Strip Checkers

This is a true story about an experience I had with two sisters who lived across the street from me. I have tried to include as many details as I can remember. It’s a fairly long story, but I like to get into the details, to give you, the reader, a better idea of what was going on. Also, as I write it, the story telling helps me to recall, relive and savor the memories of that day.

I was eighteen and had just graduated from high school. It was during the summer break, and many of my classmates were getting ready to go to college. I had played football in school, and I was working out every morning in a local gym, so I was pretty fit.

On the property behind our house, we had a smaller building that had been a small house at one time. We had divided it inside with a couple of rooms that an accountant and an insurance agent rented from us. The remaining room, which was separate and had its own outside entrance, was my hobby area to mess around with electronics and other things. It had a small bathroom with a toilet and sink, so I could spend hours out there without needing to go into the house.

My parents were off visiting my grandparents for a couple of weeks. They let me stay home, and I had the entire place to myself.

In my hobby room, I had my stash of Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines hidden. Whenever I became bored with the electronic projects, I would look at the pictures and read the erotic stories in them. Jacking off was my sexual release. I had gotten quite good at it, I must say, and the magazines were a large part of that pastime.

We lived in a small town, and it seemed like everyone knew everyone else, so it was difficult to get much sexual action without worrying about the busybodies learning about it. Because of that, I never had full-on sex yet – yes, I was technically a virgin. Just some heavy petting and feeling of breasts under clothes.

Across the street and a couple of houses down, lived our high school’s assistant football coach and his family. Coach Wood and his wife had two daughters, Sharon – who had just graduated with me – was also eighteen years old, and Debra who was twenty years old. Our school was really small, so Sharon and I had a lot of classes together. We knew each other fairly well through our school, but we had never dated. Debra had just come home for the summer from her second year of college. I remembered Debra from when she was still in high school – she was a cheerleader then, and now she really looked nice after 2 years away at college. I had seen them a couple of times across the street, and we’d wave at each other. But I don’t think Debra ever even looked at me while she was still in high school.

Both sisters were slender but shapely, with medium sized tits. Debra was about an inch taller than Sharon, maybe 5 ft 7 inches. Sharon, my classmate, had really long brown hair, midway down her back. Debra’s hair was also mostly brown, with some bleached highlights, and was a lot shorter – just longer than collar length.

One day I was in my hobby room out back working on an amplifier or something, and I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it, I was surprised to see that Sharon and Debra had come over for a visit. Sharon said they were bored and wanted to come see what I was up to. I invited them in and showed them what I was working on. They pretended to be interested, but it seemed like they were thinking about something else. They both smelled really nice, with some kind of barely-there perfume. Or maybe it was the soap or shampoo from their showers earlier that morning.

Debra kind of stepped back and looked me up and down, like she was noticing me for the first time. In a low, sexy voice, she asked if I worked out a lot. I nodded yes. She asked if I had been on the school boxing team. I told her no. She said, “Well, you have the physique for it.”

She was kind of flirty in her tone and manner and stared directly into my eyes and smiled while talking to me. That was surprising to me, since she had never paid me any attention before.

Sharon looked a little uncomfortable about something, but yet kind of eager at the same time. Debra asked me if I had any “special” magazines out there. I acted like I didn’t know what she meant.

“You know. Nudie magazines. Girlie magazines. Sexy stuff.”

I told her I didn’t, but I guess I must have looked embarrassed, because both girls kind of chuckled as Debra said “Yeah, right!”

Sharon spoke up and said, “Come on, I’ve heard that all guys have nudie magazines. We want to look at some of yours. We don’t know if our Dad has any, or if he does, where he has them hidden. I’ve never seen one before.”

So, I went to my hiding place behind some stuff on a closet shelf and pulled out the first two I could grab, a Penthouse and a Playboy. Debra grabbed the Playboy and opened it up, and started showing Sharon some of the different girls, chatting about their tits and asses and wondering if some of the tits were real or fake. Sharon giggled and commented that all of the women had their pussy lips hidden. That was the words she used – “Pussy lips.” I was sort of amazed and a bit embarrassed, hearing a girl say those words in front of me.

I just stood off to the side, watching them both. They sure looked nice, and I was getting a bit horny seeing the two attractive sisters looking at and talking about the nude women in the magazine. It was just the three of us, and I was hoping (but didn’t really believe it) that something might happen.

After they finished looking at the Playboy, Debra opened up the Penthouse. Those pictures were certainly more explicit – some of the pictures showed full pussy lips. Sharon commented that the visible pussy lips in Penthouse looked more realistic than the hidden ones in Playboy.

Debra was apparently familiar with Penthouse, because after looking at a few of the pictures with Sharon, she turned right to the Penthouse Forum section and started reading some of the stories aloud. They both laughed at some of the comments, saying that the stories couldn’t be real. Maybe not, but I was getting more aroused from listening to Debra reading the erotic stories in her sexy voice.

Then Sharon started reading one aloud. It was about a strip poker game that two guys and two girls were getting into. As the story went along, things were about to get hot and heavy with the foursome.

Debra told Sharon to stop reading. She looked straight into my eyes like she did earlier and asked if I had a deck of cards. She suggested, “Let’s get into a game of strip poker ourselves.”

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I still was uncertain what was going on. I looked from Sharon to Debra a couple of times. “What do you mean, a game of strip poker for ourselves?” I asked.

Sharon and Debra both tried to explain at the same time, talking over each other. Finally, Sharon held up her hand to Debra, looked at me and told me that when Debra came back from college, she told Sharon about how the dorm life was so much different than home life, and how it was common to see other girls naked and not unusual to see a guy in one of the girls’ rooms, also naked.

With Debra standing there smiling and listening, Sharon slowly told me that Debra said she’d had sex with a couple of guys in college as well. Still hesitating and acting really embarrassed, Sharon finally admitted that she was still a virgin. And then she turned her head down and completely stopped talking.

Then Debra spoke up and said that Sharon had told her that she had never seen a guy naked before other than in pictures. They discussed how to fix that, and Debra suggested to Sharon that I might be willing to show her what a guy’s “equipment” (her words) looked like, so that when the time came for her to have sex, she would have a better idea of what to expect. And that’s what led them to come knocking on my hobby room door.

Well, as you can imagine, there were so many confused thoughts running through my head. At that time, I had never seen a girl fully naked either, other than in my magazines. I hoped this might be my chance to at least see one or both of the girls’ breasts in full light.

I looked around for a deck of cards, but I couldn’t find any in all the games we had stored out there. “Dammit!” Then my gaze landed on a checker set, and I (lamely, I thought) suggested that we play “strip checkers”. I was surprised that both sisters agreed, and so we set up the checkerboard on a small table I had out there in the room.

Since it was summer, none of us had very many clothes on – both girls were in fairly short shorts, tank tops, each with another unbuttoned top shirt over the tank top, and sneakers with socks. I dressed about the same way – blue jean shorts, just a t-shirt and sneakers with socks. Debra’s shorts were fairly loose, but Sharon’s were really tight on her, defining the curves of her hips and ass nicely.

We discussed how we were going to play a two-person game with three people and decided that I would play against one of the girls first, and the winner of that game would play the other girl. We’d continue on until one or more of us was naked. But we hadn’t discussed what it would take to get a piece of clothing removed.

I had a quarter in my pocket, and the girls flipped for first turn. Sharon won the toss, so she and I started to play checkers. After the first couple of moves, we reached the point that I was about to jump one of Sharon’s checkers. So, I suggested that when either one of us jumped the other’s checker, we would have to take off a piece of clothing. Sharon hesitated at that, looking at Debra.

Debra said no, that the game would end too quickly that way, and that we should wait until one of us got “kinged” before making the opponent take off a piece of clothing. OK, that was fine with me. As we played, Sharon and I both had to take off our shoes and socks. Sharon also lost her top shirt, which left her with her tank top on, before she won the first game.

That meant that Sharon and Debra had the next game, and I got to watch. Debra was the first to get kinged, which meant that Sharon had to take off either her shorts or her tank top. She was reluctant to do either, but Debra and I both reminded her of the “rules of the game”, so Sharon turned her back to me and peeled her tank top up over her head. Then she smoothed her long hair back down. When she turned back around, I saw that she was wearing a simple thin pale blue bra, and her nipples were pushing out the fabric nicely. She was obviously embarrassed to see me looking at them, but she went on with the game. I just stood there, looking at her nice titties and getting hornier.

By the end of that game, Debra had also lost her shoes and socks, and her top shirt. Debra won, and it was my turn to play against her.

We both played a good game. Debra lost her tank top also. Her bra was similar to Sharon’s, but it was a light pink that let the dark areolas of her nipples show through nicely. She had no embarrassment at all, not minding when I looked at her breasts.

I lost my shoes, socks and t-shirt, so I was down to just my blue jean shorts when Debra got another king and I had to take those off, leaving me wearing just my boxer shorts. I had a quite visible erection from being so close to both sisters, who were wearing only their bras and shorts, presumably with panties underneath.

Then Debra said “Look, we came over here so that Sharon could see what a guy looks like naked. Let’s just get on with it. No more checkers. How about you strip off those boxers now? You’re going to have to take ’em off eventually anyway. And I can see the bulge of your cock right now under your pants. Sharon needs to see what it looks like hard and out in the open.”

“OK, I’ll take ’em off. But you’re going to have to show me your stuff, too. I’m not going to be the only one naked here,” I replied. Debra nodded and gave me that smile again.

Sharon was very reluctant to take off any more clothes, but Debra said “Hey, you wanted to see Joe with his clothes off, and it’s only fair that he gets to look at you, too. Actually, if it will make you feel more comfortable, I’ll take off more of my clothes right now.”

When she said that, Debra was facing directly towards me. She reached down, unbuttoned and took off her shorts, revealing a pair of lacy red bikini-style panties. Then she reached behind her back, unsnapped her bra, turned around and tossed it on a chair.

When Debra turned back to face me again, she put her hands behind her back and stood there with her pretty breasts pushed forward, pointing right at me. I stared at her tits, then looked her up and down from her smiling face to her cute little toes. I couldn’t see through her red panties. But it looked like either she was completely shaved or didn’t have much pubic hair down there.

Wow, I almost couldn’t believe that I was looking at Debra’s fully exposed tits and her red panties, barely covering her pussy! My cock got even harder inside my boxers.

Debra was once again staring at my crotch area and my noticeable hard-on beneath my boxers. She grinned and said, “Looks like you’re ready to see more. Come on, Sharon. Take something off.”

Sharon went all beet red in her face, but she reached back to take off her bra. Then she had second thoughts and dropped her hands to the front of her jeans to take them off first. I guess she didn’t want me staring at her crotch right away, so she turned around before she unsnapped and unzipped them and started to pull them off. They were pretty tight on her, so instead of just dropping them to the floor, Sharon had to wiggle her hips back and forth a couple of times to get them off.

She stooped over to pick them up to put them on the chair. But in the process, she presented me with an incredible view of her really nice, curvy but perfectly tight ass. She was wearing light blue panties that matched her blue bra up top. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her lovely ass.

Sharon straightened up and turned around to face me, but she had her hands over the front of her crotch. Even still, I could see a patch of dark pubic hair through the thin blue material between her fingers.

Debra said it was my turn to take off my boxers. But I was afraid that Sharon might not go through with her part of the deal, so I suggested that since Sharon was still wearing her bra, she should take it off next, and then we would all take off what was left at the same time.

Debra looked at Sharon and nodded, so Sharon once again turned her back to me, reached around behind and unsnapped her bra, and then turned to face us. She was holding her bra in place over her breasts with one hand and trying to cover her crotch with the other.

“Dammit, Sharon! Let’s get on with this! Relax, would you?” Debra said. She reached over and snatched Debra’s bra out of her hands. Debra slowly moved her hands to her sides, letting her cute breasts have their freedom, and giving me a better look at her pubic area. I stood there, dazed, moving my gaze from one sister to the other and back again, looking at breasts, hips, and panties. My cock was throbbing with each beat of my rapidly pounding heart.

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s do this. No turning around, Sharon. No delay – just let’s all drop everything at the same time. On the count of three.” I watched as Sharon slowly hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties. Debra did the same, and I grabbed the waistband of my boxers, knowing I’d have to pull them out forward to get them off over my stiff prick.

Debra did the count.

“One… two… three!”

And we all dropped our last clothing items to the floor. I just gazed at each of them. Their breasts were wonderful! Their pussies were incredible! Their hips were fine! Their legs were perfect!

Debra’s tits were a bit larger and fuller than Sharon’s – after all, she was two years older. Today, from memory, I’d guess that Sharon was about a B cup, Debra was just a bit larger, but not yet a C cup. Neither of the sisters were even close to being saggy. Debra’s areolas were a bit larger in diameter than Sharon’s, but Sharon’s nipples were a bit longer and looked harder. Both had ‘innie’ belly buttons on their firm, flat bellies. Debra had a small navel ring.

Both sisters had dark brown pubic hair – Sharon’s was fairly full, but trimmed at the edges so that her panties covered it all. Debra’s pubic area was even more trimmed — it was just a vertical strip of hair about 1-1/2 inches wide, stopping just above her bare pussy lips and just below where the tops of her panties would be. Both sisters were perfectly smooth and bare up the insides of their thighs.

And me – well, I have reddish-blonde hair everywhere. My pubic hair is the same color but a bit darker than what’s on my head, and a lot curlier. I had a little bit of hair on my chest back then, mostly around my nipples.

My cock, about six and a half inches long, was standing just below vertical. It was so engorged the head was nearly purple. I was circumcised as an infant, so I have no foreskin to slide back. Clear pre-cum was oozing from my piss hole. And I believe that my face was redder than my hair. I was excited, horny and embarrassed simultaneously.

Sharon just stared at my hardness. She wouldn’t look at my face, and Debra was giggling at the both of us. But I could tell that both girls were also getting excited by their quick short breaths and interest in looking at my “equipment”. Sharon, still not looking at my face, turned slightly to Debra and said, “What’s that clear stuff – there at the hole on the end? It doesn’t look like pee – it looks thicker.”

Debra replied, “I don’t know what it’s called, but guys get that when they get really turned on. It’s probably like the same thick juices that we get in our pussies when we get really horny. You know, like when we masturbate and then climax. And I love tasting my own pussy juices afterwards, don’t you?”

Sharon nodded yes. I moaned when I heard Debra talk about tasting pussy juices. I was almost out of my mind imagining both sisters laying on their beds, jilling themselves to orgasm, and then licking the juices from their fingers.

“It’s called pre-cum.” I explained to them. “It helps lube up the girl’s pussy lips when they fuck.” I acted like I knew what I was talking about, but I had only read about it.

Debra said, “Sharon, you should reach over and touch Joe’s clear stuff to check it out. And you should also feel his cock if it’s OK with him. You really need to feel how his cock is both hard and soft at the same time.”

I liked the idea of that, but…. “Girls, I’m afraid if any of us touches my cock, you or me, I’ll lose it and shoot cum everywhere.”

Sharon, kind of bashfully, softly said “Cum? I’ve heard of that, but I’ve never seen a guy’s cum. You said, ‘shoot everywhere’ – you mean it squirts out like when you’re peeing?”

“Yeah, kind of like that. It’s thick and white. But comes out in spurts, not a stream. And we guys call it cumming when it happens, when we shoot out our cum,” I told Sharon.

Debra chuckled and said, “With those magazines you have, I can only imagine it happens a lot.” I’m sure I got even redder.

Then Debra said, “Look, the idea is for Sharon to see how a guy’s equipment looks and works. If one of us makes you cum, so much the better.”

I thought about it for a few seconds and figured a way that I could get a little more out of the deal before it ended. “Well, I don’t know how long I can last without cumming. So, let me feel your breasts and get a good look at your pussies first. Both of you.” I said, “And then I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

Debra said “That’s OK with me. Part of what we came over here is for Sharon to see how excited and hard a guy can get. And I know you’ll get harder if we let you touch us. How about you, Sharon? Ready to see what it’s all about?”

Sharon got red again but nodded in agreement and in a soft voice said “Okay….”

I stepped over to Sharon and started feeling her pert breasts. They were so soft on the surface but so firm inside, and warm, too. But her nipples were hard and stiff, like large pencil erasers. I pinched them lightly, and she moaned a bit. Then I used my palms to rub both at the same time and cupped each of them from the front. Sharon moaned once more, then quickly stepped back, breathing hard. “I’m feeling funny down below, almost like I need to pee, but different,” she said.

“Can I look close at your pussy? Please, Sharon? Can I touch you there? Please?” I asked.

Sharon just kind of nodded. “Yes, but carefully. And stop if I say so.”

I knelt down on the floor in front of Sharon, and she stepped up to me once again. I put my hands up on her hips and looked at her up close. She was standing there with her legs tight together.

I glanced over at Debra who had moved so she was standing right next to Sharon, looking at both of us. Debra had her feet farther apart, so I had a clear view of her pussy lips with the strip of pubic hair right above them. With one finger, Debra was lightly running it through her muff and rubbing just at the top of her pussy lips, watching me looking at Sharon’s pussy.

“Sharon, would you mind moving your feet apart a little bit like Debra, so I can get a better view?” I asked.

Sharon slowly moved her feet about ten inches apart, and then I could see her puffy pussy lips. They were moist and had hint of clear fluid on them. I slowly and gently reached a finger out, sliding it up the inside of one thigh and then lightly touched the outside of her labia. As soon as I did, Sharon took a quick deep breath like I had touched her with an ice cube or something and raised up on her tiptoes. “Oh, oh…. wow. That feels so… nice…” she said, and slowly came down until her feet were flat on the floor again.

She let me touch her pussy lips and run my finger through her pussy hair a few more times, but when I started to stroke her labia again, she took another deep breath and stepped back and said, “Stop for now, please. I can’t take much more, or I might wet myself.”

Since I was still on my knees, I turned to my right where Debra was still standing. She was stroking herself a bit stronger than before. As I started moving my hand up the inside of her thigh towards her pussy, she moved her hand up to her breast and started pinching one of her nipples, and said “Go ahead, Joe. Rub my pussy. Please.”

I reached up with my finger, braver this time, and separated her pussy lips, running my finger lightly in between them. Debra was definitely wet there as well, with a small trickle of clear, slightly thick juice running from her pussy lips and down onto one of her inner thighs. I traced my finger through that line of juice for a moment, then returned to her pussy. As I stroked my finger up and down between her labia, she also moaned a bit. I looked up at her, past her flat tummy to her lovely tits, where she now had both hands pinching her nipples, with her head tipped back and her eyes closed.

I felt like I was in heaven with the scent of both sisters’ pussy juices in the air, and there was a full sex aroma permeating the room from all of our perspiration and juices. Each time when I got my finger up to the top of her pussy lips, Debra’s thighs started quivering a bit. After a couple more times of that, she moaned louder, and then she had to step back to keep from falling over backwards. I now realize that she must have had a light orgasm right then.

Sharon was watching me as I stood back up and stepped closer to Debra. I hadn’t yet had the oppurtunity to feel those lovely tits of hers and I didn’t want to miss the chance. I reached out both hands and started feeling. They were a bit larger and softer than Sharon’s and felt even hotter somehow.

Since I had seen Debra pinching her own nipples, I did the same to one of them while I palm-pressed her other breast. Then I stroked my palms over both breasts for a while, and then I started pinching both of her nipples like I had seen her doing when I was down on my knees looking up at her.

Debra moaned a couple more times, and said, “You better stop. This is about teaching Sharon about guys, not making me cum. And if you keep at it, I’m going to.” But I didn’t stop right then. I just kept on lightly pinching her nipples a bit harder. Finally, Debra grabbed my hands and pushed them away.

Then she smiled at me and in her low sexy voice said, “Let’s see how you like it.”

She reached over to me with both hands, rubbed around on my chest a bit, and then grabbed both of my nipples and started pinching fairly strongly. I thought I was going to go insane, pass out and maybe cum, all at the same time. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt anything that intense. It felt like there was an electric current traveling from my nipples down to my cock. I was so close to cumming, but yet there was nothing even close to touching my extremely erect cock. I jumped back, and both sisters started laughing at me.

Then we all were looking down at my cock, which was really pulsing up and down with my every breath and heartbeat, which were both faster than normal by that time.

“My nuts are starting to hurt. I’m getting a case of blue balls, I think. I’m going to need to cum. And soon!” I told them.

“Blue balls? What are blue balls?” Sharon asked. She stared down at my ball sack. “Your balls don’t look blue.”

Debra laughed. “They’re not really blue, ever. One of my boyfriends told me that a guy’s nuts start to ache if he needs to cum for a long time and doesn’t get the chance. He said it can really hurt. So, I think we need to give Joe some relief. Sharon, you should rub his cock until he cums.”

Debra grabbed me by the arm and guided me to the small table where we still had the checkerboard set up. She said, “Since this checkerboard got us this far, it should get to receive some of the enjoyment as well.” She reached over to Debra, grabbed her arm, and placed her on the opposite side of the board. “Go on, Sharon. You wanted to see what a guy is all about. Have at it.”

Debra stood to the side with her legs apart, and I saw her place one of her fingers down between her pussy lips, stroking herself again. Then she started pinching her nipples once more with her other hand, watching as Sharon hesitantly reached across the little table for my hard cock.

I kind of stopped breathing as I watched Sharon’s hand approaching my penis. This would be the first time that anyone’s hand, other than my own, touched it. I wanted to concentrate so I wouldn’t cum immediately upon her touching me.

Sharon slowly extended her finger and touched the now larger quantity of pre-cum that was flowing out of the end and dribbling down the lower vein of my firmly upright cock.

She lightly touched the head of my cock, and I took a deep breath from the sensation. It almost felt like her finger was on fire.

She pulled her finger back and looked at the drop of juice, touching it to her thumb and slowly rubbing it around. Then she smiled at me and reached for my cock again.

“How should I do it?” she asked. “Should I just rub it like you did my tits? Or should I pinch it like you did Debra’s nipples?”

“Oh, God, no! Don’t pinch it!” I said. “Just check out how it feels first. But if I say ‘Stop’, you’ve got to stop, or I’ll shoot all over you!”

Debra laughed, and said, “Well, now. That would be something to see for sure! Maybe we should do that.”

Sharon said, “Maybe, maybe not. But I want to check it out first.” She gently started exploring my cock with one finger, then more fingers, feeling the end of my cock, all around the head, and up and down the lower vein. I had my eyes closed, moaning and trying to think of baseball, electronics, trains, or anything else so I wouldn’t cum right then.

She stopped for a minute, and I opened my eyes to see her just staring at my cock. I looked over at Debra, and she was still pinching her own nipples and stroking her pussy harder with her eyes half closed, lost in her own world.

I looked back at Sharon, and she asked, “What should I do next?”

I showed her how to wrap her fingers around my cock lightly and to spread my pre-cum around as a lubricant. I said, “But I won’t last long, and when I say I’m going to cum, you better move aside, or you’ll get all messy. I’ll try to put my hand over the end, so I don’t shoot cum everywhere.”

And that’s what she did. As Sharon slowly stroked me a few times, she had my cock pulled forward a bit, the head pointed directly at her. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on not cumming. Sharon sped up her stroking.

And then I heard Debra start moaning again, stronger and louder, and I looked over at her. She was standing on her tiptoes, bent forward a bit at her waist. She was clenching her thighs hard on her right hand, pulling straight upwards on her pussy, and pinching really hard on one nipple with her left hand. She was very obviously having another orgasm, and that put me over the edge.

I closed my eyes, listening as Debra’s moaning subsided. I started feeling my orgasm approaching. “Watch out, Sharon! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! You better move!” I almost yelled. Sharon kept stroking me, and when my cock started shooting out the first ropes of cum, I opened my eyes to see cum hitting Sharon just below her tits and all over her belly.

I reached out with my left hand to try to cap the flow, but Debra had stepped over beside me. She grabbed my arm and said, “Let it flow! Keep cumming – we want to watch it! Sharon needs to see this!”

Sharon stopped stroking my cock, but kept it pointed at her. She just stood there, watching me cum. “Holy shit!” she said.

I don’t know if I’ve ever cum more before that time or since. Several more ropes of white cum hit Sharon in the belly, and then the rest of it started hitting the floor at her feet.

Debra grabbed my cock and pointed it down at the checkerboard, letting several more shots drop onto it. Finally, I stopped, with the last couple of muscle contractions causing small globs to ooze out the end of my now softening cock and fall onto the checkerboard. There was a line of cum ropes from Sharon, onto the floor and across the checkerboard.

“Holy, shit!” Sharon said once again. “That was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect. Wow!” She looked down at the cum sliding down her front and running down her thighs. With wondering eyes, she reached down with her palms and started rubbing my cum up and down, all over her belly, her thighs, and even up over her tits.

Debra reached down to the checkerboard with both hands, picked up several globs of my cum with her fingers, and rubbed it over her own nipples.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I just stood there with my cock softening, watching two hot, naked girls rubbing my cum on themselves. And that started making me get hard again.

Sharon saw my cock starting to rise. She said, “It’s not fair. Debra, you climaxed while you were standing there fingering yourself. Joe, you got to cum from me playing with your cock. And now I’m standing here all horny, and I haven’t had an orgasm in several days. I think you need to help me with my problem now.”

“OK” I replied. “What do you want me to do?”

Sharon had completely lost her earlier embarrassment. “Finger my pussy like you were doing with Debra, and make me cum. But we can’t fuck, I’m still a virgin. I’m not ready to lose that.” She told me.

Thinking for a couple of seconds, I moved our clothes off of the chair. I sat down on it with my legs together. I had Sharon sit on my lap, facing away from me, with her legs on either side of mine, leaving her pussy open. My once again hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks. I leaned up against her, and wrapped my right arm around and down, and I started slowly rubbing through her pubic bush. With my left hand I caressed her breasts. Then I worked my middle finger down between her pussy lips and started sliding it in and out.

Debra backed up, and leaned against the wall, watching us. Once again, she started finger-fucking herself, and pinching her nipples.

In that low, sexy voice, Debra suggested that I should lightly circle my finger around Sharon’s clit. “I’m not sure where it is,” I told her.

“It’s just right there at the top of her pussy slit, where her lips come together,” Debra replied. “Sharon, grab his finger and show him.”

And that’s what Sharon did – she moved my finger upwards and placed it on what felt like a little bud sticking out, harder than the surrounding flesh. I started tracing circles with my finger around it. Sharon moaned. Then I changed to lightly flicking my finger up and down over the end of her clit.

“Oh, yes…. yes…. yes…” Sharon started moaning, spreading her legs further apart and grinding her ass harder against my ever-stiffening cock. With my left hand hugging her across her chest, I grabbed her right nipple between my thumb and finger and pinched lightly.

“Pinch harder….” she whispered. “Please….”

As I pinched her nipple harder, I continued to flick her clit. Suddenly Sharon grabbed my hand and pushed it down hard on her pussy. She pushed my middle finger into her pussy. I stroked it in and out as fast as I could. I added my index finger, stroking both together. Then Sharon clenched her legs tightly on my hand and moaned. “Yes… yes… I’m cumming…. I’m cumming!”

And she did, almost squeezing the life out of my hand, her pussy pulsing and covering my palm with a flow of juice. She spasmed her legs several more times, and then slowly relaxed. She reached for my hand that was still pinching her nipple and pulled it slowly away.

Then Sharon removed my other hand from her pussy and lifted it up to her mouth and slowly sucked my fingers. Then she leaned over to the side and put my palm up to my own lips, and said “Taste my pussy juices, Joe. Taste my pussy.” I extended my tongue and licked the remainder of her juices from my palm, loving the musky taste and aroma.

Standing there and watching all of this, Debra gave herself another orgasm, running her fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy until her own juices were coating the insides of her thighs.

Sharon laid back against me and sighed a couple of times, then slowly stood up, removing the crack of her ass off of my cock, leaving it there hard and erect once more.

Debra relaxed from her latest orgasm. She looked over at me kind of laughed again. “Well, Joe. It looks like you’re ready for another orgasm. I guess it’s my turn to make it right. Just stay sitting there. I need to give Sharon another lesson.”

Debra stepped over to me and knelt down in front, pushing my legs apart as she moved in a little closer. She told Sharon to kneel down beside her and watch her give me a hand job.

“Sharon, if a guy wants to fuck you, but you’re not ready or it’s the wrong time of the month, he’ll be happy with you jacking him off until he cums. Just watch what I do.”

Debra gently circled the base of my cock with one finger and thumb, pressing down towards my balls. She wrapped her other hand around my cock shaft and started stroking up and down. I was a bit dry, so she dripped a large dollop of saliva onto my cock head. Sharon was watching intently as Debra was stroking me faster and faster with one hand as she squeezed and released the base of my penis with her other hand. Even though I had shot a huge cum load not that many minutes before, I suddenly saw stars in my closed eyes, and I started cumming again. My moaning alerted both girls that I was there. I didn’t have all that much volume this time, but a couple of healthy spurts came out and coated the end of my cock and Debra’s hand. She kept stroking until I had to stop her; it was feeling so good it was almost painful.

Debra smeared the cum off of her hand onto my belly and chest, rubbing it in slowly, smiling at me.

I looked over at Sharon. “Well, did that show you what a guy’s equipment is all about?”

Sharon nodded. “For sure! I know a lot more now than I did this morning.”

We all stood up. I looked at both of them.

“Well, me too. Before today, I had only seen naked women in magazine pictures. I had mostly only felt breasts under clothing. Now I know where a clit is. And I’ve felt real breasts. Wonderful, perfect, hot breasts! And I’ve had my fingers in pussy hair and between pussy lips. I’ve learned that girls can get very horny when they have their nipples pinched. And the best thing is I’ve had two beautiful girls jack me off until I shot my cum all over the place.”

We decided that we needed to get cleaned up. We all three crowded into the tiny bathroom. Too bad it didn’t have a shower. We used some hand towels and warm water to wash the dried cum off everywhere we could find it. Since Sharon had a big part of my cum running down her legs, I had the enjoyable time of wiping her inner thighs up and down with the warm hand towel. I could tell that she was becoming aroused again as I wiped up against her pussy lips.

Debra said to me, “Stop, Joe. You better stop, or Sharon will want you to get her off again. We don’t have time. Dad’s expecting us to be back at the house real soon.”

We all put our clothes back on. I helped each sister (or they let me think I was helping) put their bras back on. Of course, I had to make sure that each bra cup was in the proper position and smoothed down exactly right. I was starting to get another erection.

They both hugged me and headed back to their house. Just before they left, Debra said to Sharon, “You know, sis, you’ve seen how to make a guy cum by rubbing his cock. Maybe tomorrow we can come back over here, and Joe will let me show you how to suck a guy’s cock until he cums. I’m sure you’ll like the taste. I certainly do.” And Debra smiled and winked at me as she said that.

Damned if my cock didn’t get fully hard again, just from what Debra said and me imagining her lips wrapped around my cock. For at least the third time that day, I was getting hard. Debra saw that, grabbed Sharon’s hand and pressed it against my bulge in my pants. She giggled.

“We gotta go!” she said.

I just stood there after they left, kind of in a relaxed, dazed state but with a pulsing erection. Then I realized that none of us had kissed anyone else. “I’ll have to work on that next time, too.”

It was then I looked over at the checkerboard. It had clumps dried cum on it, and there were several globs of dried cum on the floor. I was able to get the cum off the floor with the warm towels, which I later took into the house and ran through the washing machine.

But the checkerboard was a lost cause – the stains were too much to get out even after I wiped all the cum off of it. Nothing to do but to toss it into the trash bin. Well, since it was going away anyway, I decided to give it one last shot and take care of my erection. I stood there with my eyes closed, remembering what had just happened and stroked out another small cum load right onto that poor abused checkerboard.

I hoped that Debra’s promise to give Sharon more lessons would happen. And I decided that I’d be asking Sharon out on a date. We had shown that we were compatible, for sure. And I hoped she was as tired of being a virgin as I was.