Hallie Halloween

There are a bunch of things that my roommate, Josh, doesn’t know. He doesn’t know that there is life outside of work and video games. He doesn’t know that a girl named Carla might be interested in dating him. He doesn’t know that I have been trying to play match maker between him and Carla. He doesn’t know that he […]


It has been a miserable year and a half following Covid-19. My sex life has been totally non-existent, except for some self-loving (let’s face it, a lot of self-loving). I decided I needed a substantial social break and to celebrate that I am still alive. I needed a party. No, not just any party but a sex-filled Halloween Party, no […]

Heterosexual Black Men

“Al, I will help you forget about your mean ex-girlfriend Esther,” Lakeisha Brownstone said, and the six-foot-tall and curvy, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned transgender gal nodded gently at her visitor. This one was tall and handsome, but seemed unsure of himself. The visitor in question, a big and tall young Haitian man named Alfred Telemaque, nodded in agreement. Without further […]

Wanted: Maid (Male)

The survey for this new job was just plain weird. Questions like: “It is better to serve than to command Y/N” “I’m comfortable in my own skin Y/N” “Sexuality is a spectrum Y/N” “Men should be manly and women should be ladylike Y/N” “You are easily intimidated by others, especially strong men and beautiful women Y/N” “It’s unfair women have […]

A Full-Service Cottage

Finally, after a brutally long winter and the fleeting yet unstable spring, summer had finally settled in. Living in Canada where we do, seasons are distinct and the changes in season involve activities geared to the weather. We both love the outdoors and recognize that in our mid-30s we are not expected to compete with the 20-year-old crowd. I admit […]

The Conference

I wasn’t ready for this was all I thought as I continued to check into my hotel room. Why had I decided to do this? You don’t do this. You talk to people at most through video games. To meet and see people like you, crazy. But this was crazy. And there goes that word again. Crazy. Why use it? […]


Over the last few years my girlfriend has taken me a real journey. Very earlier on in our relationship she discovered my kink for lingerie and not just her wearing anything satin, lace or silk but also that given any opportunity I’d wear knickers or a thong under my male clothes. Be it t-shirt and jeans, smart casual or one […]

Where We Left Off

The courthouse is packed with lines of couples getting married. Boys getting married to boys and girls getting married to girls. The Supreme Court just changed everything. The South Carolina heat in July is unbearable, but this is the happiest day of my life. I’m about to marry the love of my life. It’s been a long road. It all […]

A Bride for the Damned

“Are you sure this is the right place. It looks so … spooky,” my wife asked as she peered through the rain soaked windshield. “It is unless the GPS is lying,” I said, as I brought the car to a gradual stop. I stared out into the darkness. The pale headlights cut through the thick sheets of rain, etching out […]

Magic Dress – The Witch

Oh no! The ball had gone into the Witch’s garden. I didn’t quite believe them, but the older kids said that she was a witch. She lived in an old cottage with a run-down garden, quite different from the modern estate which came up to it, where we lived. They bullied me into going and knocking on the door, while […]