Sissy by the Pool

On my feet I wore 6 inch black stiletto heels and a tight pink chain anklet, which rested above my right ankle. My legs were silky smooth like the rest of my body and had a layer of fake tan, and another layer of sun oil that made my skin glisten in the midsummer sun. Even though I was once a boy, I wore a girls bikini, a very slutty one at that. My bra was a shiny black and gave my perky, HRT made, B-cup tits a very thin cover, while the strings were a millimetre thick. The thong was the same colour and did a better job hiding my shrunken, limp penis and tiny balls. But the G-string was so thin it only made a seductive, black line on my hips, and left my Boipussy with very little protection, and my plump behind was totally exposed. It was tight too, the tiny string dug at my pre-lubed hole. I knew I was going to be taking my Masters cock very soon.

I had been ordered to the kitchen to fetch us a glass of wine. Which I dutifully prepared to deliver to the pool in our back yard. Master was some kind of business exec in his 30s, I was his 19 year old sissy bimbo slave. And I looked like one, my lips and fake acrylic finger nails were a hot pink, my hair was a shoulder length, bleach blonde and I wore a black leather collar all the time while I was awake. Master always made sure I dressed and acted slutty, my most conservative outfit was a sun dress which went halfway down my thigh. Master didn’t allow me to wear underwear with that outfit, in fact I’m rarely in panties. I must always be easy access, and easy in general. Master worked enough to get all the things he owned, including me, he deserves to relax and have fun when using his slave.

I strutted back to the pool with a glass of red wine in each hand. Master laid on a sunbed wearing only swim trunks and a pair of Ray Bands sunglasses. His muscular arms, torso and legs were on full show in the hot sunlight. I smiled at him as I handed over his wine and sunk to my knees beside him. He reached over and grabbed my right tit. “Good girl.” Every time he said it, I beamed inside, I had always been subby and wanted to be the best I could be. Master squeezed my tit, then pulled his arm away, with it he pulled my bikini top aside to expose my tit. “That’s better.” He chuckled and took a sip of wine. I looked to him and he nodded, allowing me to do the same.

“Come sit on Master’s lap, sissy.” He commanded me while patting his thigh.

“Yes Master, thank you Master.” I replied and obeyed. I stood up and straddle over his lap. I sat my firm ass down on his damp swim shorts, they felt cold against my skin.

Master put his hands on my hips, motioning me to grind on his bulge. I could feel his cock was semi hard already. I closed my eyes and smiled at the thought he was getting excited over me and my slim sissy body. I rarely left much to the imagination for a reason. I opened my eyes again when I felt Masters strong hands slide up and down my sides. He felt up my oiled up skin and his left hand ended up rubbing my ass cheek, while his right hand pulled aside the cover that remained on my right tit. He grabbed at my tit roughly before twisting my nipple hard.

I gasped unevenly and felt my small penis start to stir. I can’t get fully hard anymore, but it can get excited. Master noticed the slight push on the front of my thong and he slapped my tit. “Looks like you’re getting horny, sissy, why don’t you let your little clitty out?” He growled at me.

“You always make me horny, Master.” I bit my lip as I responded and undid the the tiny bows that held my thong together, before reaching back and pulling them from under me.

Master chuckled. “I love how tiny you’ve become, sissy.” He reached for my mostly limp clit, which was hardly 2 inches, and rubbed on it quickly with his thumb and index finger. I stopped grinding and pressed my ass on his now fully hard bulge and moaned in ecstasy, I could feel his full 8 inch length under me. It would be in me soon.

Master stopped rubbing me and told me to sit up. He then pulled down his swim shorts, fully exposing his strong, thick cock and hairy balls. He reached for his cock and pointed it up at my Boipussy.

“You can sit down now.” He smirked. I obeyed and lowered my ass onto his cock. Even pre-lubed, I could feel him tear into my hole, which was tight against his girth, even after being fucked every day for months. “Mmm, I love this pussy!” Master groaned as I finished taking his length. He grabbed my hips again and guided me to ride his cock.

As I bounced up and down on my Master, he went back to feeling up my body and playing with my tits. I moaned softly while slamming my Boipussy into his cock and being groped all over. My clit leaked pre-cum and flopped uselessly in front of the massive cock that impaled me. Master spanked my ass so hard it stung whenever he wanted me to go faster, which I knew to obey. I took a glance down and saw that it was already going red with his handprints large and distinct. We kept going for 10 or so minutes before Master held my hips still. “I’m gonna slip off and you’re gonna get on your hands and knees on the sunbed, right sissy?” He ordered.

“Yes Master.” I bowed my head and got off of him. My Boipussy gaped a little and felt empty. It wouldn’t be for long.

Master slipped off the sunbed and stepped out of his shorts, when he turned around I was right where he wanted me. My ass faced him and my legs were spread as far wide as the bed would let me. My back was arched and my face was down between my arms. I looked down between my tits and at my penis which dangled between my legs, a string of pre-cum hung off the tip. Master slapped my ass again and quickly thrust his cock inside me. I gasped as he wasted no time fucking me rapid and rough from behind. My clit flung around helplessly while he slammed his hips on my ass cheeks. As sudden as he started, he stopped, pressing his full length in me and pushing himself on me. He growled lowly and grabbed onto my tits, pulling his hands towards him with them in his grip, and then he started twisting my nipples mercilessly. I cried out at the pain and begged Master to fuck me more instead. He hummed in approval and began thrusting back and forth in my Boipussy. He spanked my ass again with every few thrusts and soon I felt my eyeliner running down my cheeks, forming uneven lines where my tears fell.

Master reached over and and took a hold of my wrists, and pulled them back to just above my ass, forcing me to press my face against the rough towel that covered the sunbed. “Keep them there, sissy.” He commanded as he left my Boipussy and bent down to pick up my thong. He wrapped it around my wrists and tied it up to bind them tightly together. He pushed his cock back in me and reached around my shoulder using my left tit as a handle, and pulled me up to my knees. He kissed and bit at my upper neck, sending tingles all through my body, and then spoke into my ear. “Get down on the ground, sissy.”

“Okay Master.” I smiled and licked my lips. I lowered my stilettos onto the ground and then sunk to my knees next to where I had been taking Masters cock minutes ago. But he was not done using me, he never was, when we weren’t engaged in anything sexual I was his domestic slave, entertainment and eye candy trophy sissy. I was proud to be taken as his property. I knelt with my head high, my hands firmly bound behind my back, the hard ground pushing up at my bare knees.

Master stepped across and stood over me, his cock shone in the bright sun, wet from where it had been in my Boipussy. He reached over and took a hold of most of my hair in his fist, then pulled my face towards his crotch. I opened my mouth dutifully and took his warm cock in my mouth. I bobbed my head back and forth sucking on his cock firmly. He moaned in pleasure then pulled my head closer, forcing his way into my throat. Master took control, fucking my face almost as hard as he fucked my Boipussy. I gagged and squirmed at my makeshift bonds, the string of my thong holding my wrists in place.

Finally, Master pulled away, I gasped gratefully for air and my vision, blurred by tears, began to focus on the lines of spit connecting his cock to my mouth. “Look at me, sissy!” Master barked, I quickly obeyed and looked up to him, my makeup was totally ruined, my lipstick mostly gone, now on his cock. Eyeliner had run all down my cheeks and my mouth hung open, tongue out. Master leaned down and spat in my mouth. Before I had time to swallow it, he had forced my mouth back on his cock.

He fucked my face again, letting me breath every now and then. He eventually pulled out and slapped my face with his cock, before letting go of my hair and stroking his cock. I looked up to him, tongue hanging out, anticipating while he finished himself off with his hand. “Take my load, you fucking slut!” Master grunted as he held his cock still, pointed at me, and hot, thick cum shot out. It went into my mouth, over my face, and some even got on my tits. I dared not swallow what went into my mouth until he finished completely. Master was a heavy cummer and by the time he was done, my mouth was half filled with cum, while my face and tits were generously covered. “Good girl!” Master growled down to me. His cum felt hot and sticky on my skin. I swallowed the cum in my mouth then leant forward to suck Masters cock clean.

He walked around me and bent over to untie my thong from my wrists. “What do you say, sissy.”

I knew exactly what to say, I bowed down my head, which caused cum to drip from my face onto my tits, clit and thighs. “Thank you for using me, Master.” I answered happily.

Once my hands were free, I went straight to work picking up Masters cum that covered me, and licking it off my fingers. I savoured the taste and moaned with my fingers in my mouth. While I was doing as I had been trained, Master got back into his swim shorts and sat back on the sunbed, lifting the back up so he could watch me. He let me go about feeding myself his cum for a moment and then said, “Best lick that up and get dressed quick, sissy, my guests are coming soon.”