How I Met My Husband

You pretty much need to read Chapter 0 to follow the story. If you’re just here for the sex scenes, jump right in!

Chapter One: Changes

The next morning, I woke up disoriented and confused. The memory of the previous night flooded back into me, and I glanced over at the couch. The afghan I covered her with lay in a pile on the floor and she wasn’t there. My bladder was screaming at me and I rushed off to silence it, then looked around the house for her. I had a sense of dread, worried about her opinion of what we talked about the night before, now that she was sober. I finally found her on the back porch, sitting at the patio table and drinking coffee. From my view from behind her, it looked like she was staring off into the distance.

“Morning, baby,” I said.

She turned, tilted her head back, and pursed her lips for me to kiss. A flood of relief went through me….she wasn’t mad or upset. I quickly kissed her, then went back inside and got a cup of coffee myself. A minute later, I rejoined her.

I hesitated, then said, “Baby, about last night…”

“Last night was the best sex I ever remember having with you,” she said, interrupting me. “And you came twice, so I think it was pretty damn good for you, too.”

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed. “But I feel a little bad about it, too.”

“For what?” she said, smiling. “About admitting you’ve fantasized about guys?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled. “And that the idea of you and Cathy getting it on turned me on so much.”

“It turned me on too,” she admitted. I waited for her to continue, but only got silence that lasted for several uncomfortable minutes.

“I want to,” she suddenly said, her voice trembling with nervousness.

“Want to what?” I said, confused.

“Sleep with Cathy,” she said. “I won’t if you tell me not to, but I hope you don’t.”

I was conflicted. On one hand, the idea of Cathy and Dottie kissing, fondling each other’s breasts, and licking each other’s pussies was exciting…what guy doesn’t like seeing that? On the other hand, it was my wife. It was a step that, once taken, led our relationship into unknown, troubling territories. I started to say something, realized that I didn’t know what I wanted to say, then shut my mouth.

She reached over and took my hand. “Listen,” she said, “nobody can replace you or take my love from you. You’re mine, and I’m yours, for now and forever. But this is something I want to explore. This is something that I want to do. I respect your feelings and won’t do anything you don’t agree to, but I really want to do this.”

Her honesty made me examine my emotions. I discovered that I was more worried about losing her love and companionship than I was worried about sharing her body with another woman.

I had a lump of fear in my throat, but I swallowed it down and replied, “If it’s something you want to do, I won’t say no.”

She smiled. “Thank you,” she said, then leaned over and kissed me. “I have things I want to do with you, too.”

“What things?” I asked. I couldn’t think of anything that we hadn’t tried, every possible position and every possible location you could imagine. We’d tried anal a few times, but she said it made her feel dirty and hurt, and we never did it again.

She grinned at me. “One step at a time, love.” I sensed a finality in her voice ending the conversation and didn’t pursue it.

For the first part of the next week, Dottie didn’t say anything about Cathy. On Tuesday, she had an interview for the promotion that she wanted, then another on Thursday. That she had a second interview was promising, and we were both excited about it.

But in counterpoint to her week, mine was a disaster. One of the many projects I had going blew up in my face. I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault, that it was just happenstance, but in truth I didn’t have time to monitor it like I should. My manager reassigned it to someone else, along with another project that was obviously struggling. I was ashamed of myself, but I still had a job. I took heart in that and redoubled my efforts on the projects I had left. By the time I got home on Friday, I was mentally exhausted but had finished one project that was successful enough to call it a win.

Dottie had texted me that she would be late, but had lots of good news. I meandered around the house, cleaning here and there, then fixed a quick dinner for us. When she got home, she was beaming. She rushed up to me and gave me a soul-searing kiss that almost took my breath away. There was a strange taste on her lips that I couldn’t place, though.

“I got the position!” she said, “I’m the district vice-president! They told me this morning. I was going to call you but I got too busy meeting my new staff and moving into my office.”

I laughed, and picked her up, spinning her around before setting her back down. “That’s fantastic, baby! I knew you were the best pick for the job!” I said, beaming. I kissed her again, as intensely as she’d kissed me before.

I broke the kiss and pulled away from her. “Hey, what did you have for lunch?” I asked, still smiling. “I can taste it on your lips.”

She giggled. “I had Cathy for lunch. Well, a late lunch,” she said.

I froze the smile on my face as a bolt of electricity shot through me.

“We left work early to celebrate, and ended up at her house,” she continued, watching my reaction closely.

I forced a smile on my face. “Well, how was it?” I asked.

“It was…incredible,” she gushed. “I didn’t really know what to expect. But it felt…good, natural. It was like foreplay until I orgasmed. I don’t know how to explain it. And I know how you feel when you make me cum with your mouth…it was a rush feeling her pussy spasm against my lips.”

An ugly, jealous thought popped into my head and I voiced it before I could stop myself. “Better than me?”

She hugged me and then kissed me. “Not better. Different, but not better. You’re like chocolate cake, and I LOVE chocolate cake. She’s like cherry pie, and I love cherry pie, too. They’re both very good, but not the same.”

She held me in the hug and my fear and jealousy slowly started to ebb. God, I loved this woman, and the longer she was in my arms the less her dalliance with Cathy seemed to matter.

We had dinner, and went to bed early. We made long, slow love and I fell asleep with her against me, her head on my shoulder and her armed draped over me. Everything was right with the world.

The euphoric feeling I had quickly evaporated on Monday. My manager told me that all of my projects except one had been reassigned to other people. He assured me that there wasn’t any problem with my productivity, that he just wanted to get some of the younger staff (Younger? At 29, I was the youngest project manager we had!) some experience in managing projects. I sensed the lie in his words, causing a sense of dread that I couldn’t shake.

Wednesday, Dottie asked me if I felt like inviting Cathy and her husband over for dinner on Saturday. It felt kind of weird, knowing what had gone on between her and Cathy, but I readily agreed. I figured it’d probably be a good idea to get to know her, especially if her and Dottie continued their sexual relationship. I felt the need to show my support for her, even if it made me a bit uncomfortable.

On Thursday, I had my feet kicked out from underneath me. I showed up at my usual time, and within 10 minutes the security manager came by my office. I didn’t expect it…businesses usually let people go on a Friday. The long walk to the HR Manager’s office was almost unbearable. I didn’t let any emotion show when I was informed that the company was downsizing again, and how sorry they were to let me go, and how much of an asset I was, and how the economy was bad but there were other organizations out there would would be lucky to have me, blah, blah, blah. By the time I got back to my desk, security had already boxed up all my stuff and reminded me about all the confidentiality agreements I’d signed when I was hired. At least they didn’t frog-march me out, allowing me to make the rounds and say goodbye to my coworkers. I discovered that I wasn’t the only one…several desks I stopped at to say my goodbyes were already vacant.

I went home, called Dottie, and broke the news to her. “Oh, shit,” she said. “I’m sorry, baby.” She told me that she had a meeting to go to, and that we’d talk when she got home.

I was in a deep funk for the rest of the day. When she got home, she walked up to me and gave me a long embrace. “You ok?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m just worried about finding another job. Everybody is downsizing, nobody is hiring.”

She led me over to the kitchen table and we sat down. “I was doing some thinking after you called,” she said. “This isn’t really going to hurt us as bad as you think. My promotion almost covers half of what you made, and we’ll save by you not having to travel to work and pay for lunches every day. There’s also some perks I haven’t taken advantage of. One is a company car…we can sell my car and get out from under that payment.” My car was paid off, but we were still paying $750 a month on hers.

“Plus,” she continued, “I get a clothing allowance and some other allowances that leave us in better shape then we were before my promotion and when you were still working.”

“Show me,” I said, not believing her. Over the next 20 minutes she showed me, mathematically, everything that she had claimed. We actually came out slightly ahead of what we were making before. I was impressed with her reasoning, and it made me feel a whole lot better about our situation.

“So,” she concluded, “there’s no rush for you to get back to work. Take some time off, think about what you want to do next.” Then she paused with a mysterious glint in her eye. “You can even be the housewife for a while. Not many guys get the chance to do that.”

I laughed. “So I should be wearing an apron, with perfect makeup, and dinner ready on the table when you get home tomorrow?”

Was that a look of relief I saw on her face? “Damn straight,” she said, breaking into a huge smile. “And after dinner, you can make me a drink and give me a blowjob like a good wife.” We both laughed at that.

Everything felt weird the next morning, not getting ready for work and staying at home while Dottie drove off. I puttered around the house but not doing much. Dottie called me several times to check on me during the day but I assured her that I was fine. An hour or so before she was supposed to get home, I started cooking dinner.

Everyone tells me that I’m a really good cook. Dottie is an even better cook but she didn’t like the process of cooking whereas I did. I went all out and made a chicken disk that I knew she loved. I had the table laid out perfectly and had just put everything out when our conversation from the previous night popped into my head. On a whim I found her apron, a frilly thing she’d gotten for Christmas one year that said “Damn Right She Can Cook!”, and put it on just as I heard the front door open.

“Honey?” I heard her call out.

“In the dining room,” I answered, grinning. I know she’d be pleased with dinner, and she’d get a laugh out of the apron. As she walked in, I gave her a sexy feminine pose and said “Ta-DAAAAA”. I expected her to laugh, but she just gave me a mischievous grin.

“Incredible,’ she said, her grin getting wider. “Now this is what every breadwinner should come home to.”

The comment about my joblessness stung a little bit, but I didn’t let it show. I walked up to her and gave her a kiss, then pulled her chair out for her to sit. I hung up the apron and we ate, talking about our respective days. After dinner, she said she was going into the living room to watch TV and that I should join her after I cleaned dinner up.

“And wear your apron,” she said as she walked out of the dining room. “You don’t want to get your clothes dirty.”

I was a bit disgruntled at that. When she cooked, I usually helped her pick up after dinner and vice-versa. However, I put the apron back on, put away the leftovers, cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. After I finished, I joined her in the living room.

She smiled at me, then said, “Take your apron off, silly.” I glanced down in surprise, realizing that I was still wearing it. After I had taken it off and hung it back up, she told me, “Wasn’t there a promise of an after dinner drink, too?”

I laughed, then said in a falsetto, “Yes, dear.” If she wanted to play out the conversation from the night before, I was willing. I made her a gin and tonic, then handed it to her.

Her voice went low and husky. “And wasn’t there supposed to be a blowjob?” she said.

“Hard to give you a blowjob when you don’t have a dick,” I quipped, laughing.

She pulled her skirt up, revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties. My eyes grew wide when I also saw that she had shaved her pussy. She hadn’t done that in a long time, saying that it itched when the hair grew back. “I guess you’ll just have to do the best with what I’ve got, then.”

I wasted no time, getting on my knees before her and lowering my lips to her bare, glistening pussy. She was already wet and the sight, smell, and taste of her made me hard almost instantly. My excitement led to an inspired pussy-licking and within minutes she was in the throes of an orgasm, her hips bucking up against my mouth. She came hard, again flooding my mouth with her juices. I kept licking until she couldn’t stand it any more, then stood up and sat next to her. I started to take my dick out of my pants, expecting her to reciprocate, but she gently slapped my hand away from my zipper.

“Tonight, in bed,” she said, cuddling up to me. “I want you good and hard and ready to fuck when we go to bed tonight.”

I was a bit upset at being left hanging, but I didn’t say anything. We watched TV for a while, then she pulled away from me and announced that she was ready for bed. As she went to the bedroom, I quickly shut down the house, and dashed up the stairs to join her. When I got there, she was already naked and waiting for me, her fingers absently toying with her pussy. I gave her a big grin, quickly stripped, and was about to leap onto her when she suddenly sat up.

“I’m on top tonight,” she said. “I want to ride you and ride you hard.”

I wasn’t going to argue with her. She knew it was more difficult for me to cum when she was on top, but she liked that I lasted longer that way. I laid out on the bed and she straddled me. Lining my rock-hard dick up with her pussy, she slowly sank down onto me, moaning softly as she did so. She rode me and, true to her word, rode me hard. She was wetter than usual, and she slammed her pussy up and down my dick like a woman inspired.

“Play with my titties,” she moaned. “I’m gonna cum again….play with them and make me cum.”

While her advantage of being on top was my longevity, mine was that my hands were free to explore. I grabbed both of her tits forcefully, not playing with them as much as using them to grab onto so I could fuck back into her as hard as she was fucking down onto me. Her second orgasm of the night hit her hard. She slammed her pussy against me and I could feel it convulse as she rocked back and forth. It went on and on, and her moans grew louder and louder until she shook hard and went still.

The sight and sound was so erotic that I had felt the tickle of orgasm approaching. Unfortunately, it fled as soon as she stopped moving

“Holy Christ,” she mumbled. Her eyes were a bit glassy and unfocused. I gave her a couple gentle pumps from underneath her, reminding her that we weren’t done yet.

“Give me a second,” she said breathlessly. “That was really, really intense.”

My poor, rock hard dick was screaming for release, but I waited until she collected herself. Unexpectedly, she raised up and then flopped down next to me on the bed. She spread her legs and I wasted no time crawling between them. I slid into her and immediately started fucking her with abandon. All I could think about was cumming, about shooting my cum deep inside her.

I could feel it approaching when suddenly she grabbed my nipples and did to me what I did to her, using them to set the tempo. The new, unexpected sensation didn’t as much push as SHOVE me over the edge, and the orgasm I had was as intense as hers earlier. I emptied my nights worth of desire deep inside her with jet after jet of cum. After I was able to move again, I slowly pulled my softening dick from out then laid down next to her. She cuddled up next to me.

“I think I’m going to like having you at home full-time,” she said. Silently, I agreed. If the sex was going to be as good as this, I was going to like being at home full time myself.

The next day started out a normal Saturday, except that Dottie disappeared into the bedroom that we had set up as an office. I took care of most of the chores while she worked. I figured it was fair since we were living off of her income. Housework wasn’t difficult, and I actually kind of enjoyed doing it. We both finished up what we were doing about the same time, had a quick lunch, then she reminded me that we were having company that evening.

We talked about what to serve for dinner, and she suggested another dish of mine that was especially good.

“I guess I’m cooking again,” I said.

“Better that you do it than me,” she responded. “I’ll admit that I’m a little bit nervous about tonight. I don’t want to get all flustered and screw up dinner.”

“YOU’RE nervous?” I said, laughing. “I’m going to meet my wife’s lover and my wife’s lover’s husband.”

“You’ve met Cathy before,” she reminded me.

“Yeah, but that was before. Things are different now,” I answered.

“True,” she conceded, “but I think you’ll get over your nervousness a lot faster than I would.”

Then she surprised me. “Come and take a shower with me,” she said. “We can wash each other’s backs…and other things.”

When we were first married, we used to shower together almost every day. As time went on and demands grew, however, it became less and less frequent. I liked showering with her…she had a very nice body and it was fun to explore and play with.

“Sure!” I said. We moved to the bathroom, stripped, and got the shower going. I washed her back and then her front. I made sure her pussy was especially clean, intending to make her cum but she shied away before she got to that point.

“Playtime later,” she said, shaking her finger at me. “You wash while I shave my legs.” I quickly washed, then watched her finish shaving her legs. Like the rest of her, she had nice legs and for some reason I always got a thrill watching her shave them.

“Smooth?” she asked, grabbing my hand and placing it on her thigh while still holding her razor. I ran my hand up and down it, wondering if we’d have time for a quick romp before we needed to start dinner.

“Very,” I confirmed. Then she picked up her can of shaving cream and sprayed a line across my chest.

I laughed. “Shaving cream wars?” I asked. “And here I am unarmed.” My can of shaving cream was on the bathroom sink.

She just gave me a grin, then swiped her razor against my chest, leaving a trail of bare hairless skin.

“Hey!” I almost yelled, jumping back.

She put her hand on her hip and gave me a smile. “Hey, I’m just playing. But you’ll look silly with just that little bit of hair gone.”

She finished shaving my chest, then rinsed me off. Grabbing my hand and placing it on my now bare chest, she again asked, “Smooth?”

I rubbed my hand over my chest, and the sensation of hairlessness my dick began to inflate a bit. “Very,” I answered again. I liked the way it felt, and obviously so did she, as her hand rubbed across my chest also.

“Raise your arms,” she said in a sexy voice.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m going to shave your armpits,” she simply said. “I like your chest all nice and smooth. I want to see what the rest of you feels like that way.”

I wanted to balk, but this was becoming quite a turn-on. By the time she was done, my dick was standing at full attention. At that point I didn’t care if we had enough time for a quick romp, it was going to happen.

She ended up shaving the little patch on the small of my back also, then said, “Now legs.”

I DID balk at that. “Wait a minute,” I said, backing away from her as far as I could in the shower. “Don’t you think you’re going a little bit overboard?

“I said smooth, and I want smooth,” she answered in a no-nonsense tone.

“I can’t go around with shaved legs,” I complained.

“Who’s going to see? You’re going to be at home most of the time anyway. And, you never go to the gym or swimming or anyplace else your legs might show. And honestly, you really don’t have that much body hair to begin with.”

It was hard to argue with her logic, plus it seemed to be turning her on more and more. I gave in and she lathered up one leg then, unlike before, handed me the razor.

“You want me to do it?” I said, eyeing her querulously.

“Yes,” she said firmly. “If I like the way it feels, then you can do it for me all the time. But I can’t shave your legs every time, you’re going to need to learn how to do it.”

She gave me pointers, how to shave what part in what way so that I wouldn’t cut myself. I didn’t do too bad, only have one or two nicks by the time I was done. There was only one spot that she had me go over again, and after I was done, my legs were as smooth as hers.

Despite my reservations, I had to admit that it really DID feel good. It was kind of exciting, too…my dick was almost throbbing. I was about to grab her hand and guide it to my dick when she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, shit! What time is it? We need to get dinner started.”

I groaned, then tried to pull her against me. Dodging nimbly, she stepped out of the shower. “Hurry up and dry off. I’ll lay the clothes I want you to wear on the bed.”

I stood in the shower stream, debating on whether I had enough time for a quick jerk, then grumpily got out of the shower and dried off. When I finished drying off and walked into the bedroom, she was already in bra and panties. She had a pair of slacks and a polo shirt laid out for me on the bed. However, instead of my normal briefs sitting on top of my clothes, there was a pair of her panties.

I picked them up and laughed, “In a rush, baby? You put a pair of your underwear here instead of a pair of mine.”

“No mistake,” she smiled at me. “I thought it would be really sexy if you wore those tonight instead of your normal ones.”

I got a little bit mad. “I’m not going to wear panties,” I said.

To my surprise, she got even madder back. “Goddamnit, John,” she almost yelled. “We don’t have time to argue about this. Just put the damn thing on.” Then, her face softened. “Trust me, you’ll love how they feel once you get over your stubbornness.”

I was taken aback by the anger in her voice. I didn’t want to argue with her, so I put the panties on. They were silky smooth. After moving around in them, I discovered that I rather liked wearing them. It was definitely a different feeling than my normal underwear. Later, as we were making dinner, I told her that I enjoyed the sensations the panties were giving me, but that my dick kept starting to get hard when I moved around.

“See? I told you you’d enjoy it,” she giggled. “I knew you would.”

The doorbell rang almost exactly at 6 PM. Dottie told me to answer it, and I let them in. Cathy introduced me to Jim, her husband, and Dottie came out of the kitchen to give Cathy a warm lingering hug. Jim looked a little bit older than Cathy, and was a big guy: at least a head taller than me and probably outweighed me by fifty or sixty pounds. it wasn’t flab, either…the man obviously worked out. After the introductions, Jim chuckled. “So can you?”

I gave him a confused look. “Can I what?” I asked.

“Cook,” he said, pointing to the apron I was still wearing. I had forgotten I was still wearing Dottie’s apron. I turned red, and laughed weakly while taking it off. Dottie slid up next to me and put her arm around my waist. “I’d say ‘she’ can,” she laughed then, before I could comment, quickly added, “Dinner’s ready. Hungry?”

Over dinner, the conversation revealed that Jim owned a chain of pharmacies, with two locations in town and others in several nearby towns. They had a house on the other side of town from us. I sensed that they were very well off and commented to Cathy that I admired that she still pursued a career despite the income that Jim’s pharmacies provided.

“Oh, I don’t do the whole ‘housewife’ thing very well,” she laughed. “I originally started working so that we could hire someone to do the cooking and cleaning. After Jim’s business took off, it gave me something to do. If I had to rattle around in that house all day with nothing to do, I’d probably take on a whole string of lovers. I’m happy with the one I have.” She gave a slow exaggerated wink to Dottie, who laughed.

Jim joined her in laughing. “Not that I’d stop you, honey. You know my philosophy: The more, the merrier.”

I shifted uncomfortably at the conversation. Between the comments and the panties, my dick kept trying to thicken, and it was all I could do to keep from getting a hardon right there at the table. Luckily, the conversation turned towards more mundane things and I was able to keep myself calm.

I think that deep down inside me, I didn’t want to like Cathy or Jim….maybe a bit of jealousy over Dottie and Cathy’s relationship. But I couldn’t help but liking them. Cathy was just too damn bubbly and attractive, and Jim had an easy-going manner that I warmed to. Over the course of dinner, I relaxed more and enjoyed the conversation.

After dinner was finished, Dottie looked at me and said, “Will you pick up in here, then bring us some drinks?”

“Bourbon and soda if you have it,” Cathy quickly followed. Jim raised two fingers to signify “me, too.”

I was a bit perturbed that she left the dishes for me again, but it only took a few minutes to collect everything and put them in the sink. I’d wash them later. I made a gin-and-tonic for Dottie, Cathy and Jim’s drinks, and then made a rum and soda for myself. The four drinks were a bit unmanageable for one person, so I grabbed a serving tray and carried the drinks out on that.

In the living room, Dottie and Cathy were sitting closely together on the love seat, and Jim was on one end of the couch. I set the serving tray down on the coffee table, then handed everyone their drinks. I had expected to sit next to Dottie, but that wasn’t going to happen, so I just sat down on the other end of the couch. As I sat, I got a shock when I saw the bra that Dottie had been wearing laying on the floor, half tucked under the love seat. I gave her a sharp look. She just looked at me and shrugged. “It was uncomfortable,” she explained, then gave me a look that said, “Don’t make an issue of it.”

I could understand why she could take it off in front of Cathy….Cathy had already seen her nude. But it concerned me that Jim had probably seen her take it off too. Despite my misgivings, I heeded her warning and let the subject drop.

We picked up our conversation from dinner and sipped our drinks. After a few minutes, Jim said, “Cathy said that you were laid off. That sucks, really. I’m lucky that my business isn’t really being affected by the economy and I haven’t had to let anyone go. What are your plans now?”

With my head turned towards him, I was telling him about Dottie’s promotion, and our agreement that I would take some time off to find what I wanted to do but was interrupted by Dottie giving a long hiss of pleasure. My head snapped around from Jim towards the women, and my mouth dropped open in shock.

Dottie’s blouse was open and her beautiful tits were exposed. Cathy had half turned and bent over, her hands cupping Dottie’s tits while one nipple was captured in her mouth. Dottie had her head thrown back, her mouth open in arousal as Cathy sucked and licked one nipple, then the other. I sat there, unable to move or speak.

My initial shock turned to outrage as Cathy slid down off the couch and slipped between Dottie’s open legs. Pulling up Dottie’s skirt, she hooked Dottie’s panties with her fingers and quickly stripped them off. Cathy’s mouth immediately went to Dottie’s pussy.

I tensed up, and was about to put an end to it all when I felt Jim’s hand press heavily on my thigh. “Relax,” he said softly, having slid down the couch next to me. “Just sit back and enjoy the show.” His hand began stroking up and down my thigh. “They’re not doing anything that they haven’t done before and it’s not hurting anyone, right?”

I looked over at him, confused. What the hell was he doing? I opened my mouth to say something, but before I could get any words out he leaned over and kissed me.

The feeling was overwhelming. I’d never been kissed by a man, and I’d never been kissed this forcefully by any woman either. I tried to draw back, but he kept pushing forward until I was pressed against the arm of the couch. Dimly, I realized that I wasn’t trying to push him off me. I also realized that my dick was getting very, very hard.

His tongue danced in my mouth. Little by little I surrendered to him and began to respond. I was so turned on. I could feel his hand move up my thigh and then his hand fumbled with my belt. He finally broke the kiss, pulled back to open my zipper, and pulled out my hard dick. As he began stroking it, I could hear Dottie moaning even louder. She had to be in the middle of an orgasm.

Jim kept stroking my dick with one hand while unzipping his pants. I watched as his cock escaped his pants and he guided one of my hands towards it. It was bigger than mine by at least three inches, and thicker. My fingers curled around it and it throbbed hotly in my hand. I realized that I was holding another man’s cock and it excited me even more. I began stroking him as he stroked me. As turned on as I was, it wouldn’t be too long before I came if he didn’t stop.

Almost as if he had read my mind, Jim released my dick and gently grabbed my arm, then silently urged me to stand in front of him. When I did, he almost whispered, “Strip those clothes off for me, baby.”

His voice was hypnotic. I surprised myself after a brief moment of indecision and slowly removed my my shoes and socks, then pulled my polo off and dropped it on the floor. I hesitated for a second, then my pants joined the rest of my clothes on the floor.

Jim’s eyes lit up as he saw the panties I was wearing, then stopped my hand as I started to pull them off too. “Leave those on,” he grinned. “That’s just too damn sexy.” His hand began sliding all over my smooth body, and the sensation made my dick throb.

“Now’s your chance,” I heard from behind me. Dottie had come up behind me, and slipped her hands around me. Her fingers walked up my stomach and began idly playing with my nipples. I almost shot my load right then and there between Jim’s hands exploring me and Dottie’s playing with my nipples. “All those fantasies you’ve had. All the times you thought about sucking a cock….all you have to do is get on your knees.”

Suddenly, indecision and doubt flooded me. What the hell was I doing? I was straight, I loved fucking Dottie, I didn’t want a man’s cock in my mouth…did I? I started to pull back.

Dottie stopped me and her hands went to my shoulders, pushing down gently. My knees buckled of their own accord and I sank to the floor in front of Jim. Jim smiled at me, then reached out and gently put his hand on the back of my head. His cock stood tall and proud in front of me, and at his hand’s urging, I leaned forward until the tip just brushed my lips.

“It’s ok,” Dottie whispered. “You’ve always wanted to do this. Just open your mouth and live your fantasies.”

The tip of Jim’s cock slid past my lips and I could taste him. It was powerful, it was erotic….nothing I’d ever done before affected me as strongly as what was happening right now. Almost hungrily, I slid my mouth down his cock until his cockhead bumped against the back of my throat and gagged. Embarrassed for some reason, I pulled back until only the head was still between my lips. I took his length again and again, sucking harder and harder. Each time his cock filled my mouth, I became more and more excited.

I set up a rhythm that Dottie used on me when she wanted me to cum. I was enjoying sucking his cock, but I wanted him to cum. Wanted him to cum in my mouth. Wanted to taste his juice and feel it fill my mouth up, then swallow it all down. I glanced up at him, wanting to have him see my face as I sucked him, but Cathy had moved to stand next to him and he was sucking one of her nipples. I could still feel Dottie behind me, urging me on to suck faster and harder.

The moment arrived unexpectedly. Jim grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep in my mouth. I gagged, and as I pulled back I could FEEL his cock throb and my mouth fill with his cum. Excitedly, I swallowed, then swallowed again as his cock continued shooting blast after blast of his salty, bitter cum. I felt my own dick throb like I was about to cum. I had made a man cum!

I kept sucking, not wanting it to end, but after a few seconds Jim gently pried my mouth off of his softening cock. I looked up at him, still lost in cock-lust and wanting more. Jim smiled at me.

“Dottie thought you would really enjoy that,” he said.

I tried to answer him and say “Yes”, but no words came out of my mouth. I swallowed, the taste of his glorious cum lingering in my mouth, and tried to speak again but Dottie’s mouth covered mine. She kissed me passionately, pushing me backwards until I laid on the living room floor with her kneeling next to me. The sensation of her lips on mine was joined by another gently sucking one of my nipples. I felt just a hint of whiskers….Jim. Then I felt my dick being freed from my panties and yet another warm soft mouth slide down my dick.

With three mouths working on me, and with the taste of Jim’s cum lingering on my tongue, there was no hope of me lasting more than a half of a minute. When my orgasm hit me, it hit me hard. It felt like my entire groin exploded in pure pleasure and I moaned into Dottie’s mouth. It seemed to go on forever and ever, and the more I came the harder Cathy sucked.

When it ended, I was exhausted. My arms and legs wouldn’t respond, and I laid there feeling like a mass of jelly. I couldn’t even open my eyes. I felt Dottie, then Jim, withdraw and felt my still-hard dick slide out of Cathy’s mouth. When I could finally open my eyes, Dottie and Cathy were kissing and evidently sharing my cum between them. Jim sat on the floor next to me, still smiling.

“You’re pretty damn good for a first timer,” he said, smiling as he stood up. “I hope we’ll be doing this again — soon.”

I looked up weakly at him. He bent over and kissed me again, his hand pulling my panties up over my now-soft dick, then stood up. As more and more of my body began to respond to commands, Jim and Cathy fixed their clothes and then Dottie kissed both of them goodbye. I’ll admit I felt a twinge of jealousy when Dottie kissed Jim, but I didn’t say anything. She ushered them out of the house, and by then I was able to stand on my weak legs.

“You set that up, didn’t you?” I asked, half accusingly.

“Are you mad? You really seemed like you liked it,” she said, biting her lower lip nervously. “I was afraid if I said something beforehand, you wouldn’t go for it.”

“I probably wouldn’t have,” I admitted.

“But…” she said, trying to tease more out of me.

“But it was exciting as my fantasies,” I admitted, somewhat reluctantly.

She hugged me. “Oh, thank god,” she said breathlessly. “I want us to be close to Cathy and Jim.”

“I have to ask, though,” I said slowly. “I saw you and Jim kissing. Have you…..” My voice trailed off, but she knew what I was asking.

“No,” she said firmly. “The only time he’s touched me is to shake my hand when we met for the first time. I don’t know why I kissed him. Maybe I was a bit carried away in the moment. But that’s the most I plan on doing with him.”

There was enough conviction in her voice that I believed her. What worries I had about Dottie and Jim evaporated. The worry about what I did with Jim remained, though.