My Valentine

At thirty-six and still looking good after the accident Markus decided to go out with his buddies to the local pub for a drink that afternoon. He met up with them and ordered a round of drinks which was brought by an overweight girl. One of his buddies Kyle called her whale. She wasn’t good at hiding being hurt but stepped closer and asked if he would like anything else. Kyle nodded and said he would like a view of the beauty who sat at the bar and that she was in the way of the view.

Markus saw a tear stroll down her cheek and watched as she walked away.

“What the fuck is going on? Can’t the manager find suitable gorgeous woman to work for him?” Markus’s friend joked casually. At that Markus saw the manager and Kyle waved his hand in the air to call the manager over.

“My fellow youngsters, how can I be of assistance?” asked the manager.

“Yea, why are you letting a ten ton gargantuan work here?” Kyle asked with a smile that Markus wanted to smack off his face.

“I don’t quite follow,” replied the manager.

Kyle pointed to the woman who was serving a table.

“I suggest that she take the night off as my friend here thinks that fat women shouldn’t be seen in public but I would like a word with her. Could you possibly give me her name and number or even better, let me have a word with her outside, please.” The manager nodded and walked in her direction.

“What the fuck Markus? You prefer the fat over the thin now?” Kyle asked, arching his eye brows. Markus didn’t reply, just looked at Kyle as if to dare him to speak ill of the young woman again. The manager came back with the woman following behind and Markus soon followed. They were left in the managers’ office where he asked her what her name was and what skills other than serving people she had.

“Name’s Hailey and my skills, well, I’m into computers, actually I used to work in an office environment. If I may ask, why?” she whispered. He explained that his mother, who worked for a design company needed a PA, diary and small things. He asked her if she was busy later that day and she shook her head and told her he would pick her up at three thirty that afternoon to go see his mother at her boutique.

Afternoon traffic wasn’t pleasant in London. They reached his mother’s boutique and stepped inside, cool and inviting. His mother came out and greeted her son with a warm smile and a loving hug. She looked at Hailey and before thinking about it said that Hailey had the job of being her PA. Markus could see the excitement and confusion draw over her face.

“My son mentioned you worked at a pub and sorry to be blunt my girl but you don’t need that crappy job. It might pay ok but I pay better. Now when you come in tomorrow we’ll negotiate an adequate salary. Welcome to the team Hailey.”

Markus hugged his mother and mouthed thank you to her, she nodded and Markus guided Hailey outside where they had a late lunch in one of the local restaurants where after he drove her home. The rest of the day was frustrating on him, he kept thinking of Hailey. She had a lovely smile and those lips of hers looked moist, soft and he was very, very tempted. The moon had just come up and he was painfully aroused by the thought of Hailey, so he changed into shorts and jogged around for a while and on returning saw Kyle.

“Dude, what the hell did you talk to Porky about?” Kyle asked with a smiling. With pure rage flowing through him and without realizing what he did, he punched Kyle’s wind out.

“Have some respect to those who can’t help it you fucking imbecile. And for your God damn information, her name is Hailey, not what you just called her,” Markus snapped at him, rage bubbling to the point of punching Kyle’s lights out.

“Calm the bloody hell down and don’t defend her. You always liked to have women who had long legs, small waists and coconut tits,” said Kyle as he was backing away. Markus explained that he was starting to think otherwise and wanted to be different, he wanted to change, he wanted Hailey. Kyle smiled and shoved the fuck you at Markus which he grabbed Kyle’s arm, pulled him close and punched Kyle senseless.

Nobody was going to bad mouth his girl. Markus saw that Kyle was back-tracking to his car, hands in the air in surrender. He walked up the driveway and disappeared into his house. Showered and drove to Hailey’s house, knocked on her door and in her bathrobe opened the door a crack but when she looked into his face she opened the door wider for him to come in. She closed the door and offered something to drink. Markus shook his head and explained that he was here asking if she would like to go out to dinner with him.

Annoyed at Kyle, Markus would prove to himself, Kyle and everyone that he would change for the better. She accepted and they agreed on six thirty. He actually couldn’t wait, she had a beautiful smile and he wanted to be in her company again, she was a delight to talk with. They kept the conversation light over dinner and when he drove her home was surprised when she asked him in for a night cap. He followed her inside and soon was handed a glass of bourbon. She asked if she could excuse herself for a moment or two so she could put something comfortable on. A few moments later she returned wearing comfortable looking pants and a very lose top.

He strode up to her and kissed her lightly but she drew back.

“I’m sorry Markus. I think you should go. I would hate to cramp your style when you tell your friend Kyle you had sex with me and dumped me. So spare me the hurt of being used and go now,” she said as she walked to her door and opened it for him, waiting for him to take his leave. He didn’t want to go; he wanted to talk to her so he did the opposite.

“I’m not going so you can close your door. I’m not going to have sex with you either, as you charmingly put it and I’m not dumping you because nothing has changed yet, so come sit down, please. And for your information, I’m not going to tell Kyle because my private life has nothing to do with him,” he said smiling. She seemed to be thinking it through and closed the door, walking towards her drink she left on the table, stepped towards the furthest sofa from him where she sat down and sipped at her bourbon. He smiled and thought he could calm her nerves but he wasn’t sure how.

They ended up talking for the best part of the night and when they saw it was nearly midnight they decided that he should leave. They agreed on another date later during the week but he knew it was going to be way too long to wait but he would control it. Thursday wasn’t long away, just two days away. It’ll be fine. Yea right, easier said than done, he was rock hard and he wanted Hailey with a passion that burnt holes in his jeans where his groin pressed hard against. Thursday finally came, he picked her up promptly at six and drove off to the park.

He took out the picnic basket and walked down to more or less the middle of the park. They talked about her past, how she tried diet after diet but nothing worked and how he became a lawyer. They talked about their childhood and their dreams and soon the food he had packed was gone, mostly him, he needed something in his mouth otherwise he would’ve pulled her close and explored her instead and now that there was nothing left he knew it was a matter of time before he grabbed her to make love to her. She suddenly broke his thoughts.

“Markus, could you take me home, please?” she asked with a faint smile but he could see disappointment or was it embarrassment in her face?

He wasn’t sure. On the way to her house he had asked her if everything was all right, she nodded, smiled and as if considering her actions let her hand rest on his knee. After changing gears, he placed his hand on hers. They drove in silence back to her place and when he stopped, before he could speak, she asked if he would like to come inside for a drink while looking over her shoulder and giving him a wink. He was out the car, standing on her side of the car waiting for her to close the door. They walked up the pathway to her front door and as they reached the door he placed his hands on her waist and brought her closer so she could feel, against her ass, how much he wanted her.

He slid a hand up the side and brushed the hair away and kissed her neck and up to her earlobe to whisper that he wanted to make love to her. With that she turned around and he saw fear cover her face. He lowered down to kiss her, pulled back from the slight brush of his lips on hers.

“Please, you’re driving me insane. I want you Hailey. I haven’t thought straight for the past week, you’ve been on my mind. I find your lips inviting. Please, let me taste you again.” And with that he bent his head and kissed her lips, he soon had his tongue brushing her lips, she parted her lips with a sigh and let him roam, sparks flew through his body when he finally found her tongue with his, soft and delicate.

God, he needed her badly he thought. He pulled away.

“I know this was only the second date but give me a chance. That’s all I’m asking. I may seem like an asshole that uses and dumps but I vowed to myself when I saw you, when I knew my heart would get the better of me that I would not do that. I want you Hailey.” Markus knew it was the truth but would she believe him and at that thought, she turned and opened the door and stepped aside to let him in. She closed the door and locked it. She disappeared into the kitchen and soon came out holding two glasses of wine and handed one to him.

They sipped at their wine and he knew she was all ears while he told her how much he thought of her and how much he wanted to get to know her more. Soon their glasses were empty and he found himself getting up and stepped up to her, lifted her to her feet and they walked to her bedroom. He pulled the shirt she had on over her head and dropped it to the floor and with that her arms flew to cover her breasts. He took her arms away and realized why she always wore baggy tops, her breasts, they weren’t identical and felt her shudder within his hands and saw she was crying. He wiped his thumb over her cheek to catch the tear and bent down to kiss her, pulled back and helped her out of the sports-bra.

He bent down to her breasts and kissed one nipple and moved to the other.

“Please Hailey, don’t. I said that I vowed to myself that I would not scoop as low as Kyle and go for looks. It’s what’s here,” he placed his hand over her chest, “that I like. Your personality is what’s attractive. You’re kind, caring, loving and hell, I asked once I’ll ask again, will you give me a chance to make you happy, the way you would like to be happy. I’ll do anything,” he said with a smile and hoped she believed him because it was the truth. Hoping she wasn’t just letting him on so she could experience good sex.

“I believe you,” she replied and before he could do anything further she started unbuttoning his shirt, pulled it free from the waistband to unbutton the last two and let it fall from his arms to the floor where she kissed his chest. She ran her hands over his chest but stopping before reaching his nipples. Shy, he could see it so he took her hands and placed them on his nipples and still in his hands moved her hands over his nipples and closed his eyes, soon without realizing it she was moving her hands willingly over his body and lower still and he could see the shyness slowly fading as she started unbuckling his belt, unzipped his jeans and pushed slightly and to that, let his jeans fall around his ankles.

He slid his feet out of his shoes and out of his pants. He slid her pants and cotton knickers down until far enough for them to fall around her ankles as well where she stepped out of them. He pulled her to the bed and lay her down. He watched her as he slid his briefs down and soon was lowering himself on the bed where he started kissing her legs, inching further up where he soon found himself kissing the inside of her thigh. He slid his hand over her body, caressing, praising and memorizing every inch until he felt those soft, velvet curls. Lowering his head, he traced his tongue over the slit of her labia before pressing his tongue further, finding her sensitized spot.

Finally kissing up her body but even so, he slid two fingers inside of her silky core and started wriggling his fingers as if hungry for her, in and out while his thumb twirled her clit. She let out a moan as she came but it was more of a sigh than anything else. He got off the bed, took his wallet from his pants and pulled out the only condom he had. “May I?” she asked looking at him, with what he saw, innocent eyes, yet the grin was everything but innocent, more like devilish. He had the foil wrapper off and gave her the condom, she took it and he got up from the bed so that she could sheathe him but instead felt her tongue on the tip of his erection.

She lowered her head still and had his rigid cock in her mouth, sliding her hand until it rested on his balls and started to squeeze them lightly while she let her tongue trace where her lips were graciously tasting him. He was going to cum soon if she didn’t stop, he felt himself shudder. As if she knew, she slowly pushed away from his erection, letting her teeth slide gently over his shaft, to the tip before she gently, slowly, holding the tip of the condom, rolled it on, over his aching member. He lay her down and lowered himself above her, invading her. She bucked and moaned loudly and saw a slight trace of pain in her eyes.

He didn’t move, he stayed still until he knew she was adjusted to the size of his member. He slowly started thrusting in and out of her, every time he thrust into her, she would let out a moan. She had a hand on his stomach and every time he pulled away her finger nails scratched his stomach lightly. He pushed to the middle of the bed where he thrust harder and faster inside of her. He slowed his pace to bend down and take the nipple of the larger breast into his mouth, licking, kissing, suckling and nibbling on her nipple. He pulled away and kissed her and slid his hand over her stomach and lower down her body where he found her hand, held it and together their hands slipped between her thighs.

He could feel her warm muscles tighten. He felt himself near orgasm and with one pressured press on her tender flesh, a bite on her nipple and one hard thrust; she came as he did because it felt like vice grips around his length which had made him come, never ending, afraid that the condom would burst. He felt himself soften, removed himself from her, took the condom off and he saw a tissue held in front of him, he smiled. He wrapped the condom and threw it in the waste basket on her side of the bed before lowering himself on his back where he pulled her down with him.

Her head on his chest, her arm draped over his chest, holding her, kissing her temple, whispering that he wanted this night to never end. When morning came he saw she wasn’t next to him but felt something moist working on his now hard shaft, lifted his head and saw her grinning while a cute pink tongue was sliding, from head to base where she took each ball into her mouth and sucked hard.

“I could get used to waking up like this,” he said smiling. He saw that she had a new condom on the bedside table. He was curious to that, after all, he took her virginity last night, ah shit, and who cares in any case she is his woman and he’s not going to stop this from being the most promising relationship ever and suddenly knew that this relationship was going to work just well until he died of a heart attack while making love to his beautiful woman. Killer sex, he laughed at the thought and helped her up after she slid the condom on and pushed his length in one thrust inside of her. This was one Valentine’s Day that he’ll never forget.