Words with Friends with Benefits

That was 3 months ago. They’d started talking in the game chat, about innocent things at first — introductions, jobs, enough to consider each other acquaintances. Soon they switched to another messenger program and got to talking about past relationships. Ted had been in a long-term relationship which was most of his history, Viola had been with a few guys […]


It has been more days than they could count, but their bond was such that time, distance and separation meant nothing. It seemed like years since they first met, and fallen for each other…. hard… and over that time their bond had grown only stronger. It had not been so long, but their connection, spiritually, mentally and physically was so […]

Fun Hookup Night

This is a story of a hookup I had many years ago when I was a year or two out of college. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about it other than it was a really fun night that still turns me on to this day to think about, so I thought I would share it here. It’s a true story, at […]

A Pornographer Writes Porn

He’s seeing her as he walks, his memory playing movies of the past, still shots of her beautiful eyes, her radiant smile. He luxuriates in visions of her long and curvy body and that extraordinary candlelit line that runs from her shoulder past ass to ankle, the arc of her shoulders and back as it dips into her lean, trim […]

He’s Behind You

I approach you from behind as you stare out of the window at the flowers and fields beyond, distracted from the snack you’ve been preparing. You drop the fork you’re holding as my hands touch your shoulders, and I start to kiss the bottom of your neck. You brace yourself against the work surface, your knees already starting to go […]

Queen Lucy’s New Boy

A gentle continental breeze blew through the open windows of the palace on an otherwise stuffy summer evening. The birds were in full voice this evening, only adding to the baroque orchestral music coming from the grand hall. Like most nights, Queen Lucy’s palace was a hive of activity. Various dignitaries and diplomats danced, drank, and mingled amidst the ornate […]

The Vertical Smile

The Verticzal Smile came highly recommended by way of Zelda’s personal assistant, Roxy, after she vacationed there this past spring. Roxy had constantly raved in the office women’s room about all the lingual languishing pleasured upon her while there. Zelda became ever more intrigued the more she heard about it. She brought herself to a climax several times during the […]

A Dirty Little Affair

My boss has to be the slimiest asshole in the office. Unfortunately, he’s also one of the top earners in the entire brokerage, so there is little chance he’d be fired for groping a few secretaries. My name is Anya. I’m twenty-four, and secretarial trainee for Mr. Salvatore Andretti, A.K.A. ‘Slimy Sal’.

I Strayed, But It was So Good

Probably I should start by introducing myself. I’m Catherine, Cat for short. My life is nothing extraordinary, nor am I. Just an average sun deprived English girl, engaged to a guy, hoping to one day have some sprogs and a dog together. Living in South England with Mick, my fiance of Meditterenean origin, we have been doing great, all things […]

Artistic License

“I’ve drafted that email, David. Would you like to read it?” The Assistant Curator no doubt thought she would be doing more important things than writing form letters when she took on this position. Her black, figure-hugging dress, inky pixie-cut hair and deep red lips certainly made her look the part, but in reality most of her time was spent […]

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