This is an idea I had when I was thinking of revisiting Dr. Dick and Porno Ray series. I got a kick out of some of the characters there and how they were stereotypical. That got me thinking about if you could mix all the stereotypes you see in porn and erotica what exactly would that look like. So I decided to try. I need to explain a couple of things though.

First, the old man featured here is kind of a reoccurring character, he is the guy who made the dollars in the Funny Money series, and he is also the guy who made the Wacky Wand (a couple of fans have wondered about that so I figured I’d answer that). He has also been used with my permission in “Coin of the Realm” Series. When I want to use magic, he is usually the guy you see.

Second, this one may be offensive to some folks. I’m trying to make this based off the Stereotypical character you see in porn, so there are going to be some things in here that hit on various races and so on. The idea is that people are turned into a stereotypical character, and some stereotypes can get offensive to some people. I’m not trying to insult anyone, but I’m smart enough to know that some people don’t see things like I do, and some people will see insult when none is intended. So, if you think you might have issues with that, then I ask you not to read this story. If you do and it’s offensive, you were warned.


Jason sighed as he looked around the small park. Nice suburban houses, folks out on walks, typical mix of people. The whole thing screamed “normal”.

“God, this place sucks.” Jason muttered as he flopped on a bench.

“This place is the perfect stereotype of suburban America. Gated community, park in the middle, pool right by it, nice eco-friendly trails, lots of trees, and everyone mows the grass. Have the new young couple just starting out, the divorced mother, the normal families, the various minorities all represented so we don’t get thought of as not being diverse, the nosey HOA manager, the empty nester debating on selling and moving. God, you couldn’t make this more average if you tried.” Jason said with some annoyance. “And everyone is pretty and handsome, just like on a TV sitcom. No one ugly, even the “mean” people aren’t really that bad and when something really bad happens they end up helping. Fuck, boring as boring can be and just as predictable.”

Jason was a nice-looking young man who was working a couple of years to save up money for college. As part of that he was living at home with his stepmom and dad, although his dad was usually gone due to work. He probably wouldn’t have minded it so much if everything wasn’t so normal. Cripes, even the emergencies were stereotypical, a small kid falling off a bike and breaking his leg or arm, a small fire started by a shorted appliance, a fender bender with the two loudest people in the neighborhood, nothing crazy or really fun ever happened here.

“Lord, what I wouldn’t give for something different, this place is just so stereotypical.” He muttered.

“Different? Hmmmm, that is quite an interesting term young man.”

Jason jerked and nearly fell off the bench. He stared at the older man sitting next to him on the bench, an older man who most certainly had not been there just a moment ago. Jason looked around and then said, “Where did you come from?”

“Ah, that would take a long time to tell properly. But I heard your grousing about how, what was the word? Stereotypical? Yes, how stereotypical this area was.”

“Well, yeah. Look at it, I could sit here and tell you exactly who was going to do what and when without having to think twice.” Jason said as he sat back down. The older man was nicely dressed in an older suit that looked just a bit worn, but still well kept. There was something about him though, he seemed to be amused by something. In a busier part of the city, Jason would have probably walked by him without a second glance.

But this man was not from around here. And there was just something different about him.

“I see. Bored with the same old routine, eh? I can understand that. But you do realize that many in history would kill for this “routine”. Stable, safe, calm. No worries about a raid, or if the crops would fail?”

“Well, sure. But given that stuff is in the past, at least here anyway, it makes for a boring time.” Jason said.

The man chuckled. “I would say maybe you just have the wrong stereotype.”

“Come again?”

The man looked around. “This is a stereotypical neighborhood. But by what stereotype?”

Jason frowned. “Um, the normal one? This is just everyday suburban life.”

The man grinned and leaned forward. “Exactly. The normal one. But what would it be like if it was a stereotypical suburb in a horror movie?”

Jason blinked. “Huh?”

The man looked around. “It would probably look like this, but with the killer parked over there watching the house he was going to attack that night. The police driving by and missing him or ignoring the signs or the little boy who saw the killer or monster preparing.”

Jason leaned back a bit. “Great, some wacko.” He thought. But the man drove on.

“I take it that isn’t your thing. No matter, I wouldn’t do that to this place, too nice.” The man looked him up and down and grinned. “How about this? How would this neighborhood be if it was a stereotypical porn movie neighborhood?”

Now Jason backed up a bit. “Um, I think I need to be going.”

The man laughed. “My boy, you need to broaden your mind. I’m about to offer you something that will make your life very much NOT boring. And it will give pleasure to many other than you. You see, you are not the only bored person in this neighborhood.”

The man pointed at Mrs. Jones who had come out to move her garbage can. Mrs. Jones was an empty nester whose kids were gone to college and her husband constantly at work. She was nice looking, but Jason had never really considered her in terms of sex. She seemed to be in nice shape, but her dress was that of an older housewife, so it was hard to tell her figure.

“That woman secretly is dying for a makeover and having a fling. While she loves her husband, things have gotten too normal for her. And over there, Ms. Turner, the young single mother. She’d love to party more and have fun, but life with a child is difficult. She is lucky that she has a solid job that pays well, but she misses the days of college and the parties and the fun.”

The man smiled as Jason. “My boy, I am a wizard. A very old and very powerful one. I ruled a large country once, but tired of it. Absolute power is nice for a time, but keeping it? Oh Lord, the wars, the pain, the double-crosses, the plotting, feh, not worth it. I gave it up and started traveling the world, seeking my own amusement. I discovered that it was much more amusing to help others find their amusement. Especially bored young men who have many dirty desires.”

The man waved his hand. “I have an offer for you. I can give you something that can change things up here. This neighborhood will still be stereotypical, but I’m giving you the ability to change what exactly the type of stereotype it will be. What would Mrs. Jones be in a stereotypical porn movie neighborhood?”

Jason, while still thinking this man was off his rocker, found himself interested in the idea. “Mmmm, I’d say she would be the cougar.”

“Interesting, I would have said a MILF.”

“Nope, that would be Mrs. Youngs over there at 212 Maple. And her daughter would be the young horny babysitter or teen temptress. She turned eighteen back in May and is the major babysitter around here.” Jason said.

The man leered and Jason snickered. “Okay, enough of the dirty talk. I will admit it would be fun for some changes here, but I’m not seeing how I could do any of this. Not that I would mind you.”

The man laughed. He held up his hand and Jason saw a large gold chain with a gold medallion on it. It looked like bling, like something out of Boogie Nights.

“This little item can help you make some changes around here. Wear it around your neck but be sure it’s visible. In fact, wearing an open necked shirt or unbuttoned one would be best. It will do several things. Never, ever take it off or you will have to start over, a slight miscalculation on my part when crafting it. One it will make you the central character in this new stereotypical neighborhood. The “star” if you will. You will be the guy who gets the girls, the headliner in the porno and its main attraction. You will get some stamina and the ability to enjoy this new stereotypical neighborhood. Now mind you, you are not the ONLY star. So if you make up some changes don’t think you will be the only person who gets to enjoy it. Transform a married woman and even if you do nothing to her husband, he is likely going to be enjoying his wife a LOT more if you follow. Two it will help you, em, adjust people as needed to fit their roles. Mrs. Jones as she is now, is no Cougar. Show her that medallion and make some suggestions on what her stereotype is and be ready to have some fun. Mentally the change is quite rapid. You just need to work on it and make sure your target understands what they really are, or if you are smart you will figure out what they really want to be and then help them along that road. You might want to give them some time as they won’t transform into a full decked out porn star on the spot, they will need to go change and so on. Maybe you should make a round before supper and see some people, yes? Lastly, these changes will cover everyone. You are changing a stereotypical reality into another one. Once changed, other people will accept what these people are now without issue. Mrs. Jones husband will accept that his wife is a Cougar. You can leave him be, make him a swinger, make him a cuck, or make him a cheater too. Up to you.”

Jason was working hard to keep his face straight. Obviously, this guy was off his rocker and needed a coat with extra-long sleeves and nice padded room to lay down in. “But I don’t want to offend him, he might do something crazy. Better to play along.” Jason thought.

Jason reached out and took the chain and the medallion. The man smiled and after a moment said “Well, put in on boy, put it on!”

Jason slipped the chain over his neck and suddenly felt a weird rush of, of something flow through him. His head spun for a moment, and he blinked several times.

“Whoa. That was weird. Well, thank you for the…” Jason turned and the bench was empty. Jason glanced around and he saw no sign of the old man. There was no place he could have run to or hid. Jason gulped and then sighed.

“Well, at least THAT was different.” Jason held up the medallion. It had a weird pattern on it, and it felt heavy like real gold. Jason remembered what the old man said and snickered. “Yeah, like I have the power to make this place into a stereotypical porn neighborhood.”

Jason stood up and headed back home. He was snickering to himself about the whole thing but as he got near his house he saw his neighbor, Lisa Anderson, walking back from the mailbox.

Lisa was a nice-looking woman in her early thirties. She was a brunette with a nice figure. He had seen her a couple of times running or at the neighborhood pool early in the morning. She usually did her workouts at a health and fitness club nearer her work which was for a law firm. She was single but was currently between boyfriends.

Jason met up with her right as she got to her walkway. She smiled and said “Good evening, Jason. Out for a walk?”

“Evening Ms. Anderson. Yeah, out for a walk. Ran into an interesting old man.”

“Oh? Someone new to…what a lovely medallion.” Lisa said.

Jason glanced down and realized he hadn’t tucked the medallion in. He looked up at Lisa. Lisa was focused entirely on the medallion.

Jason gulped. “No way this can actually work.” He thought.

“Yes, it’s lovely isn’t it. I got it as a gift.”

Lisa just stared and her eyes seemed to get a slight glaze to them, like she was drunk or high. She stood there for a few seconds while Jason looked around, ready for someone with a camera to jump out. After a bit he began to get nervous as they were just standing there staring at each other.

“Um, Lisa, can I call you Lisa?” Lisa nodded yes. “Do you have any plans tonight?”

“Plans?” Lisa said with a slightly dazed voice.

“Fuck it, this is weird and that old man flat out disappeared into thin air. Time to go for broke.” Jason thought and took a breath.

“Yeah, plans. You know, like seducing the next-door neighbor. I mean, you are the stereotypical next-door hottie, right?”

Jason gulped and wanted to slap himself on the forehead. “Christ, what a line! She should slap me just for the stupidity of it. Fuck I didn’t even say it was me! If this works, she could go for Mr. Blake!”

Jason began to look around to see if he could run. He stopped cold when Lisa spoke.

“Jason, hello there.” She purred. She stepped close to him and put her hand on his arm. “I was just thinking how nice it would be to see you after a long day at work.” She said in a very sexy and sultry voice.

“Oh? Well, lucky you, here I am.” Jason said with a slight tremor in his voice. “Holy shit! This has got to be a trick or a prank or something. This can’t be working!” He thought. He glanced around but he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

“Yes, so lucky. Would you care to come inside for a drink? It’s been such a Looooong day, and I would love some company.” She said as she looped her arm into his and began to lead him up her walk.

“Why, that sounds lovely.” Jason got out. Lisa swayed next to him in a very sexy walk that rubbed her body up against his as they walked. Lisa got the door open and led him into the living room. He sat down and she sat next to him. Lisa was still dressed for work in a blazer and blouse with a knee length skirt with black stockings and low heels.

Jason looked around and noted that she hadn’t opened the blinds yet. He smiled. “Well, in for a penny.” He thought and said “Why don’t you get more comfortable? Take off your shoes and that blazer? Works over, right?”

Lisa smiled broadly. “Why I was just thinking that.” She slid off her shoes and then stood up. “Can you be a dear and help me with my blazer?” Jason stood and eased off her coat. Jason folded it and draped it over a chair. He sat back down and noted that Lisa had undone several buttons on her blouse, and he could now see her cleavage. Lisa sat down right next to him and put her hand on his knee.

Jason swallowed and Lisa smiled with a predatory gleam in her eye. “So how is your summer, Jason? I’m soooooooo bored. No boyfriend, all by myself. I am always hoping for some company.” She purred and her hand slowly moved up his leg.

“Really? A lovely woman like you? You should have men lined up outside your door.” Jason said. “And if this actually works you will.” He added to himself.

She giggled and then reached behind her head. Her hair was in a bun, and she pulled out a pin and let her long black hair down. “Oh, I’m not that lucky. The men at work are just soooooo busy, they never have time for little old me.” Lisa’s other hand reached up and her nail began to lightly trace over his chest.

“Well, I guess you need to look closer to home then, don’t you?” Jason said as he reached his arm around her and pulled her in close. Lisa smiled and she leaned in and kissed him hard. Jason nearly started up from the force as Lisa shoved her tongue into his mouth. Jason and Lisa held the kiss for a while. Jason head swam from the passion and her perfume, and he was gasping when Lisa broke away.

Jason looked at Lisa. Her eyes were blazing with heat, and she ripped open her blouse. She was wearing a white lace bra underneath, and it held a lovely set of 34 C’s. She tossed the blouse on the floor and with a quick move straddled him. She cupped her tits and licked her lips.

“You want these titties? You want them, Jason? They are all yours! I’m all yours! I need a man to fuck me, and you are that man!” She panted out with some heat. With a quick move the bra was off, and she leaned forward and shoved her tits right into his face.

Jason kissed them both and then sucked hard on the left nipple. Lisa gasped and then moaned. “Yessssssss! Oh God yes! I’ve waited so long for a real man! I’m yours! I’m your bitch!” She cried out as Jason began to switch back and forth. Jason nipped her nipple and Lisa squealed in delight and some pain.

Jason sucked for a bit more and then heaved Lisa to one side. “On your knees, suck me off.” He panted.

Lisa was off the couch and on her knees in a blink of an eye. Her hands were on his crotch, and she moved like she was possessed. She nearly ripped his zipper open and had her mouth on his cock the second it was exposed.

“Awwwwwwoooooooooaaaaahhhhhh.” Jason babble as his hot neighbor, now the slut next door, sucked him down. He watched in amazement as she tipped her head back a bit, took a breath, and then deep throated his cock all the way to his balls. Her tongue swirled and Jason nearly passed out.

“Ohhhhh Goddddd! Yes! Work that tongue you slut!” Jason panted out. “Jesus, I should have blown my load the second my cock went down her throat, but I’m holding steady. Uhhhhh, must be part of this medallion’s powerrrrrr, ooooooooo.” Jason panted out. Lisa was oblivious to his words, her whole existence seemed to be focused solely on making his cock feel wonderful. Lisa eased it in and out, gasping huge gulps of air when she moved it out of her throat, and her tongue seemed to dance and spin on it. Jason’s eyes rolled back as the pleasure flowed through his body.

This went on for several minutes until Jason felt the twinge coming. “I’m going to cum! Swallow it! Every drop you fucking slut!” He growled out.

Lisa shoved his cock all the way down and sucked as hard as she could. Jason felt his cock twitch and then shoot his load into Lisa’s throat. Lisa made a odd gagging sound and eased his cock back up into her mouth. She kept her lips locked tightly around it and Jason felt her suck him dry and swallow every drop. Then she pulled his cock out with a “pop” and sat back with a huge smile on her face.

Jason took a moment to catch his breath. He touched his medallion and thought “Old Man, wherever you are, THANK YOU!” He looked at Lisa, who was staring at him with smoldering eyes. He grinned and looked at the clock. His step mom had called earlier with word that it would be a late night at work, so he wasn’t worried about getting home late.

“Well, that was nice. But I think someone needs a fucking now. Stand up and get rid of that skirt.” Jason said.

Lisa stood up and eased off her skirt. Jason looked and smiled. She was wearing a black lace panty, garter belt and thigh high stockings. “So why the black when your bra was white?” Jason asked.

“Why did I ask that of all things?” Jason said as he shook his head. “Cripes, I guess I’m still processing this whole thing.”

Lisa grinned. “Black tended to show through my white blouse, it is rather distracting to the men at the office.”

“Well, since you are now the slut next door, be distracting. I expect you to dress like the stereotypical next-door hottie, sexy, revealing, and borderline indecent. Shorter skirts, lower cut blouses, and go commando when you can.”

Lisa giggled. “Of course, what else would I wear? Now then lover, see anything you like?” She held up her arms and swayed her body back and forth.

Jason leered and then stood up. He kicked off his pants and moved behind her. He cupped her tits and nuzzled her neck. He pushed her forward and bend her over the couch. He pulled off the panties and gave her ass a smack.

He traced his finger down her ass and then up to her pussy. He frowned a bit. “Lisa, if you are going to be the sexy next door slut, I expect a clean pussy. You will shave this after we are done and keep it that way.”

Lisa swayed back and forth. “You got it. Whatever you want stud, you got it.”

“Well then…” Jason said as he put both his hands on her hips and positioned his cock. “There we are!” He grunted as his cock slid into her.

“OOoooooooooooooooo! SSSSSssssssssss!” Lisa moaned and sucked her breath as her lover’s manhood shoved inside her pussy. It had been awhile, and she just HAD to have her neighbor’s cock! It was like she was a computer program and she couldn’t stop herself from executing it. A small part of her was dumbfounded and confused. She couldn’t understand why she was doing this, and she couldn’t understand why she was now so different than when she had left the office. That part was screaming she was a professional, a lawyer, someone who didn’t fool around with the next-door neighbor.

But most of her was just screaming. Screaming in pleasure. This was what she had always been and had always wanted. Being hot and sexy, being fucked like a slut, being the office tease and show off. Already she was planning on getting her boobs done and changing her work out so she could have a firmer ass. And she needed to start sunbathing naked in back yard where Jason could see her and get horny and come over and fuck her!

Jason was in heaven. Even though he had just cum he was rack hard and felt like he could go for hours. Even though she wasn’t shaved, Lisa’s pussy was divine. It was tight, but slick and she clamped down on his cock as he tried to pull back which gave him a wonderful feeling. He slapped her ass several times and she would yelp and laugh and shove back harder and beg.

“Fuck me harder! Oh God! Fuck this slut! Fuck me into the fucking floor! I’m your horny slut next door! Fuck my brains out!” Lisa panted and moaned out.

Jason laughed. “Damn, this is just like a stereotypical porno! Man, this is going to rock!” he nearly shouted as he finally came and pumped into her. He felt her stiffen and then shudder as she came as well. She slid forward and slumped on the couch in her garter belt and stocking, she was sweaty and cum oozed down her pussy and onto her legs. She was panting like a dog and had a dazed smile and glazed eyes.

Jason sat down next to her. He felt wonderful. He was no virgin, but he hadn’t had a girlfriend for a while and Lisa was definitely beautiful and sexy. Even though this was the most incredible sexual experience he had ever had he didn’t feel exhausted. He felt relaxed, but he knew that if he wanted to, he could easily fuck her again.

“Maybe later.” He thought. “So Lisa, enjoy that?”

“Yes baby! So much! God, I haven’t had a real man fuck me in ages and I’ve been hot for you since I first saw you. I’m glad I worked up the courage to finally make a pass at you.”

“Me too. Of course, if you were a proper slut next door, it would have been obvious, and we could have done this sooner.” Jason said, curious as to how she would react.

Lisa giggled and nodded. “Oh totally. I don’t know why I was holding back. I should have been wearing short skirts and low-cut blouses and high heels, and sun bathed in the backyard where you could have seen me. I’m going to start doing all my workouts here in skimpy tight clothing so you can see me all the time. I want to make you nice and horny so you come over and fuck me every chance you get.”

“Well, that answers that. She thinks she has always wanted to be like this and now she is going to be acting on those thoughts. Good for me.” Jason said with a smile. He stood up and began to dress.

“I’m heading home, you have some things to attend to. Don’t worry, I will be seeing you a lot more once I have taken care of some things.”

Lisa wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss. “No worries baby, I’m here to be fucked anytime you want.”

Jason got home, showered and pulled out his computer. He had watched some porn before, but he felt it was time for some more research. The horny neighbor slut was an easy stereotype to understand, but he had a whole neighborhood to work with and wanted to see what other stereotypes he might find.

He clicked through numerous pornos and short videos and began to take notes, listing the common stereotypes and then putting some names to them.

He had Mrs. Jones down as the cougar, he already had a slut next door, but he had several more women who might fit that bill. Mrs. Nancy Youngs and her daughter Nicole he had listed as the MILF and the teenage temptress/horny babysitter (he figured he’d have to go with temptress since he couldn’t use her as a baby sitter). He had Stacy Roberts as the horny nurse, an easy one considering she actually was a nurse. And his list kept growing.

He lost track of time and he got very tired. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to think about what other possibilities he had. But his body was tired from his workout with Lisa and he dozed off. The site he was on kept playing porn clips and it played through several and switched from the topic he was on (naughty secretaries and bitchy bosses, he thought he head of the HOA was an ideal candidate) to another one.


Maybe that wizard wanted to give him a helping hand, maybe it was just fate. Jason hadn’t been thinking about his stepmom while doing his research, which was probably for the best as he liked his stepmom and if he had thought about it, he might have been a lot more careful. But since he was passed out with his medallion out and stepmom porn playing in his own room he would have a clean conscious for what happened next.

Angela was fifteen years older than Jason and about ten years younger than Jason’s dad. She was a blonde, and had a very nice figure. She did lots of yoga and those 30 minute burn workouts at the gym, but Jason had watched her a couple of times at home when she had run late for the gym. Angela and Frank (Jason’s dad) had been married for nearly ten years, and he had gotten along with her fairly well. And since she had started work as a relator she had always been dressed professionally which did an admirable job of making her look more of an stereotypical working woman rather than a second marriage hottie.

Angela had been out late with some friends from work having a couple of drinks and gossiping, which she loved to do (she was considered THE neighborhood gossip). She had a nice buzz going and had one of her friends give her lift. She hadn’t been drinking for a while and the girls night out had hit her a bit more than she had planned. She came in the door and tried to quietly move upstairs. She was proud that she managed to do that without banging against the wall and tripped on the last step. She barely caught herself and let out a slight giggle.

“Damn, I am probably going to feel this in the morning. Have to get an Uber to my car too. Damn, I either need to have some more wine at home or be more careful when I’m out. Susan and Debbie just guzzle those Margaritas like they are water.” She muttered as she righted herself. She looked around and noticed that Jason’s door was open slightly and there were lights on.

“What’s Jason doing up at this hour?” Angela muttered as she walked towards the door and pushed it open. Jason was turned slightly away from her towards his computer which appeared to be playing a video.

“Jason? What are you do…Oh my.”

Angela flushed as she saw an older lady with huge tits titty fuck a much younger man while she muttered out “That’s it my little boy, show your new momma some loving.”

“Ahhhh, he was, ah, I should go.” Angela whispered in a hoarse voice. She understood that men liked to watch porn sometimes, especially when they were without a woman in their lives. And Jason currently didn’t have a girlfriend, so she turned to go.

As she turned, she glanced down and saw a large golden medallion.

“Oh my, how lovely…” Angela whispered as she stared at it. For a few moments she was transfixed and her mind seemed to blank out. Then she heard words.

“This is how your stepmom likes it. I like to fuck. I’ll fuck your dad, and I’ll fuck you. I’ll be your MILFY slut of a stepmom. I’ll be your bitch!”

“Yeah bitch! That’s right! You will dress slutty for me, you will show yourself off for me, you’ll be my slut, my fucktoy, my bitch.”

“Yes, I’ll dress slutty, I’ll show myself off for you, I’ll be your slut, your, fucktoy, your bitch.” Angela repeated as her glazed eyes took on hot smokey look. She glanced over at the porno playing and giggled.

“I’m out of character. I’m not a stereotypical stepmom at all.” She glanced over at the mirror over Jason’s chest of drawers and frowned. “Oh no, I need to fix this right away.” She glanced at Jason and licked her lips. One hand rubbed her tits and the other began to slide down inside her pants. She hissed and then shook her head.

“No, get myself fixed first, then I fuck my stepson.” She said. With a slutty smile she turned off the computer and headed to her room. She had a lot of work to do to be ready for tomorrow morning.


Jason yawned as he headed downstairs. He had fallen asleep in his chair last night and had woken up pretty stiff from his chair. He was just glad he was awake in time to get ready for work. His mind was spinning with possibilities about that. He had a co -worker who was a college freshman and a nice little brown-haired co-ed working at this job for the summer who might be fun to have. The only thing was that he wasn’t sure how his medallion would work since she didn’t live in his neighborhood.

He turned the corner from the stairs and into the kitchen and stopped dead.

“Oh, good morning, dear. How did you sleep?”

Jason stared at his stepmom. Her hair was now platinum blonde and done up in a big tower with ringlets on each side. She had on full makeup, including bright red lipstick and matching nails, and a large set of hoop earrings. And she was wearing a black see-through lace robe and six inch heels.

And nothing underneath.

She swayed up to him with a smokey look in her eyes carrying a plate with some eggs and bacon.

“You look hungry, sit down, I made you some breakfast.” She set the plate down and then ran a finger down her generous cleavage. “Unless you are hungry for something else?” She purred.

“I, uh, Angela…”

“Call me Angie, sounds soooooo much cuter. And I’m pretty cute don’t you think?” Angie said as she slid up to him and traced a finger down his chest.

Jason felt himself hardening up and getting turned on. “Uh, Angie, morning, why are you dressed like this?” Jason managed to get out as his stepmom began to wrap her arms around his neck. Jason knew he should be breaking this off, it was his step-mom, and he didn’t want to mess things up with her and his dad.

“Like this? You like? I saw the woman wearing it in the movie you had playing on your computer last night. I’m such a silly woman, I didn’t realize I was out of character.” She pouted and her right hand slid down and cupped his crotch while the other pulled him close. “I wasn’t acting like a stereotypical step-mom at all. I wasn’t dressing sexy for you, I wasn’t flirting with you, and most importantly I wasn’t FUCKING you. But when I saw that medallion of yours, I realized my error.” Angie leaned in and kissed him deeply. She broke it and then whispered. “Time to fix that.”

She stepped back and undid the lace tie and with a shrug the sheer robe slid off her and pooled at her feet. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Jason’s neck and kissed him again.

Jason’s mind was spinning. “Fuck! Angela saw the medallion and some of that porn and she got turned into a stereotypical porn step-mom!” Jason tried to push her away but his hands didn’t want to especially after she guided them to her firm ass and jumped up on him. He grabbed her, spun and set her on the table. Jason tried to calm down and focus, but his lust seemed to be amped up.

“You’re the star of the show!” He heard the old man’s voice in his head. “Fuck! I can’t resist! I’m the star after all!” Jason growled and grabbed his step-mom’s hair. He jerked her back and she gasped.

“Spread your legs! You slut around all day in the house, wearing skimpy clothing, flirting with me, teasing me, I’m going to show you who the fucking man of this house is!” Jason hissed and Angie licked her lips and nodded.

“That’s right Jason! Show me who the man is here. Your dad’s never around to fuck me! I need a man! I need fucking! I’m hot for you Jason! I played with myself thinking of you fucking me! Show your momma who’s the man!” Angie panted out as her mind swirled with images of how she had always been a slut, how she had always wanted Jason and how she teased him and flirted with him.

“YESSSSSSS!” she hissed as Jason shoved his rock-hard cock into her slick pussy. She had shaved it last night just for him. She pushed up into her stepson’s thrust to make sure his cock got all the way into her. She grabbed the edge of the table and held on while her stud of stepson pounded her like a jack-hammer.

Jason was lost to his lust. Angie was so fucking tight and she was juicing up nicely. He could hear the squelching sounds as his fucked her and could smell her, just like she was in heat. Jason started to laugh.

“That’s it bitch! Yeah! Push into me, get ready to take my whole load! It won’t matter one bit what my dad thinks! I can make him join in, I can make him a cuck, I can make him cheat with someone else! And you’ll be all mine! My slutty step-mom! My fucktoy! My piece of on call ass!” Jason yelled as he thrust again and again.”

“Yours! Yours! Yours!” Angie howled back with glee. With one last heavy thrust Jason growled and shot a huge load into her waiting pussy. Angie let her head hang back and screamed “YOURSSSS!”

Jason staggered back and let his cock flop out, dribbling cum all over Angie’s legs, the floor and his pants. Angie was lying back on the table with a big smile on her face and her legs spread. Cum oozed out of her pussy and she began to rub her fingers around her snatch.

Jason felt his head return to normal and a wave of guilt washed over him. “Shit, what have I done?” he thought. Angie sat up with a dazed look and a smile on her face. She eased off the table and stumbled over to the pantry. “I’ll clean up this mess baby. You need to get to work right?”

Jason looked at her and said “How do you feel? Guilty? Weird?”

Angie looked at him with a puzzled look. “Why on earth would I feel weird or guilty? I feel wonderful! That was the best fucking I have ever had! I’m your stereotypical stepmom after all, I need to get fucked by my stepson.”

Jason blinked and then smiled. “Yeah, I guess you do. Yeah, I’ll get to work. Oh, I fucked Lisa last night, she’s now the stereotypical slut next door and my booty call. I don’t want any problems between you two.”

Angie giggled. “Of course not, you need to fuck around otherwise you would be out of character. Don’t worry, I will be sure to have her over to use our pool so she can keep throwing herself at you.”

Jason nodded. “Sure, that works, why don’t you be friends with her? Sunbathe with her and hang out? I can kill two birds with one stone that way. And don’t stereotypical suburban housewives always have bi-sexual fantasies? This will let you explore them.” Jason said as he held up his medallion.

Jason saw Angie’s eyes glaze over a bit. After a moment she blinked and licked her lips. “Yes, what a wonderful idea. Lisa is a hot little number, I wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.”

Jason snickered and went upstairs to clean up. He grabbed some food on the way out from Angie who now seemed to be much more focused on household duties. Jason had to remind her about work as he headed out the door.

“Hmmmm, I may have to be careful about that part. She needs to work still, I had better give her some more instructions when I get home and probably Lisa too.”

Jason got to work just on time. He tried his medallion on some of his co-workers, but nothing happened other than some comments on how nice it looked. Jason decided his idea about having it tied to the neighborhood was correct.

“Which is too bad. It kind of leaves out some of the fun stereotypes like the slut secretary or the bitchy boss or the hot co-worker. If only I had a job in the neighborhood.” Jason mused.

Jason felt himself getting excited as he drove home. “I wonder who I should fuck. Lisa or Angie?” He waited for the gate to read his bar code and as he drove through he glanced in his rearview mirror. “Oh ho. Maybe those two can wait. I need to spread the love after all.” Jason said with a leer. Jason drove slowly to a house on the corner where he would normally turn, but instead he pulled over and parked. The small sports car pulled into the driveway behind him.

Jason got out of his car and smiled as he walked up the driveway. Two people got out of the car and they approached him.

Steve and Susan Peterson were a new couple to the neighborhood just having moved in about four months ago. They were both young and nice looking. Steve was in pretty good shape and Susan was arguably one of the hot women in the neighborhood. She had dirty blonde hair she usually wore in a ponytail and a very nice figure including some very nice tits that were probably a 34 C and some shapely hips. Both were your typical yuppie, with Susan working at an IT firm and Steve being an architect.

“Hi there, Jason, right?” Steve said as he stuck out his hand. “Sorry, terrible with names. I recall meeting you at the monthly mixer a while back.”

Jason smiled and shook the hand. “Yep, you got it. I saw you behind me and had to show you and your wife something.” He said as Susan came up to see what they were talking about. Jason slid his medallion out and grinned as both sets of eyes locked onto it and got that slight glaze.

“Like my medallion?”

“Yes, it’s very lovely.” They both said in union not taking their eyes off it.

“Yes, I figured that two hot and horny stereotypical swingers like yourselves would like it. I mean, it kinda looks like what you would see in a porn movie and we all know that swingers like you two watch lots of porn right?”

Jason smiled as their eyes cleared and they blinked. Steve leered like a dirty old man and said “Fuck yeah we do. We watch porn all the time, in fact we were going to watch some right now, isn’t that right baby?”

Susan’s stance had changed from just standing their normal to something sluttier. She was chewing her index nail with one hand on her hip and her chest pushed out while she openly gave Jason a clear look over.

“Yeah, it is. Hon, I’m thinking we need to get to know our neighbor Jason better.” Susan slinked over and slid her arm into his. She leaned into his ear and said in a very smoky voice “Why don’t you come inside with us? I promise you will love it.”

Jason let his hand slide down and rubbed Susan’s ass. She pushed back into his hand with a hiss and Steve leered and nodded his head.

“Well, I think that’s a lovely idea. Lead the way, Steve.”

Jason followed Steve into the house through the garage with Susan slinking alongside him. Steve shut the door and Susan led Steve into the living room and shut the blinds.

Jason laughed. “Such a pain to have to hide having fun, but don’t worry, once I get things squared away you two will be able to fuck on your front lawn and only have to worry about too many people joining in.”

Susan and Steve laughed at that. “Not sure how you can do that, but it would be wonderful. I can think of a lot of folks who would be fun to have at a swinger party.” Steve said.

Jason made a mental note of that comment. “Hmmmm, a party. Lots of people and I can get them all adjusted. I’ll have to look into that.”

Susan had the TV on and clicked up some porn. Jason didn’t catch the name but a busty blonde bimbo was on her hands and knees getting it from two sides. Jason stood up and took Susan’s hand.

“Watching this is nice, but I prefer the real thing. Strip. Steve, since it’s your house, which side do you want?”

Steve already had his shirt off and was stepping out of his pants. “I’m all about being a good host. You pick.”

“Mmmmmm, I’m in the mood for a good blow job, can your slut wife handle it?”

Susan laughed and licked her lips. “Baby, I’ll have you on your knees begging me to stop.” She said as she took off her bra and let her lovely tits hang out. Jason nodded as Steve stepped up behind his wife and cupped them. He nuzzled her neck and grinned. With a jerk and gasp from Susan he ripped her panties off.

“Hmmm, I’d expect a lot more provocative lingerie on a swinger slut. I think you need to adjust your wardrobe.” Jason said as he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. He stripped his shirt off and let his pants fall to the floor. Susan let out an “ooooooooo” at the sight of his enlarged cock and Steve gave him a thumbs up.

“I’m going shopping tomorrow. I don’t know why I have such plain underwear, but don’t worry babes, next time you come around you’ll be lucky if I have ANY on at all!” Susan said with a wink. And then she leaned over and took his cock in her hands and began to stroke it. She gave him a nasty dirty look and then licked his cock from tip to balls. Then she kissed it and licked again. Kiss and lick, kiss and lick. And then she eased it into her mouth.

Steve moved her a bit so her could get behind her and she bent over at the waist. She grabbed Jason around his waist and began to suck for all she was worth. Steve held up his hand and Jason high-fived him while Susan began to get into a steady rhythm. Steve put his hands around his wife’s hips and with a grunt and a moan from Susan he pushed into her from behind.

“Yeah! I love doing my slut wife doggie style. She looks so good bent over the couch!” Steve panted out. “After you blow your load in her mouth, you have to try it!”

Jason was panting and had grabbed Susan by her hair to help set the pace. “Sounds, “GRUNT” good to me! I’m thinking you, uhhhhhh, need to come by my place later this week. I’m thinking Angie and Lisa would love to get to, ooooooo, know you both better.”

Jason sped up and Steve kept pace as they split-roasted Susan and with a growl Jason blew a load into Susan’s mouth. She let out a muffled squeal and Steve grunted loudly as he came as well. Jason pulled back and sat down on one of the chairs heavily. Steve had pulled out and Susan was on her knees licking her lips. She ran her fingers over her mouth and chest to collect Jason’s cum and then she sucked her fingers clean with a greedy glint in her eyes.

Steve was grinning from ear to ear. “Nice fuck doll. Now, show our guest some real hospitality.” He pulled Susan to her feet and smack her ass hard. She pushed back into his hand and looped her hand back around Steve’s neck and pulled him in for a sloppy kiss while Steve cupped her tits and pinched her nipples.

Susan broke the kiss and swayed over to Jason who could feel himself hardening up. “Damn, that magic medallion has me ready to go again! This is awesome!” He thought as Susan got up to him.

“Mmmmmmm, I just love being fucked from behind, but with you in that chair, how about I straddle you so you can kiss and lick my tits?” Susan purred at him.

Jason grabbed her hand and pulled her forward. “Perfect. Spread those legs and get that pussy on my cock bitch.” Susan leered and straddled him. She eased down and let out a soft hiss as his cock slid into her slick pussy.

“Oooooooooo, baby! It’s so big! Uhhhhh, God! Love this!” Susan moaned and then leaned over and kissed him hard. She leaned back and cupped her tits and pushed them up into his face. Jason kissed and licked as she began to bounce up and down on him. Jason heard Steve from the couch muttering “That’s it slut! Fuck that cock! Fucking ride it!” while he beat off.

Jason began to pump up into her and Susan was bouncing wildly. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she panted out while Jason pushed up into deeper with every thrust. Jason kept the pace up for several minutes as Susan began to shudder and jerk wildly. Her eyes were rolled up into her head and she was babbling nonsense. Jason heard Steve grunt and saw him shoot his load all over the couch.

“Yessssssss!” Jason growled out as he came and Susan jerked wildly and then arched her back. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH!” she howled out and Jason felt her juices flow all over his crotch. With one final twitch she slumped back and fell on the floor. Her eyes were half shut and she had a huge smile on her face.

Jason caught his breath and Steve said “Damn Jason, you fucked my slut wife unconscious! Damn! That is impressive!” Steve stood up and stepped over his comatose wife and gave Jason another high five.

“Thanks. She’s fun. But I need to get going. Thanks for the split-roast and the fuck.” Jason said as he started to get up and dress.

“Anytime man, feel free to drop in anytime even if I’m not around. Gotta keep my nympho slut wife happy right?”

Jason laughed and after dressing headed towards the door. Susan was still passed completely out on the floor.

Jason opened the door and nearly ran into another woman.

“Whoa! Sorry! I didn’t see you there.” Jason stepped back and blinked. The woman was a nice-looking brunette with brown eyes and a nice figure. She was wearing biking shorts and a sweatshirt. She looked a bit worried and puzzled. Jason recognized her as one of the newer homeowners, married but no kids yet.

“Oh! Um, hello. I’m Diane, I’m from next door. I heard some, uh, shouting and screaming. I was kinda concerned, it sounded like someone was in real pain.”

“You heard all of that?”

“Yeah, the window was open.”

Jason looked over and nearly slapped himself. The two bay windows in the living room were opened to let in the air. Since they had been in a rush, he hadn’t looked, and Susan and Steve had been to horny to notice.

“Ah. Um, well they are both okay. Normally this would be really embarrassing to explain, but in my case it’s not a problem. You see,” Jason started to grin as he pulled out his medallion “Susan and Steve are stereotypical wild swingers and we just had an amazing three way.” Steve glanced down and saw that she was wearing a ring. “Of course, since you are a stereotypical bored housewife who loves to fool around whenever she can as soon as you heard that noise you got all horny and headed over for some fun before the hubby gets home.”

Jason grinned as Diane’s glazed eyes cleared up and she got that hot and horny look. “Damn right I did. My husband can’t give me nearly enough action.” She licked her lips. “Wanna come back in with me? Steve is going to be hard pressed to fuck both me and Susan.”

Jason pulled her in close and shut the door. He gave her a long sloppy kiss. “Love to, but I gotta go. I have some stuff to do. But I’ll stop by tomorrow. Hey Steve! Diane heard us fucking and she came over to get some action. You up for it?”

Steve swaggered to the door, still naked. He grabbed Diane’s hand and pulled her in for a long kiss. Diane broke it and giggled when Steve slapped her ass and shoved her towards the living room. She was peeling off her top as Jason shook hands with Steve.

“Enjoy.” Jason said and headed out. He heard “You guys fucked Susan unconscious? That is so fucking cool!” from Diane as he shut the door.

He was grinning ear to ear as he headed towards his car. Just before he got into it he saw another car drive up and park in Diane’s driveway. A man got out and Jason recognized him as Diane’s husband.

“Whoops, better fix this fast.” Jason trotted over and called out.

“Hey! Excuse me? Are you Diane’s husband?”

The man looked at him with a slightly puzzled look. “Yes, I’m John.”

“Great.” Jason pulled out his medallion. John’s eyes glazed over and Jason gave him his stereotypical role. “I just wanted to make sure that you understood that you are completely and utterly oblivious to your wife’s infidelity and her sexual escapades. Being the stereotypical idiot husband, you are just so clueless to the fact that she is fucking around behind your back and will never ever figure that out.”

John’s eyes cleared and he blinked. “Yes. Um, what was I saying? Oh, right, yes I am Diane’s husband John.”

“Pleased to meet you John. I’m Jason. I met your wife a bit earlier and she asked me to tell you she was out exercising and would be back later.”

Just then Jason heard a low moan and then Diane’s voice clearing saying “Oh fuck yeah! Gimme that cock!” followed by some more grunting and moaning. Jason glanced at John who had a puzzled look and thought “Oops forgot to tell Steve his windows were open.”

“Hmmmm, odd noise. Must be the house settling. Well, thank you Jason.”

Jason grinned and nodded and watched the man walk into the house accompanied by the sounds of his wife’s moans from next door.

“Oh man, this is FUN!” Jason said as he got into his car and headed home.


Jason sighed in contentment as Angie and Lisa worked his cock. He had stopped by Lisa’s when he got back and gave her a suggestion about being bi, and then went upstairs to his room to do some more research. About thirty minutes later he had gone to the bathroom and had glanced out the window into the back yard. By the pool was Lisa with her legs spread wide and Angie face down in her crotch going to town.

Jason had grinned and let them have their fun. After he was done checking some ideas out, he headed downstairs to find his stepmom and next-door neighbor in the kitchen having a glass of wine. Lisa had obviously had a makeover, with her hair now sporting some blonde highlights, cheap big hoop earrings, and some professionally done makeup, although that was smeared in some places, and had what appeared to be an all over tan. Angie had also done some more work and appeared to have been tanning without any clothes also. Both were wearing metallic gold thong string bikinis that hid practically nothing.

They had shamelessly flirted with him while they ate (Angie had of course invited Lisa over for dinner), and then they adjourned to the living room where the tops had come off and the tongues got to work. Jason enjoyed the double action of these two stereotypical women and then told them about his day. Both were excited to find out about Steve, Susan and Diane.

Jason noted that once he told them about those three the women had seemed to suddenly have new memories in place. Lisa started babbling about how Diane had been talking to her about how much she cheated on her husband, and Angie suddenly knew all about the swingers and had been thinking about inviting them over for some fun.

Jason snickered. “This medallion rocks. No need for having to invent some crazy cover story, the stereotypes just take it in turn like it’s all part of the plot.” He thought.

He shot his load all over Lisa and Angie’s faced and they started to lick each other clean as Jason got up. He stretched and said “I am off shift tomorrow, but both of you need to be at work. Clean up, get some sleep and we can have some more fun once you are back. I have some things to get ready for tomorrow.”

Both girls pouted but started to make out and he left them to it. Jason made a mental note about that. “This isn’t complete mind-control, I guess. I can change behaviors and I can influence them, but they still have free will within the limits of the stereotype. That could get tricky if I’m not careful.” Jason thought to himself. “Making a dominatrix who wants to dominate everyone in the neighborhood could be bad for me.”

Jason went to bed and slept soundly.