, a lust filled look was in her eyes. I knelt on the bed with my face aimed for her pussy when she bent forward and grabbed me by the hair pulling me upward.

“Not now, I need you in me. I’m plenty wet, please Les, put it inside me.”

I held myself above her, arms outstretched, peering into her eyes, “I want you to put it in June, show me how much you want it.”

Her hand shot between us, she grabbed my cock roughly, yanking me to her warm slippery entrance as she growled, “Bastard, stop fooling around and fuck me.”

She was looking between us as she positioned me and grabbed my ass pulling me inside. As I entered she let out a short breath followed by a gasp. With her hands now on my hips she stopped me.

“Wait.” She whispered. “Give me a minute. Damn you’re big.”

I countered, “I’m average.”

She averted her eyes to mine, “There hasn’t been anything in there for almost 20 years, it sure as hell feels big to me. It feels better now, just go slow until I can take all of it.”

She began to slowly pull my hips forward, first an inch, then two on the next stroke, a few strokes later I was halfway in. As she let go of my hips I continued in that manner, a little more depth every few strokes. When I bottomed out she grabbed my ass and held me in place, wiggling her hips seemed to take me in a fraction of an inch further. It felt good to be ensconced within her warm, wet cavern. I could feel the walls of her vagina hugging tightly, holding onto my shaft as she adjusted. With a final wiggle she let go of my ass and whispered.

“I’m ready, take me. Give me everything you’ve got. I wanna feel you cum inside me.”

We moved slow and deliberately to begin with, as she became more comfortable I could feel her hips begin to push into me. Soft and slow at first, then with gusto and desire.

She whispered, “Now, fuck me now.”

I obliged, ramming as much meat into her as I could, our bodies slapping together, our nether regions seeming to collide in unison. When her breathing changed and her body became more animated I sensed she was on the brink of an orgasm. Her right hand was firmly clasp to my wrist while her left hand was squeezing and pulling at her breast. With a shout her body arched into me and began to pulse.

I slowed until she was back on earth with me, smiling she raked her fingers down my arms and began pushing into me with all her energy. I could feel the vaginal walls hugging, it felt like a velvety elastic sleeve tightly holding me in place. I could feel a climax beginning from deep within, she apparently sensed it and began to throw her hips into my downstroke.

“Fuck me hard Les. Cum in me.” She growled.

As my balls began to explode she let out a soft moan whispering, “Yes, yes, yes”, as another climax overtook her body. I’d been with screamers, I’d been with silent types, her reaction seemed almost perfect. My body was pressed tight to hers as I unloaded, it felt so good it almost hurt. When I softened, I rolled next to her, after we’d recovered she turned on her side looking at me and spoke.

“This was good, I want it to continue, and we can be together until Penny gets home. After that we’ll have to sneak around and be together where we can. I don’t want Penny to know about us.”

Later that night I dined at the Y for the first time, she then drained my balls with her mouth to say thanks. Over the next twelve hours we screwed three more times. I was worn out and empty, she was sore, swollen and walking gingerly. Penny was being dropped of by friends which afforded us enough time for our last fuck, her bent over the kitchen table grasping the edges as she pushed her pussy back for more. We’d only been out of the shower a half hour when Penny came bounding through the door.

Over the next few months June and I would find a way to be together at least twice a week. There were a few times when we’d been able to knock off a quickie as well making it three times a week. June’s countenance changed for the better, she also decided she wanted to wear more alluring underwear. I didn’t mind at all, as a man I’m a visual creature, June knew that and made every effort to entice me with her partially clothed body. Seeing her in skimpy panties and bras was as much a turn on as seeing her naked.

It was approximately three months later that June told me as we sat on the couch that she had been invited to speak and teach at a conference. She looked pained as she told me she might turn it down because it was for two weeks and she couldn’t take Penny along. June’s participation at the conference would be six days, split into two sessions, three days of basics the first week, three days of advanced the second week. I sat sideways when I spoke.

“You should go, I’m sure you have much wisdom to impart. Penny and I will be okay. She’s 18 now and legally an adult, she doesn’t need supervision anymore. I don’t mind, I’m home early enough every day to be here when she gets home, and I’ve proven I can cook. We won’t starve.”

“Are you absolutely sure. Being responsible for a child is a huge deal.”

After much discussion between us and with Penny a decision was made, June would attend the conference and fulfill the teaching request. The three of us hugged and bid our goodbyes at the airport on a gloomy Friday afternoon. On the way home Penny asked if she could go out for a few hours with some friends that night. I knew she didn’t have many friends and was suspicious but told her I had no problem as long as I knew where she would be and that she be home by ten. At 5:45 Penny was sitting in a chair looking out the window waiting for her ride. She was dressed modestly and not too much make up. She looked wholesome and innocent.

When I had asked Penny where she was going with the other’s she told me the local burger/custard joint. It had become a popular place to hang out on Friday nights. She was 18, I trusted her and had no doubts she would be where she said she would. An hour later I made a last-minute decision on the way home from the hardware store to stop in and see how things were. She’d only been hanging out with Alice and her bunch a short while and I didn’t get the impression that Penny was always included, she may have been with them, but not necessarily a part of the group.

Walking in I saw what I suspected might happen, there were the three couples together in a booth and Penny by herself in the booth behind them. She was looking at her phone scrolling through who knows what when I sat next to her. Before she could say anything I embraced her in a tight hug, my mouth was next to her ear.

“Don’t act surprised, close your eyes when I kiss you. Play along.”

Pulling back I lifted her chin with two fingers of my left hand, pulling her lips to mine, just as they were about to touch I whispered, “Eyes closed.”

Her lips were soft, full and inviting, I could have kissed her for minutes. Instead I sat back letting my left hand graze her right breast as I sat sideways to her.

“Hi babe. Sorry I’m late, one of the professors wanted to go over an assignment with me. What are we sharing tonight, a raspberry sundae or turtle? Turtle it is, be right back.”

I leaned and gave her a quick peck on the lips, looked up at the six in the booth staring at us and said, “Hi guys.”

I returned with a Turtle sundae and two spoons. She was silent as we ate, at one point I smiled and blew her a kiss. An ear to ear smile immediately invaded her face. With the sundae gone we sat next to one another as she told me about her part time job at the floral shop, I made sure the others could see how interested I was in what she told me. Our knees were touching when I scooted a smidge closer and put my hand on her inner thigh several inches below the crotch. Her breath caught as she quickly inhaled and placed her hand on mine.

Her eyes were like pools of fire and wantonness, it was as though something she wasn’t aware of woke within. I kissed the index finger of my left hand and held it to her lips where she kissed it in return. Talking so softly I could barely hear her words she uttered.

“Will you kiss me again?”

I was hoping the others were staring as our lips met, I gently probed her mouth, she eagerly opened it. She had no idea what to do beyond that so I took over, gently invading her mouth, making sure the others realized we were Frenching. As we broke the kiss I slowly trailed my fingers through her long natural blonde hair, pulling it lightly as though I didn’t want to let go of her. As I leaned back she slid my hand further up her thigh, it was now close enough that I could feel the heat between her legs. I stopped it and pulled her to me for another hug while I barely whispered.

“Not here honey. You’re supposed to be my girl, not my slut. Are you ready to go sugar lips? The night is young.”

She stopped at the booth where the others were seated, “My boyfriend is going to take me home. I’ll see you later Alice.”

I grabbed her hand and held on like I owned her, which I could have, but that wasn’t what she needed. She didn’t need to be dominated and humiliated, she needed to be tenderly loved and made to see how special she was. Plus size or not, makes no difference. I opened the truck door and helped her in, as I leaned toward her she knew what to do and gave me a soft kiss. She was silent as we drove home, pulling my truck under the carport she turned to look at me.

“I know all of that stuff was pretend, but thanks, it made me feel so good to not be ignored. I know most guys don’t want to be seen with the fat chick, so thanks for making it special.”

I told her to stay put so I could open the door for her, as she took my hand and slid out I made sure to hold on a second or two longer than necessary. Walking into the entryway I could tell she wanted to say something of significance, instead she uttered under her breath.

“Thanks Les, see you in the morning for our walk.”

As we power walked through the park in the morning I noticed she hadn’t put on a sports bra. It was a regular bra that let her breasts swing and move as we walked. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice, she acted nonchalant as though nothing was different. What gave her away were the sideways glances she kept stealing, she knew, she damned sure knew. I was beginning to wonder if my attempt to make her friends jealous didn’t open a pandoras box I hadn’t expected. During our cool down portion I asked if she was doing anything with her friends that night.

“Oh, they aren’t my friends, not really. Alice invites me along because she knows how lonesome it gets when your fat. Todd takes her out and calls her his girlfriend because she gives him BJ’s. She told me that’s what I’ll need to do if I want dates, she says that’s what fat girls have to do.”

I was somewhat surprised, “That’s news to me angel. I don’t remember reading that in the rule book for dates. Not that there is one, but I’ve still never heard a plus size girl must give a guy a blow job to get a date. If you aren’t going out with the gang tonight, why don’t you come to the cinema with me? We’ll go early enough for popcorn and pop to be our supper.”

“What’s playing?” She asked.

I laughed, “Does it matter. I’m looking for an excuse to not have to cook. You in or out?”

She laughed, “I’m in, what time?”

“Let’s do the 5:15.” She nodded and scampered off ahead of me shouting back she had to pee. To our delight the theater wasn’t so crowded that someone was sitting next to you, there were five or six seats between us and the other people. The movie was okay but not mesmerizing, we finished off the popcorn and as I gazed around I noticed several couples throughout the place were necking. Penny was making the same observation and reached her hand behind my neck mashing her lips to mine. She broke the kiss and whispered.

“Can we make out? Like these others, I know some of them, I want them to see you kissing me.”

As we made out Penny suddenly took my hand and placed it on her breast. I held it in place and gently squeezed it. In a whisper I asked.

“Penny, are you sure you want me to touch your breast? Others might see.”

Her answers shocked me, “I know. Audrey Carpenter is watching, I want her to see you feeling my boobs. It’s okay, I like it and I trust you.”

There was more than a handful, I wished we were somewhere I could open the blouse, push the bra up and attack those fat nipples with my mouth. What a contrast they would be to her mother’s smaller breasts and tight little nipples. I was momentarily conflicted about being with Penny when I had been with June the past several months, as I say, momentarily. Penny would be headed for school a few days after June returned, at which time I could change my focus from Penny to June. I wasn’t sure just how much Penny knew of her mother and me but saw no reason to bring it up.

I was now feeling both breasts as best I could in that position, I’d managed to tug the bouse from her waist and had my hand underneath, softly molding her lovely pliable breasts. When I pushed the cup up and my hand was filled with firm weighty tit flesh she whimpered into my mouth and her body shook, like a shiver going down her back. I gently rolled the already hardened nipple, pulling it out ever so gently, then smashing my hand against the fullness of her tit. Her chest was pushing into me, I was about to unleash the other breast when I realized the movie was coming to an end. As I tried pulling the bra back in place she took over, in seconds she was as presentable as when we walked in.

In the truck she quickly looked my way, “Was I a slut to put your hand on my boob, or want Audrey to see it?”

“No angel, I don’t think you’re a slut, but you wanna be careful what you do in public. Behind closed doors you can be anything you like, but not in public. Did you like having me feel you up? You seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

Though it was dusk I could see her face flush, little goosebumps appeared on her arms as she smiled. Speaking ever so softly.

“It felt good. I didn’t know playing with my boobs could make me wet down there. I’ve never been this wet. Is that normal?”

“That’s normal Penny, it’s how a woman’s body reacts when she’s sexually aroused.”

She threw her hands up, “I read all of this stuff in sex-ed, but I never imagined it could be so moving. Sure, they talk about passion, but if you don’t know what it is it doesn’t make sense. Can we do that some more when we get home?”

Hmm, I wondered if things might be going a bit too fast. “Are you sure Penny, it tends to lead toward things you may not want to do. Maybe we should give it a week or so to think about it.”

She was silent the remaining ten-minute ride home, as I was helping her from the truck she pushed in for a kiss, her chest tight to me, her hips tilted upward and made contact with my hardening dick. As she dry humped me she started breathing erratically, kissing me with fervency, almost in a demanding fashion. In the house she asked something that caught me completely off guard

“I want to kiss and make out some more. I want you to feel me up, should I take off my bra and panties?”

“You should leave them on Penny. I want you to know what it’s like to be felt up with clothes over those most private parts, to know what it feels like to allow a man to reach the point where you’re eager for him to unwrap you. I’m hoping I’ll find a silky patch of natural blonde hair on your sweet pussy when I slide my hand down the front of your panties. No honey, leave it all on, we’ll get them off in due time.”

She whispered, “Yes, there’s hair on my pussy.”

As we kissed I was running my hand up the inside of her thigh stopping a few inches below the warm dampness my fingers sensed.

“Take your blouse off Penny, I want to get to your tits.”

My fingers made contact with her soft damp panties about the same time her bra hit the floor. Those lovely melons didn’t sag or drop, they were big, but they were firm, stiff, waiting to be sucked and molded by my lips. The nipples were wide and extended a solid half inch or more, as I sucked, her back arched and she let out a deep moan. I could feel her body tremble as I left that nipple and taking the other into my mouth while I played with the other breast. The hand under her skirt was now poised for my fingers to rub against the gusset of her panties. She pushed her pelvis against my fingers causing the panties to sink between the blood engorged labia.

I pushed her leg to the side and cupped her sex, causing her to moan louder than before, her hips were humping into my hand, her breathing stopped as she rolled her head back and let out a long wale. Ah, the first of many orgasms to come in the next 24 hours. Moving my hand so I could slide two fingers under the elastic of the leg opening I brushed them through the soft silky bush awaiting me. I removed my fingers, found the elastic of the waistband and slid my hand into the promise land, the soft silkiness of her muff was pumping into my hand in what seemed like an uncontrollable manner. Dipping a finger into the thick warm slickness between the labia I brought it up and made contact with her clit. Her body jumped, she bit my lip and spoke loudly.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Mmm, I want it now, I want you to fuck me. Take my cherry.”

I playfully slapped her thigh,” Let’s go to my bedroom, I need to get you completely ready.” Standing at the side of my bed I played with her breasts and spoke. “Take off your skirt and panties, then scoot over the top of me until your pussy is on my mouth. Do it Penny, do what I tell you.”

I stood and undressed at the same time, when my stiff cock came into view she gasped. “I’ve never seen one before. Why is it so big on top?”

“That’s called the head, mine is what’s called a cut cock. Now, up on the bed and do as I said, this is called sitting on my face.”

With her chubby thighs on either side of my head I admired the puffy previously innocent pussy before my eyes. Her labia matched the rest of her body, full, firm and waiting to be wrapped around my cock. With my hands on her grapefruit size tits and my tongue in her gooey cunt I had her bellering like a demon possessed woman within five minutes. I liked her taste as well as her aroma, it wasn’t heady or overwhelming, it was musky and sweet at the same time, my dick was like a broom handle. Her cream was all over my mouth and chin, she smiled at me as she collapsed against the headboard. When she’d recovered she lay next to me, her pussy softly grinding against my hip, her large firm breast pressed tight to my side. Looking up she asked.

“Do I give you a blow job now? If I do, you’ll have to teach me.”

I kissed her as I moved over the top of her, “No, not yet. Now I make love to you. I take your virginity, I make you a complete woman.”

I’d only been with one other virgin, Joan Whitaker, when we gave ourselves to each other three weeks before I was due to report for basic training. Being young and full of ourselves we were sure we knew all about sex, I remembered just how little we actually knew that night. Over the next two weeks we got pretty good at making each other grunt, but that first time was entirely different, and not necessarily in a good way. I was determined to take my time with Penny, to tell her what was about to happen and try to make it at least tolerable, if not satisfying.

I kissed Penny long and passionately, her body was pushing against mine, I stopped kissing and looked into her eyes.

“It will hurt at first, but I’ll go slow. As soon as I break the hymen I’ll stop and wait until you’re ready. If we do this right, by the time we’re done it should feel good. Open your legs, I’ll tell you everything I’m going to do.”

She adjusted her body so I could lay between her thick thighs, I moved the head of my cock up and down through the thick cream of her arousal and stopped at the entrance to her vagina.

“I’m going to push in gently, it’ll be uncomfortable as your pussy lips open up, the hymen is right at the opening, when I push in you’ll probably feel a sharp pain. Although, some girls feel less, I just want you to be ready. Take a deep breath, exhale and let me know when you’re ready.”

I could tell she was willing her body to relax, then nodded and said, “now.”

As slick as she was and as much of her natural lubrication was on the head I popped through the outer and inner labia with little resistance. The hymen had been broken, I stopped moving as she let out a cry, when she seemed to recover she said okay. I slowly rocked forward an inch at a time, I wanted her body to have enough time to adjust, after all, my cock was invading a part of her body that had never been disturbed.

It was the tightest pussy my cock had ever been in, including my first time. It felt like I was pushing against a solid wall until her vaginal muscles began to relax and adjust. It took several strokes and a few minutes before I was firmly inside, I wasn’t balls deep yet, half my cock was still outside, but I was firmly embedded. I kissed the tear from her cheek and asked if she was okay. She nodded as I continued. When my balls touched her ass she let out a deep moan and put her hands on my ass holding me still.

“Do I have all of you Les? My pussy feels like it’s being split in two, your cock is so big.”

What was hanging between my legs had never let me down before, it was not only long enough to fill every pussy that willingly received it, but it was also thick enough to touch all the hidden spots others may have missed. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having your cock in a tight 18-year-old pussy, her vaginal walls were hugging me so tight it almost hurt moving back and forth. I knew she would begin to feel better before long and started increasing the length of my strokes. I’d been slowly and softly rocking in and out of her sweet little honey pot a solid ten minutes when her body stiffened and she let out a loud grunt. Her hips began pushing into me as she pulled me down for a tongue twirling kiss. I lifted so she could watch between us, with her neck craned she watched thirty seconds or more before lying back.

Looking into my eyes she spoke, “It’s starting to feel good, what should I do?”

“If it doesn’t hurt lift your hips up when I push in. Mmm-hmm, like that, Good Penny, you’re doing good. Now just let your body dictate what you do from here on. Are you on the pill Penny?”

She nodded. “It helps with my periods, you can cum in me if you want to.”

“I do, indeed I do. When I get ready to cum you’ll feel the head swell and feel like I’m getting bigger. You might feel it squirting inside, some women don’t, but I think most do. That might make you cum again, just let your body take over at that point Penny.”

I began pushing a bit faster and harder, her chubby hips were pushing up to meet my thrust as we ascended closer and closer to the point of orgasmic utopia. Her breasts were moving back and forth with each thrust, I could hear her talking softly to herself.

“It’s getting bigger, oh my, oh my, I can feel it getting bigger. Oh my god here comes another one.”

As another climax ripped through her body I slammed forward, grunted like a pig in mating season and unloaded all the sperm my balls had inside her hot hungry pussy. She kept squealing.

“I can feel it, I can feel it.”

I moved back slightly as I began to soften, when I slipped out she winced. Pink tinged juices flowed from her vagina, trickling downward across her ass cheek. She put her hand over her pussy trying to stop it. I moved it away.

“Let it be Penny, you aren’t gonna be able to stop it. We’ll take a bath or a shower in a few minutes. How do you feel, are you alright?”

“My pussy hurts, but it feels good at the same time. I feel like I’m swollen, I know I’m sore. I don’t think I can do that again tonight.”

“No Penny, we won’t do that again tonight, maybe tomorrow if you aren’t so sore.”

“Should I give you a blow job now?”

“Nope, plenty of time for that later. Now, we take a bubble bath and get some sleep. You’ll sleep in bed with me tonight.”

When I woke it was with Penny’s hand on mine guiding me between her legs.

“Feel me Les, I’m a little sore but I want you to touch me. Can we do it again today? I want to do it every day before mom comes home. I know what you two do, I know you have sex, I can hear you at night. I don’t mind though, especially now that I know why mom moans and makes noises. I’ll be off to school a few days after she’s home, you have to make sure you do it to me lots before I leave.”

I was gently massaging her tender seeping vulva as I attempted to speak. She cut me off.

“Don’t say it Les. I know we aren’t in love or stuff like that, you’re way older than me and I want to get through school before I marry someone. It’s different now though, now I know what sex is and what being wanted is, not just for a piece of ass or a blow job, but really wanted. For me, for myself, regardless of whether I’m what’s considered slender or not. I plan to continue exercising with you and eating better so I’ll lose more weight, but I also know I don’t have to be skinny to be loved.”

I wondered where a socially withdrawn girl like Penny had gained so much insight, she saw life for what it was in a way most people her age couldn’t imagine. This introverted girl had become an opinionated woman in a very short time. We made love twice that next day, once in the morning and again late at night, each time she was more comfortable. As we lounged on the couch a few nights later I brought up the topic of her dad. She put her finger on my lips to stop me.

“Dads gone. He shouldn’t have done what he did, and I shouldn’t have seen it, but I did. It’s mom who keeps me in this shell thinking that I’ll never get past it. Between the counseling and just growing up I’ve come to deal with it, but she never has. That’s why I can’t go to college in town, she’ll smother me, I need to go away. Now I’ll go away wiser, I won’t fall for the first guy who tries to get in my pants with flattering words, or the old diatribe, it’s what fat girls have to do to get a date. You showed me different Les.”

Over the next eleven days we enjoyed every position we could imagine and christened every room in the house except her mothers’ bedroom. The first time we did it doggy I grinned watching the ass waves as I pounded her chubby behind. That and on her stomach with a pillow under her abdomen became her favorite positions, she couldn’t seem to get enough. We did get around to a blow job, in fact she practiced three days in a row when I would get home from classes. The girl could suck cock like an old pro, between her succulent pussy and soft warm lips she kept my balls drained.

Three days after June got home we moved Penny into the dorm on campus two hours away. After kisses and hugs June told me she would get the car while I took the trash to the dumpster. As soon as the lift doors closed Penny’s arms were around my neck, warm, soft lips on mine, her pussy pushing into me. As we hugged goodbye she sniffled.

“Thank you Les. You made me a woman, your woman. I know you and mom are together, but you can have me anytime you want. I love you.”

The ride home was quiet but not in a bad way, it was what one might describe as subdued. Later that night we were in her bed necking and feeling each other when June said softly.

“Fuck me Les, fuck me hard. I need to feel you shoot deep inside. I need to know your mine.”

June wasn’t one to talk much during sex so it surprised me. As we lay in the aftermath of coitus she turned so her body was against mine, running her fingers through the hair on my chest she stopped and looked up.

“I know Penny gave herself to you while I was gone.”

I was ready to panic and run for the hills until she spoke.

“It’s okay, it really is. I knew she was curious and feared she’d end up with some perv at college. I’m glad it was you, she told me you were tender and didn’t hurt her.”

I pulled back enough to look in her eyes. “She told you?”

“Of course she told me, I’m her mother. A woman can tell when another woman is being sexually satisfied, I could see that all over her the minute I walked in. The glow, the swagger, the confidence, the soft smile when she looked at you. She sat on my bed and talked all about it the first night I was home. I told her you were mine but if you wanted to visit her at the dorm a time or two I wouldn’t be upset.”

I was perplexed, “Really, you would let me do that? I mean, you can’t stop me, but you wouldn’t be pissed if I did?”

“No, I wouldn’t be pissed as long as you’re mine until you graduate and move on. With Penny at school I want you to move into my room permanently. No more of this sneaking up and down the stairs.”

I stayed with June another year until I graduated. During that time I visited penny a total of three times, the first time was to put an end to her roomie saying that I didn’t exist. I arrived on a Friday afternoon and texted Penny where to meet me and to wear a loose top with no bra. With her roomie sitting across from us I made it a point to slip my hand under penny’s top and softly play with her breast. Not enough that everyone in the room could see, but her roomie certainly did.

The last time I visited was just before she met her boyfriend, who eventually became her husband. She and her dorm roomie had rented a flat, it was another show for her roomie, who without my knowledge had hidden in the closet to watch Penny and I fuck like sex starved maniacs. Lying in bed that Sunday morning Penny came back from the bathroom and asked if I would screw Wendy, her roomie. Seems Wendy was impressed and super horny. What’s a guy to do in a situation such as that? You’re right, I screwed her until she screamed.

After graduation June and I parted amicably, it was time for me to go, it was time for her to get on with living. Prior to my leaving she’d met a 51-year-old widower, it was plain to see she had feelings for him but was conflicted by our sleeping arrangement. My last week in June’s home we made love every day and twice on Saturday. When I drove away Monday morning she kissed me deep and said to me.

“You’ve been a good lover and friend Les. I never minded that you were Penny’s first lover and if it doesn’t work out with Phil, I may come looking for you. Have a great life stud.”

I found work right away in a city in the next state, and a wife within a year. A plain Jane country girl who loves sex and is a willing partner for almost anything we want to try in the bedroom. We don’t role play or consider what sex might be with another person, we’re all each other needs. We have our tender moments, and we have those moments where you rip each other’s clothes off and fuck until you’re exhausted. Two little girls fill our lives and my bride is showing a significant amount of baby bump with our third. Had I not been in that restaurant and seen that ad so many years ago I can’t imagine where life may have led me.

As for Penny? She graduated with a degree in business management. Along with her husband she started and operates a successful online business featuring clothing for plus size girls and is the proud mommy of twin girls. It’s my understanding that she and her husband are in the process of diligently planting seed for number three.