Seducing the Neighbor

Thursday morning came and I was back in the boardroom. The answer arrived.

“We agree,” announced Krystal.

“We’ve talked it over and we think it’s a great idea,” added Bonnie.

“I’m in! Let’s get started!” cried Amelia.

“Great, fantastic, girls!” I exclaimed. “I’ll make a start on the paperwork right away. I’ll call a meeting for all the models this afternoon.”

That afternoon, the company was crowded, the young and the beautiful packed into the boardroom to hear the news. I made a speech and explained the whole situation. We had a show of hands, just to see how popular the idea was straight off the bat. There was a good majority of hands in favor. Great!

Afterwards, I said, “So now I need to know from you what roles you would like to play. If you want to stay just a model, fine. If you want to have a supervisory or middle management role, cool. If you would like to join the board of directors, that’s fine, too. I’ll circulate some forms I made earlier. Take these, Mary.”

I gave Mary a sheaf of papers and she handed them out.

“I’ve set up a box in reception. Have a think about what you want to do, then fill in the form and pop it in the box by 5:00pm tomorrow. I’m away at the weekend for a function, but I’ll deal with it on Monday.”

The atmosphere was positive and exciting, and I was beyond thrilled at the response. A new beginning was about to dawn.

As the models filed out of the room, Krystal came up to me, with Bonnie and Amelia behind. “Hey, Cathy,” she began. “We were talking over lunch and we’re curious about something.”

“What?” I replied, as the last model left, taking Mary with them, leaving the four of us alone in the room.

“What’s in it for you?” asked Bonnie. “Aren’t you going to lose control of your company to us, and anyone else on the board of directors?”

“I’ll still be on the board, so I’ll have a stake,” I replied.

“Even so,” said Amelia. “That’s kind of a downgrade on your part. What gives?”

I looked at them and sighed. “I’ve been just so bored, and sick and tired of endless weekends of nothingness. Being with Daniel has opened my eyes to what I’m missing. Plus, the workouts we’ve been doing will get my body, and me, back in the game. I wanna model again.”

“YAY!” exclaimed Krystal. The others cheered.

“You’re gonna go back to modeling?” grinned Bonnie.

“Sure,” I smiled. “Everyone on the board can also model and have their own career, so why not me? We’re all equals now.”

Another cheer went up. Then Bonnie thought, and said with a big smile, “Hey! Does that mean what I think it means?” She sidled up to me.

I grinned at the three of them. “Yes, it does.”

“WOOO!” cried Amelia. “Come on, girls! Let’s invite her out tomorrow night!”

“YES!” cried Krystal. “You know, we have a regular stress relief and detoxifying session on Friday nights, Cathy.”

“Yes, I’ve heard all about it.”

She put on a mock-formal voice. “We would like to cordially invite you to our forthcoming session tomorrow night at eight o’clock sharp; venue – Bonnie’s house.”

Just as formal, I replied. “I should be delighted to accept.”

Another cheer went up.

“Hey!” cried Amelia. “What about Mr. Handsome Hunk? Won’t he be dreadfully offended?”

“No,” I said, firmly. “In fact, he had better not be. I’ve given him enough of a good time this week that he’ll probably follow me to the ends of the earth.”

“Like the old joke about men like being floor tiles,” smirked Bonnie. “Lay them right and you can walk all over them forever.” The women laughed.

“No, it’s not just that,” I continued. “I said to him on Tuesday that what we’re doing is strictly for fun. He accepted that then and he’ll have to accept it now. I’m thirty-two — I can take my pleasure wherever I see fit. I don’t need a man being possessive or telling me I’m his, getting jealous and all that junk. If he’s gonna be like that, I’ll dump him just like that — handsome or not. I don’t need all that in my life.”

“Hear, hear,” replied Bonnie.

“And another thing — although the sex on Monday night was incredible, most of that was me, rather than him. Don’t get me wrong — I’m thankful, and it opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing these past five years, and now with this new endeavor, I feel more excited than I’ve ever felt in years, and it’s thanks to Daniel — but the fact is, the guy lacks some skills. I mean, he’s only twenty. I don’t think he’s seen too much action prior.”

“Is that so?” asked Krystal.

“I figure,” I went on. “It’s great right now, but it feels like that’s just because everything’s so new, plus my long, five-year sex drought has magnified everything way beyond normal.”

“Understandable,” responded Krystal.

“So while I’m having a really good time and milking as much pleasure out of his body as I can while the going is good -” The girls laughed at this. I smiled, then continued – “I’ve got a feeling that once I’ve worked off all this incredible horniness, things might end up less than stellar in the long run.”

“How so?” asked Amelia.

“He’s a little lacking in the Female Orgasm Department,” I said.

“WHAT!” exclaimed Bonnie. “You haven’t gotten off with him yet?”

“I sure have,” I replied. “Lots already — but again, most of that is me and my ferocious, unending appetite for male flesh and all this 24-hours-a-day horniness I can’t seem to shake right now. I’m afraid that once it wears off, he’s not gonna know what to do to keep things spicy in the long-term.”

Krystal jumped forward with both feet. “HMMM! As an authority on this topic, I can assure you, madam, that all steps will be taken tomorrow night to ensure that this will not be an issue.” More laughter.

“Haha, thanks, Krystal,” I grinned. Then I thought. “Hey, aren’t you going to the movies tomorrow night first, like usual?”

“NO!” replied Amelia, forcefully. “We’re going to a resort on Saturday, remember? We need to pack!”

I was shocked. “Oh, yeah! I forgot!” Then a bolt of lightning entered my brain. “Ah, great! That’s the perfect excuse for me to see you — I’ll need to pack, too, and so will he.”

“What!” cried Bonnie. “Is he coming?”

“He is, indeed.”

“OOOH!” said Amelia, again. “So we get to meet him!”

“You do,” I smiled, broadly. “I got a +1 from Jo at Elite.”

“Wow!” they said, in unison.

That night, Daniel and I worked out. It was a heavier session than normal, as I experimented with increasing the load to see if I was ready, even though it was way too early for that; plus, I wanted to really go for it, since we would be having three days off before doing it again on Monday. “Listen, Daniel,” I said. “Let’s give the workout a break tomorrow night, so we have time to pack. We’ll have plenty of time to see each other over the weekend, what with the resort thing coming up.”

“OK!” he said, excitedly. “Actually, I could always do a workout in the morning, like I was doing before. I moved it to the evening because it’s a lot more fun with you,” he grinned. “I daresay I could drag myself out of bed in the morning.”

“Cool!” I exclaimed. “So basically, you won’t see me all day tomorrow, but we’ll meet up at the meeting point early Saturday morning, OK? We’ll be with each other for 48 hours from then on.”

“Sounds awesome,” he said.

“And now, stud,” I smirked, embracing his bare chest, gleaming from perspiration and effort. “You know what else was awesome? Last night.”

“There’s more where that came from,” he remarked.

I smiled at his growing confidence. He was getting better day by day. “Then let’s go back there and carry on where we left off.”

“Your wish is my command, milady,” he smirked. He suddenly moved forward, and kissed me.