Stories of a Slutty “Boy”

I was I my early 20s and I was addicted to cock. Not just any cock though, specifically daddy dick.. I just couldn’t get enough.

Let me start from the beginning. When I was 18 I was seduced and made to suck cock by a guy in his 50s who my mom was dating. His name was Dennis. He didn’t fuck my ass, but we did just about everything else.

He would come in my room and make small talk, moving closer and closer toward me. Looking me in the eyes.. I still remember the nervous feeling it would give me.

He would ask me lots of questions about sex, and pull his cock out and start jerking it off. The first few times he jerked off in front of me I didnt know what to think. I didnt grow up with a father and I lived a pretty sheltered life, so I thought maybe it was normal behavior for a man.

Over time he got more comfortable with it and started putting his cock in my face, eventually I started kissing it and sucking on it with his loving encouragement. I had never felt the love of a man and I was hooked.

Obviously by this time I realized what I was doing was wrong. Not only was I sleeping with a man more than twice my age, it was my mom’s boyfriend! But the taboo of it just made it more hot to me and I couldn’t stop.

I turned into his little slut and I began living to please him. Sucking and jerking his big man cock every time we were alone for more than five minutes. If we weren’t alone we would take a ride in his truck to get away, I’d have his cock in my hand before we pulled out of the driveway.

He would finger my ass while I sucked on his cock. I started to love how it felt. When we were alone in the house he would sometimes kiss and lick my ass and asshole. I loved that so much because it made me feel like a girl.

He taught me about daddy/boy relationships and told me I had the body of a girl (hourglass figure and big girly ass). Which I hadn’t realized. Once he pointed that out to me, I quickly embraced it.

He treated me like his girlfriend when we were alone, which I loved. I had never felt so adored and loved before in my life. I’m pretty sure he loved me more than he loved my mom.

He taught me to keep my body smooth and encouraged me to dress in tight jeans and really short shorts. He really loved my ass. In retrospect he was clearly grooming me to take his cock in my ass.

Unfortunately Dennis and I got caught naked in bed together by my grandma. Mom was out of town that weekend for work, Dennis and I had been hooking up that Friday night. Early Saturday morning my grandma paid an unexpected visit and when she saw the master bedroom door wide open (my mom always kept it shut) she must have known something was off.

She woke me up and told me to get to my room. When I got out from under the blankets butt naked, I saw the gears turning in her head. I did as she said and went to my room. I heard her arguing with Dennis and unfortunately I never saw him or talked to him again after that.

As you’d probably expect, I was never the same after that. I could never look at a man the same. I secretly wanted to suck the cock of every masculine older man I saw, some more than others but literally I wanted to submit to the will of any grown man with a cock.

I didn’t look at women the same either, I really had no interest. I dated just enough so that everyone would think I was straight. Really though I was becoming a secret sissy, completely obsessed with old cock.

I got really into sissy porn and daddy/boy porn. I loved the dynamic of a girly younger bottom pleasing an older man. Frankly, I just loved older men.

I knew in my heart I was gay for old cock but I was so ashamed. I just wasn’t turned on by a woman’s body the way I was by a real man’s cock. Besides, my own dick was a skinny little 5 inches, and I had the thighs and ass of a girl. I was a sissy..

Eventually I broke down and created a personal ad looking for an older man. I needed to feel that feeling Dennis had given me, the feeling of submitting to a big strong man.

When I made my listing I included a description of myself and said I was looking for an older masculine man who liked boys with big asses. I also included a photo of me wearing a pair of panties which I had stolen from my mom.

In the picture I was facing away from the camera, all you could see was my girly body and thong clad ass, looking at the photo you’d think it was a girl. I created the listing just before going to bed. I woke up in the morning to over 100 responses.

I was so cock hungry I replied to as many of them as I could. I loved seeing the pictures of cock the men sent me. It was so exciting and made me so turned on to have so many horny older men trying to win me over and be sweet to me.

I was so happy that I could finally be with a man again, I couldn’t wait to be touched and held by a real man. I wanted to suck an old cock more than anything.

By that night I was in the back of the parking lot of the local Walmart sucking a big daddy dick. I had met him at another location, got in his SUV and drove around for a bit looking for a place to park so I could suck his cock. Finally we settled on Walmart.

I couldn’t stand the anticipation and had been rubbing the guys cock through his pants the whole time I’d been in the car. He was very pleased at how eager and comfortable I was.

He was a stranger but still I felt safe being with him because he gave me the same feeling Dennis did. The feeling of being loved and protected by a big strong man, and pleasing that man.

By the time he’d parked and gotten his cock out of his pants, he was throbbing hard and ready to cum. I could have made him cum in 30 seconds but I sucked his cock lovingly and tried to keep him on the edge, not wanting the moment to end.

I was sitting in the passenger seat on my knees, bent over his lap while he stuffed my face with cock. He was palming my bare ass with his hand up the side of my tiny shorts, teasing my asshole with his middle finger. Eventually he blew his load in my mouth and down my throat.

He couldn’t believe someone so young knew how to blow cock so good and swallow a load with such ease and no hesitation.

This went on for a long time, I would meet men and either go to their house, hotel room, car or even outside just to suck and worship their cocks.

The more I did it the more I loved it. I loved the way men lusted after me and how horny I made them. I loved being treated like a slutty little girl and used.

Eventually I started letting men finger and eat my ass, the way Dennis used to. One of the men I was occasionally seeing bought me a butt plug. I started wearing it all the time, I’d even go to bed with it in.

I knew that he just wanted to fuck me and was trying to train me to take his huge cock. I remember when he finally fucked me and how right it felt to have a real mans dick inside of me. I loved it and soon I was letting most of the daddies that I met fuck me.

I remember the first time I fucked this older dad who’s cock I’d regularly suck. He loved to suck on my ass and put his tongue deep in me. This time as he was doing it I told him to fuck me..

I was face down ass up on the bed but he must have heard me just fine because I felt his mouth pull away from my ass. Then I felt his cock pushing into me, I almost wasn’t sure it was his cock at first because it seemed to be sliding it with ease but then it happened, he popped in deep and he hit a spot in me that hadn’t been touched before.

It hurt but felt good at the same time. He didn’t last long, he blew his load deep in me and told me dirty things in my ear while he lay on top of my back.

Eventually his cock started to deflate and it slipped out. He got up and wiped off and got dressed, leaving me there naked with cum spilling out of my worn out little hole.

I quickly became a slut. I spent most of my free time driving from daddy to daddy, chasing cock. I’d sometimes go directly from one daddy to another, other times I’d meet up with multiple daddy types and let them use me and treat me and fuck my big ass.

Men were impressed by how eager I was and how easy it was to fuck me. I mean I was literally a slut, I’d let any older guy fuck me. And they loved me, they loved my girly body and the fact that I’d literally do anything I was told and give up my ass without question.

Everyone in my life thought I was straight but just socially awkward and weird. They didn’t know I was literally a sissy boy slut who’s life had become about cock and old men.

I loved the feeling of being a secret faggot. I liked it when daddies were verbal with me and told me how gay I was, how much of a dirty slut and faggot I was. It turned me on to be reminded of what I was becoming.

I wasn’t even 20 yet and I’d gotten fucked by so many men I lost count. All I could think about was cock. My love for old men hadn’t faded at all but grown immensely. I loved being treated like a hot girl and pursued by older men who wanted to use me and fuck me.

One day I was bored at work and couldn’t stop thinking about cock. I was chatting with an older daddy all day, he was big and sexy (easily over 6 feet, prob 250+ lbs, nice 7.5 thick cock). I sent him pictures of my big girly ass, he said he loved it and that he needed it. I was turned on by his assertiveness and lust.

My pictures had worked as usual and he was horny for me. I was equally as eager for his cock if not even more desperate, but I played it cool and tried not to show it.

He told me to come to his place after work, which was about 45 minutes away. I gladly obliged, showing up to his house around 6pm.

He fucked me late into the night and early morning. I fell asleep naked in his bed, full of his cum. I woke up to him fingering and spitting into my ass the next morning, I took his morning wood in me and let him fill me up with cum one more time before I got up and left.

Once while on a family vacation I seduced my aunts boyfriend John. I had purposely bent over in front of him with my short shorts on and thong showing at the top. I knew what I was doing and knew once he saw my girly ass he wouldn’t be able to resist fucking me.

What can I say? I was cooped up in the vacation rental and needed cock, I couldn’t get away to find a man because I had to spend time with the family.

That night we all hung out and watched movies, as the night went on family slowly started to go to bed. I could see John shooting me looks out of the corner of my eye and I tried to lay on the couch with my ass poked out so he would notice my body.

Eventually it was just me, my aunt and John. When she finally went to bed she asked John to join her, he said he was going to have one more beer and he’d be upstairs to join her.

He had no intention of having another beer, as soon as my aunt left the room he walked over to me and pulled his cock out as if to know exactly what I needed. I sucked him off in the dark living room of the rental house for a while. His cock was massive and throbbing.

My aunt must not have been taking care of his cock. It was big and perfect so I was glad to have it.

He took me by the hand and led me to a dark room with a washer and dryer in the back corner of the house. When we got into the room I heard him lock the door behind us.

Then taking me by the hips he turned me around away from him, bent me over the washer and got down on his knees to eat my boy pussy.

After a few minutes I told him to fuck me raw and breed me, so he stuffed his huge raw cock into me and started pounding on me.

He fucked me rough but quietly for a few minutes until his cock exploded into me, leaving him trembling and twitching dumping his manhood out into me.

He quickly took his cock out of me, pulled his pants up, unlocked the door and left the dark room. I’m sure he was ashamed of what had happened but I loved it.

I visited my aunt in Florida a few times after that, letting John fuck me again both times.

One time when I was leaving a late night meetup with some friends (straight friends who had no idea I was a cock slut) and was a little drunk. I got an Uber ride home and was walked to the car by my friends.

They got me into the car and talked to the driver, he was an older man with short grey hair and a short beard. They must have told him to take good care of me as I saw them giving him some extra cash. I kind of passed out in the car and when I woke up I was being spooned by the driver, parked in the dark corner of a TJ Maxx parking lot.

I realized I had been passed out and drunk and that the driver was taking “advantage” of me. I pretended to be asleep and still passed out as he slowly groped me and kissed my neck.

As he started to undo my pants and slip his hands into my private areas he must have realized how smooth I was, as his intensity quickly doubled and he frantically pulled my pants down.

As so many men had done before he kissed my asshole, once and then twice then slowly started to tongue kiss it, leaving it sloppy and wet. Then he stopped and I could hear him undoing his belt, I continued to play passed out.

I could feel him rubbing his huge cock head on my hole, slowly probing at it. I wanted to turn around and suck on his cock and show him what a good slut I was but it felt so hot being passed out and used like a drunk slut.

He ever so slowly pushed his cock into me, as if scared he would awaken me. He fucked me slowly and quietly, dumped his load into me, kissed me on the neck again and fixed my pants and belt.

He got back in the driver seat and drove me home, waking me up as we pulled up to my building. I pretended not to know what happened.

Another pretty slutty thing I did was let this fat cop fuck me. His name was Carl, He worked security late night at one of the bars I frequented, I guess trying to supplement his income.

One night I was leaving kind of tipsy, he told me his shift was almost over and that he could give me a ride. He was fat and bald, but very assertive and manly, which I always love.

I waited for him to get done, standing by his side like his little girlfriend. One of my friends saw me with him and asked what I was doing, I told him that he offered me a ride.. at that point I think my friend knew what was going on but I didn’t care.

I walked out with him completely shameless of the slut I’d become. Carl invited me over for a drink. I went to his house, it turned out his wife was away. When we got to his house he told me that he knew I was a secret faggot and that a friend of his had fucked me before.

I told him that he is right and asked him if he was going to use me.. he pulled out his short but fat cock and told me to get down on my knees. I did as he said and he shoved his cock into my mouth, holding the back of my head tight. He pushed his cock into my throat smothering my face into his big gut. He shot a load down my throat while he mumbled under his breath what a sick little faggot I was.

After he shot his load into my tummy and he let go of my head he backed away and wiped off his cock. He told me his wife would be away for another week and asked if I’d consider staying with him a few nights. I accepted his offer and was basically Carl’s girlfriend for a few days until his wife got back.

He must have fucked me a hundred times in those 2 days.. I was upset when his wife got back to town but also was getting bored with Carl’s cock.

A lot of men like to fuck me at their place of work. I like it too because it feels taboo and dirty, I’ve always fantasized about getting fucked by my boss but it never happened.

So when I’d be in these guys offices, under their desks sucking on their cocks and getting bent over and pounded on, I’d be fantasizing that it was my boss fucking me or that I had come for a job interview and made to suck cock and give up my ass.

One time I got caught under this guys desk with his cock in my mouth. His name was Don, he worked at a law firm in town. A small but elegant place downtown.

He used to bring me to his office after hours, he would lock the main entry way after I entered and we’d role play that I was his hot secretary who just couldn’t get enough of his cock.

Sometimes he would make real business calls and get actual work done while I would be mostly on my knees with his cock in my mouth and throat.

His actual secretary must have forgot something in the office and came in through the back door, she must have seen Don was in the office and poked her head in to say hi. I remember making direct eye contact with her, naked on my knees between Don’s legs with his cock in my mouth. She acted as if not to notice and quickly grabbed what she had forgotten and left.

Don later told me about how he fucked her shortly afterward and how she had seen his big cock that night and needed to have it.

Don had introduced me to one of his friends named Jacob one time. Jacob was an older man, even by my standards, I’m guessing in his late 60s but he still had a huge cock, and it worked well. He was a married man, so he’d usually take me to nice hotels and treat me like his girl, then fuck me like a slut.

One day he invited me to a hotel room to play. When I arrived there were 3 more older guys his age, sharing drinks and sitting around the room.

As soon as I saw the men I knew that I would be sucking all of their cocks and letting them all fuck me. Jacob introduced me to all the men, he told them that I was a sissy and that I love old cock.

He never even asked me if I was into it.. he knew I was a dirty slut and I’d love it. Of course I did.. I took all their cum in me. That was the first time I got gangbanged and I loved it.

I plan to keep being a slut and letting older men fuck me for a long time, so hopefully I will have more stories to share soon.