Thomas picked up his phone from the nightstand. His sister was calling. Again. Thirty-three times so far. He was sorely tempted to smash the thing. But he couldn’t. April might call. There was no way in Hell April was going to call. But she might. She hadn’t just left him. No. One day, they’d been living together in a comfortable […]

The Road Trip

Driving long distances on the interstates is always boring. Long straight ribbons of road that go for hundreds of miles. Thankfully on this journey, from Atlanta to Nashville on I-75, I had been joined by Lynnette, my co-worker, who was sharing the ride to go to a trade show. Lynnette and I had been chosen by management to represent the […]

With No End in Sight

Nicole wondered what she was doing here, attending a party on a narrow and secluded beach, little more than a cove, that the hosts had exclusive access to, the pristine golden sands having a steep headland to each end and that the public was unable to access. Pines and dense scrub, so typical of the Mediterranean coastline, provided the ideal […]

A Decision We Don’t Regret

What would you do if you found out about something that was a secret? That’s exactly what happened to me and it’s something that I must make a decision on soon as to what to do. I guess I should start from the beginning… My name is Bob and my wife’s name is Annette (Ann) and we have been married […]

The Debt

My name is Sage and I am a working housewife and work three days a week to help our budget. I’m 31 years old, five feet eight inches tall, and 125 pounds with brown hair, blue eyes, and D cup firm tits, and a trim figure. I am married to Mike who works as a machinist and loves to gamble […]

The Promotion

I graduated college with an advertising degree and work for an advertising firm as an assistant advertising director. My name is Tory and I’m married to Rick and we keep quiet that we live an open marriage lifestyle. I’m twenty-four and five feet five inches tall, one hundred twenty pounds with perky C cup breasts and shoulder-length blonde hair.

Lunch Break

It was Thursday and the week wore itself on. Last Friday, his manager said, “We could just move the course online and you could do it from home”. Initially, this seemed perfect. No commute, no sitting in classrooms feigning interest and doing group work. It meant being at home, sitting through the course material in the comfort of an armchair, […]

The Chill Pill

If I didn’t rely so much on my phone, I would have thrown it out the window or attacked it with a hammer when the alarm went off that morning. It wasn’t that I was upset it was Monday again, but rather, it was the date. It was our fifteenth wedding anniversary and, to be honest, I wondered why we […]

Office Visit

“…so that being said, let’s start going through the basic principles of electricity.” As she opened the door slowly and quietly, the sound of his voice sent a wave of emotions and memories through her mind. Focusing on not disrupting his class, she let herself in and carefully closed the door. He briefly made eye contact with her, smiled softly […]

The Arrangement

I’m Alan. My wife Mandy and I had moved here with our two kids about eighteen months previously and would exchange pleasantries with Pamela over the fence. The conversation would usually be in some reference to the weather, in typical British fashion. The only occasion I talked to her for more than a few minutes, was the time she accidentally […]

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