Cuckolded in Tucson


It happened when we were staying at a nudist resort called Mira Vista in Tucson.

I have a video business and had a job in Tucson. Shelly and I are nudists, and we enjoy spending time at nudist resorts. So we decided to stay at Mira Vista for the week I was in Tucson to shoot video for a commercial I was making for a firm there.

I am in my late 40s. My wife is younger, 33, blonde, in great shape, with small firm breasts, and an amazingly sexy ass. She is beyond gorgeous. She gets a lot of appreciative looks, especially when we lounge in the nude by the pool. She is shy, but I know it excites her. The way other men look at her with desire also gives me a rush. I have fantasized about her being with another man. When I first mentioned that to her she was hurt, offended. She said it made her feel like I didn’t love her and want her to be all mine. I assured her I do love her — unconditionally — and never ever want to lose her. But somehow that kinky idea and the humiliation involved turns me on. Eventually, she accepted that, and whenever I say something about it she just laughs and says “You couldn’t handle it if it actually happened, and you know it.” And it was true, I didn’t know if I could handle it.

Anyway, we spent the day by the pool after we arrived on Sunday. Monday, I had a busy schedule shooting video. Shelly just wanted to lounge by the pool and catch up on her reading.

When I got back to the resort a little after three, I stripped down in our room and went out to join my wife at the pool. I found her sitting in the conversation pool with a group of other people. Nudists tend to be friendly and engaging. As I got closer I noticed a dark haired guy about Shelly’s age was standing in front of her, leaning down to talk to her with his hand on the edge of the pool behind her. It almost looked like he was trying to whisper into her ear. That triggered a surge of jealousy and alarm.

My wife jumped up when she saw me. “Hey, Honey,” she said. “Come on in.” Turning to the group she said “This is my husband, Darren.” She kissed me on the cheek as I got in and they all said hello. She introduced me to the two couples in the group. Then she turned to the guy who had been leaning down to say something to her and said “Nick, this is my husband. Darren, this is Nick.” “Nice to meet you,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed talking to your wife. She’s very charming.”

“Yes, I know. And beautiful!” “Yes, gorgeous,” he said. “You’re a lucky man.”

One of the women in the group asked me about the job I was doing. I told them about that, and we spent a little more time talking about things to do in the Tucson area.

Then as Shelly and I got out of the water to lounge in the sun, she turned to Nick and said “Thanks again for lunch!” “Anytime,” he said. “It was my pleasure.”

She led me to a pair of lounge chairs set up side-by-side where she had her stuff. And the other one had someone else’s stuff.

“Oh, that’s Nick’s stuff,” she said. “Why don’t we find a couple other loungers.”

“Wow! You and Nick were hanging out side-by-side like a couple here!

It seems like you and Nick got pretty cozy while I was at work!”

“No, Baby. Not really. He just seems like a friendly guy. He helped me with my sunscreen when he saw I was trying to spray my back. I got his back, and then we just started talking. He saw I was reading Normal People by Sally Rooney. It just so happens, he is reading another book she wrote, and we talked about that, and about her writing. He said he was here alone and asked if it would be okay to pull a lounge chair next to mine so the two of us could keep each other company and not seem so out of place. I said okay, why not, but I told him I am married and I plan to do a lot of reading. He said he understands and he pulled over a chair. It was all very innocent.”

“But apparently he took you to lunch, right?”

“Haha, you funny man. No! He went out and got Popeye’s chicken for a group of us. They gave him money before he left to get it. I didn’t have my purse with me and he said not to worry about it. I told him I would pay him when got back. But when he came back with the food, he refused to take my money. He said it was his treat since I’m a newbie here.”

“So now you owe him!” “No! No way. I’ll just buy him a beer or something from the bar.” “I’ll bet he has more than that in mind!” “Oh come on Honey,” she said. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

“Uh huh. But when I came out here the two of you seemed totally involved with each other, and kind of separate from the rest of the group. He was leaning down to talk to you, almost like he was whispering something to you.

“Come on now! We were not looking or acting like a couple! Jesus! We were just talking to each other. People were talking about things to do and see around Tucson. And he was telling me something about an Old West town near here. That’s when you walked up. I can assure you nothing inappropriate happened.”

“You like him though, don’t you?”

“Well yeah I do. He’s fun and considerate. He seems like a really nice guy.”

“Good looking too! In fact, it look like he works out. I noticed he looks pretty firm and fit.”

“Yeah, no question about that,” she kind of chuckled.

“I also noticed he was slightly aroused when he turned around to shake my hand. Are you attracted to him?”

“Hahaha! You are too much. Honey, you know I love only you.”

“Okay, but you are attracted to him aren’t you? I mean you wouldn’t spend the day with a guy you just met when you are both completely naked unless there was some kind of attraction.”

“Okay, I guess you are right. I do find him attractive and I am kind of attracted to him. But that doesn’t mean I would do anything about it.”

“You know the whole idea of that makes me jealous and it also turns me on in a very bizarre way I cannot explain.”

“Oh come on,” she said. “Don’t start with that nonsense! You know you couldn’t handle it, anyway.”

“Maybe, maybe not. I am not sure. But it is a strong fantasy! What about you,” I said, “do you think you could handle it.”

“Hahaha! I don’t know, but I am pretty sure I could. He is kind of sexy. But I love only you! I wouldn’t want to hurt us!”

Then she got off of her lounger, laid down on top of me, held my head with her hands and gave me kisses all over my face.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I am just letting everyone here know I am deeply in love with my handsome husband and I belong only to him!”

“I love you too, Baby, you hot-assed young fox! I love you more than I can ever express,” I said.

“Then don’t get all freaked out if I make friends at this place while you are in town doing your job.”

With that, she got up and said she’s going to our room to get some wine. “Hurry back,” I told her as I watched her naked, sexy, undulating ass walking away. I looked over at Nick who was in a lounge chair now with a group of people and noticed he was checking out my wife’s ass too. He is a very good looking guy with dark hair, a trim body. Earlier, I also noticed he is slightly taller than me and has a sizable dick. As I am considering all this, I suddenly notice he has turned to me and nods in acknowledgment. I nod back and pick up a book I brought out to read.


My husband and his fantasies about me having sex with another man are just crazy. I would never want to hurt him. I love him so much! And I am pretty sure he would freak out if something like that actually happened. And the idea of me and Nick. No way! He seems like a nice guy and he is attractive. And I definitely am attracted to him. It was kind of exciting to spend the afternoon sitting next to him and talking to him. I have to admit, it did seem like we looked like a couple, and the idea of that did give me a rush. But he’s a little bit too sure of himself. He’s just not my type.

Later at dinner, Darren asked me what’s Nick’s story. He wanted to know why he is here alone. Most people come to places like this as couples.

“Actually, Margo, the older, heavy set brunette in the group I introduced you to asked him about that,” I told him. “He told us he had planned to be here with his girl friend, but she dumped for another guy a couple weeks ago. He said he just decided to come by himself anyway because he had been looking forward to it, and it might just be a chance to meet someone new.”

“Oh my God!” Darren said. “Someone new! You mean like you?! Jesus fucking Christ! This guy is on the prowl and you look like the prey!”

“Baby, Baby, Baby. My sweet, crazy love. You are being very melodramatic. I am definitely not his prey. He is not really my type. And you, only you are the man for me!”

Later under a beautiful night sky, as we sat naked and close together in the conversation pool with my husband’s right arm wrapped around me, I caressed his upper thigh with my left hand when Nick walked up to us and stood on the other side of the water, naked like us and everyone else in the pool area.

“Hey, I don’t want to interrupt anything,” he said. “But are you working in town again tomorrow, Darren?”

“Afraid so,” my husband said. “I’ll probably have to work on this project quite a bit this week.”

“That’s kind of what I thought, so I was wondering if you would mind if I took Shelly on a day trip tomorrow to the Old West town of Tombstone about an hour-and-a-half away. It was a very active part of the silver mining era in the Old West. The town has become something of an Old West tourist attraction.”

As Nick explained all this, I could feel my husband’s dick swelling next to my hand on his upper thigh.

Darren kind of stuttered, “Well, um… ha, I don’t know That’s really up to Shelly. She can decide what she wants to do. It’s not really up to me. But if that’s what she wants, it’s fine … I guess it’s okay with me.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “I really have planned on doing a lot of reading. I’m just not sure if I should….”

Nick cut me off. “Shelly, I’ve read about this place and it’s really supposed to be cool. It was the scene of the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral with Wyatt Earp. And they even put on a re-enactment of that whole thing every day. I know it would be better than hanging around this place by yourself all day.”

“Maybe, but….”

“Honey, you should go,” my husband cut in. “It sounds like fun. It would be a nice adventure for you.”

By now I could feel my husband’s dick was almost erect. He was clearly aroused by the prospect of all this. And Looking at Nick, I could see that his dick was rising up too — and looking pretty appealing.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. “I would have to think about it. Maybe I can get back to you.”

“All right, at least that’s not a No,” Nick said. “Give me your cell number and I will call your phone so you have my number.”

I gave him my number and promised I would get back to him.

“Okay you guys, have a good night, I can’t wait for your answer,” he said as he turned and walked away.

“Oh my God!” my husband said. “Talk about bold! Audacious! That guy has a lot of balls, coming out here with his big dick on display to ask you for a date! He clearly wants way more than a fucking day trip. He wants to fuck you!”

“First, it’s a nudist club. Every guy’s dick is on display!” I said. “And let’s talk about you getting a hard-on when he’s asking me out. This turns you on, doesn’t it?

“I know it’s crazy, embarrassing! Fuck, it’s humiliating! But something about it, and seeing his big dick arouses me.

‘Wait! His big dick arouses you?!”

“No! That’s not what I mean. I mean the idea of him seducing you with that big dick is what arouses me!

“Well, that’s not happening. I’m not going.”

“No, you should go.”

“Jesus, are you starting with that stuff again. Do you really want me to have sex with him? Could we actually handle that? That’s playing with fire, and it scares me!”

In bed, my husband was ravenous. “You hot-assed, sexy girl, this guy wants you, craves you so badly that he walks up to us naked basically to ask you out on a date! Unfucking believable!”

“But it pretty obviously turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, no question! Something about the idea of this guy taking you, having sex with you, and you surrendering, submitting to him, even encouraging him, lusting for him turns me on like crazy! You have to admit, you want him. You would love to have sex with him!”

“Darling, I love only you. Yes, he’s attractive. He’s very sexy. I admit it. But I don’t want to have sex with him!”

“Oh, come on! Let’s be honest here. How could you not. Don’t lie about it.”

“Okay, okay, his boldness is a turn-on for me. I think it might be hot to make love with him. But I don’t want to hurt us.”

As all of this talk was happening, we were kissing. He passionately kissed and licked and nibbled his way down my body. Then spreading me open, he ate my like a man possessed. I was moaning and pulling at the sheets, pulling his face into my sex, then exploding in a violent orgasm. Suddenly, he was inside me, hammering me with his hard dick. God I love his dick! And soon he erupted, flooding me with his love juice.

We talked. We rested, had more sex and then fell asleep. In the middle of the night we were at it again. We argued, discussed whether I should go on this “date” with Nick.

My husband said if I had a fling with Nick It would just be an erotic vacation adventure. And it would be over when we headed home to San Antonio. And he pointed out, maybe nothing would happen. But if it did happen, he said “It could be exciting for all three of us!”

“Even for you?” I asked. “Yes, he said in a wild, kinky, bizarre way this would be exciting for me too! But only… only if it is just a fling. I don’t want to lose you!”

“Of course, Honey, I love you! Only you!”

Finally, around 7 am, I nervously sent Nick a text saying I would love to go to Tombstone with him.

He immediately shot back “Great! I can’t wait to spend the day with you. I’ll knock on your door around 9 o’clock.”

On the long drive to Tombstone, Nick was a perfect gentleman telling me about his background and family. He grew up in the midwest, has an older sister, graduated from Penn State. I had already found out during our time together the day before that he is a software engineer and lives in Pittsburgh.

I realized that all this talk about Nick trying to seduce me all grew out of this fantasy my husband seems obsessed with. I smiled to myself when I thought about Darren talking about Nick’s big dick. Haha. I have to say, it is a nice dick, and I was picturing it in my mind when he startled me.

“Did you hear me?”

“What? Oh sorry, I was just thinking about something,” I said.

“Well, I was asking about your college major. You said you went to American University in Washington. What was your major?

“Oh, I majored in communications and that led eventually to my job in advertising.”

So the drive went on like that, and I really became relaxed because it seemed like this was just going to be an innocent day trip with a nice guy I met at Mira Vista.

Tombstone turned out to be a lot of fun. We went to the Bird Cage Theatre, a museum about the brothel and theater it once housed. We saw nude photos of prostitutes from that era including Wyatt Earp’s lover. And We saw the shootout in the OK Corral. We had lunch in the OK Cafe. Of course, Nick wouldn’t let me pay for anything.

As we spent time together I felt more and more comfortable. I felt like I was falling on Nick’s spell. In fact, every step along the way felt more and more romantic.

As we strolled around the town, Nick would sometimes put his arm around me. I didn’t object. It felt nice. The more I got to know him, the better I liked him. He took my hand and we walked hand-in-hand to the OK Corral for that show. I Was standing in front of him as the show began. And at one point, he wrapped his arms around me. I turned my head to look at him, and he just smiled and pulled me closer. I smiled back, and felt a rush of excitement.

“I’m glad you came along with me,” he said.

“Me too!”

We looked at each other a moment longer and then he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips.

As we watched the shootout, he held me tightly. I felt like we were indeed a couple on a date. It felt thrilling. I was getting moist with excitement.

We held hands as we walked to the car. He walked me to the passenger side, and before opening he door, he turned me to face him.

“Shelly,” he said. “I’m really attracted to you. I know full well that you are married, but I feel like we have a strong connection. I felt it yesterday. And I feel it even more right now.”

I took a deep breath as we just kind of looked at each other for a moment. Then he leaned down as I looked up at him, and we kissed. Softly, at first. And then again, softly. He pulled away, gave me a look, and then came in with passion. I did not resist. I wanted him. My mouth opened when I felt his tongue insinuating itself. One of his hands was on my butt, and he was fondling me. My hands went to his face and pulled him to me. I was moaning with lust.

“I want you,” he said.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I just moaned in response.

Once inside the car, we kissed again. On the drive back to Mira Vista, I caressed his thigh as he tried to keep his eyes on the road.

He said he was surprised my husband didn’t object to me coming along with him.

I told him my husband said he had a lot of balls to come up to us with his big dick on display to ask me out.

“Ha! he said something about my dick?”

“Your big dick!” I said.

“Am I bigger than your husband?”

“I”m not really sure. I haven’t seen you hard. If you are bigger it’s not by much. My husband has nothing to be ashamed of”

“But why didn’t he object or try to discourage you from coming along with me?”

“My husband has fantasies about me with other men. I have never strayed, or done anything like that. And I don’t think he could actually handle it if I did. But he gets really turned on talking about it.”

“Wow, well I want to be the other man! In fact I would like to be the only man in your life.”

“I don’t know, Nick, this has been a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed spending time with you. This has almost seemed like a romantic getaway. I think you know I am very attracted to you. And you are a sexy kisser. If I were not married, I could see becoming very serious about you. But if we went any further with this, I am afraid it could destroy my marriage. And that scares me.”

I told Nick my husband knows I am attracted to him. “I admitted that to Darren when he kept questioning me about you after he saw we had spent the afternoon together, sitting side-by-side like a couple in a pair of lounge chairs.”

“Yet, he still didn’t try to stop you from coming along with me.”

“No. In fact, he gave me the green light to have fun, but to be honest and tell him all about it.”

“Wow! That’s a lot to take in.”

He put his hand on my hand that was caressing his thigh, and squeezed it. We were silent for a while.

“Shelly,” he finally said, “it’s almost dinner time, why don’t we stop along the way and get a bite to eat.”

“I think Darren will be expecting me back.”

“I know,” he said. “I just don’t want this day to end. Come on, let me take you to dinner.”

“I guess I could text Darren.”

Suddenly my phone rang. It was my husband.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hey, Baby,” he said “How’s it going?”

“It’s going great, we have been having a lot of fun. Nick’s a really good guy. I like him a lot.”

“Oh my God! You are fucking turning me on talking like that. Are you guys on the way back?”

“Well we are headed back, but Nick wants to stop for dinner. So I guess I’ll see you later on.”

“Just dinner?”

“Jesus, Darren, you are crazy. But you know what? You never know. See you later.”

With that I hung up and told Nick I would love to have dinner with him.


It was around 5 pm when she told me they were going to dinner. At around 8 pm I was getting concerned because they still were not back at the resort.

I kept trying to imagine what my wife and Nick were doing. She sounded kind of pissy on the phone. Was she trying to make me jealous by saying how much fun they were having and what a nice guy he is? Or did she really mean it?

I had been in a state of high anxiety, jealousy, and hyper arousal all day. I know I am the one who encouraged her to go with him for the day, but it was making me crazy. Fuck, I had fantasized so often about Shelly being with another man — about fucking another guy. Choosing him over me. And suddenly it was scaring the shit out of me.

I tried her phone a couple times after that, but the calls went straight to her voice mail.

When I got back to the resort this afternoon, I stripped and took a plastic glass of wine to the conversation pool to try to chill out. That group Shelly was with yesterday was there. One of the women — I think it was Margo — asked where Shelly was.

“We haven’t seen her all day,” the woman said. “What happened to her?”

I explained that Nick, the guy she spent some time with yesterday invited her to visit Tombstone, that Old West town about an hour-and-a-half away.

“Oh, yeah! Well that explains that,” she said. “We hadn’t seen him either. We wondered if they might be someplace together.”

Wow! That hit me with a surge of jealousy and arousal. These folks had already pegged Shelly and Nick as a couple.

I went back in our room around 9 o’clock, hit her phone a few more times, but it still went straight to voice mail.

It was almost midnight when I heard a card click in the door lock and the knob turn. But the door didn’t open. I went to the door and I could hear my wife and Nick on the other side.

“Thank you for an amazing day,” she said.

“Oh my God, are you kidding! Thank you!”

I heard movement, and then the sound of kissing. They were kissing.

“MMmmmm,” Shelly was. Moaning.

“Jesus, I want you so badly! Please, come to my room,” he said. “We need to finish what we started.”

“Oh my God, you know I want that,” she said. “But I told you I have to think about all this. This is happening so fast. Not tonight. But I’ll see you tomorrow, Baby.”

“Okay, just one more,” he said.

And I heard more kissing.

“I’m going to dream about you,” he said.

She chuckled. “Good night, Nick.”

I moved from the door just as it opened.

“Oh! You startled me,” she said when she almost walked into me.

“Were you listening at the door?”

“Well, I heard the card in the lock, and then the door didn’t open. But yeah, I did hear the two of you kissing and him trying to get you to sleep with him.”

“Ha! Well, that’s exactly what you wanted to happen, isn’t it?” she shot back.

“Ahhh, That’s what I thought I wanted. I don’t know. It scares me!”

“It scares me too!” She said. “But I actually do want to sleep with him. We had a lot of fun. It was a very romantic day and night.”

“Where have you been? It’s just about midnight.”

“I know what time it is. We’ve just been having fun, enjoying each other. Nick took me to dinner at a very nice restaurant in Tucson. Then, on the way to the car we saw a country-western dance club and he took me in there.”

Her face looked flushed and she was almost slurring her words. I could tell she had had quite a bit to drink.

“You’ve been drinking,” I said.

“Ha, yes, Goddamn right! Of course I’ve been drinking. And I’ve been dancing and flirting and kissing and making out with a very sexy man who wanted to take to bed with him. And I loved ever minute of it.”

“You made out with him?”

“Absolutely! We have been in the parking lot here at the resort for the past hour or so making out. And, Baby, you are right, his cock is big. Very big and hard!”

“Oh my God! Did you see it? Did you give him a blowjob?”

“Yes and yes, and it was amazing. He has a beautiful cock and I made love to it with my mouth. Here, kiss me,” she said as she moved to me and put her arms around my head. “Maybe you can taste him.”

“No, I … I’m sorry… I….”

“No, I want you to kiss me. I want you to taste him. Actually, I think you secretly want to taste him”

With that, she pulled my face to hers, pressed her lips against mine and then pushed her tongue into my mouth.”

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned. “Doesn’t that taste good?”

She reached for my dick, and I was hard.

“I knew this would make you hard,” she said. “I’m glad because I am so fucking horny! I need to be fucked. I want you to fuck me, right now!”

Suddenly, her phone dinged. She grabbed it and read a text message.

“Heh heh! He wants to make sure I’m I okay. He is such a sexy man. I wish I were his bed right now, spreading my legs for him, giving him my sex!”

She spoke into her phone in response to him. “I’m fine, Baby. I’ll see you in your dreams. And we can do anything and everything you want. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night, Sweetheart.”

Her phone dinged again with his response as she took off her clothes and went into the bathroom to freshen up.

Minutes later, in bed we were both voracious! We were kissing with open mouths, I was pushing my tongue into her mouth, searching for a hint of his seed. I went to her breasts and found a love bite near her right nipple.

“He gave you a hickey!”

“Yes, yes, yes! I was so hot for him. I wanted him inside me! At least I was able to feel his fingers.”

“He gave you and orgasm?”

“Yes, he had a wonderful way with his fingers. MMMmmm! It was so good!”

By now I was spreading her legs wide as I looked lustfully at her beautiful, very wet pussy. I went in like a madman with my tongue, flicking her clit, fucking her hole, thrashing my tongue sideways, up and down, nibbling her clit, sucking her clit. She was whimpering.

“Yes, yes, like that! Just like that. Faster. MMMmmmmmm. UUhhhh! AAhhhh! Yes! Yes! AHHHHHHHHHHH.” She screamed as an orgasm shot through her.

Then I was between her legs feeding her my hard, throbbing dick, pumping in and out of her as she told me how hot she was for him.

“Baby,” she said, “I want him. I want to make love to him. I want you to watch as he breeds me and makes me his.”

She knew how to push my buttons, and that sent me over the top as I exploded into her.

In the afterglow, I asked if she truly wanted to have sex with him or if that was just dirty talk to work me up.

She turned to me with a very serious, intent look. “Darren I meant every word I said. And I don’t want to have sex with him. I want to make love with him! And he knows it!”


Wednesday morning, my husband and I were just walking out of the Mira Vista restaurant after breakfast when we ran into Nick who was headed in.

“Good morning,” Nick said.

“Hey,” I said.

“Morning,” Darren said quietly.

“Looks like we’re going to have a beautiful day,” Nick said, then looking at me added “Did you sleep okay?”

Looking at my husband with a smirk, I said “Well, I didn’t really sleep a lot. Plus, I had a lot to think about.”

Darren looked at me, then at Nick. “Yeah, a lot to think about.”

“Well, I had quite a bit to think about too,” Nick said. “And I had some amazing dreams!”

I chuckled at that. Darren just took in a deep breath.

“So, see you at the pool a little later,” Nick said looking at me.

“Definitely! As soon as I see Darren off, I’ll be there.”

Back in the room, my husband wanted to have sex before he left for the day. But I told him I was sore from all the sex we had the night before.

“You’re going to fuck him, aren’t you?” Darren said.

“Hmmm! Funny, isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Fuck, I don’t know, The idea turns me on. But the reality of it actually happening scares me.”

“Me too!”

“But you do want to have sex with him, don’t you?”

“Honestly, yes, absolutely I do. I can’t stop thinking about it, about making love with him. But, I am not sure I can do that. A voice inside my head keeps warning me against it.”

“Just be honest with me,” Darren said. “I want to know about it if something happens. Promise me you will be honest with me.”

“I promise, I will be honest with you. I love you!”

“I love you too! Please be careful. I may not be back until six or seven. See you then.”

“Okay, Baby, see you then.”

He leaned in and we kissed passionately before he left.

I was nervous about all this as I walked to the pool, naked like everyone else there. As I walked through the gate, I saw Nick under a shade tree waving me over. He had two lounge chairs lined up side-by-side and a little table between them for our stuff. I smiled to myself when I glanced at his dick and noticed he looked semi-aroused.

“Hey, Baby,” he said. “I’m looking forward spending the day with you.”

“Me too. That was fun yesterday.”

He leaned in. We embraced and kissed on the lips, one of his hands went to my butt and caressed me. Once again, he was turning me on. I wanted him. I felt his dick against my lower abdomen. I looked down, “So you are happy to see me, I guess!”

“Haha! I can’t control it. Of course I’m happy to see you. And you are incredibly sexy!”

He kissed me again, pressing his tongue between my welcoming lips. But after a couple moments, I pulled away. “We can’t do this out here, you know that.”

“I know. No sexual behavior allowed in public spaces. So maybe we should go someplace private, like my room.”

“No, I don’t think so. Let’s just enjoy the sun, the setting, and each other out here. And I told you I want to do some reading.”

As I was telling him this I had stepped back and sprayed myself with sunscreen. I gave him the can to spray my back and he said “Why don’t you lie face down on the lounger, I have something better.”

I put a towel down on the lounge chair and laid face down as he picked up a big tube of sunscreen.

He said “This is way better. And it feels good going on.”

With that, he knelt beside my chair and started at my shoulders, caressing the cream into my skin. It felt so good, almost like a light massage. Here I was lying naked in the sun and this sexy man was caressing my body. When he got to my butt, I almost hyperventilated as he caressed my cheeks, and moved his fingers into the cleft between them, spreading me open a little.

“Nick, this is too much. You are turning me on. Please be careful!”

“Okay, Baby, I’ll get your feet and legs.”

He started at my feet, and slowly, firmly caressed his way up my legs as he pushed them apart a little so he had more access to my inner thighs. JesusFuckingChrist, I was getting wet, incredibly aroused. Without fully realizing it, I spread my legs a little more when he got to my crotch. I moaned when his fingers grazed, first the stray hairs of vagina, then my inflamed outer lips. “MMMmmmmmm. Oh my God! Nick, this feels more like foreplay than a rubdown with sunscreen.”

“You like that, Sweetheart.”

“Nick, we have to keep all this under control. We’ll get kicked out of here.”

“Okay, you’re right. Now why don’t you get my back.”

So, then he was on his stomach as I rubbed, or caressed, the cream into the muscles of his back. He is a very sexy man. And his ass is very pronounced, very sexy. Touching him like this, rubbing sunscreen into his back, the cheeks of his beautiful ass and his legs was incredibly stimulating. Fuck, it was making me even more aroused. I wanted him!

When I was finished, I said, “Well, that got me all worked up. I think we need to calm down. We should do some reading now.”

He said he couldn’t get on his back quite yet, and rolled over to face me, revealing his huge erection. “Oh my God! You are so big!”

Eventually, we each picked up a book, and things settled down after that.

A couple hours later, we were in the conversation pool, cooling off from the sun. He was telling me about another Old West mining town he where he wanted to take me called Bisbee. He said it’s about two hours away, and we could spend the night in one of the cool hotels they have.

“I don’t know, Nick. I don’t know if I could do that. I’m not sure my husband would agree to that.”

“Oh come on. You told me what’s happening between the two of us turns him on. And let’s face it, Baby, we are inevitable!”

Just then, Margo and her husband, Hank, got into the pool next to us.

“Hey, you two,” she said. “I hear you went to Tombstone yesterday. How was it?”

“Oh, we had a great time,” I said. “We saw an old west museum and a reenactment of the famous gunfight at the OK Corral. It was a lot of fun.”

“That sounds like fun. But, Shelly, it seemed like your husband was expecting you back earlier in the evening.”

“Maybe so. But he was cool with us staying out later. After all, he was the one who encouraged me to spend the day with Nick. Then Nick wanted to take me to dinner. I told Darren what we were doing. And he wanted me to have fun.”

I wasn’t about to let Margo intimidate me. Nick was seated on the concrete bench in the pool beside me. And as I said that I put my hand on his bare thigh in an affectionate almost intimate way.

“Wow!” She said. “You must have a very open relationship!”

“Yes, that’s exactly what we have!” I said, looking her straight in the face. And with that, I removed any inhibitions I had about what was happening between me and Nick. And he put his arm around me, emphasizing the point.

She seemed a little embarrassed and said she didn’t think she and her husband could ever do that. But, added “I’m certainly not judging what ever works is my motto. And if that works for you, that’s great.”

She moved away from us toward some of the others she had been hanging out with the day before.

Nick and I looked at each other and laughed. He leaned in and we kissed. I could feel his dick getting hard by my hand. I told him we were out of control. And He said we should get lunch.

After going back to our rooms and getting dressed, he drove us to a little restaurant in town. Again, I felt like I was on a date with Nick. And the more time I spent with him and talked to him the more I liked him. And the more I wanted him! I was very aroused.

Back at the resort, he took me straight to his room. I was nervous about this, but also excited. After all of this buildup I desperately wanted to make love with him.

The moment he closed the door, we were all over each other, kissing, taking off our clothes. He knelt in front of me, pulled down my daisy duke shorts and thong and kissed my pussy. He pulled the shorts and thong completely off, then spread my legs and stuck his tongue into my slit, and licked me hungrily. He got up and pushed me back onto the bed where I spread my legs wide and pulled his face back into me as he went back to town on my pussy. He was hitting all the right spots, sucking, nibbling, teasing my clit, causing me to moan with lust.

“Mmmmmmm. Oooooohh. AAaaahhhh. Yes. God yes…yes… yess”

As his tongue did its magic I was thrashing and then my orgasm hit, rippling through my body.

“AAhhhhh……Aaaahhh,” I was screaming. “Stop, stop …. It’s too much.”

He pulled back, then kissed my vagina with reverence, and moved up to kiss me. My mouth opened to welcome his insistent tongue. I tasted myself on him and we made out as his hard cock rubbed against my opening. I reached down, found his big, hard cock and pulled him into me. But he was bigger than my husband.

“Slowly Baby,” I said as he started pushing into me. Several times, he pulled out then came in a little deeper. Finally, he slammed in all the way.

“Oh my God! Nick! Oh my God Baby, you are so big! So hard! Oh it’s so damn good!”

“Mmmmmm… you feel good, Shelly. So tight, Sweetheart. I love this pussy. I want you so fucking badly.”

We were making out, making love as he pumped his amazing dick into me again and again and again.

I wanted to be on top. We rolled over and found our rhythm again as I rode his cock while he fondled the cheeks of my ass and nibbled and licked my nipples. Soon it hit me again., Glorious rapture, as I screamed in delight”

“God dammit, yes, yes. Oh my God I love making love with you!” I leaned down and we kissed with open mouths. “Mmmmm,” I moaned with lust and hunger for him.

He turned us back over, and his amazing dick stroked in and out of me as we kissed. And soon, he was hammering harder and harder, his dick getting harder and then he exploded with a scream.

“AAWWWWWW, fuck yes, OOOooohhhh. You sexy fucking woman, I love loving you. You are sensational. I want you from now on. I want you to be mine. I need this from now on.”

“Mmmmmmmm. Yes… yes Sweetheart. I love it too. So good. I love loving you!”


I had a busy day shooting video, and doing several interviews for this project I was producing. But I was distracted, wondering what my wife and Nick were doing. Wondering if they had sex and if they did what that might mean. It’s all I could think about. I texted Shelly a number of times. She said she and Nick were hanging out. Then said they were going out to lunch. But she had not responded after that, despite my repeated texts asking what they were doing.

It was just after six when I got back to the resort. I stripped down in our room and went out to the pool area to look for them. I didn’t see them. Margo saw me looking around and volunteered that she hadn’t seen Shelly and Nick since lunch time.

I called Shelly’s phone. It kept ringing and ringing then went to voicemail. I had already left several voicemails. I immediately called again. Finally she answered.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey, what’s going on, I’ve been texting you, calling you, trying to reach you. What are you doing? Where are you?”

“Baby, I’m with Nick, in his room. We have been making love. I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you, but it seemed like you were pushing for this to happen. And now it has happened.”

“Oh, fuck! I know. I wanted it to happen, and I didn’t want it to happen.”

“Are you hard right now?” She asked.

“Yes. Yes, God dammit, the reality of this turns me on in some crazy fucking way. When can I see you? When are you coming back to me?”

“Not tonight, Baby. I’m staying with Nick tonight. He and I are lovers now. And to be honest, I can’t seem to get enough of him right now. ”

“What!? No! I want to see you, to make love to you, to reclaim you.”

“I’m sorry, I promised Nick I would spend the night with him. I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast. We can talk then.”

“Talk. No I want to love you, to make love to you. ”

“We’ll talk about it in the morning, Baby. I have to go now. Love you.”

“Fuck! I love you. I don’t want to lose you!”

“Okay, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. Good night.”

With that, she hung up, leaving me to wonder what the fuck had I done? What Is going to happen to us?

And as I thought about all of this, about my wife having sex with another man, choosing him over me to sleep with, my dick was throbbing for release. In my room, I drank half a bottle of the tequila we had brought along and masturbated several times thinking about Shelly and Nick fucking. Thinking about my wife giving herself to another man! A man with a bigger dick!

Lewd Fiction - 2021