Fateful Kiss

“You’re so pretty.” The words had escaped me. What had possessed me to say such a thing? We were alone in my office, Allison and I, having a work meeting. As we were discussing our latest design, she had stepped closer to me in order to draw on the whiteboard, and, at that moment, I could not hold the words […]

The Princess Frog

“Oh fuck! Yes!” I cried out. There I was. On my elbow and knees with my ass up in the air being fucked by my girlfriend Lori. My panties pulled down my thighs and my miniskirt flipped up over my back. The thick eight inch strap-on she wore, pumped in and out of me. How did I get here? It’s […]

Bisexual Jamaican Manliness

Meet Tyson Maybury, a big and tall Black man living in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and Georgia State University, and works at Robinson & Morrell LLP, a fast-growing tech company. As a new regional manager with the company, Tyson now makes ninety-five thousand dollars a year, after taxes. Not bad for the […]

Kidnapped Kinky Secretary

“Well, Darla, that’s a wrap. I just want to proof the manuscript one more time at home. I have some appointments so I want you to lock up the office and bring the laptop home with you. And Darla, please be careful. That’s the only copy there is. There are people who would love to get their hands on it […]

The Dental Chair

Chris had recently graduated from the Dental Hygienist program at the local collage and was excited to begin his new career. Chris was the only male in the Hygienist program and got lots of attention from the young pretty female students. Chris kept a big secret from the girls in his class. He was a closet crossdresser with desires to […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

You’ve heard this all before, the guy that finds his Sister’s or Mother’s underwear. For me, it was very similar, we had a neighbor family that moved out of state, they had more boxes than room in the moving truck, we had a spare room, and they had agreed to arrange for the boxes to be shipped once they settled […]

Ronald Collects Rent

I was happy in my riverside apartment. It wasn’t spacious but, on a nice day, the views were to die for. It was quiet, especially considering the high street was just around the corner. So while there was plenty of bustle just a stone’s throw away, home was a haven of tranquility. Truly, an idyll..


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; Trish, my wife, and I always get invited to the best parties. “Honey, I’m home!” shouted Trish, my wife. It was Friday and I just got home from work myself. “What did you buy?” I asked as I walked into the living room. “My boss is throwing a Halloween Party and I stopped […]


“Is that manga?” she teased with a smile in her voice, “Are you a weeb?” Jack glanced behind him, realizing she must have noticed the bookshelf next to his bed. “Nah. Just a general nerd — I’m into Western stuff, too.” The adult video-chat site he sometimes used had finally created a section specifically for trans people and those interested […]

Showing Off for the Neighbor

After a long day of work, she just wanted to relax. She sighed, slipped into her sundress, grabbed the book, and went into her backyard. She stretched out into the hammock and started reading. It was a blue sundress, her shoulders bare, the hem barely touching her knees. She soon put the book down and closed her eyes, enjoying the […]