Looking to Share… Accommodation

Looking to share xoxo

So it had been a really hard week, first I had injured my shoulder and arm at work then been dismissed so I had all the fun of trying to find a new job and recover from my injuries when it happened.

Having lived in a nice small but discreet flat in a nice area of town I was quite happy and as I had been in my flat for 9 years it was definitely my home, as I was signed off and told to relax due to my injuries my phone rang and up popped David Landlord, cautiously answering I knew the rent had been paid and I wasn’t behind on my bills so wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Answering, Hello David everything ok?

Replying David said I have some news for you and unfortunately we have decided to sell up our rental properties as we are going to retire and don’t need the income any longer.

With the shock running through me I tried to make sense and stay polite but as soon as I ended the call the shock hit me that I would have to find a new home and in the area I live the equivalent property could be hundreds more than I could afford.

Hitting the rental property sites all I saw was shared houses or tiny studio apartments with no parking and all the bills included which one I wouldn’t get my furniture in and two I could never afford especially as I had just lost my job.

Today was not a good day so I decided a walk and a pint was in order to clear my head walking by the beaches of the south coast of the UK.

As I made it to my local pub my phone rang and it was an employment agency who was sourcing staff for a local company and had seen my details on a job search site and wanted to forward me to the employer, suddenly things were picking up.

Anyway, skipping ahead I got the job and started earning more than I had earnt in a few years and speaking to my current landlord he said I can give you 3 months to find new accommodation.

Scouring the local property sites and agents I saw a quirky looking 2 bedroom maisonette above a shop literally 10 minutes down the road from me, the price was quite surprising for a 2 bed it was lower than the average price and dropping the agent a message I asked to get a viewing.

The next morning as I was working my phone rang and upon answering it was the lettings agency asking when I would like to view the property, telling them as soon as possible and explaining my situation they suggested I could view the same evening and would be meeting Gary outside the property at 6pm.

Having asked about my credit history and all the boring bits I asked them if I rented the property could I rent the second room to a friend to help pay for the bills, the agents didn’t seem keen but that was my intention so I thought I’d keep it quiet and just view it first.

So finishing my work and racing through town to get back and meet Gary to view the maisonette I arrived with moments to spare and no sign of the agent outside, sat in my car waiting a suited estate agent looking chap got out of another car parked in front of mine so stepping out of my car I enquired loudly by just saying Gary out loud.

Turning to meet me and extending his hand I said no offence but covid, we both laughed and he said no problem I’ll let you in, the place is empty so feel free to have a look around.

Walking in it was clearly a white wash job as everything had been painted either white or magnolia so I’d want to decorate but a fairly new but small kitchen, a decent sized lounge with a fireplace and as it was on a corner dual aspect windows so nice and bright, moving to the top floor I was surprised to see a proper bathroom with a bath rather than just a shower and two decent sized double bedrooms, thinking this is about perfect I walked back out to the street to meet Gary.

Going through all the chit chat I told him I’d have it and within a month I had found the funds to move in and with the help of mates moved all my furniture cheaply and found some cheap furniture for the second bedroom.

Once I was in I made a list of people who may want the second room, people I knew and people who I knew had secure sources of income but after many Facebook messages and texts etc. it seemed no one was keen or were tied into their own places.

Wondering what to do as I needed the extra income to pay the rent and bills, plus I was only asking for £500 a month which was about average for the area I decided I’d have to advertise for a stranger on the local room to rent groups.

Thinking last thing I want is some weirdo in my home I interviewed 5 different people and the only one I felt comfortable with wanted it cheaper so yet again I was back to square one.

Unusually whilst browsing one of the adult and swingers sites I frequent on the local updates page was someone asking if anyone had a spare room, looking up the profile it had no photos of the person and just some basic details about what they were looking for and it was the usual “looking for fun with guys or girls”

My enquiring mind decided I should message them as a bisexual guy who swings I thought it can’t hurt to have someone with similar interests living with me so writing a message saying;

“I have a room available in my maisonette near the shops and beaches, if you’re interested message me back preferably with a pic of yourself”

Well I clicked send and saw they were online but didn’t read the message before logging off, thinking it was getting late I closed up my laptop and went to bed.

Checking my email upon waking up there was still no reply and I knew I only had a fortnight until the next rent payment, it wasn’t like I couldn’t afford it but it would leave me completely broke for the month.

Heading off to do another days work I found myself watching my phone anxiously and nothing, no messages.

Soon as I got home and showered and decided it was a takeaway night and one of my mates was coming round for beers, gaming and probably getting stoned unless we could find company online for some debauched fun.

Flopping into my leather armchair and putting on the Xbox I got a notification on my phone and picking it up it said I had a message on the swingers site I thought happy days and logged on only to be disappointed again as the person I messaged about the room said thanks but I’ve found somewhere, replying no worries and thanks for letting me know I decided to see if anyone fancied some fun tonight.

As I browsed the site I got another pop up saying you have mail from Elle, no idea who Elle was as I was pretty sure I didn’t recognise her username and again no picture or any real details so opening up the message it read “I’m desperately looking for a room and am working full time”

Thinking okay I can’t be fussy now I messaged back saying I’m at home tonight and tomorrow so if you want to come view the room let me know and I’ll send you my number.

“Elle” was obviously keen as she I presumed it was a she anyway messaged me back straight away saying she was busy tonight but how about half 10 on Saturday morning?

Replying with my number I just put yeah fine, can you ring me please?

Within a moment my phone was ringing from a withheld number, now I don’t like answering withheld numbers but as I just gave out mine I thought I had to so hitting the answer button and saying hello a female sounding voice came back saying “Hi, its Elle”

Chatting about work and whether she wanted a long term room we seemed to have stuff in common and she ended the call saying she had to get ready as was meeting someone for some fun in a few hours, saying id see her in the morning she said she would call me when nearby.

So as my mate dropped around shortly after he asked if he could crash on my sofa and I told him to sleep in the spare room but that he had better be ready to get up and go in the morning, telling me no worries as he had his daughter anyway at the weekend.

So after way too many beers and half a bottle of JD I woke in my armchair and staggered upstairs to bed, falling back asleep as soon as I hit my bed.

Sleeping soundly I was awoken by my mate banging on my bedroom door, saying yeah come in he walked in with a coffee and said thought you would need that mate I’m off to get my daughter.

Checking the time it was 9am so time to wake up, shower and clean up the lounge and spare bedroom before Elle was due to arrive so drinking my coffee and getting bits done I showered and just put a pair of pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt on as tbh this is how Elle if she was to move in would see me at weekends unless I’m going outside.

Before I knew it my phone was ringing again from a withheld number and answering with Morning, the same voice I knew as Elle said Morning you want a coffee?

Thinking this is a good start I said yes please and Elle told me she was in the coffee shop just down the road and asked if she should phone when she got to my front door, having given her the address and instructions on which door as it was above a shop I said just ring the bell as I have one of those camera door bells.

Telling me she knew roughly where it was and she would be 5 minutes I darted downstairs and opened some windows to air out the smell of weed from last night, not that I smoke much now but it was Friday night and that’s my excuse.

Hearing the doorbell go and my phone responding to the camera on the doorbell I could have a cheeky look before I got to the door telling Elle who looked very nice that I was just coming down to open the door.

Swinging the door open Elle passed me a large coffee and I invited her in and past me up the stairs, one so I could re deadlock the door and two so I could have a perv to be honest.

Standing I’d guess about five feet and a half she had great legs and a nice looking bum all wrapped up in a nice mini dress with a parka type coat with furry hood and trainers on but she looked very cute with very feminine features, long dark hair and very pretty deep brown eyes she was definitely scoring points with me and as I didn’t get any fun the night before I was trying to behave myself especially as I had my pyjamas on.

As Elle reached the top I told her, the kitchen is just there on the left, I’ll make space for you to put stuff if you decide to move it and excuse the empty cans telling her me and a mate had a few beers last night, cheekily she turned to face me and said you had as much fun as me last night then?

Asking her what she meant as I led her into the lounge she told me she was meant to be meeting some guy for some fun and he messaged last minute and let her down which happens a lot unfortunately, telling her yeah I looked around but decided to just chill last night with some beers and smoke.

Telling me she doesn’t smoke but likes a joint occasionally I told her I’m much the same to be honest, sat chatting about life she worked as a recruitment consultant in the next town over and had recently split up with someone and needed somewhere she could relax, telling Elle if she moved in then she would have free run of the place she smiled and nodded, telling her although I swing too I would prefer my lodger to not have random people coming around as I have some expensive artwork etc. around and Elle said no problem.

Saying to Elle I guess I should show you the room and getting up I led her upstairs showing her the bathroom and then opening the door on the bedroom which wasn’t huge but had a double bed, wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a dressing table that currently had a television on it.

Taking her jacket off she commented it’s nice and warm in here too isn’t it, standing telling her it’s the top floor of the building so it does get warm Elle had sat on the bed and extended out her legs crossing them at the ankles showing off a perfect little body, she had possibly b cup breasts that looked very perky and a nice curve to her waist too.

Still clutching my coffee and recovering Elle asked me how much are you asking for the room?

Telling her I wanted £500 she just smiled at me and said done if you are happy for me to move in and share the place?

Of course I was, I would have to watch my male friends around her as I know if I got the chance I’d of loved to fuck her there and then, sliding off the side of the bed Elle stood and said I have to go and get my suitcase and a few bits but fancy a drink later?

Telling her yeah why not, and jokingly saying I might even get dressed to go out she laughed and said it may be a good idea, smiling back at her I said how about dinner with me and a few drinks and with that she said I know about covid but hug?

Of course I gave her a hug and as she pressed herself up against me I felt movement in my groin and so did Elle, looking at me she said we can fuck together you know; but you’ll have to wait until later if you fancy having a live in friend.

Thinking I didn’t want to wait I told her Id fuck you right now, you are gorgeous Elle and she gave me a kiss on the cheek as she ran her fingers over the front of my pyjamas and said ooooh I’ll enjoy that later on.

Taking her back down to the lounge I let myself calm down and asked her for some Id and the deposit payment so she pulled out her driving licence and she looked very different, saying to her that’s a pic and showing her my licence she said yeah it’s a horrible one with no makeup skills back then and a good few years old.

Giving Elle 2 keys and telling her I like to have the double lock on because the front door opened onto the high street and she nodded taking it all in so as we finished up the coffee Elle said I shall head off then and get my bits from my Mums so I will be a few hours.

Getting up to see her out so I could double lock the door she turned around on me by the front door and said thanks, you seem really cool so sure we are going to be good friends. Opening the door Elle put an arm around me as she left so I kissed her gently on the cheek and she called out I’ll be back in a bit.

Watching her head to her car the company she worked for had sign written it so it must be a company car, turning around wasn’t obviously her strong point as she went back and forth but really got nowhere quickly but she waved as she passed and I decided some breakfast and probably a wank and another shower were in order before Elle came back and we headed up the street for something to eat together.

Soon enough I had eaten, had a wank in the shower of course thinking about what may happen after dinner tonight with my gorgeous new lodger Elle who was also a swinger.

Throwing on an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt I headed down to the local shop for a bottle of champagne and some groceries I stopped off at a little independent restaurant where I’ve eaten before and booked a table for two for 7pm.

Wandering home I took my time as really had nothing to do today and passing one of my favourite ale houses I thought a hair of the dog pint would pass some time but one became two far too easily as I ran into someone I know and chat to in the pub.

Deciding I had better head home and not realising I had been out longer than expected I got home and unlocked the door to hear water running upstairs, being thick I thought did I leave the tap on or something I wandered upstairs and being used to living alone I opened the bathroom door to realise the bath was running.

Tapping on Elles bedroom door I called you back already and as the door swung open there stood Elle with a towel wrapped around her and said yeah my mum was out so I thought I’d come back and have a nice long soak as you weren’t here either, adding hope that’s okay?

Telling her of course it was but I may need the toilet first Elle said that doesn’t bother me as long as you don’t poo when I’m in the bath, both laughing I said its nearly full so as I went in to use the toilet I suddenly realised Elle followed me in and turned off the bath of bubbles.

Turning to the sink to wash my hands Elle cheekily said nice cock, want to see mine?

For a minute there I went what? Sorry?

And as I looked at this gorgeous petite girl she slipped off her towel and stood there naked in front of me with a naughty smile on her face she asked do you still fancy fucking me then?

Of course I wanted to, as a bisexual guy I’ve dated and fucked several very attractive transgender girls and Elle was stunning, petite with her dark hair falling down her back with her cute feminine curves and a penis, not a huge penis but Elle had a cock.

Looking me in the eye she said come on then, give me a good fucking before I have my bath.

Taking her hand I led her out of the bathroom and straight into my bedroom, soon as we got near my king sized bed Elle was unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my flies before pulling out my semi hard cock, kissing her beautifully made up lips Elle told me I love to suck cock so taking a handful of her hair I pulled her towards my throbbing cock and she happily wrapped her made up lips around me sucking my bell end and teasing me with her tongue as she looked up at me smiling with her eyes at the ever growing cock in her mouth.

As Elle started to get me fully hard she deep throated me taking all of my 8 inches and teasing my shaved balls with her perfect manicured nails, watching this stunning young Transsexual sucking me off was too much with the fantasy play I had in the shower earlier in the day about fucking her hard and as I drifted for a moment enjoying the blow job I was getting I exploded in her mouth and she eagerly swallowed all of my cum.

Leaning back on her elbows Elle sat there naked and semi hard and even then she was only 3 or 4 inches, looking up at me Elle said no chance you’re going to be able to fuck me now then so how about you suck me off please.

I didn’t mind at all so lowering myself onto my knees on the floor and taking her tiny cock in my mouth Elle played with my hair which was longer than my usual army looking crew cut, cooing in pleasure as I sucked her she didn’t seem to be getting hard but I was again.

Standing I said didn’t you enjoy that as you didn’t get hard?

Elle said I rarely get hard, I’m on so many medications and hormones I’ve lost a lot of my cock and I only cum when I’m getting fucked really hard and deep.

As Elle stroked at my semi hard cock it grew quickly in her hand and I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to get balls deep inside her, telling her to crawl back on the bed she smiled and beckoned me on top of her, kissing her lips then the nape of her neck and finally licking and pulling gently on her perfect breasts as she pulled me down on top of her encouraging me to fuck her.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed I wanted her to enjoy every last inch of my hard cock so flipping her over and pulling her bum cheeks apart I sunk my tongue deep into her butt, licking her externally then deeply pushing my tongue into her cute little butt sucking at her arsehole as she begged me for my cock in her.

Standing and getting onto the bed behind her; Elle cocked her butt perfectly and with a little push I was inside this beautiful girl, taking her slowly so as not to hurt her I rocked my hips so she could experience my cock sliding in and out of her tight little bum before I pushed harder and got balls deep inside her making her moan gently as she begged to be fucked.

As soon as she was ready and nice and relaxed with my thick 8 inches inside of her I began to fuck her first nice and slow then as she began to feel wet inside I started to drive into her harder and harder and laying a heavy hand blow across her butt making her scream and beg me to fuck her hard and long.

Taking a fist full of her hair and my other hand around her throat loosely she panted cum in me, please cum in me and as she begged I slapped my balls hard against her bum over and over again and as I felt her anal muscles locking up and her dribbling cum from her girly cock it only encouraged me to fuck her harder and as she shot another hot load all over the bed it drove me into a huge orgasm feeling my hard cock spurting hot loads deep inside her and loosening my grip on her hair she panted like we’d been fucking for hours.
As I pulled out of her dripping butt Elle reached out to me and I pulled her up off of the bed and to her feet where she pressed herself against my chest then to her tip toe to kiss me, breaking our kiss she said I don’t think I’ll need to play away too often if you enjoy fucking me like that.

Heading into the bathroom with Elle I quickly washed my cock and balls and left her to relax in the bath for a bit, heading downs in the my boxers I poured Elle a glass of cold champagne and took it up to her which got me another huge smile and the chance to taste her gorgeous lips again.

As we broke our kiss I went to leave and Elle said Mike stop a moment yeah, Elle then asked me do you fancy me or was that just really hot sex? Telling her I love Tran’s girls she smiled and said you are welcome to fuck me anytime you like.

And of course I fancied her, she is one of the most feminine trans ladies I’ve ever fucked and she is not only my lodger but wants regular bareback cum spilling sex with me.

Heading downstairs I was eventually joined by Elle in her dressing gown as we sat watching some Netflix and chatting for a bit before getting ready for dinner with this stunning Trans lady.

Wanting to cuddle her I’ve always been a softie and like a lot of intimacy and fall usually way too fast for people which when you swing is tricky at times but moving from my chair to the sofa Elle laid out with her head in my lap just chatting and sharing a joint to relax before dinner out.

Eventually Elle sat up a little and kissed me saying I’m heading upstairs to get ready now, want me to run you a bath? Telling her it’s okay I’ll jump in the shower she said she would warm it up for me and meet me back in the lounge in a bit.

And that she did, I had my hot shower for the third time that day and put on some smart jeans, a shirt I like and my going out shoes and headed downstairs to see Elle sat waiting for me in a little tight black dress and stilettos, standing with a little cute wobble on her heels she asked if she looked okay and all I said was perfection and with that we kissed and headed out for dinner and yes we enjoyed ourselves in more ways than one but that will be the next chapter.