I was incredibly happy with my current partner (Jay) but every now and again we loved to spice things up a bit. This is the tale of one such occasion where I decided to take matters into my own hand and do just that.

We had a profile on a well-known swinging site and had already met with a couple of guys so figured they would be the ideal men for me to have my fun with. I shall call these guys Neil and Ed (not their real names) They were perfect for what I had in mind. I pinged off a few messages just saying hi to break the ice again.

Messages soon came back. All along the same type of lines “Hi Clara. How are you doing? We haven’t chatted for a while.” Knowing these men though they would forgive my lack of communication if it meant they could get fucked. After all it was a female world out there.

A few pleasantries exchanged and I got to the crunch. After all they could just tell me no, they weren’t interested. I had nothing to lose. “So, fancy joining me and two other guys for some fun?.”

As I had predicted nobody declined my offer. It was just a case of getting it organised for the right people to be at the right place at the right time.

That turned out easier than I had thought it would be. Luckily for me (and them) they all said they could meet me on a Saturday evening in a couple of weeks’ time. I knew this was going to be explosive and I was so excited!

Time soon flew by, and the day of my meet dawned. I was literally counting the hours until they arrived. I had planned on a few drinks first to calm any nerves. Especially mine! Showered and smooth in the right places. Glass of wine in my hand. I was ready.

I had chosen a favourite underwear set from Victoria’s Secrets worn under a simple wrap dress teamed with some strappy sandals. My makeup was subtle, and I had put a few squirts of my favourite perfume on. Elegant and classy was the look I was going for despite the fact I was going into slut mode.

The doorbell announced the first of my guests arriving. I opened the door to be greeted by an attractive man wearing quite simply a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt holding a bottle of wine. He looked and smelt hot! I wouldn’t say no at any point to this sexy man which was just as well as it was Jay. I definitely made the right choice. Walking down the path behind him was the second of my guests. He was also wearing an outfit that made me go weak at the knees. A pair of leather trousers and a band t-shirt. Just the smell of the leather alone would have me wet. There is just something about it that gets me going.

Just to wait for the last of my guests now. While we were waiting I played the dutiful host and poured everyone a drink. Including myself as my nerves were shot! I was physically shaking.

The doorbell rang again announcing the arrival of the last of my guests. I got up from my position on the sofa to let him in. He too was dressed to kill in a smart pair of trousers with an open necked shirt and again smelt divine.

We were going to have so much fun!

I stepped back into the lounge and went to pour another glass of wine for the late arrival but was stopped in my tracks as soft kisses landed on my neck. I turned and flung my arms around the man giving me them to me. Hands grabbed at my tits from the side. All three men were giving me their attention. This felt so good.

Hands pulled at the hem of my dress lifting it over my head, so I was left standing in my underwear and sandals. Jay released one of my tits from their fabric covering and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard. Neil followed suit with the other one, again pulling on my nipple hard. They knew exactly what I liked.

Ed put his hand down my soaking wet pants and began to play with my clit. I was already in heaven, and we’d barely began playing.

Forgetting about our half-drunk glasses of wine we headed upstairs. Me rubbing hard cocks through trousers and them playing with me. I was so wet; my pants were literally streaming.

It was a tangle of limbs as we got into the bedroom everyone frantically removing items of clothing in a rush to get naked. I didn’t even have chance to remove mine as it was done for me.

Jay leaned in and kissed me while Ed got onto his knees and took Jay’s cock in his mouth. I’d forgotten that Ed was bi as well as Jay being so. Bonus! This was something that had always turned me on. Not to miss the fun Neil managed to wiggle his way between the other two and also dropped to his knees this time to take my soaking wet pussy in his mouth. I was in total ecstasy. My pussy craving the attention it was receiving.

My legs were literally going to give out on me if I didn’t lay down soon. Jay knew me so well and could see that I was struggling to remain upright. He stopped kissing me and steered me in the direction of the bed. Gently laying me down. The guys quickly pounced on me. Neil continued to lap at my pussy and the other two went either side of me and took a nipple each in their mouths. Tugging on them hard. I did not want to cum yet so was desperately trying to think of boring things to take my mind off the pleasure I was receiving.

They were putting me into a trance with the pleasure they were giving me. The sensations were literally out of this world. I was on the brink of exploding when Neil stopped eating my pussy. Leaned over to the bed side table and picked up a condom from the selection I’d placed their earlier. Jay and I had rules when it came to play with others. Always condoms to be worn and no kissing, for us that it is too intimate to share with anyone else. These guys knew and respected that. So, he picked up a condom, ripped the wrapper and eased it onto his straining cock then eased himself into me. It felt so good.

Enjoying his own porn show. Jay moved from his position on the bed and moved around so he was standing over me. Giving me his dripping cock to suck. I always teased him saying he was like a snotty-nosed child with the amount his cock dripped when he was turned on and today was no exception to that. He was like a tap! Guess it was my job to clean it off then. No issues here. I loved the taste of him and took him in my mouth. Licking and teasing him with my tongue, gently nibbling his cock. Then taking him deep down my throat. Gagging as I did so.

Not to miss out. Ed grabbed another condom from the side and put it on. Also grabbing a bottle of lube as well. He liberally coated his condom clad cock with some of it and walked to behind Jay. My man was about to get fucked while he was being sucked off. How horny was that!

Feeling Jay lean forwards as he was penetrated. Fuck, this was amazing. All of us playing with nobody being left out. Plus, I had a cracking view from where I was laying of all that was going on. I was going to cum and cum hard. I could feel my body tense up just on the edge of the precipice but just as I was about to release and let go. Neil stopped. Took himself out of me and pulled off the condom. Headed to where my head was and placed his cock beside Jay’s allowing me to suck them both. Yummy! It allowed me to temporarily forget that the sod had just edged me.

I teased both of the hard cocks that were at my disposal to play with. Again, gently licking, sucking, and nibbling at them. Taking them both in my mouth, together and separately. I absolutely loved to suck cock and am good at it. Even if I do say so myself.

I knew Jay was going to have to try hard not to cum in my mouth so pre-empted him in doing so. I stopped sucking on the two men and told Jay that I wanted him to fuck my pussy while Ed fucked his ass. Neil pulled away from me as well even though I was quite happy to continue to suck him. He clearly had other ideas and another plan.

And what another plan that was! He informed me he wanted to fuck my ass while Jay did my pussy. This really was going to be like an incredible game of twister. I could not have imagined having this much fun even in my wildest dreams!

Manoeuvring ourselves into positions with all body parts going where they were supposed to be at was a bit of a challenge, but we got there and got a rhythm going that suited everyone. Having the two men fuck me was blowing my mind never mind Jay being filled as well. The added feeling of Neil pumping into him forcing him to go deeper into my aching pussy was completely insane. I was again on the edge of cumming. I grabbed Jay’s hips forcing him into me as deep as I possibly could. The orgasm that raced through me rocked me to the core. I don’t think I ever had cum so intensely through penetration alone, even if it was dp.

My cumming tipped my amazing partner over the edge and I could feel his orgasm pulse through him and his warm cum fill me. His cock twitching as he came. The increase in tempo from Jay caused a chain reaction in the others and their cries soon joined ours as they both came simultaneously.

My muscles relaxing as I came down of the high they had put me on. The guys untangling their limbs and sprawling out on the bed next to me. Except for Jay. He had other ideas. He leaned in and gave me a kiss telling me that I had not cum properly yet. Fuck! I knew what that meant.

He was going to get me gushing. He manoeuvred to get beside my right-hand side. Politely asking Neil who was laid there with a soppy grin on his face to move out of the way so he could get to me. Leaning over and inserting his fingers deep into my soaked pussy he gave me a wicked grin and started to pump them furiously, fucking me hard and deep. This got the guy’s attention again and they soon sat up watching what he was doing to me. Ed grabbed one of my nipples and began to pull hard on it. Neil copied with the other. This tipped me right over the edge and I screamed loudly as a powerful orgasmic contraction pulsed through me. My body arching and convulsing involuntarily. My pussy gushing. Jay’s fingers spraying my cum everywhere. Covering himself and the others with my juices. Not stopping as I came and came. I begged him to stop but my request fell on deaf ears as he continued.

I forced him to stop eventually by pushing his hands away and telling him I was done. Having just given me the most intense orgasm ever he relinquished his hold on me he did as he was asked and allowed me to flop on the bed. Happy and sated.

That was bloody amazing, and I could not wait for round two. But that my friends is as they say another story.