Pluribus: Icebreaker

If you’ve read any of my Pluribus Series, this takes place in the same universe, but about a century in the future. I just want to make that clear to avoid confusion. For example, in this story Pluribus is the name of a moon, and in the main series it’s the name of a ship. That is intentional and the reason will become clear at the end of the main series.


It was a much more mundane process than I’d expected. After riding in a civilian transport for weeks, and landing on the small moon, I’d expected finding an apartment to be…a bit more exotic. Instead, the ad for an apartment with an opening was literally pinned to a corkboard in the terminal. It was the 25th century, not the 20th, but whatever. I texted the number on the ad, asking if I could rent a room. The apartment was in a cultural exchange complex, so the rates were low. Plus, I had come to Pluribus partly to meet aliens, so it was a perfect situation. Much better than I would have hoped for for a young man like me, right out of college, in my price range. Almost immediately, the leasing office replied and let me know they had an opening for a human. I accepted right away.

I grabbed the handle of the rolling suitcase that contained everything I owned, and walked out into the warm afternoon light. It felt like an early summer afternoon at home in my mid-size, midwestern city, but I couldn’t remember what that meant for this moon. I remembered the cycle of the seasons on Pluribus from my astronomy class last year, but that didn’t tell me what each season would feel like. It was such a rush, standing on an alien world. Even if it basically just looked like a modern city on Earth. At least I could feel the slightly reduced gravity in my steps. I wanted something to be different, alien. I bent down to touch the grass, wondering how different it would be to the grass of Earth. It seemed…wider? Like, the blades of grass might have been slightly larger, side to side, but that may have also been my imagination. I tried to squeeze and bend a blade of grass in my fingers, but I felt a tap on my back.

“Excuse me.”

I stood up and turned to see a middle-aged man dressed in a suit. It was a human man. He must’ve been one of the immigration officials.

“Oh, hi! Am I supposed to talk to you? I just got here.” I didn’t know how the intake process worked. It had looked like I was done, but maybe I had some other form to fill out or something.

“Nope. You’re just,” he gestured with his hands. “You’re kinda blocking the doorway, buddy. I’ve got to get to work.” I only now registered the impatience on his face, and the fact that I was still standing in the doorway.

“Oh!” I stepped out onto the lawn of the entrance courtyard. “I’m so sorry.”

“Forget about it,” the man said over his shoulder as he walked past me. I saw that streets were mostly empty, and I realized that, beyond the seasons, I didn’t even know what time of day it was. I checked my tab, swiping and tapping to get it up and running after it had been shut off for the landing. It updated after connecting to the local network. My appointment to sign my lease was in two hours. After that, I could move in. The place was furnished, so the only actual moving would be my clothes and the few other things I had packed from Earth.

It was only 10:00 AM, but I was hungry, so I decided to eat near my new home, both in case I was running late and to scope out some food options nearby. The subway ride is the first time I see the promise of Pluribus fulfilled: alien races from all over the Alliance, going about their daily lives side-by-side with humans. This is what I had wanted for years. Ever since we’d hosted an exchange student from the Zunit tribe of nux when I was in high school, I’d been fascinated by aliens. I also genuinely believed that Pluribus was going to be the hub of the Alliance economy and culture for a long time to come. It all just added up: this was where I needed to be.

Once I got off at my new stop, I pulled up the local restaurant search listings on my tab. There was a nux place nearby with good reviews, and I just had to try it. Cahpo, our exchange student, had gone on and on about Zunit cuisine, and I’d always wanted to try it, or at least something similar. I opened the door to the restaurant and stepped inside. It was cool and dark, compared to the sunny street outside. There were familiar booths and tables, but they were partially hidden by an obscene number of indoor plants. The server was friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed a fish that had been cooked in a sweet and citrusy sauce. It had taken two of them to bring it out. It was good, but something was missing. The twenty-centimeter tall, pixie-like nux must have seen the confusion on my face.

“Have you had any Jimina cuisine before?” I could tell by her expression that she knew I hadn’t. I did know that Jimina was the planet that nux were from.

“No, we had a Zunit exchange student stay with us, and he always talked about how good it was, but I’ve never had any before.”

She nodded, like that explained everything. “That’s great! My mom is from Atzca, only a few days’ flight from Zunit. I think she started this restaurant because she missed being on Jimina.” She gestured to the salt shaker on the table that was practically half her size. “You should add salt. Humans need more salt.”

That sounded familiar, like maybe Cahpo had said something and I hadn’t been listening, but I was still surprised. “We do?”

She smiled. She was pretty, with her bright yellow hair and lime green skin. It was amazing how human she looked, once you got past her tiny size, brightly colored skin, and the fact that she was hovering like a hummingbird. I wished she would land somewhere so I could see her wings. Nux wings were always beautiful. “Yeah, there’s not much salt on Jimina, so we don’t add much to our food. It’s on the table there. Add as much as you want.”

I sprinkled a little salt on the fish. It did make a big difference. Now there were some really interesting floral notes coming through in the sauce. It was really good! I wondered what Cahpo had done while he lived with us to avoid salt. I never saw him eat differently than we did. Well, except for eating a lot less. He was less than twenty-five centimeters tall, after all.

After that, I walked to my new apartment complex and found the leasing office. The complex looked very modern and well-maintained. I was starting to look forward to living here. I walked into the leasing office and spoke to the human woman at the front desk. The whole process only took about fifteen minutes, and I was walking out of the leasing office with the entry code on my tab, pulling my luggage behind me. I had never rented an apartment outside of university housing, but this place seemed very efficient.

The walls were gray concrete. The windows I could see from the ground looked large. That would be nice. I liked letting in daylight. I wondered if my roommates would feel the same way. I found the right building and walked up. My apartment was on the second floor. I had the entry code on my tab, but I knocked anyway. I think I felt like it would be rude to barge in if someone was home, when they’d never met me. In just a few seconds, I could hear excited murmurs behind the door, and then the lock was turned. The door opened to reveal a small entryway, and an excited, out-of-breath malorc woman standing there, holding the door.

“Hi! You must be Marc?”

“I am. The leasing office told you I was moving in?”

She nodded. She was just under a meter and a half tall, but with the proportions of a taller human. She was slender, almost slight, but looks could be deceiving. I knew that malorcs were strong. Like, this petite little woman could probably toss me across the room. She was wearing a loose, flowy robe, a very pale pink in color. The material looked thick and soft, but still somehow almost translucent. She held out her hand to me, grinning ear to ear. I shook it. Her smooth, blue skin was soft and just slightly cooler than mine.

Her smile got even wider, somehow. “I’m Talipo, but you can call me Tally. Come in. Come in!”

She stepped back to let me in, and as I was stepping over the threshold I heard a stage-whispered chant start from inside the apartment.

“Fresh. Meat. Fresh. Meat.”

Tally turned her head to where the voice was coming from. “You said you would be nice!”

I walk past the corner of the wall to see the apartment’s living room. The room was spacious, with wood or faux-wood floors and a large gray rug in the center. The back wall was actually floor-to-ceiling windows with a sliding glass door that opened up to a small balcony. There were matching dark, leather sofas, one facing the window and another facing a screen on the wall. Curled, or coiled, up on the couch was the first lith I’d ever seen in person. She was smiling at me, scaled lips curled into a hungry grin. I mentally catalogued what I knew about liths. They were scaled, warm-blooded people with long, powerful tails instead of legs. The one sitting on the couch looked basically like a really buff, four-meter-long snake with arms and a face that wasn’t that far off from human. Oh, and boobs! She had huge, round tits.

“I am being nice! Not as nice as I’d like to be, but still very nice.”

Tally came to my defense. “Nalissa! You’re scaring him!”

I was a bit scared, actually. It didn’t help when Nalissa slithered off the couch and closer to me. She held out her hand in greeting, and I swear I didn’t mean to flinch, but I did.

Luckily, she didn’t seem too offended. “Oh, you’ve got one of the–those phobia things, huh? For the…uh…snakes, is it?”

I did, a little bit. Maybe a lot. It was her eyes that really got me. The lime green scales covering the front of her body and the dark green scales on her back were a big part of it, but the shape of her face was close enough to human that I didn’t really freak out until I looked at her eyes: golden irises split by vertical, dark pupils. They were exactly like a snake’s eyes, except I could see intelligence in them. Even if she hadn’t looked like a giant snake with arms, though, I think Nalissa would’ve looked a bit intimidating. I’d seen pictures of liths with more muscle, and I’d seen human men who were gym rats with bigger arms, but Nalissa still looked as strong as I knew Tally was. Either of these women could easily bench press my body weight and then some. Fortunately, Nalissa was the only one who looked like she might want to. Liths had different sexual dimorphism than humans, which might have explained her boisterous, forward welcome. The women were generally much larger than the men, and built muscle much more easily.

At the same time that I was afraid of her, I was also noticing how attractive she was. A big part of that was that she was wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that was so off-the-shoulder that her left breast was completely exposed. It was a lith custom for females to always keep one breast exposed. It was symbolic of something I couldn’t remember at the moment because it wasn’t just the first real-life breast I’d ever seen, it was also magnificent. A huge, gravity-defying pillow of flesh that put every pornstar to shame, topped with a dark green nipple that I couldn’t help but imagine between my lips.

It was hard being a twenty-two year old virgin, but I swallowed my nerves and hormones and I shook her hand. Her scales were warm and soft. Part of me was worried she wouldn’t let go, but fortunately that fear was unfounded. Maybe I could warm up to my lith roommate with time. She did bite her teeth in the air at me in a gesture that I assumed was flirtatious. I wasn’t sure whether or not it worked. The whole package made me feel like I was gaining and losing stiffness in my cock at the same time, and rapidly.

I cleared my throat. “Nice to meet you both. I’m Marc.” I wondered if it was just the three of us. “This is a six bedroom, right?”

Tally stepped around me to point down one of the two hallways connecting the living room to the bedrooms. “Yup, that’s one wing, with one open bedroom between Nalissa’s room and Snowfall’s room.” She pointed down the other hallway. “And I’m down this wing with two open rooms. You’re actually not the only new roommate moving in today, and then our sixth is supposed to move in tomorrow. She’s on the transport from Wulk right now.”

Nalissa’s serpentine head snapped to the side to look at Talipo. “You didn’t tell me she was a wulk.”

Tally held out her hands, defensively. “I’m pretty sure I did. What does it matter anyway? You’ve got a problem with wulks?”

Nalissa sighed and shrugged. “Not really. They’re just fucking weird is all.”

She had a point, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it. Wulks were evolved from ambush predators on a jungle world also called Wulk. It gave them a…different set of mannerisms. It wasn’t the wulks’ fault that they were so strange, after all. They probably felt the same way about the rest of us. Plus, I felt like I needed to move out of my comfort zone a little, and try to let Nalissa know I wasn’t going to let a little phobia of snakes make me terrified of my roommate. So, I smirked and said something sarcastic. That’s always a good way to make friends, right?

“Oh, and you’re not?”

Nalissa’s laugh was loud and boisterous. “I knew I was going to like you! You sure you want your own room? My bed’s big enough for two…” She was smiling, so I was pretty sure she was mostly kidding.

Tally saved me again. “That would be in violation of the renter’s agreement.”

Nalissa shrugged. “Well, there’s no rule against visiting.” She pointed at me with a smirk. “Think about it.”

Nalissa slithered off to her room, leaving me with the more unassuming malorc. “Is she always like that?”

Tally blushed, her face bluing above the neck. “I think so,” she admitted with a shrug. “She only moved in a few days ago. This whole building just opened up last week.”

“Oh wow, I guess I’ve got good timing, then.” Moving into a brand new at this rate was a steal.

Tally nodded along. “Yeah, but you would’ve been fine. Humans are always underrepresented in cultural exchange housing.”

That was true enough, mostly because Earth was the most developed planet in the Alliance. Lots of humans wanted to move to the moon of Pluribus, but for most of the other species we’d made contact with, it was also the fastest way to live in a city with truly modern infrastructure. The biggest exception was Bolkeh, the planet of the malorcs, and they had only laid data cables a couple of decades ago.

“So what brought you to Pluribus? All the malorc caves are well-developed, and I know there are jobs there.” Malorcs had evolved in caves deep in canyons that cut across Bolkeh’s harsh surface. They were usually between one and one and a half meters tall, bald, with pale blue skin. Their facial features were also just a bit larger than a human’s: wide mouths, full lips, prominent noses, and big, anime-girl eyes. I thought Tally looked really cute. Cute enough that I was having to really think about how to sound normal.

Talipo’s face blued again, and she squirmed in place. “Well, I…I wanted to be around aliens. I’m kind of obsessed with human culture.”

“Oh! Okay.”

“It’s not weird or anything! I just grew up watching hollywood movies and playing human games and everything! I just didn’t want to stay in Tippany and experience what was going on in the galaxy from a distance, you know!”

Tally was cute, getting embarrassed and defensive. Malorcs were cave-dwellers, and their sense organs were just slightly larger than the equivalent on a human. Her already large eyes were practically popping out of her bald head. I smiled at her, trying to help her get over her embarrassment.

“It’s okay. I don’t think it’s weird. It’ll give us something in common, right?”

She put a soft, warm hand on my arm. “Oh, you’re sweet! I’m so glad you’re sweet.” She swallowed and removed her hand. “Um, do you want to check out the rooms?”

She showed me the available rooms, and I picked the one next to hers. Maybe it was because she was nice to me, without being as frightening as Nalissa. Maybe it was because I’m a man and she was cute. Maybe it was both.

I unpacked my things, which were mostly just clothes, and then I left to do some shopping for other things I needed. My room was furnished with a comfortable bed and a large desk and dresser, but I would need some more hardware for work. After I’d finished school, I had limited my job search to companies with an office on Pluribus, and after a year with this one I’d put in for a transfer. It turned out that the whole office worked remotely, only using the small rented space for meetings.

By the time I’d bought my equipment and made it back to my new apartment, Snowfall was home and our new roommate had moved in. Snowfall was a sibill, a symbiotic alien that looked like, for lack of a better comparison, an elaborate purple strap-on dildo. They generally spent their time bonded with a host, in Snowfall’s case a Vessel they’d brought from Orbis Verpa, the home planet of the genderless sibillis. Sibillis was the plural of sibill. Vessels looked like a large sandy-furred ape, and Snowfall’s Vessel was no exception. They held out their Vessel’s hand for me to shake, and as I gripped the leathery paw an androgynous voice came out of the speaker they wore around their neck. “Greetings. Welcome. Myself: Falling Snow. Meeting you: Pleasant. Your name: Marc?”

I blinked a few times at the phrasing they’d used, but I was aware of how sibills who hadn’t bonded to a speech user communicated. Before contact with humans, they communicated with each other by mentally sending ideas and images to each other. Other species had no way to “hear” those ideas, though, so now they could buy a speaker to turn them into words, but if they had never bonded with a speech-user before, they lacked the intuitive understanding of language that they needed to sound natural. The result wasn’t exactly robotic, but it definitely took a bit more attention to listen to than most people.

“Yeah, I’m Marc. It’s nice to meet you, Snowfall. You, too, Gevna.”

Gevna was a stevan. She was barely a meter tall, with purple-gray skin, black horns, and large, demonic-looking wings behind her. Stevans basically looked like cartoon incubi and succubi, and Gevna seemed to have embraced the aesthetic, dressed in lots of black silk and leather. Her wings would have been very useful among the cliffs of Sartieghe, but she stuck to walking on her feet here in the apartment.

“It’s nice to meet you, as well, Marc.”

We decided to split a couple of pizzas that evening, and found a place that specialized in having something for everyone, a daunting task with so many different races. There was ground saller, a large herbivore from Sillah, the lith homeworld, for Nalissa, some kind of fish for Gevna, pepperoni for me, mushroom for Tally, a few slices of cheese just in case, and, shockingly, pineapple for Snowfall.

“Pineapple: Delicious. For Everyone: No. For Snowfall: Yes.”

We ate together and talked about what had brought us to Pluribus and its capital, Levigne. Apparently Nalissa and Tally had lived on Pluribus for a while, and they had just moved to Levigne. Snowfall and Gevna had just immigrated, like me. We all wanted to live in a thriving, multi-species metropolis, and we had made it happen. I felt pretty good about my new living situation.

The next couple of days went by uneventfully. With Levigne’s booming economy, all my roommates were working, so I had the apartment to myself during the day. There was usually at least someone around to eat a quick dinner with, but I didn’t have much time to just hang out. The ansible on the transport ship had been reserved for official communication, so I had a lot of work to catch up on. I’d only been with the company for a year, too, so I didn’t want anyone to think I was slacking off.
I was almost done with all that on early Friday evening when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was Tally, and I was surprised to see her in human-style clothing. I’d only ever seen her in her pink, gauzy Tippan robes. She was wearing a pale pink button-up blouse over a white pleated skirt, with white sneakers. She looked really good. I’d gotten to know her a little bit in the last couple of days, and she was a really sweet girl. I was beginning to think I’d like to ask her out. That’s part of why her suggestion for the evening was so surprising.


“Hey, Tally, what’s up?”

She walked in and sat on my bed, legs crossed at the ankles. “I…um, I wanted to have a party-thing, with the roommates.” I only just then noticed her biting her lip and fidgeting. “Are you free, tonight? To do something with us?”

That sounded really nice. I’d wanted to spend more time with my roommates anyway. They all seemed really nice, even Nalissa, despite her bluntness. “Yeah, I’m just finishing up here. Are we going somewhere or staying in?”

Tally lit up. “Really?! That’s great! Um, we were thinking of staying in.”

Her nerves seemed to come back when she told me we were staying in, but I let it go. “That sounds great. Do you need me to go pick up anything?”

Tally shook her head. “No, but, um, I wanted to tell you what we’re going to do…”


Tally had been speaking slowly, but now she sped up, trying to get it all out at once. “Well, I thought it would be nice to do an icebreaker kind of thing, since none of us really know each other, and maybe doing something a little bit awkward together would help us get comfortable and ever since I read about it I’ve wanted to try it so I asked everyone else and they’re all okay with it but if you’re not okay with it then we won’t do it but I was hoping you’d be okay with playing strip poker. Whoo!”

Tally took some deep breaths while I processed her speech. “Strip poker?”

“Yeeeaaahh…” She bit her lip and looked up at me in the cutest expression. “Is that weird? When I read about it it said it was a human game, and I thought that it wouldn’t be weird but we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

I held up my hands in surrender. “No, I’m just surprised you want to. For me, it sounds like a dream! Strip poker with a bunch of pretty girls? I’m in. I’m just surprised you all want to play with me! Especially you, Tally. Isn’t nudity just not a big deal to malorcs?”

Her cheeks blued. “I don’t know…in Tippany some of the deepmen walked around naked, but most of us kept our clothes on except at the spas. Mostly, though, I’ve never seen a hu–um, a human or a lith or a stevan or a wulk naked. I…I’m curious.”

That made sense. Alien biology was almost as interesting as alien culture. Being a horny young man wasn’t the only reason I was excited about it, too. I leaned in and smiled at the blue-skinned girl. “I am too.”

Tally smiled back. “I had a good feeling about you, you know?”

My smile got wider. “Yeah?”

“As soon as you walked in…um, we’re getting everything ready out there. You’ll need to wear five items of clothing, so we all start with the same number.”

She stood up to leave, and I turned back to my workstation with new motivation to get my work done. “Okay, give me ten minutes to finish up and I’ll be right out.”

I finished in eight, but it felt like twenty. I looked at my outfit. I was technically wearing five items already: a tee and jeans, with boxers and a pair of socks. That felt like a bit of a cop-out, though. I quickly switched out my gray tee for a white one, and buttoned up an oxford over it, followed by a light jacket. I took off my socks to make it five. I wasn’t sure why that seemed like a better choice, but it did.

I opened my door and walked out into the living area. The low table that usually sat in the middle of the rug had been moved under the screen. Nalissa and Snowfall were sitting on the rug. Well, technically neither of them were sitting. Nalissa was coiled up and resting against her tail. Snowfall’s Vessel was sitting. It was strange seeing a Vessel wearing what looked to me like human style clothing: a jacket and tee on top of khaki pants. The large creature’s ape-like body looked out of place, almost like they were playing dress-up. I couldn’t see what they were wearing underneath. I wondered if Snowfall themselves was comfortable under multiple layers of clothing. Nalissa was wearing a dress specially designed for liths that left her left breast exposed, under an open jacket. Below that I could see the skirt of her dress covered only the top of her long, thick tail. I must have been caught looking because Nalissa winked one of her reptilian eyes at me.

Gevna flew past me carrying a pair of drinks. She had on a strappy black halter top, probably because the style didn’t get in the way of her wings. She also had on a black skirt over black leggings that were probably supposed to be mid-calf, but went all the way down to the short woman’s ankles. Talipo followed closely behind her, carrying another two drinks.

I started walking over toward the rug when Tally gestured behind me. “Chekuar, this is Marc. Marc, Chekuar.”

I turned, jumping when I saw how closely our new roommate was standing behind me. She was a few inches taller than me, with light brown dreadlocks loosely tied in a ponytail behind her head. There was a tinge of green to her hair, both coming out of her head and on her wrists and ankles. It almost looked like she was wearing bracers and shinguards made of hair over her bronze skin. What she was actually wearing were a pair of dark brown pants and a green sleeveless shirt. Both of them clung tightly to her body. Her lower hands were carrying a couple snack bowls, and each of her upper hands carried a bottle of beer. I knew that in addition to her four arms, the wulk had four breasts under that green shirt, and I was hoping to see them at some point during the game.

“Oh, nice to meet you, Chekuar! When did you get in?”

She paused, long enough that it wasn’t clear she’d heard me. Luckily, I knew to expect that from wulks. I just kept eye contact with her middle pair of eyes, which was not as easy as it sounds, with her extra eye on each side of her head scanning the room.

Suddenly, almost too fast for my eyes to follow, she thrust a beer toward me. I was glad it was in a bottle, because anything else probably would have spilled. “Two and a half hours ago. Nice to meet you Marc.”

Her face went from totally blank to a warm smile and back again. If I hadn’t been looking I would’ve missed it. I took the beer with a mental shrug.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

I walked over to the rug, eyes wide at the interaction I’d just been a part of. Nalissa was smirking at me, but no one else seemed to notice.

Gevna had handed Snowfall her drink and sat down, folding her wings behind her. “Ah, the mysterious human emerges from his cave!”

The smile on her face made me pretty confident she was teasing, but I answered anyway. “Sorry, I had a lot of work to catch up on from while I was in transit. They wanted it done by today. I’m usually not such a recluse, I promise.”

Nalissa’s smile was a bit more predatory. “We’ll hold you to that, human.”

Talipo smiled at me. “She’s not wrong, Marc. None of us know anyone else here. We should stick together.”

I chuckled, holding my hands up in defeat. “No arguments from me.” Chekuar sat down smoothly and silently next to me, completing the circle. “So, Tally, what are we playing? Hold ‘Em?”

The malorc blinked. “Teezass Hold Them? That’s what I was thinking.”

I laughed at her mispronunciation. It was cute, and I was sure she didn’t intend the double entendre. “Does everyone know how to play?”

Tally nodded, her cheeks blue. “We played a couple of practice hands while you were finishing up, but I haven’t gone over the special rules yet.”

Nalissa’s upper body swayed back and forth in what was probably a gesture that meant something to liths, while Snowfall’s voice came out of their necklace-speaker.

“Question: Rules for Clothing Removal.”

Talipo’s giggle was musical. “Yes, Snowfall. So, I was thinking we flip over three cards without any betting, and after that everyone can either fold or bet some number of items of clothing, truths, like personal questions, or dares. The winner of the hand gets to choose the clothing that gets lost, and even remove it themselves, and they get to ask the questions and decide the dares. If you’re naked you can call the clothing bets for free. What do you all think of that?”

It sounded interesting. I was in! I nodded along with the rest of the group. Gevna voiced her agreement. “That sounds exciting!”

I took a sip of my beer. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to do this! I’d never even seen a female human naked, at least not in person, and now I was playing strip poker with four hot female aliens, plus Snowfall. Doing this with other humans was the kind of thing I’d heard stories of much cooler people than myself doing, but the thought of playing this kind of intimate, playful, sexual game with aliens had never occurred to me. Tally’s cheeks were pretty blue, and Gevna was nervously fidgeting, but I couldn’t read the others. Were they as nervous as I was?

Tally dealt the first hand, and I looked at my cards: five of diamonds and queen of clubs. There was another five in the flop, but nothing else promising.

Nalissa bet first, since she was to Tally’s left. “One item of clothing.”

Snowfall folded, and Chekuar called. I called, too. Gevna and Tally folded. Nalissa looked confident, but I could afford to lose my jacket. It was warm in here anyway. No one raised after the turn or the river. I guess we were all getting our feet wet. We flipped our cards, and Nalissa won with a pair of tens. I started to unzip my jacket when Nalissa stopped me, teeth showing in a triumphant smile. “No, no, no, you two. I won. I get to take your clothes off.”

I had forgotten about that. Of course Nalissa hadn’t. I wasn’t sure how serious her flirting was, but it had been consistent since I moved in. She raised her body up on her long, powerful tail, and slithered over to me. “Stand up, Marc.” I stood. She was noticeably taller than me when she raised up on her tail. She grabbed my waistband like she was going to take off my pants. I hadn’t expected that, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Luckily, she paused and then unzipped my jacket. “No, it’ll be sweeter later if I wait.” I had to concentrate not to react to her scaly, clawed hands taking my jacket off, or her huge, exposed breast right in front of me.

After she was done with me, “for now,” according to her, she lifted Chekuar’s sleeveless shirt over her head. The wulk had two bras underneath, covering her four breasts. They looked like green sports bras. I couldn’t see any cleavage, but I could see the shape of her boobs. I was impressed, both with said boobs and with her sexy, toned abs.

Nalissa did a little dance on the way back to her seat, the shuffled and dealt the next hand. I had nothing. Snowfall started the round of betting.

“My bet: One Truth.”

Nalissa didn’t like Snowfall’s bet. “Lame!”

“Question: my bet: lame.”

“Yeah, it’s lame, Snowfall! We’re trying to get people naked, here!”

Tally jumped in. “They can bet what they want. If you don’t like it, raise it.”

“Oh, I will.”

Gevna was the only one to call before Nalissa raised it one item of clothing. I was a little surprised that she didn’t raise it more. Once all the cards were out, Nalissa had won again. She took off Snowfall’s jacket, and then asked Gevna to stand. The lith had to nearly lay down on her belly to get low enough to reach under the stevan’s skirt and pull down her leggings. It was the most that had been revealed so far, but her skirt was still pretty modest on her tiny frame. Gevna’s legs were very short, but proportional to a human woman that might be described as voluptuous. Her plump thighs led down to her uniquely stevan feet, four-toed with the long toes taking up most of the length of the foot.

Gevna sat back down, and Nalissa asked the same question for both of them. “What do you want to happen tonight? What do you hope this game leads to?”

Tally interrupted. “Is that two questions?”

Nalissa shook her head. “To me, the second one was a clarification.”

Tally inclined her head to think. “Hmmm, I’ll allow it,” she concluded with a smirk.

“Cave-dwelling twerp,” Nalissa teased.

Gevna answered first, despite her clear nerves. “I, um, I want to have some shared stories with my roommates.”

Nalissa wanted more. “What kind of stories?”

Tally was on it, though. “Enh! No follow-ups! Save it for the next Truth.”

Nalissa let out a low hiss that I assumed was some blend of frustration and resignation. She liked Snowfall’s answer better.

“I Want: Winning the Game.”

Most of us laughed, but it was hard to hear anyone else over Nalissa’s loud guffaw. “Ha! A sibill after my own heart! Great answer!”

It was time for the third hand, and it felt like we were just getting warmed up. Snowfall shuffled and dealt. Unsurprisingly, I had nothing. Jack high. Tally and Nalissa were the only two who didn’t fold.

At first, it was just for an item of clothing, but Nalissa must have been feeling confident after two wins, so she raised it a dare. I was a little surprised that Tally called. I knew she must’ve had a good hand. They both had two pairs, but Tally’s were higher. She took off Nalissa’s jacket, and then she walked over to me. She knelt next to me and whispered in my ear.

“What’s that human thing with the alcohol where you have to lick salt?”

Her lips were almost touching my ear. Couple that with what I thought she was suggesting, and I was starting to tent my pants. “Umm, you mean tequila? You’re supposed to do it with salt and lime wedges, and she’s supposed to hold the lime in her mouth so it turns into a kiss.”

“Yesss,” she whispered a bit too loudly in my ear. “We have those. Will you help me get enough for everyone to have one?”

I hunched over as I stood up and walked into the kitchen, not ready to show myself off. Tally and I worked quickly while everyone else eagerly anticipated the dare. We walked back in with the supplies to curious looks from the group.

Tally explained. “Okay, Nalissa, everyone is going to do…” She looked at me for confirmation, and I helped her remember the term. “tequila shots by licking salt off your nipple and then sucking on the lime wedge in your mouth.”

She liked that. “Oh, fuck yes.”

“Marc will go first to show us how it’s done.”

We had not discussed that. I hadn’t actually ever taken a tequila shot this way before! I only knew about it because it was so culturally pervasive. I had also never sucked a woman’s nipple. Tally must have seen the fear on my face.

“Please, Marc?”

Oh shit. I couldn’t say no to those huge purple eyes. I walked over to Nalissa and knelt next to her.

“What are you waiting for, boy? Show us how it’s done,” Nalissa prodded.

“I didn’t think about this, but for the first one we have to get your nipple wet or the salt won’t stick. I can go get a cup of water.”

“Oh come on, you’re going to have your mouth on it anyway, just use your spit.”

“Oh, ummm”

“Don’t take all day, Marc. Just grow some ridges and suck my nipple already. Don’t make me grab you by the neck and shove your face into my tit. Come on!” She was smiling, but I could tell she was also legitimately impatient. It was enough for me to figure out what “grow some ridges” meant from context.

I leaned in closer to her one exposed breast. This close, I could see how beautiful the small, smooth lime green scales actually were. The fit together so closely, I could see them slide against each other as Nalissa’s chest rose and fell with each breath. The emerald green of her nipple was a beautiful contrast. I pressed my lips around the areola and felt her large, stiff nipple with my tongue. I heard Nalissa moan and felt her body vibrate with the sound. I slathered her with my saliva, coating her nipple as well as I could. I pulled away, reluctantly, with an audible plop as her nipple slipped out of my mouth.

Nalissa missed my lips, too. “Mmm, I like this game, Tally. Good choice.”

I held up the little dish we’d filled with salt. “Um, can you lean forward and dip your nipple in here?”

The lith stuck out her lip in a pout. “You mean you’re not going to rub it on? Well, at least use your hand to guide it in. Maybe squeeze a bit to get it in better?”

The dish really wasn’t small enough for her nipple to need guiding in, but I think she knew that. I squeezed her tit, fascinated by the soft, yielding flesh, and the subtle texture of the scales. When I pulled the salt dish away, her dark green nipple was covered in a thick dusting of salt and my pants were starting to tent.

I gently laid the lime wedge between her lips. That was the part that scared me the most. I knew liths didn’t have fangs, but I was having trouble believing it. She just looked so much like some snake-human hybrid! I decided just to fake some confidence. “Alright, everyone, it goes salt, shot, lime, okay?”

The group nodded along, transfixed by what was about to happen. Nalissa thrust her chest out toward my face. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. As scary as Nalissa was, she was also obscenely hot. Even if I hadn’t been into aliens, I would have appreciated her large, round breasts and tight, lined abs. Even her arms and shoulders, despite the bulging muscle, were undeniably feminine. The fact that the first breast I had ever touched was scaly and green didn’t change the fact that it was still the first breast I had ever touched, and I was about to suck that nipple for the second time.

I leaned in, pressing my lips to her areola, and flicked my tongue back and forth over her nipple. I moaned into her soft titflesh, and sucked all the salt off I could get. I pulled away, downed my tequila, and sealed my lips to hers. I had never kissed a human, but it was hard to imagine it being much better than kissing Nalissa. Her lips were full and soft; I couldn’t even feel the texture of her scales. I flipped the lime wedge into my mouth with my tongue, and then sent my tongue back into Nalissa’s mouth. It was warm, and soft, and her own arousal and excitement were obvious enough for even an alien virgin like me to pick up on. Her tongue must’ve been longer and thinner than a human’s, because she wrapped it around mine in a short spiral, squeezing the muscle in her mouth. It was a very good kiss.

I let our lips part, and Nalissa pulled my head to the side to whisper in my ear. “Imagine that tongue on your cock.”

I did, and I swear I almost came in my pants.

Tally might have noticed. “That was so hot.”

“Snowfall: Aroused.”

Gevna was already flying over. “Me next!”

I sat down in her spot for a moment and leaned over to Tally so I could speak softly. “That got pretty heavy, and it’s pretty early in the game. Are you sure everyone’s okay with it?”

She made an incredulous face. “Do they look like they have reservations?”

They didn’t. “Fair enough.”

“Are you okay with this? I know humans can be weird sometimes about nudity and sex.”

“No, I…I don’t have a problem with it. I’m excited about it. I just don’t know what I expected, you know?”

Tally had seemed so demure until tonight, so I was surprised when she put her hand pretty high up on my thigh. “Are you going to be okay when this goes further?”

How far was she planning on this going? Were we going to have an orgy in the living room? “I think I can be okay with that.”

She looked skeptical. “Let me put it another way,” she said, blushing. “Is there anyone here you’re not attracted to, sexually?”
It didn’t take me long to answer that question. “Maybe Snowfall?”

Tally laughed, a sweet and small sound. “No one else?” She was really blushing now.

I got the impression she was asking mostly about herself, but then why would she be planning an orgy? I wondered about that for a few seconds before I remembered she was waiting for an answer. “No, definitely not.” Wherever she wanted this to go, I was in.

Talipo was so cute when she smiled, and she gave me a big one at that moment. “Good. Then don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure you have a good time.”

“Tally! It’s your turn! Come suck my tit!” Nalissa was waving her over, salt coating her nipple.

Gevna had already gone, and she hovered in front of me, licking her lips gesturing for me to get back to my spot. “This game is awesome, Tally,” she said as the malorc left to take her turn.

The rest of the girls went. It was really funny watching Chekuar, because the wulk seemed to be the only thing that made Nalissa nervous. The lith nearly jumped out of her scales when Chekuar lunged into her face for a kiss.

Nalissa cleaned herself up while Chekuar dealt the next hand. I got a little distracted watching her wipe off her dark green nipple, and I was a little late looking at my hand. I got a little too excited when I did. I had a pair! Yes, I know that’s basically nothing, but it’s better than the actual nothing I’d gotten lately, so I got excited.

“I bet one item of clothing!”

I got some inquisitive looks for yelling like that, but I tried to play it off. I don’t think it worked. Surprisingly, though, Tally and Nalissa both called. After the river, Tally raised it one truth, and Nalissa raised it one dare. I thought about it. I still only had the pair…

“You can’t fold now, Marc! You’ve folded almost every time so far!” This was only, like, the fourth hand, but I let it go.

I knew Tally was only cajoling me because she had a good hand. I knew I was going to lose. I also knew I was a sucker for a pretty girl.

“Alright, I’ll call,” I said with mock reluctance, and just a touch of real reluctance.

Tally wasted no time, the little blue girl throwing down her cards to reveal two pairs! Nalissa had the same single pair I did, so the malorc won. I tried not to smile at her celebration, but it was hard. She was just so cute with her wide mouth grinning from big ear to big ear.

Tally rubbed her hands together deviously. “Hmmm…for my truth, I ask both of you: Who here would you most like to have sex with?”

I still couldn’t believe how quickly this game had gotten out of hand, but I seemed to be the only one with even a hint of concern about that. Nalissa, for example, hesitated exactly zero seconds before answering. “Marc. It’s Marc. No offense. I like the ladies, too, but I’ve heard some really good things about what humans have between their legs, and he’s cute, too. Snowfall’s my second choice.”

“Surprised. Intrigued.”

“That’s right, Snowfall. Get ready.”

Other than knowing smiles, no one else had any reaction to that. I was still processing the fact that she called me cute when everyone looked at me to answer. I had never been called cute before! I was nervous and excited and not sure how to feel, all at once.


Oh, yeah! “Oh, yeah, sorry. Um, all you ladies would be great choices.”

Nalissa didn’t like that non-answer. “Just pick one, boy. The only person you’re going to surprise is yourself.”

What did that mean? I thought about lying but that wouldn’t be cool, plus I wanted to be the kind of person who put himself out there, and the only way to get that kind of confidence is to fake it. “Tally, no offense to anyone else.”

Everyone nodded, acting like they’d known, except Tally. She was beaming. I felt pretty good about that. Was I really that transparent, though? They barely knew me, after all.

Gevna put her hand on my leg, her eyes sparkling mischievously. “No offense taken, Marc, as long as you give me a chance to prove you wrong.”

Gulp. “Umm…”

Tally rescued me. “My dare! Marc, I dare you to take off Nalissa’s underwear. With your teeth! Well, with your mouth.”

My eyes went wide, but they really shouldn’t have. This wasn’t too many leaps beyond sucking her nipple. But, if Tally was into me, which maybe she wasn’t, then why was she trying to get me to take off Nalissa’s underwear with my teeth?

“You’re talking about just my ridgeband, right?” Nalissa clarified.

Tally blinked and shrugged. “Probably? Whatever your equivalent to underwear bottoms is, Nalissa.”

“Okay, yeah. Come on, big boy. Get those lips under my skirt already.” The lith raised her body up over the center of the circle. I guessed she was planning on giving everyone a show, so I scooted in toward the center. Her dress extended into a short skirt below what could generously be called her waist. It was odd to see her snake-like lower body extend out from under the skirt. Her body tapered down from her muscular arms and chest, similar to a human’s, but then it never flared out into hips. It just kept tapering until it reached the point at the end of her tail. The area under her skirt was about as big around as my two thighs put together.

I knee-walked closer, and lifted the hem of her dress’s skirt with my fingers until Tally interrupted me. “Enh-eh, no hands, Marc!”

That meant I was going to have to press my face against her…tail? I wasn’t even sure what to call that part of her body. The snake phobia aspect of it made me hesitate, but I took a few deep breaths and nudged my head under the hem of her dress.

“That’s it. You can do it, buddy.”

Nalissa’s words actually helped. They reminded me that she wasn’t actually a snake, but a person. The warmth of her body helped a lot, too. Liths are warm-blooded, despite their scales, and noticing that helped me relax and enjoy the soft, surprisingly smooth texture of her lower body. I tilted my head, searching for what she’d called her ridgeband. My eyes were totally covered in the fabric of her dress, so I couldn’t see anything. I could feel her scales against my cheek, though, and I inched them upward until I found more fabric. It was thin and elastic, and I grabbed the bottom of it with my lips and tried to pull. It didn’t move.

“I think you’re going to have to use your teeth, boy. Don’t worry about biting me. I’m going to bite you later, anyway, so it’s only fair…” I could hear the smirk on Nalissa’s lips. Despite my phobia and how hard she worked to make me uncomfortable, she was growing on me. At least I could always tell what she wanted.

I used my tongue to try to lift the fabric away from her body. Her scales tasted…slightly salty, just like human skin. The scent of her that I got from being this close didn’t seem very alien, either. There was a bit of female musk to it, but it wasn’t at all unpleasant. It was just…natural. I got my teeth on the hem and slowly pulled down. There was a moment of resistance, and then it slid down her body. Once it got a couple of feet down, her body was narrow enough for the band of white cloth to fall to the floor, resting half on the part of her tail that sits on the floor, holding up her large upper body. I tool a deep breath in triumph, surprised that it had been as difficult as it had.

Nalissa lowered her body back down to her spot, and worked her underwear down to the end of her tail and off. “Ooh, it feels nice to get a little air down there.”

I knee-walked back to my spot, and Tally stood up and motioned for me to do that same. “I need to take your shirt off.” I certainly wasn’t going to be complaining about that. I smiled down at her as her slim blue fingers worked on my buttons. A couple times she looked up at me and smiled, blushing.

Soon, my shirt was on the floor, and I was dealing the next hand. I had nothing, and I don’t think anyone else did either. Gevna and Tally were the only ones betting, but with only one item of clothing on the table I was assuming their hands weren’t great either. I was right. They both had a pair of sixes, and Gevna’s queen high gave her the win. She untied and removed Tally’s white canvas sneakers, and then dealt the next hand. It was a bit of a letdown hand after the last two, in terms of sexiness, but that was probably for the best. If things were going to get out of hand, we should at least build up to it, right?

The next hand had Tally, Nalissa, Snowfall, and Chekuar betting an item of clothing while Gevna and I folded. Chekuar raised it a dare, which surprised all of us. Snowfall folded, and the wulk ran away with it with a pair of aces. Were any of us ever going to get an actually good hand? I thought it was funny that Chekuar thought a pair of aces was a winner and she turned out to be right. I didn’t have any room to talk, though. I had been betting on every pair I saw, too.

I jumped when Chekuar slid over in front of my face. “Do you have ideas? For the dare?”

“Ideas? You didn’t have something in mind?”

“No, I…” She looked down, cheeks reddened. “I got excited. About winning.”

I had never even heard of an embarrassed wulk.

“Okay, what kind of dare do you want? Sexy? Playful?” I was impressed with myself for sounding professional asking that question. Where did that come from? I take off one woman’s underwear with my teeth and suddenly I think I’m some cool sex-having normal? Oh well, play it off, play it off.

“Yes. Both.”

“They could take off each other’s clothes, or take off their own but with a striptease, or–”

“What’s a striptease?”

“It’s, like, a sexy dance they do while they take off their clothes.”

Just like that, Chekuar was back in her spot addressing the two losers. “Striptease!”

Snowfall hadn’t heard of them either. “Explain: That Word.”

I looked at Nalissa and Tally, who were both smiling. “If you two need to, I could pull up some videos.”

“I’m tempted, Marc, but I know what a striptease is,” Nalissa answered, and Tally nodded along. “We can just start and they’ll see.”

I chuckled in suspicion. “And how do you two know what a striptease is…”

Tally couldn’t look me in the eye, but the blue in her cheeks answered for me. Nalissa just answered. “Human pornography is…nice. It’s almost all we watch on Sillah, at least in Bosella. Mostly because of the video quality.”

“Wait a second!” I pulled up “Wet With Sound” by ExxNine on my tablet to give them a soundtrack. The thumping bass was more than I usually enjoyed, but I thought it was a good fit for a rowdy stripshow. I was so glad Tally had suggested this game.

Obviously, Nalissa went first, leaving most of her tail in place while her upper body swayed over the center of the rug. She started by rubbing her hands up and down her sides over the fabric of her dress, undulating her body to give the suggestion of hips. She cupped her exposed breast and pinched the nipple. She ran her fingers along the edge of her scaly neck. She was staring at me most of the time. With the way her body was moving, I felt like she was both the snake and the snake charmer and I was somehow the one getting charmed.

She reached down and pulled up on the hem of her shirt, revealing that it wasn’t actually a one-piece dress. She quickly re-covered her midriff, teasing us a few more times before those green scales between her skirt and her top were permanently revealed.

I heard a few appreciative hums from the audience, only realizing after the fact that one of them was mine. I was a bit disappointed when she finally lifted her top off and her right breast was completely covered in a utilitarian bra. It was an impressive piece of design, though, to cover only one breast while remaining totally hidden under her top. It didn’t really hold her in place, though, when she gave us a little jiggle at the end of her dance. I was pretty stiff, despite the lack of new cleavage. Nalissa was a really good dancer, aided by her natural lith flexibility.

Gevna agreed. “That was hot, Nalissa!”

Nalissa just smiled in reply.

Tally went next, dancing to RedFilly’s “Get On It” while the rest of us watched. Her dance was very different than Nalissa’s. It was less slinky and sensuous, with more stomps and other quick movements. It was another departure from the person I had assumed she was when I moved in: this sweet and self-conscious little woman who would never have organized a group strip poker session with people she’d known less than a week. Clearly, I had misjudged her, but to be fair, I liked both versions.

She undid her buttons one by one, pulling her blouse open aggressively, revealing smooth blue skin and a tight, fit torso. Eventually, her hot pink bra was revealed, itself concealing two perfect little handfuls on her chest.

Once her shirt was on the floor next to her shoes, she knelt back down and I finally let out the breath I’d apparently been holding.

Tally dealt the next hand, and she and Gevna were the only two who bet. Although, after the turn Chekuar made a grunt that made me think she would’ve had something. The petite malorc and the even more petite stevan were shooting playful glares at each other.

“I’ve got a flush. You might want to fold.”

“No, you don’t, Tally. You’ve got a pair. All of us have only gotten pairs this whole game.”

They flipped their cards over, and Gevna was right. They had the same pair of kings, and the stevan’s jack high gave her the win. I felt a little bad for Tally, while she had her feet in the air and Gevna was pulling her slacks off her slim, blue legs, but I was excited to see that much skin. Tally was fit and sexy, built like a curvy, blue gymnast. She winked at me as she sat back down in her hot pink set of matching underwear. I was glad she didn’t mind being the least clothed one here, along with Nalissa.

The lith dealt the next hand, and the bettors were Snowfall, Gevna, Tally, and myself. I had a pair of tens! I was feeling optimistic!

Snowfall raised it a dare, and Tally folded. I probably should have, too, but I didn’t. After the river there were two threes on the table, giving me two pairs, so I raised it a truth. Gevna and Snowfall both called. I had my tens and threes, so I got excited when Gevna flipped over her two eights. But, Snowfall had pocket aces, so they took the hand. It was a real roller coaster for me.

Snowfall took off both our shirts, leaving Gevna in a black lace bra and me bare chested. Gevna’s breasts were probably only a little bit larger than Tally’s, but on her smaller frame they looked huge.

Snowfall asked their question. “Question: Quantity Intercoursed.”

I blinked, confused, but Gevna was quicker on the uptake. “How many people have we fucked?”


Gevna shrugged. “Oh, gods and goddesses, I have no idea. Hundreds? I was in my first mating flock when I was twenty. That was at least ten just that one day. That’s pretty normal for most of the stevans I know back home.” She giggled, covering her mouth with one hand in a demure gesture contrasting the content of her words. “Sorry, I guess this question just isn’t that relevant on Sartieghe.” Sartieghe was the stevans’ planet, a watery world with lots of small continents.

I was surprised to hear that answer. What would that kind of life be like? Maybe I had built sex up so much in my mind because I hadn’t had it yet. Was it not a big deal in some of these alien cultures? Gevna’s answer made me a little more embarrassed than I had been to answer Snowfall’s question, but I wasn’t about to chicken out. My cheeks did feel pretty warm, though.

“I, uh, I haven’t actually had sex with anyone yet.”

Everyone froze for a few seconds that threatened to stretch into eternity until Nalissa broke the ice. “Well, we’ll fix that.”

It was just so matter-of-fact that it cracked me up. I wasn’t stupid–I had been picking up on some sexual tension in the room. But hearing her just come out and say it gave me a combination of shock and relief that just made me laugh out loud. And, of course, my laughter cracked everyone else up. We were all laughing together until Snowfall told Gevna and me our dare.

“Marc and Gevna: Extended Kissing.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant. “Extended?”

Gevna was already stepping in front of me, though. Her smile was devious. “Come on, Marc. Let’s just start making out and they can let us know when it’s been extended enough.”

I looked around the room for help, but everyone looked like they wanted to see this happen. “Okay, that’s fine.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Gevna had flopped herself into my lap. Her tits bounced, threatening to slip out of her lacy bra, but the real problem was her ass rubbing into my lap. I had been hard since the tequila shot, and there was no way she couldn’t tell. I was so turned on, but I was also embarrassed at the same time. It was really looking like I was going to lose my virginity tonight, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about getting all this attention from so many people at once. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it. It was just so much at once, my brain didn’t know how to process it.

Sure enough, the next words out of her mouth confirmed it. “Ladies, it feels like he’s okay with our plans.”

Nalissa made it worse. “How big is he?”

I groaned as Gevna smiled. “I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”


Tally opened her mouth. I thought maybe she would tell everyone to back off, but I was wrong. “Start kissing already!”

Gevna pulled herself up and I leaned down to meet her. Her lips were full and soft, and her tongue was long and flexible. We explored each other’s mouths, and my cock pressed up into her ass through my jeans. Kissing Gevna was different than kissing Nalissa, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I put my hands on her back, feeling her smooth skin and powerful wing joints. She spread her leathery, draconic-looking wings to give me access. I scratched her back with my nails, and she moaned into my mouth. Our tongues duelled, her thick, wide muscle caressing my thinner human tongue. Gevna’s hands roamed much more than mine, her fingers dancing across the tee covering my chest. I could feel her claws drag across the cotton, and if Snowfall hadn’t called time I don’t know if my shirt would have survived. As Gevna hopped off my lap, Chekuar and Tally both leaned over to try to look for my bulge, and with how turned on Gevna had gotten me I was pretty sure they got an eyeful.

“I am,” Chekuar said flatly, “aroused.”

I chuckled, and Chekuar’s eyes flashed over to meet mine with a stare. I blushed, and asked the room whose turn it was to deal.

Nalissa pointed to Snowfall. “Snowfall’s turn.”

The sybil dealt out the hand. I had a pair, so this time only Chekuar folded. After the river, Nalissa raised the bet to two items of clothing. I hadn’t gotten anything else, and apparently Tally and Snowfall hadn’t either. We all folded. That meant we were guaranteed to lose one thing, but that was better than losing two.

Gevna seemed nervous. “You’ve got a good hand, don’t you?”

“Yes, I sure do! You should fold.” Nalissa seemed to me to be trying a pretty blatant reverse psychology strategy, but I’m clearly not very good at poker. Even if I was right, that didn’t mean Gevna would pick up on it.

“I don’t know. You might be bluffing.”

Nalissa narrowed her reptilian-looking eyes. “Maaayyybeee…”

Gevna frowned, and then turned it into a smile. “I think you’re bluffing. I’m going to add one dare to the pot.”

Nalissa was impressed. “Raising it, huh? You’ve got ridges, stevan; I’ll give you that. Alright, I’ll call.”

Gevna smiled. “Okay. What do you have?”

Nalissa laughed and threw down her cards with a slap. “Two pairs!”

Gevna’s smile didn’t go away. She calmly flipped her cards. “I have a straight, Nalissa.”
I was impressed. “Ooooh!”

Nalissa seemed only mildly frustrated. “What? Srgh… Alright, what’s the dare?”

Gevna made a thinking face, tapping a finger on her chin. “Well, I dare you to sit out the next hand, lay down in the middle of the rug, and we’ll use you as our card table.”

Nalissa raised one eyebrow. “So I’m going to lay there, and everyone is going to put their cards on me?”

Gevna nodded. “Yup!”

“Alright, that sounds interesting. You gotta take these off first, though,” she said, gesturing to her bra and skirt. Gevna hopped over to take them off, running her hands up and down Nalissa’s scaly body and giving the rest of us a bit of a show. I could imagine those being my fingers, or Gevna’s fingers doing that to me. Either way it was a turn on. Snowfall’s pants came next, and then Gevna walked over to Tally. I didn’t expect her to straddle Tally’s lap to take off her bra, but in hindsight I should have. Gevna was a provocateur, in the best way, and she turned taking off Talipo’s bra into a show for the rest of us. That show ended with her leaned back, cupping Tally’s tits in her little stevan hands, and shaking them while Tally giggled. Once she finally took them off and I got to see Tally’s boobs, I was not disappointed. They were perky little things that looked larger on her small frame, topped with thick, pale blue nipples. Next, Gevna walked over to me and started taking off my pants. Her hands were warm as they ran up and down my legs. I got some whoops from the crowd as Gevna stripped me down to my clearly-tented boxers. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but I wasn’t going to complain–not when I’d seen more female nudity than in my whole life!

After that show, Nalissa slithered into the middle of the circle and laid on her back. Her breasts stuck up proudly into the air. I hadn’t seen what a lith looked like below the skirt before, so I stole a glance when I thought no one would notice. Her pussy looked like a human pussy, but her outer lips were scaly and pronounced, with a curve to them like a wiggly line going down her slit. It was so alien and interesting, but it was still a huge turn-on for me.

Chekuar dealt, and she put my cards right over Nalissa’s mouth. Hers and Gevna’s cards were right on top of Nalissa’s tits, and Tally’s and Snowfall’s were on her bulging abs. The flop went right between those large breasts. Nalissa hummed to herself with every card Chekuar dealt. As I picked up my hand, Nalissa wrapped her long, flexible tongue around one of my fingers, squeezing it gently as I pulled my cards away. When I looked back at her face, she was winking back at me. At least, she was until Gevna picked up her hand and tweaked her nipple in the process. At that point she got distracted.

The hand itself was uneventful. Gevna won, Snowfall lost their Vessel’s bra, Chekuar lost her pants, and Nalissa gained a lot of frustrating touches on her body. I was the only one who wasn’t taking turns basically jilling her off the whole hand. By the time I was shuffling the deck, she was practically writhing on the gray carpet, but she didn’t complain when it was time for her to get up.

“So how does this work, now? Since I’m naked? I’m not out, am I?”

“Deep, no,” Tally clarified. “Just ignore the clothing bets. You’ll still do truths and dares.”

I dealt, and was shocked to see three sixes sitting there in the flop. I had nothing to build on it with, though, so I folded. Gevna, Snowfall, and Chekuar were all in for one item of clothing. Gevna had nothing but the three sixes, but Snowfall really thought they’d won with a straight, somehow, until Chekuar flipped over a full house. She had a gleam in her eyes as she announced her victory.

“I have won, and now I will remove your clothes.” Her dirty talk still left something to be desired.

Chekuar pulled down Snowfall’s boxers and tossed them off to the side. This was the first time I had actually seen Snowfall, and not just their Vessel. They looked like they were about seven inches long, with a couple of wavy ridges on the sides of their thick, bright purple body.

Nalissa noticed as well. “Damn, okay, my new first choice is both of them.”

Chekuar crawled in front of me to pull off Gevna’s skirt. Underneath, she was wearing a tiny black thong that was basically just a few strings. Gevna’s bubble butt was plump and taut, her skin smooth and unblemished, and I was getting hard again with being able to see so much of her purple-gray skin.

I looked around to get a count. I only had my boxers left. Gevna had her bra and thong. Tally was left with only her underwear bottoms. Nalissa and Snowfall were nude, and Chekuar had only lost her shirt so far. We weren’t really experienced enough to do a lot of bluffing or misdirection, so it must have been beginner’s luck. At least, that’s what I told myself. Of course, maybe it was just because Chekuar’s alien mannerisms were so hard to read.

The next hand was Nalissa’s win, with Gevna and Chekuar losing clothes. When Gevna’s bra popped off, I must have made a noise. She looked at me and cupped her round tits, jiggling them with her hands. “You like them?”

I swallowed. They were phenomenal boobs. They looked just as big for Gevna’s body as Nalissa’s were on hers, but they looked softer and less perfectly round in a pleasing way. Not that Nalissa’s tits were fake, but they had that almost artificial-looking, gravity-defying perfection that made them look like silicone implants. Gevna’s looked heavy. I wanted to squeeze them. The large, dark red, suckable nipples that capped them were just icing on the cake.

“They’re, um…they’re very nice.”

She stretched her wings and smiled like the cat that caught the canary. “Thank you.”

Nalissa took off Chekuar’s pants, leaving her in her underwear. Her upper legs looked much more human-like than her short calves and digitigrade feet. Her skin was still golden brown under her clothes, smooth and blemish-free. That left Chekuar wearing three things, and three of us in our last stitch of underwear.

On the next hand, Gevna and I were the only ones to fold right away, although Snowfall and Nalissa were only betting because they weren’t risking anything. No one seemed to be betting any more truths. I thought we had reached a point where everyone just wanted to see everyone else naked. Tally won, slipping off one of Chekuar’s green sports bras. I enjoyed gawking at Chekuar’s boobs. Her rich brown teardrops swayed pleasingly as she sat back down.

It was nice to see Tally win Chekuar’s other bra off her in the next hand, too, but my streak of not losing and the group’s streak of beating Chekuar didn’t last. I bet on the next hand because I was one card away from a straight. I know; it was dumb. I even called it when Tally raised the pot one dare. Nalissa flipped over the river, and I hadn’t gotten my straight. Gevna’s pair wasn’t enough to beat Tally’s two pair, so we were both going to lose our underwear.

Tally pulled down Gevna’s thong first, sliding it around her round, plump ass. I was surprised to see her bald, pronounced lower lips. The dark gray outer lips seemed too large for her tiny body, covering too much of the mound between her legs, stretching too far up the front of her pelvis.

Then, it was my turn. Tally walked over with a gleam in her eye. “Are you ready, Marc?”

I stood up, revealing to everyone the shape of my semi-hard cock hidden within my boxers. I held my arms out, which didn’t really make sense when I thought about it. “Sure, go ahead.”

She crouched down and pinched the bottom of my underwear with both hands, slowly tugging it down. Her face was level with my cock, and her unblinking stare was getting me harder. The waistband caught on my stiff rod, and when she tugged past it it popped up to wag in her face, prompting giggles from the assembled crowd, who had held their breath in anticipation. I wasn’t sure why they were treating my penis like a movie premiere, but that plus a few appreciative hums once it stopped bobbing up and down boosted my ego.

Nalissa was nodding her head. “Yup, both.”

Tally reached out like she was going to touch it, and then she swallowed before getting up to go back to her spot.

“Question: Dare.”

Tally blinked and nodded her head. “Oh yeah, thanks Snowfall. Um, I think Gevna should sit in Marc’s lap for the next hand.”

My eyes widened, and before I knew it the little stevan was in my lap, her plump, gray ass directly warming my cock. She leaned to the side so she could look up at my face without poking me with her horns. Her hand, its little claws held carefully to avoid scratching my face, rubbed my cheek affectionately. “I agree. Best seat in the house.” She leaned back, folding her wings against my chest. She wiggled her ass against my crotch, and I couldn’t see but I was pretty sure she wrapped her long, flexible tail around my shaft. Whatever she was doing, it felt amazing.

I swallowed. “Um, next hand?”

I didn’t have anything, so I folded immediately. After that I didn’t feel bad about looking over Gevna’s shoulder. She had three of a kind!

Chekuar, Tally, and Snowfall stayed in. I was getting excited in more ways than one. I knew this could be the hand that got rid of the last of the pesky clothes.

I wasn’t disappointed. All three of them had two pairs, of various combinations. Tally clapped, happy to lose. She stood up, and Gevna pulled down her bright pink underwear, revealing a neat, tiny pair of pale blue pussylips between her legs. Tally did a little twirl, winking at me as she turned. I was really hard now, especially since Gevna kept rubbing her ass into my crotch.

She kept it up, too, when Chekuar walked over to have her green underwear pulled down. To me, as a human, she definitely had the most alien biology, with her four arms, eyes, and breasts. Still, once her pants were down, it was amazing to me how human all these pussies looked. That probably said something meaningful about life, but I didn’t know what it would be, exactly. Chekuar was the only untrimmed person here, and the light brown hair between her legs had a green tint just like the rest of her hair.

Gevna whistled at the wulk as she sat back down, and Tally kept us on track. “What’s your dare, Gev?”

Gevna looked at the malorc in surprise. “Ooh, Talipo, are you giving me a nickname now?”

Tally snapped her fingers at her. “Keep it moving, girlie!”

“Alright, I think you’re going to like this one.” She smirked, looking around at all of us. “I dare Tally and Chekuar to give me a blowjob for thirty seconds.”

How were they going to give her a blowjob? Tally apparently had the same question. “You mean lick your pussy?”

Gevna’s smirk made it clear she had anticipated the question. She nodded across the room to the sibill. “That’s where Snowfall comes in. I’ll give you an out, though. I know some sibillis don’t want to join with speech users.”

“Out: Not Taken. Joining: Desired.”

Gevna smiled, and flew over to the sibill, wrapping her hand around the phallic symbiote until they disjoined their Vessel. When Gevna turned around, flapping to stay in the air, Snowfall was sticking straight out from her crotch like she’d been born with a purple penis. I knew from my non-human biology classes in high school that they were holding onto her by her clit and pussy now, using electric signals to stimulate the nerves in the stevan’s crotch. Snowfall’s Vessel got a glazed look over her eyes.

“Oh!” We all looked at Snowfall’s speaker, still hanging around their Vessel’s neck. “Interjection: Demonstrated! Snowfall used language!”

Gevna patted Snowfall on the “head.” “Yeah, you did, buddy. And now you’re going to get sucked like a cock. Get to it, ladies!”

Tally smiled, and reached out to tease Snowfall with her fingertips.

Gevna smiled. “Yeah, you want to touch my big, purple dick, don’t you, Tally?”

Snowfall’s voice came out of the speaker that still hung around their Vessel’s neck. “Agreement.”

Tally scooted closer on her knees. “I agree, as well.”

Chekuar crawled closer, but didn’t reach out to touch Snowfall or Gevna. Fortunately for both of them, Tally didn’t hesitate. She cradled the alien cock in her hand, lifting it up to her lips, kissing the side of the shaft. Gevna hummed in satisfaction. She stroked slowly and deliberately with her hand, making Gevna squirm. Chekuar just watched, occasionally moving her head to find a better angle.

“Oh, that’s good…”

Tally smiled at Gevna’s praise, and stuck out her tongue to rest it against the underside of the symbiotic cock. Next, she pulled Snowfall in with her tongue, her lips flowing over the tip, over the crown. She paused, her cheeks hollowed, Gevna’s eyes closing in bliss.

Snowfall’s speaker crackled to life again. “Exclamation.”

I couldn’t help but agree with the sibill. It wasn’t my cock that Tally was sucking–I couldn’t feel any of what she was doing, obviously–but I could imagine how that must have felt for Gevna, and I was…inspired. My cock was steel-hard, is what I mean. Judging by the expressions on the stevan’s face, Gevna was pretty turned-on as well.

I’d heard that bonding with a sibill could let a woman feel like they had a cock, and that having sex bonded with one was pretty amazing. Obviously that’s not something that I could ever try, not having a clit and all, but it looked hot as hell.

Tally was sliding her lips back and forth over the sibill, her nose poking Gevna in the little patch of pubes above the alien cock.

“Why are you moving so much?”

Chekuar was looking at Tally, still not having joined in. Tally pulled off Gevna’s borrowed cock, looking confused by the wulk’s question. Gevna was the one that answered.

“Because it feels good, Chekuar.” Her tone wasn’t condescending like mine probably would have been, just informative. “How would you do it?”

The wulk leaned forward, taking the malorc’s place, kneeling in front of Gevna. She leaned forward, two hands on the ground for support and two wrapping around the stiff purple cock to guide it into her mouth. Her lips slid along the shaft in a single motion all the way to the hilt. Then, she just…stayed there, deepthroating Snowfall without moving. Before anyone had time to ask what the plan was, Gevna cried out, slapping the air with her hands and wings.

“Oh, fuck! That’s so good! She’s doing something with her throat, people. It’s–ah, ahhh….”

Gevna couldn’t manage to speak a coherent word anymore, just various moans and growls, as Chekuar did…whatever she was doing. To me, it didn’t look like anything was happening. Maybe that was just the angle, though.

Nalissa leaned over to stage-whisper in Talipo’s ear. “Look at her throat move…”

Whatever it was she was doing, it worked. In less than a minute, Gevna was practically screaming her orgasm out in the small apartment. As she was coming down, whimpering and wheezing, Chekuar pulled off the still-hard sibill. Unlike a real cock, sibillis never produced any cum, but they were always hard.

“Oh, fuck,” Gevna gasped out after catching her breath, her chest heaving, breasts bouncing.

“Oh, fuck,” echoed Snowfall from their speaker.

Nalissa suggested we play the next hand, breathing deeply.

Snowfall’s voice came out of their speaker. “Snowfall is the dealer.”

Gevna reached down to grab her borrowed cock, pulling it off her clit and hopping over to attach Snowfall back to their Vessel. The sibill dealt. I had a pair of Jacks in my hand, so I called the dare that Chekuar bet, and called again when Gevna raised it a truth after all the cards were flipped over. Gevna beat all of us with two pair, throwing down her cards with a triumphant shout.

We were all already naked, so we waited for her to tell us what to do. For a second she just smiled, obviously enjoying her power.

“I want a couple cocks to stroke during the next hand.” She pointed to make her wishes clear, and patted the space on either side of her. I tensed, nerves tingling. Yes, I desperately wanted her to stroke my cock. I was so hard it hurt. But, I also felt a bit of fear. I knew it was irrational to think that they were going to tease me. They’d made it pretty clear that they were into all the things we were doing. But, insecurity isn’t always rational. I had never gone this far, sexually, and I was nervous.

I sat down next to her, our knees touching, her gray skin warm against mine. I leaned back on my hands, watching Gevna’s hand in her lap with nervous tension.

Tally walked over to Snowfall and gripped them, waiting for them to detach before joining them to her crotch. It was still surreal, seeing this cute little blue alien girl suddenly have a penis. My mind couldn’t focus on that for long, though, when Gevna reached over and touched my own penis. Her fingers were warm and soft, and with how hard I was she had no trouble stroking me. I had never been one to compare dicks, but I assumed I was slightly above average. Seeing Gevna’s tiny little fingers struggle to reach more than halfway around my shaft did wonders for my ego, though.

I heard some moans from Tally, and I looked over to see Gevna’s other hand rubbing Snowfall up and down. She really seemed to be getting into it! I wondered what it would be like to have a cock after never having one before. I mean, I know that’s not really what was happening here, but I had heard that the sensations described were nearly identical.

I tried to watch the next hand, but it was hard to concentrate. Gevna seemed to have trouble, too. I think she was paying more attention to me, because every time I seemed to be getting close to an orgasm she would stop and just stroke my shaft agonizingly slowly until I wasn’t so close anymore.

Chekuar won, and her dare for Nalissa was…simple and to the point.

“Give me an orgasm.”

Nalissa shrugged and smiled. “Okay.”

I expected the lith to use her hands or mouth on Chekuar’s pussy, but instead, the tip of her tail slithered over Chekuar’s leg. The wulk smiled, a fang-filled, terrifying grin. I had to keep telling myself that Chekuar was friendly, and that threatening, razor-sharp expression was a smile. I think Gevna was struggling to remember that as well, because her hand stopped stroking my shaft.

The tip of Nalissa’s tail pushed Chekuar’s lower lips apart, sliding inside her pink flower. I was thankful that Chekuar’s lips closed as she hummed in appreciation. When I focused just on the place where Nalissa entered her, it almost looked like her tail was just growing, as it got bigger and bigger around. Really, though, Nalissa was slithering closer, her powerful tail twisting and thrusting inside Chekuar’s alien pussy. It was entrancing, watching the Nalissa’s thick, powerful tail writhe around in front of the wulk’s lap.

The strangest part of all of it was watching Chekuar’s orgasm. All of Nalissa’s movements caused Chekuar’s face to take on a more and more tense and pained expression. After only about a minute, Chekuar opened her mouth in a silent scream, and then closed it just as suddenly with a pleased smile, and a hum/sigh…sound. She pushed Nalissa’s tail out of her dripping pussy.

“Thank you.”

I giggled. I couldn’t help it. It was just such an alien way to experience an orgasm, and then such a casual comment out of her mouth about it. I had apparently opened the floodgates, because soon the stevan and malorc were giggling next to me.

“I have a proposition,” Nalissa practically shouted, shocking the three of us out of our giggling fit. Talipo responded first, her cheeks still blue with laughter.


Nalissa “leaned” back on her coiled tail, the motion odd since her upper body didn’t really recline. It just slid back in mid-air. “This has been a lot of fun, but patience isn’t my strong suit, and all us girls really just want to try out Marc’s dick, right?”
I had never heard anyone talking about wanting to have sex with me at all before, much less so brazenly. I was about to protest, or…not exactly protest, but express some shock, but the girls answered before I could think of what to say.

“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to fuck an alien, and he’s cute and sweet.” I shouldn’t have been so surprised that Gevna would also be blasé about fucking me, not after everything she’d said so far, but I was.

“Y…yeah…” Tally was much more demure, her cheeks bright blue and her watery, lavender eyes downcast. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be…intimate with her, like this. I mean, I definitely wanted to have sex with Tally, but I wondered if doing it in a strip poker game with our roommates would cheapen it, somehow. It just seemed…out of place. If she wanted to, though, I would cave. Immediately. I knew that much about myself.

I was relieved when Chekuar said no. “I am sated.” She didn’t offer any more explanation than that, and no one felt compelled to ask.

With that settled, Nalissa laid out her idea. “I think we should play one more hand, just the three of us. Winner goes first, loser goes last. Yeah?”

Gevna and Tally agreed, and that was how I ended up watching three women who were going to have sex with me, play poker just to figure out who would ride my cock first. I was so glad I moved.

There was no betting this time, just cards being revealed, but I was tense. Tally lost, which I wasn’t sure how I felt about, and Nalissa won, which I also wasn’t sure how I felt about, but for different reasons. The lith was hot, but also intimidating. It didn’t help that she immediately started slithering toward me, her tail pushing some cards out of the way and sliding right over others.

“Lie down, human. I’ll show you how we fuck in Bosella.” I had gathered by now that Bosella was a region on the lith planet of Sillah

I was nervous and excited. Everything we’d done up until that point had been close to the line into sex, dancing with it, but hadn’t crossed it. Now, we were diving over. Nalissa was slithering toward me with the express intention of taking my virginity.

I lay back on the carpet, propping my head and shoulders up with my elbows. I was fascinated by Nalissa’s body, beyond her cales and tail. She was…I couldn’t think of any word other than buff, but she was also still very feminine. Her tits were huge and heavy, but she also lacked the wide shoulders and tapered chest of masculine human bodies. She still looked soft and inviting, despite her rippling muscles and textured scales. She did loom over me, though. Her tail slithered between my legs, her scales warm against my thighs. She lowered her upper body and wrapped her large, soft, cloud hands around my hips, pulling them up off the ground. I bent my knees to hold myself up, but it probably wasn’t necessary. She was strong, and she wasn’t letting go.

Nalissa looked at my cock with a hungry, but puzzled expression. “It’s so different than a male lith’s bumps. Let me…”

She slid her glistening pussy against my cock and I hissed at the contact. Her lower lips looked remarkably human in their shape, even with the scales covering everything except the very interior, but they were…harder…stiffer, like they were made of silicone. They rubbed and teased against my boiling flesh. The lith woman lifted my hips, pushing my cock between those rigid folds while she balanced on her tail.

“Oh god, Nalissa.” She was tight, and my cock twitched as it passed her lips. She wasn’t exactly encouraged by my outburst, though. I guessed she wasn’t in the mood for dirty talk.

“Shut up.” Her face was twisted in concentration. “I’m trying to…find…the…unh…There!” I felt my cock slip past something even tighter than her opening, and looked down. She was halfway to my base now, but my cock wasn’t pointed straight into her body. It was angled up. And, it was apparently working for her.

“OHMYGODDESS, it gets deep! Like a tail but so much thicker!” Nalissa took a moment to get used to the feeling, which was good for me. Otherwise I might’ve burst already. “Oh, fuck! that’s good!”

She pushed me in, maybe another…inch? I felt resistance, and I wasn’t all the way inside. I was pretty sure I wasn’t that long, but I could barely get more than halfway in Nalissa’s pussy. Once she started rocking her lower body up and down, though, I didn’t mind at all. It felt like…electricity…pulsing out from my shaft, jolting up and down my body. I was inside a woman! I didn’t mind at all that it was a lith, or that I was pretty sure I didn’t love her. I liked Nalissa, and as long as Talipo didn’t mind her fucking me, I had no complaints.

“Fuck! Damn! He hits the spot! Unh!”

She was so tight that each and every movement took visible effort. Nalissa was grunting and straining every time she pulled my hips up to meet the thick cylinder of muscle that passed for hips on the lith. Still, her entrance crawled over the veiny flesh of my shaft. I wasn’t going to last long, but Nalissa’s climax was approaching even faster. Her blazing eyes rolled back in her head, and her lips quivered. Apparently my cock was hitting some spot inside her that felt really good.

“Oh, goddess! I’m c–c–cummmmmmming!”

Nalissa convulsed and dropped me to the carpet, lowering herself with me, collapsing her coiled tail over my legs and turning to press her large breasts into my side. I could feel her deep breaths against my ribs as she recovered, but I was still rock-hard.

“Nalissa, that was…that was amazing.”

A sibilant chuckle tickled my ears, followed by her narrow, forked tongue. I shivered, which made her moan since I was still halfway inside her. “Human, we can do that anytime. So much better than a set of bumps.”

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Gevna kneeling by my head. She looked annoyed, but when she spoke her voice sounded sweet. “Did you cum? I couldn’t tell.”

I shook my head, smiling at her gray, pretty face. She smiled back, and then slapped Nalissa’s tail. “C’mon! Off that cock! We didn’t agree on any cuddle time.”

Nalissa rolled off, but her entrance gripped me so hard that she lifted my hips off the ground a little bit before my cock popped free to wave back and forth like some obscene flag in the wind.

Gevna apparently thought it looked cold. “Let’s get that thing warm before it catches something,” she purred. The meter-tall alien tried to straddle my hips, but her legs were really long enough. She gripped the tip of my cock and managed to get the tip inside her before she lost her balance and fell, groaning in what sounded like shock and satisfaction. The fall pushed me up inside her all the way to the base, which was very surprising because I must have been poking almost up into her lungs with how short she was. She didn’t look uncomfortable, though. She laughed, a joyful, hearty sound, and sat back, letting the soles of her feet kick against my belly.

“Maybe we should try a different position?”

Nalissa had recovered enough to comment on us. “Damn, Gevna, how did you get him all the way in?”

She shrugged, looking up at the lith with a faux-innocent expression. “He’s not [i]that[/i] much bigger than most of the stevans I’ve been with.”

Tally hadn’t wrapped her mind around it either. “It looks like he’s rearranging your insides!”

Gevna’s expression turned devilish, accentuated by her horns, wings, and tail. “Talipo, dear, that’s the best part!” Then she turned to me, mischief still on her face. “Now, Marc, why don’t you put those strong hands on my ass and turn me whichever way you want and fuck my dripping cunt.”

If I hadn’t still been hard, Gevna’s words would’ve done the trick. I didn’t hesitate to put my hands under her cheeks. Her ass was so exaggeratedly large on her tiny frame that it was probably the same size as a fit, petite human woman’s. I couldn’t be sure, but it felt [i]right[/i] in my hands. Gevna was so light, I had no trouble lifting her. I lifted her off my cock and stood up. Once I was standing, Gevna reached down and lined me back up with her hole. I lowered her down, feeling her welcoming pussy pull me deeper. The tiny alien put her hands on my arms and spread her wings for balance. Her head barely came up to my chest so I looked down to meet her eyes. She was looking back at me with a challenge in her eyes.

“Fuck me hard, Marc. I can take it.”

I really wanted to give her what she wanted, but hers was also only the second pussy I’d ever been inside. “You know I was a virgin until a few minutes ago, right?”

She just smiled and patted my chest, her hand warm and soft against my skin. “I believe in you, buddy. Just believe in yourself, and don’t hold back.”

I lifted her up by her ass, feeling her pussy grip me both ways. She was tight, but a more comfortable fit than Nalissa, and so wet! Since I’d never had sex with a human, I couldn’t compare, but she definitely wetter than Nalissa. I smiled and nodded before picking up the pace.

I wasn’t going to last long, after Nalissa, and everything we’d done that evening. Fortunately, it seemed like Gevna was close, too. She weighed almost nothing, and she might’ve been using her wings to help me lift her, so I just focused on pounding my cock into her hole with as much vigor as I could manage. It was a new experience for me, being so aggressive. If she wasn’t so obviously into it I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it, even with how amazing it felt on my cock to pound into her and feel her flesh slap against mine.

“Fuck yes! Pound my wet cunt, Marc! Fuck my dripping slit!”

The look on her beautiful, demonic face was pure joy, and her purple eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her tits were pressed against my belly, her nipple rubbing against my skin, up and down. Her wings flapped occasionally, sending a breeze circling around us as we strained. I could feel her tail dangling limply against my legs, bouncing off my shins with her bounces.

“Oh, fuck! Marc! Your cock is so good! Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me!

We were both so close, and somehow I held on long enough to her Gevna cry out in bliss and shudder against me. I sped up, jackhammering into her until I finally spent myself inside her tight sheathe. I held her for a moment and then nearly jumped when I felt a hand on my ass and lips on my balls.

I was shocked to look down and see Chekuar sucking at where Gevna and I were joined, her hands simultaneously holding us together and pushing us apart. The four-armed wulk lapped up every drip of cum that fell out of Gevna’s purple-gray lower lips. When she was finished, I wasn’t the only one looking at her in surprise.

Chekuar just shrugged. “It would have gone to waste.”

I didn’t have any complaints, so I just shrugged.

With one flap of her wings, Gevna landed on the floor and sat down with a sigh. “Oh, that was [i]good[/i]. Best single dick I’ve had in a long time.”

I smiled at the stevan. “I had fun, too, Gevna.”

Before I could say anything else, I saw a blue hand on my chest. Tally pressed herself against my side. She spoke quietly, not really to avoid being heard, but just because the moment called for it. “Hey.”

I thought about making some comment about it being her turn, but it didn’t seem like the time. I was attracted to Nalissa and Gevna, but I felt…[i]something[/i] for Talipo. She was sweet and fun and she seemed to like me. Plus, she was so pretty, with her tight figure and large, expressive features. All I could say in return was “Hey.”

She looked sheepish. “Marc, you look tired, and I want you at your best. Why don’t we go…lie down…[i]together[/i]…and maybe in the morning…?”

I smiled. That sounded like a nice way to start off…whatever this was going to be between us. We said our thank yous and our goodbyes, and I held her hand while she led me to my room.

“Your bed’s bigger,” was her explanation.

We didn’t get dressed, sliding under the covers together, her ass pressing against my crotch. Her skin was slightly cooler than mind, which was really nice under the thick blanket and soft sheets. I wasn’t sure what to say, after what we’d just done, but hadn’t yet done with each other. She seemed happy just to fall asleep in each other’s arms for now, but I felt like I should say something.

“Tally, I…I like you…” It may not have been smooth, but it was the truth. I didn’t know how I had gotten so lucky, to be naked in bed with a girl I liked, after fucking two of our roommates, and Tally didn’t seem bothered in the slightest. I was even pretty sure we were going to have our own session of…fucking didn’t sound right, but it also seemed early to call it lovemaking. Whatever it’s called, I was pretty sure Tally and I were going to have a lot of fun doing it together in the morning. I couldn’t wait.

She turned her head to plant a soft, tender kiss on my lips. “I like you, too, Marc.”

I was starting to fall asleep, but I still wanted to talk to her. “So, should we…I mean…do you want to, like, go out? On a date?”

I felt her nod vigorously, and then I heard her sweet little voice. “I mean, yes, please. I had hoped, you know, after what we’re going to do in the morning, that it was a given?”

I smiled against the side of her neck, enjoying the feel of her smooth, blue skin. “I just wanted to make sure.”

She squeezed my thigh under the blanket. “Good. Now, if you don’t mind just holding me while I fall asleep, I want to make sure I have plenty of energy in the morning.”

“Oh, okay, yeah, su–” I suddenly remembered what she needed energy for. “Oh! Um, me too, then.” I heard a giggle from in front of me on the bed, and then I closed my eyes to try to sleep. I would have been too excited, but luckily our other roommates had worn me out and I quickly drifted off.