Bait and Switch Retype – Complete

Blue lights. . . A whirring sound. . . I feel a sharp pain in my arm. . . Head is throbbing. . . I can no longer feel my arm. . . Oh no, what have they done with my arm? A pink shadow bends over me. Eyes. . . Such big eyes. . . Sweat sheets down my […]

Starry Resonance

Elly and Nora have a talk, and Yvain goes looking for his friend

My Piano Man

I let myself into Jess’s piano room and slowly walked towards him. My candy apple red stilettos echoed on his hardwood floor, matching the melodic tune of his piano…

Ryan And Gemma Want To Hang Out

It’s red, Ryan, not blue, pink, purple, or any other color. I know you’ve fucked her before, but just because she has her thong sticking out doesn’t mean you need to eyeball it.

Stretching Submission

The mare forced him down, the wolf’s tongue pressed into her pussy, nose crushed against her sex, the scent of her enveloping him.

The Boss’s Concrete Fortress

Intimating Story between female boss and sex-deprived employee.