The Unfuck Machine

It was a quiet Thursday night at St. Mother Mary’s Cathedral. The place was eerily quiet except for the silent sobs of two women kneeling before God prying for mercy. The silent sobbing sounded deafening as they echoed throughout God’s sanctuary. God’s churches was designed to bring a feeling of inner peace and solace to the members of his flock. […]

The Hall-Pass

“Brittany and John have been swinging for years.” That’s how the conversation started. Out of nowhere, on a Saturday afternoon, as we raked leaves on an unusually warm fall morning, my wife of five years casually threw out that nugget of information about her cousin and best friend. “What?” I was caught completely off guard and was instantly intrigued with […]

Halloween Dress-up

“What are you wearing to Melanie’s party, Genevieve?” came her friend’s voice from the bathroom. Genevieve shrugged. But Natalie was asking a more than fair question. This Melanie in question – she was a real extra girl. Every single party, every single event she put on – it lived up to expectations and more. As a result, guests made a […]

Wife and The Beast

“He is the hundred names of terror, creature you love the least. Picture his name before you and exorcise the beast….” ~ Ian Anderson The thing moved about unseen and unheard, considering all the possibilities that were available in the packed night club. The gender of the victim didn’t really matter, as the creature was neither male nor female and […]

Truth or Dare

That’s how it all started. Well, I guess when I think about it, it started several months before that, when early seeds were sown that would in many ways, lead to what happened that night. Let me start with some context. My wife Kerry and I have been married for 16 years. At 41 years old, she is 5 years […]

The Pain

In my 42 years, I’ve never experienced such pain. It felt like I was hit in the chest with a five-pound mall. It staggered me, I stumbled backward, I managed to make it to my truck. The intensity of my pain eased enough so that I could drive back to my office. My phone rang, I didn’t answer it. How […]

The Island Trip

My name is Fred Solomon, I am 30 years old. I am 6’3″, dark hair, strong jawline, weigh about 190 pounds. I stay fairly active to avoid the dad body. I am a laid back guy that doesn’t get too worked up about much. I have a decently successful job in marketing that gives my wife and I the financial […]

My wife and I are Interested

My wife is the best person I know and I love her with every breath I take. She also is one of the most beautiful women I know. At 5′ tall and 128 lbs, her 34c cup breasts are as nearly perfect as they could be. I have openly told her I would be proud for every man to see […]

February Sucks – Leap Night

One of my criticisms of sequels to many stories is that authors unhappy with the conclusion of a story substantially change the rules that the original author placed upon the world they created. In my sequels here, I try to accept the assumptions of GeorgeAnderson’s world. I try to follow the Improv principle of “Yes, and….”

Four Hands for my Birthday

I knocked on the door, the purple paint standing out against the olive concrete walls of the business park. My hand felt a squeeze, and I gave my wife Cathy a smile. I watched her eyes dart between the door and our car, then return to me. Squeezing her back with my free arm, the door opened. “Welcome! Please come […]

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