Twenty Effen Years

My story has two parts: my first 60 years, or more precisely years 22 through 60, and the last four and half years. My story really begins with the second part. My wife had just come home from work. I was, of course, home alone. All our kids were married and at the time I was unemployed. I did get […]

Resort Stay

You would never know it to look at her, but Christine is a mother of three. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no way I would say she had a perfectly flat tummy or the body of a model. She’s more like that woman down the block that all the guys pause to glance at on a Saturday morning while doing […]

The Oblivious Hiking Cuckold

Hi, I thought I’d share this story about my wife and I, which strangely turned sexual. Whenever I’ve told it to anyone else they just laugh, pat me on the back and shake their heads. My name is Gary, I am 34 and a pretty average looking guy; my 24 year old wife Rachel is very cute (has chubby cheeks […]

A Wish Granted

Ten years passed. Our marriage had had its rocky times but we stayed together through them all, and it strengthened as a marriage does when you nurture it. We got to know each other and grow together as friends as well as lovers. To the point that we established a trust we never thought possible. I knew I had her […]

How to Spot a Cuck and a Hotwife

One of the questions I frequently get from curious readers is: how can you spot cuckolds and hotwives in public? Well I’m going to tell you about a useful trick not a lot of people know. You’ve probably heard of things like hotwife anklets or queen of spades tattoos. Those are amazing in porn or on cuckold forums but they’re […]

Wife Fucked My Friends

My name is Tom Cruise, I am a university professor. I married one of my students Julia Roberts, she was and still is beautiful with a charming smile and sexy personality. Many of my friends were jealous and said a lot about us like “he married me because of my money and position” but I always thought they were wrong.

Professional Realtor – His Story

It was only 8:45 am, but it was already shaping up to be the worst Monday of my entire life. Earlier that morning, I kissed Marissa, my wife of 15 years, on the cheek and wished her a good day. She’s a real estate agent — a damn good one, if her commission and bonus checks are any indication — […]

Cuckold Man

My name is Truck Smith. I’m 5′-9″, I am 46, I lived with my wife Sharon for 12 years in a small town in West Virgina. We rent a small 3-bedroom house. A 2-car garage. I am an engineer; my boss Jim tries to micro-manage me. Even thou he has no idea what I do, he always tries to tell […]

First a Stranger, Now the Priest?

My wife, Tammy and I are your average, church-going couple who have attended St. Vincent’s, long before being married there, almost 20 years ago. Tammy is a well regarded high school teacher and I am a structural engineer working for the town. We live a typical, almost boring life together, and found sex was getting a little too routine for […]

Remember When?

I was elbow deep in old photos that I was planning on sending to a local lab for digitizing when I came up with the perfect gift for my wife, our three kids, and our extended families next year when she and I celebrated twenty-five years of wedded bliss. We had thousands of pictures from when we first met in […]