A Long Time Ago

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. My name is Neil Jamison. Actually Neil Frederick Jamison, a much more impressive name than the person who goes with it. At the time this story was written I was 5’8″, had brownish red hair with sun bleached highlights down to my shoulder blades. I was working construction with my uncle (outside work mostly). I weighed 220 (mostly muscle) and had a cock that was 63/4″ long and from what I had been told, very thick. And a love of eating pussy. At the time of this writing, the height and cock are still the same. Oh and the eating pussy.

34 years ago when I was young dumb and full of cum, 21 years old, I used to hang out with some older ladies at the bar and eat together with them after the bars closed. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. There were 4 of them. Joyce, Katherine, Dorthy, and Janice. 45 years old, they had graduated high school together and were all attractive. Women I desperately wanted to date. I’d pick up the check half the time. I’d take them out to eat, but what I really wanted was to eat them out. But I didn’t think they would have appreciated being told that.

They would dance with me at the bar, they’d sit with me (or allow me to sit with them) in the restaurant after the bar closed. But when it was time to go home to bed, they’d turn me down. I was ‘just a kid’, ‘younger than their kids’ or ‘just a baby’.

After 4 months of sitting with them Thursday, Friday & Saturday night finally decided that I was going to make Dorthy mine. Katherine, Joyce and Janice had hooked up with some guy a few times, but never Dorthy. I had even turned down a couple of offers from other women because I really wanted one of them.

She was the district manager for a chain of convenience stores and manager of her home store. So one Wednesday I sent her a rose🌹 at work. She always worked 3-10 Monday thru Friday. A single rose in a bud vase. The card said “One rose for One Beautiful Lady”. The card was signed “An Admirer”

When I went in the store that night, I commented on the flower and she said it was sent to her. I said somebody must want you and she scoffed. But when I started to check out and leave they had candy bars on special “Buy one get one for a Dime” I asked her to pick what she liked and I’d buy 2 and I’d take the cheaper one.

Thursday I sent another rose. And another message. “The beauty of a rose can never match the beauty of you” When questioned about that one she laughed. And I bought her another candy bar. she came straight to the bar after getting off work and we danced a couple of times. Nothing was mentioned about the flowers she was getting when we met at the diner after the bar closed.

Friday brought another rose and another message. “Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, Yours definitely floats my boat”

When questioned about the rose that night, she may have blushed just a bit.

Saturday night she was dressed nicer than she normally did. I don’t know if she was hoping for a secret admirer to announce themself or maybe it was just a coincidence.

I mentioned the flowers when we were sitting together eating after the bar closed. She hadn’t mentioned them Thursday or Friday nights and neither had I. The girls interrogated her about them. They made suggestions of who it could be, speculated on what the admirer could want and talked about who they hoped it could be. (I never made the lists, even when I suggested it could be me.) I paid for our food and then went home alone and so did they.

The following week, Monday brought another rose, as did Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And every night I stopped in the store and bought her a candy bar.

Thursday night when we all met up the girls even noticed Dorthy was wearing makeup and she’d painted her nails. And the conversations got weird.

Joyce said if someone sent her 7 roses and nice messages they could do anything they wanted with her. That “Heck, 6 carnations and a snickers bar” would get her naked and ready.

Katherine pointed out the Joyce let a guy fuck her in the ass because he bought her a happy meal. (Evidently she really wanted the toy.)

What would Dorthy let her mysterious admirer do? What would she do for him? Straight sex? Oral? Anal? Threesome? What if it’s another woman?

Friday brought yet another rose, another complimentary message and a visit from Aunt Flo. So straight sex is off the table, unless he’s some freak that likes swimming in the Red Sea. I said if it were me, I’d even go snorkeling.

Dorthy was offering very little to the discussions, mainly just agreeing to whatever the others said. Anal was maybe acceptable unless he had a monster cock. Oral was definitely going to happen, although the jury was split 50/50. Dorthy and Katherine said they wouldn’t let him him in their mouth, Joyce and Janice said they’d spit.

Saturday night Dorthy didn’t dance with me as much as usual, begging off because of cramps “you know” but she encouraged me to dance with the others instead of talking to her.

She even said, “I love watching you dance. Especially when you do that stuff from Dirty Dancing”

A compliment. I was stunned. I almost confessed to sending the flowers then. But I had a plan.

At the diner after the bar closed there was much more discussion about her mystery admirer. Janice was the most vocal. How she’d suck his cock better than anyone had ever before. Joyce said she’d wrap her boobs around it and give him the best titty fuck he’d ever had. Katherine said she’d ride him like a cowgirl all night long. Dorthy just said she’d do whatever he told her to do. I made some comment that I could use a sex slave and then laughed.

After I paid the bill and we were getting ready to leave. I accused them all of lying. I had paid for half of their meals in the time I’d been sitting with then and I couldn’t even get a hug or a kiss goodnight. And some mystery person they have no idea who it is, is being promised wild sexual treats.

I received 4 wonderful goodnight kisses. Janice was by far the best kisser. Joyce rubbed her big boobs against my chest. Katherine moved my hand down to cup her ass while she kissed me. Dorthy kissed me very tenderly then gently nibbled on my ear. maybe she was warming up to 🙂

The following week:

Monday was an orange, red and yellow rose with the message “Your beauty rivals the sunset”

Tuesday’s rose was pink with orange edges and the message said. “Seeing you is like the sunrise of my day”

Wednesday’s rose was white with red on the end of the petals. The message was simply “Tomorrow, All will be revealed”

When I went in for my Wednesday candy bar, I told her how beautiful the rose was and told her how beautiful she was. I asked about the message and she just said

“Tomorrow, everything will be revealed”. When I asked about being excited she said, “‘Yes and No’. Excited to see what he’s going to ask me to do but I’m pretty sure I know who it is.”

Dorthy got 13 red roses with angels breath. And a card saying “All will be revealed at 9 tonight” Joyce got a dozen pink carnations, a snickers bar and a coupon for a McDonald’s happy meal. Janice and Katherine each got mixed bouquets with a half dozen roses. All 3 of their cards said, “You could be next”.

When I walked into the store at 8:59 with a big box of candy Dorthy said she told the girls the night before that it was me. That she had started to realise it the week before when it dawned on her that the cards said some of the things I had been telling her.

I told her I was going to wait until she got off work, I’d follow her to her house, she’d change into a different outfit, we’d go meet up with the girls, I’d take them all out to eat then I’d go home with her and eat her out. She laughed and said it sounded good to her, maybe.

We went to her house when she got off work, I picked out a green blouse and a white skirt I wanted her to wear. The blouse was perfect with her red hair and really brought out the green in her eyes.

When we got to the bar the girls all commented on how stunning she looked. She looked down and said ” I dressed the way he wanted me to. “They gave her a little bit of a hard time about that, but not too much.

We drank a little, we danced a little then we went to the diner to eat. Dorthy barely ate anything because she was nervous

I told “Wait till I get you alone”

When we got to her house, she couldn’t unlock the door so I took the key from her, unlocked the door and walked her inside.

We sat on the couch and I put my arm around her and told her to relax, that I never bit, unless she was into that. I started to rub her shoulders because she was really really tense.

I got her to lay down on the couch so I could give her a proper back massage. After 30 minutes she was sighing with pleasure. When I untucked her blouse from her skirt and raised her blouse to kiss her back, she let out a soft moan. I worked her skirt down a little and worked her blouse up and concentrated on 5 inches of exposed back. I had moans coming from her more often then.

When I slid my hands over her ass she arched up to meet me, but I continued downwards massaging my way to her feet. I slipped her shoes off and started giving her feet an intense massage. Her moans were starting to have a steady rhythm. When I lifted her foot and sucked on a couple of toes, she gasped and shuddered.

“I think that’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had!”

I slowly worked my way back up her legs massaging and kissing. I worked my hands up under her skirt and she started breathing really fast and shallow. So I pushed her skirt up and kissed right at the crease where her ass met her thigh. This elicited another gasp and shudder.

“Damn, I just came again”

I turned her over and l carried her to the bedroom to work on the front side, sliding her skirt off of her after I placed her in the bed.

And started at her waist working up slowly unbuttoning her blouse with my mouth and kissing my way upwards.

“Please stop. Please. I don’t want you to quit liking me”

I had no idea what she was talking about so I told her she didn’t have to worry about me not liking her and I kept on kissing and unbuttoning. she was pleading with me to stop. I unbuttoned the last button and kissed her on the lips. Our first kiss and she almost sucked my tongue off.

Then I started kissing my way down. I nuzzled the right bra cup down and kissed the top of her breast. But when I tried to do the same on the left breast. Umm there was no left breast. Just scar tissue. So I kissed that and figured I’d ask about it later.

Instead, she started crying and apologizing. I think I just told her to shut up and let me have my fun. And that’s just what I did. Kissing down across her stomach and kissing her through her panties which were soaked. She told me that kissing her down there didn’t do anything for her. So i found her clit and started sucking it through her panties. in 2 minutes she screamed that she was coming. I drew back and told her that I didn’t care if she came, I didn’t want her to announce her orgasms and promised I’d worry about her next time, this time was for MY fun and I pulled off her panties. I found the hairiest bush I had ever seen. Dorthy apologized for not shaving. I kissed her on the lips and told her to shut up. And don’t shave or I’d never do this again.

Dorthy said “Yes Sir”.

I corrected her, “Yes, Master. From now on, you are to refer to me as Master”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

i told her that was much better. I kissed her right nipple, I kissed her left scar, I kissed her navel, I kissed her cunt and for someone that being kissed down there didn’t do anything for, surprisingly enough, she shuddered and moaned and clamped her thighs on my head as she orgasmed.

I kissed my way up while sliding my thumb back and forth along her slit and rubbing my middle finger around her ass.I think she orgasmed a couple times more while i was doing that. I stuck my pinky up her ass to the first knuckle and she had another orgasm.

I started rubbing her pubis with my left hand, licking with a flat tongue up her cunt to her clit. When she shuddered through another orgasm I slipped 2 fingers from my right hand inside her and curled them up to find her g-spot.

She started with a low moan that built up to a shriek as she orgasmed quickly and flooded my mouth then went limp. She passed out. I slid my fingers out of her, licked up as much of her liquids as I could. Then I kissed my way up, stripped down to my boxers, laid down beside her, put her hand inside my boxers on my dick, covered is up and kissed her before I went to sleep myself.

The next morning I kissed her goodbye before I left to go to work.

(to be continued)