Glory Hole

Hi, I am Leigh, a Crossdresser (CD), Caucasian, 68″ tall, women’s size 8 or 10 depending on the brand, green eyes, and shoulder length hair. I have always had soft facial features. My stories are more of a diary entry than a novel. They actually happened but I changed the places and names. I’ve been really curious about glory holes. […]

Izzy has Problems

I may not have 99 problems yet, but with 2 problems, I seem to be on my way towards that infamous 99. My first problem is that I have a secret admirer at work and my second problem is finding a date for my roommate, Ben the super nerd. My stalker, I mean my secret admirer is my most confusing […]


“I’ve never even dressed in public,” I protested. He just smiles. “Don’t worry, baby, you’ll be fine. Haven’t you at least thought about spending a weekend as Allie? Dressing 24/7? I’ll be your escort, protecting you and taking care of you. It’s a secluded part of the lake – no nearby houses, not popular with the fish people. It’ll be […]

Mia’s Sissy Slave

Young, inexperienced “boys” blow their loads, and they are done, not even aware that their partner is left still wanting. My satisfaction was predicated by HER satisfaction, even if I didn’t get to orgasm…or especially, if I was made to wait, anticipating orgasm, and then finally allowed my orgasm. We discussed her preferences during non-sexual times, and I applied it […]

Aurora’s Roommate

Hey everyone, I’m Aurora and I have been living a triple life for over six months. I spend some of my time as Alex because that’s what society requires me to do when sometimes. I mean, some things must be done as the person who is listed on my birth certificate, right? I spend as time as possible as Aurora […]


I woke up to a warm sensation: her luscious body pressed against me. Feeling her person enclose me in that partial stupor between waking and sleep made me feel so loved. And safe. I’d grown to need her, as pathetic as that could sound to some… She began to jostle against me as she did everytime she wanted to do […]

Getting To Know My Cousin Taylor

When I was 18 my family found out we had a whole other side of the family that we didn’t previously know about. I met some second and third cousins and aunts and uncles that I never knew we had. One second cousin I met became really close with me. Taylor. She was 19 and I was 18 when we […]

Short Dom

Jasper was sitting on his couch naked with his member in his hand. Sweat ran down his face as he imagined his adorable wife May until she arrived. “A little more, May,” Jasper whispered. “Please…Aargh!” His load of cum shot out of his penis once again while he had his eyes lost on the ceiling. His member released several spurts […]

Being Jodie

Draped over one end of a filthy, yellowy-green paisley, grandparent-hand-me-down sofa, placed without much thought in the middle of an incredibly messy common area, in just as filthy a frat house. It was all hallows eve, and yes… so there I was. Cum spattered throughout my hair and started to crust on my brow and cheek. The neckline of my […]

Diana Dimples Revealed

The way I see it, there is different and then there is different. And I don’t have any issues by starting out by telling you that I am as different as they come, but I will continue my confessions with how so many others have their own version of different. Hi, my name is Don and I have a pretty […]