Sugar Daddy Daydreams

Greyson McCarthy had it all.

He had good grades, a beautiful girlfriend and one more semester until receiving his degree.

Then, there was the accident.

“Where is she?” she asked, her keys jingling as she placed them on the counter. Zoe Rodriguez was Grey’s girlfriend of six months, a close friend for more.

“She’s asleep,” said Grey. He returned to his spot on the faded white armchair in the corner, a White Russian on the coffee table beside him.

Silence. Zoe wasn’t much of a talker, especially during bad situations. She sat on the adjacent couch and began scrolling through her phone.

“She fell,” blurted Grey.

“I know. I read your texts.”

Grey took a swig of his drink, the ice clinking around in the cool glass. He placed it down on the wood. Fuck coasters. “I can’t go back to school, Zoe.”

“What? Why?”

The alcohol warmed his insides. “She needs me.”

“That’s a big decision. Maybe you should sleep on it.”

Grey shook his head. “I know her- she’s not going back to work for a while.”

“Isn’t there family you can call?”

Grey snorted. “What family? My grandparents are dead and she’s an only child.”

Zoe pushed her curly hair up into a messy bun, like it could help her think. “But what about your dad?”

Grey shook his head again. “I’m not calling him. Ever.”

“Damn, well, I don’t know dude. Can I help you out at all? I have my Ho Money.”

A moment of silence. Zoe had been transparent about that part of her life, but had made it a point not to talk details about it until now.

“I’m not taking it, but how much do you make again?” There was no “again” because she had never disclosed it, so it was more of an effort to keep things casual.

“$400 a month. My parents pay for my groceries and everything so I don’t really need it.”

Grey laughed. “I can understand why you do it. I’d be doing that, too, if I were a girl.”

“Who says you can’t?”


“You’re an attractive guy. I could help you set one up.”

“I’m too self-conscious for that,” he said. “Maybe if I get really desperate.”

“From my perspective, you are really desperate. No offense,” she added quickly.

“None taken.”

“Why don’t you ask your fans?”

“On what? TikTok?”

She nodded. “I’m sure a buncha those guys and gals wanna get in your pants, trust me. Oh!” She flapped her hands excitedly. “Make one where you’re in drag!”


“Or one when where you twerk and tag it #thirsttrap!”

“I don’t know how-”

“I can teach you.”

Grey sighed. “I can’t believe I’m even considering this.”

From this admission, Zoe’s excitement multiplied. Her eyes lit up and she jumped up from the couch. Because of his depressed mood, to have someone so happy in front of him was surreal.

“We could make one now,” she offered.


Grey blew out smoke, ash falling down like snow onto the chipping windowsill. Zoe had brought weed and he didn’t want to be sober, so after shooting a video together, she pulled her equipment out from her knapsack and rolled him a small blunt. He was still in his mother’s maroon short-sleeved dress and the knee socks Zoe had traded for a pair of his mother’s pink wool ones. It wasn’t the first time he was in women’s clothes and it wouldn’t be the last.

Raindrops hit the roof in a steady tempo, the weather matching Grey’s melancholy. Despite this, he had downed a cup of coffee before the video and given it his all, trying to produce his usual energy in the clip. The OnlyFans page was waiting for approval and the heading said it would be in his Bio in a few days.

“We’re already getting hits,” said Zoe. Grey passed her the blunt, velvet red lipstick printed on the tip.

“You think it’ll take off?”

“I know so.” She took a long drag and held it for nearly thirty seconds before exhaling perfectly.

“Take as much as you want and I’ll finish it.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to get anxious.”

She shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

Zoe passed it back once it was nearly done and he took the last hit. He felt his troubles begin to float away as he disconnected from who he was and became someone different. Someone lighter.

“I kind of want to fuck,” he said.

Zoe smirked. “Yeah?” She moved closer to him, and Grey yearned for that warm body to be on top of him.

“Can you take the lead?”

“Sure, whatever you want.”

And she kissed him. And he kissed her. Soon, they were on the bed, tangled in each other like wires sharing the same electric current. She threw her top off revealing a tight black bra, the sides of her breasts poking out from the sides deliciously.

“Take out your cock,” she breathed.

She pulled down her skirt with her panties and kicked them to the side as he weaseled his red dress and boxers, revealing the patch of curly hair on his crotch.

Without warning, she dove down, her wet lips sliding against his cock. She sucked them in to protect him from her teeth, to which he was immensely grateful for every time.

Once he was lubed up, she got onto her knees and scooted up, slowly guiding his cock into her already slick hole. She got wet so easy- it drove Grey crazy. He fantasized about having a pussy because of her, a hole that would lubricate itself just from arousal…

He shook the thought out of his head as she began bouncing up and down, the bed creaking as she moaned at the ceiling.

After awhile, she stopped bouncing. “Can we do doggy? This feels good, but I can’t cum unless I’m on my back or stomach.”

“I remember,” he panted.

Zoe hopped off him and flipped over, sticking her caramel ass in the air. It was round and gorgeous, which shot another spike of jealousy through Grey.

Despite being together for half a year, Grey hadn’t wanted to have sex until recently, so her body was still a new terrain he wasn’t yet familiar with. Eager to please her, he stuck himself inside and began a series of slow thrusts.

“Faster, please…”

He quickened his pace, and was met with moan after moan until he was moaning along with her and ready to cum.

“Can I…?”

“Go- go for it.”

At long last, he slammed into her for the final time, pleasure lighting up his groin as he curled his toes and his whole body tensed. “Fuck! Did you…. Did you finish?”

“No, but I can finish myself. Pull out.”

Grey pulled out and watched as Zoe rubbed furiously at her clit until orgasming on his bed, a short spurt of fluid shooting from her sopping cunt. She looked up at him and grinned as though he was what made her finish, and Grey suddenly wished he had hit the joint harder.

“Wanna cuddle?”

Grey relaxed slightly. “Yeah, Zo. Yeah.”