People I Didn’t Sleep With

Hello, my friends. Ol’ Jess here. You know, the West Virginia nudist resort guy.

In many of my stories I try to guide younger folks by telling them about my life’s stupid mistakes. To be honest, I have made more than my share. I hope you can learn from them, and not make the same mistakes I did.

I think I have made more mistakes as a person, than as a nudist. I have been a little more sure-footed and of course barefooted as a nudist.

Some people see self control as a sexy thing to lose. For me, my self control was a curse of sorts. Kind of kicked in at the worst time when I was the closest to having sex or a great time with a good woman.

Might have kept me out of trouble, but it kept me from having fun in general and sex in particular.

Here is the take-away from my life on Earth so far. I am in my 60s now, by-the-way.

By the time I figured women out, I was too old to put my skills into action.

More accurately, too old to use my skills on the women I wanted to use them on.

Sure you can get a woman, but not the woman. It’ll be one you settled for, instead of the woman of your dreams.

Take your time, but pick well and pick the best. Your decision will follow you the rest of your life. A wise person once said you can make hell of heaven or heaven of hell. So true. If you pick the wrong mate, your life will be hell on Earth. If you pick the right mate, you will be in heaven before you die.

For me I knew the most and did my best with women at age 35. I knew enough and was finally brave enough to act.

I determined if I was not married by 35, I would have to try other ways to find a woman and a wife.

I did, I put a personal ad in a local newspaper section that was designed for singles to meet. I also responded to ads women put in. I loved creating the ads and responding to the clever and sexy ads the women put in.

Ironically, the young woman I met through the personal ads who became my wife 2 years later, responded to 2 of my ads. Guess we were meant to be, at least for several years.

It was great fun. I think I loved the pursuit of women more than meeting and dating them. It was all fun. I loved every minute of it. Even a bad date was a learning experience for me about women and how they react to men and think about what men say and do.

I kept notes of the 17 women I met and dated. What was she like? Good personality, good kisser? What was her career like, was she going far in business? Did she have potential as a wife? That type thing.

My discoveries were many. Eye-opening sometimes. The first thing I noticed was how serious and determined the personal ad women were to find a great guy. Most wanted a good relationship and marriage more than sex. They wanted both of course, but they were determined to get a good man this time.

They were done messing around with stupid, moronic, good-for-nothing men who just wanted to fuck them all the time. They wanted a man who was going to set a date and get married.

I don’t think men see things quite as clearly. We men do not have quite the far-sighted vision that some women have.

Sure, there were women who just want to have sex, just want to find a good fuck-buddy. Just like men want to find a good woman for sex.

But the marriage-minded women outnumbered the lets-have-sex-now women.

As I have gotten older, finding a female just to have fun and sex with has become more important to me, and harder to accomplish.

I believe there are many women and men out there who for one reason or other have not had sex for years. Been there myself.

Some people might think a month is a long time. Try years!

Are we being too picky? Probably so. Just find someone and have fun, right?

If you are in the years category after having some good sex earlier in your life, I know where you are coming from. Or should I say, not cuming from.

Let’s get back to the story now, and think positive about getting laid.

During my personal ad adventure days back in the 90s, I was in my mid 30s.

I generally played it cool. I was a nice romantic guy from the Old South. Manners were key, and manners were me, big time.

I took women out to dinner at great places, we went on romantic drives across the American South. We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, and North Carolina. It is a relaxing and fantastic drive, by the way. Great scenery, for sure.

It was fun. The vistas we saw were gorgeous, but

the women I saw were not. Looks are not everything, but looks matter to most men. If you are plain, act sexy, ladies.

Show some clevage, if all else fails. It works on most men. Another big thing is sexy feet. Wear sandals or flip flops. We men love that. Dress young, not old. Wear shorts with bare, freshly-shaved legs. You will do well with men.

There was this lady I once dated named Jane. She had a great job in management at a store in the Mall.

We really hit it off from our first dinner date. I was invited inside her house after our first date. Soon enough she was topless and I was kissing her and playing with her big tits. They were soft, and it turned her on. I could not believe my luck.

I have to be honest. Plain Jane was a bit fat, maybe a 5. But she was sexy, & she was nice. We dated for a long time.

I do not know what stopped me, but I never slept with her. I so regret it now. I could’ve, and should’ve. I so wish I had made love to her when she asked me to.

I think as we look back on our lives, we don’t regret the people we slept with, we regret the people we did not sleep with.

She even said the magic words. Don’t you want to? You can do anything you want to me. Holy shit, wish a woman with big tits would say that to me now. It would take me seconds to strip her, strip myself and make love to her.

But with Jane, I stripped her and but kept my underwear on, for who knows why.

It was like the John Lovitz Devil-on-your-shoulder character on Saturday Night Live. I had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

The little devil said go ahead and fuck Jane, man. She said to stick it in. Flat out said that.

Then the angel, a female angel, spoke on my other shoulder. She was wearing a white robe. Kind of reminded me of the pretty witch of the North on “The Wizard of Oz.”

But she was no witch, she was beautiful, so I listened even more to her. She was an angel who spoke the truth to me.

It just seemed wrong to me to sleep with ol’ plain Jane. She was ready to screw, but was too easy. I actually felt sorry for her in a way. It was sad and pathetic, in a sense. No one should have such low self-esteem, no matter what. No one should think so little of themselves to say “do anything you want to me.”

Yes. I should have slept with her. The stupid ass red devil was right for once.

I hear you all, but I did not sleep with Jane. We soon started dating other people. I hope Jane found a good man who loved her. She deserved it, and she deserved better.

Okay, two more stories of the angel on my shoulder battling that red devil.

These incidents involve girls I wanted to marry.

The first was a beautiful widow with a young son. She was 3 years older than me, but so gorgeous. The first time I saw Elaine was in a park. She was wearing a straw hat. She was so pretty I froze in place just looking at her. Don’t know if it was love at first sight, but pretty close to it, anyway.

Elaine was a mixed bag. Pretty yeah, but mean as hell. Rude.

Said I was too nice for her. The kiss of death, right? She once said if she took me home to meet her parents they would “laugh me out of their house.”

I would leave her sorry ass today for that comment. But I was too much in love with her then to leave. Now I was the pathetic one, with low self-esteem. Funny how the shoe gets on the other foot sometimes to offer us some much-needed perspective.

Sometimes that stupid red devil makes us use people just for sex. We know the relationship is going no where, but we don’t tell our mate, we just use them for sex.

Sorry about that, I’ll try not to preach any more. Back to our story now.

So what do you all think “you are too nice for me means?”

I think it means you are a good guy, but you don’t turn me on.

But one summer day, I had an unexpected sexual chance with Elaine and I blew it with the ice queen.

We went to church that day. Her son went, too. When we got home in her car, the little boy gets out of the car and goes in their house.

We stay in the car. Elaine has the radio on. She is in no hurry to leave the car and end our Sunday get-together. It baffled me. Hell, I was ready to go home.

The weather is hot as hell. Elaine is wearing dark hose and the shortest skirt I have ever seen her wear. I was a walking hard-on all day with her at church. Could not keep my eyes off her legs that day.

After 15 minutes in the car with her, she sends me a clear message. The ice queen who seems to hate me, and just wants to be friends changes 180 degrees in a matter of seconds. It was so quickly done. Then it was gone in a flash.

She lifts her short dress up to show me her left thigh. Pulls it way up to show some skin. It was an erotic flash. Hot as hell.

I wanted her badly, but did not act. Why, I do not know. All I can think of is this. At some level, I did not want to help her raise her son. I wanted a woman without children. A selfish attitude, but it was how I felt at the time.

But it was clear Elaine wanted to play in the car. Wanted me to finger her at least, play with her pussy if I was brave enough.

We eventually turned the radio off, said goodbye for the day, and I went home. She was surprised as hell that I did not do anything.

So I guess even ice queens get horny. Like the old song goes, girls just want to have fun.

Kind of served her right for the rude comment earlier. Not good enough for her or her family, aye?

I later started writing her love letters and told how hot she was that day in the car, but we never became more than friends. I blew my great chance.

With older women you better know what you are doing. You might just get only one sexual chance with them. Don’t mess it up. You’ll be in the friend zone forever. Not in the hot box you want to be in. You’ll be in a regular box. Sort of boxed out, really.

Soon there after she met a guy on a blind date at some local college, and got married for a third time. Seems like the 3rd marriage was the charm for her, though.

A year and a half later, I got married to a much younger woman I met during my personal ad adventures. The best of the 17 women I dated. By far the best. The smartest, for sure.

The widow Elaine was not in the 17. Met her on the job. She had a part-time job and did a ton of volunteer work, especially for Habitat for Humanity. I greatly admired all she did for that organization.

Finally I’ll tell you all the biggest regret of my life. This one still bothers me to this day, 15 years later.

I was by this time divorced living hundreds of miles from my ex-wife who left me and divorced me for not getting a vasectomy.

About 3 years later, I had fallen in love with a female co-worker. She was the best, a 5-tool woman. Probably a 9.

We were perfect mates in all ways but age and height. She was about as tall as me, around 5’10.

Her name was Kim. We worked closely together in small office. She was 25 and I was 45. She had never been married, but had dated a lot of people.

At the time I had a lot of extra money. I was getting paid 2 full-time salaries. One check came from a contract I had with a business that laid me off. Our deal had them paying me 4 extra months.

I got a new full-time job before my checks from my former job stopped. Two full-time checks coming in.

I spent my money on dinners, roses, gifts for Kim. We were close friends, who I kissed on the cheek dozens of times, but we were not a couple, except in my mind.

I decided Kim needed a new $200 dress. I met her at the Mall to let her pick it out.

I just wanted her to have a nice dress. I did not think she was being paid enough by the company we worked for. Just wanted her to look nice, no strings attached.

Sure, I wanted Kim to fall in love with me like I had fallen in love with her, but the dress was just something I had the money for that I wanted to get for her.

So we meet at the Mall. It is summer. We are both off work & wearing shorts.

Kim picks out some dresses to try on. She goes to the room to try them on.

Then the great moment happened. She asked if I wanted to be inside the room when she changed into the new dress.

She totally trusted me with her body. Maybe because I had told her earlier my greatest secret. We trusted each other big time.

I told her once at her apartment that I was a nudist. It was after a dinner she cooked for me. We then had wine. We were not drunk, but both of us enjoyed being together as good friends.

But, at the perfect moment to see Kim undress in the booth at the Mall, I actually said, no. I will stay here, right outside the curtain. Can you all believe this?

I could have seen her strip down and change and I instead acted as the proper Southern gentleman I was. I stupidly stayed outside the room.

But it paid off. She came out wearing a low cut dress without a bra, just for me. I loved it. I loved her chest.

Later she did something even wilder for me, when I met her at her hotel room. We were on a business trip staying in different rooms paid for by the company.

I went to meet her so we could get some breakfast at the hotel and plan our day. She had other ideas.

I knock on her door. Kim speaks in a very soft and sexy voice. “Is that really you, Jess?”

I assured her it was really me. She opens the door to me wearing only a short towel.

I finally got to see most of her body, especially her upper chest again and her lovely long legs, plus her incredible thighs and sexy feet. It was fantastic. It made my day, my year, my life.

I know she always cared deeply for me. But we married other people.

Kim is married to a very successful tall man today with children. I think tall women desire taller men. She sure did.

We are still great friends. Best person I ever met. I always respected her tremendously, but we were only close friends.

I often wonder if going into the small room to see her try on clothes would have made a difference for us? Would I have sucked on her tits, played with her body, made love to her in there? Daring stuff might have won the day. I don’t think she had met her future husband by then.

I really doubt I could have won her over. I worked on winning her heart 8 hours a day for 4-solid years. I got close, but no cigar.

One time Kim got some flowers delivered to her at our office by mistake. They were soon taken away from her. I then ordered flowers for her that she soon received. She was so impressed, she told her Mom what I had done.

But we were not to be. She could and did do better. Kim found a better person to marry. It worked out well.

She is now a happy wife with the two kids she always wanted. I am a happy nudist with the freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want.

Things happen for a reason, my friends. Or in this case, they did not happen for a reason.

The lesson here for you all is this, when these seduction moments happen to you, seize the day, the moment, grab the person and kiss them.

Make your move right then and there. Do not hesitate.

If these incidents happened to me now I would play with the widow in the car, maybe strip her and myself and have sex in the car. Wild sex!

As for my friend and co-worker Kim, I would also try something wild, too.

When she took off her clothes to change into the new dress, I would get naked too and say it was was only fair for both of us to be nude at the same time.

Remember folks, nudity is a powerful thing. Skin is in. Show your passion for the one you love by showing some skin.

Even if your nudity and touch doesn’t seduce them right back, they will at least remember it and you forever.

That is really a good thing, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe they’ll be single again some day and they’ll think of you first. We can only hope so.

Lewd Fiction - 2021