Seducing the Neighbor

Finally, Monday came and, unlike so many others who dreaded it, I felt relieved to get back to the hustle and grind. My brain needed the two days off but I didn’t. On Saturday, I had felt restless, but Daniel’s sudden and unexpected arrival on Sunday had changed all that.

I arrived early to unlock the office. I wasn’t the only one with a key. My trusted cleaning lady, Maureen, an older, married women, had done an amazing job over the weekend, leaving it spick and span. I smiled, then dumped my handbag on my desk, opened my laptop and got to work.

At 8:00am, my models started to arrive, ready for the assignment they had for this week. I greeted them but couldn’t wait for Amelia, Bonnie and Krystal to show up. They wouldn’t be showing up until the afternoon. I busied myself organizing the women and making sure they had everything for their photo-shoots, then out they went.

My receptionist, Mary, came into my office mid-morning with an envelope. “A courier just sent these over from Elite,” she announced.

“Oh, really? Thanks, Mary,” I replied taking it from her. Mary went out.

What was this? I opened the envelope to find a compliment slip and four tickets. “Oh, wow,” I said to myself. One was a different color from the others. The blue one was an invite to the resort weekend for “Guest + 1”, while the three red ones were for “Judges”. Right, time for a phone call.

I speed-dialed the number on my landline — the only one on it these days. Someone answered. “Hi, Jo, this is Cathy,” I said. “I got the tickets! Thanks!”

“Great! You’re welcome!”

“Hey, mine says ‘+1’, huh? I can bring a guest, right?”

Jo laughed. “Yeah, sure — if you’ve got one.”

“Huh! Enough already!” We spoke for a few more minutes before ending the call. That’s what she thought, eh? I had the perfect person in mind.

After lunch at one, I hurried back to the office. Just in time, Bonnie, Krystal and Amelia showed up.

“Well, how was your weekend beauty sleep, ladies?”

“Oh, fine,” said Bonnie.

“Awesome,” agreed Amelia.

“Not bad at all,” remarked Krystal.

I grinned at them broadly. “I thought as much. Here are your assignments for today.” I handed out details of photo-shoots they were due to appear in, with times, locations and what kind of shoots they were. “Hurry up and get moving — let’s make some money!”

“Yeah, back to work, eh, girls?” smirked Krystal.

“Sure,” replied Bonnie.

“Oh, ladies, I’ve got tickets to the resort event this weekend,” I continued. I handed out the ‘Judge’ tickets.

“Wow, cool!” exclaimed Amelia.

They chattered excitedly about it for a couple of minutes before splitting up to go to their respective locations. They were a little surprised at my peppy attitude but it seemed they chose not to say anything.

That evening I headed home for a quick dinner, then got changed into my gym clothes and headed over to Daniel’s house. This time I was wearing a fluorescent-green bra top, bright pink cycling shorts and the same sneakers as yesterday. I rang the doorbell.

Presently, Daniel answered it. Today he wore a tight blue tank top, brown men’s cycling shorts and the sneakers I had already seen. He grinned broadly. “Come on in, Cathy,” he said.

We made our way into the dining area. “Now how do you wanna handle this?” he asked. “I showed you a bunch of exercises last night. Do you wanna make a start on doing those by yourself, while I do my own stuff, or do you want me to spot you while you’re here, then I’ll just do my stuff after you leave?”

A good question. “How about both? Let’s start doing our own thing, then if I need help, you can spot me.” I didn’t want to seem as forward as last night, plus I didn’t want him to think I was hogging all the available time. However, I also didn’t want to just push and shove weights all the time in silence.

“OK, no problem,” Daniel said. “Let’s start!”

I headed for the home gym to do some rows, which I liked. He went for the barbells and started doing dead-lifts. I did three sets of eight reps before moving onto a different exercise. Daniel busied himself with a hang, clean and press set. After that, I did some dumbbell work, while he did bench presses. We spoke briefly. He neither kept silent nor gabbled on mindlessly. It occurred to me that he could be the ideal beach companion — the kind of guy who helps you put lotion on, talks for the first ten minutes, then lies down next to you for the next three hours making occasional comments. Perfect.

By now, half an hour had passed and I wanted to shift things up a gear. I prepared the home gym for a cable pull-down exercise. “Daniel,” I called.

He responded and came over.

“Spot me with this, would you?” I asked, with a shy smile.

“Sure,” he replied, looking at me with confidence.

I grabbed the handlebars and pulled down, watching the stacked, rectangular weight plates inside the machine move up towards the pulley at the top. “Is this OK?”

“Keep your back straight,” he said. He bent over behind me and gently touched the sides of my torso to show me where it should be. As I pulled down, I felt my arms brush against the backs of his fingers. “Up again,” he said. I weakened my pull and my arms raised up as the weights went down.

“Great. Again,” he continued. As I pulled down, I leaned forward slightly. “Stay straight,” he said, moving his fingers higher. Another brush of his fingertips. My arms raised again. I pulled down once more, this time leaning back. His fingertips, unmoving, now brushed along the sides of my breasts. Daniel, surprised, said, “Oh, sorry.”

“No problem,” I smiled, reassuringly, turning to him. “It’s OK.”I performed another rep the same way. His fingers brushed against my breasts again. I heard him breathe in slowly. This time he knew I was doing it on purpose.

I continued a few more times, before lowering the weights slowly to a stop. I turned my head to face him. He was looking at me with a mixture of expectation and uncertainty over what would happen next. I decided to show him. Leaning back even further, his fingertips reached the extent of my breasts. Then I leaned towards him, closing my eyes.

Our lips met. His lips were soft, yet insistent. We parted, looked at each other, then kissed again. He aimed for my bottom lip, and I sank into his arms as he embraced me. I felt his lips part and his tongue tentatively explore. I responded by letting my tongue touch his, before I, too, embraced him. I felt a rising excitement at having this young, virile man, only twenty years old, here with me. Our lips parted once more and Daniel began to rain kisses upon my cheek, then down below the ridge of my jaw to the neckline close to my ear. I sighed, the contact suddenly sending a zing through my heart.

I needed this. Five long years had passed since Jake, and now I had this gorgeous young stud. I could scarcely believe my luck.

He kissed his way down my neck from my ear to my collarbone, before I felt his hand gently caress my right breast. The sudden touch inflamed me, and immediately I sensed a gaping, cavernous need inside me, a need too long denied, too long ignored, a great, roaring, thirsty, hungry kind of feeling; a searing, desperate-to-be-quenched raw need that scared me as much as it thrilled — and I took it.

“Oh, Daniel,” I panted. “I need this – I need this so badly — I need you!”

In between kisses, Daniel replied, “You’ve turned me on since I first saw you yesterday. I’ve wanted to touch you so badly — I didn’t think I would ever -”

My lips cut him off as I kissed him back. That was it — a huge flame of passion ignited within me; I felt a sudden passion as the fire burned within me. I was consumed with desire — I HAD to have him. I felt scarcely in control as I rained kisses down on his handsome face, wanting more of his masculine essence. I felt the slight roughness of his stubble as I held his face in my hands, kissing him even harder.

Then, after what seemed like an age, we came up for air. I moaned as I rubbed the side of my face against his cheek, wanting to feel the stubble create friction against my face, to reassure me that I really was with a man, that he wasn’t just a mirage or a figment of my imagination, from the endless nights I’d spent with only my fingers for company. I ran my fingers through his short, dark hair, inhaled his scent, then half-closed my eyes as I nibbled his ear.

His hands were on both breasts now, his fingers teasing my nipples through the bra top. Impatient, I suddenly grabbed at the hem of it with both hands and yanked it over my head, it landing goodness knows where.

Daniel gasped as he gazed at my breasts in all their glory. He suddenly grabbed my waist, sat down on the exercise bench and placed me on his lap facing him. I pawed at his tank top, leading him to suddenly grabbing the edge of it and pulling it over his head, revealing his fabulous torso. I briefly glimpsed trained pecs, straining biceps and a six-pack before I felt his hands on my upper back as he lunged forward, his warm mouth making contact with my left nipple.

I cried out as the sensitive flesh responded. He held me in one arm as his other hand ranged hungrily over the other one. His tongue lashed against my nipple as he teased the urgent nub. Then he opened his mouth wider to engulf the whole areola, sucking urgently. I flung my head back, feeling my hair flick behind me as he ravished my breasts.

“Oh, yeah,” I cried, desperately. “Yeah, please,” I panted, inhaling deeply, before exhaling again. His actions were urgent, yet he took his time, worshiping my breasts, feeling their weight, then cupping them, pushing them up, letting them drop, his mouth alternating between each nipple, his tongue teasing, darting, urgent, sucking me in, then pushing them together, now burying his face in my cleavage, absolutely adoring them.

I relished the attention, as he felt the sides of my breasts, pulling the nipples away from my chest wall between his lips, the upturned nubs hardened and needy, before releasing them to bounce gently back into position.

“I love your boobs — they’re so fantastic,” Daniel managed to say. I smiled as my hands explored his strong, muscled back, the round, developed shoulders and his thick, defined arms. I leaned back further, until I was lying down flat on the bench. Daniel leaned forward, kissing, licking and sucking, as he made his way down from my breasts, almost sad to leave them, down my toned abdomen, to the waistband of my shorts. I held his head in my hands, my fingers buried in his hair, as I looked up at the ceiling, suddenly wishing there was a mirror, so that I could see this gorgeous specimen as he made love to me.

Daniel undid the button, unzipped the shorts and pulled them down my legs. I lowered my legs, my feet on the floor, as I felt his nose and lips bury themselves in between my legs. He inhaled my scent, murmuring, “Oh, wow,” before I felt his fingers curl into the top of my panties. He picked up my legs, placing them over his shoulders; then, with one deft movement, hooked them around my butt and down my thighs.

He gazed, enraptured, at the sight of my pussy, before suddenly kissing my thighs passionately, his hands feeling their silky-smooth texture. I arched my back as he finally neared my pussy. I could sense the lips were damp on the outside and I could feel wetness on the inside, the walls already expanding, my desire expectant and anticipating, as Daniel kissed, then licked, my outer labia.

“Your beautiful pussy,” he murmured, as he flattened his tongue to deliver one glorious lick up my inner labia, across my clitoris and along its hooded shaft.

I breathed out quickly, my voice emitting a roar, as the feel of his tongue made me lose all control. My mind filled with images of his muscled chest and arms, I bucked my hips against his tongue, my back arching wildly, as his tongue licked, sucked and and danced across my clitoris. “Daniel!” I cried, grabbing his head and fistfuls of his hair as I ground his face against my pussy, now wet, swollen, inflamed with desire.

Unladylike, I suddenly sat up, pushing his face even harder against my vulva, my hands on the top of his head. I clamped my thighs against his cheeks. I looked down between my breasts to see Daniel’s hands grab my hips; he was keeping up, yet with his eyes wide open, as if astonished. Ha, he ain’t seen nothing yet.

His hands moved to my waist to steady me. I decided to take advantage of that. “On the floor,” I panted. It was like a command to him, as he picked me up, leaned back and, still holding me, lay flat on the floor, face up.

Now straddling his face, my knees next to his ears, I looked down at his handsome face, and was gripped by a sudden desire to eff it for all it was worth. Grabbing his hair in my hands, I pumped my hips back and forth across his mouth, wanting friction, wanting more contact, as I felt a rising curl of pleasure begin in my loins, moving slowly up my spine.

“Yeeesss,” I moaned, pumping wildly. Now I needed more friction. Moving my left knee to the outside of his right shoulder, I straightened my right leg completely, then leaned forward, my hands supporting my weight on the carpeted floor above his head. I pumped my hips hard back and forth against his face. Looking down, I could see my pussy lips, flushed and wet, sliding across his mouth and lips.

The sight inflamed me. “Raaaaaaar,” I cried, gritting my teeth, as I pumped even harder. I could feel my orgasm building fast, the pleasure rising in a great wall up my body. Suddenly, I got up, returned to straddling his face, then, still pumping wildly, grabbed my swollen breasts and flung my head back. Nearing the peak, I looked down at Daniel’s face.

Pumping my hips fast, I slid my hands down my sweat-drenched sides before a huge wave of ecstasy crested – “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” I yelled, as the wave broke and a huge, cascading deluge of pleasure crashed through my body, wracking my frame, as I bucked and rode the wave, my torso pulsing with each hard contraction, my breasts bouncing, as I suddenly felt weak, moved my hips down Daniel’s body and collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily.

I stayed there for a minute, my breath stabilizing, feeling Daniel’s chest rise and fall beneath me. Finally, I looked up at his face. His hair was mussed, his face smeared with my juices — and he looked a little shocked.

“Cathy, I -” he began. I cut him off with a deep kiss, my hands cradling his head. We kissed long and slowly, before finally coming up for air. He looked concerned.

I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled to reassure him. “Don’t worry,” I said. ‘ I just -” I paused. “It’s just — oh, Daniel!” I said, leaning the side of my face against his chest. “I needed this so badly!”

Still sounding slightly dazed, he replied, “I think you did.” A pause. Then – “When was the last time?”

I thought of Jake. “Five years ago.”

“That’s a long time.”

“Wow, I wish you had been there then.”

“Ha!” said Daniel, with a smile in his voice. “I was only fifteen then.”

“Oh!” I remembered. I sat up, my hands holding me up either side of his body. “I forgot! You’re so young! I’m sorry, I -”

“It’s OK,” said Daniel, still smiling. “It’s not every day I get practically ravaged by the woman next door.”

I laughed at this, despite myself. “Yeah, I guess so,” I concurred. I looked down at his body, still sweaty, glistening, muscled and fabulous. As I gazed on it, I felt a ravenous desire build up inside. I was still hungry. I needed more.

I placed my hands on his pecs, feeling their size, firmness, the sinewy muscled mass pleasing against the palms of my hands. Then I ran my fingertips over his ridged abs, hard as a rock, everything I was seeing confirming his twenty-year-old body was young, virile, and very, very able. “I want your body so much,” I said.

Daniel smiled. “Take it.”

I gritted my teeth and raked my fingers down his body. I had to have this sexy hunk of meat. After stroking my hands up and down his body for a few minutes, firmer and firmer each time, marveling at his chest and the way it felt, I suddenly got up from sitting on him. He was still lying flat on the floor face up, so I moved between his legs.

I pulled the cord of his shorts, then pulled them down. His underwear were Speedos, and there was a thick, long, impressive bulge straining inside. I grabbed the waistband of his underwear, then pulled them down. The end of his huge cock was stuck inside, so as I pulled down, it suddenly sprang out, hard as a rock, slapping loudly against his stomach. I had seen enough cocks to know that it was thick, around 7 inches, and about 8 inches long, veiny and vascular, with a pink head just a little wider than the shaft. Hungrily, I rubbed my face up against it.

“Oh, wow,” I murmured, kissing down the shaft to his large ball-sack, engulfing on of them in my mouth. I sucked forcefully on it, my left hand stroking up and down the thick shaft. Kissing the shaft once more, I transferred my attention to the other one, licking and sucking it into my mouth. Then I licked all the way up the huge shaft to the head. My tongue circled around it several times, then I made my tongue as pointed as possible to lick quickly up and down the urethral opening.

Daniel moaned with pleasure, before I pulled his cock to a perpendicular position to his body, opened my mouth wide, and took him in. Staying on the head, I swirled my tongue around. Daniel groaned, then pushed down until I felt the head against the back of my throat. I had learned enough not to gag, then moved back up slowly to the top. Then back down, reveling in his hardness and loving the the tip reaching the back. Then, finally, I moved faster and faster, my right hand stroking his cock, my left fondling his balls, as I gave pleasure to this fantastic man.

Daniel cried out with pleasure. “Oh, Cathy!” His hands buried themselves in my long hair as he began to pump his hips. I could feel his masculine desire rising with each stroke and I closed my eyes as I felt his powerful hips ride the rising pleasure I knew he could feel.

Then suddenly I took my mouth off his cock and straddled him, my knees either side of his hips, my pussy in mid-air. I lowered the lips until they rested on the tip of his cock. Daniel moaned. I smiled down at him. “Say please.”

Daniel’s eyes widened as he looked up at me. “Yes. Please!”

I thrust my hips down, impaling my dripping pussy on his straining cock. Daniel cried out again in pleasure, as I sat there on him. I felt his thickness stretching my walls, their slickness welcoming him as I adjusted myself to take his size. YES, it felt so good to have a man inside me again. Placing my hands firmly on his hips, I lifted myself, agonizingly slowly, up again until only his head was still inside me. A few seconds’ pause, then I slammed back down to bury him inside my depths again. Daniel groaned loudly, attempting to say my name. Then up again, almost as slowly, then another slam down. I could see Daniel’s chest undulating as the pleasure he felt moved up his spine.

Looking at him with uncontrollable desire, I said, “You will want me as much as I want you.” Rising up once more, I slammed down once more, slowly increasing speed. I held his waist, arched my back, gritted my teeth and looked up at the ceiling. I wanted to eff this guy so badly, he wouldn’t know what hit him.

A growl came from my lips as I increased speed. I needed friction, and as I felt his cock slide along my walls, I leaned forward to ride him. My clitoris made contact with his pubic bone and I ground against him, taking my pleasure. A roaring desire spread up my loins once more, my pleasure rising up my spine as I pounded Daniel like a wild woman, my upturned breasts slick with sex sweat, my nipples hard and needy.

Daniel tweaked my nipples, then rolled them between his thumb and forefinger with both hands. The unexpected addition ramped up the ecstasy building within me, my strokes beginning to lose rhythm. I felt Daniel’s hands grab my hips, his long fingers smoothing around to my butt.

Higher and higher my arousal went, my breaths labored and heavy, my pussy wet and slick. Finally, a huge wave of pleasure suddenly ignited. I felt Daniel’s finger press against my anus. That took me over the edge, as a bolt of indescribable pleasure bolted up my spine. I flung my head back and yelled out as my orgasm crashed through me, my body wildly undulating.

Daniel grabbed my waist hard. Pulling me down against his chest, he grabbed my butt with my hands and pumped his cock wildly in and out of my pussy. I wailed in pleasure as his strokes lengthened my orgasm. He pumped like a wild man as he took his pleasure, milking my pussy with all his might, his huge cock making my pussy weep with pleasure.

Finally, I felt his back arch, then hit the floor, his cock pushed deep inside me, it’s thick shaft pulsating as he unloaded seven or eight strong spurts of hot semen inside me. He moaned loudly as my pussy drained his balls. I imagined them pulsing the semen out, thanks to my pussy, an image that made me feel womanly — something I hadn’t felt for a long time.

I collapsed on top of him, both of us finally spent.