Ryan And Gemma Want To Hang Out

‘It’s red, Ryan, not blue, pink, purple, or any other color. I know you’ve fucked her before, but just because she has her thong sticking out doesn’t mean you need to eyeball it,’ I thought, rolling my eyes at him. “Hey, Gemma, could you run out and get the food, pretty please?”

She turned around and peeked at me. “Sure, Greta, I can’t deny the bride to be. I’ll be back in a bit,” she said, before heading out.

After we heard the door shut, I pushed him a tad. “WTF, dude?”

“What?” he whined, giving me a look.

“Oh, don’t even try that with me, you were gawking at Gemma’s thong. What, were you trying to read the tag?”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, before pecking my cheek. “It won’t happen again.”

“Are you sure? It looked you were tempted to feel your cock. Is it hard now? If I feel it for myself, will it be hard?”

“Well, that’s not fair; do you know how sexy you are? How could it not be hard when you touch it?”

“Oh, don’t get cute. I know you two were together for a couple of years, and she became my best friend after you two broke up, but judging by you eyeing her so much, are you still into her? You’re marrying me, remember?”

“No, I’m not into her anymore; she might be beautiful-”

“So, you admit she’s beautiful?”

“Is that a joke?”

“Half joke, but you understand what I’m saying, right? I mean, she’s my best friend too. I asked her to be my maid of honor because of that, but is that a bad thing? It’d be one thing if I weren’t her best friend, but she is, and I asked her. She didn’t feel pressured to say yes, or anything else. So, you tell me, WTF? Are you gonna be able to marry me and leave her in your rearview mirror?”

“Well, you said it yourself, she’s your best friend, so I’m still gonna have to see her physically.”

“I told you not to be cute; I’m serious, so I’d appreciate a serious answer,” I made clear, closing the gap.

He turned his body to me and took my hands in his before kissing me. “She’s in my sexual rearview mirror, I’m marrying you, not her, and I’m looking to make you feel good both inside and out. Does that sound serious enough, Greta?”

“Yes, thank you,” I replied, before kissing him. “Just keep your eyes off her in that way, got it?”

“Yes, and you’re better in bed, just in case that was roaming through your head.”

“It wasn’t, but since you mentioned it,” I said, taking off my tank top. “Why don’t you prove it?”

“Gemma isn’t gonna be gone for very long, but you want to do it right here in the kitchen?”

“No one said your black cock had to come out and play,” I made clear, undoing my bra. “I just want you to play with my white tits for a few minutes before your black ex-girlfriend gets back, that’s all. You were eyeing her thong, remember, so you owe me.”

“I owe you?”

“Yes, by giving me a ring, you signed the deal, remember?” I pondered, leaning towards him and grabbing his hands.

“I knew I should’ve had a lawyer look at that deal.”

“Trust me,” I whispered, before kissing him and placing his hand on my melons. “You didn’t get a bad deal.”

“I love you, Greta.”

“I love you too, Ryan. Just because I have smaller boobs doesn’t mean you like me less, does it?”

“No, jealous lady.”

“Hey, if Gemma and I switched roles, she’d feel the same way. Now shut up and lick those white nipples. They might not taste like chocolate, but I know you like them.”

He grabbed them hard and licked my nipples ever so slowly. I placed my palms on the back of his head and pressured it just a tad. Needless to say, once he got into it, even with the notion of Gemma showing back up at any moment, he didn’t need to be persuaded.

I stayed on my feet and moved back and forth slightly. My panties were getting wetter by the second, and I vibrated too when I forced my weakness on him, so to speak. He let his slick tongue do the talking as it moved all over my nipple.

He knew me well and surely didn’t favor one tit over the other. He got both of them for me and did it well. All the while, I fondled his head and kept constant eye contact with him as well. I also had issues keeping myself standing straight, but he didn’t mind.

“I hope your cock is hard now because you do have your fiancé’s nipple in your mouth. I can’t reach down to feel it, but it is hard as a rock, correct?”

“Are you getting a little paranoid now, Greta?”

“No, I’d just like to ask, smart-ass. Don’t be afraid to undo my shorts too, and then you can find out how wet my pussy is, stud.”

“You’re one gutsy woman; I’ll give you that, Greta.”

“Shut up and please me as I rub your near bald head, Ryan.”

Oddly enough, he took my invitation to undo my shorts. He let one hand into my panties and did indeed find out how drenched they were then. I had to jolt a bit more and pressure his head too, but I stayed right there with him.

I felt him rub my slit ever so slowly, going back and forth and definitely making me want to moan loudly, but I kept a lid on myself. We didn’t know if we had five more minutes, or more like twenty, but either way, we unleashed the sexy beast and let it fly.

I wanted to utter many different things, but he didn’t need me to say a word. I had the perfect man on my boobs and pussy, and once I let the beast out, I had to deal with it. He licked my nipple swiftly and indeed moved his fingers quick too.

“Yes, just like that, Ryan. Lick and suck that nipple and scrub my pussy raw; you know you like my shaved pussy down there.”

“I do; I love you, Greta, but now you need to shut it.”

I laughed and even pushed my shorts and panties down as well. I got them down just past my slit and let it get some fresh air. I also pulled Ryan to me more and more, so he had to feel my body. I was nearly naked by then, but I didn’t care about Gemma coming back.

I felt him pleasuring me nonstop, and I surely soiled the tiled floor too, so it got rather wet. I wasn’t walking right then, so I wasn’t worried, but after a few more minutes, I pulled him up with me.

“Well, Gemma already knows what your cock looks like,” I muttered, undoing his pants.

I pulled out his rod and stroked it for a few seconds, but then I pushed him back on the chair. Then I forced his face back on my tits, but that time I knew his cock was out there. I couldn’t see it, but I didn’t care.

I just viewed his brown eyes, and as they looked at mine, and knew I was in for a bumpy ride come our wedding day. As I felt him both sucking on my nipple and fingering me so well, too, he wooed me to love him so much more.

As I added the possibility that Gemma could come back and see us, I felt more than thrilled, but high as the sky, so to speak. I couldn’t help it; we both had the same sexual attitudes when we started; we were going all out no matter what.

So, as I knew I had his wood out there, I had to get on his lap. First, I took off my shorts and panties completely and then sat on his lap. I grabbed his dick and stroked it some more as he grabbed my melons again and held them firmly.

“Yes, who says white girls don’t know how to have fun?”

“No one, Greta, you’re not in competition with anyone. Now keep rubbing, and then I’ll give you some white stuff, sound good?”

“Yes, it does.”

We stared again as he took my right nipple into his mouth. He gripped my tits as hard as he could too, which was a little too hard. I didn’t mind, though; I loved it all too much already.

I made sure to keep rubbing his member too, and I felt it vibrating more and more as time went on indeed. I moved myself back and forth again, which also made him move as well. We had the wooden chair come off its legs too, but we didn’t worry about it tipping.

As if that wasn’t enough, I hit him with my boobs too. “Take that, and that, horny man.”

He didn’t add to that and just took it all. I saw the man that loved me so much openly take titty abuse, so to speak. He kept his eyes closed, but surely kept a smile plastered all over his face too.

“You’re feeling my jugs, but I have my butt cheeks down there too, so feel them, you’re marrying me, and my entire figure comes with the package.”

“May I feel a bit better somewhere else first?”

“I see no issue with that,” I added, grabbing his dick and guiding it to my slit.

I stayed on my knees, even though the chair was uncomfortable, but my pussy still got to feel his stiff wood.

It went in there deep right away, and I arched my head back. “Don’t you love it when you listen?”

“Yes, are you happy?”

I giggled and looked up towards the door to the living room. ‘Gemma?’

We looked at each other for ten seconds, but then Ryan took my nipple back into his mouth. I bit down on my bottom lip for a few seconds and glanced back at him. I jerked around a little bit and felt weird indeed.

As I saw Ryan close his eyes again, I viewed Gemma again. “What the fuck?” I mouthed.

“You two are smoking hot,” she mouthed back.

“Go away.”

I saw her licking her lips with her hand down her panties too. Whether I liked it or not, Rayn and I put on a show, and she was an attendee. Needless to say, she liked what she saw even though she couldn’t see his cock or much of me.

She saw my clothes on the floor, so I didn’t even have deniability either. If she wouldn’t willingly leave, then my hands were tied at that moment. I didn’t want to ruin the moment, but I’d have something to talk to her about, though.

‘And you want another piece of this chocolate bar, don’t you?’ I thought, before leaning my head back. “What do my nipples taste like anyway, Ryan?”

“Well, strawberries, I guess,” he answered, before kissing me.

We made out for a moment, and he closed his eyes again. I couldn’t help but to see Gemma again. She helped herself watch us from roughly twelve feet away and please herself. She managed to keep a lid on her mouth, but moved around a bit more.

I didn’t know what to make of that turn of events, but it seemed both Ryan and Gemma still wanted one more crack at each other. I felt his dick vibrating, so I knew his limit was coming too, but I still couldn’t blow the whistle on Gemma.

After another minute, I leaned back and fucked him raw. Even as she saw my hooters flopping around a bit, she didn’t look away. I didn’t know if she was just horny or what, but for whatever reason, I felt good enough for her to see his cock.

I got off him and got on my knees to the side. That way, I could make him stand on his side, and then she could see it. I let it dangle untouched for a few seconds, and I looked to verify that she eyefucked him.

She blew me a kiss and kept her hand in her underwear. Then I took Ryan’s cock in my mouth and gave him one good blow job. I let my lips go back and forth ever so slowly, and he placed both hands on my head too.

“Oh, if I didn’t already love you, I would now,” he moaned, caressing my head.

I didn’t look at her again because I didn’t want to alert him of her. I wasn’t sure how long he’d last, but I’d thought it would be fine if she got to see him cum. I didn’t even know why I got off on her watching, but I did.

I didn’t put on some full-blown show for her, but a simple one to give her a thrill. All the while, Ryan kept his hands on my head, and Gemma could still see my breasts too. I wasn’t sure if she genuinely liked that or not, but I’d find out by the time I got him to shoot.

“Well, Gemma might give good head, but you’re still better, Greta, I promise. Yes, maybe I checked out her thong, but I love you, and I did love her too. You’re the only one I’m going to walk down the aisle with, I swear. I’m happy that you two are besties.”

I gently let his rod out. “Can you say with absolute certainty that you don’t want to have sex with her again?”

“What, no, I’m with you, Greta.”

“If you say so,” I added, taking it back into my mouth.

I couldn’t get him to confirm it, but I knew it. As he slanted his head back again, I peeked at her again. ‘You’re blowing me another kiss and even flashing me too. Well, you do have a sexy pair too; no wonder he loved you so much.’

A few seconds later, I turned my head back to him and watched the results. His hands kept moving up and down on my head, but I didn’t utter a word for the time being. He allowed me to do all the talking with my mouth, but not with words.

I let my lips move back and forth slowly, but also took small breaks too so she could see his rod. I knew her eyes weren’t gonna move away even for a second, and I still couldn’t help but to check on her a few more times over the next few minutes.

Gemma only had the fact that I was so horny working for her, so I kept going and waited for him to cum. I surely knew I’d get it because he was marrying me for a reason. So, I sucked even harder on his dick and made the pleasure intensify.

I surely wanted her to see what she lusted after, so I gave her just that in due time. She watched me suck the life out of his member like a huge piece of candy. I wanted the full flavor, so to speak, and by then, I did show off my blow job skills.

I never put a ruler to his schlong, but I knew it was long. I still made sure to let her see me deep throat him. He definitely moaned louder and covered his face too. So, I knew his go time was coming quickly, but I didn’t hold out on him until that last second.

After another minute, he looked at me again. “Oh, here you go, babe, let me give you white cum on your white jugs,” he moaned, unleashing his load.

As he closed his eyes again, I glanced at her. She was cheesing and still playing with herself too. I didn’t watch his seed come down, but I felt it. Once again, I felt some real sensation from her, but still, we’d need to talk.

“Oh, there’s nothing like a good orgasm before you eat, Greta,” he added, pulling me up with him. “I love you,” he whispered, before kissing me.

“I love you too,” I replied, before wiping my chest.

We got dressed, and she conveniently waited until we were done. We ate dinner, and then he went to the bathroom afterward.

Then I went right to her. “So, what the fuck, bitch?” I giggled.

“Just to be clear, are you mad?”

“No, not exactly; I thought laughing would make that clear. So, you want to have sex with him too?”

“I guess,” she confessed, breaking eye contact and rubbing her face. “Maybe it’s just because I know he’s officially off the market. I had no idea he was looking at my thong, though.”

“Okay, if you say so. You just caught me by surprise, but I was horny, and you are my best friend. I’m not gonna get mad for you wanting to have sex with him again, but if you acted on those feelings, obviously, it’d be different. Wait, you haven’t, right?”

“No, you bitch,” she whined, pushing me. “What kind of best friend do you think I am?”

“Let me make it up to you. You want to do it with him one more time; he wants you again, so why don’t you have sex with him?”

She backed her head away. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, why not? I have an idea for his bachelor party. I don’t give a damn what his best man Johnny is planning; I’m sure what I have in mind is much better.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“Just go move your car down the street real quick, and I’ll tell him you needed to leave. Then just stay by the front door and come in a few minutes after he comes back in here. We’ll surprise him good.”

She licked her lips for a moment, but placed her hands on my neck and kissed me.

I laughed a tad, but let her kiss for twenty seconds before yanking her lips away. “I’m sorry, but shit, I love you. You are the best fucking friend there is.”

“I love you too, now hurry up and go.”

She skedaddled, and a moment later, Ryan came back in there. “Hey, where did Gemma go?”

“She said she had some such shit to attend to, but with her gone again,” I said, putting my hand on his crotch. “Maybe we could get things going again, don’t you think?”

“I can’t say no to that, Greta,” he responded, before kissing me.

We made out for a moment, and I blindly undid his pants again, but with one hand.

I still managed to get his cock out after a moment. “There’s your hard friend,” I muttered, before peeking at the hallway wall.

I saw Gemma peeking out, but she knew to stay put for the time being. Then he wrapped his arms around me and began snuggling with me for a moment.

As he did, I peeked at her again. “Get naked,” I mouthed.

“Everything?” she mouthed back, waving her arms up and down.

I nodded as I kept stroking his rod. As she got undressed, I calmly got down on my knees on the floor and looked at him again. We didn’t speak, but I got the bottom half of his body completely nude.

“I know what you want, Ryan, so lie your head back and close your eyes.”

“Okay, hun,” he muttered, before doing that.

I didn’t grab his rod, but waved her in, though. She was quiet, and as she got close, she crawled to me. I put my fist in front of my mouth and opened my mouth, so she knew what I wanted her to do.

Needless to say, she had no objections. So, I cleared the way for her, and she stopped in front of him. She grabbed his rod and rubbed it for a moment. I had to watch her face to see her react, and of course, she cheesed like she just won a million bucks.

“Oh, I love those hands, Greta.”

“I know, but don’t you dare look at me. If I see one eyeball, there will be hell to pay.”

“Okay,” he laughed.

Before she arched her back, she had to lean to me to kiss me. “I fucking love you,” she whispered as softly as possible before leaning to his cock.

From one second to the next, his cock entered her mouth without him even knowing it. He moaned and placed his hands on her head too, but didn’t even notice her head wasn’t mine. I never compared our hair, but obviously, it was similar.

He listened to me and didn’t open his eyes. He just relished the pleasure, and needless to say, she did too. Although, she still didn’t press her luck and overdo it. I witnessed her sucking on it ever so slowly, just as I was doing it for him earlier.

So, it was good she saw him then, and she grabbed his wood too. I could tell immediately she loved it, and I had to play with my pussy to the sight of it too. For whatever reason, I loved the sight, and I couldn’t believe it, but it happened.

I had to check out her smoking hot body too, and obviously, I could tell how easy it was to fall for her. It wasn’t about skin color for him, but us. I couldn’t be certain of her exact motives, but I didn’t really care.

I just cherished seeing her suck his black wood and him caress her head too. He had no idea it wasn’t me blowing him, but he’d find out in due time. I let her work out her desires and suck it nice and slow for the time being.

She let it go down a little further after a few minutes, and she indeed made him jiggle a bit more, but he kept his eyes closed. I had to check on him to continually make sure of it, but he did it. I had my own personal adult film taking place in front of me, and I loved it.

I had no idea she still had such lust for him, but she proved it to be true right in front of me. She held his wood somewhat tightly and let her lips make him jiggle and moan. Every time I saw his cock get covered again, I had to twitch.

I almost felt like I had a black dick, and she was sucking on it for me. For whatever reason, I loved the sight and just wanted more. I wasn’t sure how far I’d like her to before we dropped that bombshell, but I knew we’d find out.

Until then, I just relished seeing his hands go all over her head and him smiling too. He breathed slowly and paced himself well, but on the other hand, I still wanted to see him explode, though.

I calmly grabbed my phone and typed a message to show her. It read, Keep sucking, and maybe titty fuck him until he has to cum, then he can see just who his seed attacked, sound good? She nodded, and she smiled as much as she could too.

I got to see it even more as she calmly released his rod. Just as I suggested, she spread out her melons and stuck his cock in between them. Right away, he jiggled a bit more and moaned too.

“Oh, yes, I’m not looking, but I love it when you get my dick with your hooters too.”

“Good, I knew there was a reason you were marrying me; you love my tits. Gemma has nice knockers, too; no wonder you want to get with her again.”

“I know, but I promise, I’m committed to you now. Yes, Gemma is hot as hell, but I’m not looking to fuck her again, just you.”

“If you say so, now don’t look at me, but I might be open to a threeway at some point if you really want one, that is.”

I saw him cheese again, and so did she. I gave her another kiss, and she kept her bosoms moving slowly for another moment. After that, she took his dick back into her mouth, which meant I couldn’t talk, but she signaled me to get a closer look.

We looked at each other for a moment, but then she closed her eyes and pushed her lips even further down his cock. Needless to say, as she saw me so happy to see her get him, she pushed herself even more, to make me love it more.

“Oh, yes, you’re the woman, Greta, I swear. No one sucks my dick like you; that’s another reason why I’m marrying you.”

I made the signal for her to come up then. “Oh, really? So, you love my body and how I blow you, but that’s it?”

“No, I didn’t mean like that, I promise.”

“I know, I was kidding.

“May I see you now?”

“No, not yet, but soon,” I added as she stroked his rod. “Maybe if you give me some of your white stuff, that might convince me,” I said, prior to her squeezing his wood in her melons. “You can do that for your fiancé, can’t you?”

“Yes, but if there’s one thing I wouldn’t do, I won’t give you my seed too early. Sex is no good if it ends too early.”

“I know, but don’t take too long. Your black schlong is hurting my melons a bit, though.”

“Okay, but may I have a kiss first?”

Gemma and I looked at each other.

“Please?” he asked.

I nodded, and she kissed him. He even grabbed her neck, but didn’t notice it was her. After twenty seconds, he leaned back again, and she took his member back into her mouth.

“I love you, Greta,” he moaned, rubbing her head.

I felt the love coming out the wazoo, and I knew it was only gonna get better when he found out it wasn’t me blowing him. I felt like screaming or touching her, but I knew both had consequences, of course.

So, I just touched myself and yelled in my head too. I did my best to hold my moans back too, but the excitement made me scrub my cherry like mad, which made me let some out. Whether I liked it or not, I was going to react; I just had to deal with it the best possible.

I felt more than thrilled, but shocked at how much I liked the image in front of me. Gemma focused herself the best she could, and I could tell she was pressuring her lips on his cock as well. Seeing him react was amazing all itself, and seeing his face when he got all worked up when I was close made it hotter.

He rubbed his face and shook around a bit, but we were still waiting for the moment when he needed to shoot. Judging by his actions, it’d be soon, but I still didn’t push him in any way to make him cum earlier.

She moaned a little bit more too, but still didn’t blow my cover. Ryan was horny and getting his dick sucked, so it went right over his head. I didn’t fault him for that, but found it silly yet still hot. I gave him head just a little while ago, but couldn’t tell the difference then.

I let out some juice, which got her too, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she even felt my cherry for a few seconds. Needless to say, I jolted a bit because of that, but I still zipped my lip, though. She didn’t push me too far, though, and took her hand away after a few seconds.

I cheesed as much as I could and smooched her cheek. A moment later, she calmly rereleased his wood and leaned to me. She kissed me ever so softly while stroking his wood. There were many things I wanted to say, but I zipped my lip.

“Come on, don’t tease me, babe; Gemma could come back at any time, really, I was with her for a while; she can be unpredictable.”

“I can,” she mouthed, before taking his cock back into her mouth again.

I watched him brush his face harder and longer for some time, all the while, he kept quaking the couch. He still didn’t give any real signs that he needed to shoot right away, and Gemma certainly knew it too, so she kept going.

I even stood up and let her get a better look at me playing with my twat. I saw her checking my crotch out a few times, but she was still hooked on his dick. She kept going like her life depended on it. I felt the need to fuck the shit out of him too, but I even pinched myself to make myself a little less turned on.

She was making the slurping sounds, too; she had a lot of saliva working for her. She pulled out all the stops indeed and surely make it work for her like she was back with him again, it seemed. I never saw them have sex before, but it looked hotter than hell.

She sucked his cock with passion and love that I certainly recognized, but it was just different from someone else, but in a good way. I knew his white stuff would need to erupt soon, and with every passing second, he got closer.

Then from one second to the next, he brought his hands down. “Babe, I have to cum; make me shoot your boobs, pretty please.”

“Yes, horndog,” I replied, before she moved it right over her tits.

I watched it let out its first stream on her right boob, and she had him dole it all out all over both of her melons. Once again, I had to twitch at that because I just loved it like nothing else. I had to love it even more because, for the first time, I saw white cum on black moneymakers.

She smiled as much she could, and I rubbed it in for her too. “Wow, Ryan, you got me good, dare I ask: are you ready for more? I mean, you still have more cum in there, right?”

“Yes, may I look at you now?”

I calmly got behind her and felt her hooters. “Yes, take a look at your handiwork.”

“Gemma?” he asked, opening his eyes.