Seducing the Neighbor

The next day was Wednesday. Once again I sat in the office, reviewing the previous night’s proceedings. We had made out passionately, then ripped each other’s upper clothing off, then Daniel had worshiped my boobs (he loves my breasts).

I had been surprised at first, since he had seemed a little reticent to begin, which I didn’t think he would be after the frenetic pace of the night before; but, about ten minutes in, I realized that he was expecting me to take the lead like I had done before.

Actually, that wasn’t my usual style — I prefer to be submissive, yet I guess my ferocious desire and mad-woman act of the first night had made him think I wasn’t. I have a high sex drive and like to express it, so I like being submissive, bent over and pounded. That makes perfect sense to a woman, but to a guy it sounds counter-intuitive.

Anyway, we had eventually removed the bottom pieces of clothing. I had told him to ravage my breasts and lick and suck my pussy, words that had inflamed him no end, and he had been an enthusiastic lover. Usually, I can’t stand teaching guys what to do in bed, but his face was so handsome and body so hot, I was prepared to make an exception.

Also, I noticed that he didn’t use his fingers much and was a little apprehensive, unsure of whether something would hurt me. I hazarded a guess that he hadn’t had a huge amount of sexual experience yet. From the way he behaves, he’s probably only had sex with a couple of women before, perhaps a few fumbles in his teen years in the back of a car, etc. I had felt the need to encourage him to be more aggressive with me, so had given orders via dirty talk to make him feel more confident.

He had responded with some yummy nipple-sucking and energetic cunnilingus. We had ended up in the yab-yum position, my sitting on his lap as his huge, straining cock had entered me. Man, my pussy could use some of that. Pussies need cocks, you know? They keep things juicy down there. Use it or lose it — know what I mean?

The buzzer on my desk sounded, interrupting my thoughts. I pressed a button. “Yes, Mary, what?”

Mary’s voice came through. “It’s nearly ten o’clock, Cathy — the girls are waiting in the boardroom for your meeting.”

“Oh, great. Thanks!” I stood up, smoothed my skirt and I was on my way.

When I arrived, Bonnie, Amelia and Krystal were chatting. They were sitting down in the chairs around the table. I took the big chair at the head of it.

“Hi, everyone,” I began. After preliminaries, I got down to business. “All right, listen up. So I’ve just called you ladies in here to run an idea by you to see what you think. If you like it, we can roll it out to all the other models. It’s this — I’m thinking of changing the business model to be able to give you more power to run your careers, so that you can basically live your lives the way I do, instead of waiting on call for a weekly timetable or sitting by the phone all day.”

“Ahem,” interrupted Krystal. “Cathy, no one sits by the phone any more. We’ve all got cellphones now,” she smiled, waving her cellphone.

I smiled. “OK, point taken. You know what I mean, though — I don’t want you hanging around waiting for work. So the plan is this — this is currently a private company, but I’m thinking of setting up a cooperative.”

“What?” said Amelia.

“It means we all run the business and it belongs to all of us, not just me.”

“Like shareholders?” asked Bonnie.

“Yeah, kind of — but we all get to decide which direction the company moves in, not just pick up an annual dividend. Basically, we use the company as a resource where we keep all the equipment we need to run our modeling careers — photography equipment, lists of contacts, make-up supplies, whatever. Each one of us runs her own career, with her own website and social media accounts, while the company continues to feature all of you as it did before.”

“Do we all get equal power and the same money?”

“We all share but not equally. You would be at liberty to choose what rank you want to be — board of directors, a manager or just a regular model. Greater responsibility means more power and more money, but if you just want to be a model, then that would be the lowest level.”

“I see,” said Bonnie.

“The thing is — I tend to end up hanging out with you ladies the most, and you’re the closest to me, so we can go into business together if you want. I can ask the other models later if you guys are interested, so I just wanted to call you in here today to get your thoughts.”

“So how would that work for us day-to-day?” asked Amelia.

“You would be able to get bigger and better offers from more important companies, so you would become a bigger ‘star’ and shoot with some big-name firms and well-known fashion photographers. However, you wouldn’t need to put up with any of the abuse and any garbage because you would still be working for us, hopefully as management, so you could always walk away and still make money just running our company, even if you never modeled again.”

“Wow, yeah,” remarked Bonnie. “That would be a cool option to have.”

“Right,” I continued. “You would always have access to our equipment if someone acted stupid and tried to blackmail into doing what they want, so you would be free to be able to give them the big kiss-off if they were difficult. Plus you would have all your own fans — but dealing with them and maintaining them would be your responsibility.”

The three women chatted together about this over the next twenty minutes, and I answered their questions.

Finally, Krystal spoke up. “So what’s gotten you into doing this?”

“I just want to improve things for you all so you can live a bit more of a normal life,” I explained.

“I told you not to care about that,” remonstrated Bonnie. “I said we could manage.”

“It’s OK,” said Amelia. “I like this idea. It would be great for us!”

“And where did you get this idea?” inquired Krystal, curious.

“Someone told me about it, and I thought it was great,” I replied.

“Aha!” exclaimed Bonnie. “Might this be a certain handsome guy who lives next door?”

“What guy?” asked Amelia.

“That’s classified,” I responded.

“OH, REALLY?” said Krystal. “Tell me more!”

I tutted. Bummer — trust Bonnie to blurt it out in an official meeting. So then I repeated the whole story about how I met Daniel and everything that’s happened since then.

“So basically, you’ve been getting some pretty hot action the last couple of nights, huh?” remarked Krystal.

I smiled. “You could say that.”

“The woman’s an animal,” said Bonnie. “She thought he had pencil marks on his face, so she used her clit as an eraser.”

“I DID NOT!” I yelled, as the others laughed out loud.

“Could’ve fooled me,” replied Bonnie.

“OK, OK, enough already!” I cried. “So what do you think? Are you game?”

“OK, well, it’s a great idea. I think we should think about it and talk it over in our rooms tonight.”

“Yeah, good idea, Krys,” said Amelia. “Let’s do that, and get back to Cath tomorrow with an answer.”

That evening in Daniel’s house, I was excited. “The three girls I asked liked your idea!” I exclaimed.

“Great!” grinned Daniel. “I’m glad my Bachelor’s degree in Business has been useful.”

“Yeah, actually, that’s been really handy. I wish I’d studied at university.”

“Oh, it’s not all that,” he said. “At least you were making big bucks in your twenties doing something you loved, instead of paying off student debt doing a dead-end job you can’t stand.”

“The bucks weren’t that big,” I remarked.

“They paid the bills, though, right?” Daniel smiled.

“Sure. So when do we start?”

We worked out once more. I was getting used to the routine now, and it was great to feel physically fit, with muscles moving and working and getting a sweat up. Then we made love again. It was passionate, intense and exciting. I loved it. Afterwards, I told him about the resort at the weekend and that I would like to invite him. He was thrilled, and accepted.