Amorous Goods: The Mayor’s Wife

Amorous Goods: The Mayor’s Wife



A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to his only remaining relative, a distant niece on a career path of her own as an archivist. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Goods.

Extra Prologue:

Amorous Goods: Three Horny Monkeys

In the Big City


The Mayor’s wife wanted to give her husband a special reward for winning his latest election. She enlisted the help of her friend, the Sheriff’s wife, whose husband had also been re-elected. Because both men had run on law and order platforms and had made much of their success in getting hookers off the streets of their small, family-friendly town, the two town matrons decided it would be funny and fun to give their husbands a bawdy weekend in the big city. They would tell the men to meet them at a swank hotel for a supposedly normal celebration and then surprise them by acting like their own high-priced call girls.

The ladies wanted the proper attire, but didn’t want to be seen buying it in their own town. So, they went into the city a day early, telling their husbands honestly that they would have one girls’ day of shopping before their husbands came for two days of celebrating their re-elections; out of the public eye of the people who’d elected them.

Small_Island: So, Mrs. Mayor and Mrs. Sheriff did end up finding the costumes they wanted in a shop in the Big City. Unfortunately, the costume shop had gotten them from Amorous Goods before its new owner, Vikki, had learned about their enchantment.

You can easily imagine what could go wrong for a couple of horny women who suddenly put on magic corsets and stockings and begin playing Call Girl.

It’s up to Vikki, her cousin Dylan, and especially their expert in enchanted erotica, Morgana Delacroix, to step in and save the mayor’s and sheriff’s wives from turning a lively fantasy into a life-changing reality.

Amorous Goods: The Mayor’s Wife

In the Big City


The Amorous Goods team watched the elevator numbers close in on their goal, the fifth floor of the Grand Sheraton, one of the most upscale hotels in the city. Amorous Goods’ owner, Vikki Friday, her cousin and business partner, Dylan Ventura, and their mentor, the witch Morgana Delacroix, had managed to track their targets to this hotel. And by using her considerable charms on a desk clerk, Morgana had gotten their room numbers.

The elevator bell dinged, the doors slid open and the three people from AG stepped out, but then stopped in their tracks. Incredibly, the two women they were seeking were right there in front of them. More incredibly, they were wearing the enchanted lingerie sets that Vikki and the others were actually looking for. Most incredibly, the two middle-aged women in underwear were surrounded by four fully-dressed middle-aged men and it looked like the six of them were starting to have group sex right there in the hallway of the hotel.

Morgana turned to her two young companions and whispered, “Hotel security.” Then she turned back and confidently stepped in between the men and the scantily clad women. With just her physical presence, she swiftly separated the two groups. The men, who were all wearing ball caps with logos like Ford and Chevy, were clearly attending the muscle car show at the nearby convention center.

Dylan quickly picked up on Morgana’s intent and followed her lead. He also took up a place between the men and the women, but facing the men. “Gentlemen,” he said gravely. “We’re with hotel security and we’ve heard there might be a few women around the hotel looking to, um, ‘find work’ with some of our guests.” The car guys were stunned into silence.

Vikki caught on and stepped in. “You see, we work undercover, dressed like regular hotel guests. But we’re always on the lookout for, shall we say, activities that don’t really belong in a nice hotel like ours.”

The men suddenly came alive and began speaking over one another.

“What?” “But we weren’t…” “What are you going to do?”

Confident that Vikki and Dylan had the conventioneers well in hand, Morgana smiled broadly at the two would-be whores in front of her. “Ladies,” the hot witch purred as she spread her arms wide to put a hand on each woman’s outside shoulder, “may I say how wickedly lovely you two look?”

The looks on the women’s faces had been quickly shifting from the passion of being felt up in public by strange men, to the concern of having been caught by some kind of hotel detectives. Now they began shifting back. The beautiful black-haired woman’s compliment was clearly sincere, her voice was a bedroom growl, and somehow her light touch on their shoulders felt as arousing as if she’d clasped their pussies. Pussies that were already wet and ready for action.

“Why don’t we go down to your room,” the enchantress continued, “so you don’t get caught up in any of this little mess? And you can tell me about these wonderful outfits.” With just the slightest pressure on their shoulders, both women turned inwards and Morgana’s arms went behind them, firmly shepherding them down the hall.

Morgana found Mrs. Mayor’s key card tucked into the waistband of her garter belt and smoothly slid it into the room lock as soon as they reached the door. It had only taken a matter of seconds for her to spirit the two bewitched town matrons from the crowded hallway into the privacy of a simple, but nice suite.

The women, confused and excited, stopped in the short entry hall and turned to watch this incredible stranger. After closing the door, Morgana gave them another enticing smile and strode forward. Stepping directly between the two and grabbing a hand of each as she went, she pulled them behind her into the main room. When she got to the large sofa she released their hands, spun around and sat.

“Show me,” she said simply, but firmly.

Both the buxom woman and the lanky one knew what she meant and both struck a provocative pose, just as they’d been doing for each other just minutes before in the hotel hallway. Neither could remember ever feeling so attractive and so confident in their sexiness as when they’d put on their luxurious but naughty lingerie.

“No wonder all those men wanted you,” Morgana crooned.

“They were going to pay us, too,” the woman in the tight bustier said proudly.

Morgana wondered what her husband, the sheriff in a small suburb town not far from the one where the Amorous Goods mansion was located, would think about his wife bragging about her success at selling her body. “Were you going to give the money to your husband? Tell him he was your pimp?” she asked provocatively.

That seemed to catch up Mrs. Sheriff and she went still. But her companion in red closed the gap between them, put one hand along the side of her friend’s neck and the other directly on the cleavage formed by the squeezing together of the woman’s small breasts.

“The mayor and the sheriff not only using call girls,” the chubby MILF said to the skinny one, “but actually pimping them out to other men.” The excitement in her voice was palpable and now Morgana knew what their original plan had been and how it had led to their current predicament. Though they still didn’t realize they had a predicament.

“You’re going to be call girls for your husbands? That is a sexy game,” the green-eyed beauty cooed.

Mrs. Sheriff looked deep into Mrs. Mayor’s eyes as she revelled in the feeling of her friend’s hand pressing her tits through the lace. “Pimping us out to other men,” she repeated, as she felt her pussy juices flow. She’d never pursued this line of fantasy before, but now she suddenly wondered if the car show guys were still out in the hall.

Morgana could practically see the thoughts in the woman’s face, the enchanted garments were certainly doing their job of enhancing and amplifying the women’s deepest fantasies. She got to her feet and moved in until the three were in a tight group. “That is a very sexy fantasy,” she said. “But maybe one that should be kept among us girls? Are you sure your main clients would like the idea of following after a bunch of other guys?”

The women realized that by main clients, the stranger meant their husbands and it made them stop and think. “She’s right,” the mayor’s wife said, with a touch of disappointment. “My Craig’s jealousy would probably outweigh his excitement in giving me sloppy seconds — or fourths or fifths, for that matter,” she added with a laugh. “And your Jim’s way too butch to share.”

“On the other hand,” Morgana said as she stroked each woman’s cheek, “what would they think about you having a female customer just ahead of taking them on?” She kissed Mrs. Sheriff lightly on the lips and then did the same to Mrs. Mayor.

“A female customer?” whispered Mrs. Sheriff. She smelled an earthy musk with a touch of incense, but didn’t realize it was coming from the undergarments she’d bought earlier that day. If she’d known to ask, Morgana could have told her it was a sign that the charm on the garments was heating up, searching to see if the idea of being with another woman was among her fantasies so that it could strengthen the idea and make it seem the right thing to do.

“They’d love it,” declared Mrs. Mayor. Then she added in a more derisive tone, “Yes indeed, Craig would love to watch me eat a pussy. But do you think he’d suck a cock for me?”

“Hell, no!” the two friends said together and all three women laughed.

Morgana kissed both women lightly again, but this time in their cleavages. “And what would they think about you hiring a call girl for yourselves?” she asked. She bent and kissed the tops of each pair of breasts more deeply.

“We’d be the ‘Johns’. Or maybe the ‘Janes’,” giggled the sheriff’s wife.

“If we let a woman hire us we could be faking our desire for her,” the mayor’s wife mused. “But if we hired a woman…”

“We’d really have to want to enjoy her charms,” the MILF in black said, completing the sentence. She reached behind the beautiful stranger’s head and pulled her back to her chest.

Morgana grabbed Mrs. Sheriff’s small tits tightly and ran the flat of her tongue wetly up and down the small cleavage. Suddenly she raised her head and looked at the woman, but without giving up her grip on her boobs.

“Wait a minute!” she said with fake shock. “I thought you were the call girls? Are you saying I should be one for you?”

She turned to look at Mrs. Mayor who was handling her own big boobs as they spilled over the top of her crimson corset. The witch moved her hands from the small tits to the big ones. “Are you saying you want me to do this for you?” She squeezed and kneaded the soft melons. “Are you saying you want me to be your whore?”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Mayor as she held up one of her tits and squeezed it so the big nipple jutted towards Morgana’s mouth.

After sucking and nibbling on the thick nub for a while, Morgana straightened. She saw that Mrs. Sheriff had shed her loose, flimsy dressing gown and peeled down the cups of her bustier so she could play with her own tits. Pretty rough play, noted Amorous Good’s resident sex expert. She reached out and took hold of one of each woman’s nipples and squeezed and twisted them.

“When are your husbands supposed to be here?” she asked.

“Not until tomorrow,” answered Mrs. Mayor.

“Call them and tell them to come now,” the Delacroix Witch said.

Both women’s eyes went wide. “Now?” one said.

“It will take them a while to get here, won’t it?” The other one nodded. “Then you’ll have time to enjoy your lady whore before you get to be whores for your favourite cocks. We’re going to have a very good time together, but in the end, it’s cock you really want the most. Isn’t it?”

The sheriff’s wife was nearly desperate to get her mouth between this stunning woman’s thighs, but at the same time she knew the stranger was right. What would be even better than eating the woman’s sweet pussy, would be having a cock fucking her hard from behind at the same time. “Sybil,” she said to her partner in lust. “Where’s your phone?”

Mrs. ‘Mayor’, Sybil, looked around for her purse, found it on the small dining table, and pulled out her phone. “What should I say?” she asked, her thumb poised over her husband’s speed dial number.

Morgana said, “Don’t call, text.” She walked over to where Sybil stood and while looking directly into her eyes, she stripped off the crimson corset. Then she took the phone from the woman’s hands, stepped back and aimed the camera lens at her. “Hold them up,” she directed. Sybil lifted her hefty breasts and Morgana snapped the picture. Then she typed something into the message app and handed the phone back to the increasingly excited woman.

Mrs. Mayor read, your whore can’t wait, come now. room 517. She looked absolutely wanton in the attached photo. A wicked smile spread across Sybil’s face as she hit Send.

Morgana took the phone back and stepped over to Mrs. Sheriff. “Now you,” she said.

“But it will be coming from Sybil’s phone.”

“That will only make it more exciting for him, Betty,” Sybil said as she walked closer. “He’ll think about me taking the photo of you and wonder what that means.”

Morgana finished removing the bustier from around the thin woman’s waist and threw it over to where Sybil’s corset lay. “But it will actually be your own personal whore who took it, Betty,” she said while gazing into the woman’s wide eyes. “And you and Sybil can decide later if you tell them about your call girl or keep that as a special secret between yourselves.

“Now,” she continued, “pull those nipples out far, let him know what you want.”

Mrs. Sheriff actually blushed. How did this woman know that she secretly desired to have her breasts treated roughly? She’d never even been able to tell her husband.

“Do it, Betty,” said Sybil. “It’s about time for him to give you what you want.”

Betty cupped her hands under her small breasts and pinched each nipple between thumb and middle finger. She pulsed them tightly three or four times, then pulled the pink nubs out until the skin of her tits was clearly stretched. Her face turned up to the ceiling, eyes closed and mouth open in passionate pain. Morgana’s own cunny twitched as she snapped the hot photo.

As she typed in the same message, Morgana asked, “What room number?”

“517,” came the answer from behind her.

Morgana looked into Betty’s eyes again, silently asking if she agreed with Sybil’s instructions to bring both men to the same room. The slender woman nodded. The AG witch typed it in and handed the phone to Mrs. Sheriff so she could enter her husband’s phone number. The woman’s eyes shone when she saw the photo of herself and then she also hit Send.

“What now?” the thin blonde asked.

Morgana cupped the woman’s black-silk-covered crotch. “Now we see if your bush is as full as your girlfriend’s.”

As Betty “Sheriff’s” eyes automatically tracked to the thick mass of dark brown hair between Sybil “Mayor’s” thighs, Morgana pivoted around her hip, never taking her hand off Betty’s pussy as she moved behind her so she could also gaze at the buxom brunette’s furry crotch.

Sibyl was thrilled by the attention. After taking two steps closer to her friend and their mysterious ‘call girl’, she stopped and then stepped her right foot out to the side, spreading her legs. “Do you like?” she asked coyly.

“I want to feel that hair rubbing against my nose, cheeks and lips as my tongue drills down to your pink center.”

“Yes,” the mayor’s wife replied boldly. “I want you to work for it; to fight your way through to the hidden treasure at the heart of the jungle.”

“Will it be just as much of an adventure to find your treasure?” Morgana whispered into Betty’s ear as her hands moved to the waistband of the black panties that had been pulled up outside the garter belt suspenders. “Let’s see.”

And with that she dropped to her knees behind the blonde, peeling the underpants down as she went. When the undies hit the floor, Morgana quickly knee-walked around until she was in front of the woman. A woman who was suddenly on the edge of shock from an adrenaline rush of excitement.

Betty, who had woken up this morning simply intending to live out a mildly kinky fantasy, now found herself with an amazingly beautiful woman kneeling in front of her. Looking at her exposed crotch. Her newly, very exposed crotch. Meanwhile, her closest friend Sybil stood just feet away with her fingers buried in her own thick bush.

“Ooh,” purred the kneeling woman. “You’ve gone the whole other way haven’t you? But so pretty.” And with that, the raven-haired beauty leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on Betty’s naked vulva. It made the middle-aged housewife’s legs tremble so much that she stumbled backwards the two steps to the sofa and sat on its front edge. Morgana followed on hands and knees, a panther stalking her prey. “Spread,” she said when she reached Betty and the sheriff’s wife opened her legs wide.

“Oh, you shaved!” gasped Sybil. She’d followed behind the exotic stranger as she crawled to the sofa and was now staring over the woman’s shoulder. She’d seen Betty’s crotch incidentally while changing at the gym, so she’d expected to see the normal patch of silky, light-brown hair. More closely trimmed than her own healthy bush, but still, covering all the pink. Instead, she saw just a small triangle of hair sitting at the top of her friend’s mons. And below it? A beautiful, pink seashell. At least, that’s what came to mind as she gazed on the delicate inner lips just poking out from the blonde’s pale outer lips. She only caught a quick glimpse, however, because suddenly their whore’s head was blocking the view.

“Oooh,” came the guttural sigh from Betty’s throat as the stranger lavished a much harder kiss on the pretty pink treasure she’d uncovered between Mrs. Sheriff’s legs. Not usually that vocal or aggressive in her lovemaking, Betty found herself commanding the woman to do more.

“Yes, kiss it, kiss it hard! Now lick it, get your tongue inside me. I know I’m already wet, can you taste me?”

Morgana could taste her and it was very nice. But she still had a mission to complete. So, while she gave this bewitched woman the best cunnilingus Betty had ever had, her hands quickly moved to unsnap the garter from the stockings. That done, the silk stockings were efficiently rolled down to the blonde’s feet. In a side thought, Morgana realized that the spell that had made this lingerie set such a powerful aphrodisiac, had clearly also made each piece both flexible and robust. There was not a single snag or run in the stockings, although many women had worn them over the years in equally passionate situations. And they had fit this almost too-skinny woman perfectly. The witch had no doubt that if she put them onto her own much more powerfully curved gams, they would fit just as well. God, she loved good magic.

There was just one more piece to go, the garter belt, and Morgana knew she’d have no problem slipping it over Betty’s hips. But she decided to wait for the coup de grace. The hold of the spell was weakening with each piece that came off, even though Betty’s natural horniness had kicked in and she was very close to orgasm. But Morgana didn’t want to lose her dual hold on the woman — the lingerie’s spell and her urge to climax — before she’d made enough progress in recovering the second lingerie set from Mrs. Mayor.

After easing off her attack on Betty’s twat, Morgana raised her head from the woman’s crotch. What she saw was very arousing, and encouraging. Sybil had curled up on the sofa next to Betty and was leaning over the reclining woman, kissing her passionately. And her hands were busy mauling her friend’s small, sensitive breasts.

With a whimper of distress, Mrs. Sheriff broke off her kiss with Mrs. Mayor and stared down at the green-eyed beauty who was looking up at her with a Mona Lisa smile. “Why did you stop?” the woman whined. “I was just about to come.” It was building up to be one of the best orgasms of her whole 48 years and Betty couldn’t believe the woman had stopped so close to the end.

“It’s lesson time,” Morgana replied smoothly. “You hired me not only as your call girl to give you pleasure, but also as your mentor to help you be better call girls for your clients who are on their way to see you.”

‘We did?’ was the question that flashed through Betty’s mind. But Sybil, who was still wearing more of her lingerie set, was immediately on board with the sexy stranger’s train of thought.

“What lesson?” she asked eagerly. “We want to be as good of whores as you.” Morgana managed to hold back her laugh, but had to smile. The words were patently insulting by themselves, but had obviously been delivered with the utmost sincerity and respect for Morgana’s assumed skills and experience.

“Teasing,” the witch replied. “I take it your clients are not just five-minute quickies so you can get on to the next customer? Aren’t they all-nighters?”

“Yes, definitely all-nighters,” replied Sybil.

“Then you don’t want them finishing too soon, do you? After all, these aren’t 18 year old boys or multi-orgasmic women, are they?”

Even Betty had to laugh through the frustration of having her climax delayed, as she pictured her Jim trying to keep going the way he had when they’d become lovers 28 years ago.

“So, you need to balance teasing and pleasing to make things last. And what better way to do both then by splitting your time between your clients?” With that she shifted sideways until she was in front of the pleasingly plump Sybil. As she continued speaking, she reached up to the woman’s legs and guided her into the same position as her girlfriend, leaning back into the sofa, ass on the edge of the cushion, legs spread wide.

“Think about it. Would your husband be more likely to enjoy watching you please another man while he’s still hot and bothered and waiting for his own orgasm or after he’s already come?”

“Definitely while he’s still primed and loaded,” gleefully agreed Sybil.

“Please another man?” mumbled Betty, who was much freer of the lingerie spell. Then she thought, Were we really letting a group of men feel us up in the hallway just minutes ago? No, the memory was too hazy to be something that had just happened. It must just be an expansion of the powerful fantasies that had been filling her mind all day.

The beautiful call girl broke into Mrs. Sheriff’s thoughts when she said, “Betty, isn’t it even more exciting to watch me dive into Sybil’s muff when your own is still so eager for more?” Then she stopped talking and began her oral expedition through the jungle of Mrs. Mayor’s thick pussy rug. At the same time she snaked her right hand over both women’s thighs and toyed with Mrs. Sheriff’s wonderfully wet cunt.

“I can’t wait,” said Sybil and she thrust her hands into her crotch and eagerly parted the curtain of pubic hair so that their beautiful call girl could get straight to giving her the same kind of pleasure she’d so skilfully given to Betty.

“Such wonderful, fat lips,” moaned Morgana. “That’s what I call a real whore’s pussy.” The shocking words sent an unexplainable thrill through the mayor’s wife and she dug in deeper and completely peeled apart her large, dangly lips. The horny witch thrust her tongue immediately into the already gaping hole.

Betty wanted a better look, so she got to her knees on the sofa, put her head on her friend’s chest and licked on a fat nipple while gazing down Sybil’s torso to her crotch. In return, Sybil slid her left hand down Betty’s back until it reached her ass and began blindly exploring. Her eyes, like Betty’s, stared down at the top of the third woman’s head as it burrowed even deeper into her blazing cunt.

Betty’s move meant Morgana could no longer keep playing with the blonde’s twat, so she put her hands to use repeating her earlier moves of undoing the garters from the second woman’s stockings and rolling them off. Then she gripped the garter belt at the woman’s waist and pulled down. Without thought, Sybil lifted her big ass up to help. Morgana broke contact with Sybil’s clit just a moment to get the garter down and then returned with a vengeance.

Sensing the married woman’s deep desires, the witch worked one hand into the MILF’s crotch and began finger fucking her wet cunt while nibbling and sucking on the big clit. It hadn’t even been three minutes since Morgana had started in on the woman, but Sybil’s excitement had been building all day, ever since they’d first tried on the lingerie in the shop downtown. “Harder, faster!” she demanded as she thrust her crotch against the kneeling woman’s mouth and hand and began gushing juices in a cataclysmic orgasm.

Morgana kept her four fingers pistoning in and out and her tongue flicking strongly against Sybil’s clit until the woman’s gasps finally began to sound more overwhelmed than excited. Then she basically pounced on Betty, yanking her body back into position, while peeling her garter belt down in the process. She paused just a moment, standing up straight on her knees and reaching out to pinch and pull the woman’s nipples away from her chest as she looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Your turn. Cum in your whore’s mouth.” And in 90 seconds, Betty did.

As the two women quivered and panted side by side on the sofa, Morgana discretely swept the clothing pieces she’d taken off of them into a small pile that she picked up as she got to her feet. She smiled down at the two fallen pillars of society and said, “I’d better be leaving now, before your real dates show up.”

A look of concern passed over both women’s faces as they slowly came out of the fog of the lingerie’s spell and their powerful orgasms and remembered that their husbands were on the way. If they showed up now they’d find their wives naked and obviously in post-orgasmic bliss, in a room saturated with the odour of their soaking wet pussies. And that other smell as well. As Betty considered it’s earthy, musky odour again, she found herself thinking of a Discovery Channel program about pheromones and how they worked as aphrodisiacs.

“No, don’t worry,” the beautiful stranger smiled at them before leaning down to give each woman a gentle kiss. “You haven’t crossed the ultimate line, either physically or especially emotionally. And you still have plenty of time to tame things down in here to the level you were originally thinking of.” Holding up the stockings and garter belts, she said, “But I think I’d better take these with me, don’t you? They seem to be just a little too exciting.”

Both women nodded in agreement. They’d both loved how they’d looked and felt while wearing the sexy garments, but too much of a good thing could definitely be dangerous. Sybil could hardly believe how close they’d come to fucking all those car guys. And for money! But they hadn’t. In fact, the longer Sybil went without wearing the sexy, dangerous lingerie, the less certain she was that the hallway action had really taken place. Like Betty, the images were fading from memory to fantasy.

Morgana spotted a shopping bag with the exotic clothing shop’s logo on it by the end table and stepped over to pick it up. Inside she found the red panties and sheer robe that Sybil had opted to go without earlier. She dropped in the undergarments she’d already collected, then moved over to pick up the breast pieces and Betty’s sheer robe from where they’d been tossed or dropped. All the time she kept speaking soothingly, but sultrily to the two women who remained sitting on the sofa, legs still spread open in the afterglow of their passion.

“I’ve really enjoyed playing with you and helping you live out some wonderful fantasies. And it’s still all between us. I’ll never say a word to anyone, but you can feel free to tell your husbands all or any part of it that you want. Remember, it was your fantasies about them that brought you here in the first place.” Betty found the woman’s voice almost hypnotic and the worries she’d begun to feel about Jim finding her this way were fading away.

Just as it struck Sybil that she didn’t even know this incredible woman’s name, she continued in that voice like warm cinnamon butter. “Personally, I’d probably hold our time together as a girls-only thing for now. Perhaps for you to reminisce about when you’re alone again.” Morgana winked one jade-green eye at them as she considered that the women had been wearing fewer and fewer pieces of the charmed lingerie as their Sapphic threesome had progressed and so it would likely remain in their memories. Vividly in their memories.

But as for the earlier action, the more of the lingerie a woman wore, the more dream-like the memories of what she’d done while wearing it could become. This was a very helpful aspect of the spell, if the woman wasn’t really all that eager to admit to and remember her indiscretions. Morgana continued her own spellcasting on the women, using her lyrical voice to help ease their consciences and soften their memories of their earlier behaviour.

“And if you’ve found yourself developing some other strong fantasy ideas today,” she soothed, “I’d also keep those between yourselves. Unless, of course, you think your husbands would also enjoy them.” She paused as the women’s eyes widened and they considered just how differently their husbands would react to hearing about their hot lesbian affair as opposed to hearing about their fantasies of offering to sell themselves to conventioneers. Because that part was just a fantasy, wasn’t it?

Such thoughts naturally caused a tug of anxiety, but both women found themselves pleasantly surprised that they actually weren’t all that worried about what had gone on that day. Their sensuous new friend was right, no real harm had been done. And each could easily imagine private times in the future when it would be very pleasant indeed to mentally play back both these real and fantasy moments. Their beautiful call girl certainly knew how to put things in the right perspective.

The curvaceous brunette retrieved her handbag from where she’d dropped it in the entry way and dug through it as she walked back to the two friends who’d risen to their feet. She took out a prescription bottle with the lid on upside down to avoid the child lock. Twisting it open, she shook three blue pills into her palm and held them out. “When your dates see you I have no doubt they’ll want to make the most of their all-nighter status. These will help their flesh keep up with the willingness of their spirits,” she said with a merry wink. “Give each man a half a pill when they arrive and another whole one two hours later.”

Sybil took the pills from her hand and suddenly found herself in a passionate kiss with the beauty. After a wonderfully long time that was far too short, the raven-haired temptress turned her attentions from Sybil to Betty, who matched her friend’s low moan of passion while they locked lips. Then their call girl was breaking away again.

In the entry hall, Morgana looked into a mirror on the wall and ran her fingers swiftly through her mussed hair. Then she used her fingertips to rub at lipstick that had strayed past the edges of her full lips. Picking up the bag of lingerie, she turned back one more time to the two naked women who now held each other in their arms. “Have fun,” she said. Then she blew them a kiss and walked out the door.

Still standing dumbly in front of the elevators, Vikki looked at Dylan questioningly yet again, with ever more consternation in her face. Where is she?! his cousin’s eyes said, as they had for the past 15 or 20 minutes. He could only shrug. He understood and empathized with the frustration of not knowing what to do next, but waiting was still their only real option. They couldn’t just walk away when Morgana might suddenly need their help. But standing around in a hotel hallway was becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Finally, a door opened about 30 feet down on the left and Morgana Delacroix walked gracefully toward them, carrying a stuffed shopping bag with the costume shop’s logo on the side.

Dylan pressed the elevator call button and the doors opened just as Morgana arrived, with her usual, inscrutable smile on her face. Although, Vikki noticed, her normally perfect hair did seem more tousled than when they’d ridden up. And was her lipstick smeared?

“So, what happened?” Vikki demanded snippishly when the doors closed, leaving them in privacy. “Why did you take off like that?”

Morgana just looked her straight in the eye and delivered her answer calmly, like a teacher responding to the slightly slow student in class.

“Since the clothes were enchanted, the only way to break the spell was obviously to get the clothes off. It really wouldn’t have been appropriate to have them strip down right there in the hallway, in front of their prospective clients, now would it?” Vikki shook her head no with some chagrin. “So, I talked them into one of their rooms and finally got them to disrobe.” She held up the shopping bag, a black strap to something hanging out over the edge. Vikki silently dropped in the red bandage strap bra she’d recovered from the hallway floor.

“Fortunately,” Morgana continued. “Their memories of what happened while they were wearing the lingerie are going to be pretty fuzzy. Although their dreams and fantasies for the next couple of weeks may be far more exotic than they’re used to. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” she added with a smile and a gleam in her eye. Vikki was poised with another question, but then the elevator doors opened and delivered them to a lobby full of people that cut off the conversation.


# # #