Unexpected Wish

Tiffany’s husband worked nights and slept through the day which caused her to often become lonely. Tonight however, she decided to go out with her friend and enjoy the company. They met up at a local bar where they could drink and gossip without a care in the world.

Tiffany dressed up nice but not too nice, she wasn’t trying to impress anybody. She was about 5 foot, 5 inches tall and a lean 145 pounds. She wore a nice red sun dress in yellow flowers on it. The length came down to about her mid thighs which left some to wonder still revealed her great curves. Her long blonde hair was curled compared to her usual straight. She had spent about 30 minutes getting ready for her drink date with her best friend, Laura.

Upon entering, she immediately saw her friend standing at the bar. She gave a polite wave and made her way over to her. Laura was wearing a pair of jeans and tank top. Clearly one of them was dressed for a different occasion. Perhaps the reason was that Tiffany cared more about her appearance for the public. She was a gorgeous woman and always liked to appear that way.

“Wow Tiffany, you look stunning. If I had known you were going to get so dressed up, I would have put more effort.”

“The dress was just easy to throw on. It was much easier than putting on something else.”

The girls began to make small talk and time was going by quickly. About two hours later, a man in the back was starting to get noisy.

“God, I hate people like that. They get a little alcohol and get crazy” Tiffany muttered a little too loudly.

The man looked up and saw Tiffany’s curvy body and knew he had to make a move. He started making his way over to her.

Laura whispered, “Don’t look now, but he is coming over here.”

The look on Tiffany’s face was that of despair. She came here to hang out and relax, not get hit on. The man arrived in no time. He lifted up Tiffany’s skirt and grabbed her ass.

“Hello gorgeous. Im Richard, and who are you?”

Tiffany quickly shoved his hand off her off in an attempt to cover her ass. She didn’t want anybody at the bar to see her white thong.

“None of your business. I am married and don’t want anything to do with you.”

“You may be married but I won’t tell him if you dont. Besides, I have something that he doesn’t.”

“And what would that be?”

“A big dick. Ready to fill any desire you have.”

Tiffany blushed a little at the thought and took a quick glance. There was a bulge is pants, the guy might have been telling the truth about his dick size.

“Well, I’m still not interested. My husband is just fine, thank you very much. It must be so easy being a guy and only thinking with your dick.”

“How about, I buy you a couple drinks and we just see where that takes us?”

“No! Now, leave me alone.”

Richard was a little too drunk to continue an argument with her. He walked away and went back to his spot to drink again.

“Finally he left. These guys always only think with their dick. Sometimes I wish I had a dick, things would be much easier.”

Without a second of pause, “Done” came from a nearby woman who witnessed the whole thing.

Confused, Tiffany and Laura pretended like they never heard it and continued to gossip for another hour without interruptions, despite the constant drinks and glances from men.

“Lets just call it a night. It’s getting late anyway” Laura said. “But let’s do this more often, this was fun!”

“Absolutely! Stay in touch!”

After only accepting a few small drinks, Tiffany made her way back home. She took off her sun dress and threw it in the washer. Afterwards, she made her way back to her bathroom and turned on the shower to get warm. She carefully inspected herself as she waited for the water to get warm.

Her ass looked amazing with her white thong on. Her stomach looked flat and the lines to her abs were slightly visible. Her boobs were perky but still large for her size, with her bra being a 36DD. Her nipples were soft and puffy. She felt fantastic about herself. By the time she was done inspecting herself, the water was warm. She slid off her underwear and threw it into the dirty laundry basket by the closet. She proceeded to take her shower and get ready for bed.

To be comfortable, she always slept only in her underwear. After the night she had, she was feeling good and started to relax herself. Her hand slid down her smooth stomach and into her panties. She released a quiet moan as she rubber her clit slowly in circles. She dreamed of something big filling her pussy. The thought of Richard’s bulging cock came her mind. She wondered how big it must have been and it would have felt to let it slide into her. She continued to imagine choking on his cock for a few minutes before sliding it into her pussy and letting it cum inside of her.

She lost track of time as her mind explored the possibilities. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened as her husband walked in. Catching her with her hand inside of her underwear, he looked surprised. It wasn’t often, almost never in fact, that they had sex. She looked at him a bit surprised and tried to play it off.

“I’m ready for you.”

Her husband, Ben, got excited almost immediately. It had been about a month since they had sex because of the schedule differences, or at least that’s what he thought. The real reason was that Ben only had a 4-Inch cock when fully erect and didn’t last long enough to satisfy her needs.

He quickly undressed, exposing his short cock.

“Yes, thats what I want. Come here” Tiffany said as she pulled her underwear off.

Ben climbed on top of her and easily slid right inside of her wet pussy.

Tiffany pretend to enjoy it, “Mmm. That’s the spot. Do me nice and fast”.

He started thrusting as fast he could in and out but his stamina was lacking. As he leaned over her body, he grabbed her hips and forcefully pulled her in. He tried his hardest to make the most out of his short cock. After about 3 minutes, he blew his load inside of her pussy.

“Yes, cum in me. Get me pregnant!” She whispered into his ear.

After he came, his cock quickly shrank back down to a 2-inch nub.

Tiffany laid in bed pretending to orgasm from him ejaculating inside of her. Ben was oblivious, he couldn’t tell that he was leaving her unsatisfied. How could anybody finish that fast?

He rolled over and quickly fell asleep next to her in bed. Tiffany waited patiently for him to start snoring. When she heard the noise, she got up and pulled out her favorite sex toy, a 8 inch thrusting dildo. She got out of bed and took the toy into the living room.

She attached the suction to the coffee table and very slowly slid the toy deep inside of her. She could already feel herself starting to quiver as the toy slid in about 6 inches. This is what a real cock must feel like. She continued to slide the whole toy inside of her. She was able to use her husbands cum as lube and sat down until her ass touched the table. She relaxed there on the table while the toy did all of the work. After a couple of minutes of letting the toy fuck her, she started bouncing up and down slowly. Her husband wasn’t completely useless, at least she enjoyed the feeling of his cum moving around side of her with the toy.

This toy was the biggest thing she had taken in her pussy. In this position she was able to make full use of the toys length. she brought her feet up on the table and leaned back. One of her hands was holding her up while the other was tightly pinching her nipple.

As she bounced up and down, she again thought of Richard’s cock. He may have been a jerk, but at least his cock would feel nice. She thought about what it would feel like to have his cock cum inside of her. She started moving faster and her moans were getting louder.

The thought of the stranger cumming inside of her pussy, potentially getting her pregnant, pushed her over the edge into an orgasm. She sat down as deep as she could while the dildo continued to thrust into her as she was cumming. Her body started buckling up and twitching as she enjoyed her orgasm.

Releasing a loud sigh of relief, she turned the toy off and pulled it out of her. The toy was still lightly covered in cum and she was craving the salty taste. She slid it slowly into her mouth and gagged on it as she was only able to get about 6 inches in. It would be a waste for the cum to be washed away. She spent the next couple minutes thoroughly sucking the toy clean and savoring the taste. She enjoyed the feeling of this huge dildo in her mouth, since she never felt a real one this size. She spent an extra minute practicing on the toy before she pulled it out of her mouth.

After her mouth cleaned it off, she went in the bathroom to wash the dildo off in the sink. After a thorough wash, she put it away, put on a solid black thong and crawled back to bed.

She woke up around noon and her husband was still asleep. It was Saturday now, so she had nowhere important to be. When she got out of bed, she noticed something strange. Her clit seemed a bit larger than normal. It used to be shallow, just beyond the lips of her vagina, but now stuck out about a half inch.

“What in the hell happened?” she thought.

She slowly went down and touched it. A short shock of pleasure went through her body as she rubbed it between her fingers. She let out a faint moan as continued to rub it.

“Why did my clit grow? Oh fuck it, who cares.. This feels so good.” she thought to herself.

She rubbed it in circles like normal except this time it felt twice as good to masturbate. She started rubbing faster and faster as pressure began to build. By this point she was panting in desperation, but she wasn’t caring about the noises. She continued to rub and the pressure was building up like nothing she had ever felt before.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and had the biggest orgasm she ever had in her life. Her head started slightly twitching as she orgasm stretched out for about 30 seconds. Her body still shaking and twitching from the feeling. Still rubbing her clit as she came, she felt a strange kind of slime on her fingers and vagina. She rested for a minute before inspecting the fluid.

“Is this… Cum? It can’t be..”

She slid her finger in her mouth to get a taste. It was sweet and reminded her of strawberries and pineapples. She quickly licked as much of it as she could. It was delicious. She wanted more of it but it was going to have to wait. Tiffany heard the creak of the bed as her husband was getting up.

The noises from upstairs was enough to convince her to get dressed. Besides, she didn’t know how to explain her newly grown friend. She quickly made her way to the laundry room to grab fresh clothes from the dryer. She found her favorite pink striped thong and matching bra, black skirt and a cute white blouse.

Tiffany greeted her husband as he walked down stairs.

“Hey baby. Did you sleep well?”

“Amazing. It had been a while since we had sex and it really helped me fall asleep.”

“Well, it’s because you’re always so tired.” she replied. However, part of the reason was also because he couldn’t satisfy her very well with his below average cock.

Their small chat continued for a while. They ended up spending time together all day and running a variety of errands. They spent time cleaning the garage, folding the laundry and a variety of yard work that was long over due. Through the whole day, Tiffany kept thinking about the taste of her cum from that morning and how delicious it tasted.

She was committed to having a great day with her husband and giving him a great blow job that night since he was off work. Although she was craving her own cum, any inside her mouth would be fine. She needed to wait for another day when her husband was gone before should play with her big clit again.

That night as they were getting into bed, she walked out from the closet in a sexy piece of black lingerie. It has clasps around her thighs which were connected to pieces of fabric that also lead up and wrapped around her waistline. which made them look nice and plump. Her thong shaped her body well and made her ass look perfectly round and bouncy. Her bra had laces on the bottom but was low cut and over half her breasts were sticking it.

She was a little worried about Ben seeing her clit, but she was sure to distract him with her ass and boobs. It was also still small enough to not be too noticeable. As she walked, she swayed her hips seductively and by the time she got to bed, she saw his dick at full mass. The 4-inch cock was gleaming with precum. She directed him towards the edge of the bed to sit down.

She bent over and slowly licked his cock, tasting the precum. She moaned from the enjoyment of his cum. It wasn’t what she was wanting, but it still hit the spot. As she bent over to suck his cock, he had a full view of her ass from the mirror that was attached to the dresser. Ben wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose or not, but he was thankful.

Tiffany slowly licked the bottom of his cock. He responded with a faint moan as she began to tease him. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and pushed it closer to his body, making his cock slightly longer. At this point, his cock was closer to 5 inches long and she then slowly put the tip of his cock into her mouth. Tiffany wrapped her tongue around the tip of his cock and started sucking on it.

Ben, not able to resist any longer, put his hand her behind her head and pulled her as deep as he could. She eagerly slid his entire cock into her mouth. His size was perfect for giving an easy blow job since she didn’t need to use her hands. She was able to fit his entire cock in her mouth without choking herself.

She used both her hands to push his balls down and quickly started sucking his entire cock, nice and slow. She paused for a minute to herself more comfortable. They both shifted further on to the bed, Ben laying all the way down on his back, and Tiffany on both her knees bending over. When she started, she wasted no time began to making slurping noises as she picked up the pace.

Tiffany began slowly spreading her legs, lowering her body. The whole time, her ass was still in view of the mirror behind her. She took one hand off his body, and slid it inside of the front of her thong. Her clit was now a little hard but she began rubbing it anyway. With her pussy now drenched in juices, she started sucking his cock as fast as she could. Her head bouncing up and down as Ben placed his hand behind her head to shove his cock as deep as he could. He started lifting his hips to increase the speed.

For the first time in a while, Tiffany was really enjoying herself. His cock was just small enough to not make her work for it too hard but long enough to fill her mouth comfortably.

Tiffany slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Do you want to cum in my mouth? I feel like spoiling you tonight.”

“Yes!” Ben shouted in desperation. He then pulled her head back on to his cock.

Not long after, Ben’s cock starting to pulse. The sight of her enjoying it must have pushed him over the edge.

Ropes of hot cum unleashed into her mouth. She sealed her lips to his cock and let the cum slowly fill her mouth. She then slowly continued to suck, slowly swallowing his cum little by little. Ben was spamming as his cock was still getting sucked after cumming. Tiffany spent another minute or two slowly sucking, savoring the taste of his cum and cleaning him up.

Tiffany’s clit was still hard, but she decided to ignore it for now. Tonight was about pleasuring him and taking his load into her mouth.

Finally, she got up, gave him a kiss on the cheek and went to her side of the bed. She had to move discretely, since her clit was now slightly visible. Feeling relieved, Ben rolled over and started to go to sleep. Tiffany crawled into bed next to him and slowly savored the left over taste. Normally she would go brush her teeth but tonight she wanted to savor the salty flavor. It wasn’t as good as her own, but it hit the spot.

Over the next several days, Tiffany’s enlarged clit stayed the same size. She wasn’t sure why it was large in the first place, but she wasn’t complaining. These last few days she was constantly thinking about cock. She wasn’t sure why but she craved it desperately. With no outlet, she pushed her desires down for the time being.

Three nights later, when Ben had another night off work, she was incredibly horny and couldn’t resist her desires anymore. Still nervous about her clit, she planned her strategy for sex.

That night after crawling into bed, she whispered in to Ben’s ear. “Fuck me doggy style. I need your cock and cum inside of me.”

Ben put up no resistance. This was the most sex he had in the last 6 months and wasn’t going to pass up on it now. With the lights off, she crawled on to all fours and got ready for him. Her pussy was dripping wet with excitement. Ben quickly slid his entire shaft in her pussy, and she let out a quiet moan. After not having anything inside her for a few days, his cock felt surprisingly good.

Soon after sliding in, Tiffany spread her legs further and dropped her face into the pillows. Ben started thrusting in balls deep as fast as he could. His balls slapping against Tiffany’s clit as he fucked her. She opened her legs further as an attempt get Ben inside deeper. It was of little use, but at least the feeling of his balls was starting to feel really good against her clit.

She reached down and starting rubbing her clit again as usual. In this position, her clit was perfectly hidden, and she could enjoy herself to the fullest. The feeling of having a cock inside while rubbing the clit was one of the best experiences she has ever had. After her recent change, her large clit was very sensitive and felt incredible.

Ben wrapped both hands around her waist and pulled her tightly to his body. Tiffany’s moans began to fill the air along with pants of desperation.

“Yes baby, just like that. Fuck me. Your cock feels so good. Use my little pussy for your selfish desires.”

The last statement really had him feeling risky. He decided to try something new since she was clearly turned on. He lifted up right hand off her and slid his thumb into his mouth. After applying a nice coating of saliva, he slowly slid his thumb into Tiffany’s asshole.

Surprised, Tiffany let out a squeak and then decided to ignore it. He worked his entire thumb in to her ass and started moving it along with the pace of his thrusts. To his surprised, Tiffany’s moans got louder.

He wondered, “Has she always liked things in her ass?”

After about 10 minutes of Tiffany talking dirty and showing her desperation for a creampie, he finally came. He shoved his cocked as deep as he could into her and let it sit there as he unleashed his ropes of cum. At the same time, Tiffany was also finishing herself. Her pressure also building up, ready to blow. Ben cumming in her was exactly what she needed to push her over. Her clit then started to shoot out a couple small ropes of cum in to her hand. She cradled it and eagerly shove it inside of her mouth. The taste of her cum was addicting and she always looked forward to it.

Both of them having cummed, laid in bed and attempted to sleep. Tiffany was too turned on and in the middle of the night made Ben’s cock hard and forced him to creampie her two additional times.

This time, she woke up and her clit was huge.. The mirror showed a small noticeable bulge hidden behind her thong. It started to not look like a clit anymore, but a small cock. She looked in the mirror and her cock was soft and about an inch long. She was shocked and had no idea what was happening to her. Like last time, she reached down and touched it, slowly stroking it. Her cock got hard and was 2 inches long while erect. She stood there for a few minutes, examining her hard cock. It was kind of cute at least. It was a very feminine cock, very sleek and hairless. The tip of the cock was nice and mushroom shaped which went well her hear beautiful pink and white shaft. Almost proud of it, she wasted a few minutes to take pictures of her cock.
“Why did it grow all of a sudden? Could it be.. The Cum? It hasn’t grown in days but after last night, it suddenly grew.” she thought.

She walked to get her clothes on and in the meantime her cock quickly went back to its small 1 inch size. At least she was still able to manage hiding it for now. Her thong would now have a small bulge that’s hard to hide if someone looks at it directly but still easy enough to hide with clothes. She picked out a nice skirt and matching blouse to wear.

She decided to try and get help from someone she trusted, Laura. She pulled out her cellphone and made the call.

“Laura, I need your help. My body is strange and I need your help.”

“Sure, come on over and I’ll see if I can help.”

“Thanks, I will be there soon.”