The Junk Draw

“I hate these Sunday nights.” “God, when are they going to learn that women don’t dress like that. Those high heels, short skirts, c’mon pantyhose? Are they kidding me?” “We have to start taking control of these nights again, how did we let them take it over? My hair smells like perfume for days after that.”

Frankie Follows

Let me be perfectly clear with my opening statement. I am innocent and I’m looking for someone to lay the blame on! My roommate claims that he is innocent, but I’m not buying it. I mean his story is that it was my responsibility to double check the TV schedule. I cry foul on that because he should have been […]

An Ex-Boyfriend’s Punishment

“John’s definitely cheating on me — after all the kinky stuff we do in bed, even.” My friend Amanda looked at me, disappointed. “I don’t get why guys do this to me — I do whatever they want, and they still want more,” she continued, “like — what other girl would dress her boyfriend up in her lingerie and fuck […]

Older Friend Used Me

I moved to Bay Area California from East Texas when I was 22. I wanted to work in the cannabis industry. I started growing and by end of season I had alot so I sold to dispensaries and that’s how I met My friend. We will call him Ed. He is very rich and very funny. He was buying at […]

Made to Order

Kelli sat in front of her vanity and slowly applied her lipstick. She paid close attention as she wanted a perfect result. He wouldn’t be happy with anything less. She stopped and admired her long-practiced handiwork. Her lips looked as if they had been dipped in liquid crimson. The color had been carefully selected by Him for this evening, and […]

Martin’s Missing Moolah

A few years back, I lost my job and ended up homeless for a couple of months. That I never once spent a night on the streets is down to good friends, a little luck and the kindness of strangers. Strangers such as Martin.. Actually, we had a mutual friend, and I met him at her place. I’d been crashing […]

The Adventure of the New Apartment

Retired, I had too much time on my hand with my family so far away. I found an apartment in the city with a history of successful short term rentals. My agent said it was a sure thing, a package – the owner had contacts with maintenance people and a cleaning company that knew the special requirements for AirBNB – […]

Miss Monica’s maid

I inherited Monica by default. When I bought my apartment, the woman who was selling asked if I’d mind keeping her on as my cleaner. “She’s really cool, very good and intensely loyal. You’ll love her.” I’m a pretty tidy person, but being new in town I thought it seemed like a good idea. “Yeah, sure. We can do it […]

Reg and the Genie

Reginald Peregrine, or Reg for short, sat at his desk, in the museum’s basement, surrounded by the museum’s uncatalogued antiquities. This had been his only job from school and was his dream job. He could work quietly cleaning and cataloguing artefacts on his own in the depths of the museum. This kept him away from the public and any casual […]

Kinky Anniversary

“Hey, Jimmy, I want to show you something!” I raised my eyes from the computer screen and looked at the cute face of my wife Evie. She was holding her smartphone. It took me only one glance at her blushed freckled cheeks, to realize that she was up to something kinky. Because kinkiness was the foundation of our relationship. Evidently, […]