A Threesome is Better than Golf

I had just finished a round of golf on a hot summer day and was looking forward to washing away all of the sweat and grime. Napoleon was known to love Josephine’s natural scent so much he would write her toward the end of a military campaign and ask her to refrain from bathing before he returned in a few weeks. I also enjoy the natural scent of a woman, but my wife isn’t the biggest fan of my man smell. Bummer.

As I pulled into our driveway I was thinking about my golf buddy, Tom, who spent a lot of time chasing balls into the woods while making wisecracks about how golf and sex were a lot alike. Things like, “Never up, never in” after he missed an easy put. I was troubled because something in his eyes told me that he and Kate might be struggling in the bedroom.

My wife, Barb, usually greets me at the door in her latest sexy costume after a round of golf, but Tom and I only played half the course because of the heat.

I was a couple of hours early and she was no where in sight when I stepped inside. I figured she was out back tending to her peonies and headed upstairs for that much needed shower.

At the top of the stairs I noticed the bedroom door was closed which was odd since we live alone and always leave it open. Since I was headed to the master bath and the only way in was through our bedroom, I reached for the door knob, but froze when I heard moaning coming from inside.

I figured Barb was watching porn with one of her new vibrators and started to get aroused since I love watching her pleasure herself. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I turned the knob ever so slowly, cracked the door, and peeked inside. Barb is blond, blue eyed and built like a Barbie doll, but what I saw was instead of Barb was black curly hair and huge tits mounted on a tiny frame. It was Tom’s wife, Kate, and Barb’s blond head was buried between her legs.

I had never seen Barb do anything like this. I was shocked, but not angry or jealous like I was supposed to be. Instead, I was extremely turned on by it. In between Kate’s moans I could hear Barb sucking on her clit so hard she slurped. Kate must have loved it, because she was breathing fast, like she’d just run a marathon, and then she lost it, screaming “Holy mother of god, suck it harder, you bitch” and then she came harder than I’ve seen in my life.

It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I thought I might cum right there in my pants, but that isn’t what I wanted. No, more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life I wanted to join in. Oddly, I had the crazy thought they would be mad at me for disturbing them, but shook it off and walked quietly across the thick carpet until I was directly behind Barb.

Kate’s eyes were still closed and she was panting hard and fast. Barb was licking up her juices and staying away from her sensitive clit. I reached in and touched Barb’s pussy. Damn, it was wet. I don’t think it has been that wet since our honeymoon. I think at first she was caught up in the moment and maybe thought it was Kate touching her, but when she heard my zipper she froze. I didn’t want a scene. I didn’t want to give her chance to stop me. I wanted to fuck my wife.

I’m big down there, 9′ with a big mushroom head. Barb sometimes complains its a little too big, so I usually work it in slowly, but not this time. I slammed all of it into her in one swift plunge. She gasped and then pushed into it, as if she wanted more. I tried to give it to her, burying it as deep as it could possibly go, paused a moment, and then started fucking her fast and furious like I was the energizer bunny or something.

I have never been so desperate to cum in my life and was almost there when I heard Kate plead, “Please, Kenny, save some for me.”

As badly as I wanted to cum, I wanted to fuck Kate even more, so I pulled out right as I reached the edge and squeezed the load back. Hovering over my wife’s beautiful ass, I took a few calming breaths and waited until I calmed down enough to go again without blowing the load in the first 10 seconds.

When I was ready, I nudged Barb to the side and aimed my cock at Kate’s wet pussy. I wasn’t exactly sure if Barb was okay with me fucking Tom’s wife, so I paused just at the entrance and looked my wife in the eyes. I was about to say something when she grabbed my ass and pushed hard. Kate moaned. I groaned and Barb giggled.

“Fuck me hard and fast like you just fucked Barb,” growled Kate.

Barb grabbed one of Kate’s huge tits and sucked the nipple like a starving baby. That was all the encouragement I needed since my Mama raised me to give a lady what she wants. I was fucking the holy living shit out of Kate, when Barb spun around and sat on Kate’s face. I don’t know how Kate could breath the way Barb was grinding her clit against her mouth, but she let out a muffled scream as she came hard. That was enough to send me and Barb over the edge. We both screamed loud enough to wake the dead when I exploded into Kate.

We collapsed in a heap, doing our best to catch our breath. As amazing as it was, I started to wonder what this would do to our marriage when Barb dipped a finger into Kate’s pussy, gathered a glob of my cum mixed with Kate’s juices and then spread the mixture over her lips. She smiled seductively, leaned in and kissed me passionately.

“How does that taste, husband?”

“Like nectar from the Gods,” I answered.

“You are the best husband ever.”

“Speaking of husbands,” said Kate with smartphone in hand. “We could use more man meat in the room. Siri, call Tom.”

My perfect marriage had just gotten way better.

~ HungDaddi

Lewd Fiction - 2021