Revenge on Video

Author’s Note:

I’m still obsessed with infidelity. In reality it is so commonly a horrible experience for both perp and vic, but I am trying to find ways to play in this space with a positive vibe. I’m not into the cuck life and I find no entertainment in the true suffering of others, so I am trying to build scenarios that are fun and interesting and of course, sexy. The setup here might be a little unlikely, but it’s done so that we can get to a sexy place instead of a sad place. And because I pissed off so many readers last time, I am adding a synopsis. If you want to know where this is going before investing your time, check below.

Synopsis: Wife has been cheated on and found out by finding the sex video on his phone. She wants revenge on her husband with a bigger, better lover, so she contacts an old flame with a big dick to help her make a raunchy sex video and rub it in hubby’s face. Her old flame brings some friends, and they shoot a hot sex video. She cucks him via the video which she casts to the TV while he is watching football. He loves the video and wants her back, and at the end she is about to start the hotwife life.

Thanks to my editor, Todger65!


A chirp from a new text lit up Matt’s phone, from a number he didn’t recognize. His brow knitted in confusion for a moment as he tried to figure out if this was junk or not.

“Something wrong?'” Siobhan, lying in bed next to him, noticed his expression.

“A text, not sure who it’s from.”

“A client?”

“No, I keep those documented. Says ‘Hi Matt, it’s Kelly.’ Having a hard time remembering a Kelly.”

“Do you remember all the women you’ve ruined?” She rolled over and put her own phone down, now paying attention to her lover and being playful.

“Nope. Way too many to count. OK, I’m not coming up with it. I’ll play coy.”

Matt: [Hi Kelly. How are you?]

“Watch this be some student loan bullshit.”

“Or my car’s extended warranty!”

“Reminds me, need to get the oil changed. She responded…”

Kelly: [Hoping you have a few minutes to talk]

“Really generic. Get more from ‘Kelly’ before you take that call”


M: [Need more background, please. No offense, but I know several Kellys]

“You’re always so polite.”

“Being normally polite makes it so much better when you’re not.”

“You were very polite to me tonight…”

“I thought I was fucking your brains out.”

“Po-tay-to, pa-tah-to…” She kissed his furry cheek.

K: [Nuts. I was hoping you’d remember me by the first name. Fine! Kelly Martin. Ohio State. We had business law together… and more…]

“Holy shit! Now I remember this girl.”

“Fond memories?” She struck a dangerous tone, but it was all play.

“One or two. Nothing serious, really, just a little casual sex. She wasn’t really my speed, you know? She was looking for a nice guy. But we hung out for a while afterwards then just kind of faded away. Little bit of a wallflower, but she was really smart. I wonder what this is about.”

M: [oh THAT Kelly! TBH, you’re my favorite Kelly. What’s up, girl? How ya been?]

“You are so smooth.”

“It’s how I get so much pussy.”

K: [hoping to call you. don’t want to text this]

“What do you think?”

“Seems safe enough. There was never any drama on this girl. I mean, this is obviously drama right here, but… figure I might as well hear her out.”

“You do like to stick your dick in crazy.”

“It’s why I stick it in you so much.”

M: [Call me.]


“Hi Matt! How are you?”

“I’m well, thanks. You sound good.”

“Thank you. I’m… I’m OK…”

“Hold on a sec… I need to put you on speaker… OK, there. Full disclosure, my partner is with me and she is 100% involved in my life, especially when strange women call me late at night. Kelly, say hi to Siobhan.”

“Oh… um, OK. Hi Siobhan”

“Hi Kelly. Don’t worry. We share everything so speak freely.”

“Thank you… god this is strange”

“You have no idea. OK, Kelly, you don’t reach out to an old college fling at 10:30 PM for nothing, especially if you don’t want a text trail. Do us a favor and be direct, please. I’m happy to hear from you, and if you’d called in other circumstances I’d be happy to just chit-chat, but there is obviously a reason for this call.”

“You know, I always appreciated how direct you were. No bullshit, get to the point, hit it and move on. It was a little hurtful at first, but after a few years of other bullshit I miss it.”

“Clarity and truth are key to a good life.”

“I hear you. OK, so you have a few minutes?”

“You’ve got maybe ten before I go cross-eyed and doze off.” He said it playfully but he was being fairly honest.

“Oh, I think I can get in under that wire. OK, so… my husband is cheating on me.”

“Yikes. I mean, congratulations on the marriage, I guess, and sorry to hear it’s going badly. Any kids?”

“No, thank God. We were trying, but he was trying harder with another woman. One at least, I suspect another. Married just under two years so it’s not the worst thing if this fails, and I’m almost completely checked out of the marriage by now.”

“Almost completely?”

“I am moved out, have my own apartment month-to-month. I’m financially stable and not dependent on him for anything so I’m thankful for that. I do love him. Well, somewhere between do and did. There is a lot about us that works well, but there’s a cancer in the relationship. I don’t really know what drives his infidelity and depending on that answer I could maybe, possibly see a path forward together. I’m waffling a little and I know, that’s weakness talking. I know how you feel about weakness.”

“Never too late to get strong, girl. I’m sensing some sort of revenge?”

“Something like that. You know Cindy Essex, right?’

“Sure! Yeah, we keep in touch. Why?”

“Well, she’s a friend. We kind of bonded over losing you in college because she dated you right after I did.”

“To be honest, might have been some overlap…” Siobhan made a shocked face!

“Yeah, we compared notes. You totally ruined us, Matt! Just kidding. It’s OK. Anyway, she mentioned about staying in touch with you, and your… hobby…”


“Thank you, appreciate the correction. So we talked, she explained what you had done for her… with her… in great detail, I might add… and she told me the worst you can do is say no… so I’m asking. Will you help me get revenge on my husband?”

“Hold on a second…” He put her on mute and looked at his partner.

“Thoughts?” he asked.

“I want to know more, but I’m not scared off yet. I think I like her. Is she hot?”

“Cute. A little soft, maybe. And that was… five years ago? So who knows.” He un-muted the phone.

“Hey Kelly, send us a quick selfie, yeah? My partner wants to see the woman asking me to fuck her.”

“Ha Ha! That’s fair. I’m a mess right now so let me find something recent… give me a minute.” A few moments later she sent a pic.

“That’s maybe three months old.” Matt opened the pic and shared it with Siobhan. She was round-faced and doll-like, with a cute little smile, big blue eyes and white and purple hair. She was wearing a little black dress and appeared to be at a party, striking a bit of a pose. She wasn’t a sex bomb but she wasn’t any kind of bridge troll either.

“Hey, you ARE a cutie!” she exclaimed. “Love the hair!” She gave Matt a thumbs up.


“OK, we are provisionally on board, but we need to talk more. Where are you living?”

“Columbus. You are local, right?”

“Yup, Hilliard. Meet you for dinner, maybe?”

“Sure thing.”

They met at a local steak house later that week. Matt recognized Kelly instantly as they approached the front door. She was waiting for them by the entrance and lit up when she saw him. They hugged, a little awkwardly as he was so tall and she so short.

“Kelly! Nice to see you, girl! You look great!” And she did. The freshman fifteen was gone and where she had been just a little hippy back in college, she was now fairly trim and healthy. The weight loss had touched her face, too, adding just a little definition to his memory of her.

“Hi Matt! Great to see you. Damn, I forgot how big you are.”

“Still six and a half. I’ve put on some muscle so maybe 20 pounds heavier.”

“All muscle, feels like! And… wow! Look at you! You are Siobhan?”

“Kelly, this is my partner, Siobhan. Siobhan, Kelly.”

“Nice to meet you,” the taller woman said. Kelly had dolled up a bit and was feeling good about herself, but Siobhan was a goddess. Tall, lean, sexy, long black hair and long tan legs, she was a proper counterpart to her mammoth husband.

They went in and got a seat, ordered drinks and chatted easily for a while, catching up and telling stories from their past to Siobhan. After the meal was cleared, they refreshed their drinks and got down to business.

“So tell me, miss Kelly. What’s your plan?”

“Right. I want to make a sex video. A good one. Of me and you. I want to rub it in Scott’s face and make him feel what I felt when I stumbled across that shitty little video of his. It was all hand-held on his phone and unsteady and you could barely tell it was him, but I could tell. I want to one-up him, bad.”

“Right, so, a couple of things. One, you make a sex video and it’s there forever. If you send that to him then he has it, and he can put that all over the internet, send it to your parents, your friends, hold on to it for 20 years and send it to your kids, etc. It’s not yours anymore.”

“I thought of that. I’m the techie in my house, so I know what he can and can’t do. I can cast the video onto the big screen, so I control it. I’ll spring it on him when he is watching football. It’s possible he could record it from there onto his phone, but I’ll have eyes on him while he watches it so I can shut it down if I need to.”

“Nice. OK, so what about repercussions? He sees that video and goes berserk – what then?”

“Two things. One, I’d do it remotely. I work in AV, so our home setup is all mine. Two, I really don’t see Scott raising a hand to me. I never thought of him as a wimp… well, in a room with YOU, everybody is a wimp… but he’s a lover, not a fighter. And I’m ready to be out of the house. I’m mostly moved out already so if he wants to smash everything left in the house then I kind of don’t care. I mean, this is the final bomb on his life, on our marriage. I want to shit on his birthday cake and piss in his Wheaties. All I’m trying to do is hurt him like he hurt me. I expect this to be the end of the relationship, so I’m not concerned with consequences.”

“Damn. You’re a mean little shit. I dodged a bullet. OK, so you’ve planned this out. How about the video? Just cell phone stuff? Are you thinking about a more professional setup with multiple cameras? Have you considered the content of this little tryst?”

“I had planned to set up a few cameras – I’ve got access to good ones, and professional lighting and sound, all that. I was considering hiring a professional crew from out of town because I’ve got contracts, but that opens me up to some potential trouble down the road. The more people who know, right? But Siobhan here… would you be interested in running a camera? It would be so much better to have an active camera-woman.”

“You’ve got a point there. Alright, I can get on board with that. Actually… CJ?” She said the letters as a question to Matt.

“Oh! Yeah! That’s a good idea. Maybe.”

“CJ?” asked Kelly.

“A friend of ours. He’s very experienced with making videos, and his partner is literally a director. Of adult videos, if that wasn’t clear.”

“Oh, wow! I like that idea. Is that going too far? I mean, I’m asking you a favor to do the… work.” She giggled and took a sip of her margarita

“But you certainly don’t owe me anything, and your friends even less, and I can put a little bit of money into this thing but now it’s like I’m hiring a pro team, you know?”

“Sure, I see where you are coming from. Um… Siobhan, can you take our friend here to the ladies room and get a few candid pics of her? I think CJ will like what he sees.”

“Kelly? Join me in the loo?” The smaller woman’s eyes went wide at the idea, but after a moment she was out of her chair and headed to the back.

“I do like her,” Siobhan said as she rose to follow. A few minutes later they returned, Kelly blushing a little bit.

“Never done THAT in a restaurant bathroom.”

“Oh honey, if you plan to move forward with us… we’ll go a lot further than that.”

“Get some good ones?” Siobhan handed over her cell and Matt looked through the pics.

“You did get fit, didn’t you? Look at that hot little bod.”

“I did it for the wedding. It really helped my self-esteem so I stuck with the exercise ever since.”

“Well, you look fabulous.”

“Thank you!”

“OK, we’ll contact CJ with the details. Now, listen, as ‘payment,’ he will probably want to join in. You interested with two at a time.?”

“He’s… like you guys?”

“He’s a swinger and a bull, yeah. And he and his wife produce their own videos so I guess you could add ‘porn star’ to his resume. We’ve worked and played with him and his wife before. We like them, a lot. He’s professional, good looking, very fit, not as big as me. Black, if that matters. You OK with that?”

Her big blue eyes went a little wide at that. She bit her lip and smiled

“Am I OK with it? If he’s half as hot as you I don’t care if I die.”

“Check. Also, uh… I said he’s not as big as me. I mean I’m taller and broader and more muscular. Down there? Down there, he’s a fair amount bigger than me.”

Her big blue eyes went even wider.

They spent the rest of the evening building a detailed checklist of specifics, do’s and don’ts, wants and desires. Kelly went home that night and masturbated to the best orgasm she’d had in a year. CJ and his wife were down for it and were available quickly, so the meet-up was planned for the following weekend.


Six weeks later, Matt received an email from Kelly. He scanned it and then called in Siobhan. They had just finished dinner and were settling in for an evening of Netflix and wild-ass sex.

“Hey, Siobhan! I got an email from Kelly. She did it! Get in here.” His partner hopped over the back of the couch and landed next to him, then leaned into see his phone. He read it off to her.

“Hi guys! We did it! It was everything I hoped for and more! I spent HOURS editing those videos and what I came up with is about 20 minutes long. I think it’s pretty damn hot. Thank you both so very much for making this happen! It was an amazing experience for me and I will never forget it.”

“The plan worked perfectly. Scott had his feet up, popcorn and beer in hand, watching football. I took control of the selector and switched to the video and he sat there and watched every second of it! Afterwards…well, watch the video first (link below.) Then read the rest. I had a camera set up to watch him and I superimposed that on the main video so you can watch his reaction in real time the whole way through.”

“Wow, we get to see the bastard watch it? This should be great.” Matt set up his phone to cast to the big screen and in a few moments they were watching the porno they helped make.

It started with a title screen, “Hi Scott. Kelly has prepared something special for you” appeared in red letters across a black screen. The letters faded and the black gave way to Kelly, sitting in what looked like her bedroom, talking to into her cell phone camera. She looked like she had just woken up, bed hair and puffy eyes, like maybe she had been crying. She didn’t look great.

“Hi Scott. Sorry to intrude on football, but I needed some time when I knew you’d be in front of the TV. I’ve been thinking a lot while I’ve been out of the house. About us, about how we went wrong. About what I did wrong. I see that girl in your video and I know I don’t… I’m not tall and pretty and big busted like that. I understand that’s what you wanted, and what I wasn’t giving you. So, I can’t get tall or pretty like that and I’m not ready for implants, but I thought maybe I would try to get closer to what you want me to be. Please watch the whole thing.” Fade to black.

The picture came back, with Kelly walking up to a hair salon, the camera now obviously being held buy a second person. The camera followed her inside and a brief montage of scenes shortened what must have been an hour-long appointment to a few seconds. Kelly’s voice-over told the story.

“You need a woman who takes care of herself so she looks pretty for you. I remember how you said you hated the colored hair, so I’m going back to normal for you. It’s still technically colored, but as it grows out it should stay pretty much like this. Do you like it?” By the end she has a pretty bob haircut in a natural mousy brown color with subtle highlights, cute as a button.

Scott, in the little window in the corner of the screen, had put down his beer and snacks, leaned forward and paid attention after picking up every remote and waving it at the screen.

A new scene started, this time at the nail salon, again with the camera following her. A similar montage of finger and toe care followed with monologue.

“Every detail is important, as I’m sure you agree. I want to be perfect from top to toes.” She walked out with bright red nails on hand and foot, starting to show some strut. Fade to black.

The next scene showed her walking into the department store, into the dress section, snatching some clothes off the rack and going quickly into the dressing room. She modeled several dresses to the camera, giving sexy little glimpses of semi-nudity and faux shocked faces at being ‘caught,’ posing sexily for each one.

“That was so much fun, filming her. She was SO into it. It was like out of some cheesy 80’s movie.”

“The editing is great. She’s a pro.”

Finally she landed on a little black dress and a pair of open-toed stiletto heels, posing for the camera with a dusky, sexy look on her face.

“You know I don’t normally like shopping that much, but for this…I made an exception! I really liked the red one but the shade was a little different from the nails, so I went black. I hope you like it.” Fade to black.

“Ohh… nice foreshadowing! She is good!”

“I told you she was a smart one.”

Fade in to Kelly seated in a beautician’s chair, about to get her face done. This scene was fairly quick and used a spin-around-chair trick for a quick change.

“And here I am, all dolled up, the way you like it!” The next shot was of her standing downtown near a local landmark as the camera swooped around her, showing off her complete package; hair, face, nails, dress, high heels, all of it. She looked fantastic. Then fade to black. Then she came back, no fade.

“Oops! Almost forgot! One more stop!”

The shot showed her going into an adult novelty shop, then edit to her coming out with a bag. A large bag. She walked up the camera and winked. Snap to black.

“But I know that’s not enough. I know you need a woman who is sociable and outgoing, flirty and fun. Well, I can do that too!” Scene up on Kelly at a table with two other women, Siobhan and CJ’s wife Sandy. They were similarly decked out in sexy evening wear and high heels. Kelly shined, but book-ended by Siobhan and Sandy she maybe shined a little less. The camera moved and the edits were swift, showing the ladies laughing and drinking and playing grab-ass with a man walking by their table. The man was CJ, but it was well hidden with the angle.

“I met some new friends recently and they took me out on the town. They showed me how to let loose and have a good time. Of course we went dancing afterwards!”

Cut the club. Now the three lovelies were bumping and grinding in the wild disco lights, dancing at first just among themselves as they mugged for the camera. They jiggled and jumped for the camera for a bit, but then the shot faded to them having paired off with other dancers — men. Kelly was rubbing her ass into some tall black man and the other women were doing about the same. Nothing more than what normally goes on in a club, but the camera got in there and caught the action up close.

In the smaller screen, Scott was on his phone but didn’t seem to be getting any responses. He eventually threw it at the couch in frustration.

“Dancing with the girls was fun, but of course you need a woman who knows how to please a man, so I had to do a little…practice.”

Her dancing partner got handsy, reaching around to fondle her breasts a bit, all caught on camera. She seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot.

“I feel sorry for that guy. He thought he was gonna get laid.”

“He was cute. I almost invited him. She did get his number.”

“Good. She might need it after this.”

That went on for a bit then switched to a shot where she was dancing between two men, rubbing herself on them erotically as their hands got very friendly with her flesh. That too went on maybe a bit longer than necessary, but she was making a point. Fade, slowly, to black, as the club music continued to pulse.

Scene up, Kelly was walking down a hotel hallway, shoes dangling from her fingers and the anonymous black bag from the adult store in her other hand. She looked a little tired, but happy.

“That was fun. But I’m not done yet. I still have some surprises for you.”

She came to a door, slid her card, and entered, hooking a finger to the camera for it to come in. The shot faded to black as the camera entered the room. The picture quickly returned, the camera now stationary in what seemed to be the far corner of the room, pointed at the bed and hallway toward the door. Kelly stood in front of the camera, striking a pose while she admired herself in the mirror to the left.

“You just wait there. I’ll be right back.”

She picked up the black bag, blew a kiss to the camera, and sauntered into the bathroom. A quick edit and she returned, now in a new lingerie set. It was a sheer pink baby-doll with a bit of a wonder-bra bustier to make her tits look higher and closer, the rest sheer with a giant slit starting just under the breasts so the front could open wide. She spun around, showing the g-string that left her ass entirely bare. She touched herself briefly, exuding sexuality and lust as she approached the camera. She sat down right in front of it, taking up the center of the screen.

“I want so badly to be sexy for you. And more. So, now it’s time for a show. I brought something to help me remember you…”

She pulled a box from the bag off screen and held it up for a moment. It was a plain dull gold colored box, and she opened it with a look of excitement and anticipation on her face. Then she pulled a dildo from the box and set the box down. She held the item close to her face and looked at it, and her face fell dejectedly. She looked at the screen and pouted. The thing was about five inches long and realistic, with little balls even.

“Oh… darn. It’s a little too much like you. Now I’m sad. How will I cheer myself up?”

“I think I’m gonna like this part,” said Matt.

“You sure liked it when you were there for it.”

The camera pulled back just as Matt and CJ stepped forward, and in a moment Kelly was flanked by a big white dick and a bigger black one. Her eyes went wide and her face showed exaggerated surprise. Her hand flew to her mouth and her eyes went back and forth between the two large cocks almost comically. Scott in the little window, who had been sitting still the whole time, suddenly jumped up and stood there dumbfounded.

Kelly moved closer to the black cock, her face just inches away, and she fondled it gently, examining it in awe. She took hold of the shaft and lifted it up, hefting its weight and just taking in the new experience. She lifted the head to her face and opened her mouth, leaned in, and then… pulled suddenly away as if rethinking it. She brought up her left hand, with the wedding ring Scott put on it almost two years before.

“Wait! I’m married! I can’t just…” The voice-over ended and the Kelly on screen looked directly at the camera and said….

“Didn’t stop you, did it?”

GLOMP! Her mouth wrapped around that fat black cock in a flash. Her other hand went to the white one and started pulling on it. She made deep moaning sounds as she sucked that cock for a bit, then she switched to the other and gave it some attention. They were both already fully erect due to the pills and the fluffing they got off screen. Scott in his little box had both hands over his mouth.

“I find it hilarious that this was the second take.”

“Yeah, CJ just kinda whacked her in the face with it the first time. So smooth, that guy!”

Kelly went back and forth between the two big dicks, doing her best to push them down her throat but only succeeding in gagging up big sticky wads of spit. The camera swooped in for close up shots of her mouth being stretched wide. That went on for a bit in graphic detail, then the camera pulled back and the men started pushing their slimy cocks around Kelly’s face, slapping her and smearing her makeup, completely ruining all the work the beautician had done earlier in the day. The voice-over returned.

“I guess these guys don’t care how I look. They must like me for who I am.”

The camera pulled back more and the men could more easily be seen. Matt was bulky and heavily muscled, a bear of a man with thick dark body hair and a thick heavy cock. CJ was more svelte but better defined, extremely athletic with another inch or two in length on his companion. The white man grabbed a fistful of Kelly’s hair and pulled her up off the chair and toward the bed. She tumbled onto the mattress but was quickly back up on her hands and knees while the black man took station behind her.

Scott had his hands on top of his head, walking around behind the sofa, shocked and dismayed.

Soon Kelly was the center of attention, CJ filling her up from behind and Matt’s cock in her mouth. The camera got right up under CJ to show is long black dick sliding up inside the little woman, then went back to the long shot showing all three of them at once, then swooped in to get another look at Kelly doing her best to throat that big white monster. She couldn’t do it, but she was trying hard. The voice-over returned

“I get it now! I completely understand why you cheated on me! You knew you weren’t enough man for me and you felt ashamed. You understood, even before I did, that it’s an insult for a thumb-dick loser like you to touch a goddess like me. Fucking that other girl was your way of sparing me from your repulsive touch. I guess I should thank you. Now you just sit back and watch while these two studs give me what I deserve.”

The men had their way with her, not being particularly rough, but definitely owning her body. After a bit they switched, and then did the ‘Eiffel tower’ maneuver by high-fiving each other. They looked at the screen and both flipped off the viewer with big smiles on their faces, sending a message to Scott.

CJ backed away from her face and Matt pushed her forward onto the mattress, moving on top of her. He started plowing her hard, prone-bone style, as the camera zoomed in to catch her face. She came hard and long, moaning and squealing for the camera. That lasted a while, and the moment she started to come down Matt jumped off and CJ took his place. Instantly she was wound back up and wailing, and CJ put his head down next to hers, reached around to catch her by the neck and push her face up toward the camera. Then he got mouthy.

“This bitch has all ten inches of my fat black cock all up insider her guts, motherfucker! Tell him about it, bitch!” She couldn’t make words as he thrashed her from behind, fucking her brains right out. She came again and again as CJ alternately cursed at her and at the camera.

“All that dick, come on, bitch, Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! I’ll break my dick off in that pussy, bitch! Motherfucker, after this she’ll never even feel you! Ha! How you like that? I’m in your wife! I’m big black balls-deep in your sweet little wife.” He reached around and found her left hand, disengaged it from the covers, and pulled it up to show the camera.

“You put that little chip of stone on this finger? Ha!” He spat on her hand and went back to pumping into her from behind, impaling her on the mattress. She just continued to moan and cum.

Siobhan noticed it first.

“No fucking way! Look at Scott!”

“I’ll be damned…”

Scott, in his little window, had sat back down on the couch and now had his dick out, jerking off quickly.

“I think he might be a cuck, m’dear.”

“OK, I am DYING to read the follow-up.”

Eventually CJ got off of her and she struggled to catch her breath. The voice-over returned.

“Goodness! That was intense, wasn’t it? Well, you wouldn’t know, but let me assure you, it was. Tell me, Scott, are you hard yet? Do you have your little pecker in your hand right now? I bet you do. There’s a good boy.”

“Holy shit, she called it! I wonder if she knew this already! HEY! Did she totally just use us to fulfill his cuck fantasy?” Matt was actually a little angry at the idea. Not the cuck fantasy — he’d bulled for a few couples who were into that, and he was accustomed to it, but at the idea that he was manipulated into it really pissed him off.

“Calm down, honey. I totally did not get that impression from her. But I guess it’s possible. You could call her, after…”

“Damn right I will.” The voice-over continued.

“Well don’t pop that cork just yet you useless piece of shit! Just wait till you see what’s next!”

The scene switched to CJ on his back and Kelly just lowering herself down on his cock. The camera got close in on that long, slow passage into her pussy. She bent over him, riding cowgirl, and a moment later Matt took position behind her. He greased up his cock with lube and took aim at her asshole. He took a firm grip on her hip and pushed his dick into her slowly, and as he descended the camera swooped around to catch her face.

“You’ll probably never see this again, so I’ll explain it to you,” Kelly said in voice-over.

“THIS is the face of a sexually fulfilled woman. You should probably plan to cum here in a minute or two.”

And was it ever. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened to an O-face that just radiated sexual overflow. If she was still in there, she was deaf blind and dumb from sexual ecstasy. The men fucked her, fairly gently, truth be told, and she just rode the waves of pleasure like a ship in a hurricane. The scene didn’t last long, as it was actually a bit much for Kelly’s ability. Quick edit to Kelly on her knees, the men on either side of her, jacking off and about to cum. Matt came first, leaned in and spewed his thick spunk on her face and tits as she held them up, her mouth open and hungry. He had intentionally gone a week without sex just to bulk up for the occasion, so he was heavy with sperm for the little woman. CJ was right behind him and dumped almost as much jizz on her as Matt.

“There he goes.” Scott had just reached his orgasm and apparently made a mess all over himself.

She was a glorious, sexy wreck. Make-up behind ruined, hair well tousled and trashed, face and tits covered in streams of cum, and a smile that made it all so very worth it.

Then the surprise. Matt had taken the camera from Siobhan, and then Sandy and Siobhan, naked, jumped into the picture, kissing and licking Kelly, smearing the jizz around, licking it up, kissing each other — just playing every which way like kids splashing in mud puddles.

“Wow, look at that!” The voice-over said. “I’m so hot even the ladies want a piece of me!” A slow fade to black reached the end of the action. Then Kelly was back, again sitting at the desk with the stationary camera, wrapped in a bathrobe and cleaning herself up a little. She spoke directly to the camera this time.

“Well! That was something you don’t see every day, huh? Not sure I’ll walk right for a week now. See, that’s what a couple of MEN can do, honey. It had been a long time since I was with a man. And I loved it. I loved it so very much, Scott. It was nothing… NOTHING… like anything you’ve ever done for me. Or ever could. You think about that while I go take a shower and clean up.”

She got up and walked away from the camera. A quick edit and then she was in the shower in a sexy, slow motion soapy scene. She cleaned up as the camera panned her naked body for a bit, then fade to black. Scene backup to her at the mirror, wrapped in a towel and brushing out her hair. She spoke, half to the mirror and half to the camera.

“I was really hurt when I found the texts and pictures of your affair. Then that video. Oof. That hurt a lot. But, I took that pain and focused it in a positive direction. I’m happy now, Scott. Not just for what I did here tonight. Good GOD that was amazing! But I’m over you. I’ve regained my personal power and I am happy with where I am. I do not care if we reconcile, Scott. I don’t need you. There are some redeeming qualities to our marriage and I am willing to discuss reconciliation, but we would need to fundamentally renegotiate the arrangement. I can move on with you, or without you. The ball is in your court.” She finished with the mirror and turned to the camera.

“Well! I am beat! Time for some sleep, I think. Imagine the dreams I’ll have tonight!” She headed back into the main room, the camera backing up in front of her. When she reached the room she paused, and her face showed surprise.


The camera swung around to show her view. Matt, CJ and Siobhan were there, decked out in leather bondage gear holding whips and straps and every bit of BDSM equipment that had been able to fit into the shot, Siobhan with an enormous strap-on jutting out of her crotch and a leather paddle in her hands. The men moved forward with the straps and a ball gag, and as the camera swung back to Kelly she shrugged off the towel and spoke.

“Welp, no sleep for me tonight! Don’t wait up, sweetie.” The men grabbed her and threw her off screen onto the bed, then a cacophony of sounds erupted; slaps and a struggle and gagging and someone said ‘Gonna fuck you all night, bitch!’ Another voice called ‘Dibs on her asshole!’ Fade to black as the audio continued for a bit, becoming ever more foul and disturbing. Fade to silence.

“OK, that was seriously hot stuff. I am impressed.”

“Kelly’s got skills. I think we busted out laughing like half a second after she cut the audio. You know, we always talked about getting into the business, like CJ and Sandy. Maybe we found our producer, or editor?”

“Can you imagine? We could even specialize in revenge videos like this one! My God I would love that!” Siobhan was energized by the thought.

“Might be hard to find a real market for that, but I like the idea. Clients, I mean. The market is there. Hell, doesn’t need to be real, does it?” His mind was racing on the possibilities.

“Read the rest of the email. I’m dying to know how this ended.” Matt went back to the email and read aloud.

“So you saw what Scott did, right? I had a sneaky suspicion that he might be into the cuckold lifestyle, but I never really had any interest. Turns out I was right about him and wrong about me. I wanted to humiliate him either way, and if it went the way it did then that’s just gravy. We talked later and he begged — I mean fucking BEGGED — me to come back to him. He wanted to watch the video again. And again. I’ve been acting kind of aloof and uncaring to make sure this is real, and so I can read up on how this hotwife thing works. My lawyer wrote up a post-nuptial agreement for us so if we do get back together there will be rules.”

“I’m in a really good place right now. I have so much more power than I had before and it’s intoxicating. You guys helped me find that power and I am so incredibly grateful to you all. I am very much in your debt so please let me know how I can repay you.”

“Also… I think I may be in need of a bull. You know anybody who might be interested in… filling the position?”

“I knew I liked her!”