Blow Job Queen

All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older.

My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Beth. I don’t understand why, but I love sucking cock. From the very first time I put a guy’s hard meat in my mouth, I was addicted. I’ve always swallowed their cum too, mostly because my date surprised me the first time I gave him a blow job but that’s what I think a girl is supposed to do when sucking a guy’s dick. I mean, if you aren’t going to swallow or let him cum on your face, what’s the point? I know some girls stop short of letting a guy ejaculate in their mouths or they spit it out but, to me, that is a waste of a load of good-tasting sperm. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fucking a guy too (I’m not as fond of anal) but there is something special about being on my knees in front of a guy or kneeling between his legs when he is sitting and giving him the best blow job of his life. It makes me hot when I can make a guy squirm while sucking his dick and have him tell me how good I’m making him feel.

I was never part of the popular crowd in school. I was average in everything I did. I’m average-looking with long auburn hair, brown eyes, not the prettiest girl around but not the worst looking either. I was a C+/B- student. I played soccer but was mostly a bench player but being a semi-athlete kept me from being bullied in school and gave me somewhat of a social life.

Our family wasn’t rich, we lived paycheck to paycheck with both my parents working low-paying jobs to make ends meet. That meant my clothes were never the most fashionable or stylish. I wore mostly jeans and sweatshirts which helped cover my body as I have self-esteem and body image issues. I dated a little but not a lot. I was shy, lacked confidence and most people didn’t notice me. I blended in with the crowd.

I was a late bloomer and one time shortly after my eighteenth birthday when I slept over at my best friend Marie’s house, I wore a tank top and panties to bed but we stayed up late talking and she noticed that my boobs seemed bigger.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what size bra do you wear, Beth?”

“I’m wearing a 34C bra now.”

“Let me see them,” she said but I hesitated but she continued to prod me, “Come on, it’s just the two of us.”

I sheepishly lifted my shirt and showed Marie my tits blushing profusely.

“You know what Beth? You have nice tits,” as she cupped them. “You should show them off more. If you want to date more, you have to advertise.”

“Get outta here, Marie.”

“No, really, they are nice. You have a nice butt too. I see guys checking you out all the time.”

That was the first time I even considered the fact that while I wasn’t the best-looking girl in school, that I might have a decent body. I got a little more confident after that sleepover and bought a couple more tank tops and short shorts from my pay from working at a local restaurant. I began to wear clothes other than my usual sweatshirts and jeans. I think guys began to notice but I dismissed those thoughts as wishful thinking on my part.

I always had a crush on my older brother’s best friend, Chuck but he didn’t pay any attention to me until after I turned eighteen. I only wore low-cut tank tops and tight shorts around the house at first before wearing them out anywhere and that’s when Chuck started to notice me. I dreamed of Chuck sweeping me off my feet and asking me out on a date, falling in love, and living happily ever after. He was tall, athletic with broad shoulders and muscular arms. His blonde hair and blue eyes captured the attention of a lot of girls and his boyish grin was irresistible.

I think he knew I had a crush on him but he was two years older than me and my brother’s best friend so he must have thought it was cute but was never interested in me. Things changed one day when I was lounging around the house wearing a white tank top, no bra, and tight, red shorts. I know my areola was showing slightly through the haze of my top but not too much.

Chuck saw me and commented, “Hot damn, Beth, you, uh, look darn good, Where have you been hiding that sweet body?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” was the only response I could think of at the time but inside I was thrilled he even noticed me and even more excited that he commented on my body.

I could feel myself turning beet red, but it was the first time any guy has complimented my body. My brother was still upstairs and Chuck took the opportunity to check me out. I stood there scared but proud as I felt my nipples get hard and I knew they were poking out of my top. My instinct was to cover up my breasts but I liked having Chuck’s attention even if it was for a fleeting moment and I let him stare at me. I even pushed my chest out slightly to press my breasts against the fabric of my top.

Just then, my brother, Jack came downstairs and Chuck asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me your little sister was all grown up?”

“Leave her alone you perv, she’s my sister,” Jack replied.

“I know, I know but I heard she’s not jailbait anymore.”

“Leave her alone, dude.”

“Alright, alright,” Chuck replied.

I wanted to tell my brother to mind his own business but I stood there in silence. As they were walking out the door, I noticed Chuck turning around to check out my ass. He winked at me and gave me that charming little grin as he left with my brother. My pussy got wet thinking that an older, cute guy was even remotely interested in me. From that day forward, whenever Chuck saw me, he told me how pretty I was or, if my brother wasn’t around, how sexy I looked. I knew he liked to charm the ladies and had that bad boy reputation from hearing what my brother said about him but I didn’t care. Chuck noticed me and thought I was sexy. If I knew Chuck was going to be around, I would make sure I wore something that showed off my boobs and ass knowing he would comment on my looks.

One time when my brother was out of the room, Chuck told me, “You know, Beth, if you weren’t Jack’s sister, I just might ask you out.”

I tried to act nonchalant but that was next to impossible. He made me blush and I could only fumble a response, “What would you want with a young girl like me?”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Beth, You’re a nice, cute young girl with a decent body. Any guy would be lucky to have a date with you.”

I didn’t take him seriously but he did boost my confidence and it served to deepen my crush on Chuck. I would often masturbate at night thinking of Chuck doing all sorts of sexy things to my naked body. With a boost in confidence, I started dressing less frumpy and noticed more guys checking me out. I even had a few more dates. I still had self-esteem issues thinking most guys, like the cute, popular guys, still didn’t want anything to do with me.

One evening, Chuck came into the restaurant where I worked and sat at one of my tables. I could see his eyes moving up and down my body as a warm feeling swept through my veins right down to my pussy. Our “uniform” was us wearing a white blouse and black pants but most of the waitresses wore leggings. I took his order and could feel his eyes on me as I walked away. I served him his meal and took time to make some small talk with him.

He mentioned to me, “You know if you undid some of those buttons on your blouse you’d get more tips. If you didn’t wear a shirt that covered your butt, you could show off your ass a lot more too.”

I couldn’t believe he just said that but when I came to give him his check, he noticed I took his advice and leaned over to show him some of my modest cleavage, which attracted his response, “That’s better Beth, that alone is worth a couple of bucks.”

It was a crass statement but that’s the way Chuck acted. I made sure to bend over a lot when I was cleaning off a table across from him. I could feel his eyes burning into my ass cheeks. When I turned around, he gave me a knowing smile. He knew I purposely showed him my cleavage and ass. Anytime he came in, which became more frequent, I made sure to give him a little show. His comments would be considered rude by some girls but I had the attention of my crush and didn’t care one bit. As a matter of fact, I wanted to hear his comments. What girl doesn’t like a compliment?

Chuck got to know my schedule and one time, he came in to order his usual burger and fries and asked me what time I got off work. I told him my shift was almost over and he asked me if I wanted a ride home. I jumped at the chance to be alone with Chuck and immediately accepted his offer with a huge grin on my face. My heart was fluttering for the next half-hour. He waited around for me until my shift was over and escorted me to his car. I didn’t live very far away from work and when Chuck asked me if I wanted to cruise around with him for a little while, I jumped at the opportunity. I was alone with my crush and I was going to enjoy every moment. We drove around for a short time talking about school, prom night, my upcoming graduation, and my college plans. I planned on going to the same local college as him so he told me all about the campus and which professors to stay away from.

When there was a pause in the conversation, Chuck asked, “Would you like to take a drive up to the lake?”

The lake was a known local makeout spot for young people. My heart started to flutter again and I replied, “Uh, sure.”

Chuck then began heading towards the lake. I was still a bit confused because I couldn’t believe my older brother’s best friend would want to make out with me. I thought maybe we would just talk so I was trying not to get my hopes up because this would be a dream come true. Chuck was tall and athletic. He was a wide receiver on the high school football team and was very popular when he was a senior and I was a sophomore.

He parked in a secluded spot away from a couple of other cars in the parking lot then looked at me and asked, “Have you ever been up here at night before?”

I shook my head, no. I was really nervous by now hoping he wanted to do more than talk.

“It’s a place where some people come to make out.”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied.

Chuck didn’t say anything else as he leaned over to kiss me. I closed my eyes and felt his lips gently brush up against mine. I felt like an electrical current shot through my body. I think he was testing me to see what I would do and when I didn’t pull away, he pressed his lips against mine and we began to kiss more. I felt like a lightning bolt hit me and I started breathing heavier. We kissed more before we began to French kiss. I’d never done that with anyone before but here I was, up at the lake with an older college guy locked in a full makeout session.

We had been kissing for a while when I felt Chuck’s hand cup my breast through my shirt and bra. I felt a surge of excitement from my nipple right down to my pussy. He then moved his hand over to the other one. I let him feel me up as we continued our make-out session in his car. When Chuck began to unbutton my blouse my first instinct was to stop him but my young, teenage hormones were telling me differently. I let Chuck feel and grope my breasts through my bra. I didn’t think twice when he slipped a hand inside my bra and began to feel my bare breasts and nipples.

“You’ve got really nice breasts, Beth.”

Chuck slipped off my blouse off and was fondling my breasts when all of a sudden he undid the front snap on my bra, exposing my breasts. His mouth immediately found my nipples as he alternately sucked on my tits. He then took my hand and brought it to his crotch so I could stroke his dick through his pants. Before long, he released his dick from his pants so I could stroke his bare cock. Chuck had about a six-inch cock and was not too thick. I could see little droplets of precum leaking out of the tip.

We stayed like this for a few minutes before Chuck took his mouth off my nipple and asked, “How about sucking my dick, babe? You’ve got me all worked up.”

By that time I was so hot myself, I would have done anything Chuck wanted me to but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. While I wasn’t a virgin and had given a few handjobs before, I had never sucked a dick. I also wasn’t going to disappoint Chuck and never wanted the evening to end. I had watched some porn movies on the Internet so I knew the basic things I should do and I even practiced on a banana a couple of times but I had never done it with a guy. I figured I should at least warn him so his expectations wouldn’t be that high.

“I’ve never done that before, Chuck.”

“Really? Come on, babe, give it a try. It’s easy, just open your mouth and let it slide in.”

There was no way I wasn’t going to blow him but I still had to gather up the courage to start. I had his hard cock in my hand. I looked at him, looked at his erection, and looked back at him.

“Go ahead, Beth.”

I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and leaned over in his lap. His dick was almost touching my mouth when he raised his hips, brushing it against my lips. I took another deep breath and began to lick it, first the head then I ran my tongue along the thick vein running along the middle.

“Take it in your mouth.”

I held onto the base of his dick, opened my mouth, closed my eyes, and lowered my head, feeling his hard meat sliding along my tongue into my warm, wet mouth. I closed my lips tightly around it and began to slowly bob my head. Now that I was no longer a blow job virgin. I heard girls at school talk about giving head with some of them liking it and some of them only doing it at the pleading of their boyfriend. I quickly decided having a hard cock in my mouth wasn’t so bad. After I heard Chuck begin to moan softly and felt his hands on my hair, I concluded that I kind of liked giving him a blow job. I wanted to please him so badly and he was clearly enjoying my mouth on his dick.

Chuck would give me some instructions at times, such as, “Use your tongue more,” or “try to take it deeper,” and “faster.”

I was a willing cocksucking student and followed his wishes, although I scraped him with my teeth a couple of times. I tried to take him deep into my throat but I gagged but I was successful in getting another inch into my mouth. I don’t know how long I was blowing him but it was at least ten minutes when I suddenly panicked and realized that, at some point, he was going to cum. What would I do when that time came? Would I pull away and jerk him off until he climaxed? Would I take it in my mouth and spit it out as I heard some girls did or would I swallow it which I heard guys liked best? There’s no way I was going to let him cum on my face as I saw guys do in some porn movies.

I continued to blow Chuck figuring I’d decide what to do when I thought he was about to cum. Ultimately, my decision would be made for me. My head was bobbing on his dick when I felt Chuck’s hands firmly grab my head holding it in place while he pushed his dick further into my mouth. I felt his dick convulse a couple of times followed by a warm liquid shoot into my mouth. There was no warning, he didn’t groan at all before releasing that first wad. Before I could decide whether I liked the taste of his cum or not, he shot a second wad and he then began to groan. I didn’t have much of a choice but to try and swallow it but I couldn’t keep up as more and more cum shot into my mouth. Some of his cum dripped out of my mouth and down my chin before he slowed down and I was able to capture the rest of it, lapping it up and swallowing it. When he stopped cumming and he released his grip on my head, I figured he was done and I lifted my head, anxiously waiting for his reaction.

“Damn babe, that was a darn good blow job. Are you sure you’ve never sucked a dick before?”

“Naw, that’s the first time.”

“You’re a natural, Beth. Shit, you even swallowed too.”

He pulled a rag out from underneath his seat and wiped the remnants of cum from his dick then gave it to me so I could wipe off my face. I was so proud that not only did I give my first blow job but Chuck said I was good at it and was happy I swallowed his cum too. He then pulled up his pants and told me to get dressed because he had to be somewhere. In hindsight, Chuck was only using me but at that moment I didn’t care. I was in the company of my crush, we made out, and I gave my first blow job.

Chuck dropped me off a block from my house, telling me he didn’t want my brother to find out that we were together. I didn’t want my brother to find out either. It was also nice to have a naughty secret to liven up my dull life. When I masturbated, which was almost daily, I would always fantasize about what I did and what I’d like to do with Chuck.

Over the next few weeks, Chuck would stop by the restaurant a couple of times per week, coincidentally around closing time and we’d end up at the lake. The next few times were like the first with a lot of kissing, fondling, stroking, and ending up with me sucking him until he ejaculated in my mouth. Chuck complimented me on getting better at blowing him the more experienced I became. Our makeout sessions graduated with him fingering me to orgasm but he didn’t want to fuck me because he was friends with my brother even though I was more than willing to go further.

Then one night during another one of our make-out sessions, we were completely naked in the backseat of his car and I was sucking his dick again. I blew him until he came into my mouth. I was so hot that night when he told me he wanted to eat my pussy. Chuck must have felt a twinge of guilt from me pleasing him so often so he must have wanted to return the favor. Chuck didn’t have to tell me twice, so I laid back and spread my legs open offering him my pussy to do as he pleased.

Chuck placed his head between my legs and said, “You have a lovely pussy,” and he began to lick my lips.

I began to squirm when Chuck started to tongue fuck me. I let a guy eat my pussy once before but it didn’t feel like this. Chuck had much more experience at oral sex. I began to moan when he began to flick his tongue across my clit while finger fucking me. I clutched his head and pulled him closer. He must have sensed that I was close to orgasm because that’s when he began to suck on my clit while also using his tongue. I never experienced an orgasm like that before.

Chuck lifted his head from between my legs with a grin on his face; he knew he gave me a fantastic orgasm but my pussy was still on fire. I was laying naked in the backseat of Chuck’s car with my legs spread wide when Chuck raised his body sporting another erection. The lustful look in my eyes was inviting him to fuck me. I lifted my knees towards my chest further exposing my pussy. I could see him staring at my naked, teen body seeming conflicted on what to do next. I know Chuck was worried about getting into a deeper relationship with his best friend’s little sister.

I looked straight at him and said, “I want you to fuck me.”

It was difficult for me to believe those words came out of my mouth but apparently, that tipped the scales and resolved the conflict in Chuck’s mind. He placed my legs on his shoulders, rubbed his hard cock up and down along my soaking wet slit for lubrication then slid himself into me. Chuck began to fuck me hard and fast. We were both groaning in pure pleasure, bucking wildly and thrashing wildly about the backseat. I had dreamed of Chuck fucking me and it was finally happening. I didn’t fantasize about it happening in the backseat of his car but that didn’t matter to me that night. I had my crush’s dick in my pussy.

We had been fucking for a while when I remembered I wasn’t on birth control. I let Chuck know but he didn’t have a condom either so we decided that when he was about to cum, I’d suck him off. With that formality out of the way, we began to fuck wildly again. When Chuck was about to cum, he sat up and I quickly turned around to stuff his cock in my mouth. I got there just in time to catch his erupting cum in my mouth. I got used to sucking Chuck until he ejaculated and thoroughly enjoyed swallowing every last bit of his seed. I would even squeeze his dick to milk more cum out and lick up the very last drops.

After he fucked me, Chuck got a little funny and began to distance himself from me. I think he was afraid of the consequences if my brother ever found out. My problem was that I enjoyed sucking his dick and had to find another outlet for my oral passion.

I began to dress more provocatively at school and one of the guys on the baseball team, Scott, ended up asking me to the senior prom. He wasn’t a star player but I at least had a date. He came to pick me up wearing a new, pinstripe suit and I wore a short, little black dress that showed some of my cleavage. I let him pin my corsage on me and he got a quick feel of some of my boobs. Scott apologized but I didn’t mind in the least. When he opened the car door for me, I’m sure he got a good look up my skirt at my tiny black thong panties, and my pink garter.

We had a great time at dinner sitting with some of the other players on the baseball team. While dancing later, I could feel Scott getting excited as he held me in his arms. I was horny myself after not being with Chuck for a couple of weeks. I could feel his hand drifting down to casually touch my ass, testing my reaction. Scott was encouraged when I didn’t object but we couldn’t be too obvious in front of everyone, including the chaperones.

Scott and I were going to a party at one of his teammate’s houses afterward but once we got in the car, he asked, “Do you want to drive up to the lake before we head over to the party.”

I knew that was his subtle way of asking if I wanted to have sex first and replied, “Yeah, that sounds like fun.”

I’m surprised Scott didn’t get a speeding ticket on the way there. Once we parked, Scott leaned in to kiss me and we began to make out. I let him feel my tits through my dress and it wasn’t long before he had his hand inside feeling my bare breasts. I sent a signal confirming I wanted to have sex by stroking his dick through his pants. There was no doubt where this was leading.

When he asked me, “Do you want to get in the backseat?” I answered by opening the door and going back there with Scott quick to follow. He pulled my dress over my head, leaving me in just my thong and heels. He quickly got undressed too but for some reason, he left his socks on. Scott was quick to suck on my tits while I stroked his dick. I couldn’t wait to taste his five-inch dick. He was smaller than Chuck but was thicker. When Scott lifted his head to kiss me, I surprised him by leaning forward and stuffing his dick in my mouth. Now that I had more experience, I was able to quickly get him squirming in the backseat. I was even able to deep throat him seeing he was smaller than Chuck.

“Oh shit, Beth, you really know how to suck a dick.”

My head was bobbing in his lap while my lips and tongue worked over the cock in my mouth. After only a couple of minutes, I heard Scott begin to moan and cry out, “Oh, I’m going to cum.”

Just then he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth which I greedily lapped up and swallowed. I was disappointed he came so soon but it was also the first load of cum I had in a couple of weeks.

When he was done shooting his cum into my mouth, Scott said, “That’s the best blow job I’ve ever had. Not many girls swallow either.”

I was proud but left wanting. I had him eat my pussy but had to instruct him how I liked it. He wasn’t experienced like Chuck. Scott fucked me after he brought me to climax then we got dressed and went to the party but not before he took off my garter and put it around his upper arm. I didn’t realize this was a way of him bragging to his friends that he got laid. I saw him talking to his friends who were high-fiving him and knew he was telling them everything that we did. I was a little annoyed at him for bragging about what I thought was our intimate moment. However, his friends started looking at me differently. For one, they noticed me and they also saw me in a sexual manner which made me feel attractive. Some of the girls seemed jealous of me for some reason. That had never happened before.

One stuck-up girl came up to me and said, “Gee Beth, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“I’ve had it in me more than you know,” I responded sarcastically as I walked away.

I found out later that Scott was telling everyone what a great blow job I gave him and I swallowed his cum. That’s what made some of the other girls jealous because their boyfriends would want them to do that same but I didn’t care. For the first time in my life, I was getting some attention from the guys at school and I loved it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but by Scott bragging about my oral skills, I became more popular and started getting asked out by guys that would never have looked twice at me before. Some of the other girls at school began spreading rumors about me being a slut but that only increased my popularity with the guys. One girl, in particular, Molly, was pretty mean to me by giving me dirty looks and making snide comments in the hallways.

Between prom night and graduation, I must have dated at least five different guys and I ended up at the lake blowing each of them. Some just dated me for a quick blow job which was perfectly fine with me because I was beginning to crave sucking a cock and swallowing their cum. I liked sucking dicks of different shapes and sizes. Even though I started taking birth control I always told my dates that I wasn’t so I had an excuse to suck their dicks when they were about to come after they fucked me. I didn’t want that precious cream going to waste.

The more guys I blew, the more popular I became. I didn’t date everyone that asked me out. Heck, I couldn’t blow every guy in school but it was nice to be able to pick and choose who I went out with.

I got invited to a few graduation parties which never would have happened before my surge in popularity. I decided to go without a date because I didn’t want to be tied down to any one particular guy that night. When I was at one party, Molly was there with her boyfriend Eli. She was pretty darn drunk and ended up passing out in one of the bedrooms. I went into the kitchen to grab another beer with Eli following me and we got to talking. He is a very cute guy who knew it, is kind of arrogant and full of himself. Eli was very bold and a little drunk also.

After Eli and I were talking for a while, he came right out and said, “You know, the guys are saying you are a great date when you’re up at the lake.”

“Oh, do they now? What do they say?”

“They say you give a pretty good blow job. Is that true?”

I knew where the conversation was going so I played along, “Well, it must be true if that’s what ‘they’ say.”

“What’s say you and I take a little drive?”

“You’re drunk and I’m not getting in the car with you.”

“How about if we find an empty bedroom then?”

I didn’t like Eli in the least but the thought of getting some revenge on Molly crossed my mind. I was thinking that I shouldn’t be vengeful like that but I was a bit tipsy too and I couldn’t help myself. Besides, I hadn’t sucked any cock that night and figured why not?

“You go upstairs and find a bedroom then text me and I’ll meet you there. No one should know what we’re doing.”

Eli got a big grin on his face, took my phone number, and quickly disappeared upstairs. In a matter of minutes, I received a text that he was in the middle bedroom. I didn’t answer him and decided to make him wait and wonder if I was going to join him. I waited until I got the second text before I walked into the bedroom and locked the door behind me. Eli had a huge smile on his face as he sat on the side of the bed. I didn’t waste any time getting down to business as I took off my top and bra to reveal my breasts to Eli. Not only do guys like tits but I like when they play with them while I suck their cock.

“Wow, nice tits, Beth.”

“Take off your shorts, Eli. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Eli quickly got naked from the waist down and, to be honest, I was pretty impressed. He had a beautiful seven-inch dick, not too thick with a nice, smooth head. He was half-hard already after seeing my tits as I got down on my knees in between his spread legs. I kneeled upright while I stroked his dick and played with his balls while he groped my tits. When he was nice and hard, I began to nuzzle his balls, gently kissing, mouthing, and licking them while continuing to slowly stroke his shaft. I already had him squirming on the bed before I began to trace my tongue over the thick vein running up the middle of his shaft. I used the wide part of my tongue to lick the shaft like a dripping ice cream cone, making sure to lick all sides. I turned my head sideways to stroke his shaft with my lips while flicking my tongue over it.

“Holy shit, baby, that feels great.”

I then ran the tip of my tongue under the rim of the head of his dick several times, before giving the head butterfly flicks. Eli began to squirm more when I took the head between my lips, sucking it and swirling my tongue all around. He was playing with my tits and nipples the whole time.

“Oh fuck, Beth, the guys were right, you sure know how to suck a dick.”

I began to bob my head slowly, taking just a little more of his dick into my mouth on each downstroke while using my tongue too. Eli was moaning in pleasure the whole time. When I got his entire dick in my mouth, I held it there while my tongue swirled around the shaft. I then pulled my head off his cock, to catch my breath and slow things down. I didn’t want him to cum too soon.

“Damn baby, you’re a pro.”

I returned my mouth to his dick and began to rhythmically bob my head using my lips to have a wet, tight grip on his shaft. Each time I heard him breathe faster and try to control the tempo by thrusting himself upwards, I would slow down or even come up for air. I wasn’t going to let Eli cum until I wanted him to. Finally, I figured it was time to end this blow job and I began to suck his cock faster, using my tongue more. His breathing got heavier and faster.

“Suck my dick, Beth. Suck my dick. Yeah, just like that. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Suck it. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

Just then, Eli held tightly onto my head and thrust himself upward and I felt his cock convulse between my lips with the first wad of cum shooting into my mouth quickly followed by the second and third. I saved some of his cum in my mouth and used my tongue to swirl it around his dick as he kept shooting his tasty cream into my mouth. When he was done cumming he fell back on the bed to catch his breath.

In between breaths, he told me, “Holy shit, Beth, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had. you are one hell of a cocksucker.”

I was proud of myself. Giving a good blow job became a source of pride for me. I was sure Eli wouldn’t keep his mouth shut about me giving him a great blow job and sure enough, word spread, and Molly broke up with him a few days later. Eli had the nerve to call me afterward and ask me out on a date. I took great pleasure in telling him there was no fucking way I would go out with him. He was dumbfounded as no girl had ever told him no before.

I wasn’t lacking for dates for the rest of that summer. Word spread like wildfire of my oral abilities and I had to learn to screen my offers because a lot of guys were only looking for a quick blow job. I always made sure there was an actual date involved, not just a drive up to the lake for me to give them some head. I wasn’t going to date any of Eli’s friends either. They were a bunch of stuck-up jocks. I wanted to date someone I at least liked. I wasn’t looking to fall in love: I was only looking for a little fun while making up for the lost time.

I dated seven other guys over the summer, some more than once. I went out with Jared more than anyone else. He seemed to truly like me and didn’t seem to mind that I was dating other guys. Jared wasn’t a hunk, he had a round body but not fat, and was tall. I didn’t want to get into a relationship with him seeing he was going away to college in the fall while I was going to a local university but we got along very well. He was my best male friend. I think he wanted me to be his girlfriend but I wasn’t interested at the time. Besides, I liked having a variety of dicks at my disposal. For the first time in my life, I had a decent social life, I was popular and having fun. I didn’t care if people talked about me behind my back. I liked sucking dick and wasn’t going to apologize for doing something I enjoyed so much.

Jared’s parents both worked so we were able to get together during the day and take our time having sex. It gave us time to experiment also. He fucked me several times and he was the first guy I let cum on my face but I preferred to swallow his cum. I also let Jared take my anal virginity. It hurt too much the first time he tried to fuck my ass but was successful on the second attempt several days later. We figured out he didn’t use enough lube the first time. Doing anal wasn’t my favorite sex act but it is nice to experiment sexually and I always want to please my man.

We didn’t just have sex either. Jared and I also went to movies, watched TV, or just hung out together. In my mind, we were buddies but I think he wanted more.

One thing I found odd about Jared was he was interested in how many other guys I blew. At first, I was reluctant to tell him but as the summer wore on, I got more comfortable with him. Like I said before, I wasn’t looking for a relationship so I didn’t mind if he got mad.

One day Jared told me, “I heard you went out with Sam the other night. Did you give him a blow job?”

“Maybe. Why do you want to know?”

“Don’t tell anyone, but it kind of turns me on thinking about you blowing other guys.”

I found that odd, especially seeing we were casually dating and I responded, “Who am I going to tell?”

“I don’t know, Beth. I don’t want anyone making fun of me.”

“Does it really turn you on to think of me sucking off some other guy?”

“Yeah, you have no idea. I think it’s hot.”

I figured I had nothing to lose so as I started to blow Jared I began to tell him how Sam and I went out to dinner and a movie then he drove me up to the lake. I could tell he was getting turned on hearing about it so I continued.

“Sam and I began to make out, kissing and touching each other. He stripped off my top and bra to play with my tits. I let him suck on my nipples for a while but I knew what he wanted so I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down to his knees. He was already hard so I gave him a hand job for a minute or two before I started to suck his dick. Sam’s dick is five or six inches so I was able to get it all in my mouth without a problem. He came in my mouth after only a few minutes and I was disappointed it was over so quickly. You know how much I love sucking cock, Jared.”

Jared was breathing hard and squirming on his bed as I sucked his cock while telling him my story. I thought it was strange that he liked hearing about me and another guy, most guys would be jealous but it turned him on even more than usual. If that’s what he liked, I was more than happy to oblige. It made our sex even better.

From that day forward, whenever Jared and I got together for some afternoon delight, I would tell him stories of some of the guys I had given head to or fucked. I also found out that I liked being called dirty names while having sex or blowing someone. One time, by accident, Jared called me a fucking cocksucker and then quickly apologized. The last thing a guy wants to do is insult a girl while getting a blow job but I told him it was fine, that I even liked it. Hearing that I liked it made Jared go further by calling me a cumslut. When my head began to bob faster on his hard cock he called me a cocksucking whore which made me moan as I blew him. Jared called me a cumslut again as I swallowed his load.

After knowing Jared liked hearing about me being with other guys and with him knowing I liked being called dirty names, it emboldened him to share more fantasies with me. Just before he was about to go away to college, Jared told me something else he’d like to try with me.

“You know how I like hearing about what you do with other guys?”

“Yeah, I figured that out, Jared,” I replied with a grin.

“Well, uh, you don’t suppose, I uh,” Jared said, struggling to get the words out of his mouth.

“Come on, Jared, just tell me. After all we’ve done this summer, I think you know you can tell me anything.”

“Well, Beth, I was wondering if I could watch you blow someone?”

I was more than a bit shocked at that request but curiously asked, “Is there anyone, in particular, you’d want to see me blow?”

“Well, I was thinking about my friend, Ben. I know he’s not the most handsome guy but he’s my buddy and he doesn’t have a lot of experience if you know what I mean.”

“So you want to watch me suck Ben’s dick?”

Jared nodded sheepishly.

I thought about it for a moment and replied, “Sure, why not? It sounds like it could be fun.”

“Really?” Jared asked with a huge grin on his face.

“Yeah, it will be fun to suck two guys.”

“Wow, that’s great, Beth. Ben will be thrilled. He’s had a crush on you for while.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, he’s kind of shy and doesn’t date much. He was always afraid to ask you out.”

That made me feel even better about agreeing to blow Ben. Jared set it up for a couple of days later. His parents were going out of town for the weekend and he’d have the house to himself. Over the next two days, the more I thought about being with Jared and Ben together, the more I liked it. I wanted to make that night special for all of us. Jared and Ben weren’t the sexiest guys I knew or had given head to but they were really nice guys who I enjoyed being around. The idea of fulfilling their fantasies became one of my fantasies.

On that Saturday night, I wore a red plaid pleated mini skirt with a white scoop-neck crop top. Underneath, I wore a white lace bra with a matching thong and white thigh highs. I fixed up my hair, put on more makeup than I usually wear, and put red nail polish on my fingers and toes. I double and triple-checked myself in the mirror and left for my date. I looked good and felt sexy. I felt naughty too. It was one thing to get ready for a date knowing that by the end of the night I’d have a dick stuffed in my mouth but I was leaving for a date with two guys. I’ve sucked off two guys on the same day before but never at the same time. This was going to be a new, exciting sexual experience.

When Jared opened the door and saw me, he stood there and stared at me for so long I had to ask him, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Oh, uh, hello Beth. Oh yeah, come on in. You look awesome.”

“Thank you, Jared.”

I got the same reaction from Ben so I broke the ice by saying, “Hello Ben. How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

Ben looked scared so I pressed him further, “Do you like my outfit?”

“Wow, yeah Beth. You llllllook great,” Ben stammered.

Seeing Ben acting so nervously made me feel good but I also felt bad for him. Hopefully, he’d calm down in a little while. Jared ordered a pizza and we drank some of his dad’s beers as we ate. We were sitting around the family room listening to some music and talking about starting college soon. I was sitting on the sofa and purposely left my legs parted so the guys could get a peek at my panties. Ben was sitting across from me and I noticed his eyes kept darting from my cleavage to between my legs and back again. I gave Ben a wink to let him know I saw him checking me out and he began to blush. I found his shyness attractive. It was so innocent and cute.

Jared and I had been talking and texting beforehand and the plan was for me to make out with Ben for a while and let things take their natural course. Jared would leave me alone with Ben but would peek in and watch from the doorway once things got going. After I got done blowing Ben, then it would be Jared’s turn. He kept thanking me for being so agreeable to doing this. I told him he didn’t have to thank me. I didn’t want to tell him how excited I was to be able to suck two dicks one right after the other.

We each had a couple of beers over dinner and Jared went to get more while I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I got back, I figured I’d better take control or we’d be there all night waiting for Ben to make a move.

I gave Jared a knowing look and asked Ben, “Why don’t you come over here and sit with me?” as I patted the sofa cushion.

Jared got up and left the room while Ben joined me on the sofa. There was still a lot of room between us so I scooched closer to him. Ben was so nervous, he was almost shaking. I told him to relax and have a little fun. I then leaned in to kiss him. He awkwardly returned my kiss, pressing his lips hard against mine.

“Not so hard, Ben. Do it softly.”

He apologized but I told him he was fine and kissed him again. This time he was more gentle and we began to make out. After we started to French kiss, I took his hand and placed it on my breast which made him breathe harder. Ben began to fondle my tits through my top and bra. After a few minutes, I broke our embrace and removed my top. He stared at my bra-encased tits with my mounds of flesh pouring out of the top. Ben relaxed more and began to fondle me again.

We stayed that way for a few minutes so I decided to take charge again and straddled Ben. I reached behind my back, unfastened my bra, and peeled it off. Ben’s eyes widened as my breasts came into view. I pulled his head to my chest and he instinctively began to suck on my nipples. He slid his hands up my skirt to grab my ass while I alternately fed him my tits. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jared watching us from the doorway.

When I felt we should go a little further, I stood up, unzipped my skirt, and let it fall to the floor then told Ben, “Why don’t you take off your clothes?”

I didn’t have to say it twice as Ben quickly shed his shirt then pulled down his pants and underwear revealed a soft, flabby body but had a six-inch fat dick.

I commented, “You have a nice dick, Ben,” trying to put him at ease realizing he may not have ever been naked with a girl before.

“Would you like to take off my thong for me?”

Ben stared at me and nodded. I got closer to him as he moved to the edge of the sofa to slowly peel down my panties. I don’t think he meant to groan when he first saw my neatly trimmed pussy but it was pretty obvious. His face got closer to my crotch as he pulled my thong further down my legs. I’m sure he could smell my juicy pussy by then. I stepped out of my thong, kicked off my shoes, and stood naked before Ben while Jared peeked in from the doorway. Ben, feeling more emboldened, ran his hands up and down my legs. Not seeing any resistance, he began to touch the outside of my pussy. I lifted one foot and rested it on the sofa, openly displaying my pussy to him as a silent approval to further explore my body. Ben’s finger fumbled around my pussy until he found my vagina and began to work his finger in and out. I let him play with my pussy for a little while before I decided to get down to business.

I got down on my knees between Ben’s spread legs as he sat on the sofa. I ran my hands up and down his doughy thighs then softly played with his balls. I began to stroke him but figured I better not tease him too much if he’s never had a blow job before so I began to lick his thick shaft from the tip down to his balls and back again. I flicked my tongue over the head then took him into my mouth and began to bob my head. I began to work my lips and tongue over Ben’s dick. After about 30 seconds but no more than a minute, Ben exploded in my mouth. The excitement of having a girl who he had a crush on, getting naked and blowing him was too much for him to handle. No guy had ever shot that much cum into my mouth. I had trouble keeping up and some ran down his shaft, dripping towards his balls.

Ben kept shooting more cum but I caught up and was able to take the rest of his load easily. When he was done, I licked the rest of his cum from his shaft and balls. I notice he was still hard so I took him back into my mouth to continue blowing him. No guy ever stayed hard after he orgasmed with me before. I continued to suck Ben’s cock when I heard Jared enter the room. When I came up to catch my breath, I looked over at Jared who was naked with his erection bobbing in front of him and grinning from ear to ear. I returned to continue Ben’s blow job.

While I was down on my knees, I realized that Ben might be a virgin too so I decided to surprise him and removed his dick from my lips. I could see the look of panic on Ben’s face when I stood up. He must have thought I was done. That look was replaced by sheer enjoyment when I straddled his lap and aimed his dick at my pussy. I rubbed it across my wet slit before slowly sliding down on Ben’s cock. I fed him my tits again as I began to ride his dick.

I was curious to know how experienced Ben was so I whispered in his ear, “Have you ever had sex with a woman before?”

Ben timidly replied, “No.”

That one word turned me on more than I could have ever imagined. I was giving Ben one of the most precious moments of his life, one that he would never, ever forget. The more excited I got at the thought of fucking and sucking a virgin, the faster I fucked him and Jared was a witness to it all. I wanted Ben to get a full fucking experience so I climbed off him and laid back on the sofa and spread my legs wide, offering him my pussy again.

“Come and fuck me, Ben.”

Ben hurriedly climbed between my legs, struggling to find my vagina with his dick so I took hold of him and guided his cock into me. I began to moan as he fucked me with that fat cock of his. I looked up to see Jared walking around getting different perspectives of his best friend fucking me. It was a turn-on to be watched while having sex with someone. After Ben fucked me for several minutes, I told him I wanted him to do me from behind so we quickly switched positions. I had to guide his cock into me again. Ben was feeling more confident now and grabbed hold of my ass and hips and began to fuck me hard.

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck me hard, Ben. Fuck me with that fat cock of yours.”

When I could tell he was about to orgasm again, I told him, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Ben was fucking me hard and fast with Jared looking on when I heard him say, “I’m gonna cum.”

He quickly disengaged and I turned around to face him as he shoved his cock in my face but he started to cum before I could get it in my mouth. The first wad splashed my face as I stuffed his erupting cock into my mouth. I didn’t want to lose another drop of his tasty nectar. I sucked his cock dry, lapping up every drop of cum he had.

When Ben was done cumming he stepped away and I saw the look of lust in Jared’s eyes so I spread my legs wide and told him, “Eat my pussy.”

Jared knew just how I liked my pussy licked and he began lapping up my juices like a hungry animal. I was so hot it didn’t take long for him to bring me to a raging orgasm. Jared stood up and fed me his cock and I quickly stuffed it into my mouth. He held my head still and began to fuck my mouth. I could see Ben watching us out of the corner of my eye which only drove my passion to higher heights. I was feasting on his dick when Jared said he wanted to fuck me.

He bent me over the sofa facing Ben as he stuffed his cock into me from behind. Jared began to tug on my hair as he fucked me hard from behind.

“Oh Beth, you’re such a fucking whore. I love it. You suck dick like no one else. You’re a great piece of ass too.”

He was so turned on from watching Ben and me and couldn’t hold out that long. He knew just what I wanted and as soon as he withdrew I turned around to drink his cum.

As Jared started to cum in my mouth, he said, “That’s it you cumslut, swallow it all. You still have some of Ben’s jizz on your face you cocksucking whore.”

When Jared was done cumming, he told me, “You’re the Blow Job Queen, Beth.”

I sucked Jared dry for a total of three loads and the night wasn’t over. I sucked and fucked both Ben and Jared one more time that night. Ben had a memorable time losing his virginity. I never imagined anyone would have a crush on me and I’m glad I could give him a great start to his sex life.

Jared and I got together one more time before he left for school. I decided to slow down on my extracurricular activities to concentrate on my own school work and adjust to college life. I didn’t want to start off my freshman year by getting a reputation as the college slut. However, going to a large university was going to open a whole host of opportunities to meet new people. I couldn’t wait to see what the next few years would bring.