Tiffany’s Seductress

Sketchy Advertising

Tiffany lived at home with her mom and older sister as a way to save money during college. Their mother, Melissa, was in her mid-forties and worked as an accountant. She saw this stay-at-home approach as a way to help her daughters into their early careers without taking on too much debt. Both Tiffany and her sister, Silvia, had most of their tuition paid by scholarships while minimizing loans. Silvia had shared how relieved she was about this as she went about finishing up her last year.

Tiffany was in her junior year. Not to be outdone by her sister, she wanted to be efficient with her time. And since she wasn’t working, she took on a heavier course load. Her lack of other activities reflected this. No hobbies. No dating. Just studying.

Tiffany put down her Intro to Psych book for the night. Her bookmark held her spot on Pavlovian responses. She browsed through news sites, letting her mind relax. As she scrolled down the page, she noticed an ad with a picture of an early-twenties woman who looked a lot like herself. The woman was cute, slim-figured and had shortish dark hair. The ad read: “Relieve your stress in under a minute.” Tiffany mindlessly clicked.

The page read: “Featuring an ultra-discreet silent mode and four hours of play, the Seductress CLASSIC stimulates the clitoris with 11 levels of intense waves. Without any direct contact, Seductive Air Technology’s alternating pressure massages without numbing. Get ready to discover new peaks of orgasm. Classic model on sale for $69. Free express shipping for the next 24 hours.” There was a countdown next to the item that read 23:24:21 and ticked downward.

‘Holy shit, the internet is fucking with me,’ Tiffany thought. She closed her browser.

Tiffany did feel sexually frustrated, but she didn’t think it was any of Big Internet’s business to know about it. Aside from not dating, it took her at least an hour to make herself orgasm. Well, to make herself kind of orgasm. Calling it an orgasm was maybe too generous. Every time she started to hurry things up, her clit just felt overstimulated and she had to stop. It was an exercise in futility more than anything.

This just put her in a never-ending loop of feeling frustrated, making herself horny, and then having to stop. She felt like she was horny enough to cum every day–if she could actually cum. Maybe even more than once a day. Instead, she had to settle for just making an attempt MAYBE once every week or two. With so much work, it was hard to set aside a whole hour to masturbate. And with such poor results!

‘That’s enough for tonight,’ Tiffany thought. She took her regular dose of melatonin–the only thing getting her to sleep through her horniness.


Late-Night Shopping

Tiffany blinked opened her eyes as she found herself suddenly awake. Drowsy, she turned to her clock. It read 4 a.m. She knew right away why she woke. Her crotch was drenched. She’d have to take more melatonin. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Tiffany asked her vagina aloud.

Tiffany sighed and started slowly, feeling around her clit. She could feel it swell further. She let her fingers continue this slow caressing for a few minutes while touching her breasts. She slid her fingers inside. They came out as wet as if she’d been sucking them each individually.

‘Just need to ease into it,’ Tiffany thought, closing her eyes to focus. She started to build up. Her clit was now pounding as she started to rub a bit harder. And in an instant, too sensitive. She clinched her fists in frustration.

“Fuuuck! Goddamnit,” she yelled into her pillow. Another fucking orgasm denied.

Tiffany opened up her laptop and into her browser history. “Where the fuck are you, you stupid Seductress?” she asked her screen. “What a dumbass fucking name. But where the fuck are you?”

There it was, next to the timer counting down. 18:07:11. The Seductress was curved, had an ergonomic handle with this weird protrusion on one side that looked almost like a hollow eye-socket. Tiffany looked around the site, seeing the notice about discrete shipping. She didn’t want her mom or sister knowing about this. It would be too embarrassing.

Tiffany went back and read the item listing. “No direct contact, huh?” she mumbled. “Well, you better fucking work.” Tiffany clicked add to cart and got out her credit card. She didn’t have much extra money, but she felt this would be put to good use. At least she hoped.


A New Phone App

Tiffany sat at the dinner table with her sister and mom. She pulled out her phone, going through her email to check if there was an update from any of her classes.

“Hey, let me show you this cool ringtone app I found,” Silvia barked to Tiffany as she leaned over and snatched up her phone.

“Hey!” Tiffany said, giving her sister an astonished look. “Maybe ask first?”

“Silvia!” Melissa scolded her daughter.

“It’ll only be a moment, and it’s really cool,” Silvia protested as she sunk back in her chair guarding her sister’s phone. “Look, I’ve already got it installing. You can set it for calls or texts or whatever. Here, watch this,” Silvia said going through the app. She leaned towards her sister.

Silvia playfully spoke into Tiffany’s phone, “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch!”

“Inappropriate, Silvia. Now give your sister back her phone.”

“It’s fine, mom. Whatever, it’s fine,” Tiffany relented.

“See? She says it’s fine!” Silvia cried. She calmed her voice. “Now you leave a message, mom. You can even leave a nicer one than mine.”

Tiffany gave her mom a reluctant nod.

“Fine, give it here.” Melissa took Tiffany’s phone from her daughter and spoke sweetly, “Honey, it’s your mom. I love you.”

“Aww, how cute!” Silvia teased, passing the phone from her mom to Tiffany. “Now you’ll get to hear us every time we text. The app is a little weird, so the settings can be finicky. Two and half stars! But it’s good overall. Those other reviewers don’t know any better.”

“And on that note, I think I’ll get to studying,” Tiffany said, getting up and starting up the stairs.

“Tiffany!” Melissa called. “I don’t want to disturb you while you’re studying. I’ll go ahead and just text you if I need anything. I hope Silvia didn’t mess up your phone.”

“I’ll text, too!” Silvia yelled, walking up to Tiffany. “Don’t work too hard, bitch!” Silvia smacked her sister hard, square on the ass as she emphasized the word ‘bitch.’

“What the hell?” Melissa scolded her daughter.

“Jesus Christ, mom. I’m just fucking with her. She knows I’m just fucking with her,” Silvia said dramatically as she shook her head. “Tiff, you know I’m just fucking with you, don’t you, bitch?” Silvia smiled again as she finished the word bitch, staring at her sister.

“Listen, I know you’re both adults now, but do you have to treat other like that?” Melissa asked.

Tiffany bent over the railing, her butt cheeks lifting slightly in the air as she held her upper body firm with her abs. “Mom, she’s fine.”

Melissa took Tiffany’s face in her hands, her eyes wide, and gave her a quick, playful kiss on the mouth. “I love you,” Melissa said to her daughter. “And yes, I’ll lighten up. Now get upstairs and earn those good grades.” Melissa paused as she thought about how she could sound cool to her daughters. “Bitch!”

Tiffany laughed as she finished up the stairs. “That’s what I’m talking about, Mom! You gotta lighten up!”

Tiffany read in her room for the next few hours and crashed. Feeling adventurous, she tried to masturbate again. But like the last night–and years before, frankly–she was just as unsuccessful at cumming.


Expedited Delivery

Tiffany looked down at her phone as she walked home from school. She opened her email and saw the subject line “Delivered.” Her heart began pounding. Opening up the email, it read, “We hope you enjoy your Seductress as much as the rest of our customers.” One testimonial in the email read, “I never came so fucking quickly and hard in my whole goddamn life!”

“Holy shit,” Tiffany said to herself. She felt her face go flush.

Approaching her home, she noticed a package on her porch. “Amazing Engineering USA Ltd.” it read.

“This must be it,” Tiffany murmured. Her pussy already felt wet. She could feel the fabric of her panties absorbing her arousal. ‘God damn, this better fucking making me cum,’ Tiffany said in her head, closing her eyes. She quickly grabbed her box and started straight upstairs to her room.

Tiffany excitedly swung her door shut, wincing as it slammed. ‘Damn it, this is not how to be quiet,’ she thought.

She threw her phone on her bed and tore open the package. It looked innocent enough, though kinda weird. She looked at the book. Apparently it senses when your clit is over the eye-looking thing and there’s just two buttons for intensity.

Tiffany stood over her bed and pulled down her jeans and panties. She looked down and could see strings of wetness extending from her pussy to her panties. It was like her pussy was drooling over whatever present it was expecting to receive.

Tiffany bent over her bed, her pussy visible from behind, and took the Seductress toy in her hands. Turning it on, it was quiet, just like the description said. Staring at the toy, she said to herself, “Let’s get this party started.”

Downstairs, Melissa turned to Silvia, “Do you want to tell your sister we’re gonna eat soon and to come down? If not, I can text her.”

“I think she’s studying already, mom,” Silvia said. She turned and quietly mumbled, “No, no, I’ll text her.”

Melissa didn’t notice her daughter’s mumbling.

Oblivious to the outside world, Tiffany, felt the Seductress blowing and singing the sexiest fucking hymns in the world to her clit. It felt like she just started and already she was ready to cum. Unlike before, this was unmistakable. She bit her lip hard enough to break the skin.

As Tiffany started the hardest–and really the first–orgasm of her life, her phone buzzed. She heard her sister’s voice, “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch.” Silvia’s face entered her mind as she came. “Fuuuuuuuck,” Tiffany moaned.

“Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch,” her phone repeated. She panted against her phone’s screen, just inches from her face.

“Are you coming or what?” her sister’s text read on her phone’s screen.

“Hurry up, bitch!” read the next line.

Tiffany came again, hard, as she read her sister’s words, Silvia’s voice still in the air. Her ass flexed as she pumped her hips against the Seductress. “Fuuuuuck me,” she whimpered.

Tiffany’s pussy seemed to flood her juices all over the toy as she suddenly heard her mother’s voice from her phone. “Honey, it’s your mom. I love you.” Tiffany’s mouth opened, deep exhales come from her lungs. “Fuuuuuck, Mom! Fuuuuck mmeeee!” she screamed into the blankets as she thrusted her hips forward. She couldn’t stop her orgasm if she wanted to. It was here, completely enveloping her. Her muscles clinched as she came.

Tiffany felt tears come to her eyes as she saw her mom’s face, her breasts. She came again, just as hard as the last, her hips frantically pressing forward feeling the magical wind instrument playing its solo on her clit. Her hand was covered in her cum as she read her mom’s text. “We’re ready for you, sweetheart!” Her pussy pulsated in its contractions as she read the last line. She saw both her mom and her sister in her head as the first wave of aftershocks jolted her in spasms. Both her mom and sister were naked, their pussies exposed, swollen, wet. Their fingers pressed on each other’s skin.

Tiffany let the Seductress fall from her hands and rolled over to her back, feeling the residual waves roll though her. “Ww What…” Another aftershock as she quivered her lips. “What the fuck just happened?” she quietly asked herself. She brought her hand to her face in shock.

‘Act. Act normal,’ Tiffany thought, bringing her panties and jeans over her butt. Her hands shook as she fumbled trying to zip her fly and her mind panicked. ‘Fucking fingers are slippery, goddamnit! Not the way I envisioned cumming. What the fuck! What the fuck!’

Tiffany came downstairs, jittery. She sat down at the dinner table, avoiding eye contact with her sister and mom.

Silvia walked over to her sister and smeared her hand against the side of her cheek. “Why the hell’s your face all wet? And why’s your lip bleeding?” Tiffany froze as her sister looked her over. “Whatever,” Silvia said dismissively, turning away.



That night, Tiffany stared at the clock from her bed. 1:30 a.m. Her mind had been racing for the last two hours. ‘How could my first real orgasm, my first fucking amazing orgasm, happen like this?’

She also couldn’t stop thinking how amazing it felt. And that made her horny, horny enough to override everything else. ‘Fuck it,’ Tiffany thought. ‘I’m going to make sure I feel how I should without having to feel weird about it. I need to take control of this.’ Tiffany reached by her bed for the Seductress.

She could feel the magical sensation on her clit immediately. When she turned the intensity up, it didn’t feel overwhelming, not like when she touched herself. It just got her to a place she’d never been before until today, a place she never knew existed. It was orgasm heaven. And it didn’t take long to get there.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming already,’ Tiffany thought. She could feel her pussy about to take off as she cupped her breast with her other hand.

And just then she heard her sister’s recorded voice come from her phone. “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch.”

Before Tiffany could even get to her phone, she could feel the first intense orgasm hit. “Wwhat the fuuuuck, si… sis?” Tiffany said as she squeezed her eyelids tightly, her body forcing another orgasm on her. Her body went into a ball. Her mouth stretched open, still mid-orgasm and gasping.

Tiffany dropped the Seductress. It rolled off the bed and clunked onto the floor. She got to her phone just as she heard her mom’s voice. “Honey, it’s your mom. I love you.” As her mother’s words, “I love you” came out, she felt like she could make herself cum again. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and started to hump her own hand so that her palm rubbed against her clit. “Fuuuuck! Mommmm! Fuuuuck!” Tears streamed from her eyes as she came.

Some moments passed. Finally, the orgasms stopped. Tiffany began to catch her breath. ‘Shit, I didn’t even have to use the toy that last time,’ she thought.

Tiffany laid awake for another minute or two, trying to figure out what was going on. But her muscles were too tired, mainly from how hard she was clenching her ass cheeks as she fucked herself. She passed out.


Calling In An Expert

That night, Tiffany dreamed about her mother and sister. Her mom reached over to kiss her on the mouth. “Honey, I love you,” she said. But her kiss was too strong. She felt her mom’s tongue press against hers. She was aggressive.

“It’s your sexxxy sister, bitch!” Tiffany heard from behind. Her sister’s hand smacked hard on her right ass cheek and began to squeeze. Melissa’s tongue continued to push its way around her mouth. Her sister’s fingers were moving, too. They weren’t on her butt anymore. They were, they were moving in and out of her pussy. “I’m going to fuck you, sis,” Silvia said with her mouth right against Tiffany’s ear. “Mom and I are going to fuck you until you cum.” And although Tiffany could sense she was dreaming, she could feel an orgasm start to come over her. It felt so real, powerful as her sister fucked her with her fingers. The Silvia in her dream was right. She would make her cum, just like she said.

Tiffany woke mid-orgasm. Droplets of sweat stood out on her small breasts. “Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck,” she repeated to herself, squeezing her eyes shut. She tried her best to refocus as the aftershocks of her orgasm forced their way through her.

She took deep breaths until her orgasm finished. She saw the clock read 7:48 a.m. ‘Thaat’s enough sleep,’ she thought. As she pulled off the covers, she saw her bed sheets were drenched. It wasn’t just sweat or even the leftover mess from her late-night orgasm, she realized. This was from her dream. And she didn’t just cum again. She came again a lot.

Tiffany stood up and gathered her sheets in her arms, taking them off the bed. She had them balled up in front of her and she leaned her face in. Out of curiosity, she inhaled. ‘Wow, these definitely smell like my pussy,’ she thought as she set them in the hamper in the hallway.

She put on new sheets and thought for a moment. Then an idea hit her.

Tiffany grabbed her psych book and looked at the chapter on conditioning and started reading out the summary section at the end: “There are two types of conditioning: operant and classical. Operant conditioning involves reinforcement and punishment of a behavior that causes the subject to choose to engage or not engage in a specific behavior, respectively. Classical conditioning, on the other hand, is an elicited response and not a behavior choice. This involves pairing a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus so that the conditioned stimulus produces the same response as the unconditioned stimulus.”

Tiffany looked up for a moment. ‘What the fuck did I just read?’ she thought, processing the information. She sat for a moment, focused and thinking through the problem.

‘Okay, this is definitely classical conditioning,’ she thought. ‘Because I’m definitely not choosing to cum thinking about my mom and sister.’

She looked at the toy on the floor by her bed and continued her thought, ‘Pussy whisperer over there must be the unconditioned stimulus because I was going to cum no matter what with that damn thing. It didn’t need pairing with anything. And my orgasm of a lifetime was the unconditioned response.’

Tiffany looked at her phone. ‘And that fucking app with my mom’s and sister’s voice. That must be the conditioned stimulus. When that went off right before I came, that must have paired them.’

Tiffany opened up her book again. ‘Now how do I stop cumming to my mom and sister? Where the fuck’s that chapter?’ She looked at the section titled behavior extinction and read: “To cause a conditioned response to stop, the conditioned stimulus must continue to be presented without the unconditioned stimulus. This must be done repeatedly until the conditioned response goes away.”

‘Wait a minute,’ Tiffany thought. ‘To get this to stop, I have to keep cumming to my Mom and sister’s voice? You know what, fuck this. I’ll just ask my professor. Maybe she’ll know a workaround.’

Tiffany looked through her Psychology syllabus to search for her professor’s office hours. ‘Look at that, she has office hours in the morning,’ she thought. ‘I’ll just call her now.’

Tiffany dialed the number on her cell. “Yes, this is Dr. Partley,” her professor answered.

“Hi, Dr. Partley. This is Tiffany. I’m in your afternoon psych class. I had a question about some of the material. Is that okay?”

“Sure, though you’ll have to forgive me,” Dr. Partley replied. “Some of our classes are large and I can’t remember everyone’s name and face all the time. What are you having trouble with?”

That she may not know exactly who she was relieved Tiffany a bit. “Yeah, don’t worry about it. So, I’m trying to figure out the nuances of extinction within classical conditioning,” Tiffany said. “Is there a way to do that without having to repeatedly present the conditioned stimulus so you keep getting the conditioned response over and over?”

Tiffany clarified the meaning in her head, ‘I’d rather not have to keep cumming thinking about my mom and sister as part of the path to stop cumming thinking about my mom and sister.’ That solution sounded too weird.

“Sure,” Dr. Partley replied. “One way is to stop introducing the conditioned stimulus, if it’s something you can remove. Think of Pavlov ringing the bell which caused the dogs to salivate as if their food was in front of them. If the dogs never heard a bell again, they wouldn’t have the salivation issues other than when the dogs were normally given food or any other situation when dogs normally salivate.”

‘Yeah, Mom and Sis need to stop ringing my bell,’ Tiffany thought.

“Hey sweetie,” Melissa called from the hallway. She was always up so early. “I’m doing laundry. Do you have anything else to put in the hamper?”

Tiffany put her phone to her chest to muffle her voice. “No, mom! I don’t have anything else!” Tiffany thought about her mom noticing her aroma on her sheets. An image appeared in her head of her mom smelling her pussy-soaked sheets and getting turned on. And now Tiffany was getting turned on. She noticed herself getting wet and began to squirm.

There was a pause on the phone. “So no more bell ringing? That’s it?” Tiffany blurted. She hoped she hadn’t been awkwardly silent for too long.

Dr. Partley thought for a moment. “Well, technically, there are other issues, too. If there was a strong unconditioned stimulus that was initially involved in the pairing, then it could be problematic. It could encourage complexities like generalization from the initial conditioned stimulus. For instance, if the dogs’ food that was paired with the bell was just really amazing, then anything that remotely sounded like the bell could get the dogs to salivate. And even when you think the response is extinguished, it could come back randomly. Oh, and there could be other factors that increase the likelihood such as exposure to similar stimuli in the same place where the initial conditioning occurred.”

Tiffany thought of the ramifications while also noticing how wet she was getting. She was still thinking about her mom outside and her sex-soiled sheets while her professor was talking. Tiffany shook her head. Dr. Partley started to go into even further detail when Melissa knocked and opened the door.

“Honey, I’m going to run a few errands. You just let me know if you need anything,” Melissa said in a voice that sounded strangely seductive to Tiffany. Tiffany gazed at her mom, who suddenly looked so beautiful. Her breasts stood up well in her outfit. She took care of herself. That tight body. She imagined how she must look under her skirt and whether she shaved her pussy. She wondered how her mom’s pussy tasted. Probably really good.

“Honey, did you hear me?” Melissa asked.

“Does that make sense?” Dr. Partley asked on the phone.

“Ye… yeah, I’m good. That’s good.” Tiffany replied in the phone, also looking at her mom.

Melissa leaned into Tiffany, kissing her briefly on her mouth. It was innocent, but to Tiffany, it felt like a firecracker. “I’m just trying to be a good mom. I love you, honey,” Melissa said, as she shut the door.

Tiffany felt a surge of lust go through her groin. Her mouth hung open as she reached down and felt herself grabbing her crotch from the outside of her jeans. ‘Fuck, how am I so close already?’ Tiffany thought.

Tiffany heard Dr. Partley on the phone, “I’m so glad you’re asking these detailed questions though. I don’t know that we’ll go quite so deeply on the test, but…”

Tiffany felt herself even closer and found her hand going in her pants and pressing against her clit. It was already throbbing, like it was almost there. She could rub now. Maybe it wouldn’t get too sensitive. So close to cumming already. Only a little more and… oh. Now. Now she was there.

“Tiffany?” Dr. Partley said. “Are you okay? You sound out of breath all of a sudden.”

Tiffany fell on her bed, her butt cheeks now clinching and thrusting hard against her hand as she came. “Fuuuck,” Tiffany whimpered.

“Tiffany?” Dr. Partley asked again. “Are you alright?”

“Nn… no, Doc… ter Pp… artly. I’m I’m fine.” Tiffany struggled to get the words out as she kept cumming. A flash of her professor slipped in her mind. Now she could see Dr. Partley eating her pussy as she held her face between her thighs.

“I I gotta go. Th thanks for answering my questions. Bb bye.” Tiffany hung up. She looked down at her hand, her fingers hidden inside her pussy. She pulled out her fingers. She stared at the strings of her own cum that hung off her fingertips.

“This is going to be way harder than I imagined,” Tiffany said to herself. She hesitated and then sucked the cum off her fingers. She was torn on how to feel. But as she cycled through her fingers she was confident in something else: she tasted fucking fantastic.


Bad Reviews

Tiffany spent the afternoon at the library unsuccessfully trying to uninstall the app on her phone.

“What the hell is the matter with you, phone? Why won’t you uninstall?” Tiffany angrily muttered at her phone. She had gone through the reviews. Some big red flags:

“Makes my phone go off randomly.”

“Can’t uninstall the damn thing.”

“Can’t turn the stupid app off.”

Tiffany wasn’t feeling hopeful. She turned off her phone. ‘I’ll just factory reset it or something later,’ she thought as she went on her walk back home.

Arriving, Tiffany stepped inside the house and shut the door behind her. Her mom was walking down the hallway. “Hey, hon. No mail today,” Melissa said to Tiffany. “Good to see you dear,” she said reaching her head forward to Tiffany to give her a kiss.

“No!” Tiffany yelled.

“What? What’s the matter?” Melissa replied.

“I’m, I might be getting a cold, I think. I don’t want you to get sick. That’s all,” Tiffany lied.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Well, if you need anything, you just let me know. Is that all? You look worried or stressed, too. Is there anything…”

“I’m fine. I just. I can’t get that stupid app uninstalled that Silvia put on my phone. It’s pissing me off,” Tiffany barked. She got out her phone and threw it on the table. “I think I need a new phone.”

“You just got that one not too long ago, didn’t you?” said Melissa. “Maybe have Silvia look at it.”

“Maybe,” Tiffany said. “But I don’t want to be around when she does. I don’t want to hear it go off anymore!”

“Fine, I’ll let her know,” said Melissa, a little worried.

“Just let me know when you want me for dinner. Just knock. And don’t say anything or open my door when I’m in my room, please. Just knock, and I’ll come down. I, I may be getting a headache, and I don’t want to make it worse,” Tiffany lied again.


An Eventful Meal

Melissa knocked on Tiffany’s door, said nothing, and went back downstairs. Walking down the steps, Melissa saw Silvia sitting with her legs crossed and bouncing a bit in her chair. She was looking at Tiffany’s phone.

“Did you get it figured out?” Melissa asked.

“I just turned it on. It’s locked. See?” Silvia said, showing her mom the phone. “I sent her a text like an hour ago. It doesn’t even let me see it. Anyway, it looks like it boots up fine. I’ll ask her to put in her password after dinner.”

“Just don’t work on it when she’s around,” Melissa requested. “She’s getting really sensitive about it, like really sensitive. So be nice.”

“Yeah, of course I’m gonna be nice. C’mon,” Silvia replied, a bit irritated.

Melissa gave Silvia a stare as Tiffany came down the stairs.

“Hey, hon. Silvia’s gonna work on your phone after dinner. I made some vegetable soup and baked potatoes. We’re all set up.”

Everyone sat down at the dinner table. Silvia was quieter than usual during the meal.

“Hey, um, I’m sorry I messed up your phone, Sis,” Silvia said to Tiffany.

Tiffany looked up from her nearly empty soup bowl at her sister. “Thanks,” she said. “I know you didn’t mean anything by it.” Her mind then thought, ‘You know, like making me cum my brains out thinking about you and Mom.’

“Before you go back upstairs, would you mind sharing the password so I can try to uninstall it? I may be able to try some things,” Silvia said.

“Sure, but don’t get into anything,” Tiffany replied. She didn’t think there was anything too embarrassing on there anyway. “The password is just my birthday, month and then day in four digits.”

“Are you done, hon?” Melissa asked Tiffany as she started to gather up the dishes.

“Yeah, I’m done,” Tiffany replied, getting up. She walked around the table and saw Silvia unlocking her phone.

“Hey!” Tiffany yelled at her sister. “I said to wait until I wasn’t around until you did anything.”

Silvia stood up defensively next to her sister, “Hey, I’m just trying to fix your stupid phone. I haven’t even done anything yet.”

“I just asked for one thing. One thing! And that was to wait until I wasn’t around,” Tiffany protested.

“You know what? Fine! It’s yours,” Silvia said in an annoyed voice.

Silvia pulled on the front of her sister’s pants, also managing to grab her panties and dropped the phone inside.

And that’s when Tiffany got her sister’s text. The phone vibrated against Tiffany’s lips and clit. Tiffany started to break down the moment the vibration started. She knew what was coming. It was her.

Bbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Silvia’s recorded voice came from Tiffany’s crotch: “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch!”

‘Of fuck, it’s happening,’ she thought. The vibrating continued and Sivlia’s voice repeated. She could feel her clit pulsing, ready to cum. Tiffany’s legs got weak as she leaned into her sister, clutching hard on her arm.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Hey, easy on the grip, bitch,” Silvia said to her sister. Tiffany squeezed Silvia harder as her orgasm started. Tiffany stepped forward, putting her weight on her sister. Silvia wasn’t ready and started to fall backwards.

Tiffany fell on her sister as her hips started to move forward. Tiffany was now fully aware she was cumming on top of her sister. She could feel her pussy slide against the protective glass on her phone, her crotch uncontrollably humping her sister.

“Tt… take it out,” Tiffany pleaded, looking her sister in the eyes.

Melissa’s view was obscured by the table. “Silvia, stop what you’re doing with Tiffany’s phone and get it out,” Melissa demanded, not really thinking it through.

Silvia wasn’t sure what was going on with her sister right now, but it was becoming apparent. Her eyes looked glassy.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The phone vibrated as Silvia’s voice erupted from Tiffany’s pants again. Silvia sat up and reached into Tiffany’s pants. The phone had dropped all the way down. Silvia could just feel the tip of it. She noticed her sister was wet. Really wet. Silvia wondered why her sister was squeezing her thighs so hard. ‘Just get the phone. Just get the phone,’ Silvia said in her head.

Tiffany continued to cum. She could feel her sister’s hand aggressively brush past her pussy. She knew her sister must be able to tell how wet she was. It was humiliating, arousing, and she couldn’t stop cumming.

Silvia grabbed the phone with her hand as Tiffany buckled down on another orgasm, squeezing her thighs tighter together, gasping.

“Let go!” Silvia begged.

“I, I cc… ccan’t,” Tiffany stuttered. Tiffany could feel Silvia’s hand press hard against her clit. Tiffany’s thighs squeezed harder. Silvia’s back and forth pulling carried her orgasm as she kept hearing Silvia’s recorded voice. ‘Why does this have to feel so fucking good?’ Tiffany thought as she continued to cum on her sister.

Silvia’s hand was covered in her sister’s cum. “Stop it!” Silvia yelled as her hand flew out. Her fingers were so slippery that Tiffany’s phone flew from her grip. The phone made a thwack as it hit the kitchen floor.

Tiffany curled into a ball, still stuck in a torn ecstasy.

Melissa walked over to her daughter. “Tiffany,” are you okay?

“Yy… yeah,” Tiffany said, the aftershocks passing. “I.. I think, I think I just have bad cramps,” Tiffany quickly lied.

“Did you see what she did, Mom?” Silvia yelled? “Did you see what she did to my hand? She fucked my hand. She fucked it.”

“Enough!” Melissa said, turning to Silvia. “If you hadn’t dropped the phone down her pants, nothing would have happened. I think you injured her.”

“Oh no, everything down there is working in top gear.” Silvia said.

“I don’t want to hear it,” yelled Melissa. “Give her some space. Go to your room or something. I think you’ve helped enough.”

“Fine!” Silvia yelled and turned her focus to sister. “And you know what, Tiff, I was gonna see if you wanted me to just factory reset your phone. But now you can factory reset your own fucking phone. I’m gonna go wash my hand that you fucked!” Silvia stormed off and went to the top of the stairs.

Melissa looked down at her daughter. “Don’t worry, I’ll make a doctor’s appointment for you tomorrow. Just to make sure you’re okay.”

Melissa held her daughter in her arms and kissed her on the head. “I love you, honey. It’ll pass. It’ll be okay,” Melissa soothed Tiffany, running her hands through her hair as her daughter squirmed, still breathing deeply and clenching.

Silvia looked from the top of the stairs down at her mom holding her sister. She saw her sister squirming with her hand between her legs. She realized that Tiffany was cumming. She was cumming the whole time. ‘Jesus fuck,’ Silvia thought.


Talking Frankly

“How’s Tiff?” Silvia asked her mom.

“She’s resting. I think she’s done for the night. We made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow with Dr. Lauren.”

“Dr. Lauren, our gynecologist?” Silvia asked. “Are you sure that’s the problem?”

“I don’t know what the problem is,” Melissa replied. “She said she had cramps. And maybe when you put the phone in her pants–and I’m not saying you meant to hurt her–but maybe it was hot and burned her. Those bits are sensitive.”

“Um, I don’t think she was injured,” Silvia said. “Mom, she came on my hand while I was getting out her phone. Like, she had an orgasm. I saw it in her eyes when she was on top of me.”

“What?” Melissa said dismissively. “That’s nonsense. She was trembling when I was comforting her.”

“Uh, no. I told you, she fucked my hand. She was still cumming,” Silvia said. “She was cumming when you were holding her, and she came on my hand. I can tell. I know what pussy smells like, Mom. I have a personal frame of reference, you know. And my hand smells like Tiff’s pussy. I’m telling you, she came all over my hand.”

“Hey!” Melissa scolded. “There’s no need to degrade your sister. You had your hand down her pants. That’s all. Let’s not take bold leaps.”

“I’m telling you, Mom. Tiff came on my hand,” Silvia said. “She started cumming right when the phone started going off. I didn’t realize it at first, but it became clear once my hand was… you know, down there on her pussy.”

“That’s your sister. Be respectful!” Melissa said. After a pause, she showed a concerned look on her face and asked, “Do you think if that’s true–the off chance that that’s true–that it might be why she’s been weird about her phone?”

“Could be,” Silvia replied, shrugging her shoulders. “But she kept cumming even after it was done going off. She was cumming while you were holding her. I saw her. You should tell the doctor ahead of time. Maybe see what she thinks.”

“I’ll be there with her, in any case. And I’ll tell the doctor beforehand. Do you know where the phone went to?” Melissa asked.

“Oh, I think it’s still on the floor in the kitchen,” Silvia said. “And, uh, you may want to grab a towel first, Mom, before touching it. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m sorry if I made things worse.”

“Well, you should apologize to your sister. I don’t think any of this is her fault. Goodnight, hon,” Melissa said to her daughter.

“Goodnight, Mom,” Silvia replied, going up the stairs.

Melissa walked over to the kitchen and picked up Tiffany’s phone. The screen looked smeared and felt slippery. Melissa brought it to her nose. Silvia was right about the smell. Also like… Tiffany’s bed sheets the other day. ‘Well, I’m not going to judge my daughter’s sex drive,’ Melissa thought. ‘But surely, she wasn’t turned on because of her sister, and definitely not me. Right? Well, maybe there was a way to know for sure.’


The Examination

Tiffany sat on the examination table in a hospital medical gown. She finished the last of the series of questions from Dr. Lauren. She lied again and said that she had cramps. She said that’s what caused the incident.

“You can come in now, Melissa.” Dr. Lauren called.

Melissa entered the room. Her daughter was sitting up on the table, her hands pressed down on the waxy sanitation paper.

“And you’re still fine with your mom being here?” Dr. Lauren asked. “She doesn’t have to be. That only applies to minors, and even then I can bring in someone else.”

“I think she’s just worried. I don’t think it can hurt,” Tiffany replied.

She added in her mind, ‘As long as she doesn’t make me cum. But that’s all.’

Dr. Lauren turned to Melissa, “You can just have a seat by Tiffany right here.”

“Thanks,” said Melissa as she sat down just behind her daughter. “There’s a chance she may have been burned as well,” Melissa said. “Her sister put her phone down her pants, and I think it might have been hot.”

Tiffany started to protest as Dr. Lauren interrupted, “If Tiffany has any burns, we’ll see them during the exam.”

Dr. Lauren put on her gloves. “Okay, Tiffany. I need you to lift your feet up in these holsters.” Tiffany took a breath and complied, bringing her legs up.

Dr. Lauren leaned forward looking at Tiffany’s vagina. “Now I’m going to be touching around your vulva as part of the examination. Then I’ll do the internal part of the exam. Okay?”

Tiffany nodded. She could feel Dr. Lauren’s hands start to push around her labia. It felt a little strange but mechanical.

“I don’t see any external burns,” said Dr. Lauren.

“That’s good,” said Melissa. “I was so worried. I thought maybe it was hot when it was going off in her pants. And I think it made direct contact with her vagina and her sister may have pressed it against her really hard.” Melissa turned to her daughter and grabbed her hand, “I just want you to be okay, sweetheart. You know I love you, baby.”

“Um, Mom, I’m fine,” Tiffany said, feeling a tingling starting between her legs.

Dr. Lauren noticed Tiffany’s lips were now swollen. She was definitely starting to lubricate. She looked up at Tiffany. ‘Were her eyes dilated now?’ Dr. Lauren asked herself.

‘Could the doctor notice?’ Tiffany thought. ‘Fuck, why did my mom have to touch me now and say she loved me; it felt like some kind of stupid activation code to my pussy. It sounds like the stupid phone.’ Tiffany unmistakably felt herself getting more wet. Just thinking about it put her in a weird, horny positive feedback loop.

Melissa looked in her purse and prepared to get Tiffany’s phone. She had to know. She had a text cued up that would make her phone go off when it was unlocked. ‘How else am I supposed to figure out what’s going on with my daughter?’ Melissa thought. ‘It would be okay if, if she was cumming. Weird, but okay. I could get her a therapist and figure it out. But she surely isn’t going to tell me. There’s no other way,’ Melissa concluded to herself.

“Okay,” said Dr. Lauren. “I’m going to start with the internal exam, Tiffany. I’m just going to insert a couple of my fingers inside you so I can feel around, okay?”

Tiffany nodded.

“Um, doctor,” said Melissa. “Don’t you need to add lubrication or something?”

Dr. Lauren paused and started to respond, “Sometimes the vagina is naturally lubricated enough. I think she’ll be fine. She’s lubricated enough already.” Dr. Lauren’s internal dialogue was a bit different. She thought, ‘She’s so drenched my finger is going to have no trouble sliding right in.’

Melissa reached into her purse and got Tiffany’s phone ready to unlock.

“Okay, Tiffany,” Dr. Lauren said as she easily slid her fingers into her vagina. Tiffany kept hearing her mom tell her she loved her and was starting to see her sister’s face as she came on top of her. “Tiffany, I’m going to need you to bear down for me.” Tiffany squeezed down hard on Dr. Lauren’s fingers.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tiffany already knew what was going to happen as she heard her mother’s voice saying she loved her. As Tiffany started to cum, she could feel every bit of Dr. Lauren’s fingers inside her. She grabbed her mom’s arm. Tiffany couldn’t help but think something felt maybe a little different this time.

Dr. Lauren could hear the phone go off as Tiffany squeezed her gloved fingers. ‘Damn, this girl has a strong vagina,’ thought Dr. Lauren. She tried to move her fingers, but they were tight insider her. She tried to adjust her fingers upward and pressed against the ridges inside the frontal wall of Tiffany’s vagina. Dr. Lauren then heard a mix of a moan and gasp coming from Tiffany. ‘Is she, is she doing what I think she is?’ Dr. Lauren asked herself.

Dr. Lauren quickly started to use her thumb to try to pull her fingers out, accidentally leveraging it against Tiffany’s clit. She quickly shook her hand back and forth. That was a mistake.

Melissa was stunned. She looked at her daughter. Tiffany’s mouth was open, her hand squeezing her mother’s arm and her hips bucking forward. Her daughter was cumming. Suddenly, from beneath Tiffany’s gown, what looked like a squirt of water shot into Dr. Lauren’s face.

Dr. Lauren gasped as Tiffany squirted on her face, the doctor’s fingers finally out of Tiffany’s vagina. Tiffany’s cum ran down Dr. Lauren’s right eyelid and into her open mouth. She could taste Tiffany. The vision in her right eye blurred. Dr. Lauren watched Tiffany who now appeared to buckle over.

‘Were her hands under her gown?’ Dr. Lauren thought she saw some of Tiffany’s cum drip down the side of the examination table. ‘Holy fuck,’ thought Dr. Lauren. ‘She just came in my face. I can’t believe she came on my face. She squirted on me.’ She looked at Tiffany through her left eye. ‘Is… Is she still cumming?’

Dr. Lauren stood up, taking her gloves off, her right eye now closed. “I’m I’m sorry, but I have to end the procedure. I’ll be back after you, you recover,” Dr. Lauren said as she darted out of the room, wiping Tiffany’s cum off her face with her sleeve.

Melissa was shocked. Tiffany continued her death grip on her mother’s arm. When Melissa looked down, she saw her daughter’s hand was buried under her hospital gown. Her expression told her she was in the middle of another orgasm.


Home Visit

The next week was as awkward as one could imagine. Tiffany said little to her sister and mom. She barely left her room. Melissa and Silvia began to worry.

On Saturday morning, Tiffany found a note under her door:

“Honey, I didn’t want to wake you, and I know you’ve been under a lot of stress. We’ve made an appointment with a psychologist, and she wants to make a home visit. She’ll be here today in the afternoon at 3 p.m. We’re all hoping for the best.

Love, Mom”

Tiffany put down the note. ‘I guess at this point it can’t hurt,’ Tiffany thought. ‘What else was there?’

Tiffany passed the time with her books. When she heard a knock at her door, it was 3 o’clock.

“Honey, I’m opening the door. The psychologist is here and wants to talk with you first,” said Melissa.

In walked a cute spectacled woman with blond hair. She looked around the room and reached her hand out to Tiffany. “Hi, Tiffany. I’m Dr. Lyna. I’ll be working with you today.”

“Hi Dr. Lyna,” said Tiffany, quietly.

As Dr. Lyna introduced herself, Melissa waved and shut the door leaving Tiffany alone with the doctor.

“Tiffany, if it’s okay with you, do you mind if I tell you what I do? Why I’m here?” Dr. Lyna asked.

“Sure,” Tiffany replied softly.

“I’m a cognitive behavioral therapist. I have a focus on family therapy as well as on issues around sex. I help people with thoughts and behaviors that they want to change. I want to help you get back on track to feeling comfortable. Does that sound like something you’d like help with?” asked Dr. Lyna.

“Yeah, I’d be open to that. This, this problem is hard for me,” Tiffany said.

“We all face hard problems. And it’s okay that you’re getting help. We can all use a hand sometimes.” Dr. Lyna sat on the bed as she focused her eyes on Tiffany. “Tiffany, your mom and sister have shared a bit with me about your strong responses to them and recordings of them. Do you think you could you tell me about when this started?”

Tiffany paused for a moment, gathering her courage and thoughts. “It started when I, uh… bought this toy. It’s called a Seductress. I haven’t been able to really orgasm until, until this toy. I was always overstimulated, my clit, that is, so quickly. But this was different somehow. It just. It just got me there. Like, I could finally cum.”

Dr. Lyna sat at the bed and continued to listen to Tiffany. She nodded to Tiffany, signaling for her to carry on.

“And so, there’s also this ringtone app my sister installed. It plays their recorded voice whenever they text. And sometimes, apparently, even when they don’t text.” Tiffany continued, “It went off the first time I used the toy. I had struggled so much to just find a sexual release, to actually cum. And here I am. I’m right on the edge.” Tiffany gesticulated dramatically at this point. “And then I hear the voices of my sister and mom from my phone JUST BEFORE I have this amazing fucking orgasm.”

Tiffany shook her head and continued. “I felt weird about it, you know cumming thinking about Mom and Sis. But I never really came like that before. It was amazing! I just wanted to cum again. And I did. Later that same day, actually. And the same thing happened. That app went off right before I’m doubled over in this amazing orgasm. And so I’ve got Mom and Sis in my head again right before I cum.”

Dr. Lyna waited for Tiffany to continue.

“But then, then it got really strange,” Tiffany pointed at the doctor who focused on her words. “That second time, or uh, session I came with the toy, right after I came the first time. Hearing my mom’s voice from the app was enough to make me cum. I didn’t even have the toy on my, on my clit. Though, I, I guess I sorta helped it along with my hand. I guess that part’s a bit weird.”

“It’s not my role to say what’s weird or isn’t,” Dr. Lyna responded. “It does sound like you’re aware of the pairing. Did you pick that up, the conditioning idea, from your psychology book over there?” Dr. Lyna pointed.

“Yeah,” Tiffany said. “I learned about operant conditioning recently. I even asked for advice about behavior extinction from my professor. I called her during office hours from my room here and my mom came in, kissed me, and said she loved me. It felt just like from the recording, like a trigger. And…”

Tiffany paused and looked at the floor.

“I, I felt this overwhelming urge to cum again right after Mom said that. It was like a trigger at that point. I was already worked up thinking about everything, and it got me so close. I hadn’t even finished the call with my professor and, and I had my hand down my pants. I made myself cum. I was technically still talking with her, my professor, I guess. I used to get so overly sensitive so quickly. But with these triggers I just get so close it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take much extra stimulation to cum when I’m so close. So, so I came.”

Dr. Lyna waited for Tiffany’s head to raise. “It sounds like in each of these events you still had to include manual stimulation. Is that the case?” Dr. Lyna asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I think so,” Tiffany said.

“Was there also manual stimulation at the dinner table when your sister dropped your phone in your panties?” Dr. Lyna asked.

“Um, I could feel the vibration.” Tiffany said. “And, I could feel my sister’s hand on my puss… or, uh, vagina.”

“You can say whatever words you feel comfortable with,” said Dr. Lyna.

Tiffany continued, finding herself getting turned on telling her story and enjoying saying the word “pussy” in front of the doctor. “Yeah, I could feel my sister’s hand on my pussy. Like, it pressed against my lips and my clit. And the phone was pressing against me too. I could feel all the pressure. And like, it was rubbing. Grinding on me.”

Tiffany thought about her sister’s hand touching her pussy. She found her wetness getting more pronounced.

Dr. Lyna looked at Tiffany and noticed her squirming. “Tiffany?”

“Yeah?” she responded.

“Are you getting those sexual responses now?” Dr. Lyna asked.

Tiffany’s face went red. “Uh, uh…. I mean, I’m not doing anything. It, uh. Thinking about it. It just makes me. You know. It just makes me ww wet. But I’m not doing anything. Yy you can see I’m not,” Tiffany stuttered defensively.

“I’m not accusing you of anything, Tiffany,” Dr. Lyna said. “There’s no right or wrong answer. I just wanted to understand where things are now.”

“Ffine, my pussy is fucking wet. And I’m nn nervous and anxious. That’s where things are now,” Tiffany said with some frustration in her voice. She wanted to dig a hole for herself. And maybe quickly make herself cum while she was down there.

“It sounds like you’re telling me that this is upsetting, Tiffany,” Dr Lyna affirmed. “That’s completely understandable.”

Dr. Lyna squared her body up to Tiffany “This is a challenging situation,” she said. “The pairing going on here is extremely strong. And it’s exaggerated by having taken effect in this room and having pairings directly with your mom and sister outside of just their voices on your phone.”

Dr. Lyna paused before speaking. “I’ve been thinking about this, given what your mom and sister have told me and given what you’ve just told me. I have an idea. But it’s likely to be uncomfortable in the beginning. I’ve already shared the idea with your mom and sister. After some discussion, they’ve agreed to it. Would you be open to hearing what I’m thinking?”

Dr. Lyna explained her idea to Tiffany. Tiffany thought it sounded incredibly embarrassing, but she understood the logic. She thought it could work.

Tiffany also thought it sounded hot.

The thought of the session Dr. Lyna described turned her on. It made her incredibly horny just thinking about it. That night, Tiffany used the Seductress while thinking about her next session. She made herself cum over fifteen times in half an hour before passing out from exhaustion. Though she would lose count at six.


The Experiment

“Okay, we’re all here,” Dr. Lyna announced. She was in a business skirt while Melissa and Silvia were dressed in casual tops and pants.

Tiffany was on the bed in her panties. She wore a tight shirt with no bra. This was purposeful. Dr. Lyna said that while Tiffany should be clothed, she also needed to be able to visually track arousal. There was already a wet spot on her panties, but she was holding her legs together with her arms in a fetal-like sitting position to make it less apparent. That was also helping to hide her hard nipples.

“Tiffany, like we talked about, we’re going to tie your hands,” Dr. Lyna said. “Now, if you feel any discomfort, you just let us know. And if you want us to untie you at any time, you let us know as well. This is only to keep you from reflexively touching yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yeah,” Tiffany said.

“And we have your permission?” Dr. Lyna asked.

“You do,” Tiffany said.

“Go ahead,” Dr. Lyna said, gesturing Melissa and Silvia with the velcro straps.

Melissa and Silvia placed the straps on the bedposts and Tiffany’s wrists. Adjusting the straps, Melissa saw how hard Tiffany’s nipples were as she moved her hands. She tried to rationalize Tiffany’s hard nipples in her head to the room being a little chilly and her lack of clothing.

They then attached the rope to the straps. Her wrists were restrained so that could move her arms but not bring them down to her waist. Silvia looked down to see Tiffany’s panties getting wet. She didn’t even try to write it off in her head. It was awkward to admit, but she knew her sister was horny as fuck right now.

“Do you feel any discomfort, Tiffany? Any circulation issues or anything?” Dr. Lyna asked.

“I feel fine. No pain or anything,” Tiffany said, already starting to squirm with her legs.

“Okay,” said Dr. Lyna. “We’re going to begin. Go ahead.”

Melissa pulled out Tiffany’s phone and unlocked it. Tiffany’s panties were already soaked before anyone heard anything. She let her legs relax, separated, her only limbs not strapped down. She knew everyone could see how wet she was.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Siren calls of Tiffany’s mom and sister filled Tiffany’s ears. She began to buckle, squeezing her thighs together, and started to gasp. Tiffany could feel herself getting close.

“Now each of you go up to her and do what we talked about,” said Dr. Lyna.

Melissa walked up to her daughter and said, “I love you, honey” and kissed her on the lips. Tiffany started kissing back hungrily as Melissa pulled away.

“My turn now?” Silvia asked reluctantly. She looked down, awkwardly fixated on her sister’s wet panties. Dr. Lyna nodded and Silvia put her hand on Tiffany’s hip. “I’m your sexxy sister, bitch,” Silvia said and swatted her sister hard on her left ass cheek.

Tiffany was already close to cumming and had her legs squeezed together. The pressure from her own thighs and Silvia smacking her ass, put her on the edge. Tiffany could feel herself right on the brim and started to moan. She started to walk her feet up towards the headboard.

Silvia looked at Dr. Lyna. “So, uh, are we just supposed to get my sister off? Because I think that’s all we’re doing here.”

Dr. Lyna turned to Silvia and responded, “The stimulus pairings are strong, and yes, as I said might happen, she’ll get turned on initially. The key is to separate any direct physical stimulus to her genitals from the auditory stimulus of your voices. And that may take a number of trials before we can sufficiently separate them. I don’t know exactly how long that will take. You see…” Dr. Lyna continued.

Tiffany was getting close to orgasm just from squeezing her thighs. She NEEDED to touch herself. She walked her feet clockwise. She maneuvered herself further, her left bicep now across her face. Her hips scooted toward the bedpost securing her right wrist. She noticed her hips hovered by her right hand as she swing her right foot under her right arm and placed it on the headboard. She was now completely spun around facing the right bedpost. Tiffany looked over to see her sister and mom focused on the doctor’s words. With her new position, she took her hand between her legs and slid her fingers in her pussy. They went in easily.

Silvia was the first to hear it. It was a wet rhythmic sound. She knew what it was. She made the sound herself whenever she thought everyone else was sleeping. Silvia looked over and caught her sister’s eyes. Tiffany was looking right at her. She had two fingers quickly going in and out of her pussy as fast as she could make them go. Her thumb kept hitting against her clit each time her fingers went inside. She was clearly trying to cum. That wasn’t the kind of fingering you do to get yourself warmed up.

“Um, is that the kind of physical stimulus you were wanting to avoid?” Silvia asked, pointing to Tiffany who bucked her hips up into an orgasm.

Tiffany screamed in pleasure, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh! fffuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

“Fuck me,” said Dr. Lyna in a panic.

Melissa looked at Dr. Lyna, “Hey, what’s going on? What are you doing here?”

“What? I didn’t know! She wasn’t supposed to spin herself around like that,” Dr. Lyna exclaimed as Tiffany belted out another orgasm.

Dr. Lyna closed her eyes and tried to focus. This was challenging to do with Tiffany’s orgasms stumbling over another. “Fuuuck!” Tiffany cried. Dr. Lyna started to notice the scent of Tiffany’s pussy.

“Okay,” Dr. Lyna said. “We’re just going to call a mulligan on this one. I’ll take off her straps and we’ll try again tomorrow. Just don’t make eye contact or touch her as we leave. We don’t want to make it worse.”

Dr. Lyna walked toward the headboard and began to manipulate the straps tied to the bedposts. Tiffany watched, continuing to furiously masturbate towards another orgasm. The sheets around her were wet now. Dr. Lyna detached the strap from the bedpost connecting Tiffany’s right wrist. Tiffany used her freed right hand to detach the strap on her left wrist. She used her now available left hand to finger herself while her right hand focused on her clit. As Dr. Lyna closed the door, she heard Tiffany scream as she reached yet another orgasm.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at the same time!” Dr. Lyna yelled to Melissa as she went downstairs to the door. “I’m sorry about today! Tomorrow will go better!” she said as she shut the front door behind her.

Silvia and Melissa looked at each other in the hallway.

“Hey, Mom,” said Silvia, speaking over the orgasms of her sister in the background. “Do you want to maybe go take a walk with me while horndog in there finishes herself off?”

Melissa paused, thinking about whether to ask Silvia to be nicer to her sister. It wasn’t worth it. “Sure, we can do that,” Melissa replied. They heard Tiffany cum again as they closed the front door.


A Late Night

Their walk was quiet and long enough to get the feeling that well over an hour or two had passed. When they came back. The house was quiet. The sound of orgasms had halted for the moment. Melissa saw that there was a bowl of leftovers in the sink. It looked like Tiffany had eaten and gone back to her room.

The house stayed quiet through the evening by the time Melissa and Silvia went to bed. At 11:30 p.m., however, Silvia started to hear sounds on the other side of the wall that she shared with her sister.

Silvia began to hear clear moans on the other side of the wall. She could make out her sister swearing in a muffled voice. “God damnit, is she fucking herself again?” Silvia asked out loud.

Silvia got out of bed and walked out her door to the hallway in her bra and panties. She walked over to her sister’s door and waited for a moment. “AAaaaah FFFfuuuuuccck mmmmeeeeeeee,” Tiffany cried in an almost painfully hard orgasm.

“God damn, sis,” Silvia muttered as she walked away in shock from the door. She didn’t know whether to be annoyed or impressed. ‘Maybe I’d be a weirdo too if I could make myself cum that hard,’ Silvia thought to herself.

Silvia walked down the hall to the bathroom next to her mom’s bedroom. She closed the door and splashed some water on her face. She shook her head and mumbled to herself, “Jesus Christ, this house is going fucking mad.”

Looking up at herself in the mirror, Silvia saw the beads of water running down her chest. ‘I sure do look hot in this outfit,’ she thought. ‘A shame my sister’s the only one getting fucked around here, and she’s doing it all herself.’ Her sister’s groans were still clearly audible if she listened for them.

‘Certainly not getting to bed soon,’ Silvia thought to herself with her hands on her hips, looking at herself in the mirror. Even her panties fit her well. ‘Wait,’ she thought, looking closer at herself in the mirror. ‘Are my panties wet? Maybe the water just ran down them.’

It wasn’t water.

Silvia took her hand down her panties and checked her pussy with her fingers. ‘Fuck, I’m wet,’ she thought. ‘I didn’t even notice it. Even my clit is fucking swollen. God damn. Sis is contagious.’

Silvia looked down at her wet pussy, parted her panties to the side, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her lips were puffy and her clit engorged. She softly flicked around her clit, kind of playing with it, almost wanting to see how it would respond. She knew though. Her sister chimed in providing faint, erotic background noise. It was turning her on. Silvia fondled her nipples until they got hard.

‘Not sure why Tiff has to monopolize all the orgasms in the house,’ Silvia thought as she leaned against the bathroom door. She started moving her clit in circles. ‘I look so fucking hot in the mirror,’ she thought. She enjoyed seeing the look of pleasure on her own face. She began to make her own erotic background noise to overlap with Tiffany’s.

Melissa woke to the sound of light moans coming from the other side of the shared bathroom wall. ‘Is that what I think it is?’ Melissa thought. She tried to ignore it, but the more she focused on ignoring it the more she could imagine the motions that made the noise. ‘Was that Tiffany in there? I can’t tell her to keep it down, can I?’ she thought.

Melissa got out of bed. She slept naked but put on a long shirt to go into the hall. Walking up to the bathroom door, she could hear the noises pick up. They sounded wet and rhythmic. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she heard on the other side of the door.

“Tiffany?” Melissa inquired as she knocked.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuh. Www whaat, Mm Mom?” Silvia panted, mid-orgasm, still fucking herself with her fingers.

“I thought you were Tiffany. I’m sorry. Are you okay?” asked Melissa.

“Yy, yeah, I’m fine, Mom. I’ll be out in a ss… sec.” She continued to squeeze, her fingers still in her pussy. She could feel the aftershocks from her orgasm hitting her.

Silvia took some deep breaths to recover and opened the door. “All yours!” she said as she made a direct line to her room, not waiting for her mom to respond. As Melissa shifted her attention down the hall, she could hear Tiffany pleasuring herself. They were both getting themselves off.

Melissa went back to her room, pulled off her shirt and revealing her breasts along with her bare ass and pussy. She found her way under the covers. Now that she knew it was there, the moans down the hall were unmistakable. She realized that she had interrupted Silvia’s orgasm. Well, technically she didn’t interrupt it. She had become a part of it, she supposed.

Melissa didn’t think she could fall back asleep with all the nighttime noises. She wondered whether Silvia was starting up again herself or if it was just Tiffany now. Images of her daughters kept climbing in her head.

Finally, Melissa touched herself. Desperate, she let the images of her daughters stay. Listening closely, she could hear Tiffany getting closer to climax. Silvia joined in. Melissa could feel her own pressure building up. She made circles around her clit as fast as she could. Her upper body lifted as she came, gasping and sweating. “Uuuuuhh!” Melissa groaned, unsuccessfully trying to muffle her orgasm. She could hear her daughters cumming right alongside her.


A Breakthrough

The next day, the session started better. Tiffany agreed to have her legs tied up so that she couldn’t squeeze her thighs together or walk up the bed again. Dr. Lyna triggered the phone while Melissa and Silvia did their end. All of them watched as Tiffany soaked through her panties onto the bed, but there was no orgasm. Tiffany’s pussy humped the air in frustration and to no avail. The session went on for two hours before Tiffany began to calm down.

“How are you doing, Tiffany?” Dr. Lyna asked.

“Like I’ve had my clit teased for the past two hours!” Tiffany yelled. “You have no idea how hard this is for me. Imagine being forced to uncontrollably edge on the verge of orgasm and not be able to see the other side. Fuck, this is hard.”

“You’re doing great though,” said Dr. Lyna, patiently.

Silvia stared at her sister, watching her hips thrust upward. She thought, ‘That is a fucking pussy with a mission.’

Dr. Lyna focused her attention on everyone. “Okay, now we’re just going to introduce a neutral stimulus to allow for some time to pass. You all can pick out one of the candidate movies and watch it together. After it’s over, you can remove the straps from Tiffany’s wrists. No talking during the movie. I’ll see you all at the next appointment. There’s no need for me to stay here adding to your bill.”

The movie was uneventful, just as Dr. Lyna hoped.



And so the following sessions were uneventful as well. They repeated it six more times with each having broader spacing. At $300 an hour for home visits, it was expensive. But Melissa was glad to have her daughter back. And Tiffany was happy to have more control and focus. Silvia even began to tease her sister again.

After college, Silvia eventually moved out, finding a job and staying there long enough to get on her feet. Tiffany left next following her own graduation. She’d find herself starting graduate school out of state.

While Melissa had the house to herself, her daughters would still come visit on holidays and special occasions. Every once and awhile, however, Melissa would hear faint moans coming down the hall. The moans would come from both her daughters. Melissa would listen in while rubbing her clit. Maybe her daughters noticed each other. Maybe they even noticed the sound of their own mom fingering herself. But maybe they didn’t. In any case, just like before, a small adventure wouldn’t hurt.

“Who would ever know?” Melissa would think, timing her orgasm so that she came in unison with her daughters. If Tiffany only knew how much Mom had lightened up.