Meeting Old ‘Friends’

“ohh those look like some extra efforts.. special for today?” I asked her while she was applying finishing touches to her carefully done makeup which made her beautiful face glow even more.

Me and my gf Saniya were in live-in relationship since two years. We both had set our career on secured path and now enjoying our life as young enthusiastic couple living in a major metro city in India. Today we were getting a visit from a married couple who were old friends of us. Me and Ritika were classmates in college, whereas her husband Shounak was senior to us. We four used to hangout often after our college and were an inseparable group. After graduation Ritika and Shounak moved to US for further studies, stayed for job and married. They had returned here after a long long time thus we had invited them for dinner. it was kind of a reunion for us.

Saniya got up from front of the mirror and turned around. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was wearing a silky black one piece. It was ending well above the knees showing off her milky thighs. Neckline was hanging low enough with the help of thin spaghetti straps on her shoulders, the cleavage giving hints of beautiful c cup breasts and clearly no sign of bra. The back was covered with criss-cross strings, whose function was obviously to show more than to hide. I noted the sexy high heels when she started walking towards me swaying her hips like a professional model. “Wow! You look so hot!” I managed to blurt out something as she was standing an inch away from me, her perfume was intoxicating and my brain was frozen while looking at the deep cleavage from higher point. She bought her fingers to my chin and pushed it upward so that our eyes met. ” I got the compliment long before you spoke..” she said while moving her other hand over my hard dick which was making awkward tent in my jeans. She started giggling looking at me and I got out of trance.

I tried to hug her and was about to kiss her with my lips when she pushed me with such force that I fell back on bed. “Not now. I don’t want you to ruin all my makeup. I know how you act when you get all excited. And after all you are meeting your old friend after so’s natural.” She said winking.

“Ohh..and what about you? You must be glad your favourite flirting partner is back in town?” I gave a reply which made her blush hard.

It was true. I had met Saniya after Ritika and Shounak got together. Though I always maintained the best friend vibe, Saniya always knew I was attracted to Ritika and she always pulled my leg for it, sometimes in front of Ritika and Shounak. Saniya could be a great flirt when she wanted and always brought her A game with Shounak.

Saniya and me were living together like almost a married couple. We both were sexually very active and tried almost everything a couple could do. Now our kinky brains were thinking of involving someone else with us since some time. When we had discussed and got to know that we both were thinking of this, we had had crazy sex that night XD.

“It’s always fun to doll up, show off, try to impress and get attention. You know how I enjoy your office parties ;)”

” Yeah but thankfully not this much..” I said looking at her from top to bottom once again.

“Haha yeah..but again these are our old ‘friends’.. and who knows.. maybe the evening will inspire some activities.. so better prepared than not.. ;)”

Her gesture of quotes while saying friends and naughty thoughts made me get up and I hugged and kissed her directly on lips. She was not expecting that but she started kissing me back like a pro. Our lips were now playing with each other and my hands were groping her cute butt through the sexy silk. She held my neck with both hands and started sucking my tongue. I was starting to roll up her dress to feel her butt directly but suddenly we heard the loud ding dong of our doorbell.

We separated reluctantly, but both could see the lust in each others eyes. “Let me get this mess together. You go open the door and welcome our guests” She said giving me pat on butt.

I started towards the living room and glanced back towards my hot girlfriend. She had already fixed her hair and was now adjusting her dress. At the last moment,I saw her pull the neckline even lower and bite the lower lip looking at me through the mirror.

Tonight was definitely going to be very interesting.