The Breadman comes on Fridays




Several years ago a close life-time friend from my schooldays who had gone into a nursing home asked me if I could clear the loft in his house. His wife still lived there but was not very well and he was worried that the house might have to be sold. They had moved into the house which belonged to his parents in the 1990s to care for them. Both his parents and his older brother had died in the middle and late 90s.

I started clearing the loft which was packed with both his parent’s and my friend’s belongings and either dumped things or put them into an auction house. It took a long time because I had to check carefully any books, papers etc in case there was money or anything else of value. Among the items I found a small locked suitcase. Thinking that, as it was locked, it could contain something of value I brought it home and levered the lock with a screwdriver. To my disappointment it appeared to contain only church magazines and sheet music which made no reason to keep locked away, however among these papers I found an exercise book, marked on the front with ‘1951’ containing the following handwritten diary. I could understand why it had been hidden under lock and key and in their old age it had probably been forgotten. It certainly opened my eyes to his parents, especially his mother, who was always very kind to me and it made me realise that sex did not start in the 1960s.

His mother (Hilda) was a very warm attractive person and always gave us biscuits and a drink when we played at their big house. I didn’t have much to do with his father (Martin) as he was normally at work when I was there. To me, his parents were old probably in their early forties and there were two ancient grandmothers living there but I don’t think I ever knew their names and they both only lived a few years after I started visiting the house.

The bread deliveries by horse-drawn vehicles continued into the middle 1950s in the town.

I changed the title to one I thought was more appropriate.





I am writing this trying to record everything I remember that happened a few weeks ago. My relations with Martin have been difficult since his affair with our friend Joyce but we are getting closer again. We are in the process of buying a larger house and selling the current one because my own mother is becoming frail and is going to have to move in with us and as a result our finances are stretched putting further strain on us.

We don’t own a fridge and I have to shop most days. We do, however, have milk and bread delivered. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays bread is delivered from a nationwide firm by horse-drawn van. Mondays and Wednesdays the bread is left in the porch and every Friday the delivery is later in the morning because it is payment day. The delivery is made by either Bryn who is just under six feet tall, reasonably well build and always cheerful or his young assistant Sandy who is a bit shorter than Bryn and slim.

4 May: It all started with the weather. Martin had left for work but promised to contact the estate agent to find if any progress on the houses had been made and the boys had gone off to school. The weather was awful and when Bryn came to the door he was soaked as they only had capes in the open cab. I asked them if they would like a mug of tea and they eagerly accepted. The horse is so well trained that they left it standing in the street with a hay-bag over its nose. Edna normally went out on Frday mornings to meet up with friends for lunch but because of the weather was at home. Bryn and Sandy left their capes and brown coats (like those worn by ironmongers) in the porch and came through to the room we usually used for meals and having made them both wash their hands I left them talking to Edna while I went into the kitchen to make the tea.

We learnt that Bryn is 35, married and had served in the Royal Navy during the war. He had been in submarines working in the team who looked after the torpedoes and he described how they had to lift these heavy objects around in such a small space. Sandy is very quiet, is 18 and is waiting for the letter calling him up for National Service. He lives with his widowed mother and has no siblings. He has worked with Bryn since leaving school and has developed an interest in horses and Bryn taught him to drive the van and leaves it to him to look after the horse.

Bryn said, “We’re very grateful for the tea because on normal delivery days we bring a flask and sandwiches for lunch but on the payment days the round takes much longer and we sometimes run out of tea.”

After we had had a chat and they had drunk their tea I went into the kitchen to get the bread money and Bryn brought the mugs into the kitchen. I paid Bryn and he thanked me for the tea and the next moment he put his arm round my waist. I went rigid with surprise for a moment and Bryn took his arm away and quietly apologised.

I said “It’s alright, in fact I’d enjoyed it,” and I leaned into him and he put his arm back but this time squeezing my breast at which point my nipple went rigid and he stroked it.

“That is even nicer!” I said. Fortunately you could not see directly into the kitchen from the other room and Edna’s hearing isn’t good. As they were leaving I suggested that they called again next week and Bryn said he would look forward to it.

Edna said “I feel sorry for them in this weather and it was a nice gesture for you to offer them tea.”

I’m glad that she couldn’t read my mind as that was not the only thing I was thinking might be on offer.

I replied “I’ve invited them again the next week providing it doesn’t inconvenience me, but I have to be here to pay them anyway,” and she didn’t raise any objections. At the evening meal while we were all sitting round the table I thought I had better mention our visitors before my mother-in-law did and the only reaction was from the boys who wanted to know all about submarines and everyone agreed they would not like to be in one but thought it would be better for short people and not someone tall like Bryn.

11 May: I spent the next week thinking about what could happen. When Friday came I had decided to wear a light jumper and skirt. It was half-term for schools and I suggested the boys take their yacht over to the yachting pool in the park for the morning. Edna went out for her lunch and after I had made the beds, done some cleaning and prepared lunch the time seemed to stand still. Eventually they arrived and I asked them in. Having washed their hands Bryn and I stayed in the kitchen to make the tea and Sandy went to sit at the table in the other room to read his comic.

As soon as Sandy left the kitchen Bryn took me in his arms and began kissing me and I responded eagerly. Reaching under the jumper he lifted my bra enough to free my breasts and rolled the jumper up. He then gently stroked them, my nipples went rock hard and he began to suck them. My whole body was tingling and in the meantime I had reached down and felt the stiff cock in his trousers. At that point the kettle whistle went and while I made the tea Bryn continued to fondle me from behind and compliment me on what lovely tits and reactive nipples I had.

I told him “Martin who grows fruit in our garden calls them Logans as he says they are like Loganberries when aroused and shortens this to Logans. If he is talking about fruit to visitors he always says that he likes raspberries but likes the taste of Logans better and only I know the hidden meaning.”

Bryn said “I’ve never seen a Loganberry.” So I explained that it was a cross between a raspberry and a large blackberry and he said “I think that is a grand name for them but I will still call them nipples.

I managed to get my clothes straight and we took the tea into the other room. This time when they left I said ” I’m really looking forward to next week.”

The rest of the day I couldn’t concentrate on anything and kept replaying what had happened, my reaction to someone else wanting me and whether this would stop before anything serious took place. I had only ever slept with Martin and I was proud of my figure with an almost flat stomach and a good bust with only a slight sag after nursing two children.

That night as soon as we had got into bed I reached over and started stroking Martin’s cock (he always referred to it, using a cricket term, as his short leg) and after he had rubbed my clit for a while I climbed on top of him. I was already wet and excited and it didn’t take long for me to climax, and then we continued until Martin had his.

He said, “You were more aroused than normal, is there a reason?”

I took the bull by the horns, “I’m going to tell you something; you won’t like it but I want you to promise not to say a word until I’ve finished, otherwise I won’t tell you.”

He agreed and I related what had happened that morning and I reminded him that he had had an affair and that he couldn’t complain now if I wanted some fun. At first he was very annoyed but then agreed that, although he didn’t like the idea of me with another man, it would be unreasonable for him object and he began wanting more details.

“I want to continue with Bryn but won’t hide anything from you.”

He said “But Bryn is only a breadman.”

I replied ” You are being a snob and I will give you reasons why I want to have fun with him. Whatever we get up to will be for a very limited time as we will be moving house soon, he is not from our crowd so it is very unlikely that I will ever see him after we move and he has had a lot more experience of life in the real world than us.”

Having reluctantly received permission, I then started writing this diary. The following week could not come soon enough. I had realised that anything that took place would have to be a hurried affair in order not to cause any suspicion with the neighbours and worked out that the maximum time available would be no more that 15 to 20 minutes and that the mugs had to be ready for tea, the kettle already boiled once and the bread money on the table. My boys come home from their schools for lunch every day and the meal would have to be prepared in advance.

18 May : I do not feel at ease yet writing some of the words Bryn uses but Martin said if I was keeping a diary then it should be accurate. I put on a strapless sun dress which had a built-in bra and a zip at the back. Bryn and I went into the kitchen and while I made the tea Bryn unzipped the dress and dropped the front leaving my breasts completely exposed with my nipples standing proud.

We thought that Sandy was reading his comic but the next minute, as I was standing there with Bryn fondling me and my hand rubbing the bulge in his trousers, he came into the kitchen to ask if he could use our bathroom. I immediately jumped back and pulled up the top.

“Don’t worry, Sandy won’t tell anyone and it won’t do him any harm to see a bit of real life,” was Bryn’s reaction as he zipped me up.

We went to sit down for tea but Bryn pulled me onto his lap facing away with my legs straddling his. He then unzipped the dress again and pulled it down to fondle me in full view of Sandy who was hypnotised.

Holding my breasts Bryn asked him ” Doesn’t Hilda have lovely tits and such large firm nipples. You will have to go a long way before you see tits as good as these and do you know she calls her nipples her Logans although they’re hard as acorns?”

Sandy didn’t understand so I had to explain.

He said “They are beautiful. Can I touch them?”

I told him “Yes, if you are gentle.” His hands were shaking as he did but that made it feel even nicer.

Meanwhile a different kind of stroking was going on down below. When I had sat down my dress had risen over my thighs and Bryn had opened his knees which opened my legs. He had slipped his hand under the dress and touched my mound. It was like an electric shock and I almost jumped up off him and the next moment his fingers were under my loose knickers. I was already wet down there and his fingers just slid between my legs. It took no time for him to insert a finger in my honey pot and thumb against my clit and start moving them. I laid back against him, he started kissing my neck and I was soon writhing in his lap and breathing hard. With a few moans and cries it didn’t take me long to climax, shaking all over. In fact I almost slid off his knees I was moving so much.

Sandy had never seen anything like that before and was worried that I was ill.

Bryn said “You have just seen a woman coming and that, far from being ill, Hilda is very healthy.” Asking me “I suppose you have a pet word for your cunt and the man-in-the-boat?”

“Yes” I replied “we call them my honey pot and clit.”

He laughed and said “Oh how very posh and polite but I won’t beat about the bush.”

I started laughing and told Bryn “That’s just what you have been doing — beating around MY bush!”

Bryn lifted me off his lap and I was glad to have the cup of tea after that. I was half way through my tea before I had calmed down enough to realise I was sitting there with my breasts out on display but I was still glowing and didn’t care!

Sandy asked Bryn “What did you mean by saying ‘Hilda coming’?”

He replied “Just like you do when you are wanking but without the mess.”

That set me off laughing. Before they left Bryn fondled my nipples and gave them each a goodbye suck, ensuring that they were really hard and then zipped up my dress. After they left I thought that Bryn was slightly wrong about there being no mess as I had to go upstairs and change my knickers as they were so damp. At the point of climax, which was one of the strongest ones I had ever had, Bryn could have done anything he wanted with me.

I don’t know how I managed to get lunch ready as I was still reliving what had happened. Someone desired my body. I hadn’t objected. I had behaved like a common tart. I felt alive. I wanted more. I couldn’t believe what I had done nor how much I had enjoyed it. I did not feel ashamed. All these thoughts were running round and round my head.

That night I told Martin everything and this time he was very aroused, especially when I used Bryn’s words, which led to a nice loving finish to the day. It was strange that Martin disapproved of what I was doing but at the same time he became quickly aroused. Isn’t he a bit of a hypocrite?

24 May: Disaster. Probably due to the excitement and anticipation my period came on a little earlier than expected. Despite not being able to get pregnant I continue to have periods. When they came in and after they had washed their hands Bryn and I stayed in the kitchen while Sandy went into the other room with his comic. Before Bryn could do anything I told him that ‘an old friend had arrived’ but that I had a solution.

Having made the tea and put the mugs on the table I asked Bryn “Can you help me fix something in the bathroom?”

We went upstairs into the bathroom where we had a cuddle and then I went down on my knees and unbuttoned his trousers and I gently took out his hardening cock. He was circumcised and about the same size (about 6 inches) and shape as Martin. I had a good look at it to see if it was healthy (it looked very healthy!) and then wiped it with a damp face cloth. After stroking and licking it a little I put it into my mouth and slowly moved back and forth. He lasted a couple of minutes before spurting and I swallowed everything as I didn’t want any trace in the bathroom.

While I licked it clean then buttoned him up he said “That was a very good gobble.”

We went down to finish the tea and found Sandy still reading his comic.

Sandy asked “Have you managed to fix the problem?”

Bryn replied, “Together we’ve sorted it and everything is working well.”

When they left I told Bryn that I hoped next week would be better. That evening in bed I demonstrated to Martin what had happened but refused to compare their cocks.

1 June: The next week everything went as planned, Edna went out, all was prepared and they arrived on time. This time I was wearing the same sundress but I had taken my knickers off earlier. I had decided that this was to be the day we would go all the way and I wanted it to be comfortable although slightly hurried. After they had washed their hands, I told Bryn to wait in the room with Sandy, who was reading his comic, while I made the tea.

When I put the mugs on the table I said that I was just going upstairs to do something. In my older son’s bedroom I had laid towels on the small single bed and pillow with a facecloth. I called down for Bryn to come up and help me and took off my sundress and lay down on the bed.

Bryn showed his delight at seeing me all ready for him. He stood there for a moment looking me up and down and then said “You’re beautiful like that, and now open your legs so I can see your cunt.” I was only too willing to show him. Although it was a single bed the one advantage was that there was no board at the foot. Bryn undid his braces, unbuttoned and dropped his trousers and removed his shoes. He joined me on the bed saying “I’ve been so looking forward to this.” We kissed while he moved his fingers gently around my already wet parts and I stroked him.

He asked me “Do you want me to put a French letter on?”

I told him “Don’t worry about protection, after I had our second child something went wrong and I can’t have anymore. Now I just want you inside me.”

He moved on top and slowly entered me and I put my legs over his lower back and hugged him tightly as he began thrusting while we French kissed. After a lovely few minutes he started to move quicker and then stiffen and I could feel him climaxing inside me.

Throughout this he had been whispering basic words into my ear. I was aware of these words from my schooldays but had never spoken them myself and I found that they had a shocking but stimulating effect on me and I’m sure Bry had noticed and that was the reason he used them. We cuddled for a little time and although I hadn’t climaxed I had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bryn asked “You didn’t come did you?”

I said ” I’ve been a bit tense, worried that I might not meet your expectations and that you might think that after having two children I was not tight enough for you. Sometimes I only come through having my clit stroked or kissed and other times thrusting inside will work.”

He said ” You were wonderful, plenty tight enough for me, it was a great fuck, and I’m looking forward to the next one when you will definitely come.”

I was so relieved when he said that, that I replied “Yes, I agree, it was lovely but who said there would be another?”

“Will there be another?”

“Of course! However Martin has given permission on the understanding that our affair will end when we move house”.

I then asked him “Why two weeks ago did you refer to my clit as ‘the man-in-the-boat’?”

He explained “Your cunt-lips are shaped like a small boat and your clit is like a little man sitting under shelter at the bow. You can go out on your own with your man-in-the-boat for a row if you can get him out of his shelter, but if you want to go out for a proper sail then you will need a firm mast inserted in your cunt.”

I said “I think that the man-in-a-boat is a real mouthful and clit is much simpler.”

Bryn replied “It might be longer but it can be a very tasty mouthful!”

Too soon we had to move before I started leaking and when he withdrew I cleaned our juices from him with my mouth and wiped myself with the facecloth, dressed and went downstairs.

Sandy asked “What has taken so long? Your tea is nearly cold!”

Bryn told him “Not that its any of your business but we have just been having a lovely fuck.” Sandy’s jaw dropped.

I said with a big grin “It was lovely!”

After they had gone I had to clean myself, remake the bed and make sure there was no evidence remaining. I related everything later to Martin. We made love slowly to both our satisfaction. It was the first time that not only had I let another man enter me but two men had climaxed in me in the same day.

8 June: The following week we told Sandy we were going upstairs. Sandy asked “Are you going to have a fuck?” Bryn said “Yes, I hope so, but you continue reading your comic.” Instead of Bryn taking off his shoes (to save time) he knelt at the foot of the bed, pulled me down the bed, put his head between my open legs and started licking and sucking my clit, at the same time reaching over my legs to play with my nipples. Martin had not done that for some time and I was glad that I had trimmed my bush a couple of days before.

This time I was relaxed and when I had climaxed with a few cries he stood up, turned me over, lifted me up onto my elbows and knees and entered me from the rear, pounding until I could feel him spurting and at this point looking back at Bryn I saw Sandy peering round the door. I didn’t know how long he had been watching us.

When Bryn withdrew I told him what I had seen and suggested that there might be problems if we were to ignore Sandy completely.

Bryn said that “He’s a nosy little bugger but boys will be boys.”

After we had cleaned up we rejoined Sandy downstairs who was red in the face and began to apologise.

I told him “Don’t be embarrassed, it is perfectly natural to be curious about what we were doing.” I then gave him a hug.

Bryn, laughing, called him ‘a nasty little Peeping Tom’.

Martin thoroughly enjoyed hearing what had taken place and was happier that I was more at ease with Bryn. We finished the evening making love.

I had thought a lot about Sandy and if he had received any sex education. As he was an only child he had no siblings to tell him (as my sisters had done) and it was unlikely that his mother had. That would leave only his schoolmates and, if they were anything like mine had been, he would have been given lurid and probably inaccurate information. I came up with one way where he could be given a good grounding.

15 June: When they came the next week, I told Bryn “I don’t want to stop our pleasure but I’ve been thinking about Sandy and as he had already seen us making love, rather than have him spying on us I wouldn’t mind if he would like to sit and watch us and gain some knowledge. What do you think?”

Bryn agreed saying “I’ve been thinking along similar lines.” He then said to Sandy “Hilda and I are going upstairs to have a fuck. Hilda doesn’t mind if you want to come up and watch us, or you can stay downstairs and read your comic.”

It was no surprise that Sandy came upstairs with us.

Bryn told Sandy “Hilda has been very generous allowing you to watch us fuck and you should thank her and keep what you see to yourself.”

I told Bryn ” I liked the position we used the previous week as it had enabled both of us to climax in a relatively short space of time so could we try it again?”

Once we were in the bedroom I showed Sandy a chair and then stripped while Bryn dropped his trousers. Sandy couldn’t take his eyes off me. He may have seen pictures of nude women but he had never seen one fully in the flesh!

As I stretched out on the bed Bryn asked me “Can you open your legs and bend them back?”

This left me completely exposed. He then told Sandy to come closer and proceeded to give him a guided tour of my bits and functions using basic words and his fingers. I then allowed Sandy, under instruction, to put a finger in to stir my wet honey pot and to rub my clit which was by then quite proud.

Bryn also gave him some advice “Treat a lady always with respect, never to put your desires before hers, never make her do anything she didn’t want, to have some kind of protection and always keep yourself clean. Take your time as a women does not become warmed up as quickly as a man and Hilda likes to come through rubbing or licking her clit.”

I told Sandy ” If you remember everything Bryn has said then you won’t go far wrong.”

Although I was extremely aroused I couldn’t help wondering how I could lie back and allow my lover to show a teenager my parts without any embarrassment. The quick demonstration and talk over, Bryn dived between my legs and licked and sucked me till I climaxed quite quickly, helped by the fact that I was being watched, and then he turned me over onto my elbows and knees and entered me, holding my waist with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. As he was thrusting into me I had my eyes closed and could feel my breasts swaying and the sensations slowly building when I was aware of Sandy kneeling beside me and pulling my nipples gently. This put me over the edge and I climaxed again with some noise, my arms collapsed and I fell forward but Bryn held my rear up and continued moving before climaxing himself.

After he withdrew I cleaned myself with the face cloth and Bryn with my mouth and told him “Go down for your tea and leave me with Sandy for moment.” I had seen that Sandy’s face was very flushed which was to be expected but he also looked uncomfortable. I had a good idea what had happened.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I unbuttoned his trousers and found that it was too late, the poor lad had become so excited that he had come in his pants. I put my dress on and took him into the bathroom and made him drop his trousers. With the damp face cloth I tried to clean his underpants as much as I could and then gave my attention to his cock.

He was uncircumcised and limp. I began to stroke it and brought it erect (about 4 inches). Having managed to gently push the hood back over the head I gave it a good wash and gave it a few licks before buttoning him up. Unfortunately there wasn’t time for anything else and I reckoned he had had enough excitement for one day.

Before we went downstairs I said ” Coming like you did was nothing to be ashamed about and things will improve.”

Bryn asked me “Was Sandy alright?”

I told him “He had become too excited while watching us. However, after a clean-up I managed to lick him into shape. I’m sure he will improve and could in time be entered in an Apprentices race.”

Bryn then asked him ” Have you enjoyed yourself?”

Sandy replied “It was so exciting to watch both of you and Hilda is so lovely. I never thought I would see anything like that.”

Bryn said to me ” When you were coming you cried out ‘Oh fuck’!”

I denied it but Sandy confirmed I had. I was so embarrassed.

Bryn asked “Why, when you had let me fuck you in front of Sandy?” and I could see his point.

I had to demonstrate the actions again that night to a very aroused Martin and when I told him about the word I cried out, he said agreed with Bryn that it was a bit late in the day to be shy. I am finding that I have quickly become used to being naked in front of them, in fact I am enjoying it and the effect it has on them.

22 June: My period came this week so I took them upstairs into the bedroom and

made them drop their trousers while I sat on the edge of the bed. After giving both a quick wipe with a wet facecloth I stroked them until they were both hard and then sucked and licked one while stroking the other. I told them “it is not a competition to see who can come first or hold on the longest.” As expected, Sandy came first and I swallowed everything from both of them and Bryn said I was a good gobbler.

Sandy was not aware that this could be done and this time he was not so excited and was able to hold off a bit longer. I realised that if I could make Sandy climax once then after a time he should be able to go again and last longer and I decided to test this out at the next opportunity. When we went downstairs and were all talking I found that Sandy had no idea about periods and I had to explain in simple words. Bryn used a few basic terms and phrases including some funny ones I had not heard before. He also suggested that instead of using posh and such polite words that when I was with them I used more basic words that we all understood and I said I would give it a try. Thinking about it later I realised that I had satisfied two men at the same time.

29 June: When they arrived Sandy was glum and so I took Bryn into the kitchen to ask what the problem was? He had had his birthday some months before and had just received his Army call-up papers as a late present.

Bryn said “Ever since he received them he has been a right misery on the round.”

I thought for a minute and then suggested to Bryn that he did without his fuck this week and let me give Sandy another special present. Although disappointed he said “If anything will take his mind off the call-up then that should!” so he stayed downstairs. I told Sandy that I had a late birthday present for him and I took the unsuspecting lad upstairs. When he entered the bedroom he looked around for the present but couldn’t see it.

I told him “I will have to unwrap the present,” whipped my dress off and said “I am your present.” The look on his face was priceless.

I unfastened his trousers and gave his cock, which was now hard, a quick wipe and asked “How would you like to fuck me, on top of me or have me on my hands and knees?”

He said he would like to lie on top, so after taking off his shoes he joined me.

I said “Remember what Bryn told you a couple of weeks ago that I needed to be warmed up? I want you to start by kissing and sucking my nipples and gently stroking me below.”

When I was ready I pulled him on top of me, reached down, and taking him in my hand I guided him to my now wet entrance and he pushed in. It only took a few strokes before he came and he apologised that it was over so quickly.

I told him “It isn’t all over and we will lie here for a bit without you withdrawing” and I put my legs as far up his back as I could to keep him inside me.

I asked him “Do you wank much?”

He replied “I used to occasionally but now I’m doing it every day since I saw your tits and then watching the two of you.”

I told him “Most people do it and I enjoy it myself when I feel like it and no-one is about.”

I then showed him how to kiss using our tongues and all this time I was squeezing my inner muscles and when we started kissing I felt him swelling. Before we started again I put my legs down and my hand between and began to rub my clit quickly.

I told him “Start moving slowly and when I remove my hand, thrust into me fast.”

When I felt I was about to come I took my hand away and we finished nearly together and were both very pleased that he had lasted longer this time. After lying for a short while I felt him firming up again.

“I think you are ready to fuck me again, but unfortunately we have run out of time and we will have to go downstairs.”

Fortunately I hadn’t leaked and having cleaned up and dressed, before we went downstairs I told him to “Thank Bryn for giving up his fuck so I could give you your present.”

Bryn said “From the look on your faces everything had gone well. Well Hilda, how did it go? He looks a bit worn out.”

I said ” Sandy went upstairs a boy and has come down a man. It had been an apprentice’s race, he had mounted successfully, went off too fast and ran out of steam after a short distance, got his second wind for a good gallop and could have managed another gallop but for the time.”

He asked Sandy “Did you enjoy your present?”

He was so excited that he had trouble getting the words out. “It was an amazing experience and the most wonderful present I have ever had, I will never forget the day or Hilda, and thank you Bryn for letting me.”

Bryn asked “Is it better than reading a comic?”

We had a good laugh. I felt awful that Bryn had been ignored but I had to get them to leave before any neighbour started to wonder.

I had asked Bryn “Would too much wanking affect Sandy’s staying power?” But he had no idea. Before they left, Bryn told Sandy “Take that big grin off your face as other customers would start wondering.”

Before they left Bryn asked if he could have a quick word with me alone.

He said ” I have been offered the use of a friend’s house for an evening. I was talking to him and mentioned that I was involved with a married women and how little time we had to have a fuck. He then made the offer. Would you like to try it and could you get away for a few hours?”

“Of course I would like to have a relaxed fuck with you and this is a very generous offer – are there any conditions?”

“Well yes – he would like to watch us fuck. His name is Eric, in his late forties and divorced. His wife left him and went to America with a GI at the end of the war and he has been single since. He is the manager of a large distribution depot and lives in a nice bungalow at the edge of town. He is quiet, very easy going and I think you would like him.”

“You know I get turned on when Sandy watches us and I suppose a stranger watching us would have the same effect. I also suppose that he might want more than just watching.”

“That would be up to you entirely.”

“The idea is very appealing but I will have to check with Martin before I can agree.”

That night I reported everything that had happened with Sandy. Martin said “Sandy will never forget you being his first woman.” I asked him the question about wanking and like Bryn he had no idea and said “It was not the sort of question you could ask other people.”

I then told him about Bryn’s suggestion and asked for his thoughts. After Martin had read the entry of 15 June he had agreed that he would have liked to watch me with Bryn but never had the courage to say it as he was worried what I might say and where it might lead. He said that as I trusted Bryn he would not object to the suggestion and while we were talking he became aroused without me touching him and we finished the evening off in fine style. For the second time I had allowed two men to climax inside me in one day.

2 July: I waited for Bryn to deliver the bread and went out to tell him ” Martin has agreed that I can meet you so give me Eric’s address.” When he told me I replied “I know the area and can cycle over there. All I need is a date and time which you should be able to provide next Friday.”

6 July: Our house was sold and a date of 17 July (before the school holidays) was made our moving date and I had to break the bad news to them when I had made the tea. While I was making the tea Bryn asked if next Wednesday at 8.00pm at Eric’s would suit me and we agreed on that. Not wanting to waste any time we all went upstairs, I stripped and they both lowered their trousers.

Sandy asked me “Before you and Bryn fuck, would you let me lick you like Bryn did?”

I said “That would be nice” so I lay back, opened my legs and after a little direction from Bryn he began licking while I held his head. Bryn told me “Licking you is like eating an ice cream — if you aren’t careful it drips down your chin!”

“Bryn, this is rather like a variety show” I said “with Sandy playing the warm-up part and you the main act!”

He replied “Ladi-e-e-es and Gentlemen, this morning we are pleased to present, back by popular demand, the mighty Bryn and his assistant Sandy to perform for you. We hope that you will gasp in amazement at their performance but we will require your complete attention and co-operation. So lie back, relax and enjoy the show!”

I burst out laughing and clapped him and I could feel the vibrations and hot breath on my clit from Sandy’s laughs too.

Then Sandy’s hard work started paying off and I had a loud climax, beyond caring what words I called out. By this time Bryn had knelt on the bed and, wrapping his arms round my thighs, lifted my legs up in the air, pulled me up to him and entered me, thrusting away while Sandy was playing with my nipples.

Although this position put some pressure on my lower back it was very enjoyable with the advantages that all three of us could watch Bryn’s cock moving in and out of me and it gave Sandy space to fondle my nipples. It was a position that Martin and I had not tried for some years because it could not be performed under the bed clothes which was necessary in case one of the boys couldn’t sleep and came wandering into our bedroom.

While Bryn was thrusting I turned my head and took Sandy in my mouth until he came.

After we went downstairs I told Bryn “I was surprised at your little speech.”

He said “When I was in the Navy and off duty we often put on little shows for each other and other crews.”

I had to chase them out of the house as we had nearly gone over the time. I was getting used to and enjoying satisfying two men at the same time. Martin, as usual, was pleased to hear all that had taken place but we did not use the same position.

11 July: That evening I told the family that I was going over to spend the evening with a friend. Martin warned me that if I felt uncomfortable at any stage that I was to come straight home. It was a lovely warm evening and I cycled slowly over to Eric’s with my handbag, light cardigan and cape in the front basket. The bungalow was large with quite a lot of garden at the front. Bryn was already there (having driven over on his motorbike) and he introduced me to Eric. My first impression was very favourable and he gave me a warm welcome with a hug and a kiss but without any roaming hands. He was about the same height as Bryn but stockier and dressed in casual clothes. Bryn had a beer and Eric and I had a G & T, which came with ice and plenty of gin. His lounge was tastefully decorated with many books on view and an upright piano in one corner. Music was playing in the background and we chatted about various things for a while; he liked music, books and cricket whereas Bryn was more interested in carpentry and sport.

Bryn asked me if I would like to dance and we had a slow close dance and then Eric took Bryn’s place. He said “I used to enjoy dancing before the war. I was called up, given a commission in the Army and sent to East Africa where I was involved in running supply depots. While I was abroad my wife got a secretarial job at a big American Air Force base and the inevitable happened. After I returned she left me and went off to the States with him. Dancing like this brings back many memories.” He then kissed me and I opened my mouth so our tongues could play.

As we were dancing Bryn came to take Eric’s place and he reached round to undo the zip on my dress and, holding my arms up, lifted it off me. I was wearing just a bra, knickers and short socks. He removed my bra and stroked and kissed my nipples. Bryn told Eric about my nipples and he agreed they did resemble Loganberries.

Bryn knelt down, removed my shoes, socks and knickers and holding me at arms length said to Eric “Didn’t I tell you Hilda had a lovely figure?” Eric said to me “I thought he was exaggerating but you are gorgeous.” Bryn then picked me up and telling Eric to lead the way carried me into a large bedroom. There was a double bed without any blankets and just a bathtowel on top of a sheet. Eric took a seat by the side of the bed. Bryn placed me on the bed and undressed. As usual Bryn was hard by the time he was naked.

He said to Eric ” Hilda takes a bit of warming up before she is ready for entry.” He then lay at the bottom of the bed and opening my legs began to lick and suck me while stroking my nipples. I looked across at Eric and gave him a big smile. He had unbuttoned his trousers and had pulled out his cock. The combination of Bryn’s efforts and Eric watching soon brought me to a noisy climax and then he pulled himself up, entered me and I wrapped my legs and arms around him. We had a slow gentle fuck until I could feel him building up, moving faster and coming. He was able to stay in me for a minute or so while we both recovered. When he pulled out of me and got up and I cleaned him off with my mouth. Eric was standing there with a damp cloth for me, which I thought was very considerate and showed me the bathroom where I cleaned up. I noticed a very large bath in the room. When I returned to the bedroom I found that Eric had brought me another G & T. Bryn wrapped a towel round himself and told us “I’m going to have another beer in the lounge for a while and leave you to it.”

I had made a decision when I was in the bathroom and told Eric “You have behaved like a gentleman and now is the time for your reward.” On hearing that he quickly undressed. He said that “You and Bryn looked so comfortable together as you were fucking.” He had a fine circumcised erection, slightly longer than Bryn or Martin but much thicker. I sat on the side of the bed and gave it a fondle before taking it into my mouth for a minute or so. It was quite a mouthful!

He asked me what position I would like and I said “As your cock is larger than Bryn’s I think it would be best if you lie on your back and I ride you.” Further proof of his nature in that he asked me which position I would like and did not put his needs first. When we got into position I lowered myself slowly onto his cock. It certainly filled me more at first than I was used to and I was very tentative with my movements until I realised that my cunt had adjusted to it. As I was moving and he was gently pushing up he was also rubbing my clit and stroking my nipples. Sometimes I lowered my body so he could also suck them. After some time the sensations started to build and I had another lovely climax before collapsing onto him. Eric however was still hard and he turned us over and started again. I put my arms round his back and my legs over his and we kissed for some time until he eventually came strongly and I could feel him spurting away inside me. We lay there for a few minutes and then he withdrew and I cleaned him with my mouth while he wiped me clean with the damp cloth.

He told me “That was absolutely fantastic and I think you are adorable.”

“Well you contributed more than I did and I really enjoyed having a fuck with you.”

Bryn came back into the room and said “From what I could hear and see you both enjoyed yourselves. I did look in to see how you were doing and watched for a short time.”

He then stood at the side of the bed, pulled me onto him and began thrusting lasting longer the second time. He asked “I take it that you would like to see Eric again?”

I replied that ” First of all, you know my adventures with you are coming to an end in just over a week when we move. That condition was laid down by Martin at the start. I will be very sorry and I am so grateful that you have been so kind and gentle with me and given me experiences that I would never have imagined before. A few months ago I could never have stood naked in front of another man let alone two men and fucked one while the other watched.”

“Secondly, yes I would like to see Eric again but I will have to discuss this with Martin before anything more could take place. So that is the situation for now.” It was getting late so I went into the lounge, retrieved my clothes and dressed.

Eric gave me his telephone number and asked me to call if it was possible.

I then hugged and kissed both of them and set off for home. Martin was waiting up and eager as ever to hear how things went. I replied “You could say I’m completely fucked!” After we got into bed I told him how the evening had progressed and what a lovely man Eric was.

“You would like him. He has similar interests to you, music, cricket and piano playing. He wants to see me again but it depends on you. I think it would be nice if we both went over and you met him.”

“He sounds my type but how could we explain to Edna where we were going?”

On my ride home I had decided how we could get round this and told him what to say to Edna.

He asked me if I was too tired to make love but I was ready but told him to take it very gently and so we ended another eventful day on a high note.

12 July: Over tea that evening Martin told us ” I met someone today that I last saw before the war. We used to play cricket for different teams and every now and then would play against each other. He lives a few miles away. He gave me his number and has invited us over for an evening.”

I asked “What is he like?”

“He used to be a very solid quiet person and unless he’s changed I think you would like him.”

“OK, why not try to arrange an evening.”

Edna said “It would do you both good to meet new people outside your usual old friends.” So there, we had her blessing!

13 July: Then came the last day Bryn, Sandy and I could take our pleasures. When they arrived I told them “If everything goes to plan then we won’t have time for tea (in fact I had brought a kitchen timer into the normal dining room so that we wouldn’t over-run), so go and wash your hands.”

I was wearing just a sundress that buttoned all the way down the front and when they came back into the room I was waiting with a completely unbuttoned dress. By that time I was quite relaxed about using the basic words with them. I asked them to drop their trousers and Bryn picked me up, put me on the table on my back and sitting on the chair lifted my legs onto his shoulders before bending forward to lick my clit and stroke my nipples.

When he started he said “As this will be our last time I’m not going to hurry.” and he was true to his word. His tongue just slowly moved round and round tormenting me until eventually I came, crying and twitching.

While I was still getting my breath back he pulled me to the edge of the table and eased into me. I sat up with my legs round his waist and my arms round his neck and as he started moving we began kissing.

In between kisses he said “I want you to enjoy our farewell fuck.”

All good times must end but it was a very relaxed and unhurried fuck. After he withdrew I told him “Clean yourself while I bring Sandy’s kettle to the boil.”

On Bryn’s suggestion he lifted my legs over his shoulders and was able to easily slide into me while I lay back on the table. When he leant forward I could feel him going deeper and he started squeezing my nipples before it soon became too much and he spurted.

I told him “Don’t pull out. keep moving and pump fast.” While he kept pumping I could feel him starting to swell again and he was able to hammer away until he came again.

After he withdrew I stayed a moment or so lying on the table while Bryn cleaned me before I stood up on shaky legs. The kitchen timer broke the spell and they had to leave after a last fondle from both. I was quite tearful when we said good-bye and apologised that everything was always a rush and that I would have always liked much more time. We all said we would never forget that summer and they wished me well with the house move the following week. I then made sure that there was no evidence on the chairs or table.

That evening, while the family was sitting around the table having a light meal, I couldn’t help thinking what had taken place on that table earlier in the day. At night Martin was eagerly waiting for me to relate the day’s activities and as usual he became very aroused and we ended the day on another high note. He was so aroused that in the middle of the night I was awoken by him rubbing my clit and we went another round of pleasure.

The next morning Martin said “If last night had been a cricket match then my first innings had been quick but solid but in my second innings I had gone out to a sticky wicket but persevered at the crease and some of my strokes raised admiring cries from my batting partner”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Later I was thinking about the day before and the fact that again I had had three men coming inside me in the same day and had thoroughly enjoyed the experience with no regrets.

16 July: I was upstairs making the beds when the door bell rang. Edna answered it and she called up to me that we had a visitor. I went down to find Bryn! He apologised but asked “Could I use your bathroom?”

In Edna’s hearing I said “I’ll show you where it is and will get a towel for you from the airing cupboard in the bathroom. If there is a problem give me a call as I am making the beds.”

Going up the stairs he asked quietly “Is anyone upstairs?”

When I shook my head he started unbuttoning his trousers and by the time we were in the bathroom he had got his cock out. I asked him “Get ready, while I go down and check on Edna.” I went downstairs and found Edna reading a book in the lounge and told her “I’m going back up to continue with the beds.”

When I got back his cock was standing to attention ready for action. I pulled my knickers off, my dress up and bent over, leaning on the bath. I was already wet with the excitement of having a fuck while Edna was downstairs so he gave me a quick rub inserted his cock and fucked me very quickly holding onto my hips while I squeezed as hard as I could. He told me in a whisper “You have been a marvellous fuck and I wish I could have had you more often.” It took very little time for him to come and we had a quick kiss before I went into the bedroom. He then called out that he was leaving and I went downstairs behind him to say farewell. It had been thrilling to take the risk but we were quick and quiet.

When he left he wished us well with the house move and asked if I would see Eric again. I said nothing had been arranged so far. I returned to making the beds but couldn’t concentrate after the surprise quick fuck so I lay down on our bed, with one ear open for Edna, and slowly and dreamily brought myself to a nice quiet climax or as Bryn would have said – “I took the man in the boat out for a row”.

Later that day Edna said “I suppose you will miss them calling, they made a good team.” How little she knew!

Martin was a little annoyed that we had taken the risk but enjoyed hearing about the position we had used and thought we could try that sometime when everyone had gone to bed.

17 July: That morning our boys went off to their schools, Edna went out for the day and Martin and I waited for the removal van. The move was finished in the afternoon and the boys and Edna came to the new house. So ended the most exciting but short episode in my life and now I will have to wear knickers on Fridays. However Eric has now entered the scene.

Looking back at this stage:

I’m sure we will often take my diary out of its hiding place and recreate the various days and my adventures had brought the two of us closer than ever. He knows that Eric is no threat to our marriage.

Bryn had caught me at a time when I was a little unhappy and my activities with them due to the time constraints could be described as frantic fucking.

The more I fucked Bryn the easier we felt with each other and our bodies. I had been very lucky to have had my adventures with such a caring experienced man and had enjoyed myself tremendously. I hope that if Bryn finds another lonely housewife, which I’m sure he will, that he gives her as much pleasure and excitement as he gave me. I also hope that Sandy will find a nice girl and settle down with her.

I had been fortunate. If the weather had not been awful that first day then nothing would have happened. Since then it had been fine and nothing had gone wrong with Edna. She and my sons had been healthy and had not needed to stay at home. None of my neighbours called while they were there. Neither of my lovers smoked or wore haircream so there were no lingering smells in the bedroom and, without any spills, any scents from our activities were soon cleared with an open window.


18 July: I rang Eric that evening to say “I have told Martin that you would like to see me again and suggested to him that we both come over and he could meet you. He is most interested. We will have to wait for a few weeks though while we get everyone settled in the new house and various jobs done. Does that sound alright?” Eric said “I am very happy to hear that but hope it willl not be too long.”

6 August: I rang Eric to see if we could come over on the following Thursday. He said “The G & Ts will be ready!”

9 August: Martin told Edna that we were going over that evening to see his friend Eric and she told me “He sounds a nice person and I hope you like him.” That evening we took the car over to Eric’s. It had been put away during the war and after had hardly been used because of petrol rationing. Now that rationing finished last year we were using it a lot more.I could see that Martin was excited but also a little apprehensive. Eric greeted me with a hug and kiss and shook hands with Martin. “You are a very fortunate man to have such a lovely caring wife and I hope our friendship can develop.” The G & Ts were ready and we sat down and the men didn’t take long to relax and start talking about cricket and men’s things. I was very happy to see them getting on so well.

When the conversation moved on to music and playing the piano Eric said “Why don’t I play some light slow music and you can dance?” So Martin and I moved slowly around the room while kissing each other. Eventually I decided that the time had come to move onto the next stage. I made Martin sit down and went over to Eric, took his hand and eased him away from the piano.

I told Martin “Eric and I are moving into the bedroom and you are welcome to join us.”

“I’ll let you go ahead and will join you when I have finished my drink.”

When we entered the bedroom I asked Eric to undress me and then I did the same for him. I then suggested that he lie down on the bed and I knelt over him facing his feet so I could suck him and he could return the favour. He said that this position was called a ’69’. We continued without any hurry until I had a lovely climax and then I told him to choose a position.

He wanted the same as we had done the first time we met so I lowered myself onto him and away he went and managed to last about 10 minutes before shooting inside me with a loud moan. Sometime during this Martin had come into the room, undressed and sat on the end of the bed stroking my back. We lay there until we had got our breath back and when Eric pulled out I cleaned his cock with my mouth. I took the damp cloth and waddled into the bathroom to clean myself. A fresh G & T was waiting for me at the side of the bed on my return. I stretched out with Eric on one side and Martin on the other.

I asked Martin “What is going through your mind now?”

“When I was sitting having a quiet drink I could hear you both, then I heard you climax and

then the bed started creaking. I had to come and see you. Entering the bedroom I was confronted by you, on top of Eric, and being lifted up and down as he pumped into you. It was the most arousing, beautiful and erotic sight I could ever have imagined. So thank you both for letting me be a witness.”

Eric and I were so relieved that Martin had enjoyed watching us fuck. After a short time I started fondling Martin and then got up on my hands and knees and told him to insert himself. He was quite worked up and didn’t take long to come. We then cleaned up again before getting dressed and moving back to the lounge. Eric made coffee for us and we sat back and relaxed again like friends who had known each other for years.

I asked Eric “When you can fuck like that, how come you are still single? Have you not come across anyone suitable since your wife left?”

“There have been a few liaisons but they came to nothing.”

“Well I will have to keep an eye out for someone suitable. How do you manage to keep your house so clean? Do you have a cleaner?”

“I have a widow who comes in three days a week and she does the cleaning, washing and ironing. Sometimes a few weeks can go by without seeing her because I am at work when she comes and goes. She doesn’t mind the laundry as I have a washing machine.”

“I would like to see this washing machine as my mother will soon be coming to live with us and then there will be six lots of washing.” Eric showed us the machine and said “I have a friend in the trade and he could get a discount on one for you.”

“How do you manage with your cooking?”

“I have my main meal at work and I leave a list for my housekeeper and she buys everything and puts it away.”

When it was time to leave Martin told Eric that “I have really enjoyed this evening. I was worried that we might not have hit it off. I know now that Hilda is perfectly safe in your hands and even though I would like us to continue to meet I have no worries should Hilda come on her own.”

Edna had gone to bed and, in our own bed, we cuddled and agreed that the evening had been a great success and Martin had made a new friend. I had also had an idea about a suitable girlfriend for Eric but did not mention it to anyone.

10 Aug: In the morning Edna asked “Did you enjoy yourselves and was this Eric a pleasant man?”

I told her “He was a complete gentleman and could play the piano beautifully.” I did not tell her it was not the only thing he could play well.

“You must invite him over one evening then so I can meet him and he could play Martin’s baby grand.”

During the evening meal Martin was asked the same questions and agreed to ask Eric over some time.

That night in bed I told Martin that “We must now discuss the future. At present I am getting all the physical enjoyment with both of you while you are sharing me. This isn’t fair and so I have a proposal for you. Would you like to restart your affair with Joyce and do you think she would, on the condition that this time everything is in the open and you tell me everything like I do?”

Martin was not expecting this and agreed to contact her to see if she would. I suggested that she might not believe that I approved so I would have to meet her and put my cards on the table. This chat had aroused him and we had a lovely session.

13 August: Martin spoke to Joyce and she reacted positively and a meeting was arranged for the following weekend. She is a teacher in her late thirties with a slim figure, small bust, longish black hair and lives alone in a small flat. She had been a friend of the family for a long time and my youngest boy adored her but relations were broken off when they had their affair.

18 August: I met Joyce and we went for a walk in one of the parks. At first she was very wary but apologised for their earlier affair and understood why I had been so angry. I gave her a hug, kissed her and told her not to worry. “I want to tell you what has happened as a result of your affair.”

“I was very low and relations with Martin were not very good. Temptation was put in my way and I grabbed it with both hands. However, I told Martin at the start that he had had his fun and it was now my turn but that I would tell him everything that happened. He gave consent reluctantly but as things developed he became more and more enthusiastic. The man I was involved with was very experienced but our meetings were always very hurried. I had agreed with Martin that this affair, which only lasted a couple of months, would end when we moved house and we kept to that.”

Joyce was amazed to hear about my adventures. In her eyes I was a quiet obedient housewife who wouldn’t stray from the straight and narrow.

“There is more to the story. A couple of weeks before the house move, my friend said that someone he knew was prepared to let us use his house for an evening, provided he could watch us. It was an opportunity to have a relaxed coupling and with Martin’s approval I agreed. The evening went very well, the house owner was a charming man and in the end both of them fucked me, much to everyone’s enjoyment. Since then I have introduced Martin to him and I have pleasured both of them in front of each other. However because Martin was sharing me it wasn’t fair and so I would really like the two of you to get together again, but with nothing kept secret. There is one other condition — you must ensure that Martin wears a French letter as we cannot afford to have any accidents. Would you accept this offer?”

“I would be delighted as I have missed your whole family and would like to be able to call and see the boys again. As for protection there is no need to worry as I use a Dutch cap when I sense there will be any action and I always carry a spare letter iin my purse.”

“Then welcome back as more than a friend and I will leave you to make arrangements with Martin.” On that note we hugged and kissed again and I went home to report to Martin who was very pleased.

24 August: Martin and Joyce had decided to meet today and I had contacted Eric to tell him I would be coming over on my own. Martin drove me over to Eric’s and then went on to Joyce’s.

Eric had the G & Ts ready and we sat and cuddled in the lounge as we had plenty of time. Eric took me into the bedroom and undressed me and, while I lay on the bed with my legs open and my cunt in full view, he got undressed.

He had been looking at my cunt and I said “Why are you looking at it that way?”

“I was just thinking that your bush was rather long and I have had an idea. Wait there for a minute” and off he went.

He came back with a pair of scissors, a shaving stick, shaving brush, safety razor, a small bowl of warm water and a wet cloth. His intentions were obvious!

“Will you let me shave you?”

“If you do, you will have to be extremely careful as I am so sensitive down there.”

With that he pulled me to the side of the bed and opened my legs wide. He carefully used the scissors to remove the thicker parts, lathered my mound and started shaving it, every so often letting a finger or two stroke my clit. He managed to clear every hair, even on the cunt lips without a single scratch. When he finished he took my hand to feel how smooth it was and then used his tongue on me until I came.

After that he said “I have something else in mind now. I thought about it a week or so ago and I think you will like it.”

He picked me up and carried me into the bathroom and using a shaving mirror showed me the effect of the shave. My cunt lips were now on show and seemed to come much further up my mound now they were exposed.

This was not the surprise however for he started to run a bath and, when the water had reached the required level, stopped the flow. While the water was running he had fetched fresh drinks which he placed on the wide tiles at the side. We both climbed in facing each other and he lifted me onto his hard cock. We started rocking slowly to and fro, kissing occasionally and sipping our drinks. It seemed a long time before I came again and even longer for Eric, in fact he had to let some water out and replace with more hot water. What a relaxing and soothing fuck!

Eric dried me and we both got dressed and went back into the lounge for a cuddle and waited until Martin called in to collect me. I thanked Eric for such an inspired evening.

When we got into the car Martin was impatient to tell me about his evening.

“Everything went very well. Joyce met me at the door wearing a dress and once inside she removed it and stood there naked. It didn’t take me long to undress and we didn’t even make it to the bedroom but lay on the lounge floor. Joyce asked ‘Fuck me hard and fast as I have missed you so much.’ Afterwards we had a drink and then went to bed for a chat while I recovered and then we had a slow fuck. What was your evening with Eric like?”

“I had what you would call a ‘close shave’.”

“What happened?”

“I’ll tell you about it when we get to bed.”

I changed into my nightdress quickly while Martin was in the bathroom and lay down on my side facing him. I took his hand and placed it on my shaved mound and said “That was the close shave I mentioned.” He was so surprised he sat up and put the light on so he could see it in all its glory.

“It looks so bare and your slit seems so much bigger. Is your clit more sensitive now?”

“Why don’t you give it a try?”

“After fucking Joyce twice tonight, I don’t think I could manage again but I will use my tongue.” We made sure the door was closed before he put his head under the blankets. While he was licking me I also mentioned the bath episode. So that is how we finished that evening.

30 August: We decided to Invite both Eric and Joyce over for the evening and both were free.

31 August: I had told the boys that Joyce was coming that evening and the youngest was delighted. Martin went to collect Joyce and Eric was to come in his own car. I had made a few sandwiches to go with the drinks. Martin and Joyce arrived first and Edna was very pleased to see her after such a long time. Joyce explained that she had been extremely busy with schoolwork and she was also learning to play a church organ but now was free of the school worries. She asked “Can I go up and see the boys?” and I took her upstairs. The oldest was sitting reading in his bedroom and didn’t seem overjoyed to see Joyce but when I took her in the youngest’s room he jumped up out of bed and hugged her. She put him back in bed and laid down beside him and began to tell him what she had been doing. I left them talking away and went downstairs to await Eric.

When he arrived we had a quick hug and then took him into the lounge to meet Edna while Martin made drinks for everyone.. Poor chap hardly got a word in edgeways as she asked one question after another. Joyce joined us and met Eric for the first time. Edna raised the topic of piano playing and wondered if he would play the baby grand? Whereupon he sat down and started playing the odd tune until he was comfortable and then asked “Edna, what would you like me to play? How about this?” and started playing old music hall songs. That was it! He had Edna singing along while we wondered how long it would be before either she lost her voice or he had cramp in his hands. Eventually she stopped singing and Eric sat back with us and we talked about various things while having the sandwiches and more drinks.

Edna then announced it was past her bedtime and that she hadn’t had such an evening for many years and thanked Eric for making it so enjoyable. He gave her a hug and kiss and off she went upstairs, singing away quietly to herself.

Once she had gone I went over to sit in Eric’s lap and Joyce joined Martin. We cuddled, kissed and fondled until I stood up and gathering the dishes and glasses asked Eric “Would you help me do the clearing and washing?’ We went down the hallway to the kitchen and, leaving everything in the sink, I pulled my dress up (I had taken my knickers off when I had collected the food earlier), and taking a leaf out of Bryn’s book, sat on the edge of the table, parted my legs and told Eric “We’ve time for a quick quiet fuck!”

He had his cock out and inserted it very quickly and we had been fucking for a couple of minutes when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. “Don’t worry,” I said “that’s Joyce.”

She came striding into the kitchen asking “Can I have a glass of…” and her voice just died away as she saw us fucking. Laughing I said” We are rather busy at present, can you get it yourself?” and Eric continued thrusting away. Joyce drank some water, watching us as if in a trance and then pulled herself together and went back to the lounge. When we had finished and cleaned up Eric asked me how I felt now that my bush hair was growing again. “It is alright for you,” I said “but it is so prickly now that I won’t let you shave me again.”

We wondered whether Joyce had been disgusted or excited on seeing us fucking and we crept quietly down the hall and slowly opened the lounge door, to find Joyce with her back to us kneeling in between Martin’s legs and giving him a gobble while he held her head. Martin saw us, winked and put his hands over her ears and she didn’t hear us sit down. He eventually threw his head back with a deep sigh, Joyce sat up and realised we had been watching them.

“No doubt,” I said “You would like another glass of water!”

We had a good laugh and soon it was time for them to leave and I told Martin not to take too long dropping Joyce home.

I was in bed when Martin returned and he said that they had had a quick fuck at her flat.

“What did she say when she had seen us in the kitchen?”

“She came back into the lounge and said that ‘They’re fucking and didn’t stop while I was there. If they can do it here then so can we’.”

“I persuaded her just to give me a gobble and that we could have a fuck when I took her home.”

“How did she feel about watching us?”

“At first she felt a little embarrassed but then mesmerised and very aroused.”

“Maybe she could join us at Eric’s where we can let our hair down more.”

So ended a very successful night for everyone.

1 September: Eric has made a conquest! Edna could not stop talking about him at breakfast and thought he was charming. The youngest was so pleased Joyce had called up to see him and was wanting to know when he could see her again.

6 September: Our eldest son is going to take part in his Scout troop ‘Open Day Camp’ the next Saturday when prospective recruits are invited to attend with their parents to see what joining the Scouts involved. Our youngest is also going as he wants to join with his friend. We had been before and our eldest said there was no point in us attending and that he would take his brother. This meant that Martin and I would be free and we decided to ask Eric and Joyce if they would like to go out for a picnic that day as it looked as if the weather would be quite warm.

7 September: We told Edna we were going over to see Eric and she asked us to give him her good wishes. In fact, Martin dropped me off there while he went onto Joyce’s.

Eric and I went into the bedroom, stripped and lay down side by side. I was on my back and lifted my leg over Eric which enabled him to stroke my clit and suck my nipples while I fondled him. When I was ready I brought his cock to my cunt and he entered me and we moved gently while he continued to stroke my clit. Ever the gentleman, he waited for me to come before he increased his thrusts. After we had got our breath back he cleaned us both with a damp cloth, and then got up and made nice cool G&Ts and we sat back leaning against the pillows.

“Did you enjoy working in Africa.”

“It was certainly different — the people, the land and climate. The British civilians there were not of the highest grade but enjoyed being treated as if they were, with all kind of servants and allowances. The wives appeared to have nothing to do except drink and have affairs. Some were rumoured to have taken local men as lovers.”

“What — other British men?”

“No — Africans!”

“Do you think that was true?”

“I know that this was sometimes the case. If it was discovered then the husband would be given another job in another Colony. There was one case when the lover blackmailed the wife into letting some of his friends fuck her and she was shipped back to England and those identified were caned. Would the idea of being fucked by an African appeal to you?”

“Apart from colour, which would make it interesting, why should it be any different? Anyway that will remain wishful thinking, just a fantasy as there no Africans in this area.”

We ended our chat on this subject and talked of other matters. Before dressing Eric gave me a parcel which contained a lightweight red shaded house-coat.

“I thought this would prevent you getting cold when you are lying on the bed. I will keep it here for you.”

Martin called to collect me and came inside for a few minutes to say hello to Eric.

“You will have to keep an eye on Hilda,” he said “She fancies trying an African lover.”

Martin was really taken aback, “Is this true or is he pulling my leg?”

“Well,” I said “we were talking about Africa and the subject came up and I said it might be interesting. That’s all.”

Eris was all for a picnic tomorrow and Joyce was also free.

On the way back home Martin said the he and Joyce had had a very good evening.

“We had undressed in the living room and Joyce sat in an armchair and put a leg over each arm so that she was completely exposed. I was able to kneel in front and lick her until she came and then I just had to lean forward and slide deep into her until I exploded. It’s her favourite position.”

He went on to say “There could be a slight problem on the horizon. Joyce’s parents are rather frail and she may have to give up her flat and move back in with them.”

“If it does happen it needn’t be a problem because I’m sure that Eric woudn’t mind if we all went round to his place for our entertainment. In fact I’m sure he would be all for it.”

8 September: It was a beautiful day and we picked up Joyce and Eric in our car and headed off to the coast. Before we were married we cycled all over the country and had found a hidden cove where we were able to swim naked. It took nearly a couple hours to get there and park near the destination, followed by a reasonable walk through fields. On arrival we found no-one else there, the sun shining and light waves. Martin had carried a blanket, Eric our picnic bag and Joyce and I had the drinks (tea and soft).

It was nearly time for lunch so we sat down (a bit squashed) on the blanket and I started the ball rolling by taking off my blouse and skirt. Not to be outdone, Joyce followed and the men took off their shirts. We had a refreshing picnic and then Eric said “I want Hilda for dessert!”

I answered “Let your food get down first before you think about any pudding. It will not be like a normal pudding because you will first have to lick the bowl!”

Eventually we started cuddling and then he removed my bra and knickers and I pulled off his trousers and underwear. He rolled me over onto my back and after a few minutes of licking entered me. During this time Martin and Joyce were at first watching us and then they started getting down to business with no shyness on Joyce’s part. However, it was soon obvious that there was not enough room on the blanket and they got up and went over to a nearby rock. Joyce leant forward on her hands and Martin entered her from behind. I had never seen anyone fucking before, let alone one of them being my husband, and the sight was very arousing so it wasn’t long before I came with Eric a little way after.

Everyone enjoyed the outdoor fuck and we all agreed that it made a pleasant change from our normal couplings. I was surprised at how much noise Joyce made when she came. Fortunately she had given Martin a letter before they started as she had not put her cap in. When we had recovered we all went for a swim and then, while the men went back to sit down and dry off, Joyce and I sat at the water’s edge leaning back on our elbows and let the water wash over our lower body. The water temperature still had some warmth for the time of year. Joyce said “It was very exciting to watch the two of you.” I replied that I felt the same.

We compared our figures and Joyce complained “My tits are too small and my nipples are like peanuts compared with your large ones. I know that Martin calls them Logans, and I see that you keep your bush very short.”

“I think your tits are just right, there is very little sag unlike mine and you shouldn’t worry. Once you have children they and your nipples will enlarge. To match your lovely black hair you have lovely dark areola and nipples. The reason my bush is so short is because Eric shaved me a couple of weeks ago, but never again as the bristles irritate so much when growing back.”

“Eric seems to have a very pleasant personality and a very nice looking cock.”

“Do you fancy him then? Would you like him to fuck you?”

“Of course I do and I think I would enjoy a fuck with him.”

I then said “Do you think that while we are sitting here the waves could be filling us up with sand?” This set us off shrieking and we ran back to join the men.

We all lay in the sun, dried off, had a few soft drinks and got dressed before we set off back to the car. The return journey by a different route took longer and it was early evening when we got to town. We couldn’t stay as the boys were due home so we dropped Eric and Joyce at their homes and bought some fish and chips to have our meal at home. The boys had enjoyed their day out and our youngest still wants to join the Scouts, although when he heard that Joyce had been with us he was sorry we had not taken him as well.

That night in bed I told Martin about Joyce fancying Eric and we reckoned that Eric wouldn’t say no.

21 September: We picked up Joyce and drove over to Eric’s. By this time any shyness or reserve had completely disappeared and, after sitting around having a drink and listening to Eric play the piano for a while, we all moved into the bedroom. I had whispered to Eric that Joyce would like him to fuck her.

Although we could not all lie down the normal way there was enough room for us to lie across the bed, so having stripped off Joyce and I lay down on our backs and Martin and Eric proceded to lick us until we were ready. Then standing at the side of the bed they pulled us forward and holding us under our knees entered us. They had obviously agreed on this position and there were no complaints from us females. At one stage, Joyce was holding my hand and squeezed it hard when she came.

We all rested for while, with Eric bringing fresh drinks and then Martin started to finger Joyce again. I was lying on my side watching them and I reached over and gently stroked her nipple and she brought her hand up to mine before Martin turned her over and lifted her up onto her hands and knees. Eric then did the same to me. He left me for a second and the next thing I was aware of was Martin entering me. I heard Joyce cry out “Slowly, slowly!” and looking back I saw Eric begin to fill her. The first time Eric had fucked me I was worried that he was too thick but it must have been even more of a tight fit for Joyce who had not given birth. Her protests died away and were replaced by satisfied groans and loud grunts until she came.

After it was all over, Joyce and I agreed that the swap had been a very pleasant and most welcome erotic surprise.

5 October: As usual we picked up Joyce and drove over to Eric’s. He met us with a big grin on his face and said “I have a friend over for the evening.” We went inside and there standing in the lounge was a very attractive well built African man who appeared to be in his mid 20’s.

After Eric had introduced everyone, he explained “This is Tom who is from Uganda and he has been working at our depot for the last week. The Colonial Office has a scheme where small groups of Ugandans who have shown mechanical and managerial promise are brought over here for a couple of months to work with various firms to gain experience to take back to Uganda. Their stay is over at our depot and they are moving to another firm next week. But before they left I thought I would introduce Tom to my friends.”

We sat around with our drinks asking Tom about Uganda and his life and learnt that he has several siblings, was 24 and courting a girl but has to save up to pay the bride dowry before they could marry.

We asked “Are you able to have sex with your girlfriend before you can marry?”

“Not full sex but we can finger each other until satisfaction is gained.”

“Have you ever had sex with a European woman?”

“Yes. In my town there is a European Club which is open to Europeans on Saturday evenings and once a month they have a dinner as well. My old boss drank a lot and on Saturday nights too much. He then asked if he paid me, would I drive him and his wife to the club and then back to their bungalow on these evenings? I agreed because the extra money was very useful. I would wait outside the club for them and after one dinner he had to be lifted into his car. I then helped his wife to carry him into the bungalow, undress him and put him to bed.

His wife, who had also had a lot to drink took me into their lounge but didn’t put the lights on and asked me to wait a minute of two. She then reappeared wearing nothing, completely naked, lay down on the couch and asked me to fuck her. I got undressed and she made me put protection on. We fucked until she had her pleasure and I had finished. She then sent me home. She would say ‘Hello’ and smile if she came into the office but otherwise ignored me. The evening was repeated a couple of times but then he had a big heart attack and died and she came home to England.”

“So you did very well” Martin said “He paid you and you got to fuck his wife! Did you enjoy it and was she pretty?”

“She was quite thin and of course I enjoyed having her but I was also worried that if I refused then she could accuse me of attacking her and the authorities would believe her.”

“Hilda,” Eric said “Do you remember your ‘wishful thinking’ and ‘fantasy’? Well now is the time for it to be fulfilled! Martin knew about this evening and Tom is more than willing. This is the time for a decision. There is protection on the bedside table. Do you want to go ahead with it?” All this time Joyce was sitting there goggle-eyed.

I was so surprised but very excited and I looked at Martin who nodded his head and I thought “I will never have the opportunity again.” I got up and told Tom to follow me and said to the others “Please give us some time alone.”

When we went into the bedroom, Tom grabbed me but I said “Slow down, we have plenty of time.” I kissed him and then undressed him revealing a long straight cock. He had been cut and looked very clean. Not wishing to cause any offence I said “I must give myself a quick clean in the bathroom, do you want to help?” He didn’t need a second invitation and so I undressed in front of him and let him squeeze my tits and suck my nipples and then we went into the bathroom, passing the lounge where the others were cuddling and kissing. I gave him a wet facecloth and asked him to wash my cunt and then I gave his cock a wash as well.

Back in the bedroom I fitted a letter onto him and then it was time to start the fun. After we lay down on the bed I said “I need a little massage before I am ready to have sex, so we can finger each other and I will tell you when I am ready.”

It didn’t take long for me to become moist and then he moved on top and I helped him insert himself making sure he entered slowly as I didn’t know how much I could accept. He soon got into a rhythm and I opened my legs wide once I was comfortable. There wasn’t any variation from the steady pace and I relaxed and just waited for the sensations to begin. They started to build and I commenced to moan and cry until the dam burst, but Tom continued at the same pace and it didn’t seem very long before everything started again and my cries were louder. I was twitching and writhing under him and my arms were sometimes pushing him away and other times hugging him close with my hips pushing up at him. Still his pumping continued and I was reacting more and more until I was crying for him to stop. I don’t know how many times I came because towards the end I wasn’t sure what was going on. Eventually Tom came and collapsed on top of me. At that moment I was aware of clapping and the others were standing naked at the foot of the bed applauding us. Tom had lasted over twenty minutes and I was like a rag doll at the end. I later found that I had split a finger nail when I was clutching the side of the bed at some stage. Before Tom withdrew I hugged and kissed him and thanked him for giving me such an incredible experience.

While I lay there recovering Eric brought me a long cold drink. Tom dressed and they all went back into the lounge except for Martin who sat and hugged me. “That was so erotic with your white and black bodies entwined. We came in to see how you were when you started crying out, but found that they were cries of happiness and enjoyment. I don’t think I have ever seen you come so much.”

“What an experience that was, but tell me – how long ago was this arranged with Eric?”

“A couple of weeks ago, he contacted me and said that he was sure that Tom would be interested and did I think you would agree? I thought you would like it and so we laid it on.”

“Did Joyce know?”

“No, I think she was a bit jealous when she saw the two of you go into the bedroom but we undressed her and I had her on the lounge floor, much to everyone’s pleasure and, as Tom was taking so long and you were crying out we came in to see you.”

After I dressed we went into the lounge where we could hear cries and moans and found Joyce in an armchair facing us, sitting astride Eric, impaled on his cock and being bounced up and down. Eric was squeezing her tits and Tom had got in on the act and was fingering her. She came with a series of cries that sounded like a dog barking!

On the way home we all agreed that the evening had certainly been unusual and I will never forget my African fuck.

12 October: We usually arrange our evenings together when Joyce and I are free of ‘the curse’, which I had, however it was Joyce’s birthday so we all went out for a meal at a hotel and afterwards went back to Eric’s. The men’s presents were two packs of nylons and I had bought a suspender belt for her. We had a drink and then I told Joyce “Tonight I am your ‘Lady of the Bedchamber’ and if you follow me I will prepare you for bed.” We went into the bedroom and I slowly undressed her, paying attention to her breasts with hands and mouth. I made her leave her stockings on, then I fitted her with the new dark red suspender belt which contrasted very well against her pale flesh and black bush. I took her into the lounge and paraded her in front of the men. They approved! I said “I will now make sure you will be ready to receive any visitors in a few minutes time” and we returned to the bedroom.

I stripped her completely and laid down beside her. I hugged and began kissing her while rolling her nipples between my fingers. She reacted instantly and telling her “I will now take your man-in-a-boat out for a row,” put my hand down between her legs and started fingering her. At that she opened her legs wide and I sat up and watched my fingers moving inside her wet cunt lips. Her clit didn’t take long to firm up and she was soon coming noisily.

The men had come into the room on hearing her cries and I said “Gentlemen, here we have a very desirable model with limited mileage and little sign of wear. I have stripped off much of the unnecessary bodywork so that you can have a closer inspection of the working parts, where you may notice a damp patch underneath. She handles well and is very responsive but can develop groaning noises when driven hard. The seat is very comfortable with very good grip and can be adjusted for various driving positions including 4 wheel drive. She does have a tendency to overheat but if allowed to cool down can continue without a problem. I have taken her out for a short drive to warm her up and now she is ready for you to insert your starting handle. It will be a tight fit but should loosen the further you drive. Who will be the first to try her out?”

Martin was soon stripped with his starting handle ready and started to drive. Eric and I left them to it and went into the lounge for a cuddle and then I prepared his handle for his drive. We could hear Joyce giving her usual cries and then Martin came into the lounge to report that his drive had gone well and now it was Eric’s turn. When all the excitement was over and everyone was dressed again we chatted about the evening.

Joyce said “I’ve never had a woman kiss and touch me like that before and it was very arousing and different.” I replied “I have not done that since I was at school but I also found it very exciting.”

“What did you mean about taking ‘my man-in-a-boat’ out for a row?” so I had to explain that to everybody and they agreed that a clit did look like that.

So ended another very enjoyable evening.

19 October: We decided to have them both round to our place for the evening and I had asked Eric to collect Joyce. Edna was delighted Eric was coming. When they arrived Joyce went upstairs to see our youngest. We had a very relaxing evening and Eric played the piano again for Edna which she thoroughly enjoyed. After Edna had gone to bed Joyce, with a big smile, told Martin “It is our turn to clear up and do the dishes tonight.”

When they had left the room I stood up, pulled off my knickers, and went over to Eric. I quickly unbuttoned his fly and eased out his cock. After a few sucks I sat on his knees and let him enter me and he fingered me until I came and then he followed. By the time the others came back into the room, with Joyce looking quite flushed, we were just cuddling each other as if nothing had happened.

When the time came for them to go, I gave them both a big hug and whispered to Eric “Have her when you take her home!”

In bed I asked Martin what position they had used? It was the same one that Joyce had seen Eric and me using when she had burst into the kitchen the time before.

20 October: At breakfast Edna said “I think that Eric and Joyce make a nice couple!” I rang Joyce to see how she was and she told me that not only had Eric fucked her when they got to her flat but that he had stayed the night and they had arranged to go to the pictures. Maybe Edna is not as dim as I had imagined.

22 October: Great excitement! The washing machine, obtained by Eric for a discount, arrived. It is easy to use and fills from and discharges into the sink in the kitchen which means the end of using the old boiler in the outdoor wash room. Edna was so pleased to see it and Eric can’t do any wrong in her eyes. I rang Eric that evening to thank him and said ” I reckon that if she caught me bent over the washing machine being fucked by you she would compliment you on your performance!” He replied “I must remember that position next time I am over there.”

2 November: We picked up Joyce and went over to Eric’s. When we had finished our drinks I took Eric into the bedroom where we stripped and started with the ’69’ position. After a few minutes I moved on top of him and lowered myself onto his cock. I began riding him until we both came. I enjoyed that position because I could control the movement and thrusts and at the same time Eric could squeeze my breasts and nipples and also rub my clit.

When we had finished I lay on top of him and we gently kissed and talked.

“I know that this is rather strange for me to ask you while you are still inside me but do you remember when I said I would keep an eye out for a suitable partner for you? Well I think Joyce would meet the bill. You fit each other well — in more ways than one, I know you are very close, so when are you going to pop the question?”

As I said that I could feel his cock twitching inside me.

So I continued “I think it is time you made your feelings known to her, if you haven’t done so already. I also know that you are a very caring person and having spent a night at her flat you should think about her reputation if your relationship just fizzles out.”

“But what if she doesn’t accept my proposal?”

“I’m pretty sure she will and to put it crudely, she has already accepted your cock so I don’t think she will reject you.”

Having dressed and returned to the lounge we found Joyce sat in an armchair with her legs over the arms and Martin kneeling in front and slowly fucking her. Joyce was noisy as usual when they came. After they had calmed down, Joyce said “I fancy taking a bath with Hilda if that is alright with everyone?” There were no objections so we left the men to their drinks and went into the bathroom.

When there was enough hot water and we had undressed, Joyce got into the bath and asked me to sit in front of her facing away from her and I leant back into her arms. She then began gently squeezing my nipples with one hand while stroking me down below with the other, saying “This pleasure is for you because you gave me so much pleasure last month when you couldn’t take part because of your period.” While she was doing this she was also kissing my neck and cheeks. I had a lovely watery climax. I then persuaded her to change places and we started all over again until she came causing quite a few waves. We agreed that being fingered by a woman was different but the delicious end result was the same. After drying each other we got dressed and joined the men.

At the end of the evening Eric said he would take Joyce home and we left them to it. On the way home I told Martin what I had discussed with Eric and hoped that everything would go to plan.

3 November: Great excitement! Joyce called round at the house this morning to tell us that, after we had left, Eric asked her to stay the night, had proposed and she had accepted! Martin and I were so pleased, Edna thought it was wonderful news and told Joyce that she couldn’t have found a better man. Only my youngest was not so pleased because he had hoped that Joyce would wait until he had grown up so they could marry. Now all the talk is about a wedding. It will have to be in a registry as Eric is divorced.

We must now all sit down and work out how this will affect our relationships.

In the evening Eric and Joyce came round and we were all very happy that they had become engaged. Edna gave him a big kiss and hug — can’t remember when she gave me that! They plan on getting married sometime in January but haven’t yet booked a date. When Edna had gone to bed we had a talk about our futures. It was agreed that our adventures should stop however we would have one final evening where Eric and I would couple at his place and Martin and Joyce would do the same at her’s as a farewell.

16 November: This was the earliest convenient date for Joyce and me. Martin dropped me off at Eric’s and went on to Joyce. We had a drink and cuddle and because it was a cold evening we decided to go to bed. However before we went into the bedroom Eric

undressed me, sat me down in an armchair and placed my legs over the chair arms. He then started to lick me but then went and sat down in the other chair. I wondered what was going on but then he explained.

“Will you finger yourself while I watch?”

How could I refuse? I lay back and slowly started stroking myself, closed my eyes and ‘took my man in the boat out for a row’ and towards the end I rowed a bit faster. Eric said “I wish I could have taken a picture of you. You looked so erotic.”

We then went to bed and got under the sheets. After I had stroked Eric until he was firm I put a leg over him and he inserted his cock. We had a slow fuck and ended up with a lovely climax. I cleaned myself with a damp cloth and Eric with my mouth.

We then lay with our arms around each other and after nearly falling asleep I said “I’m sorry it is coming to an end and that I will miss you a lot, but it is for the best. You have been such good company and I hope you and Joyce will be very happy together.”

Eric asked “Was it your plan all along to hope that I would see Joyce as my future wife?”

“Of course and I had no doubt as to the outcome. Now let’s have a farewell fuck and because you have always been so considerate I want you to decide which position.”

He thought for a while and then got out of bed and, standing at the side of it, pulled me across, opened my legs and lifted them against his shoulders before penetrating me. This allowed him to squeeze my nipples as he moved in and out. We had another dreamy fuck and I came with a bit of noise and then Eric followed shortly after.

We were dressed and having another drink by the time Martin came to collect me and I gave Eric a long kiss when we left. Martin and Joyce had also got into bed and had fucked a couple of times, the first with Martin on top and the second with Joyce on all fours.

17 November: Joyce phoned and among other things said that if we want she will give us her fridge when they marry as Eric already has one and the rest of her furniture will go into the local auction. This would be very welcome and I wouldn’t have to shop every day.

Looking back

It has been an amazing year for me. I have gone from being startled by another man putting his arm round me to being naked in a group and fucking another man in front of my husband. I have watched him fucking another woman and thoroughly enjoyed all the experiences. The most memorable fuck was without doubt with Tom and the most precious the first with Sandy.

Our marriage is stronger than ever and we have made a couple of very close friends.

It is a shame to end our adventures but we will have the memories forever.



10 July 1952: Eric and Joyce came round to tell us that Joyce is expecting Wonderful news. They had married in January and our whole family (except for my mother) attended. I had suggested that I attend as Matron of Dishonour!

12 August1952: Edna returned from a visit to a friend in our old neighbourhood and told me “When Sandy had gone into the Army he had been placed in an infantry unit and the unit had been sent to Korea where he had been killed in some battle”.

I nearly fainted and started crying and Edna said “After the weeks of him delivering bread and calling for tea it was not surprising that you feel that way”.

That night I asked Martin “Just hold me” while I cried for quite some time. He consoled me and said “You should be proud to have given Sandy such a precious intimate gift and he would have remembered you for the rest of his short life”.

I will never forget him and how I had played a part in his education.