Fiona’s Revenge: Preparation

Fiona slept. A fine relaxed, happy sleep, a sleep filled with non-sensical happy dreams… until morning. With a start, a dream told her, as it always did, that her period (or bleeding as Meg would say) was starting soon. That, and the usual cramps and headache. Fiona knew from a decade of experience, that she had a day before her flow started. Her friends (and lovers) had all envied her periods. Predictable, nearly to the hour, relatively painless; but with a flow, that once it started, was as dramatic as it was short.

Her priority now was to get ‘female sanitary products’–somehow, she doubted that Bill had any of those–‘just in case’. She slipped the dress that Meg had given her over her lean body. Fiona left the workshop surprised not to see Bill making breakfast. And where was Meg?

She smiled to herself. She was guilty of what so many people are guilty of… pigeonholing people. Meg was HER healer. Meg was also a woman. As Fiona approached Bill’s camper, she was made aware of how passionate a woman, Meg actually was. The small camper was rocking on its axles, and she could hear both male and female voices inside… deeply into vigorous early morning exercises.

Fiona could hear, “… argh, MEG!”

“Yes, Bill, YES!

Then a flurry of groans and ‘fucks’, and then, “Oh shit… Oh my fucking lord!”

Some undecipherable things and some things she KNEW were of a language she did not know.

After a few minutes of silence, she could not wait any longer–well, she could, but… Fiona did have a bit of the salacious voyeur about her. She could always pretend she had just gotten up. She just would love to see two of her favorite people in a sensual embrace.

Fi thought about knocking on the camper door; but, Meg and Bill would cover up and that would be no fun. So, Fiona perched on the camper’s trailer hitch, from which she could see into the camper’s interior through the small window at the front.

After the voices and moans had subsided minutes ago, Fiona had assumed the two were resting from their labors, but… no! They were quiet because both their mouths were eagerly clamped on the genitalia of the other…

They were both on the small camper bed, with bedclothes mostly on the floor. Fiona’s view was not great as the window was dirty. After the (apparently) vigorous activity, both partners were leisurely stimulating each other orally; nips and licks, rather than hard core sucking.

Nothing that could be confused with cannibalism. More like a wine tasting… a lick… a sniff… a nibble… a smile of appreciation. Meg said something to Bill Fiona could not understand. Bill nodded and laughed. Fiona could understand his response of ‘Me, too.’

They then both giggled like teenagers and jumped out of bed. Meg started to put on her dress, but Bill said something to the effect of ‘Why bother’. They both laughed and exited the camper and headed for the tree line. Fiona carefully came down from her perch and peeked around the camper to see their backsides as they raced to–

Then, they suddenly stopped, and lined up carefully. Fiona now could hear Meg’s voice command, “No hands, Bill!” With that said, Meg arched her pelvis and let out a strong stream of urine in front of her, approximately six feet. Bill, seeing the trick of tilting the pelvis, gave it a try, but came out a foot or so short, in this spontaneous pissing contest.

“Meg you have a height advantage on me, that’s why you won.”

“Bah… I have done this with the boys (ahem, MEN) in my family for decades. You had the advantage of seeing my technique… my peoples were so dismayed not being able to aim with their hands, they could not get any distance at all.”

Watching Bill and Meg relieve themselves triggered the same urge in Fiona. She lifted her dress and squatted on the trailer hitch, her strong stream tunneling into the soft soil. Perversely, now Fiona did something she had never done before. Lacking any tissue, and preferring NOT to use the fallen leaves on the forest floor, she wiped herself with her bare hand… observed the wetness on her hand for a fraction of a second, and then licked her hand with her tongue. Her urine was heavily flavored by the honeyed herbal teas Meg prescribed, and the taste was not at all unpleasant,

“BEING NAUGHTY ARE WE??” Meg’s voice startled Fiona from her urine tasting experiment.

“Yes… I don’t know what possessed me… horny and curious?”

“Horny is a good sign of recovery.”

Fiona was mildly embarrassed by Meg still being nude. (Bill was already in the camper…apparently unaware of their conversation.) Fiona was also surprised when Meg came closer and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I can tell, as I am the healer, that the sweat lodge did good things for you; what you don’t know is what you did for me in the sweat lodge.”


“Yes Fi. I call you Fi now… because I know you are a friend… that I AM your friend… and I think MORE…”

Fiona’s face glowed with embarrassment and joy on hearing Meg. “I have something to ask you Meg.”

“Oh yes. Fi, I know, your period is due soon and you need tampons. Don’t worry, tampons are what modern people use–I hope you didn’t expect me to recommend mosses from the woods!!! HA! I am not THAT much of a traditionalist.”

“I need to go to the camper and retrieve my dress… unless Bill has tried it on for fun. I am getting cold out here in the morning air, as my ardor subsides.” Meg had a great life-loving twinkle in her eye.

Later that morning, Meg, Bill, and Fiona drove out to get supplies including Fiona’s tampons; and she also purchased a TracFone, with Bill’s credit card. Meg agreed, it was now time–it was now safe–to reconnect with her life from BEFORE.

What Fiona discovered, greatly upset her. Her first call was to Jesse and John; she wanted to apologize for how trashed she and Maisey left the house.

Jesse answered the phone, “Fi, it is good to hear from you. John and I were worried. We tried calling days ago and you never got back to us. Anyway, John went to the house and Fi… he was shocked, the place… has never been so clean. But why did you move out, and not tell us?”

“Jesse, I didn’t move out… what happened to my stuff?”

“Darling, I don’t know know. All I know is that John said it looked like a crime scene clean up–the place was spotless, and smelled a bit of bleach, actually; you… didn’t murder anyone there?”


“Just kidding, Fi… but really you should have said something–we were worried.”

Fiona made some excuse about running off with a girlfriend on a spontaneous vacation, and then hung up.

Her phone, her laptop, her clothes–all her notebooks and work documents–gone.

Nervously, she called work–only to find out, she had been fired; and that they were looking to prosecute her for fraud and embezzlement. Apparently, the data she was working on, was used to defraud the company’s clients out of thousands of dollars.

A deep, sinking feeling of panic filled her, as she checked her bank accounts–all pillaged… not a cent left.

Fiona wept, and fell into Meg’s arms, trembling; Meg felt Fiona go from crying to a white hot spitting rage.

“I will kill them all, dismember them, peel the flesh from their bones and eat their hearts!”

“This anger poisons you, Fi; it does those who wronged you, no harm.”

“Oh yeah, Meg… what would you have me do? Dream it away…?”

“No, Fi. We can find them in the spirit world and punish them that way… calmly and appropriately.

“First though, you must prepare yourself for battle. You must be strong in both mind and body… you have just begun to heal. A warrior must have meat… my brother has much venison, it will make you strong (I do not hunt… I am a healer. I am shit at killing).

For the next few days, Fiona channeled her hate into energy for the fight. She ate and exercised like a warrior preparing for battle. For her mind–her hate–needed to focus on love… on loving her two supportive companions.

There were no more dream-inducing teas. Every night, she slept with Bill and Meg. At first, it was for the hug, the warmth, the closeness of friends. Once her period was done, she was comfortable observing the intimacies of Meg and Bill.

Most often, these were like those of a couple who had been intimate for some time. The casual touching, kissing; Meg often gave Bill hand jobs while he slept. Meg made no attempt to hide this from Fiona; indeed, she silently encouraged Fiona to watch… to watch and learn.

Bill would often eat Meg’s pussy before breakfast; they each had their sexy time of the day.

And there were times, Bill was able to observe–before falling asleep from his day of manual labor or intense artistic creation–the intimate nature of Fiona’s and Meg’s friendship. Their physical closeness, the calmness that Fiona got from Meg’s physical presence; Meg’s nurturing breasts, her large strong body, her spiritual nature.

In a short while, it was obvious that this odd threesome was out of balance. From Meg, Fiona got comfort, an escape from her problems; Meg received the pleasure of nurturing, of healing; Bill had a warm glow from two women he loved deeply, though each, in a different way.

Fiona, however, was not getting the specifically lesbian experience of multiple orgasms which she had enjoyed in the past.

Meg’s sexuality was disrupted by the novel feelings of same sex attraction. Fiona’s suckling of her breasts, which was an essential comfort for Fiona, was a massive turn on for Meg; and Meg’s satisfaction was largely derived from heterosexual interaction.

Bill was enamored with both women. Fiona from a long-term online connection; and Meg from her strong spiritual and sexual presence. He also had an attraction to men–but that did not play into this scenario.

After days of running forest trails for Fiona, and hard forestry work for Bill, they would stay together in the camper. Meg had her own place and needed to be near home base to be available as a healer.

Fiona was adapting to sleeping with Bill. He was also a comforting and secure presence; obviously, not the mother goddess that Meg was, but a loving and caring father with sexual interests. He was robust and hairy–large torso, strong short legs– they always slept naked.

Fiona’s body was returning to its lean and muscular natural state; at a hundred pounds and five feet tall, she carried minimal fat. Her breasts were small with prominent nipples. A flat stomach and well defined abs, with a round but tight bum.

Their first night alone was uneventful; they both had plenty of exercise and were asleep after a good night kiss.

Fiona awoke the next morning with Bill spooning her–his morning wood still against her bum. She had just finished an intensely erotic dream and her pussy was vey wet. She was desperate for climax and reflexively pushed her bum closer to Bill’s hard-on, as she slowly started fingering her clit.

Bill was still at least half asleep, aware of his erection and the female presence in the bed. He could just barely discern that it was not Meg, as Meg’s bum was tight and narrow, even though she was much bigger than Fiona.

In response to Fiona’s presentation of her bum to his erection, Bill positions his deeply curved cock between her bum cheeks.

As Fiona grew more excited from fingering herself, she rubbed her bum crack vigorously against Bill’s hard-on.

Bill grew more conscious of the pressure growing in his groin, his balls tighten against his body and his cock began to lubricate Fiona’s bum crack with pre-cum.

Bill’s wetness on her bum caused Fiona to change her pattern of fingering her pussy; she now pulled roughly on her distended clit and pussy lips, and intensified her pressure and movement on Bill’s ever hardening cock

At this point, both were breathing in short powerful exhalations–Bill was practically snorting like a bull. All these novel feelings put Fiona over the edge, and she came in an energetic rush.

“Oh don’t cum yet, Bill… I want to see it.”

Fiona tossed the sheets off the bed and put herself between Bill’s leg’s kissing his balls and stroking his pre-cum wetted shaft.

Having been expertly aroused by Fiona’s bum, Bill came in rapid spurts, after barely a minute of Fiona’s stroking.

Fiona’s face was beaming.

“Proud of yourself, aren’t you, my little fuck toy.”

“Yes, Bill. It’s the first time this lesbian ‘fuck toy’ has gotten a man off all by herself.”

After that auspicious beginning, the day progressed naturally. Bill made breakfast as usual; and after breakfast, they got in the Tacoma and drove over to Meg’s place.

“Well you two look relaxed and happy… I see Fi has made friends with male sexuality.”

“I cease to be amazed by how you know things no one has told you,” said Fi.

“Ah, such smiles… this early, what else could it be?”

“Meg, what do you have in store today?” asked Bill.

“We will be busy preparing for the next stage of Fi’s life. For the near future, she cannot go back to her life in data analysis. She must be stronger;.. strengthened physically, spiritually, and sexually.”

“Do I have a say in any of this?” piped up Fiona.

Bill and Meg stared at Fiona in the same loving sympathetic way, as if to say, ‘Certainly… we love you… we just want to help… forgive us for getting so far ahead.’

With a start, Fiona realized that things had changed–drastically–words were not necessary; the three of them had formed a mystical bond.

It was important to ACCEPT what was… and use it, become… one with it.

The next few days were spent at Meg’s house. Fiona waking at dawn for long hikes into the woods with Bill; Meg was up early, but she stayed near her house, foraging for herbs and edibles. Even on cold, misty mornings, she would roam the woods naked, if that was necessary, for the proper procurement of certain special ingredients.

One day, as the mist was lifting from the pines, Bill and Fiona observed her in quiet contemplation. Meg’s eyes were open and though they passed in front of her, she did not react. Her face relaxed, her body covered in dew; but, the dew was steaming off her–she was not chilled, but fueled with some internal fire.

The nights were long and dark; winter was coming. Meg’s house was snug with the possibility of a fire in each room; a small, wood-fired stove resided in each room and as all the rooms were themselves small, a fire in that stove would make that space toasty in no time.

Meals were generous and Fiona ate ravenously. For the first time in years, she was gaining weight; muscle from her walks in the woods, muscle from cleaning paths in the forest with Bill. Fiona’s legs and belly returned to their lean greyhound look; from all of her squatting to lift logs, her ass was round and hard; her arms thicker than they had ever been; and her chest deeper–her flat chest, now had prominent, although not large, firm boobs. All of the time outdoors, had given Fiona a new look, of almost an entirely different person.

Fiona began to alternate her long walks with Bill, with morning forest bathing with Meg. It was too cold most days to be nude, especially for forest bathing, when one moved slowly–conscious of every sense of the forest. How it talked to you; how it cleansed you. But in a sunlit clearing, one morning, they were so warmed by the sun’s rays, that they stripped off to feel the warming rays on their skin.

There was never any overt mention of religion, as such; one was simply to acknowledge their spiritual side and feed it. The forest helped. On a long hike with Bill, Fiona summited on a mountain top over an hour’s hike from Meg’s place. They sat on the rocks and wordlessly worshipped the land and the sky.

Time stood still. By instinct, they both rose as the sun began to set; not needing clocks, they knew they had but one hour to return to Meg’s before nightfall.

At night they slept together. The togetherness strengthened Fiona… but, in truth, all three grew with the experience. “A teacher grows, as her pupils grow… maybe more.”

All three were pupils; all three were teachers.

One rainy morning, all three were feeling lazy and stayed in bed. They had been very busy the day before and all had fallen into a deep sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Bill awoke first. His morning wood playfully, but insistently bumping against Meg’s hard tight buttocks.

Meg was sleepily holding Fiona to her bosom as Fiona took comfort on Meg’s left breast. Meg’s face showed maternal satisfaction, and… something else. Fiona’s boob sucking turned her on, as no other foreplay ever had. Her cunt (when feeling really filthy, Meg abandoned her Abenaki words–it seemed sacrilegious) was wet and her clit erect. Meg never masturbated; she was either busy with other things, or had easy access to willing partners. She positioned herself above Fiona, on her knees and elbows; nodding to Bill to continue poking her from behind, but finding the proper fucking place.

The old bed creaked dangerously, as Bill got up behind Meg, pulled back his foreskin revealing a glistening wet, pink cock head; he rubbed it in a leisurely manner between Meg’s lips.

“You tease me, Bill!” Meg croaked, in a raspy whisper.

“Indeed… I am in no hurry, are you?”

“Mmmm… I… ah — gasp — guess not.” The combination of Bill’s teasing strokes, and Fiona’s now more aggressive suckling, was causing Meg to lose her words.

Bill was content with his situation. He had masturbated over incredibly nasty internet porn for hours–he had some self control–as long as Meg was relatively passive.

Meg’s interest was divided; the slow teasing of Bill’s cock competed, and yet complemented, Fiona’s sucking of Meg’s hanging teats. To tease Fiona, Meg would swing her teats to one side or another, when Fi would momentarily disengage from one of them, sometimes accidentally slapping Fiona’s cheek with her massive mammaries.

They teased each other in this manner for some time. The vision of the larger woman swinging her large breasts above, was also turning Fiona on; as she would glance between them and catch glimpses of Meg’s furry mound, and tight, rounded belly.

Fiona glimpsed at Bill’s balls as they swung below his dick, as he incrementally went from teasing Meg’s wet cunt lips, to penetrating her inviting twat… one inch at a time.

Fiona had no hesitation about playing with herself; if she got wet, and she did often in her sleep, she dealt with it–meaning occasional extended masturbation sessions resulting in up to ten consecutive orgasms. Like Meg and Bill, she was in no hurry; together with them, she savored the sensual pleasures of lazy threesome lovemaking on a rainy morning.

Still, it was Fiona who climaxed first. The erotic combination of a lesbian young professional; a middle-aged (straight?) Native American healer; and a bisexual, retired college employee; was over the top in her imagination. Meg noticed immediately because Fiona had left off sucking on Meg’s tits as she drove herself to climax.

Meg’s healer’s mind cataloged the event; in all her years, she had never witnessed another woman pleasure herself as Fiona did. Many men, but Fiona was the first woman. Meg noted the shortening of breath, the rapid exhalation, the biting of the lips, and finally the flush of the face and shoulders as the eyes rolled back in Fiona’s head.

This observation, combined with the many minutes of Fiona’s tantalizing of Meg’s nipples, and Bill’s slow sensual plowing of her wet cunt, sent Meg over the edge. As she came, she reflexively contracted her vaginal muscle and pushed back on Bill’s cock… burying it balls deep. As she came in multiple waves, Bill felt it all in the tip of his dick. He could not pull out–Meg trapped him inside her, as she rotated her ass in a circular motion against Bill’s belly. Bill’s balls tightened against his body; Meg loosened her grip on his cock, just to pull back… freeing half of his embedded shaft; only to press even harder back against him. As her waves of orgasmic completion waned, Meg lowered herself in exhaustion towards Fiona, pulling Bills down with her.

At that moment, Bill shot his load deep into Meg’s pussy; they then both rolled to one side, to avoid smothering Fiona under their mature, sweating flesh.

Bill was the first to speak, as they all collectively caught their breaths.

“What an exhausting way to start the day.”

“Bah… maybe for you, Bill. If you are done, make breakfast for the three of us… Fi and I have a little something we have to do.”

Bill raised one eyebrow quizzically… as far as he could tell, this exercise had taken as much out of Meg, as anyone.

“Okay, Meg; is scrambled eggs and toast good enough for everyone?”

Both Fiona and Meg nodded. So, Bill threw on some old jeans and a sweatshirt, and padded down to Meg’s old-fashioned, but serviceable, kitchen to make breakfast.

“Fi, Bill is right. Finishing that last time took a lot out of me; but, I could see on your face that you are ready for more… tell me how?”

“It is all imagination… you and Bill are rooted for the most part (I know Bill and his porn addiction) in sex, as a thing between people you care a lot about. I can masturbate with no porn, no partner–just to fantasies in my head.”

“Fi.. This is something… I know. I know of other people, but it is not how I work.” mused Meg.

“Fi… this is hard for me. I love you in a way I have not loved other women. I form close attachments with men–my husband was my best lover. He gave himself entirely to me; every moment he was with me, was what you might call foreplay. So when we made love, I was already hungry for him. I will not speak of the others, some were not so good. Bill is the best since my husband; we are not together all day, like my husband and I were, but he is a deeply caring person. I knew from the first time he spoke of you, the depth of his feelings for you–I think now, I can almost match those feelings in him.”

“So Fi, we may never be lovers like you need. You get me ready, but I need Bill to complete me… I know that is terribly old-fashioned, but that is what it is.”

“I love you, too, Meg–maybe more than I love Bill. I know you two are my path to a new life; from now on, I have to call the shots in my life. But I need you and Bill with me. Are you okay with that?”

“Oh yes, Fi. It is time. You are strong, very strong; and you taking charge of your path is the final test. Let’s go have breakfast with Bill. He, I know, will do whatever is necessary for you.”

(Continued by Fiona’s Revenge; The New Life)